Trump slams Kamala Harris, makes 2020 predictions | Full Interview

Trump slams Kamala Harris, makes 2020 predictions | Full Interview

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Are looking at this 2020, showdown. Presumptive, democratic, presidential, nominee, joe biden has chosen california, senator, kamala, harris as his running mate headed into november, the two appearing for the first time yesterday. And immediately, aimed, at the president, over his handling of the economy, and the coronavirus. Pandemic. Joining me right now is the president, of the united states, donald, j trump. Right now mr president thank you so much for calling in this morning. Good thank you, very much. Good, morning. It's great to, it's great to have you here to get a reaction, to what we're seeing on the other side, what is your reaction to kamala harris, as joe biden's running mate. Well she's radical, left, now she tries to pretend, she's not but she's the most liberal, person, in the. U.s senate, acknowledged, to be. She's done things that are terrible, in terms of the police, in terms of the second, amendment, in terms of everything, else and, she uh. Is a big taxer. As, joe is a big taxer, they want to tax. Four trillion, dollars. It's going to be the biggest tax increase in history by far. It will triple up records. And. They're big taxers. It's uh, just something that won't work we'll have, you will see a depression, likes of which, you have never seen, you have to go back to 1929. I guess it doesn't get too much worse than that and, you'll just see that, and frankly, you know we've had a tremendous. Uh a tremendous, market you and i have talked about that the stock market think of it we're almost back to where we were. And we're still in the pandemic, which will be. Going away. As i say it'll be going away they scream, how can you say that i said because it's going to be going away. But you know we're in the middle of a pandemic, and yet we're going to be hitting records, i guess nasdaq, already has many times. Like 14, times and. The dow is you take a look at the numbers i see for the first time today it's actually. It's actually down a few points, i'm shocked, almost shocked to see that, but we've been going up i think we're up 9 000 points 54. Since march. So somebody made a lot of money. And i hope those 401k. People didn't do anything when it got down when it dipped because, they'll be very unhappy, right now but if they stayed with trump. They're, they're very rich. So i mean this market, is trading higher i guess on the anticipation. That the economy, is going to come back, in second half or in 2021. As well as of course these rock bottom interest rates, do you have confidence, that we are going to see a double-digit. Growth number in the second half what does 2021. Look like, in your view from an economic, standpoint, mr president. So i think it depends on who wins i think if he wins you're going to end up with a. A disaster. To be honest i see his plans. The, new green deal is something, that, the likes of which. Nobody can even comprehend, it's it's like, drawn by children. It's joined by children it's so ridiculous. Okay you go over point over point, and they're actually serious about it i used to think they were playing games it was politics. I don't even think it's good politics, it's so ridiculous. But they're talking about no fossil, fuels. Which means basically, no energy you'd have to close down half of the businesses, of the country. You have to rebuild, cities, because uh. Too much light gets through the windows so let's make the windows nice and small let's rip down the empire state building and replace, it with a. With no windows. I mean the whole thing is so preposterous. It's so crazy. And i guess you're talking about a hundred trillion dollars, right to do it assuming you did it you know which will never happen by the way. But but i will tell you. As well no airplanes. Let's not get more than one car i'm sure the car business would love that let everyone get a car and, live by it. The cows you know i don't know if they actually put the cows in you know they were getting.

Hit Very hard by the animal rights groups. But they don't want to have cows, they don't want to have any form of animals. These people, are crazy. Okay and this is uh, this is what we're getting. And it's amazing, the way uh. Sleepy, joe buys into it he buys into it like oh great you know he doesn't know what he's doing. And now you have a sort of a mad woman. I i call her because she was so, angry, and so such hatred. With justice, kavanaugh, i mean i've never seen anything like it she was the angriest, of the group and they were all angry. They're all radical left angry, people. And they're angry because, i beat them, they still haven't forgotten, you know these are seriously, ill people. But. If you look at if you look at you know her record is a terrible record. And i'll tell you a good poll because the real paul you know we're doing very well on the polls, and, and you know they, they love the suppression, polls this is almost like a replay. Of four years ago. And they said i was going to lose every swing state the day before, he will lose every swing state it will be a very short evening. Right, except i won every swing state every single one of them and, and most of them pretty easily. I mean you take a look at some of these swing states i want them easy. And i got 306, remember, they said the night before the election, there is no way he gets to 270.. Yeah i didn't i got to 306.. In the uh electoral, college, so you know. I mean it's crazy. These people. It's partly because you focused. You focused on jobs, and you made campaign, promises, to people, about bringing the economy, back which is exactly, what happened. After. The tax legislation. The deregulation. And your. Policies, around energy. But mr president, yesterday. Both biden, and harris took shots at you saying look 40 million people are out of work. He drove this economy, in the, into the ground. What do you want to say to them, knowing. That, before the coronavirus. We were talking about the best economy. Uh any of us, had seen or certainly in a generation. But today's, numbers do not reflect that and they've got that, to throw on you, which is well they really don't though because nobody's, buying it look, we got hit by the china plague. And we're not going to forget it, we got hit by the china plague, i built the greatest economy, in history. Greatest job numbers greatest stock market numbers, greatest economic, numbers nobody's, ever seen it i was i was cruising, to election. They weren't even going to be a factor. George washington, would have had a hard time winning you know that it was we were cruising, you had to see the numbers and. It wasn't even going to be, a, factor. And, the market was going to go through the roof because he is an overhang, you know having joe biden is a big overhang. Even on the numbers that you put up every day that are so good, there's an overhang, because if he got in the numbers would go down. Thousands, of points if he ever won the election, so it's an overhang, because, certainly there's a chance, that could happen. And that's holding, back that's a headwind, that's holding back the market, as, believe it or not as good as the market's, been it's up, 50. Since march. As i guess 9 000. I think it's yeah like 9 000 points. You never saw anything like it just i'm talking about the new ones going up faster. You're right. I'll be doing it marie i'll be doing it twice i will have rebuilt it twice. But nobody, blames me even, even the radical left, crazies, out there, this is the first time i've heard this attack. Nobody's, blaming me for the fact that the. The, you know the, the, uh, call it whatever you want the china. Virus. There's you know there's 20 names for it you have your pick of names right i call it generally, the china virus, came out of china. Should have never been allowed to happen. But the fact is this, plague, came in. And i closed it up saved, millions of lives now we're reopening, and i don't know if you saw yesterday but i put up charts that were incredible. The the you talk about a v that's like a super v. And we're coming back and coming back strong, and my biggest headwind, is biden, because. Everyone, knows that if biden, gets in this market's going to crash he's going to build, regulations. And his taxes. He's going to tax people. 4. Trillion. Dollars. 4 trillion, that will destroy. This economy. The likes of which nobody's, ever seen before four trillion dollars, in taxes. So, uh i don't think you know the old days. Go ahead. Yep. He is true. In the old days when you were going to build mr president when you were a politician. You talked about tax cuts. You didn't talk about tax increases, i've never heard of a politician, that got elected, we are going to increase your taxes.

This Guy's going around and i'm not saying you know. I'm not trying to i've, never seen it before, he got on television. Two days ago he says no we're going with tax on chris. And i'm looking around i'm going, maybe, we're from a different school. He is going to give not tax increases, massive, tax increases, to pay for. Uh, aoc's. Plan aoc, was a poor student. At, i mean, i won't say where she went to school it doesn't matter, this is not even a smart person, other than she's got a good line of stuff i mean she goes out and she, she, yaps. These guys, and they're all afraid of her. Because. If you notice, all of these progressives. Are beating the regular, democrats, you know you look at elliot, engel poor elliott engel he's still going what happened. What happened. Has anybody, seen what happened what are the results, he lost elliot. He got wiped out that's right. These people are scaring, and. Yeah and schumer's, gonna get beaten by her she's gonna run against schumer. And he knows that and he's gonna get beaten by her unless he can talk her out of doing it he has no chance. So you think he'll get beaten this november. Oh. Chuck schumer. Will be. In my opinion, aoc. Will run against, chuck schumer for the senate yeah, i mean i think and i think she'll win, yes. Okay. Tell me about that because that's another thing that they were complaining, about. You yesterday, saying well he's not there negotiating. We want to get something, done, done, the democrats, have put on the table this three trillion dollar plan. What specifically. Are they pushing for, that is causing this breakdown. In any deals, nancy pelosi said that the democrats. Uh, want to, and the white house are still miles, apart, on on stimulus. Well they're right, and it's their fault. They want three and a half. Billion, dollars. For. Something that'll turn out to be fraudulent. That's election, money basically. They want three and a half trillion. Billion dollars. For. The mail-in votes okay universal, mail and ballots. Three and a half trips, they want 25. Billion. Billion. For the post office now they need that money in order to have the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots. Now in the meantime. They. Aren't getting there. By the way those are just two items, but if they don't get those two items that means you can't have universal. Mail-in voting because they're not equipped to have it and you see how bad it's been with this carolyn. Maloney, scam, she scammed her way into an election, she probably, lost but they said, mail-in ballots it's all mixed up patterson, new jersey, same thing, yesterday, virginia. 500. 000, applications. For ballots. Got sent to everybody nobody even knows he got sent to dogs, got sent to dead people. Nobody has no idea what happened, they said oh we made a mistake, i'm sorry. 500. 000 ballots sent in virginia, how do you feel about virginia, going in there and you have, 500, 000 phony ballot applications.

And This is all over there. They want, no no no that's the only one. Holding, up money for the american, people. They want mail-in votings, and and they want money for the post office this is one of the sticking points that's holding, back, stimulus, for americans. During this coronavirus. Running, money for the post office for mail and voting that's one of them that's right, how would you like to have, maria how would you like to have, three and a half. Billion, dollars, billion. Per million voting billion. So if you didn't have it you wouldn't, you know how much money that is nobody has any idea you know people there are three and a half billion. They want 25. Billion dollars for the post office because the post office. Is going to have to, go to town to get these, great ridiculous. Ballots, in, you know, there's nothing, wrong, with getting out and voting, you get out and vote they voted during world war one and world war ii. And they should have voter id, because the democrats, scammed the system. But, two of the items, are the post office, and the three and a half. Billion, dollars. For mail-in voting now, if we don't make a deal that means they don't get the money that means they can't have. Universal. Mail in voting. They just can't have it, so you know sort of a crazy thing how many states will be doing those are two of the items but there are many more legislature. But how many states are going to be doing mail-in voting mr president, a.g, barr told me that this opens the floodgates, of fraud. How many states, are you expecting. Mail-in, voting to take place in. Well you have california, where they're sending out, tens of millions of ballots they have no idea where they're going, or maybe they do maybe they'll go to everybody but republicans. But they have california. They have many states where you're going to have now i will say it, we're challenging. In court. We're challenging. In court so it's being challenged, by, at many different levels we have many lawsuits, out there, this will be the greatest, fraud. In history. This will be the most fraudulent. This will be almost as fraudulent. As obama, spying on my campaign, but not quite. This would be the greatest fraud in history well i'm going to get to that. Uh and then there's the issue around federal ids, you don't even need an id, in some places, to actually, vote, you need an id for everything but they don't want people to have identification. To show that you are who you say you are when you go to vote. It's called voter id. It's the greatest thing there is, everybody, knows it, some states like indiana. Some very well-run, states have it, but many don't. And the democrats, are fighting it tooth and nail, because. They cheat, there's only one reason to fight it they cheat. If you don't cheat you want to have voter id. But many people vote if you look at california. We found over a million, votes. In los angeles, over a million judicial, watch did they were fantastic. Job they did tom fitton in that group. They did a fantastic. Job, that found over a million, votes where people were over a hundred years old and they were voting. They had people i think 124. Years old. That's ridiculous. It's a terrible, it's a terrible thing that's happened, and the democrats, don't want to fix it, miss. Mr president let me ask you about these tariffs, because you've said that tariffs, will remain, in place for european, union, products. Despite, efforts by airbus, to move into compliance, with the world trade organization. What is this about, the europeans. Are giving and subsidizing. Airbus. You are keeping the amount of products subjects, to counter measures. Unchanged. Seven and a half billion dollars of goods coming from europe. Well we won that in a lawsuit, because they cheated the european, union is almost as bad as china you know everybody, doesn't like it when i say that they say they're our allies, well. They take advantage, of us tremendously. On nato, you know they don't pay, their dues. Germany, is delinquent, for billions, and billions and billions, of dollars. And we're supposed, to protect them and, they. They pay a lot of money to russia.

For. Oil and gas, the pipeline. They pay money to russia. Billions, and billions of dollars and then we're supposed to protect them from russia. And on top of everything else they're very delinquent. They're paying. One percent they're supposed to pay two and the real number should be four or five. So uh we get it from every different corner now. You know. I caught it i'm wise to it and you have a lot of stupid people out there that say oh i'm not treating, germany, right, i'm not being nice to. France. And you know they take it and by the way i'm very friendly with all the people and they know they smile at me when i look at them they said nobody's, ever. Nobody's, ever talked to us like you do. You know i got nato to pay. 400. Billion, dollars. More. A year, my biggest fan in the world is, secretary. General stoltenberg. Of nato. He says i can't believe because we were going down, every year for 20 years. It was going down down down what they were paying, for protection. And i came in and it looks like a rocket, ship up but still, germany's, not paying. Anywhere, near what they're supposed to i use the word delinquent. They're delinquent. They don't pay, yeah you. You have also, you have also changed the conversation, on china sir i want to talk to you about that we've got trade talks slated to take place later this week, beijing, officials, are saying that they plan to bring up your ban on american, businesses. Conducting, transactions. With wechat, and tick tock, the journal is reporting this morning major corporations, like apple disney walmart. Expressing, concerns, over wechat, in particular. Mr president are you planning to narrow the ban, tell us the threat around wechat, and tick tock. Well we lose. For many years. 400. 500. 300. 200. Billion, dollars a year billion, with, china dealing with china first of all before we even get into security. It's been a rip-off, the likes of which the world has never seen. And i, charge, massive, terrorists, and they pay us hundreds, they paid us. You know just tens of billions of dollars in terrorists as you know they, targeted, our farmers, that i gave them, i gave our farmers, all of the money that they got targeted, for was, which was 28, billion dollars over a three-year period. So i gave the money to the farmers that's why the farmers, love trump you know because i took care of them as opposed to other administrations. That forget about the farmers. But i took good care of them but i took it out of china. Now, we're getting right now under the trade deal people don't know they said like schumer had no idea he was saying, we don't get tariffs, anymore, he he didn't like tariffs don't want to charge him all of a sudden he thought it was great, because so much money comes into us, but then he when i made the deal i left the tariffs on which nobody still understands, how did i make the deal and still leave the tariffs on and they're buying. A lot of corn, you know etc, etc. But with all of that my mindset, has changed, on china. Since they allowed the uh the plague, to come in and have such a devastating, effect on the world us, and the world which is terrible. But no, i view china differently, than i did. It's before plague and after plague. Uh, right now. I view china, differently, than i did before. Plague. So we just spoke with jimmy ly he's been on the front lines, of the hong kong protest, he spoke out, about what he wants the u.s, to to know. About the communist, party and he, also took real issue, with xi jinping, being dictator, for life here's jimmy ly with me just 20 minutes ago sir listen to this. It's difficult, for them to change. You know. Especially, when cjp. Is the. Is the president. You know xi jinping. Is. Totally. The motek, term kind of hardcore. Communist. He wants to bring. China, back to the mall, time. You know, all the control. Right that he's, he's. Is increasing. Is exactly. The way that mao was controlling, the country. So mr president, he's talking about xi jinping, as being the problem, because he's dictator, for life wanting to take china back to the mao dynasty. Would you like to see xi jinping, step down mr president. Look, they're running their country. And we're running our country. And we have other countries, that treat us very badly. They treat us like children, because we had, uh foolish, leadership, i'm being nice when i use the word foolish, but we've had very foolish, leadership, at, the top at the presidential, level. And all of these countries, from. China, to vietnam. To all the asian countries, and others, many others. Have taken advantage, of us we straightened it out with mexico, and with canada, we have the new usmca. We were in the process, of straightening, it out with china and then the play came but even before that i had a complete deal with china. And four days before it was going to be signed they broke it you know they broke the deal i had so i had to deal with them, hong kong is a very complex, problem because we've given tremendous, amounts of money.

In The form of incentives. To make hong kong. Free, to make hong kong work. And. To our detriment. So, i have, taken all that back all of those incentives, that they had for the hong kong market, in order to keep a certain amount of freedom over there, knowing they have china looming over the top of them. But all of those incentives. Billions, and billions, and billions of dollars i gave, that we gave, to hong kong. I've taken back now because, it's, hong kong is if you use a business term it's owned. By china. So why should i give this to china. Hong kong can never succeed, without those incentives, and hong kong, can never succeed, having, china. As opposed to the thousands, of geniuses, that ran it having china, run it. So what does it mean for the united, states in a very practical, sense it means that our markets are going to make a lot more money they're going to use the new york stock exchange. They're going to use. Nasdaq. They're going to use our markets. Uh and, the, the hong kong markets. Will go to hell nobody's going to do business very few people are going to do business in hong kong anymore. So we've taken it back and we are going to make billions, and billions, of dollars more because we've taken away all of these. Very expensive. Incentives. We gave that to them. And i. Fully understood, it and i i still understand i was okay with it but once china, got aggressive, and took it over, i took everything, back everything's, back now. And it will fail. But look how aggressive, they are in america, look at how aggressive they are in america. Able to get insiders. At corporations. Whether it's harvard, and the head of the chemistry, department. Cleveland, clinic. Houston, consulate. Getting insiders. In corporations. To steal intellectual, property and send it back to the ccp. What happens, if microsoft. Acquires, tick tock, how many tick tock employees, will be working for microsoft, and able to send data back to the ccp. Will you allow microsoft, to acquire tick tock. So first of all the first thing you know we have. Got those people, and they're, being prosecuted. Under this administration. They're being prosecuted. Number one, number two tick tock i broke the deal i said you can't do business in the united, states, i also said to huawei you can't do business in the united, states. And i told our. So-called, allies. That are all over the world all of which you know for the most part take advantage, of us we have good allies we have some very good allies but some are you know they take advantage, of us because for so many years they were allowed to just absolutely. Rip us off, but i've told them i said if you go with huawei that's okay but we're not going to be communicating. Having to do with intelligence. Because the intelligence. Goes. Right into, beijing. Okay and we don't want that and you know we know that and we have better scientists, than they do we have better engineers, than they do we know exactly what happened so. We explained that to europe and others and, for the most part they're not buying huawei, and if they do we'll have to cut off intelligence. Because the intelligence, we can't have that go into beijing so we have there's been nobody tougher to china or to russia. Or to anybody, else than i have. Despite, a media, that's. Bought out by china. Uh much more so than russia, do you ever notice they always say russia russia russia they don't mention china, china china. Because most of these people like you look at the nba, they're bought off by china. And china has you know the big pot of gold so they, they say oh let's go let's use russia instead of china. But china is a big problem. And i've made it a much smaller, problem. The fact is that with hong kong. We're saving, a. Massive, amounts of billions of dollars. And, it's not going to work it can't work.

It's All based on the dollar i've made the dollar, stronger. I made the dollar stronger to a point that, there is almost no secondary. Currency, the dollar is, stronger, now than it's ever been and it will be even stronger. In my second term, and i don't mean just from a price standpoint, i'm talking about the pedigree, of the dollar. Unless, a biden gets in with his stupid, taxes. He wants to tax he'll, tax his country. Into a depression, like in 1929. If you do what he wants to do his plan, and i've been pretty good you have to say maria. At predicting, things i've been pretty good including, saying i was going to win the election. And i'm going to win it a second time by the way, because you know one of the reasons i'm going to win a second time is, people have made a fortune, with me and they don't want their 401ks. Going down by 75, 80. Or more. And that's what's going to happen. Regulations. And taxes, he's going to regulate, everything put everything back times too. I cut more regulations. Than any president. We're going to continue, cutting, back. You talked about capital gains tax cuts you've talked about, payroll, tax cut you've talked about more deregulation. What are the plans for the second term agenda mr president. Well i've done the payroll, tax. Cut temper you know this is a temporary. Payroll, tax cut but this is a very substantial. Positive, jolt to the economy. I'm going to do a capital, gains tax, cut, to 15. In second term we're going to get it down to 15. Set 21.. We get that down to 15, percent. And i'll get that done easily we're going to take the house i believe we're going to take back the house because nancy pelosi, is, stone cold crazy. And i think we're going to take the house and that's upon. Uh you know i don't make a statement like that, uh very easily. Uh but we're gonna take otherwise i'll look very bad but we're gonna take back the house we're gonna hold the presidency. And we're fighting very hard in the senate i'll be honest as the senate is uh. Uh, is uh. Tough, we have a couple of people that aren't as supportive, of trump, as they should be and those people are going to lose their elections. If they don't support, trump they lose their elections, it's a very simple. Element look at hagerty, in tennessee, he was a trump guy and he he just became, or he will become very shortly the senator he won the primaries. The other day, you look at. All of the things that have happened. But the ones that don't support, and i'm just talking take a look. The ones that don't support and you have a few people that want to be cute. And i think they're going to lose their elections, and that's a problem for the senate. Do you believe school choice will be an issue this upcoming, election. Given, the fact, that we are in this shutdown, and this yeah this is a big issue for minorities, in particular.

Well The uh, the unions, own. Biden. He doesn't even know it joe doesn't even know he's alive. But the unions, own biden. They own the radical, left, they own pelosi, and schumer. And, they, they will do anything, for the unions, including, destroy, the future of our children. And by the way the union workers, i love them they're going to have to work in schools there's nothing more valuable, than good teachers, teachers, are, the whole. The whole basis, for everything, i mean we, need those teachers that's a very, important, thing. Richard trumka, was on the show last week mr president, and i told him that the income. Uh, the income gap was narrowing. Before the coronavirus. I remember, reporting, on this because, wages, were going up so much, and he said absolutely, not it's not true. Can you talk to us about what was taking place in terms of the income, gap, and wages. Before this coronavirus. Because i was communicating, this just the other day to richard trumka, and he said it's not true. Look uh. He totally, controls, nancy pelosi. In fact what we did the usmca. He had to sign off on it for her. She wouldn't do it unless he signed off and he's a good guy but he's a union guy you know he's good but he's a union, guy he does, what he can do. But, if you look at, really what was happening, before we were actually coming this country was coming together before china sent over the plague. This country was coming together because of success somebody said what's going to bring. How can the country heal i said one word success. And it was happening you know that, it was happening. We were getting closer. People were calling, me that. I'm talking about democrats. That. Were calling me and talking, in a way that was very different, from what it had been, because, we had the best, employment, numbers. We had the best employment, numbers we've ever had, we had the best numbers we've ever had, we had the best stock market numbers we've ever had which now looks like they're going to be supplanted. By what we have now if you can even believe that, but we had the best success, we've ever had, and this country was coming together, and then the plague hit us from china a gift from china. And. Now. We're rebuilding, it and it's going up like a v like a rocket. And you look at those numbers on automobiles. All of this. You've gotten, so much done, economic, policy, foreign policy, naming, judges, and in the face of all of this resistance. First you had the resistance, from inside your own government, you had the fbi. Working with the hillary, clinton, campaign. She paid for the dossier, they used it to help entrap. Your campaign. Then you had the media, piling, on, then you had an impeachment. Trial, with no crimes, the uh articles of impeachment were abusive, power and obstruction, of congress. Then you had china throw the curve ball at you with the virus. Democrat, mayors and governors, refusing, to stop crime, and vandalism. This is all your first, term. What was most surprising. To you as you, look toward. This new election, what was most difficult, and most surprising, for you in this last three and a half years mr president. And by the way when they say abuse of power. On impeachment, there was a pho it was a phony, fake impeachment, it was a disgrace, on a phone call there was an absolutely, perfect, phone call right i'm the only one to get impeached on a perfect phone call i like a perfect, phone call.

And I get impeached, because of the level of hatred, but when they say abusive, power the abuse of power is that i get everything done, i'm going to have over 300, judges, by the end of the first term nobody's, ever seen that before, i'm going to have two supreme court judges. Justices. And. We'll have literally, over 300. Judges including, court of appeals. We've done things that nobody's, ever done the tax cuts the regulation. Cuts, uh anwar. Look at. Anwar, they couldn't get anwar, done, ronald reagan couldn't get it done. Bush's, nobody, could get it done and. And i hope they're not going to be politically, correct. And i hope they do what because the fact is this was president, obama, knew everything. Uh vice president, biden, as dumb as he may be he knew everything. And everybody, else knew everything maria, and you know it and comey, and brennan, and clapper. They all, were, terrible. And they lied, to congress. And they put flynn, they want to put flynn in jail and he didn't lie. Because the fbi, said he didn't lie and we just found that out you know it was only muller. That said he lied. And they said he didn't lie and they're putting they're trying to destroy that man's life, and other people that got in trouble that did nothing by comparison. And not in many cases nothing or. Nothing in comparison. They spied. On my campaign. Which is treason. They spied, both before. And after, i won. Think of that, using, the intelligence. Apparatus. Of the united, states. To take down. A president. A legally, elected. President, a duly, elected, president, of the united, states. It's the single biggest, political, crime in the history of our country. And i hope they're doing a job, i hope they're not going to be politically, correct and say well you know we want to go, just get let's get the, lower guys that, forged. The documents. Going into fisa. Let's just get a couple of the lower guys, i hope they're not going to be, bill barr can go down as the greatest, attorney, general in the history of our country, or he can go down as just an average guy, it depends, on what's going to happen. Do you want to see a special, counsel, put in place, to ensure, that the american, people, find out what took place here, we know that there was an fbi, agent who actually, changed, documents. Changed evidence, we know that there was lying to the court, lying to the congress, leaking to the media. What if if you, do not win in november, we're not going to hear another word about this so should aj, barr probably, spend they'll probably, cancel it. Definitely. They'll probably, cancel, it out, almost, definitely. And, it's a shame, it's a shame but we caught him look we caught him carter page they just used him to spy on the campaign. Others they used to spy in the campaign. It's a disgrace. And, it could either be. Unbelievable. They don't need a special counsel first of all they have a special counsel, working. And they have durham working, so they don't need another special counsel we've had enough special, counsels. And frankly. Everybody, knows if you didn't have one bit of evidence. From what you already know from reading the newspapers. They're all guilty as hell, the insurance, policy. Where. In case she loses, we've got an insurance, policy we're going to go and take them out you know that that's what that meant. Uh, with that was with strzok, and paige the two lovers the two great lovers that got caught. I hope everybody. Do you think the mueller report. Was the mueller investigation. Just a cover-up, for what they had done. Because the mueller investigation. We're getting all of the documents. Now, where we're getting this declassification. Of documents, and so we know, oh yes they lied to the senate oh yes they lied to the fisa court, all of this stuff was available, when mueller was doing the investigation. So how come he didn't unearth any of this, was that just an opportunity. To just have all of the documents, frozen. As a cover-up for what they did to you. Because they were only, interested. Anything, having to do with trump, even though they knew all of this stuff. Strzok, and page, their text message were all deleted, by mueller. Mueller went in himself, and he lied to congress, because he said he didn't apply for a job to head the fbi. And he did, and we have absolute, proof of that he came in, looking. To run, the fbi, early on, the following, day he was given the job as the special prosecutor, i call it prosecutor.

Because It's not a council, they say special counsel it's really a prosecutor. So he was given the justice i want to be more accurate. And, with all of that, that they did think of it they spent 48, million, dollars. Plus. You don't even know what they spent. Looked at everything, they looked at my taxes, i'm sure they looked at everything. With all of that. No collusion, i have a friend who's a very sophisticated. Man one of the most successful, people you know very well. He said you have to be the most honest person, in the world. To escape. The greatest, witch hunt ever. Perpetrated. In the history of our country. To go, over every document, every phone call everything you've ever done. And they say no collusion. I did nothing wrong. They said, i never knew you were that honest, he said you must be the most honest man in the world. And so then they take it down and they send it to new york well listen we couldn't find anything. Let's send it into new york into the democrat. Lions, den. So they, play games there for years, it's a disgrace. What's going on in this country we've got to stop it we've got to stop it and we're getting close. But mr president, we know that the f the fbi, lied to the senate. In february, of 2008. Christopher. Wray was running the fbi, mr president. Is christopher, wray. Hiding, all of this stuff and protecting, the fbi. Should he step down. So christopher, ray was put there we have an election, coming, up. I wish he was more forthcoming. He certainly, hasn't, been, there are documents, that they want to get, and that, we have. Said, we want to get. We're going to find out if he's going to give those documents, but certainly he's been very very protective, he was put there. For good reason. He was chosen, by. A certain person. And, i said go ahead put whoever you want, i'm so honest. That i said you could put anybody, you want let's see how ray turns out he's going to either turn out one way or the other. But i'll tell you bill barr, all right, and durham. Have a chance. To be. Bill barr is a chance to be the greatest of all time. But if he wants to be politically, correct, he'll be just another guy. Because he knows all the answers, he knows what they have, and it goes right to obama. And it goes right to biden. They had the meetings, that was one meeting. They had many meetings. That's right we have it all on a timeline, right here and mr president i know that we're going to be wrapping up soon but i just want to get your take on these debates. There's this movement, now in the media, trying to get joe biden, to, not debate, you, and then you announced, yesterday, initiatives. To help get kids back to school, if you could just touch on these two topics, before we wrap up here sir, first off are you planning, these, are are we going to have a debate, you invited well i want a debate. I would say the only problem with the debates, is we should have one debate move it forward to have an extra one i don't care three debates is fine or make it four, but we should have one before the ballots start going out these phony ballots, you know. They go out and we should have a debate. Before the ballots, we have a debate a month after the ballots start going out so people are voting without seeing the debate, so i think they should move one debate forward or have an extra one put it, but i want to do the debates. And they are trying to get out of the debates, there's no question about that united people that are very good at this stuff so am i i will and i will tell you they wanna they would love to get out of the debates, unfortunately. Yes, yeah well i mean look you've you, have debated. Uh pretty aggressively, in the past, you've also announced yesterday, initiatives. To help get kids back in the classroom. Tell me about that, this includes, 125. Million, reusable, masks, go ahead. I want to get the schools, open they should be open the children if you look, statistically. It's incredible, how strong they are their immune, systems, they're incredible. We have to get our schools open we have to get our country open and a lot of the reason it's not happening. Is because, blue state governors, if you take a look at some of the democrat, governors. They don't want their state open because they think that hurts me on november, 3rd. And i think people are wise to it our country is going to be stronger, than it's ever been next year we're gonna have one of the best years maybe as good as last year. It's incredible, what's happening when you look at the numbers on cars. On, on everything, retail, sales, you look at the employment, numbers we set a record. We're going up despite, the democrats, this is like, i built the wall despite, the democrats, now nobody wants to talk about it anymore. But, despite, the democrats, they don't talk about the wall anymore do you notice they used to talk about it now they don't because.

It's Going to be completed, very soon, but, despite. The democrats. We have a v going like nobody thought even possible. They're impossible, they're very difficult, people. I sometimes, think they don't love the country. But they're doing the wrong thing, but in the meantime, i do love your show and i think you're fantastic. Mr president thank you so much for the time this morning thanks for your leadership, sir, we'll be watching, thank you sir thanks maria.

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