Trump holds press briefing after Biden picks Harris as running mate

Trump holds press briefing after Biden picks Harris as running mate

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Nice to be with you all. Good evening. Before providing, today's, update on the, china virus, i want to address. The violence. Looting and rioting, taking place, in the democrat-controlled. Cities, of, new york, portland, chicago. And seattle. The mayors and governors, of these. States. And cities have an absolute duty. To use all resources. Necessary, to end the violence. And all of the injury, and, death. New york city has an army of great police, i know them very well. And. The law enforcement. And the new york's finest, are as good as it gets. And they should be allowed to do their job, if they do their job if they're allowed to do their job. The new york. City problem will be solved and be solved quickly. They do it well. The mayor bill de blasio, should immediately, hire back, all of the, police who were fired. Without, justification. They were fired. I guess that's part of defund the police by the democrats, they should hire new york city's finest, back you have some incredible. Policemen. Doing specific, jobs that nobody else can do, actually. When it comes to. Terrorism, and other things. Together, the city of chicago. And the state of illinois, have, 25, 000 police officers, sheriffs, and. Guardsmen, available, to quell, any violence they can do it very quickly very easily if allowed to do their jobs again. If allowed to do their jobs our police, our law enforcement, is incredible, but. They have to be allowed to do their jobs the democrats. Or the radical left democrats. Or both because they're becoming, one of the same. If you look at election, results. The democrats, are being taken over by the radical, left the city of portland, and the. State of oregon, have ten thousand, fine. Officers, and guardsmen, available. Seattle, washington. And washington. State. Have 10 000 available, so seattle. City of seattle. And washington, state itself, they have. Great people, they have to be allowed to do their job i'm urging them to. Deploy, these resources, to protect their citizens, and to stop the violence. And all of the things that we watch on television, going on although. A lot of the. Unfortunately. Fake news don't like to put it on because it shows that the democrats, are doing a very bad job of law enforcement, they have to put it on, they have to be honest with the people of this country. But i'm offering. All available, federal support, requested, to stop the violence. And arrest the criminals, we have to be asked by, the governors, or the mayors and we'll be there very. Rapidly. It's, ready willing and able we're already, willing and able to go. To these jurisdictions. And take care of them we'll do them very quickly. You saw what happened in minneapolis, they ripped the city apart. When. The. National, guard went in it ended. Immediately. It was, immediate. And lasted. These acts of destruction, are not isolated. Incidents, but demonstrate, the. Pattern of violent. Left-wing. Extremism. That you get to see. If you're watching. The right news program. Under, any rational, definition. The arson attack, on. The police. Precinct, in portland. Would be considered, an act of left-wing, domestic, terrorism. They really are anarchists, these are left-wing, anarchists. They are anarchists. And i'm directing, the department, of justice, to. Stop these anarchists. Immediately, to stop them. And to work with the city. And the state, to get the job done. Local authorities. Have to investigate. And prosecute. All of these, crimes. Immediately, we'll work with you. And the local authorities, know who they are they know where, they come from they know a lot about them. They ought to, get their act together, and get it done and we're ready to help. If you need that help you shouldn't need that help actually you should be able to do it yourselves, and get it done very. Well. Again you have excellent. Police and law enforcement. But you have to. Let them do their job. What you're seeing in portland. Seattle, new york chicago. Is really the democrat, road map for america. They want every city, in america, to, resemble, portland, in a form. They want to pass federal legislation. Gutting and hamstring, in every police department, in america. They want to get rid of your second amendment. They want to end cash bail close. Prisons. To fund police departments. Or at least largely, defund. You see that with new york a billion, dollars they took out of their police department, and crime has gone through the roof. And a point far left prosecutors. Who. Side with the criminals, and target law-abiding. Citizens. If the left gains power no city town or suburb. In our country will be safe.

On The vaccine. Front. Some very good news today i met with the leaders of operation, warp speed. Our historic, undertaking, to produce a safe and effective, vaccine, in record, time. We heard an update from the top scientists, in the government, and the leaders, of, pharmaceutical. Companies. Which right now aren't uh, too thrilled with me they're taking, millions of dollars worth of ads because. I've created, a favorite nation, status, for. Drugs which is going to reduce. Drug prices, by 40 50 60 and maybe even 70 percent, in some cases. Numbers that have never been heard ever thought of. So when you see those ads remember that means your. Drug prices are coming down when you see ads attacking. Your president. It's very simple that means drug prices, are going to be falling very soon. This evening i'm pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement, with. Modernity, to manufacture. And deliver, 100, million doses, of their coronavirus. Vaccine, candidate. The federal government, will own these. Vaccine. Doses, we're buying them, recently, we also secured, partnerships, with johnson, and johnson. As well as, sanofi, and gsx. To, support, the large-scale. Manufacturing. Of their vaccines. Doing very well in those vaccines. Tremendous. Promise, in every single one of them and we have many of them. And there are years ahead of schedule, this would have been if it were, in the previous, administration. Or any of the. Previous, administrations. Where we are now would have taken years. Three vaccine, candidates, are now in phase three trials already. The final stage of clinical, trials this is the final stage. We are, investing, in the development, and. Manufacture. Of the top six. Vaccine, candidates, to ensure, rapid delivery. The military, is ready to go they're ready to deliver a vaccine. To americans, as soon as one is fully. Approved, by the fda, and we're moving very close to that approval. We're on track to rapidly, produce 100, million doses, as soon as the vaccine, is approved, and. Up to 500. Million, shortly thereafter. So we'll have 600. Million, doses. Operation, warp speed is the largest, and most advanced, operation, of its kind anywhere, in the world and anywhere in history. We've. Treated more than 86. 000 americans. With convalescent. Plasma. A recent mayo clinic, study found that this treatment, may produce. Results, which are incredible, we look to a. Reduction. And reduce, mortality. Rate. By 50. And, possibly, even more than 50 percent. I urge americans, who have, recovered, from the virus to go to. And sign up. And donate. We would really appreciate, that because. It's been very successful. Unbelievably. Successful. And we would love you to go and donate. As we continue, to confront, the. Global. Pandemic. The united, states economy, is rebounding, with strength like nobody thought possible. You've seen the numbers you see what's going on. Yesterday, today, and. Tomorrow. My opinion. We're very poised, for. A great third quarter and very poised for some great stock market numbers, and, 401k. Numbers, and everything else today the dow jones. Passed 28, 000 points for the first time, more than a 50 percent, surge. Since just march, so we've increased by 50 percent more than. Since just march it has gained approximately. 9500. Points. That same period, march. And has recovered, nearly, all of its value, since the virus struck our nation think of that. America's, economy. Is incredible. And its economic, recovery, is outpacing. Our peer nations. Last quarter the. European, union's gdp, declined. Was nearly 40 percent. Worse than the united, states so it's 40 percent worse than the united, states, we've. Built such a strong base. That we're able to do things and. Sustain. Better than, anybody, in the world by far.

France's, Gdp, decline, was nearly 80 percent worse than ours in spain. Experiencing, economic, contraction. Twice as severe as the united, states. Nationwide, we continue, to see improvements, in our. Fight against the pandemic, very substantial. Improvements. Since last week 87. Percent. Of the counties, in the united, states report declining, cases. Think of that 87. Percent, of the counties, in, the united, states they reported. Declining. Cases. Mortality. Has declined, by 7 percent, and hospitalizations. Are declining, rapidly. States that were. Primary, hot spots such as florida, texas, and arizona. Have reduced, cases by nearly 25, percent. But all americans, must remain vigilant. Practice good hygiene. Socially, distance. Wear a mask. Whenever, possible. Whenever, you. Are getting, too close to people. Wear a mask and. Protect, the elderly. Always protect the elderly. Since the end of july the seven day average for cases. In the united, states has fallen by nearly. 20 percent. But the virus continues. To, increase. In nations, across the globe, last week france and germany, both recorded, their highest daily number. Of new cases, in three months. Not that i want to bring that up but. Might as well. Explain, it to the media. The seven day case average for germany, has increased, by 62, percent, since last week, unfortunately. And that is truly unfortunate. It's, increased, 82, percent, in france. 113. In spain, and 30 percent, in the united, kingdom. Those are big, increases. Cases. Are also rapidly, increasing, in the netherlands, sweden, belgium. Switzerland, slovakia. Estonia. And other european. Countries. And in our country. They're going down. We will be seeing that. Even more rapidly, as time goes by, short time. Even, though america, has the largest, at-risk. Population. Including 1.5. Million residents, of nursing homes. About five times that of other european, countries, europe has experienced, a nearly 40 percent higher, excess. Mortality. Rate. Than the united, states, we also, have, fewer deaths per capita. Excluding, the disastrous. Deaths from. The new york tri-state, area which had a very very hard time. And. Did better than our peer nations, of western europe. Thanks to our excellent, and highly advanced medical, care and skill. Something, that the news doesn't tell you they don't tell you that they don't like to tell you that. The united, states has now conducted, more than. 66. Million tests. Far more than any other nation, in the world. India which has a. Population. Of 1.5. Billion, people, has done 24, million so we're at 66. Million. And. Think of it india's at 24, million, and india's, second. The entire. Region, of latin america, comprising, 33, countries. Has conducted, 25, million tests. Yet latin america has more confirmed, cases by far than the united, states. As we safely restore, our great economy, and reopen, our schools and hopefully. We can watch colleges. Play football. We want to get football, in colleges. These are young strong people. They won't have a big problem. With the. China virus. So we want to see college football, start. And. Hopefully. A lot of. Great people. Are going to be out there they're going to be out there playing football, and. They'll be able to fight it off and, hopefully, it won't bother them one bit.

Most Of them will never get it. Statistically. But we know we'll see more cases, at some point and. Uh. We will, eventually, develop, sufficient, immunity. In addition to everything else that we're doing. So college football, get out there and play football, people want to see it and stand for your american, flag. Stand for your national anthem. Because people are not happy when. That doesn't happen you look at the nba, and what's happening with the nba and their poor ratings, i don't know. Can't imagine why but they didn't stand they didn't show respect, to, our flag. They didn't show respect, to, our. Our national, anthem. And uh. Maybe that's having an impact, but. Just, not good the nfl had its problems two years ago when that happened, they went way down in their ratings, and their fans. And they struggled, back and now all of a sudden they're putting themselves, in the same position, so stand for your flag, and stand for the national, anthem. And i think you're going to do. Fantastically. Well. Because a lot of people aren't going to watch if you don't i'm one of them. That's why our strategy, and attention, are. Focused, on preventing, the cases, that are. Most likely, to require. Discussing, the. Opening of schools. Hospitalization. Or produce. Any death. We have to maintain. Vigilance, over our elderly, population. We've learned that, i think more than any. Single event, scott. We have to. Be very vigilant. All over but we have to really protect, our elderly, population. And especially, our elderly, population. That has problems, with. Heart. Lung. Any form of, of sickness. Diabetes. In particular. And we, are, at the same time in very good shape with respect, to hospital. Room and hospital, overcrowding, we're in great shape. On the nursing, home front protecting, our nursing home residents, is a critical, focus, of our, strategy. Hhs. Recently, announced, that they will. Use the provider, relief fund to deliver an additional five billion dollars to further protect nursing homes. And long-term, care facilities, as they continue, to combat, the china virus. We have delivered, over 1. 800, rapid point-of-care. Testing devices, to nursing homes. And we are in the process, of delivering, these advice, devices, to all. 15, 000 medicare, and medicaid, certified, nursing homes. By the end of, september, so they're going to have very very rapid tests. They won't have to wait around, two or three days or four days and, that number has come down very substantially. Compared to what it was, when you send it to the labs you get very accurate tests but it takes a period of time to send it. To check it and then to send it back. But we are now at a position, where we're. Sending, very, very, rapid tests five minutes to 15 minutes. We will, care for america's, seniors, as we develop, the vaccine. And, therapeutics. And therapeutics. Are coming along, very very well. We think we have some, great answers on therapeutics, and you'll be hearing that about them in the very. Near future, i'm very much into, the world of therapeutics. Where you go into the hospital. And you give a. Shot. Or you do what you have to do with it, perhaps, transfusion.

It's Combinations. Of, what you can do and. People get better i like that very much i like that. Very very much and that could, even proceed. Uh in a successful. In getting it. That, will i think probably, even precede, vaccines. But therapeutically. We're doing very very well. A lot of people are going to, be very happy when they see. Some of the numbers that were that i'm seeing and some of the results. So tremendous, things are happening on the vaccine. Front at the therapeutic. Front. And. Our country should be very proud of itself we're going to get it delivered very rapidly, as soon as it comes out. Okay, uh, questions, please. Thank you mr president. 20 million, people are due to be evicted from their homes, next month and. Are you do you fear that this could be your herbert hoover move moment. If you do not, reach a deal with congress, to set up a nuclear, site, we are not allowing that to happen we're stopping evictions. We are stopping evictions, we're not going to let that happen, and also we're not going to evict people we're not going to let people, the democrats. Maybe they don't care but i care. And we signed an executive, offer. You know uh, executive, order. You know that right. And uh we are not letting people be evicted. Thank you thank you president trump uh if i could have two questions, i'd like to ask you one about senator harris's, record. And then a different one about visa abuse, sure, um, so regarding, uh senator harris's, record you had a, pretty uh. Quick response to that you had an ad out that said that she was a phony. And i wanted to drill down she was a what, a phony. Phony. And i wanted to ask about a specific, example that a lot of people thought was a phony moment. As san francisco. D.a, she oversaw. According to the mercury, news, 1900. Marijuana, convictions. But she was asked in an interview last year she had smoked marijuana. And she appeared to joke and according to some people lie and say that she was listening to snoop dogg and tupac. Well, their music hadn't come out at the time while she said she was smoking pot listening to it um, why would she lie about that do you see that as more evidence that is there passed on marijuana, a liability. Well she lied i mean she. Said things that were untrue. She is uh. A person that's. Told, many. Many stories that weren't true she's very big into raising taxes. She wants to slash, funds for our military, at a level that nobody's. Can even believe. She. Is against fracking. Fracking, is. She's, against. Petroleum. Products, i mean, how do you do that and go into pennsylvania. Or, ohio, or, oklahoma. Or, the great state of texas, she's against. Uh fracking. Fracking's, a big deal. Uh. She's in favor of socialized. Medicine. Where you're gonna lose your doctors, you're gonna. Lose your plan she wants to take. Your health care plans away from, 180. Million, americans. 180. Million americans, that are very happy with their, health insurance. And she wants to. Take that away. So she was my number one pick i mean she was i as they would say because hopefully you'll start college but well she was my number one. Draft pick. And we'll see how she works out, she did very very poorly in the. Primaries, as you know she was expected, to do well. And, she. Was, she ended up at right around two percent. And spent a lot of money. She had a lot of things happening, and so i was a little surprised, that he picked her, i've been watching her for a long time and i was a little surprised she was extraordinarily.

Nasty, To. Uh kavanaugh. Judge cavanaugh, then now justice, kavanaugh, she was nasty to a level that was. Just, uh. A horrible thing the way she was the way she treated. Now justice, kavanaugh. And i won't forget that soon. So she did very poorly in the primaries, and now she's chosen, so let's see how that all works, the marijuana, legalization, vote for you rather than her because she convicted so many people in the past. Uh, i can't tell you what she's voting for i don't think she knows what i think joe knows even less than she does, but i was only surprised, at the pick a lot of people were saying that might be the pick, i was more surprised, than anything else because. She did so poorly, many people did much better than her in the primary, she did very poorly in the primaries. And that's like a poll. You know that's like a poll i also asked you about pisces these. President trump. Um, yes about bias abuse um so now it's widely accepted among republicans, there was fisa abuse, tremendous, advisor. The justice department ig, has found that with carter page board application. But uh we were actually, warned in 2013. That the surveillance, court was allegedly, a rubber stamp, it was approving, surveillance, and i was wondering. I don't think as president you commented, on edward snowden but do you think you should be allowed to return, without going to prison. So as far as pfizer abuse is concerned there was tremendous, pfizer, abuse, it's amazing, that it's taken this long and everyone knows that it's been. Proven very substantially. Not only fisa abuse. Changing, documents. And putting documents, in front of. The fisa court. In courts, that. Are. Disgraceful, that they could have done it. And the fact is we caught. Joe biden. President, obama, the whole group. You can look at brennan, and comey, and clapper. The whole group. We caught him spying on our campaign. This was an illegal, act. Like no other illegal, act this was, treason.

This Was at the highest, level of treason. And. Obama. And biden, got caught, spying, on. My campaign. Using intelligence. Agencies, of, the united, states, government, to do it. Both before. And after the election. So before the election then after i won they continued. It's totally illegal, activity, and now we just have to see what's happening but as far as. Kamala. Is concerned. She's a big tax raiser she's a big. Slasher. Of funds for our military. And she's, got a lot of. Difficult, things that she's going to. Have to explain. Plus she was very very nasty. To. One of the reasons that surprised me she was very she was probably, nastier, than. Even pocahontas. To joe biden, she was very disrespectful. To joe biden. And. It's hard to pick somebody, that's that disrespectful. When. She said things during the debates, during the. Democrat. Primary, debates, that were horrible. About. Sleepy, joe, and, i would think that he wouldn't have picked oan, please. Yesterday. Seattle, city council, voted, to. Cut funding for their police, department. And, the. Chief the police chief there carmen best. The first black woman, to serve in that capacity, she resigned, hours later, what does this say about our country, what does this say about the defund, police, movement. Well i think that seattle. In. Spite of all that they've been through with the embarrassment. Of having a radical, left group. Antifa. And others, take over. Um a big portion of, the city of seattle we're talking about a big city a major, city. That they allowed that to happen is incredible that it took so long to fix is incredible, the only reason they went in is because they knew we were going in the following, day. And so they preceded, us they didn't want that to happen they didn't want to be embarrassed. And the people just gave up they weren't, they were exhausted, from having taken over a city for so long. Uh. The police, commissioner, seems like a very good woman. They were, going to slash their salary by 40 or 50 percent. And they cut a tremendous, amount, off the police department. Really where people are saying it's not sustainable. As a good police department, and again those police are good also. But they're not allowed to do their job, so i think it's a shame. I hate to see her go because she did in her own way a very good job but, she wasn't effective. In. Convincing. The mayor, and the city council, to. Give the funds that were needed or just leave the funds the way they are they've done a big. A big defund. A big part of it.

And It'll probably, get worse before people realize this is a tragic, era before people start dying. And getting hurt very badly so. I think seattle's, made a tragic, mistake i think portland. Has no clue as to what they're doing, they have no clue. And hopefully they'll be asking for help because we can solve their problem. Very very quickly yeah go ahead. Mr president, uh, two. Questions, one on uh senator harris. Very simply is she going to help. But uh former vice president biden's, chances, in november, or is he record. Well i like vice president, mike pence much better. He is solid as a rock he's been a fantastic. Vice president, he's done everything, you can do. He's respected, by every religious, group. Whether it's evangelical. Whether it's any other group they respect, mike pence. He's been a great vice president, and. I will take him over. Kamala, and the horrible, way she, again treated. Justice, kavanaugh, that was a horrible, event, i thought it was terrible for her i thought it was terrible for our nation i thought she was. The. Meanest. The the most horrible, most disrespectful. Of anybody, in the. U.s senate. She's also, known. From what i understand, as being. Just about the most liberal, person in the u.s senate, and i would have thought that biden would have tried to stay away from that a little bit because. With what they're doing with open borders, and. Sanctuary, cities, where they're trying to protect sanctuary, cities which is also protecting, large number of criminals. With all of the things that they're doing. Second amendment. They want to, take away your second amendment, or modify, it to a point where it's essentially, no longer the second amendment. I would have thought he would have gone a different way, thank you very much. Mr president russia developed the vaccine today. Mr president why did you donate to kamala harrison. 6 000. To. Her. You.

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