Trump receives Border Wall Construction and Operational Update in Arizona

Trump receives Border Wall Construction and Operational Update in Arizona

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That's first and foremost. And i will say this, you're setting records, at the border. You've been, unbelievable. And i know the wall is helping you know in two weeks. We will have hit 300, miles, of wall. And this is a small version of it because actually, the real deal goes up 30 feet this is much smaller than that. But this is a, small version of it this is what the finish will be, those are anti-climb. Plates at top. So that makes it much more difficult, when you get to the top because you see these guys climbing up with drugs on their back. And when you see that. It's actually. They look at the wall, and they say let's pass, let's take a pass on it, so, it's been a really incredible, success so, within two weeks we'll be in uh, 300. General i think in 300, miles so we're actually going faster than that we'd like to think we can get to 300, by the end of this week that's been wow, yes sir. And we're doing about how many a week about 10 miles away over 10 miles a week over two miles a day that's fantastic. That's fantastic. So. It's a great uh it's a great feeling to have. Closed up the border now people come in if they come in through meredith they come in legally. But they don't come in like they used to and, human trafficking. Is, i think we're down 96. Or something it's uh been incredible. Mark what do you say a few words please yes sir so thank you, so first of all look, what you see behind me has saved. American, lives. Uh, every, single. Uh a bit of concrete, and steel that goes into the ground, the operational, capacity. Of the men and women you're seeing right here goes, exponentially. Higher, to stop, dangerous, things and people from coming into this country. Drugs. Drugs. Us, shape the behavior, of the cartels. It puts us in an offensive, position, just like the president, said, because of that this year year to date we've seized over a million, pounds of drugs, think about that, this year to date a million pounds of drugs, and this wall is helping, shape the behavior, so that we can get better at doing that we talk about criminals. We apprehend. Thousands, of criminals, every single year, think about that, a lot of these individuals, are violent, criminals, because of this wall, we're able to apprehend, and stop these criminals from coming to this country, to repeat. Their offenses, to we have fewer, victims, of united states citizens, because of the wall because of what this president has provided, us let's talk about gangs. Every single year we stop, hundreds and hundreds of gangs, from porn into this country, like ms-13. Whose motto, is rape kill and control. That's their model rape kill and control. Just recently wasn't that long ago they used machetes. To hack up their victims, and they actually leave them decapitated. That's what we're talking about when we're talking about what this tool, provides, us and then of course. Illegal, immigration, even during, the height of a global pandemic. Illegal, immigration, continues. And they allow themselves, to be put in stash houses that are unsanitary. Unsafe. They're put in uh, tractor trailers for days, i mean there's cloven, it's like a covered petri dish, but yet they're coming across, but because, of the tools that we have, like this wall, we're able to stop the illegal, entry of individuals. That have coveted, to protect, our. Citizens of this country, and mr president, i can say, i've been in law enforcement for over 30 years my entire, adult life, and i want to personally, thank you, you. Absolutely, understand, the threats that we face, along our borders, you understand that border security, is national security, and what today represents. Is a tremendous, achievement, that shows our commitment. And the president's, commitment. To do what he said he was going to do from the beginning, and that's everything, that we can, to give these men and women the tools that they need to safeguard. The health, safety and security, of the american people, so on behalf of the customs and border protection, mr president, i want to say thank you for your continued commitment. Well you've been my friend and you've been with us. From very early on and we appreciate, we've made a lot of progress. You know, you don't hear about the wall anymore, because we won. When you win. If you're us you never hear about it again. And we have page, after page of achievement, that you never hear of anymore. And people say oh, let's not talk about space force let's not talk about all of the things we've done. But the wall is something that probably, was the most visible of all. And it's working, so incredibly, 280. Miles, a little more than that. And again that'll be a great whether it's next week or the week after knowing the general will do it next week but we'll be at that 300.

Mile, Mark. And the difference, is like day and night number one you can use a lot, less people so you can be doing other things which is great because once you have the wall. Nobody gets through it. Additionally, the wall is equipped, with. Various, things it's, set up for cameras. And all sorts of, elements you control, uh. A lot of things even from the air within the wall. Interestingly. If you look this is steel, the exterior. But inside the steel is hardened concrete, very very strong heavy strength, concrete. And inside, the concrete, is rebar. So you have steel. You have concrete, you have rebar you have all different materials. So it's very very hard to get through very very hard. And it made it actually much stronger than it would be even if it was steel. So. Inside. Concrete, inside, that, what's called, grade a hardened. Rebar. Which is, very hard to saw you can't, do it very, easily. But i think it's going to be fantastic. And again, uh. The big thing is that plate, that's a big deal, we had people they couldn't they couldn't get over that that was the thing that stopped them they could get up to the plate but once they got there there was nothing to grab. So it's called anti-climb. It's been. It's been great general would you like to say something i would sir and uh you know i think the amazing, thing about this is it's part of a great, team here, uh we enjoy working for dhs. Commissioner, morgan and his people and the asians standing next to here. Heroes, they're the ones we work with every single day man the corps of engineers, again we stay in concrete and steel but, our employees, out in the army corps of engineers are very very dedicated. To be able to make sure we can get this done we talked about the 300, mile mark but what you might not know, is that, this administration. Has basically, funded us for. 733. Miles. 300, are going in or i mean already in right now basically. There's another, 300, that are being built, right now in every other, places across these four states. 49, different, projects, they're all going in the ground, and then the last, 133. Are in design, and acquisition, we're writing the contracts. We're designing, it but that's. 733. Miles that are paid for, to be able to continue to exit, the things i believe this president, is that we want to continue to go out of our way to try to make sure we're taking care of the environment, and mitigate, any damages, out there, we're also worried about the native american tribes, we're worried about landowners. We want to do this the best way we can to achieve, this objective, and we're just very very proud and honored, to be a part of this overall great team. As you know we have some natural, walls so to speak we have mountain areas, we have very very rough areas that are, virtually, impossible, to get by. We have, the river itself we have a river that's a rough river a dangerous, river. And, you don't need walls at certain locations. But. We have covered it and this is something that's very special, very important. And uh, i looked at the platform, i didn't see it but i know they used to talk about it that they would take down the wall if they got in they would take it down. And one of the, incredible, things in terms mark of timing. Is that because, of the. Coronavirus. Or whatever you want to call it the china plague, call whatever you want china plague is more accurate. But because of what happened, with this. Mexico, is heavily infected. And it's stopping, people from coming across we put up 18 miles in san diego, as an example right opposite. Tijuana. And tijuana, is probably the worst place in south america, in terms of the. The china virus, it's, i think it is the worst place and. San diego, is not suffering at all because of it, and so it's i mean it's an incredible, thing that happened. So california, is actually very happy that we built the wall they don't say it publicly, because they can't it's not good politically, for them, although i actually think it probably, is good politically, for them. So, it's been an incredible. Success. Uh chad you want to say a couple of ways, absolutely, let me again thank you for your leadership mr president, on providing, the resources, to build over 450. Miles. Of the new border wall system by the end of this calendar year, never, did we ever dream of that at the beginning of this administration, so thank you for that, let me also say a lot of the procedures.

That We are putting in place today. Are having a real impact, on applying, a consequence, to those that are entering the country, illegally. Those that are coming into the country without any legal right to be here, uh we put enough, procedures, in place that we are returning, 90, of those individuals. Within 120, minutes today, it's a big accomplishment. And then let me just end by uh thanking you for your support for the men and women of law enforcement. Dhs, is the largest law enforcement, agency in the country, we have over 60 000 law enforcement officers. And the dangerous, push, and policies, that we see today. Talking about defunding, law enforcement, and defunding, police. Are irresponsible. So i want to thank you for your support for the men and women of law enforcement, men and women that are standing to your left, uh thank you for that as well and we'll continue, to. Do the mission of the department. Today. Uh despite, the uh. The types of criticisms, that we receive. Well a lot of people even the media frankly i mean they see what's happening they see the numbers, and there hasn't been very much criticism. Amazingly. Would anybody have anything to say to the, we call them the fake news media but we don't want to say that, do you have anything to say, any statements, to make or questions. To ask of. Them. On behalf of the men and women of cbp. And all the law enforcement, across the country, thank you for your support. Been doing this job for 29, years, and i can tell you that it makes a world of difference. Knowing that we have the top cover from our commissioners. And certainly from the administration. And i want to tell you that, the infrastructure, that we're putting into place, whether it's a technology. Whether, it's the wall system. Or the men and women. That we're adding to our workforce, each and every day, it's certainly going to help improve the security in our country, and so on behalf of all of us, that each day put on our uniform, leave our families. Hoping, to make a difference. We appreciate, your support, thank you. Do you have any. Questions. Says, that the white house liaison, for dhs. Has been asked to dig up dirt on him, is that true, i don't know anything about that uh what i can tell you is i'm very disappointed. In mr taylor. He was at the department. For a number of years. But again. I decided, to. Left the department, over a year ago a year and a half ago. Left the department, uh very, praising, the administration's. Policies. Procedures. Has said nothing since that time in 70 days, roughly 70 days from election. Has decided, now to start talking i think most reasonable americans, understand. What that is all about so, very disappointed, and if i could add i never met them they're the best of my knowledge i never heard of him, i don't know who he is. I then said when did he leave and it was like a year and a half ago. He said the best things about. What we're doing, unbelievable. Statements. And he left a year africa. All of a sudden he's bed-mouthing. Now the reason is the democrats. Or somebody got to him and said how would you like to speak. Or whatever he's a low-life, anybody, that does that is a low-life, to me, and it's a shame because these people work so hard. And i don't even know if you know miles taylor do you know who he is never met himself, i never met him i never heard of him before but all of a sudden they have big headlines. Member of the trump administrator, he's done a trump administration. And he's been gone for close to a year and a half. And i guess you met him or knew him a little bit. But, he left, and we checked said the greatest things. And all of a sudden he says bad. Right before an election, these are bad people, these are sick people. And. We call it out the difference is we call it out somebody else would let him get away with it, we call him out he's a lowlife. Okay. Do you have an update on the post office situation. Yeah the post office, is uh. Running as well as it has in a long time they took a lot of, old administrative. Acts where they wanted to do from past administrations.

And They've done them look i have a much better idea of the post office. You raise the price per package. By. A number that it should be. So that instead of amazon, and these other companies, making a fortune, including the fact that they pay virtually, no tax which is ridiculous. And very unfair, to, regular, stores. Will pay for the cost of the post office, so now instead of losing. Tens of billions, of dollars a year like it has been for 30 40 years. Amazon, should pay for it and so should other, companies, in the business of amazon, delivery. They should pay they should also pay tax by the way. And then you'll solve your problem of the post office because i don't want to lay people off i'm not laying postal workers, off, and, let me just tell you. What we do. Is it's price per package, and they have it figured, exactly. Whether it's two dollars. Or three dollars. And you make it so amazon. Has to pay, and they can't pass it on. They make a lot of money they can't pass it on to their customer. Right now amazon, comes in they build their big. Plant. And they deliver the easy ones and the hard ones they give to the post office. And the plant is usually right next to a big post office building or post office. They dump, packages. Into the post office. We the united states, delivers, the package, for amazon. And we lose a lot of money, unacceptable. And i've been telling these people to do this for the last three years. But they just got the board, and we're going to be doing it, amazon, is going to pay for the post office. Do you have any any uh role in the decision not to make any changes to the postal service. You have a good man. The head man, and he was carrying, on for years. What has been taking. Place at mark is that a correct size. This has been going on for a long time, but i have a much better idea. You get. More per package. Because the people that used to be there under the obama administration. Appointed, by, obama. They never went. Really they never raised the prices, on amazon. So amazon's, paying an ancient, price. And they shouldn't be. And they shouldn't be allowed to pass it on to their customer. They have to pay for it themselves they make a fortune. So they've used the post office. And they've used it. Very smartly. Very well, and i've known this for, a period of time but now you have a full board. And we should raise the price. Of packages. Amazon, has to pay, and we shouldn't get rid of any of our postal workers i don't want to get rid of our postal workers. If you look at past administrations. They wanted to cut, the post office way down i don't want to do that, and by the way amazon, could never replicate, the post office the post office is bigger than amazon, by a lot. Hard to believe how big it is. But it also loses, billions, and billions, lost. 78. Billion dollars, over a short. Period like a 12-year, period of time something like that, 78, billion. Now we'll fix it very easily it can be done in one day. We charge amazon. For use. Because it's part of their model. They think the post office is stupid. They think the people in government, is stupid. So he builds plants he builds his. Receptor, plant or whatever he may call it or they may call it. And he takes, a lot of that stuff, and he drops it into the post office, then the post office loses two and a half dollars, every time. They deliver, a package, they shouldn't do that. So my idea, is very simple. Amazon, has to pay they can't pass it on to their. Because they shouldn't they make so much money. They've made money by using, the us. Post office. And nobody, did anything about it i did because we started, this project two years ago. In the position, to do it. So that's what they should be doing, this way you keep everything. Your post office, could almost, probably.

Make Money. Probably, ends up making, money with first time in. 45, years, that it would actually make money. And i don't want to fire anybody, in the postal, service all right i think that's pretty clear yeah. You agree with the senate's conclusion, that, do you agree with the senate's conclusion, that vladimir, putin directed, the hack of democrats, emails. I don't know anything about it i didn't read it i did see. Senator rubio, saying donald trump had absolutely, nothing to do with it, he was on before he said, donald trump had absolutely. Nothing to do with russia. It's all a hoax, it's a big hoax. What was in a report, done by some politicians. On the other side, like warner, what was in the report that i don't know but, i know one thing that was in the report that donald, trump had absolutely. Nothing to do with it, or with russia, is that right did you read that. Go ahead did you read it come on you can say, thank you very much. Thank you very much. The report, also, said that ukraine, there was no evidence that ukraine, interfered, in the 2016, election do you still believe me. So i thought it was russia you mean now it's you so, who are you with who you live no. You did not find any evidence that ukraine, were here to 2016. Do you believe that you're telling me that ukraine, did interfere, now, no i'm not i'm saying that senate. The senate intelligence, committee led by republicans. Did not find any evidence. That ukraine, interfered, in 2016.. You repeatedly. Have said that they did, do you still believe they did i don't know anything, about it i don't know about ukraine. I don't know about russia. All i know is that i had nothing to do with either one of them and that came out loud, and clear in the report. Loud and clear, and i want to thank senator, rubio, he made it very very. Powerfully, he made a very powerful statement today he said donald trump had absolutely, nothing to do with russia. And that's true, okay what else. China talks were postponed. You were. U.s china talks were, postponed. You were supposed to have a review. Of this. I postponed, them, i post some talks with china you know why, i don't want to deal with them. I don't want to deal with them now with what they did to this country and to the world, i don't want to talk to china right now okay. Look. What china did to the world was.

Even Thinkable. They could have stopped, they stopped it from going into china. And they should have stopped it, so that's correct, i cancelled, talks with china. Mr president. Sleepy, joe biden never got in china would own the united, states they'd own it they'd own every one of these people they'd own this building they'd own the united, states, because biden. Would give them everything. For two reasons number one he's not smart. And number two he's weak. China would own our country. And you know what else. You'll have a deal the first month or sooner. With iran, iran is dying to make a deal. But i said let's wait till after the election. And they would want to wait because there's a chance if if biden never got in. They'd give them another 150. Billion like they did the dumbest deal i've ever seen. Iran. On the basis, of the us intelligence, report that they came down you're going to see. You're going to see very soon, i don't talk about that you'll see very soon any other questions. Mr pillow. Uh, the pillow guy he's. Promoting. A new, therapeutic, for proven 19. O'leandren. And he says you're enthusiastic. About it, is that true nothing about it other than i know he's got something that he's working with some. Science, people. I don't know, i don't know all i know is this, we're very close to a vaccine. We have the best companies, in the world doing it we're very close to therapeutic. We're going to solve it therapeutically, in addition which frankly to me is better, because it's quicker for now. The vaccine, is great, therapeutic. So we're very close to coming with the answers we've already i think you have answers. You know the truth. Then we have to generally, have to deliver it we're going to do it through the military, through one of your friends as a general, exactly, for logistics. But, i don't know anything about it i haven't heard that what is he doing he's waiting he's promoting, some kind of a. He's out here talking about that i don't know i don't know the name but i know mike is a good man because, he's a good man he makes a good pillow. Do you accept, that your 2016.

Campaign, Staff were a security. Risk given their high level of contact. With russia, you have to say it louder. Do you accept that your. Campaign, staff constituted. A security. Risk. I don't even know who you're talking, about i know that. I know that. Ukraine. Sent a, phony document. Saying it was a manafort, document, and it was a forged document, the black book they call it a black book. And it turned out i believe to be forged. But i wouldn't know what you're talking about i can only tell you this, they said donald trump knew nothing about anything and that came out loud and clear. You could find a couple of sentences, inside, that say something, i don't know, but i can say this. That black book, that had to do with somebody, that, worked for me for a very short period of time. I think he's a good man you want to know the truth but i don't know, but i i will say that the book, i think, they said, was forged, it was a phony book. Just like everything else was phony with that whole deal. Look we put the obama, administration. Spying, on our campaign, they spied in our campaign. That's treason. That's treason. If this were the other way around, and it was, democrats. Instead of republicans. It'd be people many people would be in jail already it's a disgrace. That it's taking this long, we caught him spying on our campaign. Let's see what happens. We just last week i guess they announced last week. That a very high level person from the fbi, was forging, documents. In order to make me look bad. All right, it's all about making me look bad. So he was, a high level man he was forging, documents. Let's see what happens, to him. But the bottom line is we caught president, obama, and sleepy, joe. Spying, on our campaign. That's treason. That's, illegal. These people should take them and do something with them i'll tell you it's a disgrace, it's really a disgrace. And they knew it, and not only spying. They were working on our campaign, before, i won and after i won, hence, the insurance, policy. From strzok and his lover. Paige. To lovers they got caught because they were lovers. And. She said, and he said. She's going to win but just in case she loses we have an insurance, policy. Well, we went through the insurance, policy. The problem is. Them and we caught them cold. And let's see what happens. And obama, knew about it, and i'm sure michelle, knew about it. Invite. All right. Manafort, then. I think it was tweeted. Unbelievably. Big. Book, they say. Was a phony, book. So we'll see what happens with him we'll see. I i'm very happy to have. Given a full and complete, pardon to susan, b anthony. That was a great thing i was very popular, too, it was a very good one, and i actually asked the other day i said they were talking about susan b anthony, and you know she made. She did that for other people and she didn't want herself, included, she wasn't included, in the part from many years.

Ago. And i said well so. She has a record, and they said yeah she has a record. I said, why can't we partner, they said that's the coolest, idea i've ever heard. And it's been very very popular, susan, b anthony. And i've just signed the pardon i've just signed the papers. And uh, she is. Fully pardoned. First time in a long time she's fully fired, how do you feel about oracle, do you think oracle would be a good buyer for tick-tock. Well i think oracle, is a, great company, and i think its owner is a, tremendous, guy, tremendous. Person. I think that oracle, would be certainly somebody that could handle it yeah. We gave them until september, 15th. After that they got a clothes shop. Okay that's tick-tock. Microsoft. Well i guess microsoft. Wants it and so does oracle and probably, so do other people. But they have to also make sure the united, states is well compensated. Because we're the ones making it possible, very simple. We're the ones making it possible. So our treasury, has to be very well compensated. Fees it's called you have to put money into the treasury. Any other questions. Been a bit more lively than the democratic, one. Well their ratings were very bad, they just announced their ratings i thought it was. Not the best television, i've ever watched, it was brutal, actually. No their ratings were very bad i think we're going to do great. Thursday, night i'm doing it live unlike michelle, obama, i'm doing it live. And, it'll be thursday, night it'll be at the white house on the south lawn. And, hopefully you'll enjoy it. Okay. Live by the way is always much more exciting than it takes especially when she made the tape look, the event. She didn't even have the accurate facts and then they say what a wonderful job, what what was wonderful, about it, it was a divisive. Speech. Devoid, of facts and it wasn't current it was old. It was done probably two three weeks ago. So you know but the media will always say good. Since we're here talking about the wall and the. Approaching. Do you have anything to say about your 2016. Campaign, promise that mexico, would pay for it. No. They're going to pay. Uh at the border at the gate. Cars going through we're going to do a toll. Or we may do a toll for money being sent back and forth, they will pay for it yeah they aren't paying for it, it's 100, yeah right now, no no it doesn't matter whether they pay, now or, over the next, 12 months. Oh no mexico, will be bad we have a very good relationship, with mexico. And we built the wall under budget. Ahead of schedule. Once we started. These guys army corps of engineers, did a great job, and mexico, is paying for the wall yeah. Either through the toll. And it's a very small, charge because we do such big business. You know it's the largest. Entry to a country, in terms of business. Anywhere in the world by far a lot of people.

Are Southern our border, between. Mexico, and other countries. But are. The largest, point of entry anywhere in the world. So they are paying for it yep. One of the officials here one of the experts to talk a little bit about what that fee is how much it is and how much you, plan to actually, what we're doing now is we. Have to charge. What the charge would be it won't be very substantial. Because we have millions, and millions of cars and trucks going through the border. And we also may do it as a tax or a combination. We may do it as a tax, money being sent back into mexico. And you know what that's what. But it's not going to always be. China virus, goes. It will be open. But i will tell you this, um. We built a great wall, the army corps of engineers did a spectacular. Job. Maybe even superseded. By border patrol, and all of the people right yes sir because the job you've done without the wall is incredible you know the democrats, used to say. You don't need a wall, we need drones. What are you going to do with this drone watch people go by. Two things never got old, you know technology, is an amazing, thing two things never got. You know what it was what is a wall, and one is a wheel. And you can come back in a thousand, years from now, and you can have walls. Wheels, other things, they're all obsolete. But we can run, drones, right from the wall we have technology. That we flip onto the wall we can run our drones, we can run all sorts of cameras. It's all wired up we have everything you can possibly, have it's an amazing. It's an amazing, and very complex, setup yeah. Speaker pelosi, said today that she, wanted to meet halfway, on a stimulus, bill. When are you i don't know what she says, she doesn't know what she says, she reminds me of jill. She doesn't know what she says. Okay. Thank you very much now i've got to make a speech i'm sure you'll enjoy a speech in 120. Degree weather. But, i got to do it and i will do it mr president. They'll protect me while i'm making that speech i know that. Thank you very much thank. You. If anybody wants to stay let's get. This.

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