Trump hosts a 'Make America Great Again' event in Virginia

Trump hosts a 'Make America Great Again' event in Virginia

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Thank you very much hello, newport, news, i know it well, i. Know. I, know it well. You know, uh. My father and i had a couple of little jobs, here and they were great. When the ships came in, they were packed. When the ships went out they were stone, cold empty and i said this is a different kind of a place. But we loved it and it's a great place and i'm thrilled to be back. In the commonwealth. Of virginia, with the thousands, of loyal. American, patriots. And i also want to thank. The great people of, north carolina. Who's here from north carolina. Not bad it's a little area, there. 39. Days from now we're going to win virginia. We're going to win, north carolina. We're going to win four more years in the white house and keep doing what we've been doing because it's never been anything, quite like, it. This is the most important. We're going to win four more years in the white house and keep doing what we've been doing because it's never been anything, quite like it. This is the most important, election, in the history of our country. One of the biggest, issues, for the people of virginia, is your, second, amendment. And if sleepy, joe biden, wins your second, amendment, will be eliminated. And your firearms. Will be, confiscated. Whether you like it or not. When asked if a biden administration. Was coming after your guns, biden replied, yes. Told he had to say yes. He promised, to put the gun grabber, beto, o'rourke, in a betto, beto. Remember, beto. He was on the cover of a third-rate, magazine. And he said, i was born to run for president, that was the end of his run. That's what it ended any time they say they were born to do it they got problems. That didn't work out it was a steep. Drop. But he put beto in charge of his assault, and your guns and you know what happened with beto beta went, crazy. He wants to take your guns away biden, vows to impose. Punishing, taxes, on gun owners. Outlaw, many of the most popular, firearms, in america, create a national, gun. Registry. And wage, the most aggressive, war. On gun rights, in u.s. History. Biden will disarm, law-abiding. Americans. At the same time they'll have riots, down your street and that's just fine that's okay. That's okay, according to. So i was told. Not to go for virginia, we did really well last time and i never came i never did anything, and we did really well i said, why didn't i go for virginia. But it's traditionally. Not. A republican. State over the last number of decades. And i said why not. You have a crazy, governor. And every time, i see it. Every two weeks he's trying to take your guns away, right. And. He'll attack. Constantly. Right to life. And you know he's so far left he doesn't even talk about late term, he talks about after the baby, was born. Which is the first time i ever heard of that. You hear late term. But he said and after the baby, is born we'll start talking to mother, in other words he's talking about. Execution. Of the baby, execution. You have a governor that thinks he's michael jackson, remember his wife saved him. Remember he wanted to prove that he was just dressed up like michael jackson. And that he sometimes. Thought, when he was young that he resembled, michael jackson, i don't think so. And you remember he wanted, to, moonwalk, across the stage, and his wife said no no don't do a dog, don't please darling. Nobody, moonwalks, like michael. That would have been good i wish i could have seen that that wouldn't appear that would not have been pretty. So based on your governor, and based on the fact that he's always. You know every like month you're fighting for guns. If i'm not here, your second, amendment, is gone and i'm talking about all over the country forget about, just virginia. So i said let's give virginia, a shot. We're nearby. We're nearby. I even said we'll bring in the.

Heavy Artillery, we'll bring in our great vice president. Mike pence. Did he do a good job. I'll tell you what. Kamala. Kamala. Is no mike pence. She's no mike pence. No he's great he's done a fantastic. Job and he's with you all the way so i said, let's give it a shot. And. You know there's a big difference, i tell you what there's never been. A bigger difference, between, candidates, or parties, never been, no party, that. Supports. As an example. What he would do to a child, after it was born. Is, fit to be. Even involved in any way in this nation let alone running this nation. As you know. Sleepy, joe biden, endorsed, your governor, so that means he endorsed the policy, of your governor that means. That means he endorsed. He endorsed, breaking up your second amendment, so it'll either be, totally broken, up, or it will be, you know wiped out essentially, it won't be that much different. So here we are in virginia. Like. Like i had nothing to do today i woke up at six in the morning, i read some papers, so. I read the fake news. And. And then i was in florida, early in the morning, and then i went to florida, and we did a big round table, with the hispanics, they were great. And then we flew to atlanta. From florida, palm beach and then we flew. We started, off in all different places we were all. And then we flew we went to miami, we started off, but i'll tell you what, florida's, great we're going to win florida we're way up in florida, way out. Even a poll that gave me i mean i've never had a good number abc. Washington, post poll it's a terrible, poll always been bad. I think it got everything, wrong four years ago they said i'm four up. Or more, but i'm four up. In the state of florida. So anyway. So we went to miami. Went to a beautiful, place actually in miami you know where that is right. And we had we had i won't say because then they'll say i'm advertising, if i do that the fakers, i won't say, i won't say the name of the place. But it is beautiful, and then, what happened, is we. Went to atlanta. And we, so we left. The great. Hispanics, we call them the latinos. For trump. Where we are polling, at numbers, that i guess, no republican. Has ever polled before perhaps, abraham, lincoln but in those days, he wasn't, big into the hispanic, movement i think. Abraham, had other things to think about don't we they. But uh, i will say this. Nobody, has done more, for many communities, but i always say for the black community. Nobody, has done more. For the black community. Than donald, trump. Since. Abraham, lincoln. Nobody. So we flew to atlanta, and we had. An unbelievable. Two hours. And this was with. The. African-american. Community, the black. Community, i always say what do you like better. Tell me what you like better they say usually, the black, community. And. What is the answer, tell me african-american. I'm not listening. I don't want to hear from other people i want to hear, african-american. What do you like better, african-american. Or black. Community. It's black, yeah that's what we hear. I'll go with whatever you want. That's your choice we can use either one. I'll go with whatever you want we had really a great, we had a great two hours, incredible, people. Herschel, walker, introduced, me serious. Serious, guys. We had a lot of champion, fighters, a lot of great people, it was an amazing, time.

And Then we, flew to washington. Where we had a round table. And then i say well that's it for the night right you know this starts at six in the morning. So i said that's it for the night is that it i'll go back home to the white house no sir, well i wonder what, you're going to virginia, sir oh god. Oh that's good thank you very much. This was like, i asked the question about an hour ago where am i going now, put me in coach you ever hear the expression. Just wind me up and put me in coach i said where are we going tonight. I said, let's go back to the white house let's see our first lady. And they said, no sir, you have a rally schedule. You have a rally schedule, where is it in virginia, i said oh that's good. How many people they said a hell of a lot of. People. Well i wouldn't i'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding when you have rallies, like this you don't forget them, you don't forget, them. Thank you go. Ahead. So we're going to put a heavy play in for virginia, seriously we're going to put a heavy play in virginia. And i think we can win the stage. Man that crowd is big look at that goes way back to the hangar that is a big crowd. That's big. You know i always tell the cameras, i don't want to bore people with this but, i i implore. Them turn the cameras, around. And show them the size of this crowd. Goes back to the building. But they never like doing it because they don't like including, fox they don't like showing big crowds. You know. They don't like showing big crowds. We left ohio, we're way up in ohio. Way up in ohio. We're way up in georgia, we were in georgia today though with the governor, and. The senator. Senator, perdue, and, we were uh. You're, no, representative. Doug collins, great guy. Kelly loffler. Great person, senator. And. Senator perdue, and i said how we doing. They said you're winning by a lot in georgia. You're winning. Of course. If you see these people they'll say he's pretty close in georgia. Too close to call, and then we have election, night comes. The polls in georgia, are closed. Donald trump has won in the state of georgia you know you only win if you're up by. Like a lot. If you're up by a lot they announced it a minute that was what happened with texas, last time they said texas, is too close to call, all for months and months and months, the only one that didn't believe that were the people in texas so when it closed. They said the polls in texas. Are closed. Donald trump has won the state like in the same breath. Now we're doing great in texas, we're doing great all over the place we're doing great all over, i hear where, i hear we're up in new hampshire which is great.

Last Time that one got taken away from us with, people that just came in with buses, all over the place, they had buses, coming up from massachusetts. You have the rhino, governor you know the rhino, governor of massachusetts. That's right baker. He's a rhino. But i guess he does whatever he can to get elected the democrat. Party. Is now run by socialists, and marxists, who want to destroy, our laws, our values. And want to destroy, your way of life. To uphold, our constitution. As written tomorrow, i will be announcing. My nominee. To the united, states supreme. Court. Build that seat. Oh we're gonna fill it don't worry about it. And the republicans. Have been very unified, you see that very unified, even a couple of people that. Normally don't vote for with us you know they, usually don't vote with the republicans. But they are, and. We have tremendous, unity. In the party mitch is doing a good job. Kevin is doing, a good job we're going to take over the house we're going to take back the house. People are tired of crazy, nancy. They're tired. We want to get some stimulus, out she doesn't want to give it she just doesn't only be for political, reasons not your fault you know whose fault it is china's, fault that's your fault for me, that's whose fault. But you know uh, it's an amazing, thing because the democrats, are saying well it's the end of a term. And because it you know we have a lot of time left. Think you think of this. If it were them. Don't forget, we don't have to do it by the election but we should be. Really able that would be a great victory. Going, into the election. With that biggest, of all victories you know they say the biggest thing you can do. Is the appointment, of judges, but especially. The appointment, of supreme, court justices, that's the single biggest thing, a president. Because it sets the tone of the country, for, 40 years, 50 years i mean a long time. So we're going to be announcing, somebody great i just think that you know there i just watched, the great thing about air force one, there are more televisions. On that plane than any plane. They got them in every room and you open up for a closet you want a shirt let me know about is the television. And i'm watching, the democrats, saying how terrible, it is that we're appointing. We have the right we won the election, right that we have the right we win the election. And we have a lot of time. And if they were in our position, they would uh do the same thing maybe they would just do it more rapidly, okay more rapidly. Now so what tomorrow, i think is going to be a big day five o'clock tomorrow, at the white house. We're going to be naming, the nominee, hopefully, we'll be on that court for 50 years. Be on there for 50 years the only thing i can tell you for sure, is it will be a woman, is that. Okay. Does anybody, have any objections, to that please. Please raise your hand, a lot of cowards, out there look at you men i don't see how. There's not one man here that has the guts to raise your head. Not one. If given the power the radical, left, will pack. The supreme, court with extremists. Who will strike, the words. Under god from the pledge of allegiance, as they did. Twice. I heard their pledge of allegiance. They had it in their caucus, i'm watching, i said oh they made a mistake, i said to the first lady darling. They made a mistake. They left the words under god out. And then i heard it a second time and they made the same mistake i said this is strange, this is like the guys. On the mueller team. That cleaned their phones. Right, 31. Phones. And they said oh we made a mistake, and they all made the exact same mistake the odds of that are a billion, to one right. They all made oh they got caught did you see what's going on or they got caught. See i feel sorry that's a, that's a shame. Yeah, they should be i'll tell you they are they should be, they're crooked people. They're crooked, people. So they cleaned up their phones. Hillary, took her phones and smashed, them, she took 33. 000 emails, and, deleted, them after congress, requested, them.

And I think they're looking at that too i think so. Can you imagine, i have a friend he's very smart rich guy made a lot of money but he's a very street wise guy. He said you know you've been under investigation. By these thieves, and they're smart. They just weren't smart when they all used the same exact, method. To clean their phone that wasn't smart. You know, at least put it a little bit there 31 different phones. Like what is it 21, people, 31, phones. But that's okay. That's okay that's only that's only illegal but this friend of mine said you know. They've gone through everything they've gone through your taxes, they've gone through your, financials, they've gone through everything. You have to be the most honest, guy in the world. And they come up no collusion. Or they want if they found, if they found anything. Now it's a bad group of people headed by. Robert mueller. Bad group of people. Who wanted the job at the fbi but he lied to congress, he said he didn't say that but he did i mean he did, we have all the proof so he is in the same group you know but they're actually in worse shape because at least with mueller you can say he probably didn't know what the hell he was doing sort of like joe biden. I figured about, about the same does that make sense does anybody unders. How would you like to you're getting a divorce, or something and you say. I gotta be represented. By bob mueller. Do you think so, you saw his performance, in congress, right, i want to be represented, by bob mueller now, it's the same thing how can we have. Joe biden. Representing. This country. And you know he's he's on the lid you know the lid right the lid is when they say, we're going to put a lid on it so i guess it means probably what it's supposed i have no idea lid. It's a lid but it's an expression. And every day, early in the morning they say. Joe joe, i mean joe biden. Sleepy joe he's put a lid on it sir. Biden has put a lid on it what does that mean, that means he's not working today, this guy takes more days off you have to have. A president. That's going to work his ass off in this country. You need energy. You need, a very energetic. President. They said how do you think he's going to do in the debate i think good he's been doing it for 47. Years i think he's going to do good, i think, and one thing we know. If he does just okay, just okay. They're gonna say the fake news they're gonna say it was the single, greatest, debate. Performance. In history. It was unbelievable. Far better, than winston, churchill, and his pride. Winston, churchill, was nothing, compared to sleepy, joe. So you know that if he finishes, the debate if he finishes. Which i think he will. And he might even do well, but if he does well they're going to say it's the greatest debate for and they haven't already written. They have a couple of scenarios, if he does really poorly they're going to say he wasn't bad. He wasn't bad. If he does modestly, well like he did against bernie they were sort of even. If he does like that they'll say it was the greatest performance, in history. But with your vote i will. Preserve, our constitution. And ensure. Law, and order. Joe biden, is weak. He surrendered, his party, to the flag burners, the rioters. The. Anti-police. Anarchists. The radicals. All these guys running around these. These democrat. Run, cities and states look at it, 10. Out of 10.. We could fix up portland, so fast they have to invite us and i want to be invited, into that one would, we would fix that like we did minneapolis. We would fix that up in. In less than a half an hour. Remember, minneapolis. They were right i mean the problem is they invited, us in about two weeks. By the time they invited it was a lot of flames, behind them remember the reporter is standing there, this is a peaceful, protest. And behind him you have like blocks, it looked like berlin, during the war didn't it. I never saw anything this is the craziest, thing it's a peaceful, performance. But what we did we said it's a peaceful, protest. And we don't call these rallies, anymore. Because, in dem states like where you have a governor who's a democrat. You're not allowed to go to church you're not allowed to go to a restaurant, you're not allowed to go to your friend's house, you can't move from your house unless you're related to the governor then you can do whatever the hell you want. You can't do anything. You can't do anything. Unless. Of course. It's a peaceful protest. Okay. And. So what we do is we call these peaceful protests, and we're getting big crowds, 25, 30 000 35, 000, there's more enthusiasm.

Now. Than there was four years ago because we've done a good job. Right. There's more now. Now we have more enthusiasm. Now than we did you know it's interesting, don't forget four years ago. I did a nice job i was successful. Had a great television, show the apprentice, it was great, people got to know me a little bit, i said let me run from the time, the first, hour. That we came down the escalator, first lady and i down the escalator, her with a white dress right, very famous, escalator, right now people go take pictures of the escalator. But we came down the escalator. We were in first place right we never went, i never left center stage right. And that's based on poll numbers if you're. The number one polar. And i said look. I want. An odd number. I don't want an even number. Because it was, what are you talking i said because that means two people are in center and that's not fair. So i want an odd number we were on center stage. But we've done a good job what happened is, i came i said i was going to cut your taxes. We gave you the biggest tax, decrease, in history. I said i was going to cut regulations. And we're going to have an incredible, economy, and regulations. Were probably even. More important than the tax cuts okay you want to know the truth. You ask the business, people the great ones they will tell you if they had a choice they'll take the regulation, cuts, and we still have a ways to go with that. But we did that, we rebuilt your military. We added, space force i mean what we've done. Is far, more. Far more. Right to try how about right to try i never talked about that. I never talked about. We knocked out 100. Of the isis caliphate. Right. We achieved, energy, independence. And we've done it while protecting. Our. Very. Pristine. Environment. By the way. And earlier, this month oh you're going to be so happy, virginia. And. North carolina. Come on, north carolina. You're going to be so happy you're going to be cheering like crazy because i think you like this. But, about a month ago i signed an order prohibiting. Offshore, drilling, on, the florida, georgia, and south carolina, cause right. Right. And, because i happen to like this state a lot i said what about. Virginia. What about, north carolina.

And Somebody said i don't know i don't know if they like it i said i think they like it. So i'm extending. The moratorium. To north carolina. And virginia. Okay. And if you want to have oil rigs out there just let me know we'll take it off i mean you know i can understand that too. I can understand, that too but i think you want it so we're extending, it to virginia. We're extending, it to north carolina. Up the coast and we're not going to have any problems, like, can be had. All right so i think you like that. You don't like it you're going to let me know i'm going to change it i can change things very easily. We built the greatest, economy, in the history of the world and now we're quickly doing it again so i did all of these things. And in doing all these things you said, the second time well now. This is actually a much easier. Campaign, in a way. The only problem, is i've been tarred. With this horrible. Witch hunt, for four years. And i didn't do it. Now think of it. What would my numbers, be. If i didn't go through, almost, four years. Of a russian, witch-hunt. That turned out to be, just the opposite. They were the ones, that were involved with russia. It was a whole big disinformation. Campaign. Now what will my numbers be with all that we've done, and if you didn't hear night, after, night, on fake news cnn, and msdnc. And the new york times and the washington, post. And now it's turning, out not turning out it's done. Because if you look at everything that's come out over the last few days, it's we caught them, they've been caught, they spied on my campaign. And they tried for a coup can you believe it in this day and age, and we caught him called, so what would our numbers, be our numbers not mine, what would our numbers be. If every, night. Every, morning, every, day. They were saying russia, russia, russia. It turned out to be a total hoax, in fact. Bite and sun it was just revealed, two days ago, got three and a half million dollars. From the wife of the mayor, of moscow. Think of it. So. But i really think about that. What would be our we did all these incredible, things with the economy with everything then we got hit. With this virus, from china they should never have let it happen we won't forget, it. And we closed, up we saved, millions, of lives now we've opened it with opening to records, but, what would our popularity. Be, if every day for almost, four years. You didn't hear any of this. Okay. What would it be. It's true what would they be. With all we've done. I think that would be very nice the democrats. Would say yes if you'd like we could cancel, the election because we have no chance, but you know what, hopefully. They have no chance anyway and hopefully, you're going to remember what i just said. Because, we were, unjustly. Treated, unjustly. Accused by a bunch of treasonous. Crooks. A bunch of bad, bad, people. Who got caught. And i think they'll have to pay a very substantial. Price. When the plague, arrived from china. We launched the largest, national, mobilization. Since world war ii we pioneered. Life-saving. Therapies, reducing, the fatality, rate. 85. Since april you know. The question, was asked to me. How well did we do. On the pandemic. And i said, i give us an a to an a plus you look at the ventilators, you look at all we've done, we did a great job we helped the governors. The governors, are always very thankful then sometimes they'll get in front of a camera they'll remember some of them but democrats, right, but. I said the only thing we did badly on was public relations. Because we were working, so hard we didn't think. I think frankly. They're not going to cover it well no matter what. But we did a hell of a job and then compare us to europe and we did very well. But now that europe is exploding, again. They don't want to talk about it and neither do i because i want your i want europe to heal, i want the whole world to heal. But we've done a hell of a job. Except, in public relations. And that's explaining, it to people. On that i give us a d. But we got an a plus in terms of what we've done, through operation. Warp speed. We will develop, and distribute, a vaccine, in record, time. By the end of the year and it could be sooner than that but we have. The greatest, labs, the greatest, companies, of that kind, in the world, and they are right there, they are right there it's going to be incredible, so, it's going to be a great vaccine.

And We have. Pfizer. Johnson, and johnson. Moderna. Another one just announced today these are great. Great great companies. On november, 3rd virginia, will decide. Whether we end the pandemic. And return to record, prosperity. Or whether we allow joe biden to kill the recovery. Delay the vaccine. Impose, a four trillion dollar tax hike on you that's what he wants to do. Ban american, energy he wants to ban fracking, how about that, he wants to ban fracking. Then he lucks into the nomination. You know he shouldn't have gotten it, because if, pocahontas. Left, two days early. Bernie would have won and we would have had bernie i don't know who i would have been better against maybe who knows. But we would have had radical, bernie. But we're going to get a lot of bernie votes like we did last night because. His people agree with us on trade, except we're better at it than he is, so we're going to get a lot of the bernie votes. Boyd bernie takes a hard shot doesn't he this is twice that happened and he has such a nice attitude. Between him and how about bloomberg. Bloomberg, gets absolutely. Decimated. In the debate, right. Mini mike, minnie mike. Mini mike. He gets decimated. And in order to get back with the democrat. Party, i'm going to put 100. Million dollars. Into florida if i were him i'd just, just take a pass he doesn't have to give us anything. We don't need his money, just take a pass, you know so he wants to buy his way into the democrats. And so he's going down to florida. It's rea but unfortunately. He did something that wasn't so good right. He said i'm going to pay off all these fines of the prisoners there's only one problem, it's illegal. Now he's got himself a problem. Now he's got himself a bigger problem than he had when pocahontas. Beat the hell out of him in the debate. Oh that wasn't so easy my. Remember, she was going point after, point, after, point. And he thought she was talking about me. And so did i actually. And then. And then what happened. She said and i'm not talking, about president, trump i'm talking about you and he went oh my god. He's not a good guy he's a. Not a good guy. Stupid. To do that stupid. You have to have some pride you can't go with the way they treated him so badly you can't do that. But they're going to destroy, the suburbs, you know i keep hearing about. Suburban, women like you right suburban, women well, i just ended a regulation. That would have allowed, projects. In your. Do you mind having a project, next to your house you're beautiful you live in a beautiful house right, happily married, beautiful kids everything perfect the american dream right. Do you mind having a project, built next door. She said she minds, you know who minds everybody, minds i just don't think anybody, knows that we did this i really don't i don't think anybody, knows. And they're going to change the zoning. That allows, them, to build. Projects. In the suburbs. So the guys came to me i said i want to end that they came sir we're all set, we're going to really, bring it back i said no i didn't say bring it back i said i wanted india well that's not so easy i said i want it ended. I don't want it, i don't want it, and we terminated.

It So you can live. Happily, ever after if you vote for trump, if you don't vote for trump you can forget it because. They will put you know who's in charge of it cory booker senator cory booker he's another. Beauty. He was elizabeth. If you if you really take you had elizabeth, warren yet cory booker. And you had kamala. You know if you pronounce her name wrong she goes crazy come on like a comma, it's like a comma, she's like a, comma. And, by the way nobody, treated. Sleepy, joe worse than his vice presidential. Thing. I brilliantly. Said, he'll never pick kamala, because he got treated he got called a racist. He got called. Xenophobic. Which he didn't know what that meant. He got called all sorts of things right. And so i said no obviously, he's not going to be he picked her i couldn't believe it but i think that's good, we like our mike pence, we. Like. And she's rated. Further, left. Than bernie sanders, i thought he was the most left in the, he's not actually even in the party he's sort of like an independent. Nobody ever used to say that but he's like an independent. But she's rated further, left. Than, crazy, bernie. And. This is what you want i don't think so. Just so you understand, if. And then she calls it the harris. Administration. Along with, just like you're naming a movie the producing, credits right. In the harris, administration. Along with uh. Vice president, biden. No no, no he's heading up the ticket, but then he said the same, thing. He put her name first i've never done that i love mike. But i've never said. Mike pence. And donald trump i always say trump because you know what, you got to know that you're the president. He doesn't, know. That he's in first position. He doesn't know it, he doesn't know it he forgot, he forgot. Hey look you're entitled to a mistake every once in a while it was strange that they did it almost in the same hour though right. It was like one on top of another. Give free health care they want to give free health care to illegal aliens. And indoctrinate. Your children, with poisonous. Anti-american. Lies in school we don't like that. To combat. The toxic. And and you see what it is it's toxic. Left-wing, propaganda. In our schools i announced last week that we are launching, a new pro-american. Lesson, plan for students. Called, the. 1776. Commission. We will teach our children, the truth about america, that we are the most exceptional. Nation. On the face of the earth and we're getting. Better. Better better all the time. And we're joined tonight, by a friend of ours a warrior, congressman. Rob. Whitman. Good guy. Virginia, republican. Party, chair. Rich, anderson. Good job how are we doing. Am i making the right move. I'm not wasting, my time here rich. I got to ask him rich what do you think i think so right. I think so. And congressional. Candidates. Nick. Freitas. Oh, look at him. We had a call the other day very successful, call right, great call thanks dick. And a real warrior, real hero. Scott. Taylor. Those are two very, important, races, and i think you're gonna win them i saw some good polling, we're taking over the house from crazy nancy. We're gonna have. It. And i think those two guys i think they're going to win also. Somebody that i have heard incredible, things about. The republican. Nominee, for the u.s senate. Daniel. Gade. He's a good-looking, guy. And i'll tell you he's got to beat his opponent, because he is just. Warner. Warner was. You know he was talking about russia right, trump and russia russia, russia. Then he gets scammed. By a guy with the greatest russian accent you remember that right. I have pictures. Of, president. Trump. Oh really where where where what are they like. Are they nude pictures, yes yes yes. Does vladimir. Know yes yes yes. So he's talking to this guy i got scammed, okay i was a comedian, or something. He was a comedian. He's allowed to talk to russians, if i talk to a russian it's a terrible, thing, by the way you know getting along with russia is not the worst thing in the world does that make sense. Getting along with north korea kim jong-un, everyone said oh he's getting along, he's giving so much i said what did he give they couldn't tell me anything.

You Know what i gave sanctions, that's what i gave. But you know what we get along we get along, you would have been in a war right now would have been a nuclear war you would have been a war right now, with north korea but was it for me hillary clinton didn't have a clue obama, didn't have a clue. Obama, told me when i sat with him the one time i sat with him what's your biggest problem north korea. I said how big he said it's a big problem, and he was indicating, like it was war. I said have you tried calling him. Have you tried have you given it a little shot. You know instead of losing, 10 million, people, they used to say, 50, 000 people could be killed no, 20 million, people could be killed okay 20 million, seoul is right next to you know right near the border. It would be uh, too bad but we have a good relationship, i get criticized, because i have relationships. With these people. And that's a positive, thing we have to remember that's a positive, thing, and i had a very good relationship. In china with president xi but you know what this pandemic. Has just. We made a great trade deal. But it just doesn't mean the same to me does that make any sense it doesn't mean the same for me. It doesn't mean the same to me. Last week two weeks ago they had the largest, order, of corn. To our farmers, in our history, they had the largest, order of soybeans. They had this massive, order. Of beef. But you know what. It, does just doesn't mean as much to me now as it did at one point the ink wasn't even dry on the trade deal, and this thing came in and they could have stopped it. We're also deeply, moved, to be joined by two gold star spouses, two incredible, people. Karen, owens, was a guest. At my first, address, to congress. As we honor the supreme, sacrifice. Of her husband. Fallen navy seal. Ryan, owens. Where's. Come on up here come up. And we're also, joined. With, brittany, jacobs, and her family you know brittany. On memorial, day in. 2017. I met brittany, and her son christian. At arlington, national, cemetery, and we honored the memory, of her. Incredible, husband. And christian's, dad marine, sergeant, christopher, jacobs we took a, picture together, that little boy, who's no longer a little boy. Come on over here, come on come on over here the both of you. Come. On. I said how's your, beautiful handsome, boy. She said really good but, he wants to go back to school, let's go open up the schools. Open up the schools. We'll get them open. But we thank god every day. For our courageous, warriors, and will always support. Our incredible, gold star families and we want to thank both of you it's incredible, thank you. And we'll get you back to school soon all right get them back come on governor, let's go you got other things to do. These people, you know they're keeping the states closed because they think it's going to be harmful. On november, 3rd. And it's that, really, it's not going to have too much of an impact what it's doing is hurting a lot of people though it's hurting a lot of people. In everything, we do. We are putting, america, first. We've spent the last four years, reversing, the terrible, damage, joe biden, and his friends inflicted. On this country, over the last. 47. Years. I love it when he says. We could have done this we should have done that the guy's been here forever. 47. Years hard to believe, right. And that was in prime time although he never had super prime time but that was in prime time remember.

And This time and now i got them here. Together we've taken on a corrupt. And broken, system, that's been throwing, everything, at us from the very beginning. A new trove, of documents, and you have to go home you got to read these documents. And they now prove that russia, interfered. In, 2016.. Unfortunately. It was on behalf of hillary clinton not trump. They interfered, disinformation. Released, text messages. Make 100. Clear. The fbi, knew that democrats. Purchased, russian, disinformation. Targeting, me. Your favorite. President. Which then formed the basis, for the witch hunt. And i'll tell you we've had some incredible. Strength, in terms of people, like. Sean hannity. The great lou dobbs. Thank you, laura. Tucker, tucker's, been great the last, vertical. Fox and friends. Jeanine. Jeanine. I'll tell you, jesse how about jesse. Hey greg gutfeld, was bad to me now he's great to me. He said hey would you rather have a nice guy that doesn't do anything or a horrible, human being like trump that gets it done, they all say i'd rather have the horrible you i'm not a horrible human. I'm a nicer guy i always get very offended when they say about like, well. Maybe, people don't like him but he gets everything done i think people like me but i do get it done. And more than any administration. Ever, in three and a half years. First. I'll tell you that is so, nice. That is so nice the first you talk about the seating we're going to don't worry about. The justice. Will get her seat don't worry about that and that's a nice. Outside, but you know they say these people said they've never heard. A political, campaign. Where a big audience, says we, love. Trump or the candidate. I've never heard it. I've never heard it. It's true i've never heard it for ronald reagan and i like ronald reagan but i've never heard it, and, they've never heard it nobody's, ever heard it who says that, but i love you too i really do. I do. And we're getting it done. No they've never heard that chant i've never heard it. And it started about two weeks ago. I've never heard it even before but again. Before. I want to thank you it's really nice. It's really nice. And we've got to go out and we've got to really work hard, and we've got to watch this ballot scam because they're scamming, us okay they're scamming, us, and then they say he doesn't want to turn over again of course they do but it's got to be a fair election. You know see that's that's another scam, they don't mention anything about ballots, i say, got to be a fair election. When they're losing ballots, all over the place, when they're losing ballots they just happen to be trump ballots. You know in virginia, did you hear. In a very democrat. Area. They sent. Two ballots, to, thousands, of people a thousand or thousands, of people it just came out over the wires. So people in a democrat, area got two ballots, instead of one, this is, they, had. Eight ballots, and a waste paper basket. Military, ballots, that all were for trump everyone was for trump, and they were in a waste paper basket, they were thrown away and somebody, saw him, then they had.

Many Many ballots, thrown into a river, someplace, i don't even know the state. These are just a few of them and then go back earlier. Go back to the democrat, primaries, go back to the great state iowa i love iowa we're going to win iowa big, big big big. We won it last time by 11 points we're going to win it big with ethanol, what i've done for them with the 28, billion dollars for the farmers. And that includes, you that includes, tobacco, that includes a lot of things but that includes. Your farmers. But you go back to their primaries, right, go back, to the primary, the iowa. The first, primary, it was done with ballots. They have no idea remember the disaster. And that's a small, primary. Now they're talking about, tens, of millions, of these, fake, ballots going all over the place. Who's sending them. Where are they being sent, who's sending them back. Supposing, they don't get them. Are they being sent to democrat, areas. And they're all. Run. By democrat, governors, right all of them 100. It's a hundred percent. So you have a guy in nevada. He just comes up with the idea i love i think we're gonna win nevada, if fairly we're gonna win it, but he comes up, well you don't have to have your signature, verified, oh that's nice that's good he decided, let's not do that but you know a real big problem. I like watching, television. And have, the winner is. Right. You might not hear it for months. Because this is a mess, go back and study what happened in iowa, take a look, take a look at what happened in new york in a small congressional. Race carolyn, maloney. She should have lost the race in my opinion, they gave it to her because it was a crooked deal the guy. The guy that she ran against. Was having fits he said what are you doing what are you doing. Everything, was mixed up the ballots were lost there was fraud there was everything. Going to paterson, new jersey, these are just recently.

It's A. Disaster, waiting to happen, and the only one that knows it better than we do are the democrats, they know this is going to happen, they want it to happen. Because they want to go through a court system. And instead you're not going to hear very unlikely, that you're going to hear winner that night. I could be leading, and then they'll just keep getting ballots, and ballots, and ballots, and ballots. Because now they're saying. That the ballots, can come in late well what does that mean, and more importantly, they're going to be given in some cases, a week or two weeks, to count the, ballots. So if we're waiting for one state. No think of it. If we're waiting, and this is they're talking about five six seven states that have this problem, so if we're waiting for one state. Does that mean the whole nation the whole world is going to wait for. One state, i won't use any names. But you have pennsylvania. Where you have a democrat. Who by the way lost the case last week, we sued, we want him to open up his state and we won on constitutional. Ground. North carolina. They have the state all locked up, so. We're talking about these are the governors, that run their states for democrats, they really do i mean they run them, they're democrat, governors, and they're in charge of the count. We went to nevada, to make a speech we had five different sites, the governor made it impossible. So we ended up at a different site we had to get one very, this is the guy that's in charge of, ballots he was a political, hack, now he's the governor, and this guy is in charge, of ballots. It's not going to work it's going to be a disaster, and i want a smooth, beautiful, transition. But they don't add the other part, but it's got to be an honest, vote, and everybody, knows, just go back again, look at iowa, look what happened, just take a look at that, they still don't know who won. They didn't know weeks later remember, new hampshire went, new hampshire declared, a winner. And. Essentially, they don't know what happened in iowa. Except the difference is we're doing the same thing but with tens of millions, of ballots. This is a disaster, waiting to happen, and they shouldn't let this system. Go, if you ask for a ballot it's called, solicited. You solicit, you want the ballot, it comes in you sign it you send it back that's okay, but where they send. Millions, and millions. Of unsolicited. Ballots, people get ballots they didn't even know they were getting them, sign it sign it then there are people going around getting them to sign. You know when you have that you don't need it we have much more enthusiasm. We're so high up on enthusiasm. Right. But it's very unfair, because when you have somebody go knock on your door sign. It's called harvesting, they're going to harvest, ballots even though in some cases, in most cases. It's illegal. It's illegal as hell, and it should be illegal. So this is a disaster. Waiting to happen. And the only hope we have really. Other than going through a long. Unbelievable, litigation. At the end after it's over, because we're going to win we're not going to lose this except if they cheat that's the way i look at it. We can't let them cheat we can't let them it's too much our country. Is at stake, and that's true, our country is at stake, because these people will destroy, our country, we can't let this happen, and this is a scam, they know it the media knows it but the media doesn't want to cover it they know exactly, what's going to happen and so do i.

But The democrats. Know better than all of us what's going to happen. So we can't let it and if you see anything, you just have to report it on everything we're all watching law enforcement's, watching, all over the place, but it's very hard to watch you know millions of ballots very hard to watch. And, uh, the only way we're gonna that's the only way we're gonna lose. Is if there's. Uh, mischief. Mischief, and it'll have to be on a big scale so, be careful, and we do want, a very friendly. Transition. But we don't want, to be cheated. And be stupid. And say oh let's transit. We'll, we'll go and we'll do a transition. And we know that there were, thousands, and thousands, of ballots that made the difference. Through cheating, we're not going to stand for it we're not going to stand for it, so just remember. Keep your eyes open for decades, our opponents, spent trillions, of dollars, rebuilding, other countries. And now we're finally, rebuilding. Our, country. We invested, 2.5. Trillion dollars, in the u.s, military, all made in the usa. We launched the first new branch, of the armed forces. Think of that. Since the air force 75, years ago it's called space force it's a big deal. See that alone, would be a big deal for. Honestly, that alone would be a very big deal for a, administration. We did. Think of it, we now have a sixth branch. Of the united states armed forces, that's a big deal. But we did so much more, so much more i mean think of it it's incredible, you know we did probably, the most, we'll have. Maybe even more than, 300. Federal. Judges, including court of appeals. And now we're going to have three. Supreme, court judges. Their minds, are blowing. Their minds. You know you've had many presidents, never had one supreme court judge we're gonna have three, of all people. And that's a record of all people. To get, three. Supreme, court justices. In one administration. And one term. They are going. Crazy. They're saying. Darling, tell me this is not happening. But you'll see it tomorrow at five o'clock. With the help of the incredible, workers, of newport, news. And norfolk, naval shipyard. We will build. 355. We're going to have a. A navy again of, 355. Ships that's what we need. That's been depleted. And they're already, being built we gotta. We've got a few big ones beauties being built including, aircraft carriers. Biden will slash, military, funding, and ship building will be shut down it's gonna be shut down, like it used to be. We killed the founder and leader, of isis. Al-baghdadi. We took out the world's. Number one terrorists, and mass murderer. Solomani. I withdrew, from last, administration's. Disastrous. Iran nuclear, catastrophe. What a deal that was 150. Billion dollars 1.8, billion in cash, you ever see what 1.8. Billion in cash it's plane loads. These guys over there they must have said what the hell is this. They never saw money like that we paid you know we got for it nothing. Nothing. I kept my promise, recognized. The true capital of israel and opened the american. Embassy, in jerusalem. I also, recognized. Israeli, sovereignty, over the golan, heights. They've been working on that for 52, years i got it done quickly. And instead of endless, wars. We are forging, peace in the middle east we even got. Nominated. Right, you know what for. That's right i hate to talk about it but i have to because the press doesn't talk about it. It's uh, it was a great honor, it was a great honor twice you know that right twice. The press doesn't talk about. The nobel, peace prize right, two, two for different days. For kosovo, and serbia, we stopped them from killing each other it was very nice. And they don't have to kill each other they've been killing each other for a long time kosovo, serbia, was great. It was great. And we got a nomination. For, israel, and. You look at bahrain. Uae. That's just the beginning we have them lined up that want to go into that well peace in the middle east without blood all over, the sand. And i told you, you heard the story i went home i said first lady i'm going to get the greatest, stories tonight. I just got nominated. For the nobel. Peace prize first lady. For israel, everybody, said it couldn't be done.

And They were right it couldn't be done the way they were doing it you would have never gotten it done the way john kerry was doing it you would have never gotten it. As a guy doesn't have a clue, incompetent. But you know what. I said first lady why do you see this it's going to be unbelievable. And we watched, lester holt. I don't even know why. And we had one story after another, after another. And after seven stories i said first lady this is getting a little embarrassing. And they never mentioned that nor did any other. Of the newscasts. Fake cnn, didn't mention, it msdnc. Didn't mention, it, abc. Cbs, nobody mentioned, it, so i was very embarrassed, three days later i got nominated. Again. And i said. My great first lady. We got another, shot at it darling let's watch the news tonight. One story, two stories, three stories four stars five says. We got to the end it wasn't mentioned again. And when barack hussein, obama, was nominated. It was. And he didn't know what he got it for he still doesn't. He doesn't know what he got it. So we have a little double standard going but that's okay as long as we know. Sometimes, i'll be talking that way and i'll look around i'll say oh i'm in the oval office. How did that happen. I said you know. With all the complaining, we're in the oval office and they're not right. And if you don't mind let's keep it that way so we can keep this. Going. We've achieved, more. In 47. Months than joe biden has achieved, in 47. Years it's true. Biden, without even knowing it is pushing, the most far-left, platform, in history. The biden plan would destroy, social, security, and destroy, protection. For people with pre-existing. Conditions. He would terminate, our travel bans, and jihadist, regions you know i got the travel ban remember everyone said you couldn't do that. I want a travel ban. From people. That want to blow up our country do you think that's okay. People said oh we don't like that. Took a little heat and we got it they said i didn't get it and they were right we lost at one court lost in a second then we won. In the supreme, court they don't say that. But we have a strong travel ban. And. We will use it we do use it we use it plenty. And increase refugee, admissions, they want to increase, refugee, admission, 700. Opening, the floodgates. For radical, islamic. Terrorism. They want to ban school choice in charter schools in the second term. I will provide, school choice to every, parent in america. Every parent. A vote for republicans. Is a vote for safe communities. Great jobs. And a limitless, future for all americans. It's so true. And in conclusion. I love you people but i've been doing this since early in the morning i'm getting the hell out of. Here. I would only do this. I got a guy who stays in his damn basement, all day long and i'm doing this. I don't know if he wins i'm going to be very embarrassed, i'll say gee i worked so hard and he didn't work at all. Now we're going to win i think we're going to win i think we're going to win big i think we're going to. I think we're going to win bigger than anyone understands. I think there's a vote out there there's a hidden vote out there the pulses, are fake they're controlled by the same people that write. The bad stories, the fake stories, over the next four years. We will make america, into the manufacturing. Superpower, of the world. And we will end our reliance, on china, once and for all. We will hire more police. Increased, penalties, for assaults, and law enforcement. And we will ban. Deadly. Sanctuary. Cities, ban em. We will uphold, religious, liberty. Free speech. And the right, to keep, and bear, arms. Virginia. We will strike down terrorists, who threaten our citizens, and we will keep america, out of the ridiculous. Horrible. Endless. Foreign, wars, countries that you've never even heard of, he will keep you out of them. And by the way we have weapons, the likes of which nobody, has ever seen before. We have a level of the degree, of which. Nobody, from. Russia. To china. To. North korea, nobody's, ever seen what we built. And just hope to god we never have to use them but we have never had anything, like, the arsenal, that we've built over the last three years. Hope to god we never have to use them. We're the envy of the world in that way. We have the greatest. We have the greatest people for our building there's nobody can do what we can do. There's nobody but.

When I came in your military, was totally depleted, you had old planes, you had old everything. We have. Now the, f-35s. And, we have things the bombers, the new bombers, the tankers. The, ships that we're building, some right here newport. News. You know. But we have built an arsenal, the likes of which the world has never seen, and you know what. That will make it a lot easier for us not to have to use them. That's really what we need we needed it we were in bad shape. We were in bad shape. We will maintain, america's, unrivaled. Military, might. And we will ensure, peace. Through, strength, and that's what we've done. Will end surprise, medical, buildings. Require, price transparency. And further reduce, health insurance, you know the health insurance, is a, disaster. And we are bringing the price of health insurance, way down premiums, and costs of, prescription. Drugs we're instituting. Favored, nations. We pay the highest, in the world for drugs, i negotiated. With big pharma. And i just got tired of negotiating. I said i'm sorry, we're instituting. Favored nations. We're the largest, purchaser. Of prescription, drugs by far in the world. And i instituted. What we call a favorite nations, clause. Where we will pay, the same price. As the nation. That pays, the lowest. Price, in the world. In addition to that. I instituted. A rebate, clause where we get the rebates, instead of the middlemen. These are the richest, people. I don't know who the hell they are but the middlemen, are. They're very rich and they're not liking me too much and you're going to see a lot of bad ads from big pharma they've already started, just remember every time you see one of those ads that means your drug prices are coming way down and i mean by, 50. 60, 70, and 80 percent. We'll strongly, protect. Medicare. And social security, we will always protect. Patients, with. Pre-existing. Conditions. Always. Always. America, will land the first woman on the moon in the united, states will be the first nation to land an astronaut. On. Mars. And we've taken nasa, from. Fairways. Grey i mean you have to see they had fairways, along like a golf course it was a better golf course than it was a runway. And what we've done we've taken all the grass, out. It was grass growing right through the cracks, it was a disgrace. And we've now made it the number one space center in the world, by far, again. You ought to see this they were playing golf. They were playing golf it was all closed, up or essentially, closed, up. It was actually worse than. Closed up you know what it was sort of open but nobody was doing anything they had nothing to do we had the greatest scientists, in the world, and we're letting rich guys send up rockets we like it somehow rich people like to send rockets, up. We say just pay us a nice rent and have a lot of fun sending your rockets, out. But nasa is now. Number one in the world again, by far, and there's no. Contact. And all that grass, is gone. We will stop. The radical, indoctrination. Of our students. And restore, patriotic. Education. To our schools. We will teach our children, to love our country, honor our history. And always, respect. Our. Great. American. Flag, are you listening, nfl. Are you listening, nfl. And we will live by the timeless, words, of our national, motto. In, god. We, trust. For years you had a president, who apologized. For america. Now you have a president, who is standing, up for america. And standing, up, for the great people. Of virginia. And, north. Carolina. So get your friends. Get your family get your neighbors. Get your co-workers. And get out, and vote there's never been a more important, election, than this election. Voting, has already, begun. Do not wait go out and vote. From richmond, to roanoke. From frederick, burgs to williamsburg. And from norfolk, to right here in newport. News. We stand on the shoulders, of virginia, patriots. Who gave their blood sweat and tears for this beloved, nation. Virginia, is the place that gave us, george, washington. Thomas. Jefferson. James, madison. James, monroe. Now you know. Uh, i signed a little document. 10 years in prison, if you knocked down a statue, or a monument. It's amazing, how you haven't seen any of that lately. They were having a little fun and now they were heading toward the jefferson, memorial, i said wait a minute. And i predicted, that, they were knocking, down, statues. A lot of people didn't know exactly, which one i said you better stop it.

Because The next thing you know they'll knock down the statue of robert e lee and they did. I said you better stop it or they'll be going after thomas, jefferson. And washington. And abe lincoln. And they started. And i said what are we going to do here i have some good people. They said, you know because today in congress, you can't get anything done they'd give you, one day in. In a very, nice hotel. So i said what are we gonna do they said we'll take out an old. We'll take out an old law and you can reinstitute. It with an executive, order i said why does it say, 10 years in prison not jail they use the word prison. I said for what, you knocked down a monument, or a statue, you go to jail for 10 years i said, give me that thing get it to my. Office. And i signed it. And they were coming down to washington, they were going to knock down two particular, statues, that were, really beautiful. And i signed it and we announced it had a news conference got to let people know about it right. And the 20, 000. Person march turned out to be about three people. And two of them were arrested, actually because. We have thanks to the fake news we have a lot of footage of people standing on. The statue, of. Jackson, andrew jackson remember they almost had the ropes we sent in the police the police did a great job by the way, remember that the ropes are ready to pull it down. And we said charge and they charged and i want to tell you they did a hell of a job, they were much tougher than the people with the ropes. It took them about two minutes and that was the end of the ropes, but it was close they got there just in time. But you know what since i signed that there's been no statues, no monuments, that have been played with it. Federal, federal. States have to do the same thing for their states. Virginia, heroes, made america, into the single greatest, nation in the history of the world. And the best is yet to come. Proud citizens. Like you helped build this country. And together, we are taking back our country. We are returning. Power to you, the american, people. With your help. Your devotion. And your drive, we are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting. And we are going to keep on, winning. Winning. Winning. But a win-win-win. We are one movement. One people. One family. And one glorious. Nation, under god, and together. With the incredible. People, of virginia. And north carolina. We will make america, wealthy, again. We will make america. Strong. Again. We will make america. Proud, again. We will make america. Safe again. And we. Will make, america. Great, again, thank you virginia, thank you get out and vote thank. You.

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