Trump slams Democrats ahead of DNC while talking to voters in Minnesota

Trump slams Democrats ahead of DNC while talking to voters in Minnesota

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Well thank you very much minnesota, they were supposed to only have like a hundred, people you know we're supposed to have these tiny little crowds. You can't have any more than that. It's very heavily restricted. That's a lot of people, showed up. I want to thank you. We'd love to have those rallies, but i guess you just can't do that and you're not allowed to do that now so we don't do that but we do the little airport, hops. And people like them and a lot of people come back but, unfortunately. We had to held off a lot of people in the back which i feel badly about. In 78, days, we're going to be. 78, days we're going to win this state we're going to. Take back. The white house. And we're going to have an election, that's all about the survival, our, nation, this is a. Very important, in my opinion i used to say 2016. And i, must tell you i think this is going to be the most important, election, in the history of our country. This is a very very big deal going on. Joe biden, is the puppet, of left-wing, extremists. Trying to. Erase, our borders, eliminate, our police. Indoctrinate. Our children, vilify, our heroes, take away our energy. You know all about that take away our energy if you can believe it no fossil, fuel. Destroy, our second amendment, attack. The right to life, and replace, american. Freedom with left wing, fascism. Left wing we're going left wing all the way. Fascists. They are fascists. Some of them, not all of them but some of them but they're getting closer, and closer we have to win this election. But the proud people of minnesota, will not let this happen. You will deliver a historic, victory. For our values. Our citizens. And our, treasured, way of life. We'll save our cities and our suburbs, from the future, of crime, and chaos, corruption. And economic, collapse. That puppet, joe biden. Would unleash, on america. This is a puppet he won't do it intentionally, he just says well whatever they want because he has no clue. He has no clue i ended. Low-income, housing, being built in the suburbs. And destroying. People's, american, dream you know that. If biden and harris. Get into power. They've pledged, to raise your taxes, by four trillion, dollars, which. Put in very simple, terms, mean. Many of you will have to pay. Double, and triple the taxes, that you're paying right now. This includes, a tax. Of over three thousand, dollars, on a typical. Family, of four. Biden, harris, also, pledged, to eliminate, fracking. Natural, gas. Oil, and coal production. Forcing, us to beg for energy, from foreign, suppliers. On my watch america, will proudly. Remain. Energy. Independent. First-time. Energy independent. We've made a lot of progress, on energy. I want to thank your terrific, representatives. In congress. Tom, emmer. Where's tom, tom tom. There he is what a man these are warriors. Jim hagedorn. Pete stauber. And this is a very important, one fellas this is very important. Your next senator, from minnesota, a fantastic. Man i just see that he's even in the poll. Normally that doesn't mean much but that's a big step. And he's fantastic. Jason, lewis he's going to be a fantastic. Senator, that's big jason. That's ahead of schedule.

And I hear we're doing very well in the poll, we win minnesota. It is over. It is over right. We win minnesota. But our great republican. Candidates. For congress. Michelle. Fishbach, where's michelle. Michelle. I hear so many great things about you. I have heard so many great things go out and do it you're going to do it we're going to be out there, working, with you. Tyler, kistner. Tyler. Tyler. Good luck tyler. This is a great group. And a man whose name i love lacy, johnson. Great, job. I've been following, you lacie, you're doing good. You're doing good thank you lacey, very much. We really have to get them the warriors, all of them. All of them we have to get them in, because we have to stop this. Craziness, that's going on no law enforcement, know anything they don't know what they're doing. They'll lose the country. You know there's somebody said the other day and i say it very strongly. Sir you're the only one. Between, that, and the greatness, of the american dream and this truth to it, we don't stop, we don't keep this position. We're going to win the house i feel confident, we're going to win the house. We're going to win the house i'm very much involved, in every single, race. And with the senate we're working very hard i think we're going to be in great shape in the senate. And i think we're great did you see that cnn. They raised us 10 points in one poll that took place over a short period of time. And it's still not good enough. Still not good enough you mean they're getting more honest because i'll tell you what there's never been, enthusiasm. Like we have there's never been, including. Right tom. Including, in 2016. We've never had. We had more enthusiasm. Than anyone, seen. Maybe, ever, in a presidential. Campaign. And it pales, in comparison. To what's going on right now. It does. Even this we wanted to restrict, the crowd we didn't tell anybody, and look at what happens but, look at voters, for trump. Look at bikers, for trump, they have highways, with thousands, of people. Thousands, of people, right you know bikers, going i don't know if i'm driving along and i get passed by 2 000 bikers. I don't know what i'm going to do. And then they have they set the guinness book i hear the world record yesterday, for boats. But no matter where you. In florida, no matter where you go a river. A lake an ocean that boats up there by the thousands, on the weaker. The weekend, is unbelievable. Minnesota. Senate majority, leader. Paul gazelka. Paul. Thank you paul. Good job paul are we doing good. We're doing good right i think we are too. And. Minnesota. House, republican, leader another great one kurt, doud, okay. Thank you very much, thank you kurt very much. I'm having a lot of fun today because it's so windy you can't see these teleprompters. At all. So i'm sort of making it up as i go along and that's okay i've had to do that. You know these suckers, are blowing, like i'm saying what the hell. Fortunately, i know these people. If i didn't know these people you would have been in big trouble i will tell you that. Another one i know very well he's the single, greatest, ad buyer in the history of the world.

And He also happens, to make a very good product his pillow i use it. When i sleep well i'm using his pillow. And these suckers are about to fall down but that's okay because i know him very well mike, mike lindell. Mike thank you. And he's the chairman of our campaign. If i don't win minnesota. With you as the chairman of our campaign. I would say that would be uh. Very bad for me because if this guy can do anything. Thank you mike it's an honor. And we appreciate, it very much thank you you do a great job thank you, and it's all made in minnesota. Right all made in minnesota. Thank you very much. Before the china virus, invaded, our shores, we built the greatest, economy, in history, there was nothing like it we were beating, everybody, including, china. They had the worst year, in 67. Years, we were taking in billions, and billions, and billions of dollars, in. Tariffs. Beautiful, thing tariffs when used properly, especially, when you're being taken advantage, of by every nation, in the world. We achieved. Record low unemployment. For african-american. Hispanic. American. Asian-american. Young people. People with diplomas. People without diplomas. College, students. Crummy, students, great students. Horrible, students. Dumb people, liberal, people conservative. People. Everybody, was doing the best they've ever done. Phds. From mit. Phds. From crummy, colleges. Everybody, was doing the greatest. The best they've ever done. Median. Household, income, soared, to the highest. Level, ever recorded. Numbers, were unbelievable. To open. New opportunities. For minnesota, farmers, and factory, workers. We replaced. The disaster. Known as nafta. With the brand new, usmca. Which has been a. Big. Dairy, exports. To canada. Are now expected, to surge, by at least 50 percent, i know how good the deal is don't tell canada, i said this, because they were not happy about it they had. They had pickets, when they have pickets about a deal that makes you feel good. But they've been taking advantage, you know canada, oh canada a wonderful, song right oh canada, nice, nice song, only one problem. They took advantage, of us like crazy, with your, dairy, tariffs. 297. Tariff on your dairy products right. I learned that when i came up here. They had specialty, milk a little thing specialty, milk and i met a farmer. And he said, what had happened. With specialty, milk and that got me over the edge and i said we got to change this, because you were taking time you were taken advantage, of by. Canada very badly and by mexico, and by china and by japan, and by. Friends. And foe. And in many cases, friends were worse than the foe. For years you watched as politicians.

Like Sleepy, joe biden, who's. Been in office for 47. Years allowed foreign nations. To crush minnesota's. Mining. Look at your mining industry, was crushed, by dumping, tons and tons of cheap. Iron, and steel into our country. I saw what was happening i did something about it. I did something about it. I will tell you china wants me to lose so badly, they all do. They all do and yet i get along with all of them although china don't speak to them after the. After the plague, came in you know we made a great deal with china. They announced, last week. That china ordered the largest, amount of corn. In history. And the largest, amount of soybeans. In history. And big cattle, purchases. One of the biggest that anybody, has seen. And i said see how smart they are. If they weren't smart they would have stopped and we would have said let's decouple. But by ordering, so much the farmers, come to me sir we like this deal a lot please don't do anything. Irrational. How smart is china right. The biggest corn order i think they said the biggest corn order in history. So i have to say. But i tell you, my view has changed, a lot. We made a great deal with china but my view has changed a lot, usmca. Is, the biggest deal ever made and that one is working out great between canada and. Mexico. And remember, this, minnesota. Under the last, administration. The last, administration. Minnesota. Iron range. Was wiped out. Seven, plants. Were idled in more than 2 000 workers, were laid off. Obama. And biden. Closed, it down do you remember that. The finest. Iron ore in the world they say i don't know. What do i know to me it all looks the same. But they say it's the finest, iron ore in the world that's good enough for me. And what did i do. Almost. Immediately. After. Getting into office. I heard about, this disaster, just like keystone. Pipeline. Just like so much else jason. And you'll be working on that with me in. In the halls of the beautiful halls of the senate and he's going to stay with us he's not going to be one of those that gets. Elected. He's not going to be one of them they get elected, and then he walks into those gorgeous, buildings when they had those big beautiful, dollar bills. And they built, marble, columns, and it's so beautiful, and so rich he's not going to say darling. We finally arrived. Now we can go with the majority. He's going to do what's right, he's going to do what's right. I know jason. You need jason, get jason, elected, please. But. They closed, it up, and i was here. And, a worker, i was making, speeches, before you had to stand, 200, feet away from everybody. Before you had to stand like two football, fields away. And a worker came up to me with a group of his friends and they were all crying and they were tough they never cried before in their life maybe when they were babies but i doubt it. They were all crying. He said sir you gave us back our life he said that. I had that just recently, in maine. They took away, 5. 000, square, miles think of a square mile. And then multiplied. Times 5 000 took away 5, 000. Square miles that was. Oh bite, that was o biden, as i call them oh biden. That was obama. And biden. Short, i like that term oh biden. Because you save a lot of, time. But that was. That was obama. And biden. In maine, took away 5. 000, mike square miles you know what that is that's like. I said let me see what it looks like on a map. They basically, took away the atlantic, ocean, from maine.

And Maine is the greatest, in the world for lobster. And the greatest, in the world just about for fishing. I said why did he take this area they didn't know except that was the great fishing, area. And i gave it back to them i redid, it i took it off i wiped it out. I gave an executive, order that wiped it out, immediately. And then we wiped out the tariffs, that they were being charged by china. And by. As you know. The. United, kingdom was charging. Tariffs they were all charging, tariffs to our fishermen. But we don't charge tariffs, to them. So i made it. I made it fair. European, union was a disaster. Charging, tariffs, they were charging, big tariffs, we wouldn't. So here's what was happening. So canada, they would sell the fish and lobster, to canada. For nothing, for peanuts. And canada, would then sell it to china. And also to the european, union. Because canada had a deal where they didn't have to pay the tariffs this was before my time how this could have happened is incredible. So i said listen if you don't change your tariffs i'm going to put tariffs in your car, it was amazing, they said we'll change them immediately. Thank you very much. That took about two, minutes. So i did a lot for maine we're gonna see whether or not they remember, but i think maine's gonna remember but i did similarly for you when i opened up your great. Iron ore. And i put tariffs. I put tariffs, on foreign. Steel. And the iron, range. Came roaring, back to life you know that right, right. But these guys came up to me uh, you've given us back our life i've never forgotten, that you've given us back, our life they didn't say thanks. They didn't say thanks for the job. They said that's what they've done all their life and obama just came in and closed it up, i don't say biden because i don't think he knows, what the hell is happening i think if you mentioned. If you mentioned you know you shouldn't have done that to minnesota, he'll say where's minnesota, i don't know anything else. I don't know what minnesota. Is where is that please. How many times by the way has he been up at a speech. Where he'll say the wrong. Wrong, state right he'll get up. It's great to be. In the wonderful, state, of ohio, sir sir you're in florida that's the bad one you know. When you see palm trees. It's wonderful to be in ohio. Or. I love. Being with the people, from, iowa, sir, you're in idaho. And he always gets. New hampshire. Mixed up with vermont. But all the time he does that. I haven't done it yet if i do i'm just leaving because there's no way you can save it you know. There's no way you can save it. We recently, issued, a directive, protecting. Workers, on the iron range. From unfair, job-killing. Regulation. And frivolous, litigation, in addition to everything else. We started, construction. On the new sula. Right, sula, big deal, that's been. Deteriorating. For. Many years. Just about gone and we're redoing, it now rebuilding, it that's a big deal for your state, and for others. So that the iron, ore can quickly. Get to market. Zoolocks. Our miners, are back on the job and wages, have increased, by as much as 50 percent.

And They're doing great even during the china plague, they're doing great. And the china plague will fade. But we will not forget. But if biden wins the iron range, we'll be shut down forever you know that. He'll shut it down. Very early on forever i took a lot of heat by doing that i took a lot of heat, from the so-called, environmentalists. I'm an environmentalist, too in a big sense. We just signed something the other day. Corey gardner. Steve dayne senators, great senators. And. We signed a bill that's going to. Really be something, incredible, from an environmental, standpoint, the biggest we've ever signed they say. Other than, teddy roosevelt, who goes back to teddy roosevelt. I said. Why isn't it bigger because we also did something tremendous, for utah, you know that. Thousands, and thousands, of acres. We opened it up. I said why isn't it bigger than teddy roosevelt. I want bigger. Otherwise, i'm not signing it they said sir he did the grand canyon, and a few other things i said all right, that's pretty big grand canyon, is big do we agree. Even for mike lindell, the grand canyon. Even mike would admit the grand canyon's, tough to beat right. So anyway, but, we did we signed it and it's one of the biggest acts they say the biggest thing, environmentally. Done. Since teddy roosevelt, that's a long time ago, we achieved, together. And what we're doing together. Is nothing, short of an economic. Miracle, and now we're doing it again. We did it we built the greatest, economy, in the history of the world and now i have to do it again. You know what that is. That's right, that's god testing, me said you know you did it once. And i said did i do a great job god i'm the only one that could do it he said that you shouldn't say now we're gonna have you do it again. I said okay i agree. You got me. But i did it once. And now i'm doing it again and you see the kind of numbers that we're putting up they're unbelievable. Best, job numbers, ever three months more jobs. In the last three months than ever before. Best retail, sales in history. Best, car sales did you see where the car sales, are actually, above, what they were, did you see, the. Manufacturer. You remember you're not going to have manufacturing. Back. You needed a magic, wand for manufacturing. Well we got the magic wand because the manufacturing. Numbers are through the roof, and your state. Last year had the best year. It ever had right best year it ever had, and now you're going to have something that's. Even better so i just want to tell you, we're going to do it again by the way third quarter numbers come out. And interestingly. They will come out just before, november, 1st. And we're going to see how i did, but i think you're going to have a great, third quarter people are now starting to predict it much to their chagrin. Right, much to their chagrin. They saw just like cnn, said he's up 10 points, they all said 10 points.

10 Points first of all the first poll was. Rigged, and, wrong, it was a rigged poll, just like they want to try and rig the election with all these mail-in, ballots. Let's send out 62, million, ballots. Let's send well, you know and some people say gee you shouldn't talk i got to talk about it. Because, absentee, ballots, are good you send for the ballot you're not going to be in your state, and you get it back and you do something, and, you send it back in and it's a process, you have to work for it a little bit. But these ballots they want to send them out in some states they want to send them out. And they want to just have millions, of ballots they said oh we drop them in a lock box, i just saw the great thing about air force one, there's no lack of television. You have televisions. On the ceilings, in the closets, on the floors. No matter where you go there's a television, you open the closet, there's a television, i say no too much trump i can't watch anymore. I try and get away you put yourself in a closet. But they have, a lot of stuff. And they showed. This person getting on fox you know fox now puts on more democrats. Just about, than they do republicans, they have certainly changed, a lot. Fox has changed a lot. They're probably turning off right now as i speak but i don't i see i don't care i tell the truth it's ridiculous, one of the biggest differences, between. This year. And, four years ago is fox. Fox is like from a different planet. And too bad. And you know what's gonna happen if we don't win they're gonna go down the tubes along with every other media, outlet they'll all be bust they'll all be gone i can tell you. Nobody's that, to want to cover sleepy, joe. We'll end up with one very boring, socialist. Country that'll go to hell. But, when you look at it and when you look at what's happening. That's why we have to win this election. And if we don't win this election. Every one of you, me all of us. It'll never be the country, i don't think the country can ever come back to it i used to use venezuela. A lot you know, i don't know if i even really fully believed it but i'd say venezuela. We would indeed become when i look at these maniacs. In portland. These anarchists. In portland. When i look at these people that's what they want. For the rest of the country. They wanted to fund their police, they want to terminate, their police. You know something about that you've had your little. You've had your little stance, where they want to. Did they actually do that they actually are terminating, the police department, right they are actually doing it they're not even talking about it they're terminating.

The Police department these people are crazy. And by the way. When i sent in the national, guard that's when it all stopped, and i kept calling. I kept calling. And saying send, in the national. Guard. Send in the national. Guard, they should have done it a lot sooner. Right. And that was a beautiful i just said i just stopped someplace, else and i said, to me it was a beautiful, sight, they were riding all over they felt, full of vim and vigor, they thought nobody was going to stop him. The police department, is very good but they were told you can't do anything. They have to be able to, do what they do very well. So they were told they couldn't do anything and and the city was ablaze. It was a blaze i'll never forget the cnn, reporter, he's standing there. With this very nice shaved head right now i wish i had a shaved head it would be a good, instead of the wind. But you know what he's standing there. Vulture, right helivelcher. And he's standing there. Things seem quite calm, right now. And behind, him. They have the entire, city looks like it's burning down for blocks. He's standing there talking, because the fake news doesn't report the truth. And they don't talk about how serious it is and how bad it is, but remember, this it's only a small part of our country it's not a big part, very small. But they don't report the facts, because they don't want to report those facts, because those facts are very bad for joe biden. And for the radical, left. And they want them to win for whatever, reason i don't know. Because they'll all lose their networks, they'll all lose their wealth everything will be gone. But they'll figure it out someday, but we're not going to let them have that chance, as much as in many ways they should not be rewarded. They're going to be rewarded, if i win because our country is only going up in one direction, so that's the way it is. To fight the china virus, we've enacted, the largest. Financial, relief, package, in american, history. Through the paycheck, protection, program, we saved, one million, minnesota. Jobs. We've also delivered, nearly, five billion dollars. In economic. Relief. Straight, to minnesota. Families, you know that it kept it all going. And would like to do it again. Except, the, democrats. All they want is one trillion dollars, one trillion. That they're not interested, in the people, they're not interested, in the post office. It's all a ruse it's all a con. They're only interested, in getting a trillion dollars, you guys know that, getting a trillion, dollars. For states that are badly run blue states. Very badly run by governors, and mayors. Like, new york. Illinois. California. I won't name any more because to be honest. He's going to minnesota, i don't know, i don't like to be so personal, but you do have some issues i will say that. Of all places, i would be very surprised, i was very surprised, unlike. Sleepy, joe biden our approach, to the pandemic, is based on science. Not left-wing, ideology. Slojo. Opposed. The travel ban on china. That i instituted. He remember he came out oh it's xenophobic. I said what does that mean joe tell me joe can you describe. Remember he came out he called me all sorts of things a racist, and, everything, and then he said i was right. I was early, way way early we would have lost hundreds of thousands, of additional, lives. And that's pretty much agreed by everybody, then i put the ban on europe coming in, because they were ahead of us that when i looked at italy and i looked at france, and, spain i said we got to put it on, and a lot of people didn't want that they said we were right about that.

And Then we started getting into the manufacturing. Business with the ventilators. And all of the equipment, and what we did is. Incredible. The governors were not prepared. We made a lot of governors, look good by supplying. Massive, amounts of equipment. Massive, not one person, in this country we didn't have very many, ventilators. At all. Way under supplied. Not one person in this country. That needed, a ventilator. Didn't get the ventilator. So every single. Person that needed one got one, which is pretty amazing, we have a big country with a lot of. Diversity. A lot of different states. And now we're supplying, we're making thousands, of ventilators. A month that we're supplying, them to the rest of the world because they're not equipped to make a ventilator, it's very. Complex. Very expensive, we're making thousands, a month we have all we can use. Now biden, wants to. Lock all americans. In their basements, for months on end. Which would inflict, permanent. Irreversible. Harm on our nation's, children, families, health and economy. By contrast, my administration. Is following, data-driven. And science-based. Approaches, that apply. To common sense, mitigation. Aggressively. Sheltering, those at greatest, risk our seniors, we have to shelter them. And delivers, effective. Medical, treatments, to save. Thousands, and thousands, of lives and when you look at the rest of the world you know they were, trying to say oh we weren't doing now all of a sudden a lot of the, the places, that they were using to hold up. They're having a big surge. They're having, and i don't want that i don't want that but they were holding up names of countries, and now they're saying whoops. In fact even new zealand, you see what's going on in new zealand. They beat it they beat it it was like front page they beat it because they wanted to show me something the problem is. Big surge in new zealand so you know it's uh, it's terrible, we don't want that. But this is a an invisible, enemy that should have never been let to come to this country to europe or the rest of the world by china, just remember, it, just remember, it, they fake, that's right, the fatality. Rate for americans. Over 70, has declined, by 85. Percent. Since april, we've learned, we know we have some great, things, now too. Europe by contrast, has experienced, a 40. Higher rate of excess, mortality. Than the united, states think about that you don't hear those stories they don't tell you that tom do they, you don't hear that in congress, right. We launched the largest, mobilization. Of american. Goods. Since the world war ii think of it since world war ii this is the largest, mobilization. Since world war ii, creating the most advanced, testing, system in the world. Producing, thousands, of ventilators. And launching. Operation, warp speed to deliver, and distribute, a vaccine, before. The end of the year in record time. We're at a very very close point to the vaccine, and to therapeutics.

And Therapeutics, to me are more important right now you go into the hospital. Whether it's a transfusion. Or whether it's a shot. And you feel better two days later a day later or three days later but that would be a great thing and we're very close we have great great companies, working, on it, because we will defeat the china virus we're going to be stronger, than we ever were next year is going to be record, setting, numbers and you see that. When you look at the v. And the v is turning out to be true, you know i was saying a v and everybody was saying a v is impossible. But the v is, it's beyond a v it's a super v based on the numbers that we have now. So we'll see what happens. And we would like to give additional, money, to people we would like to it wasn't their fault that they got hit. By china. But you know what we want to give them additional, money and we'll take care of. Again the post office, has been a disaster, for many many decades. We want to strengthen, the post office, make make it good it lost. 78. Billion dollars, over a relatively, short number of years. 78. Billion i want to strengthen, the post office, and we can do it. So that if you look amazon. And all these companies, that now do it's a whole new business. They just drop a lot of it right into the post office, and we lose two and three dollars every time we deliver a package what's that all about. And he gets richer, and they get richer. How smart is that. For every package, they deliver it's two and three dollars a package. So why aren't they raising, the prices, to amazon. And to these companies, that are making all this money. Instead, we pay for it. And they always seem to open their distribution. Facilities, right next to a post office. So they take a lot of the goods that they can't distribute, because the post office. Is massive, much bigger than those companies, believe it or not you wouldn't think it, but much much bigger. And they go to areas, of minnesota. And other states that you can't reach you'll never reach. And they just dump, thousands, of packages, into the post office. And they say good luck here's your two dollars here's your, one dollar. Here's your 52, cents. Now we got to do that so that's my opinion what do i know about delivery. What do i know. That's my, opinion. That's a new business but we have to you know we're being taken advantage, of by all of those companies. And they should pay not the people, my administration. Also, understands, that economic, health. Is vital to public health. Over the past three months we've gained, 9 million, jobs, nationwide, which is a new record. Retail, spending, is fully recovered. And is now at an all-time, high we have more retail, spending, now. Than we did before the plague, came in from china. Auto production, surged. 28. Joe biden would crush. This unprecedented. Economic, recovery, during his 47. Years in washington, think of that. 47. Years. Joe biden and you know it's really amazing for 47, years he did nothing now he's telling everybody how he's going to make it wonderful, right, doesn't work that way. And he's not exactly prime time now either by the way. Joe biden supported, every globalist, attack, on the american, worker, nafta which was a disaster, tpp. Which i didn't allow to happen. The horrible, korea deal. South china's, entry into the world trade organization. Might have been the worst of them all. It created, china. Now biden is running on the most extreme, far-left, agenda, ever put forward by a major, party. Biden's, joint manifesto. We call it a manifesto. With bernie sanders, crazy bernie. Would raise, taxes. And increase, regulations. At an unprecedented. Rate. He will kill the stock market. He will kill everything that we're talking about today. He'd also abolish, immigration. Enforcement. Abolish, bail. Abolish, the suburbs. Abolish, effective, policing, abolish, american, energy, and abolish. The american, way of life, otherwise, he'd do quite a good job i think. He raised his hand and pledged to give free health care. To illegal, aliens, okay. A lot of you people when you get. When you have problems you don't get free health care. But he wants to give it he wants to give lawyers. Lawyers, free legal assistance, to people that come into our country illegally. And his vice presidential. Candidate. Biden, picked. Kamala. Kamala, harris.

She's Another, she's a beauty. Who co-sponsored. A 32. Trillion, dollar. Socialist, takeover, of health care and our country, because our country would be ruined destroyed. And to 33. Think of this you had 33, in health care and 93. Trillion, dollars. On the socialist. Green new deal which doesn't work it's like written by a child. It's written by a child, a foolish. Child. It's written by a foolish, child, i have a very different vision for america's, future and you got to see it before the plague, but you're seeing it again right now even more so. It starts with creating, 10 million jobs in the next 10 months. And that's what's happening. Over the next four years, we will cut. Even more taxes. Substantially. And regulations. That's why people are pouring into our country. To open up factories, they're bringing them back to minnesota, and every place else. In michigan, we have auto, plants, opening up left and right and expanding, they haven't seen that in 42, years. We will end. Our reliance, on china. We will make our critical, drugs, and supplies, right here in the united, states. And you know when you see the drug companies, they're very rich very sophisticated. When you see them taking ads against donald, trump. Those ads are for one reason because i'm bringing you drug prices, way down. I instituted. A favored, nations, law so if germany, or, any place, anywhere in the world. Is getting their drugs for less which they do a tiny fraction, of what we pay, they have to meet those prices. So instead of saying, he's, somebody should have done this obama. Biden. Anybody, should have done other presidents, should have done this our drug prices, are many times higher than other countries, many many times. In canada. The price is half and better than that and i gave florida. Ron desantis. A great governor. Gave him the right to buy. His drugs directly, from canada, he's going to save half. So everyone you know right now you can't do that i gave him. And i gave another state colorado, the authority, to go to if they want they could go by, prior to the favored nations, kicking in but the favorite nations, laws could, reduce drugs. By. 50. 60, 70 even 80. Think of that one. And i'm the only president, in 51, years. That had a year last year where drug prices, came down but that was peanut, stuff compared to what i'm talking about. So when you see those ads. If you don't mind. And you see the drug companies, hitting me. You'll say, thank you president, trump for reducing, drug prices. I guarantee, you if they were going up they wouldn't be taking ads makes sense i guess right, i hope people understand, that because they are spending a lot of money they don't like me i did something that was unthinkable.

Check Out the words. Favored, nation, check out the word rebate. Because now i take the rebate for the people, and i take the rebate, to reduce the prices. They took the rebate, went to a middleman. The middleman. I never heard the term middle woman but i guess, probably, that too. But the middleman, got all this money was i don't know who they are nobody knows who they are the middleman, you always hear it they made more money than the drug companies, at least the drug companies made a product. But. The middleman, is not liking donald trump too much. I probably have a lot of friends that are middlemen i don't even know it they have beautiful homes. I say i wonder where they made their money. They're very wealthy but they're not so wealthy anymore, we are getting the rebates, we're keeping the money for our people we will create. Tax credits. For companies, that bring jobs, from china, back to america. And we'll impose, tariffs. On companies, that leave america. To produce, jobs, overseas. One of the things in the usmca. That was very important. I don't want our companies, going to mexico, going to canada, anymore. I watched that, i was man of the year 11 years ago, in. Michigan, i don't know why but they picked me that was long before i thought in terms of running, are we glad i ran. I think so. Thanks so what do you think yes. I think so. But that was long before i thought about this mike. And. I said you know, i was in michigan, very nice man of the year that was great. And i said you know they're taking your car companies they're moving them all to mexico. Anyway, 32. Of our cars are made in mexico. How crazy. But it's that way that's the way it happened. But i said the most important deal in the usmca. I don't want anybody. Moving to mexico. Firing, their people, moving there, making a car selling it in for no tax, i don't want that anymore. Can't happen. And that's not going to happen there is such a huge economic. Disincentive. To do that. So we'll strip. Federal, contracts. From companies, that outsource. Critical, industries, we're going to strip it, with the help of minnesota, workers, we will be the premier, medical, and pharmaceutical. Manufacturer. Anywhere in the world. And you see it already. The drug companies, are starting to give up now i'll tell you. If for some reason the other side happens to have a victory on november, 3rd. Forget everything i said. It'll all be made in china plus, it'll all be made in other countries, like vietnam. And, other places. And, you can just forget everything i said, because they're typical, politicians. But radical, left-wing. They will go right back to it but even more so. To protect, our families, and workers, during the china pandemic. I sealed our border against illegal immigration. And suspended, the entry of foreign workers. Who threatened american, jobs. And yet if you're a farmer. A factory, owner and you had people coming in from years. We made it easier for those people to keep coming in i can't shut them off you have to close up your business. Joe biden on the other hand has pledged to allow. Virtually, unlimited, immigration, during a global, pandemic. Spreading, the virus, overwhelming. Our health care system. And displacing. Millions, of american, job seekers. The biden plan would institute, catch and release, i got rid of it, along the entire, southwest, border, this is where you catch. Perhaps, a murderer. Perhaps, a rapist. You catch somebody. You take their number and you release, them you say. Please show up to court in three years. Nobody, shows up. One percent show up you know the one percent, are. The ones that aren't very smart. They're the ones that show up they're the only ones that show up. So we built almost 300. Miles, of border wall. And we're adding, 10 new miles each week. And if we didn't have that we'd be in trouble because. Sadly, and i think the, the president, of mexico is a friend of mine he's a great guy lacey he's a great guy like you.

But I said to him you know we have to do this and, you have to in the meantime you have to give us. A lot of troops along our border because we're paying you a lot of money with your cars. And otherwise i'm going to have to tariff and he said no no no we will give you trips we have 27. 000 mexican, soldiers. On our, southern border nobody's coming through unless we want them to we have to come in legally into our country on the southern border, at elsewhere. You have to come and we have 27. 000, troops you didn't even know that tom, 27. 000.. Furthermore, joe biden has pledged to increase, refugee, resettlement. By. Not a bad number 700. You read that right that's in the manifesto. He would overwhelm, minnesota. With refugees. From terror hot spots, to pleading. Public, services. Burdening, schools. And straining. City budgets you already know about the hot spots don't you how you know about it you're having plenty of problems. In minnesota. But i'm going to be so politically, correct i'm not going to say a thing. But i know all about your hot spots, you got some hot spots. Very unfair to minnesota, i will tell you that. And i'll tell you if i don't win minnesota. I'm never going to do it if i run for a third or fourth term okay. I'll never be back if i run i've given up i almost won last time, one more speech mike why didn't you have. I almost, won i went to michigan. I had a choice. I shouldn't tell you this but we won michigan. One more speech i would have won it was so close. But if i don't win it this time i'm not coming back. Never. Not for term. Three four five or six. Under my administration. We've dramatically, reduced, refugee, resettlement. And we've suspended. Refugee. Resettlement, during the pandemic, you know that we've totally suspended, it nobody comes, in. Lucky we have the wall we're up to 300, miles almost. We didn't have that wall we would be inundated. With people and you know unfortunately. And we're helping them we sent them a lot of ventilators. And other equipment. But mexico, is being overrun, with the pandemic, and we would really have a problem. We've completely, reformed. Refugee, policy. We've instituted. Rigorous. National, security, checks. We've protected. Religious. Minorities. And we've shifted, refugee, admissions, away from. Terror afflicted, nations. Like syria, and somalia. And remember, you know they say we don't have we do have, they understand that, they just don't want to say it we have a major. We have a ban you know that we have a ban on people coming into our country. Illegally, we have a ban on countries. Because we want people to come into our country, who love our country who can love our country, who respect, our country, and who are going to come in on merit, merit, merit. Which is the exact opposite, of what was happening. Many of them hated our country, and they didn't come in on merit. All they do is complain do you know anybody, like that they just complain, does anybody know anybody like that, do you know anybody one of your colleagues, you call, you call her a colleague. All she does is complain, i won't mention the name because you'll never guess it, complains. Complains. Complaints. I don't like that, i don't like it. All she does is complain. Not good enough, oh really tell us about it. To protect, our security, my administration. Instituted. A travel, ban. On the world's most dangerous. Regions. Biden has pledged to immediately, end this travel, ban. And allow unlimited, migration. From, terrorism. Including, syria, somalia. Libya. Iran, and yemen. Trouble, trouble. I also kept the promise, i made to minnesota, four years ago. I signed an executive, order requiring. State and local consent. Before, any refugees. Are admitted. Biden, would immediately. Shred that executive, order. Overriding. Local, communities. Like yours you know that did you know i signed that. You have to give approval, now. A little different than the old days isn't it huh a little bit different. The old days was a, lot different, i signed that approval, they have to go through a process, now and you have to approve it why should we send everybody, up to, minnesota. Or anyplace, else. In recent weeks, democrat-controlled. Cities have shown. That democrats.

Plan. And what they plan. For america. In minneapolis. 700. Buildings were burned damaged, or destroyed, costing, more than one. Billion dollars i just left incredible. People. We're on a runway, like this. And i introduced, them their businesses, were burned down, gone. And they don't know what they're going to do but we're going to try helping them to get them rebuilt but. Five, groups of people that were just incredible, people. Successful. Wonderful, people. Their stores, and businesses, were burned down destroyed. Dozens, of business owners, have announced, they are considering, moving. Hundreds of jobs out of democrat. Run minneapolis. You know that. You know that criminals, are terrorizing. Civilians. In chicago. Portland, and now new york city. This radical, left mayor de blasio. Has let our beautiful, diamond, i loved it i left it four years ago, i could see there were the seeds of problems, he was there. But i left it it was wonderful. Four years ago i left it. And over the last, year and especially, over the last six months. Crime has gone up hundreds. Of percentage, points hundreds. 273. Points. 368. Points. Numbers that you wouldn't believe, and we're talking about. Shootings. Murders, you saw what happened this weekend, you saw that, jason. Terrible. My city i love that city. But, it has great potential. And we're going to do something we're going to do something, strong. They've just let it go to hell, and and i don't know is it because they're bad people or they have no common sense or they just don't know what they're doing. But our beautiful, diamond, of this country. Has been let go to hell. Top democrats. Have demanded, the. Defunding. Of, police departments. Biden, even, referred to the police as the enemy. And that's what it is he's not going to control look. He's not going to control the situation. He's dealing with how about the congresswoman. That i watched. Over the weekend, right, saying i have total control, over binding he'll do anything i say. I have total control. What she's saying is i have total control, over this jerk, he'll do whatever the hell i want that's putting. It in more common language, but she said it just as mean as that. You know who i'm talking about right you saw that, what a horrible statement to make. And frankly, kamala, nobody, treated. Joe biden worse. Than kamala. I mean nobody, he was called a racist, and just about everything else under the book. Then all of a sudden she said he's such a fine man, look, nobody, treated him including, pocahontas. Nobody. On the debate, stage. Nobody, treated, joe biden, worse. Than kamala, harris. And she's got some big issues. Congresswoman. Ilhan. Omar. I mean i hear the booze how the hell did she win the primary. How did she win the lacey. What the hell happened, lacie. Ah. It's jason's, fault. How the hell did she win. This woman is crazy. She's a horrible, woman who hates our country. She, yeah mail and vote you might be right, we'll have to check that let's check the mail and vote, now seriously, how does a woman who hates our country. Who says nothing but bad things about our country and israel, and other of our allies. How does this woman, win. Where are the people that would vote for him. Omar, called. The minneapolis. Police, a cancer. And said they were rotten to the, root. But joe biden did not condemn, the comments, he didn't want to talk about it he didn't disavow. Her, endorsement. He displays, it proudly, on his website, this is what's going to be running the country. This is the biggest, change between what happened. Between, now and crooked hillary crooked hillary was bad news right. She still remember she said. Will you accept, the results.

Of The election. Will you accept the results, of this election. And i sort of said yeah, maybe you know. But she didn't accept, them right. She will you accept, i remember that question. It was probably the toughest, question i had. Out of all of them. But she hasn't been exactly a gracious, loser, she's a loser but not a gracious. If joe biden and the radical, dems. If joe biden and the radical, dems, take power. They will pass legislation. Gutting every single police department, in america that's going to happen. The biden bernie, manifesto. Calls for appointing, far left prosecutors. Judges, and justices. Of the united, states supreme, court, look, you know we have a big thing with the court the next president, has a chance to do, three. Four. Could even be five. You will change his country around. It will be irreversible. It will be, irreversible. And they'll cuddle, criminals, and punish, law-abiding. Citizens, these judges, will. They'll take away your guns while letting criminal gangs. Like ms-13. Roam free. Your second amendment, will look it was under siege. But not really. Because they had never a chair right fellas they didn't have, they played they played the game with they had no chance when i'm here they have no chance. Your second amendment, is cherished, you need your second amendment. They will either take it away. Or obliterated. Into, meaningless. Nothing. In joe biden's, america. The protections. Of. American, citizenship. Will be stripped away. And your community, will be left. At the mercy of the mob i mean i'm saying these things but i mean them, when i look at what happened, in. Minneapolis. When you look at what's going on in, different, cities, that, are just unbelievable. Cities. Remember this though most of the country is very safe in fact, crime, stats, outside of chicago, and new york a couple of them. Crime stats, are. A record low. Our countries. Even during the pandemic. We're doing well but where they're run by the, liberal democrats. We're not doing well, and we have to get in you know they have to ask us we had to be asked, here. They have to ask us, unless we take a very severe, action which ideally you don't want to take. But every time we go in we solve the problem and we solve it very, quickly seattle. Look at what's going on with seattle. I mean, this is a city this is a real city. And they took over a large portion of that city, and they knew we were going in the following, day they knew it so they sent their police in, and it was like nobody ever gave up so easily as those characters. But they're radical, left anarchists. Whether you're, registered, as a democrat. Independent. Or republican. I'm asking for the vote of every american, who believes, that police officers, are not enemies. But heroes, who keep us. Safe. I also want to send our special, thanks. To the members, of the minnesota. National, guard who did such an incredible, job. Stopping, the rioting, violence. Mayhem. In minneapolis. They were great they were great, i love it. I love that. It's, just a beautiful thing to it's always supposed to work they cause problems you have to do it. And the sooner you do it the easier it is to do. My administration. Has made clear. To every mayor and governor in the country that the federal government. Is ready to send the national, guard. And federal reinforcements. We will wipe out the problem. Within minutes, you saw it happening, right here, you wouldn't have a city.

If We didn't demand, that that take place, you wouldn't have a city. All you have to do is say the word every voter. Should ask themselves. A simple, question. Do you want the radical, left policies, of, chicago. Minneapolis. San francisco. Imposed. On the entire, country look at nancy pelosi, san francisco. Is going to hell and she's in congress saying what what we should be doing. Look at the homeless, problem in san francisco, look at what's happening in san francisco. And then she's telling us about the post office. She has no clue. And i must tell you this, uh. Does she love our country. Does she love our country. I don't think so to be honest with you what she's done is a disgrace, to our country what she's done in schumer, crying, chuck. Crying, chuck he cries whenever it's important to cry. Do you want the failed policies. Of mayor bill de blasio. Or mayor laurie, lightfoot. Chicago. Or mayor jacob. Frye. Brought to every. City and town, in this nation. If left-wing, democrats. Can't run a city why on earth would you let them run your country we have. Such incredibly, run, cities. Such incredibly, run cities. The problems, we have are the radical, love, and now she wants one trillion dollars and she's holding it up using a phony excuse of the post office, because she wants a trillion dollars. To go and you guys all know this. She wants one trillion dollars to go to these badly, run democrats. Cities and states. That's what she wants. And she's using the post office. We want to fix the post office and make it better, it should have been fixed 30 years ago. Over the next four years. We're going to implement, an aggressive, strategy, to fight violent, crime, it's already been implemented. And we'll expand, the surge, of federal law enforcement, into crime, plague cities, and we can do that at will. We just have to hear from your governor, call up, just let us know we'll be there. We are ready, willing, and able. We will hire, more tough violent, crime, prosecutors. We will hire more police. We will dismantle. Violent, left-wing, extremist. Groups like, antifa, they don't even want to say the name antifa.

They Don't even want to say the name. And we will pass new laws, to. Prosecute. Drive-by. Shootings, in an act of domestic, terrorism. They will suffer. Gravely. We will fight for a nation, in which every american. Child, is safe. On our streets. In which every american, family, is secure, in their homes. And in which all of the american. People. Are confident, in our destiny. But to achieve this vision we must finish the job and drain the washington. Swamp. Once and for all. And get jason, in there please, jason, lewis get him in jason, you got to win. Get jason, lewis, jason, lewis. Got to win jason. You're certainly against a weak opponent, you got to win. For years left-wing, politicians. Like joe biden, talked about supporting, american, workers. Then they got elected. And gave away your jobs. Shipped away, your factories. And they sold, off your dreams, your. Your beautiful, beautiful, american, dreams they sold them off to the highest bidder. But under this administration. Those days are over. Now you have a president, who is fighting for you. Over the next four years we will fully restore, america's. Manufacturing. Independence. We will again rebuild, the greatest, economy, in history it's happening, very fast you're going to see it very soon. And lift it to even more incredible, heights to what we had last year, you had the greatest, year in the history of your state last year. We will revitalize. Police departments. And reclaim, our cities. For law-abiding. Americans. We will protect, religious, liberty. Defend. The lives of our beautiful, unborn, children. Appoint. Conservative. Judges. Uphold, free speech, on college, campuses. And safeguard, the second, amendment. The right to keep, and bear. Arms. We will ensure, american, dominance, in space, and in military. And pave the way to becoming, the first nation. To plant its flag on mars we're working on that we're doing very well, by the way when i took over nasa, it was dead it was gone right. It was gone there was nothing, there was grass. Growing, on the, runways, grass through the crevices. On the runway. It was terrible. And now it's the most vital space program, anywhere in the world. Not only the jobs but the importance, of it and the psychology. Of it and by the way for military, defense. And we created, space force think of that we created. Another one of many many things. First time in 78. Years. Last one was the air force right space force that's a big deal by itself, if a president, did that they would have achieved something. We did that and we did hundreds of other things. We will teach our children to love our country to honor our history. And to respect, our great american, flag. We will never. Waver, in defense, of our families, our values, our faith. Our jobs, our borders, our rights. Or our freedoms. Together, we will unite, citizens, of every race color religion, and creed. As one people, one family, and one glorious. Nation, under god. I want to thank you you are incredible, people minnesota. Thank you very much i'll be back. November, 3rd we have to win god bless you god bless. The great state of minnesota. And god bless america, thank you all very. Much.

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