Trump speaks at 'Make America Great Again' rally in North Carolina

Trump speaks at 'Make America Great Again' rally in North Carolina

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Thank you let's see it's. One-third, it is a hell of a crowd for 1 30 in the afternoon. Thank you. Great state. It's fantastic. To be back in north carolina. With thousands, of loyal. Hard-working. American. Veterans. 19, days from now think of that 19, days you believe this. We're going to win the state of north carolina. We're going to win four more years in the white house. This election, is a simple, choice, if biden, wins. China wins do you see what's going on. And when we win, north carolina. Wins, and america, wins it's very simple. For the last 47. Years, joe biden's, betrayed, the workers, of north carolina. Through one act of economic. Treachery. After another and now you see what's happening, they got caught stealing. Folks. A servant, of the wealthy, donors, and globalists. And special, interests. Who got rich, bleeding, america. Dry. Taking your jobs from north carolina. And every other place, and moving, them out of the country. And we turned it around you got to remember, that. These corrupt, forces. They don't see our nation, as a protector, of its citizens, but as a vehicle, for personal, profit. And power, at your expense. And you see it happening, right now. They hold everyone, in contempt, and they always put the american, worker, last, and that's what's happened until i came along. In fact it's the primary reason i came along if you think about it. They keep their jobs, while outsourcing. Your jobs to other countries. Countries, that you've never even heard about. They build walls, for themselves. While forcing your family, to suffer the consequences. Of illegal, immigration. Drugs, and crime. And you know it very well over here. For five decades, joe biden, shipped away your jobs. Shut down your factories. Threw open your borders. And ravaged. Our cities, while sacrificing. American, blood and treasure. In endless, foreign wars and you know they're all coming back they're almost back. Our great. Soldiers. Are great soldiers, countries, you've never even heard about. He's the embodiment. Of the political, class that enriched, itself, while draining, the economic. Life and soul. Out of our country. Yesterday, we learned. From newly released, emails. And i want to thank the new york post for showing, real. Bravery. That joe biden, has been blatantly. Lying about his involvement. In his son's, corrupt, business, dealings. Joe biden, is a corrupt, politician. And he has been corrupt, for many years and everybody, in washington, knew it. And just now a little while ago a new story, shows up that hunter. Made a deal with a wealthy, chinese, business, magnet, for 10 million, dollars, a year. For, introductions. Only, introductions. I don't know. Will you take 10 million a year to introduce, people yeah to introduce, dad. Dad. Say hello and by the way dad give them everything they want, okay give them everything they want dad. Hunter, also referred, to another more lasting, and lucrative, arrangement, with the same chinese, businessman. That would be so much more interesting, to me and my family, that's what he said that's a quote. These deals were made. At the same time joe biden, was letting china, steal your jobs. And take away your factories. If biden, is elected. The united. States, will be owned, by china. But we don't have to worry about it because i can't believe. I can't believe it's going to happen he's shot, just so we understand. We cannot have a leader that's just about half. Shot. Can you believe can we believe we're even, fighting against this guy. But you know what they're a powerful, party they're a very corrupt, party. They're in bed with the media the fake news right back. There. And totally, protected, by big tech if i said what he said. They'd be calling for me out of there in 24, hours what this guy has said. Two days ago he said i'm running for the united, states senate that's the third time you said.

I'm Running, for the, no that's not, look let's that's not like a regular, like mistake, you can make a mistake. He said that and he said other things, but we won't even get into it this is crazy. This is the craziest. Race, you know what, i'm running against. The worst candidate. In the history, of presidential. Politics. And if i lose it puts more pressure. I wish it was good. I wish he was good i'd have less pressure, you know i mean how do you lose to a guy like, how do you lose to a guy like this. And by the way we're leading in north carolina. Paul just came out. I think we're leading, everywhere, where people are intelligent. Actually. And you actually we just got to report the lines, are through the roof on areas that would more typically, vote for us. I'm trying to be diplomatic, when i say that. Thank. You. But this election. Is a matter, of national, security, it really is we can't let this happen, it's a matter of national, security. The bidens got rich while america, got robbed. Now big tech you see what's going on with big tech. Is censoring, these stories, to try and get biden, out of this impossible, gem, he's in a big jam, you know his son left his, laptop. At some place fixed my laptop he forgot to pick it up, the guy from the laptop, it looks like he saw it he said wow this is really criminal, stuff, he brought it to the fbi, can you believe this. This could only happen to me. And the people of north carolina, though this could only happen. Can you imagine he's fixing a laptop, he says this is really bad stuff i think i'll bring it into law enforcement. Anyway, they've got it they've got a lot of them i hear they have stuff coming out you won't even believe yeah you'll believe it, he and his family are crooked. And they were caught they got caught now they're being protected, by big tack. And a big tech persists, in coordination. With the mainstream, media. We must immediately. Strip them of their section, 230, protection. Okay it's very simple. And we all believe in freedom of the press but don't forget, big tech got something, years ago that let them become big tech, they got total protection, they don't get sued. They don't get anything they're totally protected. So the government, gave that so that takes away that little feeling that, oh gee we can't talk to them about freedom of the press etc. No we're going to take away their section, 230, unless they shape up. And believe it or not even the democrats, agree of course the only problem we have when they say that we're against, it's like the wall you know we're building the wall it's going up. It took. It was so hard. It was so hard getting that done there was very few people could have gotten that done we're up over 400, miles but here's what's happened. I just think back. All i had to say is we will, not, build a wall that would have given me so much fun. I had to say we were building it but we got it going and we have the safest southern border we've ever had so that's. All. In 2016. North carolina. Voted to fire this, corrupt, and decrepit, political, establishment. And you elected, an outsider. As president, of the united, states, who put america. First. And we've done a job we've done a great job and uh, it's been amazing, and our comeback, you know we. Nobody's, ever done anything like what we did and then we got hit by the china plague. Should not let it happen. And uh we're now coming back at a level that nobody's, ever seen before nobody thought it was possible, they thought we'd be at 42, percent unemployment, we just hit 7.8. Percent can you believe it. Now we were 3.5. I even went to north carolina, i needed a good chief of staff i said joy, where is he, where's.

Where's Mark meadows. Where's mark. Where's. Mark. Here mark come in. Can you imagine, i had to go to north carolina, to find my chief of state. Ah, he's great, now he's done a great job. He's done a great job. And he followed, me and i said you know what. I just tested, positive, he didn't care he was in that helicopter. Hey he's from north carolina, what can i say. He's great, doing a great job you elected, me to restore, the principle, that's. A nation's, first duty. And it's to, its own citizens. We're about, our country. Right, i'm president, of our country, we're not president, of the world. We're not president, of the world. Usa. So if i don't sound like a typical, washington. Politician. It's because i'm not a politician. And if i don't always. Seem to be playing by the rules of the washington. Establishment. It's because i was elected, to fight for you. Harder, than any other, president. Has ever, fought. For our country's. People. And right now i'm fighting to eradicate. The virus, and we're doing, really a good job we're rounding the turn you see what's going on in europe it's flaming, up. These characters, back there they say well look at europe well i'll tell you what go take a look. Go take a look. Now we're doing a great job, we're doing a great job they didn't give the credit i don't want the credit. But, our vice president, worked 24, hours a day. Mike. And we had a lot of governors, they worked with us but we had some that were really good and some that were really not so good i'll let you know one day i'll write a little book and i'll tell you who the good ones were. But we made a lot of people look good we've done a great job and we have some incredible, statistics. But we want to rebuild the economy, and that's happening, quickly we had the greatest, economy, we've ever had think of it, now. We closed, it down we saved 2 million lives, by closing, it down. We closed, it down and now we're building it back up and by the way north carolina. Tell your governor, open up your state, open up your school. Right. They'll announce, on november, 4th so ladies and gentlemen, we're opening up, north carolina, and by the way pennsylvania. You know we've been suing a lot of states. That are run by democrats. Right, i always call them high crime, but the fact is that's where the crime is, but you know we've been suing a lot of people and we just won in michigan. Against, what she did was terrible, i mean she did. It's like a prison warden. And uh. So michigan, we won on constitutional. Basis to have to open it up. You got to open this one up i mean the people want to get back the kids want to be back in school. 99.9. Like you heard yesterday, announced you know. My baron. My tall baron he's very tall. My beautiful, bear in hand sirius, handsome. But my beautiful baron had it he recovered, like so fast i said wait a minute. How long did that take. They have the strongest, immune systems, they're better than all of us that's what they are they're kids for some reason but we've learned. About this disease. Got to open up your businesses, open up your schools get it going, we have incredible, therapeutics. We have incredible, drugs we have in my opinion, a cure, because, i took something regeneron. It was you know highly, sophisticated. Stuff. The antibodies. And. Eli lilly makes an incredible, drug. And what we've done is incredible this has all been over the last six months it's all happened we got the fda, for fast approvals. They would have taken, years and years and they're doing it they came to me and won sir this will take approximately. Two years i said nope i needed to prove tomorrow, they said that's not good. We got it too. We got it. But this is the most, important. Election, in the history of our country. Joe biden has made a corrupt bargain. In exchange, for his party's nomination. He has handed, control. Of the socialists, i mean he's given control of this party the democrats, they used to be like normal people now they're.

Socialists. Marxists. Communists. That's right you said it i didn't say it communist. And some people would say far left, lunatics, look at the green new deal. Well don't slap too hard go out and vote we'll clap later. Because these people are crazy, if he wins the radical, left. We'll be running the country. Because they're addicted, to power. And god help us if they win, we won't have our country anymore and it'll never be able to come back, they never do you know if you look 20 years ago venezuela, had oil had wealth had the less than 20 years ago, had everything. Now they don't have water. They don't have food. They don't have medicine. They have nothing but killing all over their streets. This happened in a short period of time, and it's the same ideology. You see it. The democrat, party talks about decency. And decorum, while they. Demonize. Cancel. You know the word cancel right they want to cancel your culture. And persecute, anyone who refuses. To bend to their will i don't think they like me too much do they. They don't like me too. Much. Thank. You. That's really enough. That's another you know why because those words. Nobody. Has ever, heard them at a political, event i like ronald reagan. And they'd say we like you ronald reagan but that's, but nobody's, ever heard those words right we love you whoever, what, no seriously what politician, has ever heard those words i've never said those words. And that happens, and i consider, that a great honor and thank you very much. But the democrats. Smeared, decent americans. As racist, slander, our nation, as evil. Indoctrinated. Our children and incite. Anti-american. Riots on our streets. That we could control, in 25, minutes as we did in, minneapolis. As we do wherever we go but they have to invite us in by law they have to invite us in. We want to go to portland, so bad that one would take 15 minutes to set. 15, minutes. And the man that shot. Another innocent, man his was an innocent, man shot. Killed, instantly. Killed. I said what happened, well we haven't arrested him two days three days went by, we sent in the u.s marshals. Took 15 minutes it was over. 15, minutes it was over, we got him.

They Knew who he was they didn't want to arrest him and 15, minutes that ended. Anyway. But and they call themselves. Peaceful, protesters. You know in theory. We're not supposed to be and look at all the masks, you know they keep saying nobody wears bears wear the masks. Although then they come out with things today did you see cdc. That 85. Of the people wearing the mask catch it okay. Then you have my friend eddie's a nice guy tony, tony fauci. He's a nice guy. He said this is not a threat this is not a problem don't worry about this not that one's a problem it's the craziest, thing. Then he said do not wear a mask. Do not wear a mask under any circumstances. Don't wear a mask don't don't don't right. So we don't wear a mat then they say oh we're a mess i never saw do you ever see any conflicts, but he's a nice guy so i keep him around right we'll keep him already. He's a democrat, everybody, knows that he's cuomo's, friend cuomo did the worst job of any governor, in the united, states. Almost 40, 000, people died more. At 11, 000, at least and you know i gave him this big convention, center. 800, beds he didn't use it, i gave him a ship. I gave him the great hospital, ship, meant for wars. Hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds, of incredible. You have to see the ship i've been on it many times. It's incredible they didn't use it, instead they sent sick people back into nursing homes right. To disgrace. The democrat. Party is ashamed, of america, the republican. Party, is proud of america. And that's a big. Difference. So you know i'm being set up tonight right so i'm doing this town hall with uh. Comcast. C-o-n. Right, khan. Because it's a con job comcast, c-o-n, not c-o-m. C-o-n. Cast. So i'm doing it and it's nbc. The worst home of, sleepy eyes chuck todd and some others. And they gave. Lester holt he's a beauty. They gave. Joe biden a week ago. A town hall, and it was meant for children, in fact speaking of barron trump fully recovered, in like a record time, barron trump would do great on that show, because he's. A young child. They, asked, him questions, that a child could answer any child. A smart child, not such a smart child. And they got taken apart you know it was a joke it was a joke. And so they asked me if i did and i figured what the hell we get a free hour on television. And we have savannah, guthrie she's always lovely isn't she. But i figure why not. What's the difference, in tone. Between they what they did to this guy that can't put two sentences, together. And what they do to me but with me it's me it's a life we know what we're doing and we just go on and we do it but they're doing him on. They're doing him on abc, and actually i'd like to watch him because i want to see if he can make it through the program, and. And honestly. They'll be so soft. George stephanopoulos. I did him a couple of weeks ago was fine. His questions, were unfair they said that the audience, is neutral turned it out that they only had never trumpers in there but these are kind of, you know little minor facts well that happened with the other guy too. It was supposed to be neutral it turned out that they were all like big democrats, right big democrats. Because you know what. The fake, news, media, is corrupt, okay it's corrupt, and we've shown it so many times. So i'll see you later on nbc, i look forward to it we're going to be doing it from miami. Where we're doing very well in florida too by the way we just got numbers back. It was very well. And the senior citizens, are liking us i think more and more every day every day they see what we're doing.

Every Single day but we're going to be doing that from florida so you watch tonight, you know if you want to have a little entertainment. Watch, let's just see i just want to see the tone. Of the way they treated this character, and the way they treat, us, it's not me it's us, the way they treat us. So the candidate, whose supporters. Are burning. American, flags. And i say all the time let's put in some kind of a major, major, resolution. You burn an american, flag, you spend one, year, in jail, do. It. See that's where the politicians. Are weak. And so politicians. Could do this, that's where they're weak the politicians. And you know i think it lost five to four in the supreme court now we have a different supreme court hey by the way can you imagine. We're going to have. Number, three. In one term, which is a. Record. You know presidents, go an entire. You know presidency. One term two terms. Without ever having to pick a supreme court i have three in the first term. Their heads are exploding. These people can't believe it. You know what our friends over here they can't believe what's happening, i'll tell you. But we have three and how good is amy. How good is it. Right. It's happening. They said. He should not be able to do this i said why i'm in my fourth year. He should not be allowed to do it, but then they have a quote from, justice ginberg, ginsburg, talking about, i guess it was uh obama. Right. That well wait a minute he's elected, for four years he's not elected for three years that didn't help them you know that didn't help their cause. No we got it done it looks like, it's going to be done very soon they have a one week, period, where they sit. But they're getting out of committee. And it's very exciting, and i'll tell you what she's been flawless she hasn't made a mistake. She's toying with those democrat, evil. People. They're evil. The way they treated. Justice. Kavanaugh, was. One of the greatest disgraces. I've never seen anything, like it, and i've watched a lot of unfair, things. I get treated that way all the time okay. But i want to tell you i've never seen anything like it the way they went after justice, kavanaugh. With false accusations. And everything else it's a disgrace. But they're not playing that card here, they're not playing that card, at least so far they're not, but we'll be watching, very closely but she's been spectacular. She's getting rave reviews. She's a great intellect. Her professor, who was a great professor, many years said the single greatest, student. That he's ever had that meant something to me you know it's always nice. As long as you're doing it you might as well put smart people now they'll say he discriminates. He discriminates. Against others i'd like to have smart people on the supreme, court. And she's been great but the candidate, whose. Supporters, are tearing, down our statues. Is not going, to. Deliver. Any civility, and by the way we solve every problem, and these are democrat. Radical, left usually but democrat, areas. That are having these high crimes the republicans, are doing fantastically. Well remember, it. No cash, bail they do things that nobody could even conceive, of, and they're out of control but you know what's going to bring it all together, success.

Because We were bringing it all together. Before the plague came in from china it never happened. They shouldn't have let it happen they let it happen we're not forgetting. They'll pay for it, but before, the plague, came in from china. Well, biden's not going to make him pay no he's going to get cash. They pay his son a lot of money what's he going to do say hey you know you shouldn't do this. So and that's true that's like common sense look at the money they've taken out of china. I'll tell you what he really is he's a corrupt, politician, just remember it and i'm gonna say it more and more. And, and facebook, and all can try and shut us down, but you know what. Everybody, knows it, you don't have a kid who gets thrown out of the military, hasn't got a job for a long time his father becomes, a vice president. And now this kid's going into every country, walking away with millions, of dollars from every country, with no talent. No skill. No expertise. And the press doesn't want to cover it because they're corrupt. Is that true i mean. How, true is that. And then you look at the way joe biden lives he lives on a politician's. Salary for his whole life 47, years right, and he lives in these beautiful, houses, all over the place i haven't seen him. I haven't seen him but he's a politician. And, you're not supposed, to live like uh you've made 20 million dollars a year. So he's corrupt as hell and everyone, knows it joe biden and the democrat. Socialists. Will kill your job and that's what they've done they've killed your jobs. Dismantle. Your police departments. And that's what they're doing dissolve, your borders. Release, criminal, aliens, raise your taxes, by four times. And how about this, how about the fracking, there will be no fracking, you know that's what everybody was against because it you know the super.

Radical, Left. Primaries, right, there will be no fracking, here's biden, no i said there will be how many times do i have to say it there will be no fra. Now he gets the nomination. The following, day. He said. No, there will be fracking, and i said. Okay he's going to get killed by the media on this they never even asked him the question. I hope you're watching pennsylvania. Because you will lose. 1, million, fracking, jobs, almost immediately, because you know what, joe has no control, over that party. That's all aoc. And crazy, bernie, and all these maniacs. But we were coming together. Really well there was going to be i was getting calls from, people that normally, i wouldn't want and they wouldn't want me. And they're saying you know, it's amazing, we had the best unemployment, numbers we've ever had. We had 160. Million people working think about it 160. Million we would never even close. We were beating, china, at a level that they've never been beaten before i was charging, them tariffs they didn't know what the hell to do. And you know they're always going to overtake, us, in 2019.. If you go back 15 20 years 10 years. China was always going to overtake, us 2019. Well in 2019. We became, much, much bigger. And we were way overtaking. Them and they weren't even close. To overtaking. Us it was just the opposite. But we were coming together as a country, because everything was good hispanic. Americans. African-americans. Asian-americans. Women. People with diplomas. People without diplomas. People with no high school education. Phds. From mit. Everybody, was coming together. And then we had to play. But that's going to bring us together, again because you had your best year in the history, of your state. You had the best year, last year the history of your state you're going to have a better year coming up there's going to be a better year and watch your third number, watch your third quarter. Watch your third quarter. But the radical, democrats. Will confiscate. Your guns. Destroy, your suburbs. I keep hearing about the suburban. Women. The american, dream it is i i let you have the american dream, i wiped out a regulation. That will will destroy, the suburbs, you know that you know about that i wiped it out right. They don't want to have a project, built next to their beautiful house right. So why is it that the fake news keeps saying that women, aren't going to like trump i think you know what women want. More than anything, else, they want safety, security, and they want to be able to have their houses. And, leave me alone. Right. The suburban, woman. And then early on before i realized, it wasn't politically, correct sorry folks haven't been doing this too long. I said the suburban. Housewife. Loves trump and they would, by the way the women, they loved it does anybody mind that term is that a bad term. You know the only people that mind it those people wear with the cameras, look at them. Look how innocent, they look and they're not innocent. They're not innocent. The enemy of the people, i call them the enemy of the people. But anyway. So the, suburban, women. Should love trump. Now this is the same thing as this is like a carbon copy of what happened. Last time not nearly as bad remember you had nine states i was gonna lose all of them the day before. And they were just wrong a little bit i won all of them so. I was gonna lose all nine. They say this will be a horrible, evening, for donald trump that wasn't president, trump that was donald trump. This evening will be over very shortly, then we win florida.

We Win north carolina, by the way. We win south carolina. We win georgie. We ran the coast we just ran it one after another, and. Remember it said you had this little crazy, chart on. Uh, nbc. And that's when the people started crying they worked, there. My god what am i going to tell my wife after two and a half years of saying he's docking a bank. And remember it said three percent i had a three percent chance right. So it starts to three percent. Then we won, utah, remember we're supposed to lose utah we won we only won by 22, points you know. Very accurate but, so we win you so it goes 3. 5. 8. 12. 21, percent, now they're saying man that sucker and that number is getting bad up there. That little number then it started getting smaller you know because they did they made the numbers small but the number was actually getting bigger. 21. 25. Then we won a place called north carolina. So it went from 25. To 32, percent. Right do you remember that evening wasn't that great evening. Started, off with ohio, remember, you cannot. Win unless you win the great state of ohio i heard that for a year. And then we won ohio by eight points everyone said. Nobody wins it by eight by the way we're doing better there now than we did four years ago. And. The great jim jordan and all those guys. So we won by eight points so that was the beginning they said wait a minute not only did he win he won by a lot, but that was like the uh the little signal as to what's happened so then it goes to like 25. Then 31. 35. Now we hit the 42.. So now i have a 42, chance of winning and i'm looking at all these, states that i'm leading in, most of them right we won. 32, or 34, states. So it goes 34. 38. And now they're going oh what's going on here. And remember the guy right. John king at cnn. And he's good with the board i like it you know he got nice action but you know it wasn't so good that night he was shaking. And he going well okay well look this is not looking good. This is that good i don't know and now he's a nervous mess right. Now and he's going, what's gonna happen. What's gonna who's there heather. Oh hammer bill the hammer well bill hammer's a good guy right.

Bill Hammer is a good guy oh he said hammer is better i agree with that every spot. Hammer is a good guy but you know what, it's very interesting. So then we go from 42. To 48. 54. 60. 64. Then 71.. This is in our favor. Then 78, then you see all the people screaming, and crying. The most beautiful. Most beautiful, convention. Center they had that remember they had the earth that was shaped like the united, states. And they had the podium, on the state of florida, out there hanging out over. And i looked i said you know i said to our great first lady i said first lady. That is the most beautiful. Looking, thing i've ever seen the way they had it they spent a fortune. But they knew something was wrong because they went to grucci. Right and they were on the river at the convention, center. And they had a big, display. Of the fourth of july, the whatever the hell it is right, the. Fireworks. And they paid. A lot of money. But now they had to pay seven million. They owed seven million dollars to gucci, and they, were all set to do it and then they decided to cancel. So i then called up grucci, i said listen it's way far away from my location, but i'll give you a million dollars okay, i tried to buy their fireworks, i figured i'd give new york. Have a little fun. But i'll never forget that beautiful, and it looks so beautiful, five o'clock, it's beautiful, they're all looking like oh they're gonna have a big evening. And by eight o'clock in the evening you watch these people remember the woman the woman was screaming, you know the one i'm. Dreaming. How about her you think she's a reasonable, person to deal, with. And she was screaming, they're screaming. And it was uh. And they talked about the glass ceiling right the woman, break into glass ceiling. And it didn't work out that way that last ceiling. Broke her but there will be a woman that breaks the glass ceiling it just won't be hillary. And you know who else it won't, you know who else it won't be. It won't be. Kamala. It won't be. It won't be kamala, but we worry about her i'm very concerned, about her because. As you probably, just heard, just before i walked out. Two of the people that travel with her. Her chief of staff and somebody else in the plane with her all the time. They have been tested positive, for covet 19.. So we we extend our best wishes, right. Right. Yes. We extend our best wishes. We extended our best which is more than they did to me but that's okay. That's okay. So uh let's see what what happens i mean it's a tricky thing. It's uh it's dust, it's a little tricky thing. Masks, no mess everything you can do all you want but you know, you still need help. From the boss. We need help from the boss. That's what happened. We need. Help. Yeah we need help it's all right to say now they'll criticize, me for that how dare he say that. How dare he say that no i'll say it. I'll say it. I'll say it. Somebody said to me the other day you're the most famous, person in the world by far i said no i'm not. No i'm not, they said yes you are i said no. They said who's more famous i said jesus christ. I'm not taking any chances, i'm not gonna have a dog, hey. I'm not having any arguments. Jesus, christ. I'm not gonna take any chances, south, give it i, guarantee. And let me look up and i'll say and it's not even. Close. To defend, our constitution. I proudly, nominated. Amy, coney. Barrett. To the united states supreme, court it's been so popular, a lot of people. Said i got elected, because of the united states supreme court i don't know that it's true but. When i ran, you know people knew who i was and all but they didn't know too much about my politics, and they figured maybe i'm liberal. Maybe, who knows they didn't know. And they weren't happy because they didn't know who i was going to appoint, as a supreme, court justice you know was i going to put, a radical left, person like he will put he's got to give a list by the way not only does he can he not pack the court which would be horrible.

Horrible For a country, for that institution. But he's got to get give a list of 10 12, 15, 20 25. That he will only pick from, because people, have to be able to see. Who he's going to pick. You can't let somebody go up and put a crazy. Radical. Left. Justice. In the supreme, court. So i'm going a step further than them they don't press them much. How about a guy how about if i said what he said. He said no no i'm not going to say i'll tell them after the election oh that's great that's wonderful. And then these guys walk away, no no he's got to say. About packing the court, but he's also got to say. Who, from what group will he pick. Give the names. Because you have to know that. You have to know that. And you know they say that's what won me the election, i don't know if it's true. But a lot of people say because i i came up and i was having a lot of, when i first went. At a lot of, bite back, where people were saying well wait a minute who's he going to pick as a serial. And i said to my people, who are some really great people i said give me. The top, 25. Who's 20 and then ultimately, expand it to. 25. Judges. Lawyers. You know a group of people, give me the top. 25. Judges, etc. In the united, states. I want the smartest, the best the most brilliant. And i'm going to put them in a list, and i didn't know i don't think almost any of them. But these are the most respected, people, they believe in a thing called, the constitution. Which bidens, people won't believe in he'll be you'll see some real beauties if they put in the truth right that's why they don't want to do that, because you couldn't win an election, if you had to do that so i said give me the top 25.. And then i went out and i played a little bit cute i said all right i will pick. Somebody, like these people. And you know what that didn't play. They said no you have to pick one of these people two of these people that's what i did i said all right i'll do that. And they say that was 20 or 25. Points in terms of the percentages. Of what i got was a big thing on the united states supreme court, well, i've done it again i've now taken my original, list. And we had two great, people put as you know, justice. Kavanaugh. Justice. Gorsuch. And by the way nobody's, ever suffered. Like justice kavanagh or what he went through nobody. But we put justice, kavanaugh. Justice, gorsuch, gorsuch. They're fantastic. Intellects, fantastic, people. And now we have amy, to go along with it and it's going to be. Unbelievable. Another week. They'll be voting the full senate will be voting. And. I don't know what can stop it because it's uh she's so good it's a it's a freight train okay.

But The fact is, so we'll have three but you know what joe biden has to say who, if he has because the next. The next. President, whoever, it may be better yes. Because if it's not, if it's not honestly, you will not have the same. Country. Because the next, president, the next term. Will have anywhere from one. Two. Three, and even four picks a very unusual. I was very unusual, at three it's a record. But you know what for a term. But you know what the next could have just by statistically. One two three or four, so your whole court is as good as we're doing now. And if i didn't do this you wouldn't even have a second amendment, you wouldn't have a second amendment. But if they put on two three or four. That means they will override, and that's good for 30 40 50 years and you know the judges, they go in young and they last for a long time. Which is nice. So. Biden, has to go out. And he has to not only talk about not packing the court because anybody wants to pack the court shouldn't. Shouldn't win. And justice. Ginsburg, said that. She said no the nine. We're friendly, we get together. We're not. We're for the country. She said, she made the greatest case for nine. Once you get a big group of people. Then you're into the senate you're into the house you know we've already got that right. And this is a great institution. Maybe our greatest, institution, and we can't let some. Radical, group of people destroy, it so, number one he can't pack the court and number two, he's got to explain. One of 25. Or 30 or 40 or 50 people. But he's got to put up a list of people from which he'll choose. And the voters have to know who those people are, and he can't get away with i'll tell you after the election, and then destroy, our country he can't do it so that's it. That's. It. That's much more interesting, than going off a teleprompter. When you think of that but. No but you got to say it you got to say it like it is so biden's, agenda, would be a. Catastrophe. For, north carolina, seniors and you know that better than anybody, for years biden, tried to cut social security, and medicare, people don't know that about him, but he tried to cut your social, security. You know great genius he's going to cut your social security, in your medicare, now biden's, pledging. Mass, amnesty. And free health care for illegal aliens, and you saw that. You saw that three months ago when he's on stage, and he said, to all of these. Very radical, left candidates. Who wants to give. Illegal, aliens. Free health care and they all raised their hand and biden didn't. And then you could see his right shoulder. The corpse. They say he's the corpse. And his shoulder was he looked around he didn't know what the hell was happening. But he knew everyone else's hand was up remember that though he was like, he knew what was wrong look he's been there for 47, years hasn't done a damn thing he's been there forty, he knew it was wrong, but his right shoulder, started moving. And i said i just won the election. I said isn't that nice, and you know what we all have a heart but what that does is it brings millions of people into our country they all want to get health care they want to get. Education. They want to get all the things that they want to give them and you can't do it you can't afford it, but that's what they want so we're not going to let that happen, because it'll decimate, medicare, and destroy, your social security, and everything else. Well i'm president. No one will touch your medicare, or your social, security. And under my leadership, we're developing. The vaccines. And therapies, and all of those things and, you vote for me prosperity.

Is Happening, already it's happening it's happening so fast nobody can believe it, we're the number, one country, in the world by far for economic, comeback. And we went down, less than any other country. Think of that. Normal, life that's what we want we want normal i don't want to talk we want normal we want to get back to where we were nine months ago eight months ago. We want to have those football, stadiums, those great teams of yours we want to have people sitting next to each other, screaming, like crazy. You look at the stands we have a person, and then 20 empty seats, no that's not it, and we'll be back we're going to be back very soon next year. Will be maybe, the greatest economic, year one of the greatest economic, years but maybe. The greatest economic, year i think better than last year last year was your best i think we're going to do better. And to a large extent this election is about many things but it's between. A trump recovery, and a biden, depression. Because if they get in. They're going to raise your taxes. Quadruple. He says it, they're going to allow. Millions of illegal, aliens, in, and they're going to let regulations. All of the cutting that i've done on regulation. Which is. A number that no, president, has ever even come close to whether they were four. Eight or in one case, more than that. They're going to let all those regulations. Come back in and the farmers, know what i'm talking about and the tobacco, growers know what i'm talking about. Because you couldn't even farm your land you had so many regulations. Joe biden would terminate. Our recovery. Delay the vaccine, prolong the pandemic. And annihilate. North carolina's. Economy, with draconian. Unscientific. Lockdowns. He'll keep you locked down except at a level that you've never seen before, you won't have a state. By the time this guy finishes, up. Biden's, plan will crush america. My plan is already crushing, the virus look at our numbers, look at our number. This week oh. Damn it, he must have lost his job he must have been a nice guy i'm sure he lost his job. This week. Even the failing new york times. The poor writer, i read this and i said this guy is gone. But i didn't know him so what the. Heck. The new york times, said that. We had, so this is the quote. Experts, are saying quote. With genuine, confidence. That the pandemic. In the united, states. Will be over. Far, sooner. Than anybody, ever expected, how about that, new york times. That's right the writer of that article is gone now but may he rest in peace. They don't want to say that they're not happy to hear that because they don't really have our interest, at heart. Our early and aggressive, actions, saved, so many lives millions of lives we pioneered. All of these incredible, therapies. And reduced. The fatality. Rate, 80, think of it 85. We understand, the disease and we have things that. Work. And i'm working to make the antibody. Treatment that i received, available. To anybody, that wants it that has a problem. Free. And it's free. Because it wasn't your fault. It wasn't your fault and i only hope it works as well on you but i tell you i felt like superman, a day later. Here i am. Here i am. I actually looked at the doctor, he's here with us now. Great doctors we had so many doctors i never saw so many doctors. All geniuses, lowest iq, 187.. And they weren't thrilled but i looked at him and said i don't know what the hell you gave me but i want some more of it. Now it was a transfusion. And it was like amazing, so we're going to make that available, to everybody we're trying to get it immediately, approved.

By The fda, and dr han is working at the fda together. And hopefully you don't need it and for the most part you won't need it i think for the most part but you need it we're going to get it to you and you're going to get it and you're going to get better and i call it a cure they call it a therapeutic, i call it a regeneron. And they have others that are very similar, great companies i told you before eli lilly etc. Through operation, warp speed we will have a hundred million vaccine, doses, before the end of this year. The vaccine, will end the pandemic. But it's ending, anyway i mean they go crazy when i say it it's going to peter out, and it's going to end, but we're going to help the end and we're going to make it a lot faster with the vaccine, and with the therapeutics. And frankly with the cures. So we're joined today by. Some incredible, warriors, and. Friends of ours congressman. David, rouser. Where is he david. David, rouser. He's a warrior. How are we doing dave are we doing okay in the state you're doing good. You have any competition, in the race. Any competition. Or not much. I love that i like when they say not much sir. But if they have i i'm always there to help right. I'm there to help thank you david great job. We have a candidate, for north carolina. Superintendent. Of public, instruction. Catherine. Truitt. Catherine. Great. Great, thank you. Good job catherine i heard that. Chairwoman. Of the republican, national, committee. Ronna mcdaniel. Ronnie. Who just recovered, herself, by the way, for anybody that's sitting look they're all jumping oh she just recovered, let's get the hell out of, here. Now ron is great where is ron. Right here. Thank you ron she's great she did a great job, she ran michigan, for us four years ago she did so well. And many many decades since a republican, won michigan, we won michigan, i said i want that person. The rnc, i want that person running the rnc, she's great so rana thank you very much. She just. Fully recovered. From kovid. A lot of people are recovering, you know people are recovering, 99. 99, plus plus. And now with what you can do you know one thing i do say get there early get to the hospital early, get there early. They can do things lots of things but don't get there like get there early. And north carolina. Gop, chairman, a friend of ours a great gentleman, michael, watley. Thank you michael. Great job, how we doing. Doing all right. Looking like a good win right. And are the numbers, that big standing, online, getting ready to vote right. Bigger than you anticipated. Uh he's saying the right things. Thank you mike now i hear it it was on the, it was broadcast, today the numbers are crazy, you know what it's called and this is what we're going to have, we're going to have a red, wave. Right. They don't want to send in the ballots and have the ballots, thrown away into a dumpster. Who are you for trump get rid of that one get right this is the craziest, thing. They want to vote our people want to go they want to vote. It's going to be a big. Beautiful. Red. Wave. And let them put in their deal. And we'll check in every one of them we're watching, very closely, where they came from. Where they went, how did they get there right all this stuff that's going on. Not a day goes by when you don't read about, what crooked, things are happening. But the red wave will crush it. And those are people that are going to get there on. November, 3rd and previous, to that you know the, open voting. When you can vote. But they're going to get there and people are talking about it already and you're seeing that aren't you huh, you're saying that that's great michael. That's great it's gonna be a, lot of fun. Because there was a landslide, well we're gonna see. We're gonna see but uh, we got a good shot no we're doing great in pennsylvania. We're doing great in michigan, doing great in arizona. I heard some very good numbers, just now in nevada. Um. We're doing good i mean we're doing good all over the place and i don't want to say it too loud because you know they get all this money they'll spend money like crazy. But you know ultimately. Money doesn't get you there because i spent. 25. Of what crooked hillary spent right. I spent 25. And even after i won they said he didn't do as good a job at fundraising, i said i spent less money and i got criticized, everyone. You know my father taught me a long time ago if you can win for less money that's a good thing not a bad thing, right.

Right Michael. Under my administration. We built the greatest, economy, in the history of the world. And now we are doing it again. In my first three years. Family, income, increased, by six. Thousand, dollars. More than five, times, the gains. In all, eight years, under the last administration. Think of that. So we did more than. Really more than eight towns. African-american. Income grew nine, times, more than it did under. Biden and obama, nine times. African. American. Unemployment. Hispanic. American. Unemployment. Asian, american. Unemployment. All reached, in history. Record, highs, highest, in history we're getting them all back they're all covering that. We lifted 6.6. Million, americans. Out of poverty. Since the china virus, we've created. A record. 11.4. Million, american, jobs we have never produced. Jobs. At that level in that speed. We've already cut the unemployment. Rate in half. And think of it seven point eight seven point nine that sounds terrible but you know it sounds pretty good when they're telling you about the 42. Right. Because i think at 42, you know what are you going to do we have this crazy, situation. That happened. And uh, 7.8. It's pretty incredible, when you think about it and we'll get that way down and it's going down fast under bite. Well, yeah just watch this, under biden. It took 30 months to recover. More than half of the jobs, lost in. Their crisis, it wasn't a crisis though it was not great times but it wasn't a crisis. We did it in five months so they had 30 months, and they had the weakest. Recovery. In the history of our country. Dating, back, actually. To when they started 1929. There was the weakest, recovery. In the history of our country. And then he wants to tell us how to do things. For 47, years he did nothing i love these guys you know for 47, years he did nothing, now all of a sudden he wants to do all these things that i did already. I could do better. You shouldn't have let china, and well for two months he was saying, i was xenophobic. Because i closed the borders very early didn't i, jobs have been recovering. 23. Times, faster. Than the obama. Biden, recovery, 23, times. Not 23. 23, times. And these numbers come from the great larry kudlow, who's a good man by the way. We've spent the last four years. Reversing, the damage, joe biden inflicted, over us for 47. Years, think of it. Biden has waged, a decades-long. Assault, on your state. Against your state's. Tobacco, growers. He was a cheerleader, for nafta which was a disaster. Tpp. Which would have been a disaster. Had i not terminated. It would have destroyed, your state, it would have destroyed. Manufacturing. In our country. And he was totally in favor. Of china's, entry into the world. Trade, organization. That's when they took off like a rocket. But not so good anymore. For half a century, biden, twisted, his blade into the heart of north carolina, workers. He should not be asking, for your votes he should be begging for your forgiveness. That's what he should be doing. What a, job he did. I mean you go back four or five years you people were hurting. You were hurting, i have plenty of friends in this state you were hurting. For decades, our politicians. Spent trillions, of dollars rebuilding, foreign nations. Fighting, foreign, wars and defending, foreign borders. Countries, you've never heard of. But now we're finally, protecting. Our nation. Rebuilding, our cities, and we are bringing, our jobs, our factories. And our troops. Back home to the. Usa. It's probably, the main reason i ran in the first place. And i made the statement the other day it sort of made sense to me. If, obama. And biden. Did a good job, i would have never run. I mean think, i only did it i only ran because they did a horrible, job. And there was no unity you had ferguson, look at what happened in st louis look at what happened in baltimore, look what happened in oakland, look at what happened, there was, hatred, all over the place now they say oh wasn't that beautiful. What they did was, they did a terrible, job, that's why i'm your president, because if they did a good job i wouldn't have run i had a very nice life believe me. I had a very like and by the way how many of these rallies have you stand up please, north carolina, how many what number is it. Don't be a baron. 6-0. 60.. They have a group of, 12, women and i see them a lot. And i say north carolina, they remind me of that no matter where we go and, so 60, that's a lot but that's only about 20, so you, have a long way to.

I'm Sure their husbands, are thrilled. Where are you going i'm going to. Well at least here you're close, right. And you and you don't mind right. We like him. We like him. Great women thank you very much that's really nice, now that's really nice. To save our auto industry, i withdrew, from the, last, administration's. Trans-pacific. Partnership. I ended the nafta, nightmare, and signed the brand new usmca. Which is just now. Kicking in and has turned out to be incredible, for. Our farmers, our, manufacturers. Everyone said it couldn't be done there's no way you could end nafta, i ended it was one of the worst, trade deals, ever, made. I took the toughest, ever action to confront, china's, rampant theft of american, jobs. We've achieved, energy, independence. And we've done it while protecting. Our pristine, environment, you know we have the best environmental. Numbers, we've ever had meaning i guess over 50 years because before that. You didn't have too much action right. But we have the best, environmental. Numbers, ozone, numbers, so many other numbers. In the meantime, china. Russia. India. All these countries they're spewing, stuff into the air i keep telling my our people. I say you know i love clean air. But russia. And china you look at a map, you have all these spots and india, and many others. Are spewing. It in. What do you suggest. Well we don't think you should sell straws, anymore oh great okay that's good. You ever hit out the straw, right. And i say okay the straw is good that's a little straw that's, okay let's, what about the plastic, plate. What about the carton. What about the glass that's out of plastic, well we'll get to that later these people are crazy. I recently, signed an order placing a moratorium. On offshore, drilling, off the coast of florida, georgia. South carolina. And north carolina, so you don't have to worry about any oil spills in your beautiful, land. You don't have to worry look how happy she is she obviously, lives on the water. You don't have to worry about those spills. At the same time i have made it so great for energy, you know we've never had energy like we do we're number one in the world now by far. And totally, energy, independent. In 2017. I proudly, signed a historic, executive, order making it official. Governing, policy. To, buy american. And, hire. American. I saw biden, the other day he's standing here. Like. This. Nobody's, got a sign hire american, i said i've been saying that for 15, years. It's amazing. And you know this one when the tennessee, valley authority. Replaced, part of its american, workforce, with foreign. Workers. I told the board chairman, chairman, you fired, out, your fire chairman. You know what he was making. This had nothing to do with me, he was making eight million dollars a year he's the highest, paid. Government, official. Like a private semi-private. Deal. Eight million dollars a year. And i said you're fired. And what happened, is uh as soon as i said that they hired all the employees, back from tennessee, and five other states six other, states. Mississippi. They're all back. And they were great. They were great so we do our little things right, we did that one and it was great, my opponent's, immigration, plan. Is the most extreme. In the history of our country. Biden's, plan would eliminate, u.s borders, by implementing. Nationwide. Catch and release that's catch. A murderer comes over you catch them. What do you do well, not much. Most of them don't say they kill people right. You catch them you take their name and you release them into a country. It was a big deal it sounds easy i ended it but you want to see tough, go through courts goes through, but i ended it i ended catch and release, one of the worst. Things, now we, release, them. You know where we release them release them back into their country. We don't release them into our country, anymore we say congratulations. We've got em look at all those people standing up out there wow sorry. Sorry we didn't get your seats. Well they're strong, they're strong people they're from north carolina. Making, every community, into a sanctuary. City this is their goal and suspending, all. Removals, of any illegal, alien no matter how bad they are, murderers. Rapists. They have a deal with bernie sanders, crazy bernie. He lost twice greatest loser of all time he lost the first time. And he took it, then he lost the second time elizabeth, warren should have dropped out i'd be running against him that would be okay i don't care, there'd be more energy, smaller base more energy.

But. It happened twice to bernie. But i would. Really be watching, and very careful. Because it would be the total. Nullification. Of u.s borders, they don't want borders, they want to have this country, and what would happen would be our country would be, overwhelmed. With illegal immigration, coming in. Your jobs. Crime would go through the roof, and now as i said we have the strongest, southern border in the history of our country over 400. Miles of war. War will be completed. Very soon. Ms-13. And criminal, cartels. Would have rampaged. Freely all over the country if it wasn't for ice and border patrol. So we've gotten rid of thousands. Of, ms-13. We delivered, them back, out of our country. We said congratulations. Here they are you take them we're not taking them. These are bad some bad people if biden wins. Your borders, are gone which means your health care is gone the middle class, is gone, and your safety is gone it's very simple. Biden, has. Pledged. With bernie sanders, this they made this agreement you know what it is they all agreed. To a thing. We call it the manifesto. My idea, it's called the manifesto. He's pledged to eliminate, our requirement. That newcomers, to our society, be, financially. Self-reliant. We want them to be able to, make a pledge, that they're not going to take from us. And he'll provide, unlimited, welfare, he wants to. For anybody, anywhere in the world that comes into our country, i said that's a great idea where are we going to get the money, sleepy joe. Under my leadership, we achieved the most secure border in u.s history, and we're finishing, the wall. So we're up to now 407. I think 406. 407, we're doing 10 miles a week nobody believes it. We invested, 2.5. Trillion, dollars in the u.s military. Defense. Spending. In north carolina. Has soared. To more than, one. Billion. Dollars, a year many times what it. Was. And by the way all made in the usa, we have uh. The greatest. Machinery. Ever made by any nation, in history. Russia. China. Every one of them they're all jealous what we have is uh.

Not Even to be talked about i actually mentioned this at a rally about two months ago. And they said he's given away information, no i'm not i'm telling you something. We got stuff that they dream about. All made in the usa, one 2.5. Trillion dollars. And you know what hope to god we've. Redone our nuclear. We're number one in the world by far. It was going down the tubes, it was old and tired. But hope to god we never have to use it remember when i came in they said with his personality. We'll have we'll be in a war in the first week. Where's the war. Right where's the war, remember. You would have been a war without me because north korea we were going to have a nice nuclear war with north korea. And now i get along great with him and everyone says oh that's terrible that i get along now it's a good thing you know getting along is a good thing not a bad thing. And you get along through strength, not through a weakness you never get along through a, weakness. And we launched the first new branch. Of the united, states, armed forces. And i never even talked when i came to north carolina, and talked to you i never said this, so we actually did more than i promised i'm the only politician, if you call me that. I'm the only politician. That actually did more than i promised, because i never talked about. The space force. I never talked about right. And, as i you know sat for a year and i watched and i saw what was going on with russia and with china and with others i said wait a minute, we're going to fall way behind, we can't do that. And we launched the spacefulness. And jim, imhof, and some of the people in the senate were. Fantastic. And the house. And we got it passed so we have first time in 75. Years think of that. A new, force, and it's a big force and it's an important one, we passed va choice, for our veterans, and va accountability. Nobody, thought that could happen, 42, years. And we took over 100. Of the isis, caliphate. When i came in it was a mess they were all over to play. We took over 100. And we killed the leader of isis. And founder, of isis al-baghdadi. They were after him for 15, years. And we took out the world's, number one terrorist. The mass murderer. Of many american, troops and many other troops and many other people. Kasim. Solomani. Is dead. And i withdrew, from last administrations.

Disastrous. 150. Billion, plus 1.8. Billion in cash can you believe it five plane loads of cash, figure that one. The iran nuclear, deal a disaster. And uh you know the first call i'm gonna get after we win it's going to be from iran can we make a deal. Because their country's going to hell with the sanctions, and all of the things we've done, and they want to make a deal. I said why don't you wait till after the election, i said but if you wait till after the election this is going to be much tougher. But i said wait till after the election because you you can't make a deal now you got to see a sleepy joke because if sleepy joe gets in you make the greatest deal ever made. And china will own us remember what i said. I kept my promise, recognized. The true capital, of israel. And opened the american. Embassy, in jerusalem. Got. It. And we got it built mr congressman, right we got it well too. They wanted two billion dollars to build it i said maybe we could do cheaper i said. To my people i said you know the story. Find something maybe we own some land we did it had a building on it. So we were going to spend 2 billion. I said well let's renovate the existing building is it big enough oh it's too big actually. And how's the location, much better than the one we were going to buy in jerusalem. I said i come back with a price. David friedman he was one of the most successful, lawyers now he's the ambassador, to. Israel. So he calls me up two days later he says sir i think we can do it for 350. 000.. I said david. So from 2 billion. I said well what's the difference between the 2 billion version, and the 1, 350. 000, he said sir honestly the 350. Will have a better location, a better building it's actually better. Now who would believe soros like this. And i actually told him i did something i don't think congressman, i've ever done in my life i said david it's too cheap. It doesn't sound good, make it more expensive, please. So we made it 500, 000 not bad right. And we opened it up a few months later so not only did we name. Jerusalem. Became the capital of israel we got the building built, this thing would have taken, 10 years, 20 years. Would have cost 5 billion dollars it would have been ridiculous. I also recognized. Israeli, sovereig

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