Trump hosts a 'Make America Great Again Victory Rally' in North Carolina

Trump hosts a 'Make America Great Again Victory Rally' in North Carolina

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This is a very big crowd, wow look at this. Hello, north carolina. Hello. Two days from now we are going to. Win this great state just like we did last time. You were the one right you were the one that put us over that hump. And we're going to win four more years, in the white house. With your vote we will continue, to cut your taxes, cut regulations. Support, our great police. Protect, our second, amendment. Defend, religious. Liberty. And ensure, more products, are stamped, with that beautiful, phrase. Made, in the usa. And next year will be the greatest, economic. Year in the history of our country. Under my leadership. Our economy. Grew at the fastest, rate, ever recorded. 33.1. Just an hour. We created, a record. 11.4. Million, jobs, in the last. Five, months. While foreign, nations, are in a freefall. We're creating, the world's, greatest, economic. Powerhouse. A recent, gallup poll just came out, found that 56. Of americans, say. They are better off today, than they were. Four years ago. Under. Obama. And sleepy, joe biden. And i want to tell you it's really windy up here. Oh, thank goodness you have a president, that doesn't, need. Teleprompters. Because these things are virtually, useless. They are blowing, all over the place. That's true they're blowing, all over we had to you know we started off today two great places. We went to iowa, we went i tell you what we had in iowa, we had the coldest. Windiest, but, it was warm because, the people were warm and we're going to win. Iowa, very big. Very big. We had a couple of cold stops, today. One was so cold, we talked about. Refugees. We said if they come in they're going to say i want to go back immediately, with someone. If biden and harris, get in the economy, we'll collapse, in our country. We'll go into. At least a free fall but probably, a depression, they want to raise your taxes. They want to take away your second, amendment. They want to do lots of things that i don't think you can stand for. I don't think you can stand for fracking, doesn't pertain, so much to but it does pertain. In a different way to you than it would to. Pennsylvania. They're taking away your fracking, but what they're really doing is, your energy costs are going to go through the roof, that will be very bad for this. Incredible. State. You want to, massively. Increase, regulations. Send you jobs, overseas. Destroy, the suburbs. Well, we're keeping the suburbs. I got rid of the regulation. That would have destroyed, the suburbs. They will bring it back. Worse than ever before. Terminate. Religious, liberty. Eliminate. School, choice. Outlaw, private health care. And shred your second amendment, take away your guns. And indoctrinate. Your children, with, anti-american. Lies. Biden, has vowed to abolish. U.s, oil, u.s, fracking.

Natural, Gas, industry. Look at what he's talking about doing but it's not him, he's shot, okay, it's done here. It's the radical, left, it's the radical, level. Energy, prices, will explode. And crippling, that will. Our country, you know we right now. Energy, independent. What we have going we've never had before. Biden's, energy, ban. Will send every state. From north carolina. To michigan, to pennsylvania. Into, a very very. Severe, problem. And we're not going to have it we worked too hard, we had the greatest, economy. In the history of our country. And then the plague, came in from china. It came in from china. They should have never allowed, it they stopped it from going into china. But it came to us and europe and the rest of the world. And we're never going to ever forget. We will never forget. But now we're building, our economy, back up and it's going in a v but it's really a super v. As long as i'm president, we will remain, the number one producer, of oil. And natural, gas. On the planet, earth. And we will remain. Energy, independent. Our opponent's, agenda, is a war on workers. A war on faith. And a war on our great police. Biden, says he's running as a proud democrat. I'm running as a proud. American. Thank you. Thank you very much. By the way i just have to say this. So we had something, incredible, happen, four years ago. This is more important. And there's more energy. The crowds, are bigger, everything's, hotter. And it's really but this is actually and i never thought i'd say it because that was. An incredible, period of time never thought. This is the most, important. Election, perhaps. In the history of our country get out and vote. Sleepy, joe biden, is a die-hard, globalist, who spent 47. Years, outsourcing. Your jobs. Opening your borders. And sacrificing. American, blood and treasure. In ridiculous. Endless. Wars, and they're all coming back they're all coming back. North carolina, lost nearly half of its manufacturing. Jobs. Thanks to, nafta. One of the worst. Trade deals, ever. And we got rid of it nobody, thought that was possible. Promises, made promises, kept, we did it all. Biden and his group shipped your jobs. And your factories, to china, and other places, and far away lands. Raking, in millions, of dollars for himself, it turns out we didn't know about this did we. His son was like a human vacuum, cleaner he went in. Where are you going today dad i think i'll go to ukraine, okay let me pick up a couple of bucks 183. 000 a month. And three, three million dollars, up front. Where you going today dad i'm gonna go to russia, good. So the mayor of. Moscow's. Wife gave me three and a half million dollars, right. And here's the scary, part. The fake news media, and there's a lot of it right back there the fake news. They don't want to talk about it. They don't want to talk about it. And big tech will refuse, to put it on and then they'll. They'll terminate, the new york post if they put it up new york post i have to give them a lot of credit, number one they endorsed, me which is nice. You know i got endorsed today by the pittsburgh, gazette, and it hasn't, happened. Where they. They endorsed, the republican, today can you nobody could believe it they haven't done it in decades. And thank you very much pittsburgh. Gazette, will take it. Well we got endorsed by a lot of, great people and we got endorsed by great people and a lot of newspapers. Are endorsing, us, because they know that. Joe biden is not up to this job. All you have to do is watch him for about five minutes. He is not up to this job. One thing i can tell you president, xi. Putin. Kim jong-un. They're very sharp. They're very sharp they're all very sharp. And we cannot, have a leader. That's not sharp. Joe biden, is a corrupt, politician. Who has bought. And paid for by china, and other countries. How can you have a guy. Whose son walks out with a billion and a half dollars to manage that means, millions, of dollars a year. Whose son asks for, 10 million, dollars, a year. For introductory. Purposes, right. 10 million a year. And he's supposed to be negotiating. With china.

China, Would just hope. China would just hope that i don't win because, hey, we've taken in, tens, of billions, of dollars, a year first time, ever with china, we never took in 10 cents. Saved our steel mill, saved our steel and aluminum. Industries. In 2016. North carolina. Voted to fire. This corrupt, political, establishment. And you elected. A president. Who is finally. Putting, america. First. And if i don't sound like a typical, washington. Politician. It's because. Thankfully. I'm not a politician. And if i don't always play by the rules of washington. And the washington, establishment. It's because. I fight for you, and there's never been anybody, that's fought harder for you. I had a very nice life before doing this. I had a very nice life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much so nice. That's such a great honor when i hear that, it's never been said at any point i said did anybody, ever hear that ronald reagan we like others we like. Nobody's, ever nobody's, ever heard it and i appreciate, it very much my opponent. Is promising, a long dark winter did anybody see the debate i'm sure nobody watched it right. He didn't do too well, no he's looking, remember he said you could have a long dark winter it's so inspiring. How about somebody says gee. We really like, i don't think anybody, likes mike. Harry let's watch, biden tonight, on television. And he says we wanna we're gonna have a low, dark, winter. How inspiring. That is right. So he said that and i'm saying that we're going to deliver. The greatest. American. Comeback, in history that's what we're. Doing. And we're way ahead of schedule. This election, is a choice between, a, biden, depression. And a boom like you've never seen before, it's a choice between. A biden, lockdown, he wants to lock it down let's lock it down. Let's lock it down, and by the way. Tell, your governor. To open, up, north. Carolina. It's time. It's time. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. They'll probably, announce it on november, 4th we're going to open up now. You know they thought our numbers wouldn't be so good they thought by keeping these states like pennsylvania. North carolina, michigan. How about her. Her husband, roams free he's the only one in the whole state. No but they thought that by keeping him down the numbers would and yet, we had at 33.1. That's the highest in the history of our, country, by double. You have to go back to, 1952. And that was half, of what we did. So what you're looking for and we're going to have very shortly within a couple of weeks we're going to have safe vaccine. That will end and now look we're rounding they hate when i say it the fake news but we're rounding, the turn we're rounding the corner anyway. We're rounding the corner. But on top of that we have vaccines, coming, from. Pfizer, johnson, and johnson, modernity, great companies, and they're right there, they're right there. And we're going to have them launched, and our military. Is going to do it logistically. Incredible. And we're going to start with our seniors. Especially, our seniors where they have some problems, with heart.

With Diabetes. And we're going to have. A great thing it's going to speed up the process, we launched. And by the way it does work here i am right here i. Am. Now i'd like to say that the, medicine, i took. Regeneron. I'd like to say that it had no impact on me. Because, i'm a perfect physical, specimen. And i'm very. Young. But i decided, to take it anyway, right. Now it's amazing, the things we've been able to do in the last six months. Not only that if you look at. All of the the what we produce, now, we've become a production. Incredible, what we're doing and what we're sending, to the the world, the ventilators. What we're sending. To the world i mean we're sending things that nobody could believe the treatments, that, reduce, the fatality, right now. 85. Think of it think of it. But my wife our first lady got it and our son baron, got it right, and baron's, 14, and he's very tall. And he's strong. And he had it for a matter of minutes. That's why i say. Get the kids, back, to school. The doctor, came up to us and said. I'm sorry, but. Baron, has tested, positive. And i said for what, tested, positive, a lot. And you know it's got about 30 different names but he said. Kovid. We could call it the china plague. The china virus, but he didn't say he said covet. I said gee that's too bad i said he'll be fine. About. 14, minutes later he came back. I said how's baron doing oh he shook it off it's fine. They're young to have strong immune systems, get them back to school, please. We've learned about this horrible, plague. That was sent to us by china. Our excess, mortality. Rate in america. Is 40. Lower. Than europe you know you keep hearing europe is doing so well they're not doing so well and we want them to do well by the way and we help them. We help them, we want them to do well. And uh, but they're having a very hard time. Joe biden is promising, to delay, the vaccine, and turn america, into a, prison, state. While letting riders, run free you know they close your churches, they close your schools. But if you want to riot, and burn down the stores, and, have the anarchists. Out there do lots of it that's okay, you can't stop that. But you can't go to school and you can't go to church. It's crazy. All, democrat. Run by the way. All, democrat. Run. You look at portland, democrat. Super liberal democrat. We could fix that situation, we have to be invited, in. We fix seattle. Because we said that's enough, we're going in we don't care we're going in. So we were going in the next morning. That night, they found out about it they said we're leaving now thank you very much. And we did a great job in. Minnesota. Minneapolis. After. You watch that, place burning, down. A week and a half later they went in and solved it in about a half an hour. If we listen to joe biden. On allowing, travel to come in from china and europe remember he said oh he's xenophobic. Now he runs for president he said we should have acted sooner. Months later he didn't think we should do it, hundreds, of thousands.

More People would have died. We saved. Two million people or more, you remember the model, it said 2.2. Million people would die. Well we saved two million people by acting quickly, now biden. Wants a cruel, and very. Heartless. Nationwide. Shutdown. It won't affect you because you're already, shut down i don't know what the heck, what's going on with your state, are you ready to open up i think so huh. Now you know what people aren't going to take it anymore look at the look at what happened in europe. And the people are revolting. They don't want to do it anymore, they can't do it anymore. We can't have. The cure. Be worse than the problem, itself that was like the first thing i said a long time ago. Divided, lockdown, will result, in countless, deaths and wipe out. An entire. Generation. Of dreams. And we've learned that children. With a computer, do not do well compared, to being in classes, okay. They don't do well it's not the same, and the parents have to go to work, and the problems, that are caused with alcohol. Drug abuse. It's, we can't let this happen, and you can't let it go on, i have a feeling, that. Probably, he'll say. You know uh it's now. November, 4th the day after the election we'll go back. We'll go back he should have never done that and they should have never done that. And actually the states that are doing best look at florida. Look at all of these states where they had a spike. And they didn't close, down look at what happened, in arizona, look at what happened in, texas. We can't let it happen. Europe, imposed, draconian. Lockdowns. And yet their cases, are exploding. Their deaths are surging. And their economies. Are. Let's face it you look at what happened they're in ruins. You know we had the smallest, down and the largest. Up and the largest, fast, up, on the economy, by far. So the european, lockdowns. Are leading. To more suffering. Delayed, medical, care. And financial. Devastation. A vote for biden is a vote for lockdowns. Layoffs, misery. And getting rid of your second, amendment. You know they want to. They want to hurt our police. But they want to take away your guns very interesting, isn't it. If you want a vaccine, to kill the virus. A job to support, your family. And freedom to live your life. Then go, cast, your ballot, cast your vote, for me. We're gonna do it. We're doing it. But you don't have to take my word for it, because in certain, states, that i like a lot we spend a lot of money for where is that real look at that over there. Look at that. You're going to see something, right now you don't have to listen, please, roll the video, roll it. My problem is i voted for nafta. I'm supporting, nafta. Because i think it is a positive thing to do, and i do not pretend, to be an expert, on. International. Trade matters. Trade agreements, like nafta, and permanent normal trade relations, with china which forced american workers. To compete against people making pennies. An hour. Has resulted, in the loss of 160. 000 jobs the president is absolutely. Right, when he says, that china has been cheating for 25, years and that bill clinton, didn't do enough about it george w bush didn't do enough about it barack obama didn't do enough about it rising, china. Is an incredibly. Positive, development. For. Not only china, but the united states and the rest of the world, rising, china, is a positive. Positive, development. It is in our self-interest. That china continue to prosper. We want to see china rise. China is a great nation. And we should hope for the continued, expansion. China is not our enemy. We talk about china. As our competitor. We should be helping. The idea, that china is going to eat our lunch. Is bizarre. They're not bad folks folks china's. Not a problem. Allowing, china into the world trade organization. Which he supported. Extending, most favored nation status to china which he supported. That those. Steps, allowed, china, to take advantage, of the united, states. By using, our own. Open. Trade deals. Against, us, no do you think in retrospect, that you were naive, about china no. But doesn't he deserve some credit for that it's better, the us mta is better than nafta. It is better than nafta. You know we have to come together that's why i'm running. I'm running as a proud democrat. For the senate. So vote. Vote. Visit Ohio. God bless you. Uh, can somebody tell joe. By the way it's not a real website. And joe you're running for president, not senator.

And By the way that senator, the mormon, guy is mitt romney. Not some mormon, governor. Now sadly, what we showed you that's just from a couple of hours today. Because every, time that joe actually leaves the basement bunker. And stays out past 10, a.m. Well disaster. Ensues. Here's a quick reminder. Look. Tomorrow's, superstar. Tuesday, and i want to thank you all. I tell you what i'm rushing ahead aren't i. We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created, by the, go you know the you know the thing, if you agree with me. Go to joe. 303. 330.. We choose, truth, over facts, play the radio, make sure the television. Excuse me make sure, you have the record player on at night the, the phone, make sure the kids hear words, poor kids are just as bright and just as talented, white kids, donald, trump, does pose an excellent strength to this. The it's not hypothetical. This is pretty serious. By the way, these are way beyond, an occasional, campaign, gaffe, and i am beginning. Well i'm more than a little worried that this man. Could represent, a clear and present, danger, to this country. He's, obviously. Not capable, of leading. He's been hiding, the entire, campaign. And the corrupt, media, mob, is covering, for him. Joe wants to be the president, of the united, states of america. That would be the toughest job in the world, and at times. Joe doesn't seem to remember that he's even running for president, or what state he's in or what day of the week it is does anyone, really believe that if elected, that joe biden will actually, be in control, of anything, what kind of country we're going to be. Four more years of george. Georgia, he is going to find ourselves, in a position, where. If, trump gets elected. We're going to be, we're going to be in a different world. Barack, and i think it's a right. For people that bad at healthcare. Folks we got a lot of work to do. I don't need you to get me elected, i need you once i'm elected. I'll need an effective strategy, to mobilize. True international. Pressure. Thank. You. Well thank you very much that saves a lot of words, up here this. Cold windy night it saves a lot of words, but. We can't do this to our country, we have such potential, we cannot do this, he's failed for 47. Years, and at the debate all i had to do was very easy i said joe why didn't you do it you know, as he stood and complained, what about this one i said joe you left three and a half years ago you were there for, a long time. And you were in that position, for eight years why didn't you do it joe. And he never had an answer. No law enforcement, endorsements. No nothing. Joining, us tonight. Are some people that have done a great job and people that really helped me a lot. In washington. A man who right now i hear you doing extremely. Well in the polls. Senator. Tom, tillis. Tom. Very, good, i just saw a very good poll and we had a very good poll today too i have to tell you that. Yeah i'll tell you what if i don't win after, coming here they said maybe we can cancel, north carolina. Tonight. One of my guys one of my geniuses, said i think they'd understand, you've only been out here for two days wedding. I said i don't have the courage to even think about asking, that question. No, never would never even think about it no you've been great to me the the victories, that we've had together. And what we've done for you and we have you protected. Including, your tobacco, growers, right we have it all we have you all protected. You're all protected. A really wonderful. Person, wonderful, woman, and she's always with me. Representative. Virginia, fox, virginia. Thank you. Thank you virginia, great job you do. A man that i'd love to see in he'll open you up i think we can get a guarantee, tonight. Lieutenant, governor. Dan, forest, come on dan win. Good dan. Boy oh boy i tell you that would be a natural that's a natural.

You'll Open it up right away. Okay. You should win just on that one this is crazy, he's doing, he's doing what the washington, democrats, are telling him to do. Attorney, general candidate. Jim, o'neil. Hi jim. Great job jim. Gop, chairman. Mike, watley. How are we doing mike. Are we winning, are we leading, the polls, up right, yeah we're up pretty good, we should be up. Can you imagine. Can you imagine. A pastor, and a friend of mine and he lives right down the road. Pastor, franklin. Graham. Thank you mr, president. And i would like to just to take a second to pray for this man will you join me. Our father not god we pray for our president, protect, him and his family, and protect, our nation and we pray this in jesus name, amen. That's a good genes right there right. That's good genes. Billy graham how good was billy graham right. Nobody, like billy. After years of rebuilding, foreign countries. We are finally, rebuilding. Our country. For 47. Years. The democrats. Viciously. And brutally. Repeatedly. Attacked. And you know what we're talking about, because it was led by a man named. Joe biden. Black americans. They attacked. Decimated. The black middle class, had called. Young black men, super predators. To every black, american. I am asking, for you, to vote. You have to vote on tuesday. You can send a message, on. Tuesday. To the corrupt. Democrat. Establishment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. We've had tremendous, support and by the way just so you understand. I don't want to look at all those cameras. Oh they're all blazing, you ready. So we're doing so well. And one of the great things that's happened, is. Our. African-american. Vote, our, black, community, vote. Is, way, up in the rule saying wow. Wow. They're all saying. Everybody, back there is saying, wow, that's, amazing. That's what's happening, in florida, that's what's happening, here that's what's happening, all over this is your. One and only chance to show sleepy, joe biden. What you think of his decisions. To attack, insult. Jail you, 1994. Bill i'm fighting, for you. And. If you look at what we've done just quickly criminal, justice, reform. Prison, reform. Opportunity. Zones with tim scott. Historically. Black colleges. And universities. Long-term, funding, they had no funding, they had, every year they had to come back and ask for funding i said nope, we got to get your long-term, funding we got them more money, than they wanted. They needed. It. Under my leadership, we achieved. The most secure. United, states, border. In the history of our country. Biden, would make every city in america, a sanctuary. City which is. Not good, and it's not biden. It's not biden. It's his handlers. I believe, our country, should be a sanctuary. For, law. Abiding. American. Citizen. The biden, harris, plan would also increase, refugees. 700. Percent. Opening, floodgates. To radical. Islamic. Terrorism, you see what's happening in france. I'm keeping. Terrorists. Jihadists. And violent. Extremists. Out, of our country. And you know. So i was asked on this very windy, night speaking, of that. To do a, thing that we used to do during the campaign, i'll do it, has anyone heard of the snake. Have you heard it should i do it. So this has to do with this subject. And. It's been a long time since i've done this one but. So many people are asking. Are you ready the snake. On her way to work one morning. Down the path, along the lake. A tender-hearted. Woman. Saw a poor. Half-frozen. Snake. His pretty colored skin had been all frosted, with the dew. Poor thing she cried, i'll take you in, and i'll take care of you. Take me in oh tender woman. Take me in for heaven's sake. Take me and hotend, a woman's, side that vicious, thing. She wrapped him up. All cozy. In a comforter, of silk. And she laid him by the fire said. With some honey and some milk. She heard home from work that night as soon as she arrived. She found that pretty snake she'd taken in, had been revived.

Take Me in oh tender woman. Take me in for heaven's sake. Take me in a tender woman inside, that vicious, snake. She clutched, him. To her, bosom. You're so beautiful, she cried. But i hadn't. Brought you in by now. You know you would have died. She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight. But instead, of saying thank you the snake, gave her. A vicious. Bite. Take me in no tender woman take me in for heaven's, sake. Take me in o tender woman. Inside, that vicious, snake. I saved, you cried the woman. And you've bitten me but why. You knew your bite was poisonous. And now. I'm going to die. Shut up silly woman. Said the reptile, with a grin. You knew damn well i was a snake. Before, you took me in. So. I've been asked by so many people. I've been asked to do that one by so, many, people. But that pertains. A little bit to what we see going on and. You look at, paris, and you look at the attacks, over the last. Week. And you look at what's happening, and we are. Doing very well, we are doing very well. We have a very strong, policy. We put in a ban that a lot of people. Were, upset about. And now they're saying thank you very much for the ban we appreciate, it very much. We invested, 2.5. Trillion, dollars, in the u.s military. We also, passed va choice, and va accountability. For our great vets. We have a 91. Approval, rating with our vets the highest. By a lot. In history. At my direction, the united, states military, conducted. A successful, operation. To rescue, an american. Hostage. Last night. Kidnapped, overseas. Just 96. Hours. Earlier. Incredible. People. The u.s special, forces, brilliantly, executed. A daring, nighttime. Operation. Over the last four years, we have rescued. A record, 55. Hostages. And detainees. In more than 24. Countries. And we pay nothing. Because once you pay. Those numbers, go, very high. But this operation. Should serve as a stark warning to terrorists, and thugs. Who try to kidnap, our people. You cannot, escape, the long reach. Of american. Military. And american. Justice. So this happened, last night we're very proud of them i was at. I was at fort bragg oh by the way we're leaving the name fort bragg in case you have any questions. Let that word out of you no more. Cancel, culture, let's cancel, let's change everything. Now, we're leaving the name fort bragg, a lot of, we won two world wars out of fort bragg and other, great places. Gee let's change the name of fort bragg. We obliterated. The isis, caliphate. And we killed the leader of isis, al-baghdadi. We eliminated. The mass murder of u.s, troops. Salamani. Is dead. I withdrew, from the last, administration's. Disastrous. Iran nuclear, deal. I recognize. The capital of israel, and opened the american, embassy. In jerusalem. I also, recognized. Israeli, sovereignty, over the golan, heights. 52. Years they negotiated. That deal, we did it in less than two hours. And we are now forging, peace in the middle east already three countries, and they're lined up. A vote for me in the republican. Party is a vote, to save. The american. Dream. And in conclusion. Over the next four years, we will make america. Into the manufacturing. Superpower. Of the world. And we will end our reliance, on china. Once and for all. We will hire. More police. Increased, penalties. On law enforcement. And we will ban, deadly. Sanctuary. Cities. With god's help, we will defend, the right to life. Religious. Liberty. Free speech. And the right. To keep, and bear arms your second. Amendment. Which sleepy, joe will not be doing any of that. We will maintain, america's. Unrivaled. Military. Might, and we will ensure. Peace. Through. Strength. And we are the envy of the world military, 2.5. Trillion dollars, but, we have the finest, missiles, and rockets, and tanks, and jets. What we've done submarines. We have the greatest, military, and, our nuclear, arsenal, has been updated. And is in tippy top shape, and only, hope to god we never have to use it. Hope to god we never have to use it, we will end surprise. Medical billing. Require. Price transparency. Starts on january, 1st all done. Lower drug prices, even more. I'm going to bring them down to the lowest anywhere, in the world.

I've. Exercised. A thing called favored nations. The drug companies, do not like me too much. And we will always, protect. Patients, with, pre-existing. Conditions. America, will land the first woman on the moon and the united, states will be the first nation to land. An astronaut. On mars. We will stop. The radical, indoctrination. Of our students. And restore. Patriotic. Education. To our schools. We will teach our children, to love our country. Honor our history. And always, respect, our great, american, flag. And we will live by the timeless, words of our national, motto. In god, we trust. For years you had a president, who apologized. For america, now you have a president. Who is standing, up for america. And standing, up, for the great people, of. North, carolina. Two days from now america's. Fate is in your hands. You must, get out and vote, this is the most, important, election. Possibly. In the history, of our country. You must, let everyone, know, go get em go grab your family, grab your boss grab your co-workers. Grab them all. Gotta get out and vote so important. From asheville, to charlotte. From wilmington. To raleigh, and from greensboro. To right here in hickory. Great place. Greatest, furniture, in the world i've bought plenty, of it. And it's much better than what they make in china that i can tell you. I know it well. As a big difference, we inherit, the legacy, of red-blooded. American, patriots. Who gave their blood sweat and tears to defend, our country and to defend our freedom. We stand, on the shoulders, of american, heroes, right. These are great great heroes. Who cross the oceans. Settle the continent. Tame the wilderness. Lay down the railroads. Raise, up the great skyscrapers. Won two world wars. Defeated, fascism. And communism. And made america, into the single, greatest, nation. In the history, of the world, and the best. Is yet. To. Come. Proud, citizens. Like you helped build this country. And together, we are taking, back our country. We are returning, power, to you, the american. People. With your help. Your devotion. And your drive. We are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting. And we are going to keep on. Winning. Winning. Winning. Vote for tom, get tom in there right. We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious. Nation, under god. And together, with the incredible, people of north, carolina. We have made, america. Powerful, again our military. We have made, america. Wealthy, again. We have made. America. Strong. Again. We have made, america. Proud, again. We have made, america. Safe, again. And we. Will make. America. Great, again.

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