Trump speaks to economic clubs across the country from White House

Trump speaks to economic clubs across the country from White House

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Sir we got president, trump speaking, from the white house uh the rose garden, this is a virtual, event for economic, clubs across the country we're going to listen in for a minute. Socialist, nightmare, and the american, dream. Under my. Leadership. We will have a safe and effective, vaccine, before the end of the year. We will swiftly, defeat the china virus. End the pandemic. Bring back our critical supply, chains. And lift our economy, to unprecedented. New heights. If the left gains power they will shut down the economy. Close our schools. Delay the vaccine. Prolong, the pandemic, and impose the most extreme, policies. In the history, of our country. Let's review the record. When i joined you in person last year our nation was enjoying the greatest, economy. In history. There was nothing like it. This was a. Stark contrast, to the prior administration. Which delivered, the weakest recovery, since the great depression. It was, weak, and it was sad. In my first three years real income, for, the typical, family, increased six thousand dollars. More than five times the gains during the entire previous, administration. Think of that, five, times, the gains. Income for black americans. Grew. Nine, times, more under my leadership. Than during the eight years before i took office. Their policies, punish american, workers, my policies, promote, american, workers. At the end of the last administration. The congressional. Budget office projected, fewer than two million jobs would be created. In three years. Well. We did a little bit better than that we created, seven million and actually it'll be close to eight, million, jobs. By the time the final numbers, came in. We lifted 6.6. Million, people out of poverty. Achieving, the largest, poverty reduction. In modern, us history. Poverty rates for african, americans, and hispanic, americans, reached record lows. Inequality. Declined, dramatically. A complete, reversal, of the obama, years. My policies, have benefited, those who need it the most. The bottom, 50, percent of households, saw an astonishing. 40 percent increase in net worth. Wages, rose the fastest, for, blue-collar, workers. African-american. Hispanic-american. Asian-american. Unemployment, all reached their lowest levels. Ever recorded. The last administration. Sold out american, workers, like never before. And they sold them to donors, special interests, and. Globalists. And if you take a look we have probably, plenty of them watching right now and, i understand, where you're coming from but didn't work out too well with me, we succeeded, by reversing, those cruel, and heartless. Betrayals. Instead of rewarding. Companies, for, outsourcing. Jobs. I implemented. Massive, tax cuts and regulation, cuts. To keep jobs, opportunity. And wealth in america. The tax cuts and the regulation. Cuts, were the biggest, ever recorded. In the history of our country. Instead of waging, war on the, american, energy. We unleashed, american, energy to make the united, states the number one producer, of oil and natural. Gas on earth. Instead of corrupting, horrendous, trade deals written by lobbyists, and special, interests. Again, some of you. I negotiated. Pro-american. Trade deals. Based on the principles, of fairness, and reciprocity. Very important. I ended the, nafta, nightmare. And signed the brand new. U.s, mexico, canada agreement, into law, i've taken the toughest, ever action against chinese, chronic. Great abuses. That we all know so well. I immediately, canceled, the last administration's. Job-killing. Trans-pacific. Partnership. And i renegotiated. The south korea deal which was a disaster. China unleashed, a virus. Onto the world and only a trump administration. Will hold them, accountable. And if, this administration. If i. Don't get elected, in a little while. 20 days. China, will own, the united, states, i can tell you that. When the china virus, arrived we launched the largest, mobilization. Since world war ii. To defeat the virus, i'm breaking through every obstacle. Cutting every piece of red tape.

And Moving heaven and earth the fda, has been fantastic. They're approving, things in one week that would have taken two years. I'm not interested, in making friends, in the, corrupt, media, and it is corrupt. My sole focus, is protecting, american. Lives. And making lives good for american, people. We'll beat this virus, and we'll eradicate. This. Pestilence. And, all of the things that happened to our country our lives and our planet. Our aggressive, and early actions, saved up to 2 million lives. If you look at the original, numbers it was projected, at 2.2, million. Lives. Where at 210. 000 and one is too many it should have never happened, should have never been allowed to happen by china. Thanks to advances. In treatment, we pioneered, in record time. We've reduced, the fatality. Rate. 85. Since april, and that number has now gone even better. I'm also working to get emergency. Approval, for the powerful, anti-body. Treatment i received. That has shown extraordinary. Promise, as you know a week ago i wasn't feeling so hot. And i had a. Drug regeneron. That uh. It made me, feel very good very fast, i think it's uh. They call it therapeutic, but i don't think it was therapeutic, i think it was a cure for me it was something that was very good. Now who knows maybe i would have happened anyway maybe i would have recovered, beautifully, anyway. All i know is once i had regeneron. It worked out very well. Under operation, warp speed, we're on track to deliver at least 100. Million doses of a vaccine, before the end of the year with hundreds of. Millions, more to quickly, follow. Our military, will be delivering, it we have the best people on earth in our military. And we will, deliver, the drug, we will deliver, the vaccine. Rapidly. Unfortunately, the media's, constant, efforts to stop. Panic and hysteria. And to probably, change an election that's what they really want to do i've undermined, our, public health efforts and put innocent, lives in danger. They will not have, success, in changing, the election they tried that four years ago. That didn't work out too well. Americans, should be trusted, with the facts. The data, and the truth. For the young and healthy. The risk, is exceedingly. Low. 99.98. Of those under the age. Of 50, survive. The average age of those who succumb to the virus is 78. And usually, that is a person, who's. 78. But has bad heart. Diabetes. Has other problems. That's why we're so focused, on protecting, elderly, and higher, risk americans. Our groundbreaking. Therapies, have significantly. Improved outcomes, for elderly, patients. But i will not rest and i will not relent, until, all american, seniors, are safe. That is my sacred, obligation. I love our seniors, i love our country. At the same time we must allow lower risk americans, to resume, normal, activity. The unscientific. Lockdowns, pushed by left-wing, politicians. Are needlessly. Destroying, millions, of lives. They decimate. Livelihoods. And lead to suicide. Drug overdose, depression, heart disease. Delayed, medical treatments, and reduced. Life expectancy. The cure. Cannot, be worse, than the problem, itself. And that's what a lot of states. Run by democrats. Have done to their people. And it's turning out very very bad for them, these lives must be protected, as well the recent, months. I have also. Acted swiftly, to. Rescue. The u.s economy, with an unprecedented. 2.5. Trillion dollars in aid. We delivered over 160. Million, dollars, in, relief payments, for hardworking. Americans. Through our paycheck, protection, program that all of you are familiar, with. My administration. Has approved, over 650. Billion, dollars. In forgivable, loans to more than 5.2. Million small businesses, it's been a savior. This action has saved our supported. And supported, 50. Million, jobs, and we think that number is going to be when it's finally. Put down in. Actual, fact we think it's going to be even more than that we increased, unemployment. Benefits. By six hundred dollars. When democrats, failed to extend this assistance. I provided, up to four hundred dollars a month. In continued, relief. I froze student loan payments, stopped evictions. Suspended, payroll taxes, and delivered, 500, billion dollars, to save major. U.s, employers, including, airlines. As a result, of these decisive. Actions. The us has been both the smallest, economic, contraction. It has seen, think of that. With all that we've done and all the countries, out there some great and not so great. We've seen the, smallest. Economic. Contraction. And the fastest. Recovery. Of any. Major. Western. Country, i hope people are taking note of that, and it's, not even close. We've created, a record, 11.4. Million, american, jobs since may. That's, another, record. Under the previous, administration. It took 30 months to recover, more than half the jobs, lost in the crisis.

We Surpassed, that milestone. In fewer than five months. Just a few months ago most experts. Were projecting, unemployment. Well over 10 percent. Through the end, of 2020.. Instead, we've already cut unemployment, below eight percent. Something that it took the last administration. Over three years to do. Jobs have been recovering, 23. Times, faster. Than the obama. Recovery. Remember, that. 23. Times. Faster. And i know these numbers must be true because they were given to me by the great larry kudlow who's sitting on my left. Consumer, spending, is almost, 10 percent higher today than before the pandemic. And automobile, production, has recovered. 100. Home sales, are at their highest. Reading, since december. 2006. And homebuilder, sentiment, is the highest, in recorded, history, think of that, the highest. Homebuilder. Sentiment. In recorded, history. And we're in a. Pandemic. And i will tell you we're rounding that final turn. If the left gains power the recovery, will be terminated, and the economy, will be destroyed. They've told us, their exact plans. Left-wing, politicians. Have pledged. A four trillion dollar tax hike which will destroy, our country. And this will, raise taxes. On eighty, percent, of our taxpayers. Cut the child tax credit, in half. Which is a thousand dollars, per child. And punish, working, families. The highest, business, tax rate in the developed, world. Would be, created. Sending millions, and millions of jobs. Out of america. Into china, and various, other countries, they'll be thrilled if we do what. Joe biden wants to do but it's not really, him that wants to do it it's other people that are, at a much higher level than joe, we entering, the job wrecking, paris climate, accord. Eliminating. Fossil, fuels. Shutting, down fracking. All over the country they want to shut down fracking. We are right now energy, independent, they want to close up shut down fracking. And enacting, the ridiculous. Green new deal, which will cost a hundred trillion dollars which is more money. Than this country, can make in a hundred years if everything went perfectly. Democrat, lawmakers. Sponsored, legislation. That would outlaw. The private health. Insurance, plans. For. 180. Million americans, so you have these private plans that people love. They've negotiated. They fought for they went to different companies, all great companies. They got they have plans, that they love 180. Million, plans, 180. Million, people. And you know what happens, to them, it's, over. They take it away. The democrat. Platform, would suspend, all immigration, enforcement. And give, free health care and mass amnesty, to illegal aliens, the problem, is our country can't afford it. And as soon as you announce that, millions, and millions, of people despite, the wall which is almost finished, and by the way paid for by mexico. Despite, all of these things that we've done. Millions, of people, would flood into our country. This would obliterate. Medicare. And would totally demolish, your social, security. Democrats. In washington, are also pushing a plan to abolish, the suburbs. By eliminating. Single-family. Zoning, and linking, federal, highway, grants. To a federal, takeover, of local zoning. Your suburb. Will be gone. The american, dream. Will be gone. This plan will devastate. The property, values, of millions, of middle-class. Homeowners. Including, the majority, of african-american. Hispanic-american. And asian-american. Households. Who live in the suburbs. The policies. Of the left. Would unleash, a long-lasting. Economic. Catastrophe. Of. Unimaginable. Proportions. And i know i'm speaking, to some democrats. And some of you are friends of mine. You will see things happen. That will not make you happy. I don't understand, your thinking. I don't understand, how you can be back in such policies. But you're wrong. I can only, assume it's habit, you've been there for a long time and it's habit. Because they will destroy, this country. Our country, will go into a depression. The likes of which we have not seen, since, 1929. And maybe worse. So keep, backing them. But you know it's wrong, and i really do believe, it's only habit, that's the only reason you can be doing it, under my continued, leadership, we will continue, our v-shaped. Recovery. And launch a record smash, and economic. Boom. We will end the pandemic, with a safe and effective, vaccine.

Create 10 million, jobs in the first 10 months of 2021. Where we're going to have a phenomenal, year, and we will soon be announcing, in my opinion. A phenomenal. A phenomenal. Record-setting. Third quarter. And quickly, return to full employment. I will implement. A middle-class. Tax cut. Reduce, regulations. That stifle. Small businesses. And we've already cut regulations. More than any president. In history. Whether it's four years eight years or in one case more. I have cut regulations. Far more. Than any president, in the history of our country, a highway that would take 21 years to get approved. We can get done now in one year. And it may be rejected, for safety, or environmental. Reasons. But you're going to know in one year. We brought it down to a level that nobody can even believe. It may get rejected. But it's going to get rejected, fast but most likely it'll get built fast. And we also are expanding. Opportunity. Zones which have been fantastic. We will launch a bold initiative, to reassure, our medical, and pharmaceutical. Supply, chains. As part of this effort i'll revive, puerto rico's, pharmaceutical. Industry. We will keep taxes, low for companies, and move jobs to america. And we'll impose, steep, tariffs. On any company. That leaves. They want to leave, they want to make our product, and then sell it back after firing, everybody. Not going to happen. They will be tariffed, we will strip federal, contracts. From companies. That outsource, critical, industries. We will negotiate. More freight. Great and this is uh just has to do, negotiate. More fair and reciprocal. Trade deals we want reciprocal. Deals. If you look at europe and if you look at what europe's, done to us over many many years. And we're bringing it back into balance but it's way unbalanced, we protect them militarily. And then they, take advantage, of us on trade with tariffs, and, non-monetary. Tariffs which frankly, are worse. We have to put america, first like other countries. Should put themselves, first but we're putting america, first, we will make america, into the manufacturing. Superpower, of the world. Ending reliance, on china, once and for all, we will ensure that america, remains, the world's number one energy producer. We will end surprise, medical billing. Required. Price transparency. Which goes into effect already on january, 1st. And further reduce, the cost of prescript. Prescription, drugs as you probably, know. Uh, those of you that are in the drug industry you're not a big fan of donald trump i can tell you but i instituted. A favored nation's, laws. So if germany, or another nation. Is buying the drug, for 1 20th of what we pay and believe it or not in some cases, do you have. Price, discrepancies. Like that, we go to the lowest price anywhere in the world we're the largest. Purchaser, of drugs we go to the lowest, price. So if somebody's, selling a pill for 10 cents and we're paying. 2.50. We go to ten cents and the ten cents will come up a little bit but your, drug prices. Will be reduced, by fifty, sixty seventy, eighty, ninety percent. That's the way it is. We will strongly, protect. Medicare. Social, security, and patients, with pre-existing. Conditions. And as far as the middleman, is concerned. The middleman, is out, as far as purchasing. Drugs from other countries, until everything else, kicks in. Canada, pays 50 percent, what we pay, i've given governors, permission, to go to canada. And buy drugs, directly, from canada. Saving, as an example, ron desantis. The state of florida. Approximately. 50 percent, and more. On the purchase, of drugs so they'll buy the same, exact drug. From the same exact, plant or lab. For 50 percent, less. I've also outlined, a new plan to provide. Historic. Parity, and this is really, so important, to the black, community, known as the platinum, plan. Creating new wealth new access, to capital.

And School choice as a civil right, for every american, family, we need, school, choice, the democrats, will never give you. Dual choice, they will never give you charter, schools that have worked so well. We're lifting up citizens. Of every race color religion, and creed. We're delivering, a future, fairness, justice, and dignity, for every community, in our land. And we're defending, our values, our principles, and our cherished, way of life. And guided by these timeless, convictions. We will make next year one of the single greatest years in the history of our country. It's an honor to be with you i think i'll be with you next year again but uh you know we'll have to see because, if i don't win the election you probably won't want me and that's okay with me too. But i think we're gonna have a tremendous, success, we're having. Lines of people 30 40 50, 000 people lining up to see a speech. With one day notice. And my opponent, is getting 22, people. With uh working, very hard to get them so i don't know i mean. I think we're going to have a tremendous, success, i hope so. But next year will be one of the greatest, years in the history of our country. You're going to see growth like we haven't seen before. And uh, it's an honor to be with you god bless you all i think we're going to take a few questions, please. Thank you mr president, uh. I will say this you are certainly looking very fit, uh and that's uh, that's all to the good, uh we'll now enter the q and a collection, and uh, our, two very able questioners, today are cindy o'connell. Uh chair of the economic, club of florida, and david rubinstein. President, of the economic club of washington, dc. Each we'll be asking two questions. An alternating. Order, chair o'connell. You have the first question. Thank you so much, and thank you mr president on behalf of the economic club of florida, and the sunshine, state, we are so honored to be with you today. Our question. How important, is funding for infrastructure, projects. Like airports, bridges, roads around the country to national security. And how would these figure, into your next. Term. Oh we're very big we actually have a plan now but we're gonna make it much bigger. Uh we're, having a hard time getting things through the democrats. Uh we got the wall you know the wall is one of the biggest. Infrastructure. Plans, ever the wall is it's a massive, very. Highly technical, highly expensive, wall it's given us a tremendous. Border. We've uh. We've actually shut down the illegals, coming in virtually, shut them down on the, southern border with the help of mexico, and, we don't have the drug traffickers, way down everything is way down and, that was you know we consider, that infrastructure, one of the largest, infrastructure. Projects, ever but we want to redo our roads. Our highways. Our our, everything, our tunnels our bridges some are unsafe. If you look at the lisp, by the way city if you take a look at a list, you'll see like 25, percent of the bridges they call them. Unsafe, i mean they can't be so unsafe how would they let them open but they're in very bad condition. So we're going to be redoing, our tunnels our bridges. It's going to be an absolute, priority. Could have happened last year but the democrats. Didn't want to do it because they don't want to make things look good they want to make things look bad. But you know what it's going to all happen, i i was telling somebody, before, they said can the country ever come together. I said it was coming together. Prior to the plague, coming in from china should have never happened. Prior to the play coming in, people were calling, me that, we're not calling me for years we're not calling republicans.

For Years. And people were caught they wanted to make deals they wanted to get together, they saw what was happening. And basically, success. Is going to bring us all together. And we're going to have even, greater success. Now, we had to spend money to get there. But, relatively, speaking. Not much we're going to have even greater success, now but, success, is going to bring us together. And infrastructure. Is a big part of, it. Mr president, uh thank you for speaking to us. I have a question for you about the federal, debt we have 27. Trillion dollars of federal debt now. If we have another, stimulus, bill out of congress. Are you worried that the entire, amount of federal debt will be too large for us to, pay off in a sensible, way. Well you and i talk about federal debt a lot i know it's on your mind it's certainly on my mind david uh, the one thing i will say, is. We were starting, to, prior to the plague we were starting to get that number down you know we were getting that number. The interest rates were so low and we were seeing things that on such a positive, scale. And then we had a really we had no choice but to put money in otherwise you had to put money in you had to force money in, because of the pandemic. But we were starting to focus on that very very, deeply. We were making it long-term. We were getting ready to pay off interest we're getting ready to pay off debt, and a lot of good things were happening and then when you know all of a sudden. You're running a country, and it's going beautifully, you have the greatest economy, in history. And you're in a position, to start thinking about paying off large chunks of debt, and then all of a sudden something like the pandemic, happens, right the plague. But uh no it's very concerning to me and we're going to start doing that i think you're going to see tremendous, growth david. And the growth is going to get it done. We'll take care of it it's very much in my mind as it is yours it's one of the, first questions you always ask me it's one of the first questions i always talk to you about. And the sad thing is we were we were at the point where we were getting ready to be able to do it. And now i'll have to wait a little bit longer but, we're going to have an economy, that will be just as good or better. And that'll be next year. Thank you. Thank you very much. Mr president. How are taxpayers. Here, and around the country. Be better off financially. With four more years, of a trump administration. Well the big thing is the taxes are much lower look we've brought in. David can tell you because we talk about this. Many many companies, have come to this country that would never be here if we didn't cut taxes that's corporate taxes. But we also cut middle income taxes, and we're going again for big middle-income, tax cut. Uh, they want to raise taxes, and they want to raise it on nonsense, you know the green new deal if you look at the individual, points of the green new deal it's insane. It's just absolutely, ridiculous. Let's take down buildings and build buildings with smaller windows. Because they're environmentally, more efficient. It the whole thing is, insane. And at first i thought it was just a political. Hoax. But they actually want to do it and they will destroy our country. So, we are low taxes. We are going to continue, to be low taxes. We are low regulation. And by the way i believe strongly in regulation. But not where it takes 21 years to get a highway approved. I believe in regulation, where it takes one year or two years. And that's what we have it down so, you can have low taxes. Uh, one of the things i spoke with farmers, today and you know we don't even we take it for granted but, the estate tax they call it the death tax the estate tax on farms small farms and businesses. We got rid of, there is no tax.

They Want to put it back on, the democrats. Want to raise taxes. To a level, quadruple. Basically. But to a level that nobody's, ever seen before. And that's bad but what's even worse is they didn't want to take all that money and they want to squander, it on this green new deal nonsense. That was made up by a person, that has no, environmental, sense. That has no sense period. It's purely political, and i can't even believe it's good politically. But. We are going to be cutting taxes, further. And that includes business, taxes, but it includes, especially, middle-income. Taxes. And, people are saying it you know we had a point, uh during the. During this incredible, run that we had just prior to the play coming in, where families, were saving, nine, thousand, dollars, a year, when you add energy, into it. Over what obama, had. And uh that was something but it's still the numbers uh a fantastically. Big number. Big difference. Mr president final question, uh some industries, have been very hard hit by the pandemic. Like the cruise industry, the airline, industry, the hotel, industry the restaurant, industry, when do you think those industries will be able to recover and be back to where they were before the pandemic. Yeah it's, one of the toughest, questions, because you know that this was a, vicious. Vicious pandemic, a vicious disease. Especially, if you're, of a certain age etc etc. Uh, i know people in the cruise industry, they were selling, high they were, they didn't have a problem in the world all of a sudden they're fighting for their lives. Same thing with hotels, and other industries. We are trying to help them, it's going to happen. I think the vaccine, is going to be a big factor, i also think it's rounding the turn with or without, it's just rounding, the turn. Uh, it will get back. We are trying to help and we're trying to get some stimulus, money, which i think is very important, for certain industries, certainly the airline, business. You know people aren't exactly, hopping into airplanes, to travel. And then you go to europe and you have to quarantine, for two weeks who's going to do that. And is it, there anybody, in the world that's going to do that so, we're working with other countries, it's all going to come back, this thing is going away, and it's all going to come back, but in the meantime. I'd like to see the democrats. Loosen up a little bit, you know all they want to do is bail out their badly run cities and states, they want bailout, money, they don't care about the worker they don't care about the people they want bailout money, they want trillions, of dollars of, bailout, money, so they can bail out new york california. All these states. That frankly need more help than that. That's why we're going to do very well this election, in those places. They need more help than that. But, david i can tell you that. Those industries, they were great industries, and right now they're suffering but they'll be back, and i think it'll be much, sooner rather than later, i want to thank david, also because i'm looking at the washington, monument, and.

The Lincoln memorial, i'm standing here and i'm saying i always think of david now i think of david sometimes more than george washington, when i look at the washington, monument, because, he really did a fantastic. Job he saved it, he made it great and i promise nobody's taking it down david okay that i can tell you nobody's getting close to it, thank you. Thank you thank you david thank you everybody. Thank you so much, for, giving us, a a a great overview. And cindy, and david thanks to you. Well, your time. Thank you very much.

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