Trump hosts a 'Great American Comeback' event in Pennsylvania

Trump hosts a 'Great American Comeback' event in Pennsylvania

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We won pennsylvania. Last time and we're going to win it by a lot more this time i can see. Because, you know four years ago we had a lot of enthusiasm. But we have more now even the fake news will admit that they. Will. More than we've ever had. Hello pennsylvania. Thank you very much for being here in the ring. As we stand together, in the rain it's supposed to bring luck we'll take it huh my man. I just came from the rose garden of the white. House. Thank you very much. And i love you. Too. Or i wouldn't have done this. I wouldn't have done it but we're doing well our country's. Going to be. Stronger than ever before, very soon, you watch, it's happening it's all happening beautifully, it's happening we had to close it down. We saved millions, of lives, we opened it up and we're doing record, kind of numbers, and we're going to have the best year we're going to have a great third quarter. So thank you very. Much. I've just come from the rose garden of the white house. Where i proudly, nominated. Judge. Amy, coney, barrett. To the united, states supreme, court. Judge barrett is a brilliant, legal mind an extraordinary. Scholar, you know that. Number one in her class you know the uh, the professor, one of the most respected, people he said the greatest. Student he's ever had that's pretty good, that's a little better than biden wouldn't you say. She should be running for president, etc. Now it's a little bit better academically. Slightly better. And most important of all she will defend, your god-given. Rights and freedoms, she will. Judge barrett would become the third, supreme, court justice, along with. Over 300. Think of this. This is our third nomination. We have. Justice, gorsuch. Justice, kavanaugh. And now we have amy along with over, 300. Federal, judges, by the end of this term. And we've confirmed. To uphold, our laws and constitution. As written and that's a record. Joe biden has refused, to provide, his list because the names will be hand-picked. By socialists. Like. Representatives. Alexandria. Ocasio-cortez. Aoc. Plus three and ilhan. Omar. That's a great one she's a great we're always complaining, she's always complaining, came here. Things worked out for her, how did she come here does anybody know how she came here. Aoc, plus three. That's a beauty that's a group of. Real, they love our country, so much. If given power. The far left will pack the supreme, court with radicals, who will terminate. The second amendment, that's what they want to do strike the words, under god. From your pledge of allegiance. Tear down crosses, from public, spaces, and force taxpayers. To fund extreme. Late term, abortion, that's what they're looking to do. These left-wing, justices. Will [ __ ], police departments. Protect, sanctuary. Cities. And declare, the death penalty. Unconstitutional. For even the most depraved.

Mass. Murderers, it's unconstitutional. We will save your second amendment, and together. We will save, our country and that's what we're. Doing. That's a lot of people. So we have tens of thousands, of people. If sleepy, joe came here if he had. I i really mean this you know the little circles he felt, and he can't get them full you have like five of them. Those circles, those big beautiful, whoever does it does a nice job they're very. Round. But he's got like five of them. And then he stands very far back, and walks and i mean i don't get the whole deal there i don't get it. So we have tens of thousands, somebody said 17, 18, 000., last night we had 35, 000 people you saw that in virginia, you know we're making a play for virginia. Because, we have a governor in virginia, you know that, he wants to totally end all he does is talk about. Terminating, the second amendment, that's all he talks about. That's all he talks about, in 38, days we will win the commonwealth. Of pennsylvania. We will win, four more years in the white house. Right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much great honor. It's a great honor we've achieved a lot together, it's together. It's what happened well you see the numbers, on. November, 3rd get out and vote, go, early vote do whatever you have to do make sure they don't cheat you too badly with those ballots oh did you see today. There was a big mishap, with the ballots, another one. This is every day they have that mic every day big mishap, with the ballots. So, one of them new york is saying well we're going to change the system a little bit it's a little late for doing that isn't it. New york wants to change their system they're going to work on something governor cuomo is going to work on something now. Well the ballots, are flowing, you know it's a little late. And then in a certain location, you know the location. They mailed a thousand, ballots, out unfortunately. They doubled it up and everybody, in this democrat, area got two ballots, instead of one. And then two days ago. They found eight ballots in a waste paper basket, unfortunately. They all had the name trump written on them we were gonna vote for trump they were military, ballots the, military. And then they have a stream, in a very good state. And they found, lots of ballots, dumped in the stream, look, look you know, this is not right, what they're doing is not right and it's all run by, these ballots the ones we're talking about. Whether it's pennsylvania. Because we're going to win in pennsylvania, you've got to watch but you have a governor. Who's in charge of ballots. North carolina. Michigan. Nevada. All of these places they're all run by democrats, they're the ones that count the ballots. And there's no does anybody have even a doubt it's just like common sense it's common, sense, so we're going to be very careful we're going to watch, and you know we're waiting for rulings, from. A great federal, judge in your, state, federal, judge.

About The constitutionality. Of the whole thing they're going to try and steal the election, look at this crowd, the only way they can win, pennsylvania. Frankly. Is to cheat on the ballots that's the way i look at it. Boy i look that way, no they just had a big thing today they, said there was a mistake, made on a lot of the ballots they're going to try and redo the system. Take a look at iowa during the, primary, remember the first primary. They couldn't do anything, it was all a mess. It was all a. Mess. Good job. Good job, look at this guy good job. Good. Job. Hey. Good job. Man. That guy. He's going home to his parents now he's going to be in big trouble, but. But wait a minute, wait wait. He just opened his mouth and we had that gentleman, in the beautiful, blue will you stand up. Are you in love. Law enforcement. Because you were on, him. This guy hadn't gotten the first word out, that's the kind of guy i want working for me right there. Man. Right that was just instinct, it's called natural, instinct, some people have it and some people don't. Unfortunately, most people don't that's the problem. Under my administration. We proudly, achieved. Energy, independence. We are now the number one producer, of oil and natural, gas. In the world. Sleepy, joe biden, has vowed to ban fracking, that's not good for pennsylvania. You notice now he's trying to pull back you know. He went to a place called texas. No oil. No god and no guns in texas that doesn't work, but you know what does it work here either you're a big fracker. You uh it's a big business here 900. 000 jobs. But uh he wants to. Eradicate. All of the things that you're doing all of the things that are bringing in so much money for your state it's a disgrace. Now he's trying to say well i didn't really mean that. That was like hillary, remember. She made a horrible statement, about, clean coal, and then she went, crooked hillary. And then she went, three weeks later. I agree. All right. You know i used to say now now now we won we won. Now don't do it put this a locker but i i try and stop it now i she's crazy. Phil is, stone. Cold afraid of. Her. No but, how about remember, the emails. Oh you think we forgot we didn't forget the emails. Remember the emails, when. Congress, said we want 33. 000 emails. And they uh deleted. Emails, they deleted, everything. They text messages. Everything, they deleted. If mike kelly did that he'd be out of a job so fast. He'd be gone right. It'd be gone we were, nervous, we wouldn't last long, i mean the corruption, hey did you see though over the last. 48, hours. The fbi, tapes the fbi, text messages. Trump was right the one guy says. Trump was right he was right you shouldn't be doing this trump was right he was like the honest one but they brought him along. We need insurance. We have to get insurance, for this, this is wrong what we're doing, trump was right. It turned out. That it was a whole big. Disinformation. Deal. And you know who the, guilty party is, the democrats. And hillary. They were the ones, that dealt, with russia. It wasn't, us which we've, been saying for a long time. No these text messages, just came out, did you see that, they just came out. So we went through two and a half years, of. A lot of work and they ruined a lot of people, look at general flynn, look at what happened those messages, about general flynn last night just came out. They know, they knew he was innocent. And they said. We want flynn in order to get trump. We want flynn they were after trump, it came out loud and clear they were after trump. I'll tell you what, uh, we got to get back to congress, and go after these people these people are sick. It was a whole big con job with. Shifty, schiff and the whole group shifty, shift he gets up and says a totally different thing than what i said. Totally different. And they say sir you can't go after him because he's shielded. Because he made the speech he totally lied. He made it in congress, and he can say anything see it should be the opposite. When you're in congress, you should be, more honest. What a sleazebag. He is right he. Always. What a sleazebag. He is what a jerk. A lot of jerk we got to deal with people like that. I'll tell you. I'll tell you how do you come together with people like that they're totally dishonest, because i want the country to come together, you know, we were coming together. Until we got hit with the plague, from china. We were coming together there was, i was getting calls from. Stone, cold, radical, left hard-line, democrats. Let's start talking, i'm telling you because we had the best unemployment, numbers we ever had, the best economy, best stock market although the stock market right now is just about there right.

Success, Will bring us together then we got hit with the plague from china. And now we have to do it all over again it's make america, great again again. But we saved millions of lives by doing what we did when asked about fracking. Sleepy, joe biden, said that he would, make sure it's eliminated, this was just a little while ago. Then he gets the nomination, he goes well i didn't think fracking's, that bad it's amazing, isn't it, that's what you call. A really dishonest. Dumb, politician. A dumb guy. Always, known as a dumb guy. But we look forward to seeing him in the debate he's got a lot more experience he's got 47, years i've got three and a half years. So we'll see. But he's got 47. Years of experience. You know i always sort of smile when he said like criticism, we should have done this we should have done that we should all these things right, i said why didn't you do him. He's been there for and it's not like he left, 20 years ago. 47. Years and he left three and a half years ago right, so why the hell didn't you do him now he went just all these great ideas that's a real beauty. Days ago biden. Reiterated. His pledge, to require, net zero carbon, emissions, which he doesn't have any idea what that means. Shutting down all fracking. And sending you jobs overseas. Like they've been doing i'm bringing your jobs back they're all coming back. And i'll keep you jobs in pennsylvania. Where they belong, that's where they belong, what they've done to you. And other states. Joe biden's, agenda, would also be a nightmare. For. Pennsylvania. Seniors. Do we have any seniors here don't raise your hand. Do we have any seniors not to look how few people raise their hands i can see some sages. We're proud of it right. For years biden tried to cut social security, and medicare, you know that. He wants to go you know what's going to happen they're going to go with socialized, medicine, if they ever got in. Remember, obama, what he said. And by the way obama, knew all about the scam he knew all about this coup he knew all about spying on my campaign. He knew everything. Somebody, said. Well we can't go you know they haven't called, they have them. Called. Remember, i said there was spying on my campaign. A long time ago the internet, blew up. How dare he say that how did it turn out to be true. And then it was the coup because i got in now they said all right he got in we couldn't stop him now we're going to try, taking it away can you believe it this is the u.s say no seriously can you believe it and we caught him all these text messages. And from what i hear they have some real beauties coming out over the next couple of days so stay tuned. But somebody said oh you can't do that he was president, well i'm president, too and they would not stop i promise. These people are sick. They're bad people. Remember when biden, said. When i. Argued that we should freeze, federal spending. I meant, social security, he meant this, he said, when i argued, that he wanted to, freeze all spen all this federal. Spending, he wanted. He's not going to take care of your medicare, he's not going to take care of your social security, and if he gets in he's going to have nothing to say, because, the radical, left will control, it, and he's going to do socialized. Medicine. As sure as you're sitting or standing, there i don't i can't even tell the hell difference. You're sitting. There nice we got seats for people. Who do, who would do this. Look at all the police back there what are they the. Greatest. Great guys. They're great people. We got so many endorsements, i don't even talk about them anymore we have so many police endorsements, new york city's finest, never did it before they endorse.

They Endorse, me they endorse, us. For president. They could solve that problem in new york all they have to do is let them do their job. And don't take a billion, dollars away and fire some of the best people, on the force, which is what they did. We got chicago. Think of that chicago, police endorsement, how about that that's not easy to do. You're dealing with radical, left people. We got endorsed by all the sheriffs, in florida, all law enforcement, in florida we got endorsed by texas, oklahoma. We got endorsed, by. Does anybody know of any police. Area, or group that has not endorsed, us. We're looking for them. We're looking for it. Now biden is pledging, to give federal health care. To illegal, aliens, which is. Decimating. Medicare. Just so you understand we all have heart we want to help people but the problem is when you say that. People that never even thought of coming to the united, states. Say let's go, where are we going we get free education. We get free medicare. Free health care. And then i jokingly, said one time everybody, gets a beautiful, brand new rolls royce and cnn, said. He lied, he said that all illegal. Immigrants. Got a 750. Dollar call. They said he lied i didn't i was only kidding. They said. They said i lied over the rules and i say you all said to you remember when i said, russia, if you're listening, find her emails or whatever the hell i say. Find her, emails, and then we all left together 25, 000 people in the stadium. On television, look at all the cameras, on television, look at those people. Look at all those red lights they're going on they're standing in the rain just like i am but they don't like it. But do you remember. But the problem is they cut it off exactly. Before we all started to laugh together right. And for two years they've been saying he dealt with russia. He asked russia. To please get her emails or whatever the hell we were asking for. Russia, if you're listening, please get the whole place cracks up along with me in fact they cut off my last word you know they got to cut its jaw. Because they don't want to see any sign this is how dishonest, is they are, really. I'll tell you they are so bad for the country. But i'll take it back for right now because right now it's live all over the place. We'll let it go you know what let's say it at the end instead. Because so often i'll say you know they're cnn, they're totally corrupt they're fake and, you see the light go off the red like. And i said i got to stop saying that. Do you think it's wet enough out here. They all said sir would you need a hat. I said what the hell hat is gonna match this beautiful tie that i've just. I got a red one i don't know red and whatever the hell color this is. Red is not gonna go well with this color. No it's fine, i like saying the rain with my friends from pennsylvania. I don't care. We're in the rain together. Right, we're in the rain. Together. Thank, you. Thank you very much. Now we're in the rain together that's all right we'll stay out here all night if we have to. But, i'll tell you uh. So many interesting, things are going on when i look at, their plans, did you see their plans the manifesto. That's the. Bernie sanders, and aoc, manifesto. So normally when you negotiate. With. Communists. Because i don't think it's social haven't they gone over the i don't think it's, this is no longer socialism, we're dealing with worse and so. This is communism. But when you deal with socialist, kind. You know you're supposed to bring them a little bit to the right right you know you're a democrat you bring.

They Brought, they started, with a plan and they went further left, this plan is the most horrible we call it the manifesto. Bernie sanders crazy bernie but you know the one thing they agree with us on trade because we are being ripped off by so many countries i've stopped a lot of it, i mean i had to devote a lot of time to a fake impeachment. Now you see how fake the impeachment, was. What about biden's, son getting three and a half, million, dollars. Right. From the wife of the mayor of moscow, and then they say donald trump is dealing with, russia. Donald, trump i never even made a call, donald, trump is dealing. This guy got three and a half million, dollars, from the wife. Of the mayor. Of, moscow. What the hell was that for. Probably, his great experience, in energy but he didn't have that. And then it revealed, yesterday, that he got a lot more money from china than we thought, and he got a lot more money right, it's all stuff it's it's like perfect. It's like unbelievable. But he got a lot more money from china. And the 100, the 83. Or 63. 000 a month that he was getting. Now it looks like it was. A hundred, and eighty, three thousand, a month, and, he got an upfront payment of three million dollars from ukraine. And this is because of his great knowledge. Of energy but he had none. They said do you know anything about energy, no i don't happen to know anything oh. And then the father, called for. The prosecutor. Get him out or you're not getting your billion dollars from the united, states, whoa they got them out and here's your billion. That's not a quid pro quo right. But a perfect, phone call is a quid pro quo where nothing was, it's a disgrace. Well hopefully, we're getting to the bottom of all that stuff because we got plenty. The biden's, plan for. Mass, amnesty, would bankrupt, your social, security, system. And you remember me when i got elected they all said oh he's going to hurt they love to say that's going to hurt because they give disinformation. They say a lie. Like the soldiers, and the graves, and they put it in can you imagine, no no animal that i know would say that nobody. They make up a lie and then they go with it. Social security, they said four years ago now they say it again. He will by the way your social security, we never touched it not even touched it they said, he will destroy, your social security, no, they will destroy, because they'll destroy, your country. And your social security, will be worthless, that's what's going to happen, in just three and a half years. We've secured. America's, borders. Rebuilt, the awesome, power of the u.s military. Obliterated. 100. Of the isis. Caliphate. Fixed our disastrous. Trade deals. And brought, jobs, back home to america, and back home. To the commonwealth. Of. Pennsylvania. Under 16, years, of presidents. Obama, and bush. Household, income rose only 2. 945. These are right out of the book. So, 16, years. Less than 3 000. In three years. With us, it rose. 6483. So much less than half the thousand. And if you include, energy, savings, how do you like paying those two dollars for gasoline, and even less how do you like. And your electric, bills weigh down.

With Number one in the world. How do you like that if you include that it's ten thousand dollars that's over three years three and a half years we lifted. 6.6. Million, people out of poverty, which is a record. We built the greatest, economy, in the history of the world and now we are very very rapidly, it's you see the numbers it's happening, all over again. We've added a historic. 10.6. Million, jobs in the last four months, there's never been a record like that we've added more jobs, at any time four months not even close. And to fight the china virus, we launched the largest, national, mobilization. Since world war ii. You know. They said how did, i say we get an a-plus. But i get a d. In public relations. Because we were so busy, working and you know when you give it to the fake news they reported, incorrectly, so i figured what's the use of even dealing with. We got we did a job including, ventilators. That nobody, had you know we took over the cupboards were bare while we took over. We pioneered, life-saving. Therapies, reducing, the fatality. Rate. 85. Since april. Who ever heard of that. And europe, which is having a big surge, right now you know they used to use europe oh look how europe's doing. Uh we're doing well. And we don't want them to have a surge. Europe has had. Almost, a 50 percent, greater, excess, mortality. Rate than the united, states you don't want to hear that they don't want to tell you that, our early and aggressive, actions saved millions, of lives through operation, warp speed. We will develop, and distribute, a vaccine, in record time. We're going to have it very very soon they're very upset with the vaccine. They're very upset with the vaccine, because, it's happening too soon they don't want it now. Even though it's saving lives it's going to save tremendous, lives, they don't want to hear it they don't want to hear about the therapies. They just want to get through the election i heard, one state did you hear this, we're going to open up our schools. On. November, 6th. Oh. I told you that right. Everything's, don't worry about it pennsylvania. Your state's going to be open like on november, 4th. This was some. Idiot and now they're excoriating. This person that said it. They're excoriating. The person that said it we're going to open up our schools on november, 6th the latest november, 9th oh that's nice. Got to open your schools you got to open up your state open it, up. The ones that are doing well are the ones that opened it up. We will crush the virus, our opponents, will crush america, and that's what it's about to, they will. They will deliver a crippling, shutdown, and a steep. You will have, if sleepy, joe biden becomes president, first of all you're gonna have a massive, tax increase. You're gonna see interest rates go through the ceiling. You will have a depression. The likes of which, this country, has never seen before and i'm including, 1929. That was a pretty bad one all right that's what's going to happen. I hope i don't get a chance to be tested. Because i don't want to be tested, i don't want to have him and say see i was right. Because with us you're going to have incredible, prosperity. We're cutting taxes. And we're growing, fast. I'm delivering, a safe vaccine. In. Record, time. That's the other thing in, with the vaccine. Because of. Me and the faa. They're approving, things in a fraction, of the time you wouldn't have had a vaccine. If you had to go through that, obsolete.

Process. You wouldn't have had a vaccine, for two and a half more years, on november, 3rd pennsylvania. Will decide. Whether we end the pandemic, defeat the virus, and return, to record, prosperity. Or whether we allow sleepy, joe biden to kill the recovery. Delay the vaccine. Impose, a four trillion, dollar, tax hike. Destroy, your suburbs. Everyone's talking about me in the suburbs. I knocked out the regulation. That allows, low-income. Housing, in the, suburbs. And then i hear all the people in the suburbs, don't like me you better like me because you're going to have, your suburbs, aren't going to be so great they say. That. Women in the suburbs. I made the mistake, i said, housewives. Living in the suburbs they said oh that's politically, incorrect, okay. I got killed for that i used the word housewife, is that an unacceptable. Term i don't know they're all saying no. I said the housewives, in the suburbs, and they said oh what a horrible thing to, say. But women, let's be politically, correct women and men. In the suburbs. They're changing, the zoning so they can build that's what it is, they're changing your zoning it was a rule. A regulation, that was a disaster. And i called my people i said. I want to terminate, it they said sir we can't do that let's uh just amend it we'll make it, much no no you don't understand i don't want to amend it, i want to terminate, it, yes sir and we, terminated it. But if you believe the fake. Suburb, polls i don't think people in the suburbs, know that i did that i don't think they know that i did it you know, they say we want sleepy joe biden why why do you want him, first of all you're not getting him, you're getting this maniac. Who was, falling, like a rock. In the polls, he picked somebody, that he should have never pictured he was so bad to him she said such bad things about him, i'm not going to pick somebody that says bad and then, on top of it. Right 15. 14. 13. 10. 8. 7.. Then she went up back to eight she had a big week and then she went back down. And she got out at one or two she quit before, iowa, right. And then they had the iowa, primaries, and because they used these crazy ballots, nobody ever found out who won. And now they want to use it on a scale that's a thousand, times bigger for our 80 million ballots. 80 million ballots they couldn't count. A small number but now they count and then they had the race in new york. Carolyn, maloney, terrible, terrible, congresswoman. And they took it away from the guy that was beating her or would have beat her. But they're missing massive, you know it's not like they're missing one percent which would be unacceptable. You know one percent you can win by one percent, right, can win by one tenth of one percent. But then listen like there was one area i think 41. Of the ballots were missing 41.. These, people, are, crazy. This is going to be a disaster. And all i'm asking is people go out to vote, go out to vote. And stop with this nonsense, because we're going to be counting ballots for the next two years. And i don't want to end up in the supreme court and i don't want to go back to congress, either. Even though we have an advantage, if we go back to congress does everyone understand, that. I think it's 26. To 22, or something because it's counted. One vote per state. So we actually have an advantage, oh they're going to be thrilled to hear that. I'm sure they're trying to figure out how can we break that one. Biden wants to confiscate. Your guns. And indoctrinate. Your children. With poisonous. Anti-american. Lies, in schools, right. To combat, the toxic, left-wing, propaganda. In our schools i announced, last week, that we are launching, a new pro-american. Lesson, plan for students, called. The. 1776. Commission. Right. We'll teach our children the truth about america, that we are the most exceptional. Nation, on the face of the earth and we are only getting better we're getting better this is a healing. Process. This is the most important, election, we've ever had i'm telling you, you know i used to say like even a couple of months ago well you know 20, how do you how do you like 2016, that was pretty. Exciting, right was that exciting. Was that the coolest, night. Trump is winning florida. He's winning north carolina. He's winning pennsylvania's. Winning michigan, is winning wisconsin. He's winning everything, what the hell is going on and people crying, they cry.

The Anchors. The non-biased. Anchors are crying, oh. I watched an interview, with a person, on msdnc. I don't watch it much but i watched cause sleepy joe was on. And she's like did you see that interview, yesterday. It was like, and she's very tough very, very tough she's very nasty. And she's feeding them, can't answer it so what she's doing is no no, isn't it true yes isn't it true that trump is a horrible human being, uh well uh uh, yes i, yeah as we discussed before it's true is. This was the worst. Most obviou and this was a killer this this person. Is very tough. It is so rigged the whole thing is rigged. We got to beat the system, and we're beating the system. Sometimes, i'll look. I'll look and i'll have somebody in the office that's, corrupt you know corrupt the media person. And i'll be sitting there complaining, how unfair it is. And then i'll be sitting in the oval office but i'll be saying how unfair it is and i'll look around the oval office i say wait a minute. It's unfair, but oh we're in the oval office and you're not right. And i stopped complaining, mike. They said oh this is the oval office isn't it. Joe biden has surrendered, his party to the flag burners, rioters. The anti-police. Radicals. The anarchist. His running mate urged supporters, to donate, to a fund that bailed out riders, out of jail including. An attempted, cop killer let's get him out of. Jail. 13, members of biden's, staff donated, to the same fund they donated, a lot of money too we want to get these people out. Uh we want to be called in you know you saw what we did in minneapolis. We when they called us like a week and a half too late we went in how long did that take about a half hour it was over. We brought in the national, guard. We told, seattle, we're coming in. And they left that night. We're all set to go and we wanted i was so disappointed. I was disappointed. We were going to make a big statement, but we couldn't because they said, okay. They left, shouldn't have told them next time don't tell them please. And you know in uh. If you look at, portland. What a mess right that's an anarchist, that's sort of like a different chicago's, a mess. New york what they've let happen to new york and we have these great, police in chicago, new york they can do the job just let him do the job. It's terrible. But, but you look at portland. Portland, is anarchist. And you had the guy two weeks ago remember he shot and killed the young man in the middle of the street just shot him like uh. Oh like i don't even say like what, because his parents. Are so devastated. A young man. And they shot him and killed him this one guy this one animal. And two and a half. That's right over his hat. Not our hat it was another hat it was a christian, hat, it was a christian, hat, he was a christian. He was a christian. And they shot him, killed him, instantly. And this guy that shot him everybody knew who he was, right. And i said after two days where is he did you arrest him no we didn't. After two and a half days did you arrest him. And then i put out on, social media. Why didn't you arrest him. And you know what the u.s marshal, saw.

They Went in. And he pulled. A gun on him. And 15 minutes it was all over. None of our guys were hurt. And he was gone. This guy was a stone cold killer. And yet they say he was a uh protester. Not a protester. An anarchist, and a killer. And the u.s marshals, thank you that was an incredible, job they did, brave. But the u.s marshals we could solve that problem, so easy we'd put them in there so easy but they don't want the governor doesn't want them, the governor wants to leave it that way can you imagine what a mess that was this for many, you know this is for years that's been going on in portland. I said what did the streets look like. They said you wouldn't believe it people put up. Two by four still fronts. They don't want to buy new because they know somebody's going to knock them down within two weeks it's a terrible, thing. The democrat, party's war on cops is putting our police, officers, at risk. As president. I will always stand with the heroes, of law enforcement. All. Right. You see how much the people love you they really do you know you don't hear that. You don't hear that. But the people love and respect the job you do you know you don't hear it because these maniacs, right back there they know what they're writing. But, they do love you and and uh. And respect, you so much so thank you very much. But that's why law enforcement, organization. Around the country, all organizations. That's why they're endorsing, me and. Strongly, opposing, my opponent, and the radical, left and my opponent, again is is controlled, like a puppet by these people by these crazy, people i'm proud. To have received, the first ever, unanimous. Endorsement, from the largest, police union in the world. The fraternal. Order. Of police. Largest, in the world. And we're joined tonight. By their president, a fantastic. Guy, friend of mine. Pat yos. And. Several hundred of their brave officers, pat come on up come on up. Here. Mr president thank you. You know across this nation there are some 800, 000 police uh police officers put on a uniform, every day men and women who go into communities. And place their own, safety at risk, to protect our communities across america. And it seems like overnight. People have turned their back on america's, law enforcement. We went from public, servants to public enemies overnight, because, many politicians, turn their back on us you sir have never turned your back on america's, law enforcement. So sir i am here to tell you that on behalf, of america's, largest. Law enforcement. Organization. Rank and file police organization. We give you our, our unanimous. And enthusiastic. Endorsement, and we will not turn our back on. You. Together. We are going to make america, safe again, thank you. Wow. Wow. Thank you very much. Thank. You. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. November, 3rd get out there and vote. And keep your eyes open if you see any shenanigans, which you probably, will. Okay if you see people like dumping, things, flushing, things, if you see people. Dropping them in a. In a waste paper basket. Seven or eight right no waste paper keep your eyes open this is a smart group of people right here. Also with us are, a, group of warriors, from washington, that are fantastic. That love you. And we'll start dan. Muser, dan, thank you very much. Where's dan. That's not a very good location, dan that's not like. Thank you dan. Congressman. Scott. Perry. Scott. Thank you scott great job, these are warriors, i'm telling you, they fight, they fight as hard as you can fight, every one of them. Lloyd, smucker. Floyd. Thank you, thank you lloyd. Thank you, thank you lord, great job. Congressman. Fred, keller. Thank you. Great job. The great john. Joyce. Thanks. John. And a real good friend of mine and somebody, that i'll tell you he's as tough as they come and he loves, pennsylvania. Mike, kelly. Thank you mike you like having these guys by your side. Also a man sort of a legend, i would say around here, he told me a long time ago four years ago he told me you're gonna win i said how do you know. He said i know i know i can tell he said i see people with trump stuff on that never cared about a politician. In their life now they got the hat, and the sash and the belt in the shoes. He said i've never seen he called it a long time ago. Former, congressman. We got to get him back in i guess. Well he left because he had a lot of good things to do but he's fantastic, oh we got to get him back, lou. Barletta. Great guy. And we have a congressional. Candidate, who i hear is leading. Jim. Bognett. Where's jim jim i hear you. Leading. You'll get involved you have my total endorsement.

Okay You know that. Total endorsement, for jim my pennsylvania. Campaign, chair bernie comfort, bernie thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Guy. Great what a great job huh. Wow have you done it have you done a job. Thank you how are we doing by the way. Bernie. You have done it. Thank you very much and also. State, gop, chairman, a friend of mine for a long time, lawrence. Tabus. Lawrence, thank. You. Thank you that's a great group of people thank you all we're gonna have a big victory lawrence you agree with bernie ray. I think we're gonna have a big big victory bigger than even. Four years ago that was good, you know. Remember, they wouldn't announce it. We were like a point up one of which you know some people says a lot i think we'll do a lot better this time, because at that time i did i said i was gonna do things but you know it's like a lot of people say things, now i've accomplished, more than i ever said i would in the campaign. But uh. I think we're going to have. The kind of numbers, that people are going to be very surprised, at. We've spent the last four years reversing. The damage. Joe biden, inflicted. Over his. 47. Years. In politics, along with his other friends. He championed, every globalist, portrayal, of pennsylvania. For. Almost half a century, he supported, nafta. Got rid of that one, south korea, renegotiated. That one tpp. Got out of that one. And china's, entry, into the world, trade organization. Which he said was a wonderful, thing no it wasn't, it was a terrible, thing, that's when china took off like a rocket ship, but you know what. China was going to overtake, us for 10 years they said 2019. 2019. They're going to overtake. Guess what, we way, outdid, them in 18, and 19.. And we picked up. If you have somebody, smart. You got to have somebody, smart, but if you have somebody, smart, in this position, your president. They'll never overtake, you they'll never ever owe you they have more people but they'll never overtake you you have somebody, smart. Biden's, nafta and china deals wiped out one-third, of your state's, manufacturing. Jobs you know that better than anybody, biden shouldn't be asking. For your vote. He should be begging for your forgiveness. A little hokey. But. In a true sense this election, is a choice between, pennsylvania. And china, or whatever. State we're talking about in china. But we're doing well you know it's interesting, we signed a great deal the farmers, have done more business in the last two three weeks biggest corn orders ever the biggest soybean. Biggest, cattle biggest. Beef waters. But you know, it doesn't, mean as much to me, the ink wasn't even dry and the plague came over mike right. It wasn't even dry just doesn't mean what it would have meant we made a great deal but it doesn't mean the same anymore. Because they could have stopped it from coming here. If biden wins, china. Wins and, where's hunter wins where's hunter. Where's okay. I walks into china walks out with a billion and a half dollars. To manage. And the most sophisticated. Guys in wall street i know they're smart. They can't do that. And it took them 10 minutes walked out with a billion and a half dollars to manage you make millions of dollars a year on that. When we win pennsylvania. Wins. And america, wins and that's what's happening. For decades, our politicians. Spent trillions of dollars, rebuilding, foreign nations. Fighting, foreign, wars. In areas, and countries that you've never even heard of. And defending. Foreign, borders. But now we're, finally, protecting, our nation, rebuilding, our, cities. And we are bringing, our jobs, our factories, and our trips. Back home, to the usa. Where they. Belong. Now our opponents, are pledging. To rejoin, the job-killing. Paris. Climate. Accord, a disaster. For our country. It was meant to hurt us it was meant really to take advantage of us, we would have spent trillions of dollars you would have ended up closing, a lot of your plants and factories. And i said i'm gonna do this i'm gonna get out of this crazy deal and i did i said oh they're gonna kill me you know what, the people, got it they, they understood, it it was ripping, off our country because we have things that they don't have like.

Unbelievable. Wealth, under our ground. They don't want to see you said oh that's nice that's a wonderful, thing thank you very much. I withdrew, from that, catastrophe. Because i was elected to fight for pennsylvania. Not for paris. And we're putting america, first been a long time right. From day one i put america, first to defend our workers, i impose tariffs. On foreign aluminum, and foreign, steel. I saved our auto industry, by withdrawing, from the horrible, trans-pacific. Partnership. Would have killed, what i've done for michigan. In particular. Also pennsylvania. But what i've done. For them with autos. Forget, it, they're building 17. Or expanding, 17, different plants. They hadn't built one in 42, years. And we're building a lot of them we have, countries, you want to do business with us go in and build auto, plants. I ended the nafta, nightmare, and signed the brand new u.s, mexico, canada, agreement, into law which is great. And you're not going to be losing, companies. To mexico. And canada. Very, disadvantageous. For them to do that. I took the toughest, ever action to stand up to china's, rampant, theft. Of pennsylvania's. Jobs, i proudly, signed a historic. Executive, order making it. Official. Government. Policy. To. Buy american, and hire, american. Now. I watched, biden. Two weeks ago, what's going on. This lid you know what a lid is he keeps putting, bernie, keeps putting a lid. He's got a lit it's eight o'clock, in the morning, he's, now a lit means you're out for the day that means the fake news media can go home. You know he's got one they've got the easiest job i've ever seen they never have to work. The media please go home. There won't be any activity, from sleepy joe biden today. He's a low-energy. Individual. Now you know you need a president, with a lot of energy you deal with, president, xi of china. President, putin, of russia. Kim jong-un, remember we're going to be in a war with north korea right what happened what happened what happened to the war. What happened, we didn't do anything, the same you know we didn't do anything but. Millions of people could have been killed in that nuclear, war probably would have been nuclear. But look at it right, you know getting along with these, foreign nations is not a bad thing. They say oh it gets along, yeah, i asked. Obama, i was saying he told me the biggest problem we had was north korea. And he was telling me why he's telling me lots of horrors. I said uh, excuse me have you ever tried calling him. And i got, nominated. For two nobel. Prizes. One is for. Israel. And bahrain. And. The united, arab. Emirates, right, and and by the way many countries are coming in they're all calling on we want to come in they're going to all come in no more blood in the sand no we just did it smart we, we reversed, it, the heart of the deal, it's the art of common sense let me tell you, we reversed, it.

And Uh, many countries, are going to come in. And i told the story the other night then i got one for kosovo, and serbia, they've been killing each other for many years just killing each other they don't get along. They don't they're sort of like. The palestinians. In israel sort of have to i have kosovo, and and you know we're dealing with both of them i said to why are you. Fighting and killing each other they have a lot of differences, including, a religious, difference i guess. I said what are you doing, and we trade with both, so we have certain power. So i said listen. Let's get a deal. Let's make economic, peace and ultimately, peace. They came to my office the oval office to sign, they were hugging they were so. I mean, it was a beautiful thing to see we saved a lot of lives. And i told this last night i said to my. I said to my, great first lady our great first, lady. Melania. I said melania, first lady. I said first lady oh i'm going to watch television, tonight, i'm going to come home early. Because let me tell you 6 30 is very early. I stay in there late. But i'm gonna come home early. I'm gonna show you what a great job i just got. Nominated. For the nobel, peace prize. And we're gonna. Sit there and. I'm gonna just soak it in darling let's turn on. Nbc. Fake news. Lester, holt. Number two rated show he's number two heading south, i find nbc to be worse than the other. They spend all that money on their pr and i screwed up in one evening like this. Because when obama, got it nobody knew what he got it for including him remember they said what did you get it for i don't, know. That's how different we have to work harder. He got a nobel, prize, and he didn't have any idea why he got it. Then he started dropping bombs two weeks later in some place that didn't work out. Couldn't work out because he had john kerry negotiating, who was the worst. Incompetent. Now it's so sad that iran, that horrible, deal. That was a fast. Plane. That must have been one of the new ones we just bought you know. We have all new equipment, that was scary. If i'm the enemy i don't want to hear that sound. But i said to our first lady. First lady turn on the television. Turn it on darling. It's going to be a big evening. I toast you but i don't drink darling. Just don't drink. Not so bad. So we turn it on and they did a story in the weather. It was raining, heavily in a certain area. And they did a story on something, else something, else and something else then they went into another story then then they had a commercial that lasted for about nine minutes. Even though, you know, they're not supposed to make money, they're using our free airways, for fake news okay they're using free airways. Think about that we're thinking about that. We're thinking about that why are they using, free airwaves, to give. Fake news. So it came toward the end i said darling i'm a little embarrassed, but the following, day. I got nominated, for another one i called her up i said you know maybe they forgot. So let's go home and turn on the television, it was the same thing. They had another story that this time they're cleaning up the range. Another one another one another one got to the commercial, never ended, got back a little tiny piece and i said they didn't cover two nobel prizes. I got two in one week did you ever hear that one for different things totally unrelated. And my only complaint, is i should have gotten about seven or eight because if you knew some of the other. Some of the other things i've done are much better. I should have gotten seven. But the fake news never even put it on. And somebody, had a show where they said, the amount of time, devoted, to donald, trump's. Nobel, peace prize two of them. Zero. On the network, zero. Then the amount of time devoted, to something else that was, negative, for somebody in the republican, party. Like. Infinite. It is so, disgraceful. They're so bad. But we just have to keep on winning you know there's nothing like winning just keep on winning. Keep on winning. See now they'll tell that story differently, they won't tell it as you know we do it in fun because i understand them you have to laugh if you can't laugh, you'd be out of here fast right.

Like Beto when he said i was born to run for president that was the other, number. On a magazine, he was on a fake magazine, vanity fair which is dying that sucker has died. Those magazines, are going down fast. But he was on a fake magazine, vanity fair i think. And. He started saying about, uh, you know he had a good week, good week, and he started saying i was born. I was born to do this, i was born to, run for president. I said he's not going to last, very long. And about two weeks later it was over. He was put in charge of taking your guns away though by biden you know that right. Pedo. Vado, how do you get the name beto he needed a little spanish, because his last name is beto o'rourke, where does the beto come from. Another, phony deal going on there. To protect, american, workers during the pandemic. I suspended, the entry of foreign workers. Who threaten u.s, jobs and we will always, care. For our. Citizens. First. Biden's, pledge to terminate, these protections. And give away your jobs, under my administration. We've achieved. The most secure, border in u.s history. And we are just finished, that beautiful, wall that wall. 340. Miles. They don't talk about the law. Build that wall. Build that wall. They don't talk about the wall. I got sued by, nancy, pelosi, crazy nancy i got sued. And i made one big mistake, in the wall. I'd always say we have to build the wall builder we'll build a wall right, i should have just said very simply, we will. Not. Build, the wall the money would have come pouring. They would have insisted, that we build it, and remember, walls work remember when they said walls don't work. Walls don't work they want to give us uh. Drones. So we can watch the people pour across the border. Drones put a drone half a mile up in the air you can watch everybody, come into. The united, states. Now remember, that though they said well, but two things work and i say it all the time. You know when you come up when you're a brilliant, scientist you develop a new chip you develop a new, laptop, or computer. In about three weeks it's obsolete, it's worthless, right. A wall will never be obsolete. And what else won't be obsolete. A wheel. There's two things that will never be obsolete. A wall. And a wheel. Everything, else, trouble. Now we're up to. 330. Miles. We're averaging, 10 miles a week it's everything, to border patrol guests i got them in. I said fellas could you give me a little less expensive, version please. But we have a great wall going and it'll be finished very soon.

But The press doesn't talk about the wall anymore they don't want to talk it's not a good subject for them. Since, 2017. Ice has successfully. Arrested, half a million illegal aliens. With criminal, records, including, over. 145. 000. Assaults. Over 40, 000, sex offenses. And 5. 000, killings. I want to thank i spoiled. They get beat up. They get beat up by the media they're incredible. You would have think of the hundreds of thousands, of people they take out of here real bad ones too murderers. Killers. Drug dealers. By contrast, joe biden supports, open borders. Zero, deportations. That's in the manifesto. And sanctuary. Cities. That release, violent, criminal, aliens that's what they are they protect the criminal, not. Our people. If you want to end sanctuary. Cities. You have only one choice, and that's. Vote republican, you know how bad it is. You know all of these places that you're reading about all of them, they're all democrat-run. Cities and states all of them they're all democrat, run. Because they have no law and order. All they have to do is call us and say we'll be in but they have no law and order, they have nothing. They're all democrat, run they're a disaster. We invested, 2.5. Trillion dollars, in the u.s military, and launched. The first, new branch, of the u.s armed forces, in nearly 75. Years. The space force. And that's going to be very important. I did more in 47. Months. Than sleepy, joe biden did in 47, years that's true that's really good. We killed the founder, and leader of isis, al-baghdadi. We took out the world's, number one terrorist, and the mass murder of american, troops, and others. Salamani. I withdrew, from the last, administration's. Disastrous. Iran, nuclear deal they paid 150. Billion dollars for nothing, they got nothing. You know i don't mind the 150, what i mind, they gave 1.8, billion in cash what is one point that would fill up this whole area right. 1.8. Plane loads of cash. That's when i realized that a president, is very powerful, when you can do that send that money to, a foreign, country. And no friend. It's crazy. I kept my promise. Recognize. The true capital, of. Israel. And opened the american, embassy, in jerusalem. You know who likes that the most the evangelicals. Like it the most you know that. The evangelicals. Love it. We're just with franklin, graham and a lot of great people, they had a very successful. Event at the mall today i don't know if you heard about it was great franklin, graham all of the top. Evangelical. And other leaders. They were great, they were at the white house ceremony, today. For the justice. I also, recognized. Israeli, sovereignty. Over the golan, heights. And instead of the endless, wars. We are forging, peace, all over the middle east, and it's costing nothing. Costing, uh. Not killing people no blood in the sand. You know they're tired of fighting by the way just in case. Even these people that like to fight they're tired. 19, years in afghanistan. They're tired they all want to sort of relax. As tough as they may be. Joe biden opposed the mission to take out osama, bin laden. He opposed, killing solomani. He voted for the iraq war he backed. The disastrous. Iran nuclear, deal a total, horror show. And he cheered the rise of china, as a very positive, development, for the united, states okay. Not so positive. Now biden is pushing, the most far left, platform, in the history of our country. The biden, plan would destroy, social, security, and destroy, protections. For pre-existing. Conditions, you know that. They want to go socialize. Medicine, socialize, medicine, go to a hospital, and. Take care of yourself, get rid of 180. Million, private plans, that people love. He would terminate, our travel bans, on jihadist, regions, we won the travel ban remember. And increase, refugee, admission, 700.

Opening The floodgates, to radical, islamic. Terrorism. He wants to ban school, choice, and ban charter schools, terrible. In a second term i will provide, school choice, to every parent. In america. A vote for republicans. Is a vote for safe communities. Great jobs. And a limitless, future for all americans. And in conclusion. Over the next four years we will make america, into the manufacturing. Superpower. Of the world. And we will end our reliance, on china once and for all, about, time. We will make our medical, supplies. Right here in the united, states. We will hire, more police. Increased, penalties, for assaults, and law enforcement. And we will ban deadly, sanctuary. Cities. We will uphold, religious. Liberty. Free speech. And the right, to keep, and bear arms, second. Amendment. Second amendment. We will strike down terrorists, who threaten our citizens, and we will, keep, america. Out of these endless, ridiculous. Stupid. Foreign, wars. In countries, that you've never even heard of. We will maintain, america's. Unrivaled. Military. Might. And we will ensure, peace, through. Strength you know we rebuilt, our military, you saw 2.5. Trillion dollars. We have weapons. The. I mean just to talk about them. The likes of which no country, has ever, seen before the power, the strength, the. The, uh incredible, talent, and engineering. We have. Weapons the likes of which, no country. Has ever seen before, we are so far advanced, over every other country. And hope to god, we never have to use them, and when i got here we were a depleted. Tired. Military, with great people. But we were exhausted, we had old jet fighters, now we have brand new f-35s. That are stealth. I asked one of the pilots how good are these planes compared to the enemy you say well one difference is you can't see our planes. I said let me ask you i don't know too much about flying that helps doesn't he said it really helps. The guy look like tom cruise but. Better. Tom cruise but stronger. We will end surprise, medical billing, require. Price transparency. And further reduce, health insurance, premiums, and the cost of prescription. Drugs. We will strongly, protect, medicare, and social, security. And we will always, protect, patients, with. Pre-existing. Conditions. America, will land the first woman on the moon in the united, states will be the first nation. To land an astronaut. On mars very soon. And nasa, has become, the preeminent. Space center, again, in the world. It was, tired it was over. We will stop. The radical, indoctrination. Of our students, and restore, patriotic. Education. To our school. We will teach our children to love our country. Honor our history. And always, respect. Our, great. American. Flag. And we will live by the timeless, words. Of our national. Motto. In god, we trust. Right. For years you had a president, who apologized. For america, now you have a president. Who is standing up for america, and standing, up, for the people. Of pennsylvania. So get your friends. Get your family. Get your neighbors. Get your co-workers. And get out and vote most important. Election. We've ever had. It's the most important, we've ever had. Early, voting has already, begun. So don't wait go out and vote. From erie to easton. From pittsburgh, to harrisburg. And from allentown. To right here in, middletown. We stand on the shoulders, of pennsylvania. Patriots, who gave their blood sweat and tears. For this beloved, nation. This is an incredible, place our whole history, so much history in pennsylvania. This is the state. Where our founding, fathers, declared. American, independence. It's where the army weathered its brutal winter at valley forge. Where general, george, washington. Led his men on a daring, mission across the delaware. And where our union, was saved. By the heroes, of gettysburg. This is the place where generations. Of tough. Strong. Pennsylvania. Workers, mind the coal. Worked the railroads. And forged the steel that made america, into the greatest, and most powerful, nation in the history of the world. And you, haven't. Seen. Anything. Yet. Proud, citizens. Like you helped build this country.

And Together, we are taking, back our country, we are returning. Power to you the american. People. With your help. Your devotion. We're going to keep on working. We're going to keep on fighting. And we're going to keep on, winning. Winning. Winning. We are one movement. One people. One family. And one glorious. Nation, under god. And together, with the incredible. People of pennsylvania. We will make america. Wealthy, again. We will make, america. Strong, again. We will make america. Proud, again. We will make, america. Safe again. And we. Will make, america. Great.

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