Trump holds 'Make America Great Again' rally in Pennsylvania

Trump holds  'Make America Great Again' rally in Pennsylvania

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Hmm. Hello, john sound, thank you very much this is going to be a great evening. It's incredible, to be back. In pennsylvania. The proud home of american, independence. The american. Constitution. And american, freedom that's true huh what a history. And 21, days from now we're going to win the commonwealth. Of pennsylvania. And we're going to win four more years. In the white house. This election, is a simple, choice. If biden, wins, china wins, all these other countries, win we get ripped off by everybody, if we win. You win pennsylvania. Wins and america, wins very simple. For years, the, selfish, and corrupt, political, class betrayed, the people of pennsylvania. You know that and the people of our country. Career, politicians. Like joe biden, lied to you i don't think he knew he was even lying you want to know the truth he's gone, he's shot folks i hate to tell you he's shot. He abused, you he crushed, you your dreams. And, outsourced, your jobs to china. And distant, lands, all over the world. As the senator, biden's, last. American, trade policies, were a total disaster, they dismantled. Your steel industry, and decimated. Entire, towns, in your area, and we brought back steel. And we put tariffs, on steel. And we stopped. Dumping, steel, and aluminum. As vice president, he closed down 10, 000, factories. While raking, in cash from corporations. That moved jobs overseas. And his family, got rich. You know that. How did hunter make three and a half million dollars from the. Mayor of russia, mayor of moscow's. Wife how did that happen. So you have the mayor of moscow. Got a wife. Gave hunter three and a half million bucks i wonder what he did for that money huh. The fake news they refuse to talk about it they don't want to hear about it. Biden's, a servant, of the radical, globalists. The wealthy, donors, the big money special, interests. Who shipped away your jobs. Shut down your factories, and you know it because you really suffered, right this area. Threw open your borders, and ravaged, our cities, while sacrificing. American, blood and treasure. In these ridiculous. Endless. Foreign, wars. They're all coming back home don't worry they're all coming back home. They're already on their way, they've been on their way for a long time. In 2016. Pennsylvania. Voted to fire this failed, and decrepit, political, establishment. And you elected, an outsider. As your president. To finally. Put, america. First. That's what we. Did. And we did not come this far. Overcome, this much. And fight this hard only to surrender, our country, back. To the depraved. Washington. Swamp and by the way did we catch them we caught them. We caught them. We caught them watch what happens. Watch what happens they spied on our campaign. What they did. What they did should never ever, be allowed to happen in this country, again. Watch what happens this is the most important, election. In the history of our country. Biden has made a corrupt bargain, in exchange, for his party's, nomination. He has handed control, to the socialists. And marxists, and left-wing, extremists. Like his, vice presidential. Candidate, that's another great one isn't it. I just watched her on television. Coming in, because the great thing about air force one we have more televisions.

They're In closets, they're all over the place they're on the floors on the ceilings. And i watched her and i compared, her to amy. Great. Future. Supreme, court, justice. And i will tell you amy's, made a great. Impression. And you know biden he can't stand up to the lunatics, running his party, he can't even find his way off the stage with adam look look what's happened. Yesterday, he didn't know the name he said you know the guy i think he's a mormon. Right. He said he's a mormon he was talking about mitt romney he forgot mitt romney's, name. Can you imagine, that. Can you imagine, then he didn't know where he was he said where the hell am i, where am i. No, he's shot, folks, he's yeah. I'm running against the single worst candidate. In the history, of presidential. Politics. And you know what that does that puts more pressure on me can you imagine if you lose to a guy like this. It's unbelievable. It's disgusting. It's disgraceful. If he wins erratically, left we'll be running the country. He won't be running the country. The radical, left will take over. And how about pennsylvania. So. He says, there will be no fracking. No fracking. This went on for a year and a half no fracking. No fracking, no fracking, then elizabeth, warren refused to get out, so they stole another one from bernie bernie's the greatest loser of them all this guy every four years they steal it. So she refused, to get out pocahontas. She refused to get out right. They wanted me to apologize. For saying the word pocahontas. So no no i apologize, it's the pocahontas. To the real one. No no she you wouldn't get out and she took enough votes away and biden won super tuesday. That shouldn't have happened. But if. I don't sound like a typical, washington, politician. Fortunately, that's because i'm not a. Politician. But think of that you know you're talking about politician, no fracking, for a year and a half right.

And Then he goes to pennsylvania. Says no no they'll be fracking. Like nothing happened. Can you imagine if i did that no fracking, no fracking, no fracking, i'm the opposite by the way no fracking, no fracking. Then you win and you go you know got to go a little. To the other direction a little bit to the right although he actually went further left which is sort of an amazing thing but all of a sudden he comes out in favor of fracking. And let me tell you it's always the first thing that turns out to be true, okay. They will lose you will lose in pennsylvania. A million jobs there will be no petroleum. Products, there will be no fracking. Whatsoever. And did you see his party now is really angry at him because he's saying maybe they'll be fracking. It's a very conditional. You know it's a very weak. But with me you're gonna frack. You're gonna fret. And you're gonna keep your energy. Low and we're independent, you know we are now energy independent, first time, ever. So if i don't always play by the rules of the washington. Establishment. It's because i was elected to fight for you. And i fought harder for you than any president, has ever fought for their, people. Right now i'm fighting, to eradicate, the virus, rebuild the economy, and save our country. From the radical, left and that's a big thing saving it because these people. This will end up being a large, scale. Version. Of venezuela. If they get in. They don't have water. They don't have medicine, they don't have food they don't have anything. Despite, everything, they've thrown at us. We've done more in the first three and a half years than any administration. In history. And the best is yet to. A come, gallup poll just came. Out. Thank you. A gallup poll just, came out, that found that 56. Of americans, say they're better off today. Than they were under sleepy, joe and. Obama. It's the highest, of any president. At this point in his term, think of that 56. This is as we round the corner on the pandemic. 56. They were much much lower. Just remember this. If they were any good i wouldn't have run for president, but they were no good they did a horrible, job. They did a horrible, job. Yesterday, biden, told those. 56. Of americans, that they probably, shouldn't vote for him. And for once i agree with joe did you hear he said you shouldn't vote for me you know he has no idea what he's saying. How the hell do you lose to a guy like this is this possible. Oh i'll never come to pennsylvania, again i love this phone. You know, they say he was born in scranton, but he left. He left he abandoned, you he didn't. Give me a break. Thank you. I love. You. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. By the way there's a lot of people here tonight. A lot of people. I wish the fake news would show it they never turn the cameras, you know. I go home. Our great first lady always says how was the crowd. I said didn't they show no they just show your face. And about five people behind me right they become fans. Why don't you show the crowd though why don't you do yourself. A favor, show the. Crowd. One of the most important, issues for pennsylvania. Is the survival, of your fracking, industry. Joe biden, has repeatedly. Pledged, to abolish, fracking, he's a liar. Okay. He's a liar. How do you do it. How do you do it he went for a year and a half. They said are you remember the debates, with the radical left democrats. Right. You had, uh, alfred, newman, you had all these people. You know who alfred newman is yes. Pete budeck. Pete budeck. He's a bad mayor of a failed town and he's going to run for president, you know, pete boudicek. But you know uh. He's talking about it and. Does that mean everybody. Nobody. Is going to do right that's right nobody nobody i swear nobody nobody nobody. Then he gets up i've never seen anything like it in my life, and not one fake reporter, back there. Said well wait a minute, you've been pledging, for a year and a half no fracking. But then what about the. Uh health care for illegal immigrants. Who in this group is going to provide health care for illegal immigrants. Everybody, raises their hand. You remember joe. No do you remember this is a famous clip but they don't ask them questions about it because they're fake. You remember, joe. Who's going to provide, and look we all have hearts, and we want to take care of everybody. But you know the problem when you do that, we don't have the money the whole world is going to empty out into our country they're going to come for, health care, they're going to come for a college, free college. I say sometimes, jokingly, sarcastically.

Everybody Gets a free rolls royce, to which cnn, says. They don't get a free rolls royce he has misrepresented. You know, these people are. Sick. Everybody, gets a free rolls royce, they don't get a free rolls royce, the president, has misrepresented. Ah they are sick people, but think of it so remember when joe and they said raise your hand if everybody's, in favor of. Free everything, cry free everything but free health care for. Illegal aliens. And joe goes like. He had no idea what the hell he was doing folks, he has no clue. And he's not a nice guy you know just so you understand. Not a nice guy, if he was a nice guy i wouldn't hit him like this but he's not a nice guy he's a bad guy, he's always been a dummy but he's always been he's never been. No no in his best of years he was considered, a dumb guy. When asked about fracking, biden, said. He would sure. Absolutely. Make it we will, uh, eliminate, it. That's what he said those are the exact words and then he said it 19 different times and one day he said. I never said that. It's incredible, and they don't question him. I couldn't get away with it for a minute not for a minute did you see the town hall he had with nbc. That was a town hall for a child. A young child. Barron, trump. Would, actually baron's far too advanced, for that town. That was a town hall. Lester, halt. Lester, holt that was a beauty, right that was some town hall that was, and they said yes we have a uh, random, sampling, of people yeah all trump haters. Right. What a group of people but he raised his hand he said. Illegal. Immigrants. Will get. Health care. Now, people don't realize what that means that means your, social security, goes down the tubes, your country goes bankrupt, you know, the whole thing is a disaster. But he raised his hand, now he's trying to say he didn't do it and they don't call him out because they're fake his radical left running mate, who i just watched on television, she's so pathetic. Is a co-sponsor. Of the socialist, green new deal. Which eliminates. All fossil, fuels. She's having a hard time getting out of that one. Did you hear the other day she actually came out in favor of fracking it was like yeah i think so. She's further left than bernie did you see bernie. I thought was the furthest, left in the senate because you don't get too much worse right, then you go instead of socialist, you go to the c word right. She's further, left. She's considered, further, left. Than bernie this is. And you know they're looking, when nancy pelosi does the 25th, amendment, she's doing it for biden, you do know that right. Because they want to get biden out and that won't be hard. But at this very moment, biden's, website, includes, a pledge, to mandate, net zero carbon emissions, which means, fossil.

Fuel. Coal, everything, is gone, and it's gone soon okay. And with that goes our economy, and with that goes our country. The democrat, party hates fracking, they hate coal they hate clean beautiful, coal i see what they do with coal now. They hate domestic. Energy, production. And biden will shut you down he wants to shut you down just like your governor's, got you shut down right now, they better open up your state. Did you see the world health organization. Yesterday, they said trump was right. They said. You can't make the cure. Worse than. The problem, itself i've been saying that for a long time. And we did the right thing we saved 2 million, lives. They said 2.2. Million people we saved 2 million lives, and you know we get nothing, and i'll tell you what. We have. The vaccines, are coming soon. The therapeutics. And frankly the cure. All i know is i took something whatever the hell it was i felt good very quickly. I don't know what it was antibodies. Antibodies. I don't know, i, took it i said i felt like superman. And i said. Let me add them. No and i could have been here four or five days ago it's great we had great doctors i want to thank the doctors, at walter reed and johns hopkins. One great thing about being president, if you're not feeling 100. You have more doctors, than you thought existed, in the world. I was surrounded, with like 14, of them. Where are you from i'm from this one where are you from i'm from johns hopkins, i'm from. Walter reed but what great talented, people they did a great job. And thank you. And while i'm president, america, will remain the world's number one energy producer, with pennsylvania. Workers, leading the way and that's what's happening. You're leading the way. You know you had the best year in the history of your your, place it's a history of if you look at the commonwealth, of pennsylvania. You never want to say state don't ever say state. Actually, nobody cares about them, but you know. I'm just saying let's see pennsylvania, you got two of them you know that right, the commonwealth, the great commonwealth, of pennsylvania. I went to school here, probably spend more time here than sleepy joe and all foreign. I went to school here. But we're putting our great coal miners, back to work joe biden and the democrats. Socialists, will kill your jobs. Dismantle. Your police departments, you see that happening. And we've got did you see in the debate the other night i said to him, name one. Law enforcement, agency, just one in a whole country, that supports you he couldn't do it then chris wallace bailed him out. Then i say how come you got the three and a half million, from russia. And they bailed him out again he was choking like a dog they bailed him out. But they want to dissolve, your borders they don't want borders they want to have open borders release, criminal, aliens, raise your taxes. Confiscate. Your guns get rid of your second amendment. I mean here's one that's, incredible destroy your suburbs okay so they talk about the suburban, women. And somebody said i don't know if the suburban. Woman. Likes you. I say why but we had this. I love you too. They said they may not like the way you talk. But i'm about law and order i'm about, having you safe i'm about having your, suburban, communities. I i don't want to build low income housing next to your house okay if that's okay, and i ended the regulation. The rule. That made the zoning so impossible, that you had to destroy, your communities. And then i hear the the suburban, woman, i think that the suburban. Woman. And i used to say suburban, housewife i used to take heat but i said does anybody care do you care if i say surprise, no they're all going no. Again the only one cares is them trump said suburban, housewife, but i didn't say it, because i don't you learn very quickly you learn very quickly. But, suburban. Women. They should like me more than anybody, here tonight. Because i ended. The regulation. That destroyed, your neighborhood.

I Ended the regulation. That brought crime, to the suburbs. And you're going to live the american, dream and that's what you're going to do, and remember, this. 29. Of the people, experiencing. The american, dream in the suburbs, happen to be minority, and you don't know that, but 29. And we're doing this for everybody, we're not doing it one way the other we're doing it and i ended it they said sir we can amend it i said i don't want to amend it i want to end it, it was a horror show, and this loser, corey booker, is the guy that's going to be in charge of the program the guy's a stone called loser, one percent. He got one percent he ran he was going to be great you know one percent. Every week he was like her, down, down down they should have picked him. But no he'll be in charge of your uh suburban. So can i ask you to do me a favor. Suburban. Women will you please like me. Remember. Please. Please. I saved your damn neighborhood, okay. The other thing i don't have that much time to be that nice you know i can do it but i got to go quickly. We don't have time they want me to be politically, correct oh, yes let's discuss it let's talk about it over the next 10 years no no no. Now we saved your, we saved, suburbia. In the u.s. I got rid of a regulation. That was a disaster. And it was very unfair, and you've been reading about it for a long time it's been going on for a long time, it became much worse under, obama, and biden, i got rid of it and i had a choice. Am i even my own people said you never get rid of it sir i said i want to get rid of it, well what are we just amended. I said i don't want to amend it i want to get rid of it get rid of it. Okay, and i think we're going to see that the women really like trump a lot that's happened last time remember. Remember, last four years ago. Four years ago they said women will never vote for him i said why am i so bad. They say the women will never vote then i got 52. They said what the hell happened with the, women.

Except This time. See this is much easier. Because then i was a developer, i was doing great everything was nice but i had never done this before. I came in, i said i'm going to rebuild our military, i'm going to cut your taxes i'm going to cut your regulations. I'm going to get you this i'm going to get you that i'm going to take care of our vets. I mean i did things that frankly, i never even talked about like space force, i never talked about space work, the wall is almost, built, you know the wall is up to 392. Miles. It's almost. And mexico, is paying for the wall by the way you know that i've been saying it they hate to hear that but they're paying you know we're putting a charge on where the cars go through. And it'll more than pay for the wall but uh, we have now the most secure, southern border that we've ever had. And i want to thank the president, of mexico, they have 27. 000 mexican, soldiers, on our southern border. Stopping, people, from coming into the u.s, illegally. Thank you very much. No but we did all these things so this time in theory, it should be easier. But don't forget i've gone through. Years. Years. Of a fake witch hunt, and now it turned out that they were the guilty party. They were the ones dealing with russia. They were the guilty people. Think if i didn't have every night on that fake cnn, right over there with a light on. The light just went off it just went off. Every time i point to them the light goes off it's all right keep it off, nobody's, watching them anyway. But you know. Think of i didn't have every night russia, russia, russia hey. And nobody's been tougher in russia than me what i've done for nato. Raised a hundred, and thirty, billion dollars a year from other countries. That weren't paying their bills they would delinquent, as we said in the real estate business they would delinquent. And that goes up to 410. Billion dollars nobody did that, obama, used to send them pillows. Maybe from the pillow man on fox, did you ever see a man advertised, so much i've never seen it. I've never seen the biggest advertiser, i think he's the greatest advertising. Genius, mike. He's the greatest advert if i gave him our budget. You wouldn't be able to do anything else but watch trump ads. The pillow man i tell you i never saw so many ads in my life every day it's a pillow the pillow.

Now He came out with a sheet and i'm going crazy that's all. That's all we need now is a new sheet. But he's on our side too by the way that guy he's on our side, mike. And now biden even refuses. To answer, questions, unpacking, the supreme, court. You know elections. Have consequences. Winning and losing an election, that's big consequences. And we've been winning elections. And they say well you know trump shouldn't be appointing, the new justice, because well i'm president. In fact. As you know. A lot of your great justices, said no no they're appointed. Justice, ginsburg, just said, recently, not so long ago. No no. He's. President, for four years not for three years, your point, now he was she was referring to obama, i think. Or clinton or somebody. But wasn't referring to me i can promise you that. Oh don't worry. Don't worry it's being phil it's me. You don't have to worry about that that's much easier than we'll build a wall that goes to. That goes for a lot. That's what you know the wall is one of the biggest projects, in the history of this country you know that right, and we had a party, dedicated. To the proposition. That there will never ever be a wall, that will never they knew it was the right thing to do, and i made one big mistake. I should have come instead of saying we will build a wall i should have said we will never, ever build a wall they would have given me so much money. Made a big mistake, oh great congressman, over there. Are you guys having a good time by the way huh mike. He said the voters, don't deserve, to know. And he'll tell you after the election, what he's going to do, and you know what i did i gave you a list i have 45, people on that list every one of them is a star. And i gave you a list yeah sit down everybody, just enjoy yourself what the hell. Look at these people they i didn't even realize you're all standing. I didn't realize you had seats. You're lucky this is one of the few crowds we provided, seats that's because it's pennsylvania. I guess. It's pretty good. If they win democrats. Will pack the supreme, court with radical, left justices. Who will shred your second amendment, you can forget about, guns. Empower, violent, mobs and shield deadly criminals, and terrorists. To defend, our constitution. From this madness, i proudly, nominated. Judge, amy, coney, barrett of the united, states supreme, court and to the court. She'll be a great justice. Of the united, states, supreme court she's done so well, i really found it fascinating, today you know i don't have too much time i tried to watch as much as i could she was great. The radical, left is hell bent on destroying, everything, we love and cherish. They're enraged. And unhinged. And they are going crazy. You know think of it very. Many, you know presidents, never have anybody, to appoint. I will have by the end of the first term, almost. 300. Federal judges. And. Three. Supreme, court justices. Their heads are exploding. I hope they're happy. They want to cancel, you, shame you, and persecute, you that's what they want to do they want to shame in, this whole cancel culture, thing you know now they're after abraham, lincoln they don't like abraham, lincoln. Now he wasn't too good was i said this three years ago remember. When they took down a couple of statues, of people you never heard of a confederate, soldier, somebody else somebody i said oh really. The next will be robert e lee. The next will be abraham, lincoln. The next will be george washington, and everybody, laughed they said oh, the president, is so funny i said i'm not being funny. These people are sick. These people they want to take away your heritage. And by the way are there any italians. In the room. Okay. Well we are protecting. The legacy. Of. Christopher, columbus, okay. You know the italians, are tough i love the italians. So they were going to rip down the statue of christopher, columbus, in new york you saw that right, and all of a sudden a group of italians, circled, around the statue, and they were having pretty tough things in their hand i must say. And it was amazing, how those people that wanted to rip it down disappeared, very quickly so the italians, let me tell you. Christopher, columbus, will always be here on my watch that i can tell you. Now i had people the other day they wanted to wish me happy columbus day they were afraid i said why are you ashamed. No no say it happy. Christopher, columbus, day this is christopher, columbus, day it's columbus, day. Okay. So italian, say thank you mr president, i appreciate, i like you too.

I Love the italians, they want to punish the middle class. Expunge, every last trace of traditional, values, and replace. The american, dream with the socialist, nightmare and that's what would happen just take a look at what's going on. In other parts of the world biden's, agenda. Not that he has one but you know. He does whatever they tell him to do he got so lucky. She should have she should have gotten out you know she was faithful she would have gotten out bernie would have run we would have been running against crazy bernie instead, but i'd rather run against joe because there's no enthusiasm. There's no energy one thing with bernie's, people, and you know we got a lot of people last time, from bernie, because they love me on trade. Because they know our country has been ripped off on trade like no country has ever been ripped off and bernie's, people get that, and they uh they like us on trade, biden's, agenda, would be a. Catastrophe. For seniors. For years biden tried to cut social security, and medicare, nobody remembers, that and the press will never bring it up, but he tried to cut your social security, right. Now by displedging. Mass amnesty, and federal health care for the illegal, aliens, decimating. Medicare. And destroying, your social, security. Biden, cares, more about illegal, aliens, and he cares about your senior citizens, and it's true. And let me just tell you this and i say it strongly, and when i first got elected they always played the social security, card. And nothing happened, right your social security, now is better than ever i haven't touched it, while i am president, no one will touch, your medicare. Or your social, security. Under my leadership, we're delivering, a safe vaccine. And a rapid, recovery, if you vote for me prosperity. Will surge. Normal, life that's what we want normal, life. We want normal, life. We'll fully resume, and next year will be one of the greatest, economic, years, in the history of our country. It's already happening. How about the stock market. Who has 401ks. In the audience, right. Well. I can tell you one thing i'm getting all of your votes. I'm getting your votes your 401ks. Are setting records. Think of it. As we're rounding the turn and we are they go crazy when i say we're rounding the turn on the pandemic, we understand, that hey i just had it, here i am you know it's me it's actually me. And i could have stayed in the basement, of the white house or maybe the top floor of the white house i could have done that but i'm the president of the united states i can't do that, i got to get out and i have to meet people and i have to see people, and i know it's risky to do that. But you have to do what you have to do you know i'm the president, i can't sit in the basement, and say let's wait this thing out. I'm not going to do that. And now i'm immune they tell me i'm immune i could come down and start kissing everybody. I'll kiss every guy, man, and woman, man and woman look at that guy how handsome he is.

I'll Kiss him. Not, not with a lot of enjoyment, but that's okay. Joe biden would terminate, our recovery. Delay the vaccine. Prolong, the pandemic. And annihilate. The economy, with draconian. Unscientific. Lockdowns, like you're having, right now in pennsylvania. With this governor, who is killing you. Tom wolf, tom wolf come on tom. Open up pennsylvania. Tom. Open it up. You know what's going to happen, november, 4th they'll open it up you know that they're doing it they want to keep the numbers as, bad as possible. Here's the problem. The numbers, are going to come out just before. The election. So we have november, 3rd the numbers are going to come out and pennsylvania's. A late voting state you actually believe in going to a poll, because you see all the shenanigans. No you're a late voting, state. And all i can tell you is when i came here and i said this before but when i came here i promised you a lot of things, i've done much more than i promised, you you had the best year you've ever had and you're going to have a better year next year. You damn well better vote for me. Pennsylvania. Sleepy, joe biden's, plan will crush, america. And my plan, we're going to crush the virus very quickly it's happening already, it's happening. Almost 90 percent. Mortality, you know the the mortality, rate. Is at like 85., if you had it seven or eight months ago it's not as good as if you have it now and soon it's going to be. Perfecto. And uh. I said that the drug that they gave me i'm gonna we're going to be distributing, it all over the country to hospitals, and everything else, because i'll tell you that sucker works. That's my opinion. What do i know but to me it works and. And the people that did it they're phenomenal, people they've had great success, with other. Vaccines, and drugs just this week we learned that another member of the biden family, is getting rich. Off connections. To joe his son-in-law. Just came out big story, is cashing, in on the china virus, pandemic. Just like hunter where's hunter. Crashed, in on china. What do you think where hunter walks in and he walks out with a billion and a half dollars to manage for china. I said to a friend of mine one of the biggest guys on wall street does that ever happen he said, i'm the biggest guy on wall street that doesn't happen for me. 10 minutes he had a billion and a half dollars maybe he's not so stupid, after all. To fight the china virus, we launched the largest, mobilization. Since world war ii. And we really should get credit for what we've done because i'll tell you mike pence. And all of these people they have worked so, 24, hours around the clock. Our early and aggressive, action, saved as many as 2 million lives remember when they said no no no you don't want to ban china don't ban china. I did it in january, they were talking a month and a half later we shouldn't be doing it he called me xenophobic. I said joe give me a definition, of xenophobic. Please. He was unable to do that. We pioneered, life-saving. Therapies. And reduced, the fatality. Rate. By 85, percent. I'm working with the fda, to make the antibody, treatments, i received, and everybody. We're going to have them they're going to be shipped very soon we're working on an emergency. Use authorization. Very complicated, stuff. And, the fda, has never, responded. Like they've responded. To me this could have taken, years, what we've done, and we've done it in weeks. I know they came to me on one thing and they said, sir will that will take approximately, two and a half years i said no it's no good when do you need it sir, next week. Tomorrow, how about tomorrow. Now we're pushing them hard the fda has been great to everyone fighting, to recover, from the virus. I feel your pain because i felt your pain. And we will, beat this virus, together. And. For those who who's had it who has had it here who's had it. Yeah a lot of people, a lot of people. Well you're the people i want to say hello to because you're right now immune. You're right now immune, or they say that you know they hate to admit it because i had it, so in the old days they said well if you have it you're immune for life right, once i got it they give you four months they say you remove. You know, is anybody else but me you're immune for life. Through operation. Warp speed which is incredible. Will. Have 100. Million vaccine, doses, before the end of this year 100, million. And the vaccine, will end the pandemic. Once and for all. And remember, this because, i have, the endorsement, of i think every, major, law enforcement, and minor. Law enforcement, group.

In The country. We have a lot of democrats. That left their party and they came over law enforcement, people, i can almost, tell you by looking look at this group over here. I know the law enforcement, people nobody's, been better. We had all the surplus, military, equipment, obama, didn't want to give it out because he said, it looked too militaristic. I said no i want to save lives, okay. It's defensive, equipment, i want to save lives and, we gave out hundreds, of millions of uh, it was sitting in warehouses. All over the country military, equipment. And we gave it out, but there's nobody, like the great men, and women, of law, enforcement. But this election, is also about look at that whoa. Whoa. See, they love you. See that. Wow. I didn't expect that. That's pretty good. Oh. That's. Great. But this election, is about law and order. You look at portland. We keep saying to the governor. Look, governor, oregon, i said governor. Let us go and we'll solve the problem in 30 minutes they don't want to do that you know they're supposed to ask you to come in. We did a great job in minnesota, minneapolis. Except you know, instead of 10 days they could have called us like two hours later. But they came in and they lined up and they were not socially, distanced. They lined up you saw that they came in wearing black uniforms, 250. 000 most expensive, uniforms, i never saw so many computers, on a helmet. But they went in and they had their tear gas and they had their pepper spray which the other side doesn't want us to use anymore they said no we don't want to do that. These people are a lot of bad people out there you know they're anarchists. Radical, left anarchists. Okay. So they came in they came in you saw it. There was one person i said where the rest then another one then another one then i started getting off buses wherever they, all of a sudden you had one line too long, and they just started moving forward that was the end of the problem it ended within 30 minutes it was over. It was. Over. And we'll do it wherever they want us would love to go into portland, because those guys are bad news we actually. You saw we sent in the u.s marshals, right because uh one man. Horrible guy shot, somebody right through the head. Shot him in the middle of the street, a guy who didn't wasn't hurting anybody. He killed him, two days went by three days went by i said why the hell haven't they arrested him and they knew who he was. And we sent in the u.s marshals. And in 15 minutes it was all over that was the end of it. That was the end of it. Biden, harris, and the democrat, party. Declared, war on our police. Okay. And we've proudly, received, the endorsement, of the national, association. Of police organizations. The national, troopers, coalition. The international. Union of police, associations. The pennsylvania. State troopers, association. Wow. The fraternal, order of police including, those in philadelphia. Pittsburgh, scranton, and virtually, every single police organization. And during the debate i asked sleepy, joe i said give me one. Organization. Law enforcement, that's, endorsing, you. And. We couldn't do it, then, chris wallace saved him, then i said, remember i said. So tell me, say the words. Law and order say it joe say it, he couldn't do it he wouldn't do it he wouldn't do it because you know what because he'd be run out of his party if he said the words law and order. Then i think at the end didn't he say like law and order and safety, and justice, and you know all the stuff. No no law and order, say law and order joe, he couldn't do it. So we're joined tonight by some real warriors.

Warriors, Of a different type political, warriors they're okay too right. And they're friends of mine they're great people representative. John. Joyce, john please. A guy's been around a long time and he fights like hell, gt. Thompson. Gt, thank you, great. Be careful with your election i hear you're only up 40 points gt. Another one who's only up about 44, points. A really good friend of mine and he's tough as hell, mike. Kelly. I say, gt, mike you need any help i'll come and help you in your district, no sir we don't really need help don't worry about it. A friend of mine and a great gentleman, and he was the first one that predicted, that i was going to win this thing i'll tell you, former, congressman. Lou, barletta. Thank you. Thank you lou how are we doing lou are we doing okay. How do we compare to four years ago. Better okay good he said the right thing. Anyway yeah i think a lot better because we produced. Again four years ago i said we're going to do things now, we've done them all, plus, additional, things i mean a lot of additional things i never talked about space force we did space force, you know somebody did space force, that's, like, a major achievement for four years that's one thing that's like one thing out of so many other things so it's one of those things but i never used to talk about that. And former chair of the pennsylvania. Republican, party, a friend of mine a guy that knows more about pennsylvania. Than any human, being on earth robbed, lisa. Rob, thank you. How we doing rob. Good. Okay, good. He said to me another group came down they didn't want his advice. They came down from boston. And they put, events all over the place and he said you go in the wrong location, anyway they ended up losing big right. But with us we came to rob we say where do you think the best places, are and we hit and we agreed with you too. But rob gleason's, been a fantastic, friend thank you rob very much for being here appreciate, it. And with their help and your help. We are delivering, for the american, people like never before nobody's, ever done what we've done in three and a half years no administration's. Ever done this the first three and a half years. In my first three years in office, family, income increased, by. Six thousand, dollars and that doesn't include energy. Which i think is you could double it up. More than five, times the gains, in all eight years. Of the. Obama. Administration. African-american. Income grew nine times, more. Than it did under the less administration. Think of it african. American. Income. Grew. Nine. Not two, not three. Nine, times, more. And these are out of the book. These numbers are out of the book real wealth. For the bottom 50 percent grew nearly twice as fast as it grew for the top 1. Hispanic. Family, net worth increased, by, 64. In a short period of time. 64..

We Added nearly 600. 000 manufacturing. Jobs and we added 15, 000 factories. And obama, said you'll never produce, manufacturing. Jobs, remember. You need a magic, wand well we found the magic wand. We lifted 6.6. Million americans, out of poverty, including, over 1 million, african, americans. And more than 1.5. Million, hispanic. Americans, and we're doing great with both groups and we love them. We love both groups, thank you, those are great numbers. After our tax cuts took effect. Wages, for the lowest, income americans. Grew twice, as fast. As those near the top think of that you never hear that stuff. The big beneficiary. We're lowest. Income. Americans. My policies, have benefited, those who need it the most. After the virus, came in from china. And we had a change, we had to do things this came out it was a sudden, horrible, thing, china, should have never, ever, let it happen. They should have never let it happen. We've seen the smallest, economic, contraction. Of any major, western, nation by far, and we've seen by far, the fastest. Recovery. Of any. Nation. In the past five months we've created, a record. 11.4. Million, jobs, that's american, jobs, that's the fastest. Ever, recorded. Job growth has been 23, times, faster. Than the first, five months think of this. In the first five months of the obama. Biden, recovery. 23, times. We cut unemployment. Rate in half, under biden, it took 30 months to recover, more than. Half the jobs, lost in the crisis. We did it in five months, so we're talking about numbers that nobody can even believe, home builder confidence. Has reached. An all-time. High we're in a pandemic. Reached an all-time, high. Manufacturing. Optimism. Has doubled. Consumer. Confidence, which just came out. Has surged nearly 20 percent. And small business, confidence, is now higher. Than any time, in the entire, decade, preceding, my election, think of that. And we're, rounding the turn on a pandemic. We've spent the last four years. Reversing, the damage, joe biden inflicted, over the last 47, years he made every bad deal in the book.

And By the way if you look at the h1. N1 you know he calls it the n1h, one right i said no no h. Here's the way you remember joe h comes beforehand. He goes the n1, h1. Whatever it's called. What was his name again or the senator, or maybe he was a governor yeah romney, romney oh that's right it was romney. It's amazing. You know amazing, and he gets away with that stuff, you only see it you know you only see it on the internet, they never report it. They never report it they should report, it, they're doing, this country, a great disservice, by not reporting, it, but biden supported, nafta. Tpp. And china's, entry into the wto. Which is one of the worst, things that ever happened to this country. For half a century, biden twisted, his blade into the heart of the american, worker. He should not be asking for your votes he should be begging for your forgiveness, he did a rotten, job okay. Did a rotten, job. For decades, our politicians. Spent trillions, and trillions, of dollars. Rebuilding. Foreign nations. Fighting, foreign, wars. And defending, foreign, borders but now we're finally, protecting, our nation. Rebuilding. Our cities. And we are bringing, our, jobs, our factories. And our, troops. Back home to the usa, where they. Belong. Almost done. Syria, were gone except we kept the oil does anybody mind that i kept the oil. So we left some troops behind to, keep the oil. With iraq we're almost out with afghanistan. 19, years in afghanistan. 19, years. And uh. We're really serving as policemen. It's great to be policemen, but. They got to have their own policemen, they got to do it themselves. But we're uh, we're bringing them home we're down to a very few number of soldiers. To save our auto industry, i withdrew, from the last administration's. Trans-pacific. Partnership, disaster, it would have been a disaster it would have destroyed your automobile. Industry, and others. To defend our steel and aluminum, workers i imposed, historic, tariffs, on dumped goods, remember when they were dumping steel all over the place you guys were getting killed. Saving those industries, from total destruction. And frankly had the plague not came in from china. But now they're doing well anyway had that come in you would have had a steel industry, that would have been at a level that nobody's, ever seen before. But it came in but you're going to be there anyway in a short period of time unless some. Stupid person, comes along and raises your taxes, by four times what they should be, which is what they want to do. I ended the nafta, nightmare, and signed the brand new usmca. Into law everyone said that was going to be impossible. And i withdrew, from the job-killing. Paris, climate, accord. So nice of them to tell us that we can't use our energy. That was an accord, you know what i was going to do destroy, our country that's what that was going to do pi, if you look at what, has happened, over the last very short period of time the progress, that this nation has made, you're not even going to believe it and you're going to see it and you would have seen it had to plague that come in because it was all happening. We were at every single record. But now we're getting close anyway the jobs are all coming back and the market is almost, going to be topping, the market.

From Before, the plague, and it's pretty amazing, i will tell you. Biden has vowed to rejoin, this. Horrible, agreement. A death sentence, for your state's, energy, industry, the paris accord, it's a, terrible, thing, unlike, biden i know my job is to represent. Pennsylvania. Not paris, we're representing, pennsylvania. Not paris. Got a lot of nice people that can represent, paris. I took the toughest, ever action. To confront, china's, rampant, theft. Of american, jobs you know that, we charged them so much we gave a lot of the money to our farmers 28, billion dollars to our farmers. Because our farmers were targeted, everybody get your money. They did better without even growing anything to be honest. But we got it from china 28, billion we had a lot left over that went into the treasury, of the united, states. To defend, american, workers, earlier, today i also, signed an order to crack down on chinese, counterfeiters. And merchants. Who sell their fake products all over the united, states. They put the name tiffany, tiffany, he's got the blue box everything tiffany, tiffany, tiffany isn't that wonderful but it wasn't made. By tiffany. Biden will eliminate, my tariffs, on china he's already said he's going to take the tariffs, off china, there goes your steel industry, there goes your illuminant, ministry, there goes everything. Allowing, them to plunder without, consequence. The one constant, in biden's, platform, is surrender, he surrenders, he surrenders, whether it's uh. China. Whether it's cuba, how about cuba how about the deal they made with cuba how bad was that one, i ended it, that's why both china, and the far left. Are desperate, for a biden win. Because he will surrender, our jobs to china. China. Will own, the united, states. If that sleepy, guy gets the position, okay. And you can forget about pennsylvania. And you know don't also forget. Your streets, will be surrendered, to the mob you know, republican. Areas are great they're doing great. The crime is at record lows everything else these are the democrats, super liberal democrat, areas. Unlike sleepy, joe biden. I will never abandon, our nation. And i will never. Abandon, its values. My goal is not to make friends. In the dc, swamp, my goal is to fight. For you. And fight, for your family. In 2017. I proudly, signed a historic, executive, order. Making it official, government, policy, to, buy american. And hire, americans. My opponent, has put forward a radical, plan to eliminate. U.s borders. By implementing. Catch and release programs, that i ended, you know what catcher releases. You catch a murderer. You catch a rapist, coming across our border and you release them catch. Catch them, and release, them and you say, i'm sorry, three years from now please come back for a court case, nobody comes back. Imposing. Deadly, sanctuary. Cities, and suspending. All removals, they don't want any removals, this is what biden agreed to with crazy bernie sanders. When you have people, that are in this country illegally even if they're murderers. If they're rapists. No matter what they are. You can't remove, them, we've removed. Tens, of thousands, of people, including, ms-13. It would mean the total, nullification. Of u.s, borders, overwhelming. Every city in town. In america, and especially, in a place like pennsylvania, if biden wins. Your borders, are gone. Which means your health care is gone. The middle class, is gone. And your safety, is gone other than that you'll be doing very nicely. Under my leadership, we achieved, the most secure, border in u.s history. And we're finishing, that wall it's going to be built very, soon it's going to be finished we're going to have the greatest celebration. That was a tough one.

That Was a tough one remember they said we don't need a wall. They wanted drones, you know drones flying around. Looking at the people pouring across the border. They wanted drones, they wanted, modern, technology. You know what i've said often right. There are two things. That will always be around in a thousand, years. In 2000. Years. All new computers, all new everything, you know you come up with a new computer you come up with a new chip. Three days later it's obsolete, i would not want to be in that business but there are two things. A wall. And a wheel, right, a wall, and a wheel in a thousand years two thousand years it's going to be here. We invested, 2.5. Trillion dollars in the u.s military, and launched. The first new branch, of the united, states, armed forces, in more than 75. Years. Space force. For our great vets, we passed. Va, choice. And va, accountability. Nobody thought would ever get that done. We killed. The leader. Of isis. Al-baghdadi. And we took down 100. Of the isis, caliphate. And when i took over. That caliphate, was all over the place, it was a mess. We took out the world's number one terrorist. And the mass murder of, many american, troops many troops many people all over the world. Kasim. Solomani. Is dead. Thank you. He's dead. I withdrew, from the last administration's. Disastrous. Iran nuclear, deal one of the worst deals i've ever seen. That's john kerry the guy was totally incompetent, that guy didn't know what the hell he was doing. He gave him 150. Billion dollars 1.8. Billion in cash for, nothing. I kept my promise. Recognized. The true capital of israel. And opened the american, embassy, in jerusalem. I also, recognize. Israeli, sovereignty, over the golan, heights. 52, years they've been trying to get that. And instead of endless, war we're forging, peace in the middle east you see the deals we made i actually got. Nominated, for a nobel, peace prize the press didn't cover it but that's. Preston, cover it mike. I got nominated, for three nobel, peace prizes. I did more in 47. Months and joe biden did in 47. Years and that's true.

Now Biden is pushing, the most, far-left. Agenda, ever put forward by a presidential. Nominee. He's going to ruin your energy, he's going to ruin your state. The biden plan would destroy, social, security. And destroy, protections. For pre-existing. Conditions, because there's no money. Biden's, running mate sponsored, a bill to outlaw, private health insurance, we have 180. Million, people. With great, private, plans they want to keep it that way they're going to outlaw, they're going to get rid of them, biden, vowed to terminate, our travel bans on jihadist. Regions. And surged, refugee, admissions, by more than 700. He agreed to this, he said, that's okay. Let him come in you know i got the ban right remember the ban, remember it was a big deal, i got the ban. I said if it's okay we have unfriendly, countries if it's already with you they're not coming into our country i got the ban we won in the, supreme, court five to four i got the ban, he wants to give up the ban he wants to let people pour into a country. 700. Increase. Opening, the floodgates, to radical, islamic, terrorism. I don't want to speak too much. Little wood, this is real wood, i don't want to speak too much but you haven't seen too many things happening lately have you. He'll ban school, choice, charter schools, and pennsylvania. Opportunity. Scholarships. In a second term, i will provide, school choice. To every, parent. In america. It's so important. A vote for republicans. Is a vote for safe communities. Great jobs. And a limitless, future, for all americans, and in conclusion. And i love being. Back with you in pennsylvania. So many incredible, memories, certainly. No so many. What a night that was remember, that night. Donald, trump, has won, the commonwealth. Of pennsylvania. Remember how late they just didn't want to call it they didn't want to call it, i said call it already. If i lost, we were at 98, percent. We were substantially. Ahead, if i lost, every single vote we still won, it took them like till 2 o'clock in the morning before they called, in the meantime, wisconsin. Came in michigan, came in. But they just refused, to call pennsylvania. They just couldn't remember they were crying, and they were all screwed up. Over the next four years we'll make america, into the manufacturing. Superpower. Of the world. And we'll end our reliance, on china, once and for all that's already happening. We'll hire more police. Increased, penalties, for assault, on law enforcement. And we will ban. Deadly. Sanctuary. Cities that people don't want. We will uphold religious, liberty. Free speech. And the right, to keep, and bear, arms, your second amendment. We'll strike down terrorists, who threaten our citizens. And we will keep america. Out of endless, foreign, ridiculous. Wars. We will maintain. America's. Unrivaled. Military. Might. And we will ensure. Peace. Through. Strength, and by the way, we've rebuilt our military, i told you 2.5. Trillion dollars. We have, weapons, and equipment, the likes of which no country, has ever seen before. We are the envy of russia, we are the envy of china. We are the envy of everybody. There is no country, that has what we have, and i will tell you when i first came here, one of our generals, highly overrated. Said to me, sir, we have no ammunition, that's where we started. And now we have the greatest, weapons, anywhere in the world, and just hope to god we never have to use them. We will end surprise, medical, building. Require. Price transparency. Which is already, signed, january, first at kixin. And further reduce, the cost of prescription, drugs and i'm talking about 50, 60 70, 80 percent. Because of what i've done with favored nations, we're getting the lowest, price mic, the whole world we're going down we're taking these nations they pay a fraction, of what we pay i said nope. Whatever they pay i want to pay why are we paying more than any other nation. We're the highest, we're going down to match the lowest. The drug companies don't love me too much just in case you, haven't heard. We will strongly, protect, medicare, and social security. Will always protect, patients, with, pre-existing. Conditions. America, will land the first woman on the moon and the united, states will be the first nation. To land. An astronaut. On mars, and we're very close.

We Will stop, the radical, indoctrination. Of our students. And restore. Patriotic. Education. To our. School. We will teach our children, to love our country. Honor, our history. And always, respect. Our. Great, american. Flag. And we will live by the timeless, words of our national. Motto. In. God. We, trust. For years you had a president, who apologized. For america. Now you have a president, who is standing up for america. And standing, up for the great, people, of pennsylvania. That's very important. So get your friends. Most important, election, we've ever had. Get your family. Get your neighbors, and get out and vote you got to get out and vote like you never voted before. Places that we won, like erie. Places, that we won you got to get out and vote. Because from erie to easton. From pittsburgh, to harrisburg. And from allentown. To right here in johnstown. We stand, on the shoulders, of pennsylvania. Patriots. Who gave their blood. Sweat, and tears. For this beloved, nation. This is the state. Where our founding, fathers, declared. American, independence, think of what you have in pennsylvania. No think who could say that, this is it what you've done here what the history, of this incredible. Place, the commonwealth. Of pennsylvania. Think of what you've done, it's where the army weathered, its brutal winter at valley, forge. And general, george washington. Don't worry. His statues are not coming down, okay. Let his men on a daring, mission across the delaware. And where our nation, was saved. By the heroes, of gettysburg. This is the place where generations. Of tough. Strong, pennsylvania. Workers. Mine the cold, work the railroads, and forge the steel. That made america. Into the greatest, and most powerful, nation. In the history, of the world. And you. Have seen, nothing, yet you wait do you see what we're doing where do you see what we're doing. We are making, our country, greater. Than ever, before. Proud citizens, like you help build this country. And together, we are taking, back our country. We are returning, power, to you, the american. People. With your help. Your devotion. And your drive, we are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting. And we are going to keep on, winning. Winning. Winning. And when you're a great congressman, to come to see me right. This great what a group of warriors, i don't know with them i'm not sure i can handle that group. But when they come in to see me in the oval office they say mr president. Pennsylvania's. Not used to winning this much we got to slow it down a little bit. And i'll say. Mike, i'm sorry mike you tell the rest of them mike. We're not going to slow it down at all pennsylvania, wants to win more than anybody, in this country wants to win pennsylvania. Is going to win, we're never going to stop, we're going to keep on winning, we're going to win so much you're going to love every moment of it all right. Hey you know what you lost long enough i can tell you that many years where your factories, and your plans, left because we had stupid leadership. Don't kid yourself you lost for a long time, and now you're winning and you're winning. Like, never. Before. Open it up governor, open it up. Because we're one movement. One family. One people. And one glorious. Nation, under god. And together, with the incredible, people of pennsylvania. We have, made, america. Wealthy, again. We have made america. Strong. Again. We have made, america. Proud, again. And we will, make, america. Safe, again. And we will make, america. Great, again. Thank you very much pennsylvania. Thank you get out and vote. Vote vote.

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