Trump hosts a 'Make America Great Again Victory Rally' in Scranton, PA

Trump hosts a 'Make America Great Again Victory Rally' in Scranton, PA

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Nobody's, ever heard that chant before you know it's never a chant that anybody's, ever heard any. Political, we like ronald reagan we like, people but, nobody's, ever heard of that chanter, we appreciate, it. Next year, will be the greatest, economic, year in the history of our country, we have the foundations. Already. Under my leadership, our economy, is now growing, at the fastest, rate, ever. Recorded. Last. Friday, it was released. 33.1. The fastest. We created, a record. 11.4. Million, jobs, in the last five months. While foreign, nations, are in a free fall and you see what's happening all over the world. We are creating, an economic. Powerhouse. Unrivaled. Anywhere, in the world. We went down less, and we've gone up much more nobody, close. A recent, gallup poll. Found that 56. Of americans, say they are better off today than they were four years. Ago. If biden. And kamala, you know kamala, right. Remember, it's the, it's the harris. Biden, administration. When he said that. The harris biden no no joe you're supposed to go first joe. But harris, and uh the radical, left and she is radical, left she's, farther. I guess you could say bernie is. A conservative. By comparison. Right. Now she's the most far left the radical, left gained power. They will collapse, our economy, and send pennsylvania. Into a, steep. Depression. Don't worry about it's not gonna happen, i don't think it's gonna happen. It's not gonna happen we're gonna win. We've got some big surprises. Oh look at look at all of the fake news. Look at all of the. Facts. David. Biden will raise your taxes, four trillion, dollars. Massively. Increasing. Your regulations. They're going to increase your regulations. May be more important than the tax cuts, we gave the biggest, tax cut in the history of our country. And maybe, more importantly. We did regulation. Cuts which were also the biggest, in the history of our country. Whether it be, four years, eight years or in one case more. Shut down your economy, close down manufacturing. Send your jobs, overseas. Destroy, our suburbs, and he will destroy. Our suburbs. So i say to the women of the suburbs, love me women of the suburbs. I terminated. I terminated. The regulation. Dissolve, your borders. Terminate. Religious, liberty. Outlaw, private healthcare. 180. Million, people, outlaw. They're going to have socialized, medicine, that's what they're going to have. Somehow, i don't see pennsylvania. Liking that too, much. Confiscate. Your gun second amendment, in big trouble.

And Indoctrinate. Your children, with anti-american. Lies. I just signed an executive, order to teach our students. Pro-american. Values. Biden has vowed to abolish. Extinguish. And eradicate, american, oil. All fracking, and natural, gas and you know i say this because, we'll give it an extra little time. This is pennsylvania. This is, a state that's a wonderful, state i went to school, i went to college here, and i'll tell you what and i know it well. A big part of your. Livelihood, your money your income your low taxes, is fracking. He spent, over a year saying. He will not allow fracking. The first time he came into pennsylvania. As. The nominee, which was a shock, to everybody. Everybody. All elizabeth. Pocahontas. Warren had to do is. Leave two days early and. It would have been crazy bernie, instead of, sleepy, joe. I would have had. A crazy guy instead of a sleepy, guy. But he came in and after going for one year and she forget it she still can't, say it she can't say it. But he said no we will ban fracking, we will ban fracking, that's what he said many many times. Once he got the nomination. He came. To pennsylvania. They said you're going to have to do something because you have a million, jobs. And it's a massive. Part of your wealth. So he walked in and he went from we will ban fracking. To, of course we can have fracking, what's the problem. But just remember, this. It's always, yeah that's right he says he said play the video, you know i might not have that one in the video today. But you know. He immediately. Changed, and the, fake news. The fake news where is hunter. Where is where's hunter. Hunter's, in a foreign, country, taking in. 25, million today. He's had a country that his father just left picking up about 25, million. No that's total corruption. But he went out he went out, and he started, talking about. Fracking. And he said, we will absolutely. Allow you but not on government, land, you know not in government, and the press never held him accountable. And they never held him accountable, for all of the corruption. That he's a part of. Biden's, plan to ban fracking. Is an economic, death sentence, for pennsylvania. Biden's, energy, shutdown, will wipe out your jobs decimate, your towns. Eliminate, your factories, and send your state into a nightmare. Of, crippling, poverty you've been there you've been there. You had the best. Three years, that you've ever had under president, trump. The best. The best three years. And next year, will be the best of all watch. You see it happening, if you look at housing, starts. You look at automobile. Manufacturing. You can have your best year next year, unless somebody, decides, to come along. And quadruple. Your taxes. Then you're going, down here. Which is what he's going to do a vote for biden. Is a vote to ban fracking. Outlaw, mining. Explode, energy, costs. And totally, destroy. Pennsylvania. You know that right it's going to destroy, pennsylvania. And it can happen it can happen very fast you take a look at a country take a look at venezuela.

Same Ideology. And this was, unbelievably. Wealthy. Rich country one of the richest countries. And. Now they don't have water they don't have food they don't have medicine. It's a very sad situation. It can happen here just much much bigger. But it can happen here with these maniacs, and. You know it's one of those things joe biden. Is a globalist. Who spent 47. Years, outsourcing. Your jobs. Opening, your borders. And sacrificing. American, blood and treasure. On ridiculous. Endless, foreign, wars, most of you have never even, heard of some of these countries. He shuddered your steel, mills i got them open. I got them open i. I tariffed. I tariffed. Very nicely, tariffed. Dumped steel they were dumping steel china was dumping steel all over the place. You asked the heads of your steel companies you wouldn't have any steel companies, right now. Annihilated. Your coal jobs, and supported, every disastrous. Trade deal. For half a century. He was a cheerleader. Of nafta which was one of the worst trade deals ever made we have a very good one now thank you. And china's, entry into the world trade organization. Which, lifted, china, into, a. Great power, great economic, power. Except. They were going to catch us for 10 years if you study. China was going to catch us in 2019. Guess what, we were going so far ahead. And frankly if you have somebody, smart, real smart in this position. They'll never catch you, they will, never ever catch you. But if you study the history, you'll see, 10 years ago. 2019. They will catch and they would have if i didn't come along they would have caught you they would have caught you, and then we had the plague we built the greatest, economy, in history. And then we had the plague coming from china, came in. We closed it down. We saved 2 million lives, we saved 2 million lives and nobody. Gets it, the projection, was 2.2. Million modeled, out. We saved 2 million, lives. We understand, the disease, and now we opened it up and by the way pennsylvania. Get your state, open. Get it open. Terrible. Your governor has to open your state pennsylvania. Has to open your state. Terrible. Get it open. Get it up open governor. Get it open and count, the votes, honestly, governor, count them honestly. There was a uh, very good poster last night actually a good one he has us winning everything but he was on last night. How is he going to do in pennsylvania. He was on a show called sean hannity have you ever heard of it. No and he said how is he going to do in pennsylvania, he's going to win pennsylvania, except for the cheating. We figure we have to leave, percent for the cheating that takes care, can you believe it for the cheating that takes place in, pennsylvania. And the guy meant it a very great pollster, but he predicted would win the whole election. But the question was what about pennsylvania, said well you have to leave, five percent, for the cheating, and when the supreme court gave you to extension. They made a very dangerous, situation. And i mean, dangerous. Physically, dangerous. And they made it a very very bad they did a very bad thing for the state, they did a very bad thing for this nation. You have to have a date. You can't extend. Dates. The danger, that could be caused by that extension. And especially, when you know what goes on in, philadelphia. And it's been going on for years. So, governor, open up your state, and please don't cheat governor, please don't change. Because we're all watching. We're all watching you governor we got a lot of we have a lot of eyes on the governor and his friends. A couple of other governors, out there too pennsylvania. Lost half of its manufacturing. Jobs. After. So pennsylvania. Lost half of your manufacturing. Jobs think of it joe biden. Is a corrupt, politician. Who sold out to pennsylvania. To china, and also, sold out. For personal, gain and family, gain and where's hunters, hunter in the crowd. Where's up. In, 2016. Pennsylvania. Voted to, fire, this corrupt political. Establishment. And you elected, an outsider, as your president. Who is finally. Putting. America, first. And if i don't sound like a typical, washington.

Politician. It's because, i'm not, a. Probably, why i'm here. If i don't always play by the rules of washington. Or the washington. Establishment. It's because i was elected, to fight for you, harder. Than anyone. Has ever, fought. I will tell you that. Now think of everything, we've been through look. From before, i came to office, from before, i came whenever we'll do that in a second. Well you are an enthusiastic. Punch. You are something. Well first of all first of all. You know you're known as a late. Voting, state that means you're smart. How about all the things, hashtag. How do i change my vote did you see that, after the debate. The number one trend, was, how do we change our vote, that was the debate did everybody see the debate. Yeah. They want to change, a lot of people want is this a change to vote state, not so much probably. I don't think your governor would let you do that. No we have some states, they're changing the votes and it was, started with the debates, and then they see the rallies the biggest rallies. By the way and i'll say this to the fake news. In the history. In the history of our country there's never been anything like this. There's never been anything like that, and this is at a. Pretty. Early, part of the day i wouldn't say it's exactly, prime time, you got to see last night in florida, was amazing. But but think of this, they. They write from. Before i even, ran i mean i i announced, maybe before i announced they said i hear trump is oh let's go in and do it. But think of it we were under investigation. For three years. And it turned out to be a phony hoax. And it was a phony, impeachment. And based on the laptop, from hell. The impeachment, should have never been. Should have never happened in fact it should have happened against the other side because it was the other side that cheated. It was the other side that dealt with russia. And, but think of it and then they say. President, trump we don't know if we like his personality. President, trump, he's too rough. He's too tough. Let me tell you something. If we didn't have a certain type of personality. And if we didn't fight. We wouldn't be here right now. Because. We caught, them. We caught them. Spying, on our campaign. And trying to take out a duly, elected. President, of the united, states. And i fought like hell, because we don't know any other way. We have to fight. But we caught them and they turned out to be the people. That were corrupt. No collusion. They spent 48, million dollars they found no collusion, they had 18, angry, democrat. Prosecutors. I have friends that say there's probably, nobody, that. And he was one he is one of the smartest, there's probably, nobody, that he knows that could have withstood, that. So we had 18. Angry, crooked, democrats. He had bob mueller that didn't have a clue. Yet all of this stuff think of it think of it, we went through that for two and a half three years, and then they say oh we don't like the way he acted, we were under siege, illegally. Illegally. They committed, treason. They tried to take out a duly elected, president. And we caught them. We caught them. And then they say. And then they say i see it today. Then they say. Oh, wouldn't it be. Nice. And then i say. I see these guys on television. And, all of the big tech stuff which is probably, worse than them right it's the new, they're the new boss in town right not the media. They just shut up the big tech. And you know we gave the power to the big tank right we but now i say it i look at it and i say. Gee they're saying. Uh, tough, administration. Chaos, this they created, the chaos. All we did was fight back, and we fought back well, and we caught them. And they're all caught and now let's see what happens, okay. Let's see what happens. But we caught them it's treason. They spied on our campaign, nothing like that's ever happened. That's a bigger. Event, i would rate biden, second. His family and him took. Millions, and millions, and millions, of dollars, from countries, that he deals with. He became, vice president, he had a son that didn't have a job he got thrown out of the military. And he went years with no job, and then he signs with barisma, for 183. Thousand dollars a month. And then he wanted three million dollar upfront, payment, what's your experience, what do you know about energy, i don't know anything about energy oh that's okay we'll put you in the board anyway. And then he gets, and then he gets. Three then he gets three and a half. Million dollars, from. The mayor, of moscow's. Wife. Three and a half million well gee hunter what did you do what did you do you gave her some big advice i guess out there right. And then they go to china he takes out one and a half billion dollars to manage which is millions, and millions of dollars a year. And then the big one i guess we had he had to stop that one because they found the laptop, from hell.

But The big one was a request, to china to pay them. 10. Million. Dollars. A year, right. For recommendation. Services. For services. For no services. It's a payoff, hey you know what it is it's a payoff. And the big guy. Gets 10. The big guy gets 10. He's not a big guy boom, he's not a big guy. He's a little guy. The big guy gets 10. And there was another one where the big guy gets 50. Right. But he wanted 10, million dollars, a year. And the and the tech and the media will not, wait, the media will not this is a very, this is actually a very big moment in the history of our country. Because we have freedom of the press, but we don't we have. Suppression. By the press it's suppression. And if anybody, even mentions, that story you don't see that story in the new york times, you don't see that is the second biggest scandal, in the history of our country, first is that they spotted my campaign. That's the biggest scandal. That's the biggest scandal. And they've got everybody, scared, but you have a president, that wasn't scared, you have a president. That wasn't scary. They said oh and i see it i see it with twitter trending. I know what trending, is better than anybody in the world i've been trending my whole life from the day i was born i've been trending. I know trending but, they take a story they make it worse. Boring, story a boring stuff. They'll take something and they'll say number one trending, trump this number one trend, it's not trending. What trends is stuff that you don't want to talk about right now not having to do with me either by the way. Not having to do with me look. What we have, and what's happened, and you've seen it all over the last two weeks. Is. A horrible, horrible, thing, the media, is fake and corrupt. Big tech, controls, the media. And they control, the politicians. And you know what you have a president, that's willing to say it, and it's a very very big event and let's say and i'll tell you what, i give, tucker carlson. And i give. Sean, hannity. And i give laura i give all the people that are willing to talk about it. No the tucker reports have been phenomenal. I give all of those people that, are willing to talk about tremendous, credit. Because, people don't have any idea how dangerous, this is for our country. They won't even think about, a guy walks away with millions, of dollars he's vice president, his son's like a human, vacuum, cleaner. He follows, his father and he takes the scraps. But the scraps, are hundreds, of millions, of dollars. And. We can't let this happen. We're putting a, corrupt, man, up for, possibly, being elected, but here's the story, i don't think that's going to happen, i think we're going to have a tremendous, day tomorrow. And you know when he announces. When he announces, a speech in scranton, pennsylvania. You know, he said i live in pennsylvania. I was, born in scranton. He doesn't, say that his father left and there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with that you know i went to college, in pennsylvania. Right but i don't make. The biggest deal of it but he's i'm, a man from scranton, i'm from he left at nine years old and that's okay. That's okay. But this guy is a stone, cold, phony, and. And honestly, he's not equipped mentally, to be your president, he really is. You know it i know it everybody, knows it, i have foreign leaders calling me saying are they serious, i think. One of them calls it i see that you're down a little bit at a poll i said can you believe this could happen to me. I'd rather run against somebody that was good or even outstanding. Uh but i think what we're gonna have is one of the great days, you know when he comes to scranton, and he gives the speech he saw he's got the six circles he can't fill them up. So he said could you please move over here to the press he puts the press in there. And look at this guy i don't know how many people here but there's a lot of people. Here. And it's windy as hell it is cold and i couldn't care. Look at that flag look at that flag bro. So beautiful. I've never. Hey look i've never seen a flag, blow like that you know that means, that means it's windy as hell that's what it means. Wow look at that that's, that's things sideways. But it's our american, flag and we love it right. Yesterday, i was thrilled to be endorsed, by the pittsburgh, post cadet, can you believe it. Pisswork. Post, gazette, and it's uh. First time i've ever really liked that paper.

And Then once you get rid of the first one or two paragraphs. It was great he said you might not like his tone you might not like the way and again. I'm a nice guy i have to fight, wait, i have to fight. I have to fight to protect. Me and to protect, you because once i'm not here there's nobody, else to protect you that i can tell you. But they gave a beautiful. You know i mean. You have to understand. Everything's, relative, they gave a beautiful. Beautiful, editorial. And i appreciate, it. Thank. You. It's the first time thank you, i'm. Telling you you're going to make me cry with that stop. The president, broke down in tears, as they screamed, we love you. I don't know if president, xi of china wants to hear that yeah he probably would like that. The first time the paper has endorsed a republican, for president. In over. A half a century, so, to the people. Of the post-gazette. I would like to thank you i will forgive you for your first, one or two or three paragraphs. Because they said however, he's done a great job you know and i am i've done a great job. They said. Put his personality. Aside but i'm telling you. The assault. On this office, has changed my personality. I can't i it's just one of those things. Joe biden. Is bought, and paid for by big tech. Big media, and powerful, special, interests. They own him they control, him. And they know. He will always do their bidding and you know when he raises, 300, billion like last month, i could raise much more than him i'm president. I could call all these wall street guys most of whom i know. I could call the oil guys i could call them all, i would be i would blow his numbers apart give me two hours. I say send me 10 million, we don't need it how many commercials, can you buy. You know we raised, we raised. A lot of money we raised enough money, you know crooked hillary last time, outspent, us four to one right four to one. And i actually got criticized, they said the other day. Even, against hillary clinton he didn't raise, that much money and you won the race right. They don't care if you won or not they said they always have to find something but, i would be the greatest fundraiser, of all time this is the president, of the united, states calling for the head of goldman, sachs. Hello, how are you bill is everything. Is everything good, listen i'd like 25, million dollars within the next five minutes send it to the white house please, why do you think he's going to say no. I would be the greatest but you know what i chose. Not. To do that, okay. I chose. Not to go there. And when you see he raised 300, million dollars his people are making deals all over the place. Every corrupt, force in american, life that betrayed, you. And hurt you. They are supporting. Sleepy joe biden. The failed, establishment. That started, the disastrous. Foreign wars. They support, biden. The career politicians. That offshored. Your industries. And decimated. Your factories. And you got it worse than anybody, else just about, new england was hit hard too. They support biden. The open borders, lobbyists, that killed our fellow citizens. And. Gave them illegal, drugs, destroyed, our families, and so many people the gangs, and crime, they support. Sleepy, joe biden. The far left democrats. That ruined our public schools. Depleted, our inner cities, defunded, our police. And demeaned, your. Sacred, faith and values. They support. Joe biden and i see where they wanted to fund your. Your great philadelphia. Police and you have great police. They wanna. They wanted to fund your philadelphia. Police have you seen that they actually wanted to. Fund. They wanted to fund you please i read it this morning i don't know i don't think that's a good idea. I don't think people should take it you can't take it anymore right you can't allow it to happen. And every place we've gone into within, a half an hour it was over but they have to ask the federal government, they, they're embarrassed, or they're afraid, or they think they're going to lose support. We want to go into portland, we'll settle that in two minutes, we, we were the ones that did, the whole thing in seattle, they we told them we're going in the following, morning that night they raised their hands they said well i think we'll leave now. They took over a big chunk of seattle no we can't allow this stuff if you look at what's going on in philadelphia. You look at what said that can't be done and they can't tell the police to stand back they can't tell that. They stand back and they watch people, they watch people walk out with washing, machines, guys pushing a washing machine.

That's A disgrace. It's a disgrace, and you know the world watches that, they're all, democrat. Run, cities, and states. New york. Chicago. Unfortunately. Pennsylvania. And many of them are closed, right because you know why they're closed because they thought it would hurt our numbers and then they saw, 33.1. That was a big number. The anti-american. Radicals. Defaming. Our. Noble, history. Heritage, and heroes, they support. Joe biden. Antifa. And the rioters, and looters, and marxists. And left-wing, extremists. They all support. Sleepy, joe biden sleepy, joe. And by the way just so you understand because look joe. Joe, is, has no clue, okay. Joe's, does that he's not calling the shots, and i guarantee, he won't be calling him for very long. This election, comes down to a simple choice. Do you want to be ruled, by the corrupt. Selfless, political, class, or do you want to be ruled and governed, by, the american, people which is what we're doing which is one of the reasons. A vote for biden, is a vote to give control, of government. Over to the, globalist. Communist, socialists. The wealthy. Liberal hypocrites. Who want to silence, censor, cancel, and punish you. If you want your children to be safe if you want your values, to be respected, if you want to be treated. With honor dignity, and respect. Then i am asking, you, to go. Tomorrow. And vote, for trump. Come. On. Well it's up to you really you got to get out i'm telling you again i'll say it again and again. Pennsylvania. I've done very, well you've had your best years ever. Pennsylvania. It's going to be up to you, such a big deal. Big state. Everything. And, we're doing great in florida, you know florida has been great, you notice they're not talking about florida, anymore. Florida's, been great, we're doing great in florida, so. We get florida, we get pennsylvania. We're going to get north carolina, we're doing great in north carolina. You saw the poll come out yesterday, in iowa way ahead in iowa. We're way ahead in ohio. Except we get fake sometimes, a fake poll we're way ahead.

We Won ohio, by eight points they say we're further up than that this time. Because we have, everything, i talked about, we have done. And more, we've done more than i talked about, remember, what i said four years ago. I am your voice. And we will, make, america. Great again that's what we're doing. For the last four years the depraved, swamp, has tried everything, to stop me because they know that i don't answer to them i answer to you and it's true. We did this together, you know, this is a movement the likes of which this country. In a way the world, probably, but this country, has never seen. You know this country's never seen you take some of the things that have happened over many many years. A politician. Runs. And comes in second, in new hampshire, becomes. Famous for the rest of his life. We won. Well we won everything this time we won 100. Of the states in the primaries, right, but we won 34, states, against. A crooked, person, right a very crooked, person. How crooked is by the way how crooked is hillary, she deleted, 33. 000 emails, what's happening with that. But we won, we won. We won, like nobody's. Ever run. Nobody's. Ever won like we've won, no no the likes of which nobody's, ever seen, anything, like it and and just, to get off that subject, for a second, we had. 2016.. We had a campaign. Nobody's, ever seen anything like it can i be honest, there is much. More, enthusiasm. For this campaign. Than there was four years ago. Because four years ago i came and i was a successful, guy and i said we're gonna do this we're to cut your taxes. We're going to get rid of regulations. We're going to rebuild your military, we're going to this and that and that and that, and i did everything, and more than everything. We're going to take care of our vets we just got, a 91. Approval, rating on the from the vets on the va. Okay no but think of it we did everything, we said we were going to do. But there is much, more. And you know what that was a record there was never a campaign nobody's ever seen a campaign, like that. That and brexit, look at him look at him we have. Nigel. I spotted, nigel. Oh, nigel. But i actually did see a list nigel, they said the victory, of president, trump was number one. Brexit, was number two but it was a distant, number two. And and even nigel, agrees with that. No. Nigel's, been fantastic. What a what a voice, he's great voice great guy, thank you thank you it's an honor to have you. It's an honor. They know nigel. Brexit. Mr brexit. But, the level of enthusiasm. And i think you're going to see a great, red wave tomorrow. And i think it's going to blow them away, and we get florida, and we get pennsylvania. And we're going to get. We're going to get new hampshire, we're going to get new hampshire. Yeah they say, get new york can you believe that. See the. Disadvantage. The disadvantage. We have the disadvantage. We have. Because i think in certain ways you campaign, totally differently, the disadvantage. We have with the electoral college. You automatically. Lose, automatically, i don't care if you bring back abraham, lincoln. And, george washington. As his running mate, you lose. New york. Illinois. And california. Okay. So now you're. You got three of the biggest. And the biggest, but you have three, monster, states. That's an automatic, loss, so you're starting off so then you have to run. And so we ran, florida. Then we got georgia by the way we're doing very well in georgia. We got georgia, we got north carolina. We got pennsylvania. That was a very important, deal we got pennsylvania. We got everything. Then we got wisconsin. And michigan, we said whoa. Remember they wouldn't give you the credit. We were two points short we're at 98, percent of the vote tabulated. 98. And it stayed there for hours. And if i lost every, single, vote. Right every and i still win so i say why aren't they calling pennsylvania, they wouldn't do you the honor. And then they called, wisconsin. Great state and they called michigan. Which hadn't been won in years, and years. And they took the glamour, so will you please uh give yourself the glamour, this time give yourself. The glory. Okay. And make sure your governor, doesn't cheat, okay if you're good. Because they're known for very bad things very very bad things here, can you imagine the pollsters, saying, you have to allow five percent. In pennsylvania, for cheating that's a terrible, thing to say, of course everybody knows this. No but we have a lot of eyes watching they never had eyes watching we've got a lot of very powerful, eyes watching, them, they don't want that to happen to themselves. Together, we will defeat, the, corrupt, establishment. And we'll dethrone, the failed political, class, we will drain the washington. Swamp. And we will save. The american, dream we're going to save the american, dream.

This Election, is also a choice between. A deadly. Biden, lockdown. Or a safe vaccine, that ends the pandemic. And we build, the greatest. Economic. Country, that we've ever had there'll be nothing like it we will. Mass distribute, the vaccine. You know we've done such a great job with this whole thing you look at europe they're spiking, it's everybody you know they'd say, look at the way germany's. Doing. Look at the way, france, is doing. Look at. Spain. Look at now italy, right you know italy in a really rough path then it went. Well they're all, they're all uh having a lot of problems, you know i said what they don't use those examples, anymore. But we have better numbers than all of them you look at our numbers they're better and it's bigger, and it's. And you don't get and you don't get a lot of you know a lot of the numbers you don't get because, believe it or not there are some countries that don't give you an honest kick right you know that right. It will quickly eradicate. The vaccine, will quickly eradicate. The virus. And wipe out the china plague, once and for all and let me tell you we're rounding the corner anyway. But we have the vaccines, coming very shortly. They didn't want to give me the credit they were saying no don't oh they fought me like crazy did you see that, they didn't want it to happen before the election but everybody, knows, so we have the vaccines, going to be very. Quickly delivered, by our military, our military, is ready to go logistically. Joe biden, is promising. To delay the vaccine. And turn america, into a prison, state locking, you in your home. But you're already locked in your home so. I hope that doesn't take, away any of your incentive. You're already, locked in your home. While letting far left rioters, roam free isn't that something, right, you can't go to church. You can't take your family to dinner. But you can let people riot, down the middle of your. Beautiful, shopping street. Knocking the hell out of people burning down your stores like in minneapolis. Burning, the hell out of the place until we sent in the national, guard. That ended in 31, minutes. It was amazing, when they started getting whacked with tears they were, i hope they weren't aiming did you see ali velcher, he went down.

Ali, I don't even know who the hell he is i just know he he does a very nice job of shaving, his head. This is ollie velcher. And this is a friendly protest, and behind him the entire, city is burning it's like. Berlin. On its worst day right. This is a friend you know they don't report, you know if you have a bed like in a democrat-run. City they don't report it, nobody even i don't watch, cnn, actually so i i don't know about it. But i did see the clips. And didn't ali voucher, then get hit on the knee with tear gas. From our. From our. Great national guard no he got hit he went down, i'm down i'm down. Oh what a group of people, cnn, how dishonest, is cnn. But you know what i think nbc, is more dishonest, than cnn. I think nbc, and abc. I think abc, is terrible. I mean abc, is absolutely. How about how about where they interview, me and every question is a kill they're going for the kill. And then they interview sleepy joe and it's like oh. The most boring, interviews. They don't ask him anything, they don't ask him whether or not he's corrupt, are you corrupt. Hey sleepy joe are you corrupt, remember i asked him that question, and chris wallace, of fox. Wouldn't allow it i said why. Why, why. Well i don't think it's appropriate, to ask right now. Chris wallace he is not mike he will never be mike, he tries hard but he will not be mike you know why he doesn't have the talent. The biden, lockdown, will mean no school. No graduations. No weddings. No easter, no thanksgiving. No christmas, no fourth of july. And basically, no future, for. American, youth other than that actually it's quite a wonderful, thing. A vote for biden is a vote. For lockdowns. Layoffs, and misery, you're going to have a miserable, time. You know what the the fake news doesn't know. They're getting the highest ratings, in the history of television. When trump is gone they're all going. Bankrupt. They will go down they're going to say oh i wish they they're going to be calling, we want trump to run again, we want him to run again. The fake news. The new york times are failing new york times. We'll be out of business. Now now can you imagine, you have four more years. It's true though right. Can you imagine. Can you imagine, these people. They're getting the highest, ratings, on television. They've taken over for the nfl, people don't like how about basketball. How about lebron, i felt badly for lebron, i felt very badly. Down 71. Percent. The cha that's for the champion i didn't watch one i didn't watch one shot i get bored back fourth back.

You Know why when they don't respect, our country when they don't respect, our flag. Nobody wants to watch, nobody. And the nfl, is way down. The nfl, is way down you got to stand for our flag. You got to really be great to our flag, and to our anthem. And if you don't do that without. Watching. What a crowd. What a crowd. Hey i have three more of these to do, do you want me to stay with you all day yes. So yesterday, i did five i actually did six because i did one early for some people. But i actually did six but i did five i got home at two o'clock in the morning. In miami, i got home two o'clock, in the morning. And i said good what time do we start tomorrow, uh eight o'clock sir oh i said great let's go but you know what it is. I'm doing, a run, a great great marathon, everyone even the one thing i'll say. They say i can't believe you know because sleepy joe will go out he'll talk for 10 minutes he's very agitated. You know. He's so angry, okay. Got the he's got the shades on now they should be a little bit larger. The aviators, right are they called aviators. He's got the aviators. On and he's so angry he's just. And he's reading every word he never goes off teleprompter. Because he gets lost if he can't go off the helicopter. He gets lost no but the anger, but it's not really anger it's agitation, do you know what that means right. That's, what happens is when you lose it, you get very he's. Can happen to all of us someday. But it can't you can't let it happen to your president, i'm sorry, but he was so angry, he was so agitated. This morning. The glasses. Were pouring off everything. Kept, on, oh, oh. There's nobody around him, the closest, person's, about, 60 feet away. A reporter. That can't believe he got this good location, inner circle that's supposed to be for, vips. Right. Now he's got lady gaga, lady. Gaga. Is not too good. I can tell you plenty of stories i can tell you stories about lady gaga i know a lot of stories of, lady gaga. And john bon jovi, every time i see him he kisses my ass. Oh. Oh mr president. But he'll get he'll get something out of it just like everyone, is but you know what happens, you bring in some of these they don't by the way we draw much bigger grounds than these people. But you know what happens. He'll sing a song. Or two and then he'll leave and the crowd will leave and sleepy joe's up there talking that happened to hillary too right, they got beyonce. And they got, jay-z, right jay-z. And he started using the f-word you remember, in front of this graph. And it was humble, he was using the f-word, f-word, f-word. And the crowd is gone. And then they left and the crowd left and hillary was standing on stage with an empty place and she was talking. And she lost and people were surprised let me tell you something when you look at these crowds, that we're getting. There's never been anything like it this is just not, the crowds. This is your ultimate, poll, this is not the crowds. Of a second, place finisher. You know they said yesterday, they said, well you know some people are here since nigel they're here from. 24, hours, 48, we have guys we have people in line for three four days. And then the press says. But will they vote well wait a minute they're willing to go, they're willing to wait, four days three days two days one day online. Will they vote will they stand there for an hour and vote, i think they're going to vote you've got to over who is going to vote. Okay. And seriously. Is there anybody, here.

Who's Going to vote for sleepy, joe, anymore. No. No. Is there anybody, that would have the courage to put up their hand. No. Oh but he was born in scranton what a phony he is he was born in scratch, i'm a scranton, boy. Did you see, i'm tired of the smart people did you see where he said yes, i'm tired of the smart people. But we want a smart, person, as president, you gotta have a slug. No he said, he made a lot of bad moves yesterday, didn't he was having a bad day yesterday. He's tired of smart people. Nah i can't get too tired of him. To me that's an amazing, statement. If you want a vaccine, to kill the virus, a job to support your family. And freedom to live your life. Then go cast your ballot, you cast your ballot, we're changing. We're changing, things, to, you could say what it used to be, but maybe it used to be a little bit like this but it was never like this, things change i think with big tech i think it really changed. Joe biden personally, ran. The swine flu right he ran. H1n1. Remember he can't remember, that he always goes no n1h1. Isn't it no. No. H comes before, nj, just remember it that way, h1n1. Swine flow remember he said uh the what was that called. Who was that governor, from, i think it was utah, he's a mormon, what was his name, his name was romney all right he's, he's another beauty. He failed horribly, and he was the laughingstock. Of washington. So he ran the swine flu operation. He was the laughing, stock, of washington. Now on something much more lethal that we have done a great job on except, with public relations. I would say if i had nigel, handling my public relations, i would have been much better. We have done a great job. On this, and you compare, us to. Other places, and you see in, bringing back the economy, opening it up, except, in public relations. But his own chief of staff. Said that he was absolutely. Terrible. He didn't have a clue, he didn't know what he was doing. And he told us right. That i was xenophobic. Because i closed, it to china which was highly, and heavily infected. And then he runs and he says i should have closed it earlier. I said how does he get out of that one you know how he gets out of that when the press doesn't report it they refuse to report it the only way i can do that is look i got all live television, all the lights, and the only way you know they can't keep it off only for one reason i get very big ratings.

If I didn't get big ratings there'd be no way of, communicating. Oh and they're going to miss those ratings someday. Someday they're going to miss them, secretary. Of defense, robert gates said that biden has been wrong, on nearly every single, major, foreign, policy, and national, security, issue. Over the past four years now he worked with biden. He worked with him and he said he was wrong on like everything. And he is, and he he is, but you don't have to take my word for it, because this happens to be a state that i love, i spent a fortune, on building, these. Screens like you got two of them wow. Usually, i bring one it's a lot cheaper. Roll the video, please, roll. It. Yes. Oh. Yes. Hmm. What kind of um, would it. Be. Is. Um. Uh. We never, allowed. Any, crisis, from a civil war straight through to, the pandemic. All the way. Round. Public. Make health. We shouldn't be. We shouldn't be laughing. Don't let that happen to our country. By the way that was just a smaller we could, we could keep you there all day watching, that. Now we can't let that happen to our country, we're. Joined by some real. Warriors. Dan, mouser. Mauser. Where's dan. Where are you dan. Congressman. Where are you congressman. Where's dan muser, muser. Thank you very much thanks dan. Fred keller, gt, thompson. That's good with you with the three of you what worries, you've been. What worries you've been and thank you very much they were there at the beginning, and they have been with me all the way. And, you have a couple of former. Members. That we love that we think are great lou barletta, and tom marino. Thank you very much tom lou thank you. Thank you very much. How are your elections, going by the way dan how are you guys, going. Are you doing good. We're going to win pennsylvania. It's a guarantee, good. That's good. So inviting, you got to vote for those guys, it's a great, that's a great group, so uh you're you're really your districts, are looking good you need an extra tweet or anything, you don't need. Uh i don't think this group doesn't need anything. And also, thank you fellas for coming what are you going to rerun for office, tom and lou, you going to do you have anything you're thinking about, look at them they look healthy as can be. Congratula. Congressional. Candidate. Jim, bognett. Thank you jim. Thank you. And a woman, who is doing an incredible, job. Campaign, chair, bernie, comfort. Bertie thank you how's it going bernie. We're gonna have a big victory tomorrow, i think huh. We're gonna have a big a big one we better bernie i'll fire you so fast. Another, great friend of mine a great guy. David, urban. David. David, thank you david. And somebody, that i know very well he's a tall young gentleman his name is eric, trump. And he's done great. He's done great. Oh, and i see. Jared, kushner right over here middle east peace. The middle east. Wow. Jared usually likes to stay in the plane and work. He's working on middle east peace and doing a great job you see what we're doing. Thank you very much. For decades, our politicians. Spent trillions, of dollars, rebuilding, foreign nations. Fighting, foreign wars. And defending. Foreign borders, but not defending, our border. But now we're finally protecting, our nation rebuilding, our cities and we are bringing, our jobs. Our factories. And our troops. Back home to the usa, where they belong. For 47. Years, joe biden, viciously, attacked. Black. Americans. He called young black men, super predators. All the, time. To every, black, american. Go, tomorrow. And vote, for trump. This is your one and only chance to show sleepy, joe biden. What you think of his decision, to attack you jail you and betray you which is what he did. I'm fighting, for you and. I got criminal, justice, reform, prison, reform. Opportunity. Zones, with tim scott. Tim scott the senator, from south carolina, who's great. And funding for historically. Black, colleges. And universities. We got them the funding long-term, funding. And i say it all the time. I say it like this, with the possible, exception, of abraham, lincoln a lot of people like me to see, leave the word possible, out. There is no president, that has done more for the black. Community. Than donald trump it's true. And you're seeing that by the way you see what's going on in florida. The numbers, are very high like, nobody's, seen before.

With The black, community, and with the. Hispanic. American. Community. Oh, the hispanic. American. They're liking trump i've done a lot for them and they like me and i like that i always have actually. And they are voting for us very big they're coming out in florida, in numbers and the democrats, are very worried they'll say what's going on. What's going on you know what's going on i've done a good job that's what's going on. So i want to thank. We have to see what the final numbers, are but i think i can say in advance. African-american. Community. Hispanic, american. Community. Uh it's been incredible, what's going on in florida, thank you very much, thank you very much. You notice they're not talking about florida, too much right, they're not talking, we get florida we get, pennsylvania. You watch, under my leadership, we achieve, the most secure, border. In u.s history. You know the wall, the wall is, over 400, miles, long. It'll be finished soon. And they don't talk about that one anymore either do they don't talk about it, you know when you have success they never talk about it. And jeremy, you know what's happening you know what's going on right, i mean other countries are coming in they're studying what we're doing all over the place they're studying. Because what we've done nobody's, been able to do joe biden has pledged. Open borders, free health care. For illegal aliens. No not for you. No. See i delayed that a little bit. No free health care for illegal aliens they want to give them more than they give us. And deadly, sanctuary, cities we believe our cities. Should be sanctuaries, for law abiding, americans, not for criminal, aliens. The biden harris, plan would increase, refugees. From, terrorist, nations. By a staggering. 700. Percent. Flooding, into your towns, and cities. I am keeping if it's okay with pennsylvania. I am keeping. Radical. Islamic, terrorists, the hell out of our country is that okay. You know i passed the ban. Early on and it, ultimately, got approved by the united states supreme court but i passed a ban because, we want people coming into our country that can love us. And, come in through merit. And all sorts of things, we don't want people coming into our country that hate us. Can't stand us, and want to do harm to our citizens, okay. So the ban was quite controversial. But. It's had a big impact, it's had a big impact, and you know one of the reasons we're going to win. Minnesota. Ilhan. Omar. Ilhano. Although she loves our country very much. She loves our country very much doesn't she, we invested, 2.5. Trillion dollars, in the united states, military, we have. The finest. Military, the finest, weaponry, in the world. All made in the usa, with the envy of, russia, and china, and north korea. We have the best equipment, in the world rockets, and missiles. And, submarines. And everything that we're building nobody's, ever seen anything like it 2.5. Trillion dollars. Made in the usa. We also passed. Veterans. We pass for our veterans. Va choice after 44, years. And va accountability. Okay, va account that's where you say you're fired get the hell out of here you're not treating our vets right, we got i told you we got the highest, rating the highest, approval rating.

That, Has ever been given by our vets 91. Approval who are the nine percent, oh they'll find somebody within the nine percent to be on television. We obliterated. 100. Of the isis, caliphate. We killed. The leader of isis, al baghdadi. We eliminated. The world's. Top terrorists. Salamani. Is dead. I recognized. The capital, of israel, and opened the american, embassy, in jerusalem. I also, recognized. Israeli, sovereignty, over the golan, heights 52. Years. They worked on it for 52. Years. And instead of endless, war, we are forging, peace in the middle east. Good job he's doing it. A vote for me. And the republican. Party. Is a vote, for the american. Dream. And who was a very distinguished. Person, within the republican. Party. The late great, abraham, lincoln please. Remember. He was very presidential, he's the only one i said maybe i can't be that presidential. But. He was very presidential, when he wore the hat especially, right. Over the next four years we will make america, into the manufacturing. Superpower. Of the world. And we will end our reliance, on china once and for all that's already happening. We will hire more police, increased, penalties, for assaults, or law enforcement. And we will ban. Deadly, sanctuary. Cities. You've got them you've got them. With god's help. We will defend, the right to life. Religious, liberty. And the right to keep, and bear arms. Your second amendment. Your second amendment, is gone, if i don't get in if i don't get in your second amendment, wave goodbye. And i'll be sitting home and i'll be saying i told the people of pennsylvania. You better. You better vote for trump. Now your second amendment, is under siege. That's right we put amy on you happy with amy everyone loves him, thank you. You know we do they don't talk about that enough they say it's the most important thing a president can do so at the end of my first term. I will have approximately. 300. Federal, judges which is a big percentage, of the, judiciary. And three. Great, supreme, court justices, that's a lot. Many presidents, have gotten to choose none hey what ever happened to a packing the court you know this guy's running he never gave an answer maybe he's smarter than we think. Whatever happened he never gave the answer. He never said he said he was going to tell us he never we're running you know people are casting votes, you cannot, elect somebody, that's going to pack the court and he's going to back the court. And he didn't give us a list of the radical left judges he wants to put on either. So he got away with it so he got away with it he just did because the press never pressed him right. See there's a case. If that were me i could never, ever get away he got away with it because the fake news wouldn't press it he never talked about packing, the court, and we're voting right now, he shouldn't get a vote unless he tells you because you will destroy, this country. That's a big thing packing the court can you imagine. But they never picked it up, we will maintain, america's, unrivaled.

Military, Might, and we will ensure, peace, through, strength. We will end surprise, medical, billing. Require, price, transparency. Lower drug prices, you know we're doing favored nations we're going to have the lowest prices anywhere in the world. The drug companies, hate me so much. They are spending more money on ads and sleepy joe biden. And we will always protect, patients, with pre-existing. Conditions. America, will land the first woman on the moon in the united, states will be the first nation to land an astronaut. On. Mars. Nasa. Nasa, was. Like an abandoned. Place and now it's the hottest. It's the hottest, place in the world for space. And that goes along with space force doesn't it how we did space for it, we never even talked about space force on the campaign. But we needed it when i saw russia when i saw china we needed it we got it approved. We will stop the radical, indoctrination. Of our students, and restore. Patriotic. Education. To our. School. We will teach our children, to love our country, honor our history. And always, respect, our great. American, flag. And we will live by the timeless, words, of our national, motto. In god. We, trust. For years, you had a president, who apologized. For america. Now you have a president, who is standing up for america. And standing, up, for the great people of pennsylvania. I know you well. I know you well. You're a rowdy bunch today but that's okay. It's rowdy. But it's rowdy with love, it's rowdy with love. Tomorrow, you have the power. With your vote. To save america. We, will never, be. A socialist. Nation that's what we're talking, about. Or you're going to be a large-scale. Version, very large scale of venezuela. That's what happens it happens every single time. So get your friends get your family. Get your neighbors, get your co-workers. Even grab your boss by the tie and say come on boss. Let's go we got to vote, we got to vote. For generations. America's, destiny, was made. Forged, in one in. Places like bethlehem. And bristol. Easton, and allentown. Pittsburgh. And scranton, right here in scotland. Our american, ancestors. Gave their blood sweat and tears to defend, our country. And to defend our freedom. We stand on the shoulders, of american, heroes. Who crossed the ocean. Settled the continent. Tamed the wilderness. Laid down the railroads. Raised up the great skyscrapers. Won two world wars. Defeated, fascism. And communism. And made america. Into the single, greatest, nation. In the history, of the world. And the best. Is yet, to. Come. Proud, citizens, like you helped build this country.

And Together, we are taking, back our country. We are returning, power to you the american. People. With your help. Your devotion. And your drive. We are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting. And we are going to keep on, winning. Winning. Winning. We are one movement. One people, one family. And one glorious. Nation, under. God. And together, with the incredible. People, of pennsylvania. Go out and vote tomorrow. We have made america. Powerful, again our military. Has never been as. Even close to what it is right now. We have made america. Wealthy, again. We have made, america. Strong, again. We have made, america. Proud, again. We have, made, america. Safe again. And we, will make. America. Great, again. Thank you pennsylvania. Thank you. Pennsylvania.

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