Trump holds press briefing | 8/5/20

Trump holds press briefing | 8/5/20

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Thank you very much everybody. It's good to be with you. I'd like to begin by, providing, an update on my administration's. Actions. To protect american, workers, as we battle the china virus. Since the. Virus, escaped, china. My administration. Has enacted, three trillion, dollars in economic, relief. It's been very very successful, and you saw that by the numbers that were issued. Yesterday, and the day before. As to used car sales, and auto production, they've been, incredible, numbers actually, shockingly. Incredible. We've been negotiating. In good faith with democrat, leaders, in the house. To extend, relief, payments. We're negotiating. Right now as we speak and we'll see how that works out but. If democrat, leaders, put partisan. Demands, aside. We would reach an agreement. Very quickly, if he happened. It would happen very quickly. In the meantime my administration. Is exploring, executive, actions to provide protections, against eviction. Eviction is a big problem. Very unfair to a lot of people it wasn't their fault that this. Virus, came from. A far away land. As well as additional, relief, to those who are unemployed. As a result, of the virus. Very importantly, i'm also, looking, at a. Term limited. Suspension. Of the payroll, tax. Something, that has great support from many many sides especially, some of our top. Economists. And some people that we have great respect, for. So we're looking at a. Suspension, of the payroll, tax. The democrats. Are primarily, interested, in a, 1 trillion. Dollar bailout, of the. Poorly run states we have some states and cities you know them all we don't have to go through names but they've been very poorly run over the years. And we can't go along with the bailout money we're not going to go along with that, especially, since it's not covid, related. Earlier today i met with a great governor. Arizona, governor. Doug ducey has really done a fantastic. Job. Beyond, even the covid situation, which you've been reading about, as it pertains, to. Arizona. A state, that is a. Model for applying, a science-based. Approach, to the decreasing, cases, and hospitalizations. Without, implementing. A punishing, lockdown. Arizona's. Record, in, reducing, the spread, of the virus, while maintaining, hospital, capacity. And allowing, society, to continue. Functioning, and functioning, very nicely. Very successfully. There's an example, that shows how our, path forward can work in other states. Arizona, has a record. And uh, a record really to be proud of, it's. Reduced, the number of daily, new cases, by, over 75, percent. Cut the positivity. Rate in half and reduced. Er visits, by, two-thirds. All. The while, keeping. The economy, functioning, and functioning, really well. When cases, surged, in june, the vice president. And dr burke. Visited, arizona. To consult, with governor ducey they had long consultations. With. Governor ducey and his staff. And the vice president, has been in constant, contact, ever since. My administration, is also collaborating, with the state and local officials, across the south and midwest, to provide similar guidance. We had a great uh, relationship. With the representatives. In arizona, and it's been such a successful. Endeavor. The federal government has supplied, or delivered, more than 400. Million. Pieces of personal, protective, equipment. To arizona. Along with nearly seventy thousand vials of, rem dissevier. We've provided, over one. Uh excuse, me we provided, over 18. Billion, dollars, in economic, support to arizona, including more than 8.6. Billion dollars to support over. 80, 000, small businesses, so we really. Have been helping, arizona, and it's gotten. Tremendous, results. Our goal is to protect the most vulnerable. Increased. Recovery, rates you know that. Something so important. And prevent, hospital, overcrowding. All the while. Avoiding, the kind of, stringent, lockdowns, that would inflict substantial. Suffering. In the phase, and this phase, of the battle. We have the tools resources. And knowledge to implement, a targeted, approach. As we race to deliver a vaccine. And, we are really, uh, working, very hard, on the vaccine, and we're doing, i think they're doing a fantastic. Job i've been meeting with. Officials, of some of the greatest companies, in the world.

And Meeting with scientists, and they're getting. They're getting very close if not there, they're getting, very close they're testing. Any proper analysis. Of infection, control, measures, must take into account the short-term, and long-term, public health harms. Including, death caused by a far-reaching. Shutdown, when you shut down. You have. Many many things that happen, from, suicides. To depression. To drinking. Alcohol, problems, to, drug problems. To problems with marriages. Problems, with marriages, that you. Have people. Confined, to their house their apartment. For long periods of time because a lot of problems with that also. Instead arizona's. Adopted, the following, measures the governor advised, residents, to aggressively, social, distance, when possible, and maintain, strict hygiene. The state encouraged, mass use, and crowded, public space. Places, especially, when. Social, distancing. Is not possible. The governor, also exercises. Discretion, to, restrict, capacity. At indoor locations. To limit the possibility. Of, super spreading. It's a big thing. My administration. Surged. Treatments, we, got them a lot of treatments. And therapies. To the state including, nearly, seventy, thousand, vials of rem to severe. Enough to treat over 11, 000 patients and it's been very successful. In my day. My administration. Also delivered, ppe, and point of care testing, to over 100. Arizona, nursing homes in total the federal government, has provided. Massive, amounts of masks, and equipments, and gowns, and, you know some of those. Numbers, but, arizona, was a very big, beneficiary. And they very much received. Very much really. Appreciated. More than, 1 000, national, guard and medical personnel have also been deployed, in arizona, and they've really helped, they've been, terrific, and i want to thank them. They have been. Brave, and brilliant. Combination, of both. We also supported, our tribal, communities, the tribal communities, were hit very very hard. Governor ducey and i personally, delivered, rapid testing, systems, to the navajo, nation. Which has been uh. Really, really, uh, in. Originally, bad shape and now getting better and very very quickly the navajo, nation. Now has one of the highest, levels, of testing per capita, anywhere in the world, we really worked very hard on. The tribal, areas, and. In particular, in this case the navajo, nation they've done incredibly, well. Overall, arizona, has conducted, over 1.1. Million tests. More than the entire nations, of japan, mexico, and switzerland. Arizona's. Per capita testing, is higher than germany. South korea, france, and canada. And tribal, governments in arizona, have received nearly 1.3. Billion dollars, for the. Coronavirus. Relief fund. Meanwhile, outdoor, dining, limited. Indoor dining and most of the other businesses, in arizona, have remained open and very vibrant they're doing incredibly, well this is. An approach, and it's an approach that's been, incredibly, successful. Arizona, has been able to protect high-risk, populations. And quickly bring. Its outbreak, under control, without the need to impose. Overly, punitive, measures. To advances. In treating the virus, the fatality. Rate. Across, all, age groups in arizona. Is, very low. Arizona, scientific, and data driven, strategy, also. Preserved, hospital, capacity. Ensuring, that those who need care. Were able to receive it and receive it immediately, very quickly. At the peak approximately. 15. Of beds remained, available, statewide, that was at their peak. With roughly. 20 percent of all occupied, beds going to patients, hospitalized. For the virus. They kept, other things going, they kept other forms of operations. Going they kept elective, surgery, going.

Did A really amazing, job today only six percent, of the current, hospitalizations. In the state. Are related, to the china virus. Arizona, has also, demonstrated. Success, in protecting, the state's, african-american. Population. Only five percent of patients, hospitalized, were african-american. And african-americans. Represent. Just two percent, of all deaths, from the virus. As. It has worked to. Contain, its outbreak, arizona. Has also been formulating, a plan to get children, safely, back to school. As soon as possible, we want our schools, open. All over the country, we want our schools, open arizona's, worked very hard on this and they're doing very well the department, of education. Is providing, arizona, schools, with 625. Million dollars, they're working very hard. And that's in conjunction. With cares, funding. My administration. Is actively, working with other states in the same way we worked with arizona. In recent weeks members of the corona, virus, task force have visited. Over 15, states to encourage, them to follow our path forward including, tennessee. Kentucky, virginia. Indiana, and ohio. And i'll be going to ohio, tomorrow i look forward to it very much, it's a great, place and a great state. With an excellent, governor, and we look forward to being there tomorrow, next week dr burke. We'll be visiting, iowa nebraska, kansas, missouri, oklahoma. And arkansas. And also i believe they're trying to get in west virginia, a great place a great state and i'm sure that will happen because we'd like it to happen they'd like to see her. So we're going to try very hard to get, the doctor to west virginia, in addition to those states to deliver aggressive, tailored, and targeted, guidance. The strategy, we're taking. To these states. Will protect those at highest, risk while allowing, others. At a lower risk, to safely, resume, work in school, if. We, do this successfully. It can be really something. Incredible, because we're talking about a lot of states we're talking about many many states. It's, really great to see also that florida, we're coming down it's coming down. And pretty substantially. In many locations. And even miami, is starting to come down at miami was hit very hard.

California. Likewise, in texas, likewise, coming down and. Really starting to be a substantial. Amount, of. Reduction. It recognizes. That prolonged, lockdowns. Impose a wide range of serious. Public health threats including, higher levels of, suicide. Drug overdoses. And other significant, health harms resulting, from. The depression, that we talked about. Social, isolation. Economic, hardship. It's been very tough, for those people that. Are. Put in a lockdown, position, for too long. Really has been a very, tough and harmful. Situation. For many people. The fact is that these harms, are. Not measured daily, here or abroad, it makes them. Really. A very serious, threat because people don't know exactly, what they are. And how bad they are but i think they're very bad going forward you must continue, to remain vigilant, in shielding of the elderly. And those with underlying, conditions, approximately. Half of all deaths. Have occurred in nursing, homes and long-term, care facilities, which is an incredible. Number, and statistic, if you think about it. I also urge americans, to help us. Stop the spread of the virus. Practice, good hygiene, socially, distance, avoid, large crowds, and wear a mask, where distancing, is not, possible. It's a patriotic, thing to do. If you are sick. Isolate, yourself, especially, from high risk family members, and friends so important, isolate, yourself. From high risk. Family, members and friends. If you're not feeling well together. We will defeat the virus, and emerge, from this safer and stronger than ever. Thanks to the robust, federal, action and partnership, with state and local leaders new cases, of the virus, are, declining. In 80 percent, of the jurisdictions. Which is an incredible, number. And the overall, test positivity. Rate has declined, by eight percent, since last week. Zero, states, have, seen outbreaks, get worse. Since. Yesterday, so zero, states. We're, also. Continuing. To make progress, in the development, of a vaccine. This is. Something, so important, also, therapeutics. Are, on the front, burner. We're having tremendous, i think we'll let you know very soon i think long before the end of the year. We're having tremendous, success, on therapeutics. And tremendous, success, on vaccines, and we're ready to deliver them literally, as soon as they're okay. This morning my administration. Approved one billion dollars for johnson, and johnson, who's. Been working very hard and they, have something very special. To manufacture. And distribute, 100, million doses, of a china virus, vaccine, as soon as, one is, available. And again we think that's going to be soon and we think we're going to have the vaccines. Before the end of the year maybe long before the end of the year finally today i'm pleased to announce that the department, of justice. Has issued, 35, million dollars, in grants to 73. Organizations. Nationwide. Providing, assistance. To, human trafficking. Victims, a terrible. Thing you think of human trafficking, as being an ancient, form of crime it's not because of the internet, it's a very modern crime all over the world. Not just here all over the world human trafficking. It's usually in women. Or women and children. But it's. Again because of the internet. It's a. Terrible, situation, never been like this. And also survivors, who face heightened dangers, during the pandemic. It's actually, increased. During the pandemic. I guess some reasons are obvious and some reasons are less obvious, but human trafficking, we're working. Very very strongly, the wall is up to. 277. Miles, right now. And it's going up by the end of the year it'll be largely, finished, shortly, uh shortly after the end of the year. And it's had a tremendous, impact a very positive, impact on human trafficking, unbelievable. Impact actually. My administration. Will never rest in our fight against the human traffickings, what to me it's one of the most horrific. Of crimes. And we work very hard on that, with that we'll take some questions.

Please Two quick questions thank you mr president first of all you said that voting by mail, is an invitation. To fraud. Could you lay out and tell us exactly where the evidence, is right now that mail-in ballots in nevada, and other states, will lead to widespread, fraud, well if you read even the washington, post had a terrible story, on. Mail-in, and the new york times, and, many. Many. Newspapers. Have had terrible, stories you see them all over the internet, they've had some just horrible. Stories, on mail-in ballots. Uh, you look at arizona, you don't even have to have as you know they have a provision, where they don't have to check signatures, so, you sign it and you could have a totally different signature, it's okay. Uh it won't be approved they have the right to go seven days after the election, for approval so you're not even going to know who won the state of nevada. Well i just want to point out we did call nevada's secretary, of state's office election division, and the spokeswoman, there said that that. Simply, isn't true mr president, and that nevada will continue to check ballot signatures, against voter registration. Cards. It's done at the county level okay but that's not what they said when they approved it they said they're not going to check signatures, they're not going to be able to, and their machinery, which is old doesn't allow them to so they're going to be it's going to be physically, impossible, for them to do that, especially, in a short period of time. In addition, you have the november, 3rd election. And they're allowed to count votes until. Seven days after. The election. So what does that mean if. Nevada, which is a big state and a great state a state i like very much and i think we're going to do very well there. Are we going to wait a week. After, november 3rd if it comes down to nevada which it could very well. I don't think so i don't think it's appropriate. So with all of the. Bundling, that you're going to have, with the harvesting, you're going to have. With people being sent ballots, all over that. That have maybe nothing to do with the state anymore. It's a terrible thing, in new york they had the carolyn. Maloney. Situation. And i criticized, it badly over the last two years in, two days i mean i gave it some very very strong, criticism. And all of a sudden. Like a miracle, they just approved the winner well what happened did the, person that was second. Concede, the race even though it was. Very close and all mixed up, they have a, terrible, situation. In new york with, the ballots you know that. And as soon as i said well i think you should have a new election, because the election, obviously, they're not going to know what to do i think you should have a new election. They all of a sudden announced. A winner. I assume it was her but they announced the winner. Well i don't agree with it did somebody speak to the person on the other side the opponent did they. Do something for the opponent, on the other side, take a look at patterson, new jersey take a look at many things it's all over newspapers. What's going on with the mail-in. Ballots. They've, they send out millions, of ballots. Millions, of ballots they're totally unprepared, to do it, and then they come back in the millions. Uh it's going to be a disaster. I'm doing, our country, a big favor, by bringing it up, and you know from a common standpoint. Even, common sense. Standpoint. If you look at it just. Out of common, sense. And, pure. Basic. Beautiful, intelligence. You know it can't work, now florida's, worked very hard for years and years and developing, a system and i'm sure they probably have problems, also. But absentee, ballots, are different than. Mail-in ballots what you call universal, mail-in ballots so much different you have to apply for it you have to do different things and it's a much better system and it's a system that can be reasonably, accurate. But there's no system like going to, the poll, and voting. So. I would like to find out why all of a sudden out of nowhere in the midst of all of this grief. Why, is it that they approve the new york race. While you ask that question race sir there's no evidence of widespread, voter fraud, which one. Oh really well then you're reading, then you're reading a different newspaper, than me. Go ahead please, the delivery, in the post go ahead please go, sir you said an interview this morning on the corona virus this thing's going away, it will go away like things go away despite ongoing, cases. Of reality.

It's Going away no it'll go away like things go away, absolutely. It's. No question, in my mind it will go away please go ahead. Hopefully sooner, rather than later, uh mr president we praised governor, ducey's, handling, of the. Of the epidemic, in, his state one of the things that he did was delay the start, of public schools opening is that a model that, uh governors, and states experiencing, hot spots. Should, should do as the beginning of school doesn't directly well i'd like to see the schools open, i think, many of the schools, most of the schools will be open i can say that. Republican. Areas want to see them open and the democrats, probably want to keep them closed until, after november, 3rd because they think it's good for them politically, i actually, don't think it's good for them politically. Parents want the schools open we want them open we want them open safely we're going to practice very strong hygiene, and all of the other things that i've. Enumerated. Many times. But we want to see the schools, open. States to follow governor ducey's, model here and what part of that model was, his model i just think he's done a very good job i mean he's really done a great job you look at the numbers you look at how it's dropped and very rapidly, he's done a great job he's a great governor, please, interview this morning mr president you were talking about opening the schools and you said children are virtually, immune. From coven 19 but children have contracted, this virus and someone. That i'm talking about. From getting very sick if you look at children i mean they're able to throw it off very easily. And it's an amazing, thing because some flus they don't they get very sick and they have problems, with flus, and they have problems with other things but, for whatever, reason the china virus, children handle it very well. And, they may they may get it but they get it and it it doesn't have much of an impact on them and, if you look at the numbers the numbers of of. In terms of mortality. Fatality, the numbers for children, under, a certain age, meaning, young, their immune systems, are very very strong they're very powerful, and they. They seem to be able to handle it very well and that's according to every. Statistic. President at least two people connected to kanye west's effort to get on the ballot, have been connected to the republican, party, is this. Kanye west. He's getting on the ballot including in swing states and as you know his wife. Has raised issues about whether he's having mental issues, right now, so my question to you is. I don't know that who said that, his wife, he said he might be going through an episode. But anyway, i like him i mean i like him he's always been very nice to me, are you. Aware. Are you aware of or have you encouraged, anyone in the party to help him get on the ballot including, no not at all no not at all other than i get along with him very well i like him i like his wife. His wife recommended. Certain people as you know for. Including. Alice johnson who's a fantastic, woman but his wife recommended, certain people, to. Get out of prison they were, in prison for a long. Time. A long long time, it should have never happened, and uh. I took what she said very strong, kim kim kardashian. And, uh it's got a good heart very good heart. And, uh i like kanye, very much no i have nothing to do with him getting on the bill, we'll have to see what happens we'll see if he gets on the belt but i'm not involved. Thank you mr president, i wanted to ask you the group of republican, senators, are backing, 25, billion dollars. In payroll, assistance, to keep the airlines, uh. Being able to pay their payrolls. Do you and you know to endorse, that. Republican, senator. Can senators, want to go ahead with another 25, billion dollars for airline. Airlines, to keep their payrolls, going. Well if they need it certainly that's a business some businesses, are doing better than they would normally, obviously, we know what those businesses, are and obviously, the airline business, is not doing very well you have. Shutdowns, all over the world, and you have airlines that are essentially, shut down some airlines are doing you know modest, best they're doing is modest. I think it's very important that we keep the airlines, going, they'll be very good times very soon i hope. And, we don't want to lose our airlines so, if they're looking at that, whether they're republican, or democrat, i'd be certainly in favor we can't lose our transportation. System yes go ahead i'm going to ask you two on beirut, so there's been some question about, your comments, yesterday. Saying that it was an attack, and that you'd, heard from military, officials. That there was uh you know an explosion, that looked like something, about what it was i can tell you whatever happened it's terrible, but they don't really know what it is nobody knows yet.

At This moment they're looking. It could i mean how can you say accident, somebody was. You know left. Some. Terrible. Explosive. Type devices. And things, around perhaps, perhaps it was that, perhaps it was an attack, i don't think anybody can say right now we're looking into it very strongly right now it's uh. I mean you have some people think it was an attack and you have some people that think it wasn't. In any event it was a terrible, event and a lot of people were killed and a tremendous, number of people were badly. Wounded, injured. And, uh we're standing, with. With that country you know we have a very good relationship, with that country but it's a country, under, it's a lot of turmoil. A lot of problems. But we stand with. You said earlier them, that you. Are considering, using the white house as the venue for your nomination, speech, um senator, john thume, questioned whether or not that's actually legal given the hatch act is this something that you would get clearance, for, john. Right the republican, jonathan. Okay, well, it is legal. Uh there is no hatch act because it doesn't pertain to the president. But if i use. The. White house. We save tremendous, amounts of money for the government, in terms of security. Traveling, if we go to another state or some other location. Uh, the amount of money is. You know very enormous, so, that's something to consider, also. I think it would be a very convenient, location, it would be by far the least expensive, location, there'd be very little in terms of that. Tremendous, traveling, security, with airplanes. And everybody, flying all over the place so, uh i think it would be a very convenient, idea, something that we. Threw out it would be very cost conscious, by comparison, to any other location, yeah please. Yeah um, your son, don jr. Tweeted yesterday. Asking you to direct the epa. To reject the pebble mine. In bristol, bay alaska. It's a. Giant, copper and gold mine, and, uh, the thinking is rejected, in what way. Just reject its construction. The army corps of engineers. Two weeks ago suggested, it'd be okay, to, proceed with the project, but it would. Sportsmen, like your son are saying that it would be harmful to fisheries. Well i've listened to both sides i don't know of the argument yet but i would certainly listen to both sides.

My Son has some very strong opinions, and he is very much of an environmentalist. And he was very impressed with what we did yesterday, because that's one of the great. Environmental. Bills and beyond that, ever signed since uh. Since uh. Well, i guess over a hundred years if you think about it it's been a long time. But uh, i will look at both sides of it i had heard about it. I will be i understand they're going to be doing a briefing, sometime, over the next, 48 hours it's gonna go very quickly i've done a lot for alaska, i love alaska, it's a special place. Uh, anwar, was one thing. The highway cove highway, or whatever the new name is whatever the old name is we. We're getting approvals, for a tremendous, highway that's been, sought for. 40 years, they've been trying to get it approved and i'm getting it approved. Uh. We've done a lot for, alaska. It's a special, place. And i'll take a look at that. It's interesting, yeah please guys. Thank you mr president, two. Brief questions, first. Your administration. Has praised. Ambulance, drivers, and the ambulance, service, for their role. In dealing with the corona. Virus. And. Recently, there has been scuttlebutt. That. The. Ambulance, associations. Drivers, and all, have not been fully, reimbursed. For the work they're doing. They said they are owed. 2.89. Billion dollars, and they've only received. 300, million from the provider, relief about 300, billion. 300.. 300, million, at. The provider, relief, fund, at hhs. Are you going to, look into this or i just heard of it for the first time. The ambulance. People have done an incredible, job as, have the doctors, the nurses, the, front-line, workers. Law enforcement, has been incredible. The military, fema i mean i could name, almost every group i can't tell you of a group that's done poorly, but the ambulance. People have done a ver it's a tough job too very dangerous, job very tough job, uh i will, certainly look in i mean you tell me something that for the first time. Uh. Nobody, is complaining, about not getting paid too much, but we'll take a look at the ambulance, drivers. The other thing secretary. Esper. Said today. That, based on what, he had heard. The incident. In beirut. He felt was, an accident. Now he's, disagreed, with you on other things before. Do you have any comment, about his remark, whatever he uh if he if that's what he heard i think that i've heard it both ways too, i've heard accent i've heard. You know explosives. And, obviously, it must have been some form of explosives. But whether it was a bomb intentionally, set off it ended up being a bomb. But no i've heard it both ways it could have been an accident, and it could have also been something that was very offensive, and uh i wouldn't be very happy with that, and you have no problem just to follow up on that. Even if you just have suspicion, that the beirut, explosion. Is a bomb, do you have any plans. Of, pertaining, to you as assets in the region for example, i mean how are you looking into this we're working very closely, with the government, and we're working very closely with many different agencies, including the military. And we'll be able to figure it out we already probably have figured it out. Thank you very much. Everybody.

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