Trump's State of the Union Address

Trump's State of the Union Address

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You. You. Then on that corner. The. Joint session will, come to order. The. Chair appoints as members of the Committee on the part of the House to, escort the President of the United States into. The chamber, the, gentleman, from Maryland mr. Hoyer the. Gentleman from South Carolina mr. Clyburn the. Gentleman from New Mexico mr.. Lujan the. Gentleman from mr. Newark New, York mr. Jeffries, the, gentlewoman, from Massachusetts miss. Clark the. Gentlewoman. From Illinois mrs., Bustos. The. Gentlewoman, from California. Miss to the. Gentlewoman, from Kansas miss, David's, the. Gentlewoman, from New Mexico miss. Holland, the. Gentleman, from California. Mr. McCarthy, the. Gentleman, from Louisiana mr.. Scalise, the. Gentlewoman, from Wyoming miss, Cheney the. Gentleman, from Minnesota mr. emmer the. Gentleman from Alabama mr.. Palmer, the, gentleman, from North Carolina mr. Walker, the. Gentleman from Missouri, mr., Smith the. Gentleman, from Texas, mr. Brady, the. Gentleman from Oklahoma mr., Cole. The president, of the Senate of the direction of that body appoints, the following senators. As members. Of. The Committee on the, part of the Senate to escort the President of the United States in the House chamber the, senator from Kentucky mr. McConnell, the, senator from South Dakota mr., Thune, the, senator from Iowa, mr. Grassley, senator. From Wyoming, mr. Barasa, senator. From Iowa, miss Ernst, the, senator, from Missouri mr. Blunt the. Senator from Indiana mr., young, the. Senator from New York mr., Schumer the, senator from Illinois mr.. Durbin the. Senator from Wisconsin miss. Ball Duane the, senator from Maryland mr.. Cardin, the, senator from New Hampshire, mrs., Shaheen, and the, senator from Delaware mr.. Coons. Thank. You mr. vice president the, members of the escort, committees will exit the chamber through, the speaker's lobbies doors. Madam. Speaker, the Dean of the diplomatic corps. Madam. Speaker, the Chief Justice, and associate, justices of. The Supreme Court. It's. Still in the cleaners. Madam. Speaker, the president's, cabinet. Madam. Speaker. The. President, of the United States. Members. Of Congress, the. President, of the United States. Thank. You very much. Madam, speaker, mr.. Vice president members, of, Congress. The. First lady of the United States. At, my fellow-citizens. Three. Years ago we launched the great, American. Comeback. Tonight. I stand before you to share the incredible, results. Jobs. Are booming, incomes. Are soaring. Poverty. Is plummeting. Crime. Is falling. Confidence. Is surging, and our. Country, is thriving. And. Highly. Respected. Again. America's. Enemies, are, on the run. America's. Fortunes. Are, on, the rise in, America's, future is. Blazing. Bright. The. Years of economic decay. Are over. The, days of our country being. Used, taken. Advantage of and, even. Scorned, by other, nations are long. Behind, us. Da. You are the broken promises, jobless. Recoveries. Tired. Platitudes. And, constant. Excuses. For the depletion of, American. Wealth power, and prestige in. Just. Three, short years, we. Have shattered the mentality. Of. American. Decline and, we. Have rejected the downsizing, of, Americans. Destiny. We. Have totally, rejected. The, downsizing. We're. Moving forward at a pace that. Was unimaginable. Just a short time ago and we, are never ever going. Back. I am. Thrilled to report to you tonight that our economy, is the best it has ever been our, military. Is completely, rebuilt, with. Its power being, unmatched, anywhere in the world and it's not even close our. Borders, are secure our. Families, are flourishing our. Values, are renewed. Our, pride. Is restored and, for. All of these reasons I, say to the people of our. Great, country and to. The members of Congress. The. State of our. Union is stronger. Than, ever, before. The. Vision I will lay out this evening demonstrates. How we are building the world's most prosperous and, inclusive, society, one. Where every citizen can join in America's, unparalleled. Success and, where. Every community, can take part in America's. Extraordinary, rise. From. The instant I took office I moved rapidly to revive the US economy. Slashing. A record number of job-killing, regulations. Enacting. Historic. And record-setting, tax cuts and fighting. For fair, and reciprocal. Trade, agreements. Our, agenda is, relentlessly. Pro-worker. Pro-family. Pro-growth. And most. Of all. Pro-american. Thank you, we. Are advancing, with unbridled. Optimism, and, lifting. Our citizens, of, every, race, color, religion, and. Creed very, very, high. Since. My election we have created 7 million new jobs 5. Million, more than government, experts, projected, during the previous administration. The, unemployment, rate is the lowest in. Over, half a century. And. Very. Incredibly, the average unemployment rate, under my administration is.

Lower, Than any, Administration. In the. History, of our, country. If. We hadn't reversed, the failed economic policies of, the, previous administration. The. World would not now be witnessing. This. Great economic. Success. The, unemployment, rate for, african-americans. Hispanic. Americans, and Asian. Americans, has reached the lowest levels, in history. African-american. Youth unemployment, has reached, an, all-time. Low. African-american. Poverty, has, declined to, the lowest, rate, ever. Recorded. The. Unemployment, rate for women reached the lowest level, in almost 70, years and last, year women filled 72. Percent of all. New. Jobs, added. The, veterans, unemployment rate, dropped, to a record low. The, unemployment, rate for disabled, Americans, has reached an, all-time. Low. Workers. Without a high school diploma have. Achieved the lowest unemployment rate, recorded. In US, history. A record. Number of young, Americans. Are now, employed. Under. The last administration more. Than 10 million people were added, to the Food Stamp, rolls, under. My administration. Seven. Million Americans have, come off food stamps and ten million, people, have, been lifted off of welfare. It, eight years under, the last administration over. 300,000. Working age people dropped, out of the workforce in, just. Three years of my administration, 3.5. Million people, working. Age people have, joined the. Workforce. Since. My election the net worth of the bottom half of wage earners has, increased, by 47. Percent three, times faster, than the increase, for the top one, percent. After. Decades of, flat and falling, incomes wages. Are rising fast, and wonderfully. They are rising fastest. For low-income workers who, have seen a 16, percent pay increase since. My, election. This. Is a. Blue-collar. Boom. Real, median, household, income, is, now, at the highest level. Ever recorded. Since. My election US stock markets have soared. 70%, adding more than 12 trillion, dollars, to our nation's, wealth, transcending. Anything, anyone, believed was possible this. Is a record it is, something that every, country, in the, world is, looking, up to they, admire. Consumer. Confidence has, just reached, amazing. New highs. All. Of, those millions of people with 401ks and. Pensions, are doing far better than. They have ever, done before with increases, of 60, 70, 80 90 and. 100%, and, even more. Jobs. And investments, are pouring, in to nine thousand, previously. Neglected, neighborhoods. Thanks, to Opportunity. Zones, a plan spearheaded. By, Senator. Tim Scott. Republican, tax cuts. In. Other words wealthy, people and companies are pouring, money into poor, neighborhoods, or areas that haven't seen investment, in many decades creating. Jobs, energy and. Excitement. This. Was the first time that these deserving, communities. Have seen anything like this it's, all working. Opportunity. Zones are helping Americans, like Army, veteran tony Rankin's from, Cincinnati, Ohio, after. Struggling with drug addiction, Tony, lost his job his. House and his family, he, was homeless but. Then Tony found. A construction, company that invests, in Opportunity. Zones he. Is now a top, tradesman, drug, free reunited. With his family and he, is here tonight, Tony. Keep, up the great work Tony. Thank. You Tony. Our. Roaring economy. Has for the first time ever given. Many former, prisoners, the ability to get a great job and a fresh start. The. Second, chance at life is made possible because we passed landmark criminal. Justice, reform, into law, everybody.

Said That criminal, justice reform, couldn't be done but. I got it done and the people in this room got, it done. Thanks. To our bold regulatory. Reduction, campaign, the. United States has become the number-one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere. In the world. With, the tremendous progress, we, have made over the past three years America. Is now energy, independent. And energy, jobs like so many other elements of our country, are at, a record, high. We, are doing numbers, that no one would have thought possible, just three years ago likewise. We are restoring, our nation's manufacturing, might. Even, though predictions, were as you all know that this could never ever be, done, after. Losing, 60,000. Factories under. The previous two administrations. America. Has now gained. 12,000. New factories, under my administration with. Thousands. Upon thousands. Of plants, and factories being. Planned or being built. Companies. Are not leaving they. Are coming back to, the USA. The. Fact is that everybody, wants to be where the action is in the United States of America, is indeed, the, place where, the, action is. One. Of the biggest promises. I made to the American people, was, to replace the disastrous, NAFTA, trade deal. In, fact unfair, trade is perhaps the single biggest reason, that I decided to run for president. Following. Nafta's adoption, our nation, lost one in four manufacturing. Jobs many, politicians, came and went pledging, to change or replace NAFTA, only. To do so and then, absolutely. Nothing. Happened, but. Unlike so many who came before me I keep, my promises, we did our job. Six, days ago i replaced, nafta and signed, the brand new US mexico, canada agreement. Into law the. U.s. MCA will, create nearly, 100,000. New high-paying, american, auto jobs and massively. Boost exports for, our farmers, ranchers and, factory. Workers. It. Will also bring trade with mexico and canada to a much higher level, but, also to be a much, greater degree of fairness and reciprocity, we, will have that fairness, and. Reciprocity. And, I say that finally, because, it's been many many, years that, we were treated fairly, on trade. This. Is the first major trade, deal in many years to earn the strong backing of America's, labor unions, I. Also. Promised. Our citizens, that I would impose tariffs, to confront. China's, massive theft, of America's. Jobs. Our. Strategy, has worked days. Ago we signed the groundbreaking new agreement, with China that will defend, our workers protect. Our intellectual, property bring. Billions and billions of dollars into our treasury. And open. Vast new markets, for products made and grown, right. Here in the USA. For, decades, China has taken advantage of the United States now, we have changed that but, at the same time we have perhaps the, best relationship. We've ever had with China including. With President. Xi they. Respect, what we've done because quite frankly they, could never really believe that, they were able to get away with. What they were doing, year, after year decade, after decade without, someone, in our country, stepping. Up and saying. That's, enough. Now, we want, to rebuild our country, and, that's, exactly, what, we're doing, we are rebuilding our country. As. We, restore. American. Leadership, throughout the world we, are once again standing, up for freedom in. Our hemisphere. That's. Why my administration, reversed. The failing policies, of the previous administration, on. Cuba. We, are supporting, the hopes of Cubans, Nicaraguans. And Venezuelans. To restore, democracy the. United States is leading a, 59. Nation diplomatic. Coalition, against, the socialist. Dictator, of Venezuela, Nicolas. Maduro. Maduro. Is an illegitimate ruler. A tyrant. Who brutalizes. His people but. Medoras, grip and tyranny, will, be smashed, and broken. Here. This evening, it's. A very brave man. Who. Carries with him the hopes dreams and, aspirations of. All, Venezuelans. Joining. Us in the gallery is, the true and legitimate president. Of Venezuela, Juan, Greedo, mr.. President, please.

Take This message back to you. Thank, You mr. president. Great, honor thank you very much. Please. Take this message back that all Americans, are united with, the Venezuelan. People in, their righteous, struggle. For. Freedom thank you very much mr. president. Thank, you very much. Socialism. Destroys. Nations, but. Always remember. Freedom unifies. The, soul. To. Safeguard, American. Liberty we, have invested, a record-breaking. 2.2. Trillion dollars, in the United, States military. We. Have purchased the finest planes missiles, rocket. Ships and every. Other form of military equipment, and it's, all made right here in the USA. We, are also getting our. Allies, finally. To. Help pay their. Fair, share. I have, raised contributions. From other NATO members, by more than 400, billion dollars and the, number of allies meeting, their minimum obligations. Has, more than doubled, and just. Weeks ago for, the first time since President, Truman established, the air force more, than 70, years earlier. We. Created a brand new branch of the United States Armed Forces. It's, called the, space force. In. The gallery tonight we have a young. Gentleman. And, what. He wants so badly 13, years old in lawn. Faye he's, an eighth grader from Arizona. And please. Stand up, ian. Has always dreamed of going to space he. Was the first in his class and, among the youngest at an, Aviation. Academy he. Aspires, to go to the Air Force Academy and then he. Has his eye on, the, space force as he. And says most people look. Up at space I want to look down on the world. But. Sitting behind. Ian. Tonight is, his greatest hero of them all. Charles. Magee was born, in Cleveland, Ohio one, century, ago. Charles. Is one of the last surviving, Tuskegee. Airmen, the first, black fighter pilots, and he, also happens, to be Ian's. Great-grandfather. Credible. Story. After. More than, 130. Combat, missions, in World War two he. Came back home to a country, still struggling, for, civil rights and went, on to serve America. In Korea, and Vietnam. On. December, 7th, Charles, celebrated. His 100th, birthday. A few, weeks ago assigned, a bill promoting. Charles. McGee, to, Brigadier General and. Earlier. Today, I pinned, the stars on his shoulders, in the Oval Office, General. McGee our. Nation. Salutes, you thank you sir. From. The pilgrims, to the founders, from, the soldiers, at Valley Forge to the marchers, at Selma and from. President, Lincoln, to the Reverend, Martin, Luther King. Americans. Have always rejected. Limits. On our children's, future. Members. Of Congress, we must never forget that, the. Only victories, that, matter in Washington, or victories. That deliver for, the American people. The, people, are the heart of our country, their, dreams, are. The soul of our country and their, love is what powers, and sustains. Our country. We. Must always remember, that our, job is to put. America. First. The. Next step forward in building an inclusive society is, making sure that every young American gets. A great education. And the. Opportunity. To achieve the, American dream, yet. For too long countless, American, children, have. Been trapped in, failing. Government schools, to. Rescue these students, 18 states have created school choice in the form of opportunity. Scholarships. The. Programs, are so popular that tens of thousands, of students remain on a, waiting list one. Of those students, is Jenaya, davis, a fourth grader from. Philadelphia, Jenaya. Denies. Mom, stephanie is a single, parent, she. Would do anything to give her daughter a better future, but. Last year that future was put further out of reach when Pennsylvania's. Governor, vetoed. Legislation. To expand, school, choice to. 50,000. Children. Janilla, and Stephanie, are in. The gallery, Stephanie. Thank, you so much for being here with, your beautiful daughter thank you very much. But, Jen I have some good news for you because. I am pleased to inform you that your. Long wait is over I can, proudly announce, tonight. That. An opportunity, scholarship. Has become available it's. Going to you and you. Will soon be heading to. The school of your choice. Now. I call, on Congress to give 1 million American, children the, same opportunity. Jenaya, has just received, passed. The education. Freedom, scholarships. And opportunities, act because. No parent should be forced to send their child, to a, failing government. School. Every, young person, should have a safe, and secure environment in, which to learn and to grow. For. This reason, our, magnificent. First lady has launched, the b-best initiative, to, advance a safe healthy. Supportive. And drug-free, life for, the next, generation. Online, in. School and in. Our communities, Thank, You Melania for your extraordinary love, and profound, care for.

America's, Children thank you very much. My. Administration is, determined, to give our citizens the opportunities, they need, regardless. Of age or background, through. Our pledge to American. Workers over, 400. Companies will, also provide new jobs and, education. Opportunities, to, almost 15, million. Americans, my. Budget, also contains, an exciting, vision for, our nation's. High schools, tonight. I ask Congress to. Support our students, and back my plan to offer vocational, and. Technical. Education in. Every, single, high, school in America. To. Expand, equal opportunity, I am, also proud that we, achieved, record and permanent. Funding for. Our nation's, historically. Black colleges. And universities. A good. Life for American families also, requires, the most affordable innovative. And high quality health, care system, on earth before. I took office health, insurance, premiums, had more than doubled in just five years I move. Quickly to provide affordable. Alternatives. Our new, plans are up to 60%, less. Expensive. And better. I've. Also made an ironclad pledge, to American, families we, will always protect, patients. With pre-existing. Conditions. And. We will always protect your Medicare, and we will always protect your, Social. Security always. The. American, patient should never be blindsided, by medical bills that is why I signed, an executive order, requiring price, transparency. Many, experts believe that transparency, which. Will go into full effect at the, beginning of next year will. Be even bigger, than, health care reform. It. Will save families, massive. Amounts of money for substantially. Better care but. As we work to improve Americans. Health care there. Are those who want to take away your health care take, away your doctor and abolish. Private, insurance. Entirely. 132. Lawmakers. In this room have endorsed, legislation. To impose a socialist, takeover of, our health care system, wiping. Out the private health insurance plans, of. 180. Million. Very. Happy, Americans. To. Those watching, at home tonight I want you to know we. Will never let socialism. Destroy, American. Health care. Over. 130. Legislators. In this chamber have. Endorsed legislation. That would bankrupt, our nation by. Providing free taxpayer-funded. Health care to millions of, illegal, aliens forcing. Taxpayers, to subsidize free. Care for. Anyone in the world who unlawfully. Crosses, our borders. These. Proposals would raid the, Medicare, benefits, of our seniors, and that our seniors, depend, on while, acting, as a powerful. Lure for. Illegal, immigration, that. Is what is happening in California, and other states their systems, are totally out of control. Costing. Taxpayers vast, and unaffordable, amounts, of money, if. Forcing, American, taxpayers, to provide unlimited, free health care to illegal aliens sounds, fair to you then. Stand, with the radical, left but. If you believe that we should defend American, patients and American, seniors, then, stand with me and pass legislation to, prohibit free. Government, health care for, illegal, aliens. This. Will be a tremendous boon, to. Our already very, strongly guarded southern, border where, as we speak a long tall, and very powerful wall, is being, built.

We, Have now completed, over 100. Miles and, have, over 500. Miles fully. Completed. In a, very short period of time early. Next year we will have substantially. More than 500. Miles. Completed. My, administration. Has also taken on the, big pharmaceutical, companies. We. Have approved a record, number of affordable generic. Drugs and, medicines. Are being approved by the FDA, at a faster. Clip than ever. Before. And, I was pleased to announce last year that for the first time in 51, years the. Costs of prescription drugs. Actually went, down. And working, together Congress. Can reduce drug prices, substantially, from, current levels I've. Been speaking to Senator, Chuck Grassley of, Iowa, and others. In Congress in order to get something, on drug pricing, done and done. Quickly. And properly. I'm calling. For bipartisan. Legislation, that achieves, the goal of dramatically, lowering, prescription. Drug, prices. Get. A bill on my desk and I will sign it into law immediately. With, unyielding, commitment. We. Are curving the opioid, epidemic. Drug. Overdose, deaths, declined. For the first time in, nearly 30 years. Among. The states hardest, hit, Ohio. Is down 22%. Pennsylvania. Is down 18, percent. Wisconsin. Is down 10% and, we will not quit until we have beaten the, opioid, epidemic once. And for all. Protecting. Americans, health also. Means fighting, infectious. Diseases. We. Are coordinating with the Chinese, government and, working closely together on, the. Corona, virus, outbreak, in China my. Administration. Will take all necessary steps. To, safeguard our citizens from, this threat we. Have launched ambitious, new initiatives, to substantially. Improve care for Americans. With kidney disease Alzheimer's. And those, struggling with mental health and. Because. Congress. Was. So good as to fund my request, new, cures for childhood cancer, and, we, will eradicate, the. AIDS epidemic in. America by. The end of this decade. Almost, every American family knows the pain when. A loved one is diagnosed. With a serious illness. Here. Tonight is a special. Man. Beloved. By millions of Americans who. Just received, a stage, four, advanced. Cancer. Diagnosis. This. Is not good news, but. What is good news is that. He is the greatest fighter and winner that. You will ever meet, rush. Limbaugh. Thank, you for. Your decades, of tireless devotion. To, our country. And rush. In. Recognition. Of all. That you have done for our nation, the. Millions, of people a day that. You speak to and that you inspire, and all. Of the incredible work that you. Have done for charity, I am. Proud to announce tonight that you will be receiving our country's, highest.

Civilian. Honor the, Presidential, Medal of, Freedom. I. Will. Now ask the. First Lady of the United States to present, you with. The honor please. Ruch and, catherine. Congratulations. Thank. You catherine as. We. Pray for all who are sick we, know that america is constantly, achieving, new, medical breakthroughs, in, 2017. Doctors, at st. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City delivered, one of the earliest, premature. Babies, ever, to survive, born. Adjust 21. Weeks in six days and weighing. Less than a pound, ellie. Schneider was, a born fighter, through. The skill. Of her doctors, and the, prayers of her parents, little. Ellie kept on winning the battle of life today. Ellie is a strong healthy, two-year-old, girl sitting, with her amazing, mother Robyn in, the gallery Ellie. And Robyn, we are glad to have you with, us tonight. Ella, reminds, us that every child is a miracle of life and, thanks. To modern medical, wonders, 50%. Of very premature, babies, delivered at the hospital. Where. Le was born now survived, it's. An incredible, thing thank you very much. Our. Goal should be to ensure, that every, baby has. The best chance to thrive, and grow just like le that, is why I'm asking Congress, to provide an additional 50, million dollars to fund neonatal. Research, for America's youngest patients. That, is why I'm also calling upon members, of Congress here tonight to pass legislation. Finally. Banning, the, late term. Abortion. Of baby. Whether. We're Republican, Democrat. Or independent. Surely. We must all, agree that every human, life is a sacred gift from God as we. Support America's, moms and dads I was recently proud, to sign the. Law providing, new parents, in the federal, workforce paid, family, leave serving. As a model, for, the rest of the country. Now. I call, on Congress to pass the bipartisan, advancing. Support, for working families Act, extending. Family Leave to mothers and fathers all, across, our nation. 40. Million American, families have, an average. 2200. Dollars extra, thanks, to our child. Tax, credit. I've also, overseen, historic, funding increases, for high quality childcare. Enabling. 17, states to help more children many. Of which have reduced or eliminated their. Wait, lists, altogether. And. I. Sent Congress a plan with a vision to further expand, access to high quality childcare. And urge, you to act immediately. To. Protect. The environment days ago I announced, that the United States will join the 1 trillion trees initiative, an ambitious, effort to, bring together government, and private sector to plant new trees in, America and, all, around the world. We, must also rebuild, America's. Infrastructure. I asked, you to pass senator john burroughs highway. Bill to invest in new roads bridges, and, tunnels all, across our land. I'm. Also committed, to ensuring, that every, citizen, can, have access, to, high-speed Internet. Including. And, especially, in, rural. America. They, better tomorrow, for all Americans, also requires, us to keep. America. Safe that. Means supporting the men and women, of law enforcement at. Every level including, our, nation's, heroic. Ice officers. Last. Year our brave ice officers arrested. More than. 120,000. Criminal, aliens, charged with nearly, 10,000. Burglaries. 5,000. Sexual, assaults. 45,000. Violent, assaults, and, 2,000. Murders. Tragically. There, are many cities in America, where radical politicians. Have chosen to. Provide sanctuary, for, these criminal, illegal, aliens. In. Sanctuary. Cities, local, officials, order. Police to release dangerous. Criminal, aliens to prey upon the public instead. Of handing them over to ice to, be safely, removed. Just. 29, days ago, a criminal, alien freed by the, sanctuary. City of New York was. Charged, with the brutal rape, and murder, of a 92. Year old woman. The. Killer had been previously, arrested for assault but. Under New York sanctuary. Policies, he, was set free if the. City had honored. Ices detainer, request his, victim. Would. Still be alive today. The. State of California passed an outrageous, law declaring, their whole state, to be a stationary. For, criminal, illegal, immigrants. A very. Terrible. Sanctuary. With. Catastrophic. Results. Here. Is just one tragic, example, in December, 2018. California. Police detained, an illegal alien with, five prior, arrests, including convictions, for robbery and assault but. As required, by California's, sanctuary, law local. Authorities, released him days, later the criminal, alien went on a gruesome spree, of deadly, violence he. Viciously shot, one man going about his daily work he. Approached a woman sitting, in her car and shot her in the arm and in. The chest he. Walked into a convenience. Store and wildly, fired his weapon he. Hijacked, a truck and, smashed into vehicles critically. Injuring, innocent victims. One. Of the victims is a. Durable terrible. Situation. Died. Fifty, one-year-old, American, named rocky, Jones.

Rocky. Was at a gas station when. This vile criminal, fired eight bullets at him from close range. Murdering. Him in cold blood, rocky. Left behind a devoted family including. His brothers who. Loved him more, than anything else in the world. One. Of his grieving, brothers is here, with us tonight, Jodie. Would you please stand Jodie thank, you. Jodee, our hearts weep for your loss and we will not rest until you have justice. Senator. Tom Tillis has introduced, legislation to. Allow Americans like, Jodi to sue sanctuary. Cities and states when, a loved one is hurt or killed as a result. Of these deadly practice. I asked. Congress to pass the justice, for victims of, sanctuary, cities act immediately. The. United States of America, should be a sanctuary, for, law-abiding. Americans, not criminal. Aliens. In, the last three years Isis. Arrested, over 5,000, wicked human traffickers, and I, have side nine pieces, of legislation to. Stamp out the, Menace of human trafficking, domestically. And all around the globe my. Administration. Has undertaken an. Unprecedented. Effort, to secure, the, southern, border of the United States. Before. I came into office if, you showed up illegally, on our southern border and were, arrested, you were simply released, and allowed into, our country, never, to be seen again, my. Administration has, ended. Catch and release. If, you come illegally, you, will now be promptly. Removed. From, our country. Very, importantly. We entered into historic, cooperation. Agreements, with the governments, of Mexico Honduras. El Salvador, and. Guatemala as, a, result, of our unprecedented. Efforts, illegal, crossings, are down 75, percent since May dropping. Eight straight, months in a row. And as, the wall rapidly. Goes up drug. Seizures, rise and, the. Border crossings, are going down and, going down very rapidly, last. Year I traveled to the border in Texas and met. Chief patrol agent, Raul. Ortiz. For. Months agent Ortiz and his team have seized more than, 200,000. Pounds of poisonous, narcotics, arrested. More than 3,000. Human smugglers, and rescued. More than. 2,000, migrants, days. Ago agent Ortiz was promoted, to deputy, chief of Border Patrol and he joins us tonight chief Ortiz, please stand. A. Grateful. Nation thanks. You and all of the heroes of border, patrol and ice thank you very much. To. Build on these historic, gains we are working on legislation to, replace our outdated, and randomized. Immigration. System with. One based on merit, welcoming. Those who follow the rules contribute. To our economy support. Themselves financially, and uphold. Our values. With, every action my administration. Is restoring, the rule of law and reasserting. The culture, of American. Freedom. Working. With Senate, Majority Leader, Mitch. McConnell, Thank. You Mitch. And, his colleagues, in the Senate we. Have confirmed, a record, number of. 187. New federal, judges, to, uphold our Constitution. As written this includes, two brilliant new Supreme, Court justices. Neil Gorsuch, and Brett, Kavanaugh. Thank you. And. We. Have many in the pipeline. My. Administration. Is also defending, religious, liberty and that includes. The, constitutional. Right to pray in public. Schools. In America. We don't punish prayer we. Don't tear down crosses. We, don't ban symbols, of faith we, don't muzzle preachers. And pastors in, America, we celebrate faith. We. Cherish, religion, we, lift our voices in prayer and we, raise our sights to the glory of God, just. As we believe in the First Amendment, we, also believe, in another constitutional. Right that. Is under siege all across, our country so. Long as I am president, I will always protect, your. Second, Amendment right, to keep, and bear arms. In reaffirming, our, heritage as a free nation we. Must remember, that America. Has always been a, frontier. Nation, now. We must embrace the next, frontier. America's. Manifest, destiny, and the Stars I am asking Congress, to fully fund the, Artemis program, to, ensure that the next man and the, first woman on, the moon will. Be American, astronauts, using, this as a launching. Pad to ensure, that America. Is the first nation to plant, its, flag, on, Mars. My administration is. Also, strongly. Defending, our national, security and. Combating. Radical. Islamic. Terrorism. Last, week I announced a, groundbreaking plan, for peace between Israel. And the Palestinians. Recognizing. That all past attempts, have failed we. Must be determined and creative, in order to stabilize, the region and give millions, of young people the chance to realize a better future, three. Years ago the, barbarians. Of Isis held. Over 20,000. Square miles of territory in, Iraq and Syria, today. The ISIS, territorial. Caliphate, has, been 100%. Destroyed.

And The, founder, and leader of Isis, the, bloodthirsty. Killer known as al Baghdadi, is dead. We, are joined this evening by Carl, and Marcia Muller, after. Graduating, from college their beautiful, daughter Kyla. Became. A humanitarian. Aid worker. She. Once wrote some, people, find God in church, some, people find God in nature, some. People find God in love I find God and suffering. I've known for some time what. My life's work, is using. My hands as tools to relieve suffering. In. 2013. While. Caring, for suffering. Civilians, in Syria Kayla. Was kidnapped, tortured, and, enslaved, by Isis and kept as a prisoner of al. Baghdadi, himself. After. More than 500. Horrifying. Days of captivity, al. Baghdady. Murdered. Young, beautiful. Kayla. She. Was just 26, years old on, the, night that US Special, Forces operations, ended, al Baghdadi's, miserable. Life the. Chairman, of the joint chiefs of staff general. Mark Milley received. A call in the Situation. Room he. Was told that the brave men of the elite Special Forces team, that. So perfectly, carried, out the operation, had. Given, their. Mission, a name. Task. Force. 8:14. It was. A reference to a special, day August. 14th. Kayla's. Birthday, Karl, and Marcia, America's. Warriors never forgot. Kayla, and neither. Will. We. Every, day America's, men and women in uniform demonstrate. The infinite, depth of love that dwells in the human heart one. Of these American. Heroes was, Army, Staff Sergeant, Christopher. Hake. On. His second, deployment to, Iraq in, 2008. Sergeant. Hake wrote a letter to his one-year-old. Son gage, I will. Be with you again he, wrote to gage I will, teach you to ride your first bike build. Your first sandbox. Watch, you play sports and see, you have kids also I love. You son, take, care of your mother I am always with, you daddy. On. Easter, Sunday of 2008. Chris. Was out on patrol in Baghdad when. His Bradley. Fighting Vehicle was. Hit by, a roadside bomb. That. Night he made the ultimate sacrifice for. Our country. Sergeant. Hague now. Rests, an eternal, glory in Arlington, and his. Wife Kelly is in the gallery tonight joined, by their son who. Is now a 13. Year old and, doing. Very very well - Kelly engage. Chris. Will live in our hearts forever, he. Is looking down on you now thank you. Thank. You very much thank, you both very much. The. Terror is responsible. For killing sergeant. Hake was. Kassim Soleimani who. Provided, the deadly roadside, bomb that. Took Chrissy's life. Salamone. Was the, Iranian regime's most ruthless, butcher a monster. Who murder or wounded thousands, of American, servicemembers. In Iraq as the. World's top terrorists, allamani orchestrated. The deaths of countless, men. Women. And children, he. Directed, the December, dassault and went. On to assault the. US forces in Iraq was.

Actively, Planning, new attacks, when. We hit him very hard and that's. Why last month at my direction the US military, executed. A flawless, precision, strike that. Killed Salamone and terminated. His evil reign of terror forever. Our, message to the terrorists, is clear you. Will never escape. American. Justice. If you, attack our citizens. You, forfeit, your life. In, recent months we have seen proud, Iranians, raised their voices against, their oppressive, rulers the. Iranian, regime must, abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons, stop. Spreading, terror, death, and destruction and, start. Working for the good of its own people, because. Of our powerful sanctions, the Iranian, economy is, doing very very poorly, we. Can help them make a very. Good and short. Time, recovery. It. Can all go very, quickly but perhaps they are too proud or too foolish to, ask for that help we. Are here let's. See which road they choose it, is totally, up to them. As, we. Defend American, lives we are working to end America's, wars in the Middle East in Afghanistan. The. Determination. And valor of our war fighters has. Allowed us to make tremendous, progress in peace talks are now under way I am. NOT looking, to kill hundreds. Of thousands, of people in Afghanistan. Many. Of them totally, innocent it. Is also not our function, to serve other, nations, as. Law-enforcement. Agencies. These. Are war fighters that we have the best in the world and they. Either want, to fight to win or not fight at all we. Are working to, finally, end America's, longest, war and, bring. Our troops back home. War, places, a heavy burden on our nation's extraordinary. Military families, especially. Spouses. Like amy Williams, from Fort, Bragg North Carolina and, her, two children six-year-old. Ileana, and three-year-old. Rowan, Amy. Works full-time and, volunteers, countless, hours helping. Other military, families for. The past seven months she has done at all while her husband, sergeant first last Townsend. Williams is in, Afghanistan on. His fourth deployment in the Middle East, Amy's. Kids haven't seen their fathers face in many months. Amy. Your family sacrifice. Makes. It possible for, all, of our families, to live in safety and a, peace and we, want to thank you thank you Amy. But, Amy. There. Is one more thing tonight we have a very special, surprise I, am. Thrilled to inform, you that your husband, is back from deployment he, is here with us tonight and we couldn't keep, him waiting, any longer. Welcome. Home sergeant Williams, thank you very much. As. The. World bears witness tonight. America. Is a land of heroes there's. A place where greatness, is born, where. Destinies, are forged, and where legends, come. To life, this. Is the home of Thomas Edison, and Teddy Roosevelt of, many. Great generals, including Washington. Pershing. Patent and MacArthur, this. Is the home of Abraham. Lincoln, Frederick. Douglass Amelia. Earhart Harriet. Tubman the Wright brothers, Neil. Armstrong, and so, many more this. Is the country where children learn names like Wyatt Earp. Davy. Crockett and Annie. Oakley, this. Is the place where. The Pilgrims, landed, at Plymouth and, where. Texas, Patriots, made their last stand at, the Alamo. The, beautiful, beautiful Alamo.

The. American nation was carved out of the vast frontier by, the toughest, strongest. Fiercest. And most determined. Men and women ever, to walk on the face of the earth our, ancestors. Brave the unknown, tame. The wilderness, settled. The Wild West lifted. Millions from poverty, disease and hunger. Vanquished. Tyranny. And fascism. Assured. The world to new heights of science, and medicine, laid. Down the railroads. Dug. Out the canals, raised. Up the skyscrapers. And ladies. And gentlemen our ancestors. Built the. Most exceptional, republic, ever, to exist in, all of human, history and, we, are making it greater, than, ever before. This. Is their glorious, and magnificent. Inheritance. We. Are Americans, we are pioneers, we. Are the Pathfinders. We. Settled the New World, we. Built the modern world and we change history forever by, embracing the eternal, truth that every. One is made equal by. The hand, of Almighty. God. America. Is the place where, anything can happen. America. Is the place where, anyone, can rise and. Here. On this, land on this soil on, this, continent, the. Most incredible. Dreams come true. This. Nation, is our, canvas, and this, country, is our, masterpiece. We. Look at tomorrow and see. Unlimited. Frontiers. Just. Waiting, to be explored our. Brightest. Discoveries. Are, not, yet known, our. Most thrilling, stories, are, not. Yet told. Our. Grandest, journeys. Are. Not, yet made the. American. Age the. American, epic, the. American, adventure has. Only just begun. Our. Spirit, is still young, the. Sun is still rising. God's. Grace, is, still shining and, my. Fellow Americans, the. Best is yet, to come. One, hour and 15 minutes, on the clock and there were a lot of moments in this speech and we'll go through a number of them including the one you saw at the end there where. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, appeared, to take the speech in our hand and rip it in half. Wow. There were few more stunning moments, also a moment ago seeing a service members say hello to his wife and children chants. Of USA up. In the gallery and if, you go to the moment that began, the night that will be talked about by many not just that what we saw by Speaker Pelosi, as. The president, signs a. House. Members, tie their way out there was a moment, in the beginning that happened when President, Trump picked. Up the speech, and handed. To the speaker Pelosi she appeared to reach her hand out to him but it did not happen, there was no handshake.

Now, In about 17, hours the US Senate's going to vote on two articles, of impeachment the, president. Expect to be acquitted on that he did not even mention the word tonight. What. Was stunning, to this observer was, the body language, in the chamber. During. So many moments Republicans. Were sometimes joyous. Democrats, clearly. Expressing. Their disdain. Rather, an obvious, political, and sometimes. Personal. Divide, in Washington, was clear and evident tonight. For. The president, his job was clear sell the economy, his key lines in the beginning the years of economic decay, are over, this, is a blue-collar, boom, he. Sold his trade, deal signed with Mexico, China, and Canada, saying. Unlike others we did our job. Now. We are, about nine months from an election with tens of millions, watching tonight and this was a big stage, for. That campaign, to begin for the White House people get the Democratic, response in a few minutes but before that, starts, we've got about five minutes back with our team now Marie harf former. Spokeswoman, for the Obama State Department, Jonathan Swan national, political, reporter the Axios Molly Hemingway, senior editor the Federalists and Ari, Fleischer former, White House press secretary the. President george, w bush, ari, i was going to ask you to, rate it and how it went but. That moment at the end where speaker, Pelosi. Took. The speech and, the paper in front of her and ripped it in half is something that certainly will be talked about go ahead and grade it what happened tonight what did we just watch in here you. Know bill here's my take we live in a very polarized, era and the president typically plays to his base but this was a speech tonight where he tried to rise above his base and be inclusive he, talked about a blue-collar boom he talked about inclusiveness, and particularly. This was a speech designed to appeal to African, Americans, he, talked about explicitly, the Tuskegee, Airmen civil, rights Martin, Luther King Selma. Historically. Black colleges, and universities, Frederick. Douglass and Harriet Tubman, that. Was a direct appeal in an election year the african-american, vote and, I do want to point out Trump, doubled McCain's, vote among African Americans and if 33%, more of the vote that Mitt Romney he's. Trying for double digits there was a lot of that in the speech tonight okay, gonna try and get everybody in before, we hear from the Democratic, governor from Michigan, Molly Hemingway, frame what you heard tonight for, the past hour and 20 minutes, that.

Was A masterful, speech from President Trump he, was. Able to go, through how, the, successes, of the economy. Bipartisan. Successes, that he that he'd had he was generous, with Congress, and so far as they contributed, to that he, really articulated. A return, to an American, foreign policy where. There is strength, but restraint, something. That we haven't really seen since Reagan, but goes all the way back to Eisenhower and. We'd had a we'd had a brief detour, of that in recent administrations. And, thinking. Through the cost of war which was one of those interesting things and, and, how. Much families, have to pay when we have war fighters, in foreign, lands, on extended, tours and that. Is it's. Kind of a masterful, election. Year speech and it. Also highlighted. How small. Democrats. Seem it's just a coincidence, that today is one of the worst days Democrats, have had in this administration also, one of the best days President Trump has had and it was hard to ignore that disparity, and watching. People who had to struggle to see who wanted to stay silent in their. But it looked very weird. To see them sitting silently as as American, heroes were being let me Bob out to your commentary, after Marie harf for the other perspective, on that it's, been a tough 24, hours if you go back to the Iowa caucuses, and Murray, what did you think of the reaction on behalf of Democrats, in the chamber maybe, speaker. Pelosi went, into receiving. Tonight, the. President, certainly knows how to put on a show and he did that tonight the stories the personal, stories were quite touching they were used. To illustrate I, think really important, policy questions, but. The president, I disagree, with re here I actually think this is one of the most partisan, State, of the Union speeches, I've ever heard, it is, clear, that we are in an election year bill and when, he talked about immigration when. He talked about health. Care and medicare for all language. He used in the State of the Union tonight was quite, partisan, actually, I think much much different than what he's used in past State of the Union speeches, and it's, clear, that he was using this as a kickoff, to this election. Season, I think, we haven't seen Washington, much more. Polarized than it is right now and he really played into that tonight Jonathan. A lot, of these moments tonight were surprises. To many of us and, you've. Been tracking the movements at the White House throughout the day how many of these moments were surprised, to you. Well. We'd. Heard about one, grideau and, we'd heard about Rush, Limbaugh I didn't. Realize he was actually gonna get awarded, the, medal in the actual chamber, so that. One surprised. But, but I thought the the reuniting. Of the. Of the soldier, with his family. Was in. Terms of an emotional, high point. Of this speech that really I mean it was a surprise. I didn't know about that moment but that that, was for me but just to pick up on, Murray's, point look. I thought. What Trump did was, he picked the, partners, of a democratic, yeah the. Governor of Michigan come in okay it's okay just go I just give me ten seconds, in a quick one on that okay. Free. Health care for illegal. Immigrants, abolishing. Private health, insurance. And late. Term abortion, there the issues he picked as wedge issues, and he rammed them hard. Thank. You Jonathan, East Lansing Michigan the, governor of Michigan Gretchen, whittler now with the microphones. You.

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