Trump holds MAGA rally in Tulsa, OK

Trump holds MAGA rally in Tulsa, OK

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Thank, you. So, we began Oklahoma. We begin, thank you Oklahoma. And thank. You to vice president Mike. Pence. We. Begin, we, begin, our campaign. We. Begin our campaign I just want to thank all of you you are warriors, I've. Been, watching. I've. Been watching. The fake news for, weeks now and everything. Is negative. Don't. Go don't come don't do anything today, it was like I've. Never seen anything like it I've. Never seen anything like it, you are warriors, thank. You we, had some very bad people outside. We. Had some very bad people outside. They were doing bad things. But. I really do I appreciate, it we have just. A tremendous group of people in Oklahoma, and. I hear. I hear. From your two great senators, in your governor, that we're doing very well in Oklahoma that's, the word I. Said. Before, you today to declare, the, silent, majority is, stronger. Than, ever before. Five. Months, from now we're going to defeat. Sleepy. Joe Biden. Where. Does he get a pass from these people, huh. We're. Going to stop the. Radical, left we're. Going to build a future of safety, and opportunity. For Americans. Of every, race color. Religion and. Creed. Republicans. At the party of liberty, equality. And. Justice for, all we. Are the party, of Abraham, Lincoln. And we are the party, of law. And. Order. Think. Of what we've done. We. Will have close. To. 300. Federal. Judges, appointed, in the proved by, the end of my first time, that's. An all-time record. That's. An all-time. Record. I've. Always heard how important, judges, are now. We know how important, they are. Think. Of that over 300, around. 300. By the end of the term and. When. We have another four years we're going to have a big, big percentage, of the total number. Very. Important, November 3rd, and. 2, great Supreme Court judges so, we have two justices. Of the Supreme Court. Justice. Gorsuch just. As Kavanagh. They're great, they. Are therefore, we. Have to, and. We. Could get a few more. We've. Spent over two trillion dollars, to completely, rebuild. The. Unmatched, strength and, power of the United, States military. And all. Of that incredible. Equipment. Whether. It's submarines. Or. Missiles. Or rockets, or jet. Fighters, bombers. It's. All built in the. USA. We. Pass VA choice. Thank. You very much Jim. Where's. My Senator. Jim. Inhofe, you. Better vote for him he's running he's great. But. We'll get to him in james lankford in a second, - great senators, you have two great senators. So. We passed VHS. So. If you're a veteran, for. Years and years they've wanted to do it for almost 50, years we got it done we get a lot of things done and, so. If, you're a veteran, and you, have to wait in line for one week two. Weeks three weeks five weeks seven, weeks two months. What. Happens, is, you go outside you, get a private doctor you. Get fixed up and they pay you bill we. Take care of the bill, we. Take care of the bill and you, get immediate service it's never happened, before, and our, approval, rating, at the, VA is, now. Ninety-one, percent that's, so good it'll never. Been anywhere, near that gun. Never. Been anywhere, near that, number and, VA. Accountability. We. Had a lot of bad people in the VA people, that didn't love our vets, people. That were sadistic. People. That stole, a, lot of bad people you. Couldn't get rid of him because they were, let's. Say it could be unions, it could be civil service right let's say let's. Just say and, so. You couldn't get it done that was another one for decades, and decades they, wanted to get it changed and I, got it done with, those people and your Congressman. The. Congressman. Who, I'm going to introduce. VA. Accountability. And now somebody, treats, our veterans, badly, and. We. Look at them and what do we say we say you're fired, get, out yeah. They. Got rid of a lot of bad people, that. Were there for a long time sort, of like me in Washington, draining the swamp I never knew it was so deep but.

It's Happening. It's. Happening I, never knew it was so deep it's. Deep and thick get a lot of bad characters. Thank. You, we're. Lowering the price of prescription, drugs, making. Our allies, pay their fair share they, get a big bargain, on drug prices, and. Enacting. Fair trade, deals that. Finally. Finally, after all these years put. America. First I've, been saying it for a long time. We, passed the, largest, tax cuts in the history, of our country the. Democrats, want to raise your taxes, tell, me about that. Tell. Me about that I, guess. I'm old-fashioned, you know all, my life all. My life. I heard, politicians won, or lower taxes. Not raise it if you could lower them you couldn't lose the. Democrats, want to substantially. Raise your taxes, how do you figure that how do you figure that and regulation. Cuts we, passed more. Regulation. Cuts than, any. Administration. In the history, of our. And, with. The help of our great energy. Workers, many. Of them come from, the great state of Oklahoma do, you ever notice that Biden no. Do you ever notice that Biden oftentimes, gets the state wrong he's. In Iowa, and he says it's good to be in Idaho. No no you're not he's. In New Hampshire and, he. Says it's great to be in Ohio no, no no you're in New Hampshire that. Happens, to him all the time has it happened to me yet, you know when. That happens. There's. Nothing you can do to make up for it you might as well just walk off the stage because the speeches is just. Right. But. We just turned. The. United, States into, the dominant. Energy. Superpower, of. The, world, of. The world. And. Because, of, the. Chinese virus. What. Happened, about. Three, months ago it. Looked like we were in big trouble and we were and I got it back together I called Russia. I, call. Right. I called. Russia. I, called. Saudi, Arabia, and believe. It or not I called Mexico, Mexico, was a little, bit tough, that's. Called OPEC plus did you ever hear of OPEC plus that's. OPEC, plus, plus and we. Got them to do the right thing and we have. Our. Energy back to almost, $40. A barrel meeting, you have an energy business, of that. Almost. $40. A barrel a. Couple. Of months ago it was zero are we going to lose 10 million energy, jobs 10 million jobs so, Texas, and Oklahoma, and, North, Dakota and, many, other states would have been hurt now you think you're gonna be hurt there, you. Try putting aoc in charge of your energy. That, will make the pandemic. Look. Like child's play to the, people in energy. She. Has one problem it's called petroleum. No. President, or administration, has done more in the first three and a half years than the Trump administration not. Even. Our, incredible. Success, in rebuilding America. Stands in stark contrast, to the, extremism. And destruction, and violence of the, radical, left we just saw it outside, do. You just sort of said you saw these thugs that came along these, people call them protesters isn't. It beautiful. It's. So beautiful. Lord it was so wonderful. They. Call him the Boston, Tea Party that's. So wonderful. Yeah. They called you ever watch fake. Do CNN, you ever watch. How. About the CNN, anchor, how. About the CNN, anchor, you know did a little shave job in the head which is fine and he's. Standing in front of a building saying. Things are very peaceful here and the building is it. Looks like the biggest fire I've ever seen the whole town is burning. It. Look it's like the biggest fire needs two things are very good here Anderson. I think it's good I. Think. It's he's. A wonderful people and. You ever seen. Like, the world was coming to an end. And. You, know we did something in Minneapolis, after watching for three or four days I called I said you got to get it you can't protect yourselves I got, them to take. 8000. National. Guardsmen, and in, one hour. It. All ended, and they rode through the next three weeks with no power. And. We. Did the same thing in other cities but how about Seattle, adecco. So. They take over a big. Chunk of a, city called Seattle, I mean we're not talking about, some. Little place we're talking about Seattle, have you ever been to Seattle they, took over a big chunk and the. Governor, whose radical left, all. Of these places I talked about are. Democrat. You know that every one of them. And. I'd. Have it offer out I said anytime you want we'll come in we'll straighten it out in one, hour or less.

Now. I may be wrong but. It's. Probably, better for us to just watch that disaster. I flew. In with some of our great congressmen. Who were going to introduce in a second, and I said to him. Congressman. What. Do you think I can, straighten it out fast you would just go in no sir let it simmer for a little while let. People see what, radical. Left, Democrats. Will, do to, our country. But. Americans, have watched left wing radicals burned, down buildings, loot businesses. Destroy. Private. Property. Injure. Hundreds, of dedicated. Police, offers. These. Police officers they, get injured they don't complain they're incredible. And injure. Thousands. Upon thousands. Of people only. To, hear the. Radical, fake, news, say. What, a beautiful rally it was. And they, never talk about. Kovan. They. Don't talk about when you see. 25,000. People walking, down Fifth Avenue or, walking down a street, of a Democrat, run city you, never hear them saying they're. Not wearing their masks. You. Don't hear their say as they're breaking, windows and running. In and then, when I say the looters. The. Anarchists. The agitators. They say what, are terrible things for a president, to say. What. A terrible, thing but. You. Don't hear them talking about covet. Covet. To. Be specific. Kovach 19. That. Name gets further and further away from China, as opposed, to calling it the Chinese virus. And. Despite the fact that we I, have. Done a phenomenal, job. With it I shut. Down the, United, States to, very, heavily. Infected but all, people. From China in. Late January. Which is months. Earlier, than other people, would have done it if they would have done it at all I saved, hundreds. Of thousands. Of lives, we. Don't ever. Get. Even a mention. Then. I closed, it down to, Europe early, closed. It down because they saw what was happening and, by the way most people said don't do it don't. Do it we saved hundreds, of thousands, of lives and, all. We do is get hit on like, we're terrible. And. What we've done with the ventilators, and with. The medical equipment and, with. Testing, you know testing, is a, double-edged, sword, we've. Tested now. 25. Million. People. It's. Probably. 20, million, people more than anybody else Germany's, done a lot. South, Korea's that a lot they, call me they say the job you're doing here's the bad part when. You test up when you do testing, to that extent, you're going to find more people you're gonna find more cases so. I said that my people slow the testing, down please. They. Test and they test we had tests, that people don't know what's going on we got this we got another one over here, the. Young men's ten years old he's. Got the sniffles he'll. Recover in about 15 minutes that's, the case add, up to it that's it that's, the, case. I. Was. Actually with a very nice, man very good man even. Though it's very liberal the. Governor of New Jersey right. We know now listen he said to me something, that's amazing, New. Jersey was very heavily hit very hard hit thousands. Of people he. Said with thousands. Of people that died, thousands. Of people there. Was only one person that died. Under. The age of, 18, would you believe that which. Tells me one thing that kids, are much stronger, than us. When. You see a little kid running around saying, boy. Oh boy do you have a great immune system. How. About a piece of your immune system. They. Don't even know about this, let's, open the, schools please. Open. The schools. We. Got to get them open in the fall we, got to get them open the. Unhinge, left-wing. Mob is trying, to, vandalize our, history. Desecrate. Our monuments. Our beautiful, monument. Tear, down our statues. And punish. Canceled. And persecute. Anyone who. Does not conform. To, their, demands. For absolute. And total control. When that conforming. That's why we're here actually. This, cruel campaign, of censorship, and. Exclusion. Violates. Everything, we hold dear as Americans, they. Want to demolish our heritage so. They can impose their, new oppressive. Regime in its place they. Wanted, to fund and dissolve. Our police, departments. Think of that. And, I heard it for the first time two weeks ago I said, well that one I mean they're only kidding, I said. They're wrong did not. Minneapolis. You see what's going on they're not kidding. They. Got a lot of problems, they'll have a lot of from hey it's. One o'clock in the morning, and a. Very tough, you. Know I've used the word on occasion, hombre, a very. Tough hombre. Is. Breaking, into the window of. A. Young. Woman whose, husband, is away. As a traveling, salesman or, whatever, he may do and, you. Call 9-1-1. And, they. Say I'm sorry, this. Numbers, no longer working. By. The way you have many cases, like that many many many whether it's a young woman on old woman, a young man or an old man and you're sleeping so, what. Are you gonna do right. So. They wanted to fund they really do this is a serious movement and in, Minneapolis.

The Council has already passed it in Seattle. You see what's going on there it's even worse okay. These. People, are stone, cold crazy. So, if you want to save your hair. You. Want to save that beautiful, heritage of us we have a great heritage we're a great country. You. Are so lucky I'm president. That's all I could. People. Have come up to me say, how. Do you take it I say. Do I have a choice, do. I have a choice we deal with a lot of bad people but. We're winning and every, once in a while I'll. Have one of these days where I'm hit left and right left, and right like even this great event what, if you could have seen that side or if you could have heard the reports, the reports, oh it's, Kovan. It's, this I've gotten by. The way it's a disease without. Questions, has more names than any, disease in history. I, can. Name. Come. Flu I can. Name. 19. Different versions, of there. Many. Call it a virus which it is many, call it a flu what difference I. Think. We have. 19. Or 20 versions of the name. But. They say to be where. Do you get the energy I say I don't have a choice, I don't, have a choice you know, it. Was interesting, to show, you how fake they are you, might have seen it so, last week they called me and they. Say sir West Point, West. Point we're ready I said oh that's right I have to make the commencement speech at West Point, you know they delayed it for six weeks because. They've covered, so. They delayed it and they went there. 1106. Cadets, were graduated, and beautiful. Beautiful. Kiddo. So. This. Is just to show you how bad the fake disses so. They. Say to me sir, we're. Ready to go I say. Let's go this, is after saying, hello to a lot of kid dad's. Inspecting. Little areas of a building that was very exciting, actually it's beautiful, very old studied. A lot of our great general some of our presidents, that went there West Point is beautiful, right on the Hudson River but. After an hour general. That runs it is fantastic. Guy after, an hour we land, we. Do some more inspections. And they say sir are you ready yes. Sam. So. We walk like the equivalent of about three blocks which is fine we go on stage which is fine, they, make speeches that I make a speech at last at a long time I don't know maybe 45, minutes maybe longer I don't know but a long time the, Sun is pouring. Down on me, okay. But. They said to me before the speech sir. Would. You like to. Salute. Each cadet, each. Single, cadet, or maybe they'll be in groups of two, would, you like to salute like this yes, like this. Almost. 600. Times you know that is, six. When, we die. Thank. God they were in, twos. Cuz, let me tell you you do that six hundred times you go home and you say it's. Like a workout, without a weight right. Six. Hundred times. So. I did that then the incredible, helicopters. Brand-new, gorgeous helicopters. The Apaches, and the other new ones that we just bought. So. They fly over, and. The. Kids throw the hats in the it's beautiful, really is and it was a beautiful day and, we're. All finished I was, on the stage for hours, hours. Son. I came home I had a nice tan. Meaning. Meaning I had a nice sunburn. Cause. The sun's gonna write like that but. I make this speech right. I salute. For probably. An hour and a half maybe more but around that watch, if I'm off by two minutes they'll say he, exaggerated. It, was only an hour in 25, minutes, he. Exaggerated. He live he, lied he's a liar these, people are sick to, fake. So, then so, then, I, finish. Saluting, my final, salute I said thank goodness, thank you very much. But. Think of it so essentially. Almost. 600. Times now, the. General says sir, are you ready said. I'm ready general where are we going now, after. The said I left early in the morning to get there now it's sort. Of late in the afternoon a, lot of these fakers were with us so. They know. He. Said sir. We. Can now leave the stage I say great general let's go I'll follow you and, he goes like this right here sir. And the. Stage was higher than, this one and the. Ramp was probably. 10 yards long I say. General. That. You got under said I have the whole Corps of Cadets looking, at me and I, want them to love their president, I did this big thing I love, them I love them they're incredible, and they do I. Said. General. I've. Got myself a, problem, general. Because. I'm wearing leather, bottom, shoes, which is good if you, walk it on flat surfaces it's. Not good for ramps, and if. I fall down look at all those press back there look at. And this, was a steel, ramp you, all saw it because everybody said this, was a steel, ramp it, had no handrail, it was like an ice-skating rink, and.

I. Said general, I have a problem that he didn't understand that at first I said. There's no way. He. Understood I just saluted. Almost. 600, times I just made a big speech i sat for other speeches I'm being baked I'm being, baked like a cake I, said. General, there's no way I can make it down that ramp without falling, on my ass general, I, have. No really. It's. True. So. I said, is there like something else around sir the ramp is record at all grab. Me sir grab me I didn't really want to grab him. You. Know like as I said that'll be a story too. So. Now I have a choice I can stay up there for another couple of hours and wait till I'm rescued. Or. I can, go down this really, steep really. Really. Really it's. That ice skating, rink it's brutal. So. I said general get ready because I may grab you so fast. Because. I. Can't. Fall, with, the fake does watching. If. I fall. If, I fall I. Remember. When. President. Ford fell out of the plane you remember I. Remember. When. Another. President, nice. Man threw, up in Japan and. They. Did. Slow-motion. Replays. Right. It's I, don't. Want, that general. Now. He's standing, there big strong guy and he's. Got these, shoes but, they're loaded, with rubber, on the bottom because. I looked the first thing I did I looked at his shoes, then. I looked at mine, very. Very slippery. So. I end up saying, okay general let's go I will only grab you if I need you that's. Not a good story falling, would be a disaster, it, turned out to be worse than anything I would have been better off if I fell and slid down the damn rail. Right. So. So. What happens, is, I. Start to journey. Inch. By inch right. And. I. Was really bent over - I didn't like that you know I didn't like this picture. This. Picture I'm sure will be an ad by the fakers, so. I was bent over right. And. Then. We finally reached, almost, the end and. That. Fake news, the most dishonest, human. Beings they cut it off you know why. Because. When I was 10 feet short, I said, general, I'm sorry, I'm at and I ran down the rest right I look. Very handsome that that was the only good I. Wouldn't. Want to run down the whole thing because. The fool there would be definitely, bad. So. I took these little steps I ran. Down, the. Last 10 and by the way there tape take a look in, almost, every instance it. Ends, just before, I run and. They. Said he, was the. Number, one trending. Story, I called. My wife I said, how good was that speech I thought it was a hey. Look I will tell you what I make good ones and bad ones, like. So far tonight I'm average. So, far tonight. But. I called my wife when I said how good was it darling. She. Said you're trending number one I. Said. To. Our great first lady I said, let me ask you a question was. It that good the speech that I'm trending number one because I felt it was really good no no they don't even to mention the speech they, mentioned, the fact that you, may have Parkinson's. Disease. So. It's. True. They. Say there's something wrong with our president. I'll. Let you know if there's something wrong okay. I'll. Let you know if there's something I'll tell you what there's, something wrong with Biden that I could. So. Then my wife said. Well. It wasn't only the ramp. Did. You have water I. Said. Yeah I was, speaking for a long time I didn't, want to drink it but I wanted to wet my lips a little bit you know you're drinking for you working hard up there with the Sun pouring down, on you I love.

This Location the, sun's like this. This. Way they save one lighting right that's why they did it probably so. What happens as I said what does it have to do with water they said you. Couldn't lift, your hand up to, your mouth with, water I said I just saluted. Six. Hundred. Times. And. This. Was before I saluted. So. What's the problem. She. Said well I know what you did you had, on a very good red tie that's the sort of expensive. It's. Silk because they should they look better they, have a better Sheen to him and. I don't want to get water. On the time and. I, don't want to drink much so lift it up the, water I see we have a little glass of water where the hell did this water come from. Where, did it come from, and. I look down on my tie because I've done it I've, taken water and it. Spills down into your tight does it look good for a long time and frankly. The tie is never the same so. I put it up to my lip and then I say because. They know what is sophisticated and. They. Gave me the other disease. They, gave me another disease. Anyway. That's a long story but here's, the story I have, lived with more, the ramp than the water but I've lived with, the. Ramp in the water since. I left West Point not, one. Media, group said, I made a good speech or I made a great speech. But. The kids loved it because they broke, their, barrier, which. Wasn't good in terms of kovat, but. They broke their barrier and they wanted to shake hands, they want to and I don't want to tell anybody but there are a couple of kids they put up in I actually shook their hand okay I actually shook her. Because. They were excited they were excited, that with their president, they were excited, the most beautiful, young, people. Men. Women. The. Most beautiful, young people you've ever seen so, think, of how you feel give me I go. There how. Did I do sir. That was a great speech you know all my people sir that was what are your best that was great I say. That's great I agree it was a good speech I like that speech. They. Don't mention the speech but. They have been going down this ramp, at an inch of temp it's so unfair. It, really so. Unfair. They. Are among the most, dishonest. People. Anywhere. On earth they're, bad people. Okay. That's enough of that I wanted to tell that story does everybody, understand, that story. The. Left-wing, anarchists. Tore. Down a, statue, of, Thomas. Jefferson, now we're getting into the rails. They, decapitated. A statue. Of. Christopher. Columbus, except in New York when the Italians, surrounded, it they, didn't have too much of a chance those. Italians. I love the Italians. They. Heard they were gonna rip down there beautiful, Christopher, Columbus, or all of a sudden, they circled, that thing they didn't do too well in hurting Christopher, did they thank. You, to. Our Italian, population we're, very proud of you. Two. Days ago leftist. Radicals, in Portland, Oregon ripped, down a statue. Of. George Washington. And wrapped. It in an, American. Flag and set, the, American. Flag on fire. Democrat. They're all Democrats, everything. I tell you is Democrat. And. You. Know we ought to do something mister senators, we have two great senators, we, ought to come up with legislation that. If you burned the American, flag you, go to jail for one year one. Year. Jim, and James. Jim. And James we ought to do it, you. Know they talk about freedom, of speech and I'm a big believer in freedom of speech but that's, desecration. That's a terrible, thing they do. We. Used to have things so we don't have them anymore because we want to be so open so everything, and look what happens, we. Should have legislation. That, if somebody, wants to burn the American flag, and. Stomp. On it but, just burn, it they. Go to jail for, one year, okay. In Seattle. The Democrat, mayor and, the. Democrat, City Council, of surrendered, control of six city blocks, to. An anarchist. Map these are anarchist these are not protest. As you listen to the fake news they say the, protesters, were lovely could you imagine if, people. Just. Even, slightly, to the right try, to take over Seattle. They'd, have machine, guns out to. Get them but. These people can take over the city look at what they've done to, business people that, have spent years and years building, their business and now they're wiped out take. It away. Governor. Inslee ought to get his act together get, in there I'll help you I'll do whatever you want I'm waiting. For a call I would love to do it I would, love to do it it'll take it'll. Take less than an hour and, it'll, all be over with and you'll have your city back.

And, Yet. Biden. Remains. Silent in, his basement in, the face of this brutal assault on our. Nation, and the values, of our nation, Joe. Biden is surrendered, to, his party, and to. The left-wing mob he has no control does anybody honestly think, he, controls, these. Radical, maniacs, you. Know, what he says to his wife when. He's not confusing. Her, with his sister. Get. Me the hell out of here these people are crazy. He. Has absolutely, no control, you. Know a lot of times I'll make like a speech and, I'll. Have this beautiful, paragraph. Come out. Criticizing. Every little aspect of, the speech beautiful, brilliant, but, Joe didn't and it'll say a comment. From, Joe. Biden but. He didn't say it, professional. People great. Students. In English. Lit. People. That are very smart said Joe. Biden, said and they're, going through this highly, complex, paragraph. Beautifully. Worded and I. Say, Joe. Didn't say that Joe, doesn't even understand, it. And abiding. His election he. Will, surrender your, country, to, these mobsters, a hundred, percent. Your. 401k. By, the way look at how we're doing to the stock market, just said another record, with, that stack master. Your. 401ks. And, money itself, will be worthless your 401ks, are doing very well unless, I don't want to say if. You were stupid I said don't sell don't sell it, went down, but. We got it back up and now, NASA think of it Nasdaq, just, set a record and I think you're gonna see a lot of records and next, year if we. Don't, do anything stupid, on November, 3rd you, are gonna have the, greatest economic. Year we've ever had that'll be next. If, the Democrats, gained power. Then. The riders will be in charge and no. One will be safe and no, one will have control Joe. Biden, is not the leader of his party Joe. Biden, is a helpless. Puppet, of the radical. Left. And. He's. That radical, left I don't, think he knows what he is anymore but. He was never radical, left but. He's controlled, by the radical, left and now he's really controlled, his, campaign. Staff, even. Donated. A lot of money to. Bail out rioters. Looters, and arsonists, who, ravaged, Minneapolis. They. Bailed them out they put up a lot of money to, bail them out the rioters, and looters and. They. Were they were the arsonist so they'll say oh it's terrible, what he says about the, people of our nation maybe. Some of them aren't even from our nation the. Left is trying to do everything they, can to stop us every. Hour of every day including even. Violence. And mayhem they'll, do anything they can to stop us look what happened tonight look at what happened tonight. Law. Enforcement, said sir they can't have they can't be outside it's too dangerous we had a bunch of maniacs, come and sort. Of attack our city the. Mayor and the governor did a great job but. They were very violent people. And. Our, people are. Not. Nearly as violent but. If they ever were it would be a terrible, terrible day for the other side as, I know our people I know our people. But. We will never submit, to their threats and we will never let them destroy, our nation what. They did tonight I saw it on television coming. In on Air Force One, one, thing about Air Force one we got plenty of televisions, we have televisions, and closets, you open up the closet got, a television. We. Got a lot of televisions, it's a great plane great everything, by. The way we ordered new ones, no, president, wanted to do it they thought it was luxury I said wait a minute Air Force one is 31 years old people don't realize that so, I.

Said. They. Gave me a charlie. In my administration, like how about the first week sir, would you sign for this plane, now. It's actually two planes would, you sign for this plane Air Force. One I said, how old is the. Original, or the one we have now sir it's 31 32, years, and I'd, see people coming in from. Foreign, lands that, can't compete with us rich. Countries, but they can't compete with you now and they have a brand-new, beautiful. 747. 800. 747. And I, said wait a minute that, country, has new and we have a 31-year, so somebody had to do so. The deal was made and. It. Was made for a lot of money I think it was five point seven or five point six billion dollars now no fairness it's, two planes, and there's a lot of stuff in those planes I won't talk to you about it. So. I told Boeing, the head of Boeing they. Said. Sir. Please would, like to get started on the planes I said I do too but I'm not paying five point six billion. And. I'm. Not paying four point six billion I said. It has to have a three on, the, front of it and. That's, a hell of a lot of money too but. It is a rather complex, situation. They. Said no way no. Way this. Was before Boeing had problems, by the way but, Boeing's coming back they're. Coming back. Greatest. Company, in the world and it that's, a big problem, it. Had a couple of problems that. Didn't work out that was terrible, but the greatest I think before that it was the greatest company, in the world it, made up 1/4 1/4. Of a point of our, GDP, think how big that is one company it was an unbelievable. Machine and then. They made a plane, and they, did some foolish, things and, a. Terrible. Thing happened, and all of a sudden they've. Gone through hell but, you know what they're coming back we're, ready to help them if they need it but they're coming back and they're coming. But. This was the Boeing before that and they. Were riding high and, like. I was before, this, thing. Came in but. We're still riding high because you know what on November, 3rd we're gonna win. So. They came in and they came in and they said no no we won't know week five point six billion whatever was whatever it was if I'm a little bit off they'll go crazy you know whatever. But it was a lot five. Point six three nope gotta have a three got ever three called me up nope cancel.

The Contract I said. Cancel the contract I want to cancel I, said. General, can you cancel the contract he said yes sir I'm very proud of it oh good. Cancel, it okay, sir, by the way to. Cancel it do you have to pay anything yes sir, we. Have a cancellation fee sir how. Much is it general two hundred and fifty million dollars sir I. Said. What. Sir. We, made a good deal two hundred and fifty million to Ken do you mean if we don't buy the plane we have to hand him two hundred and fifty million that's not good right they look at these two guys they're looking by. The way that's. Like a good story compared, to some I could tell you like with aircraft, carriers, so. They. Said two. Hundred and fifty million or I always say this or around that number because. I'm off by, a little bit they, say oh he's. Address I I look at numbers all day long that's what I look at for years now for, my whole life when you think of it 250. Million cancellation. Fee sir he was very proud of himself what a great day I say. General, don't cancel. Don't. Cancel just. Tell him I don't want the place don't. Put anything in writing, don't. Put it in writing general, why sir because I don't want to pay 250. So. You, hear that Jim Jim Inhofe he's great, you, hear that Jim you know that story. He. Does a great job so. Here's what happened - bottom line Boeing. Says no way no way no way, the. Next week they say no way we're doing it the. Next week they said how about five billion I said no way no. Way the. Next week they said for point a I. Said. Nope it's, got to have a three on the front of it don't you understand, you dumb, son of a bitch don't you. I turned. Out to be right you, know turned. Out to be right nobody gets set. No. Gotta. Have a three, next. Day, they. Come back four, point five is our best offer nope I'm. Not doing it I'm. Not doing it. Just. Come back when you're ready a month. Goes by another. Month, they never heard about it they never heard from me they thought I was serious I was and. They. Came back at four. Billion dollars that's a lot of money but. I saved like a billion, six or billion seven. Nobody. Wants to talk about. When. I get foreign, nations, to. Pay us of billions, and billions of, dollars nobody. Wants to talk about that. When. I take soldiers, out of countries, because they're not treating us properly Germany, is an example I mean I have a German. Heritage like some of you I. Said. Let's get it down from fifty, thousand, twenty-five, thousand, because. They're. Delinquent, for, many years of delinquent, they haven't been paying what, they're supposed, to be paying, they're, paying 1%, instead. Of two percent and 2, percent is, a very low number and they. Say yes we think by. 2030. Maybe. Twenty thirty two we could get current, I said. No Angela, Angela, please. Don't. Say that uncle I'll, wait. It's, true you know who I'm talking about nice, by the way very nice well I'm a very good negotiator. I said. Angela that's, a long time this was in 2019. She said 2032. I said. No longer let us not working but, I said. What about because. Now they want to get current but I said well what about the last 25, years or all the money you owe us everybody, forgot about that they forget about all the money that wasn't paid I said what about the trillion, dollars, that you really oh so. We're negotiating let's, see but in the meantime we're, reducing our troops remember. This remember, this. We're, supposed, to protect. Germany. From, Russia but. Germany, is paying, Russia, billions. Of dollars, for, energy. Coming from a pipeline, brand-new, pipeline, so. They pay the. Country, we're supposed, to protect, them from they, pay billions of dollars, to that country, we're supposed, to protect them excuse. Me, how does that work, how. Does that work. And the, great thing is with, Jim Inhofe and, with, James. Hey, James Lankford likewise. When. They. Just said they love you James when. They hear it they get it a lot. Of people don't get it they get it. We. Cannot, continue, to be ripped off we're ripped off by so many countries, and we're, stopping, it and. That means that, a lot of people don't like me here. A. Lot. Of people that don't want me here. You. Know they don't sell a lot of bombs when, we're not dropping bombs, on people you know that right it's called the military-industrial. Complex. When. Rioting, and looting broke, out in our, nation's, capitol, I very, quickly deployed. The National, Guard I said get him in after, watching for, an evening or two. We. Stopped the violence and, restored. Peace and order to the streets and last night they had a little break out again they, ripped down a statue, that. Was a hundred and ten years old, beautiful. Piece of art in.

Front. Of the police precinct, with, our radical, left mayor, watching. On television. We're. Not happy that's. Going to be very expensive for. DC they're always looking for money we need more money we. Always need more money and then, they don't do the proper job so. It's not gonna be good for mayor, Bowser mayor, Bowser. They. Were heading over, to. The Jefferson, Memorial, recently. And they. Wanted to do damage to, our great, beautiful. Jefferson. Memorial, not gonna happen don't worry about it. We. Have it surrounded with very strong. People the. Choice in 220, is very. Simple. Do. You want to bow before the, left-wing mob or. Do you want to stand up tall and proud, as, Americans. And. Explain, this to the NFL. I like the NFL I like, Roger Goodell but I didn't like what he said a week ago I said, where did that come from in, the middle of the summer nobody's. Even asking. We, will never kneel. To. Our National Anthem or, our great American flag, we, will stand proud. And we, will stand tall. I. Thought. We won that battle with the NFL, their, stadiums, were emptying, out did, you see those stadiums took, him a long time to get you, back a lot. Of people didn't like that you, know a lot of people that you wouldn't even think would care that much I've, had people that I said these are super, left liberals, and they didn't like it. Joe. Biden and the Democrats, want, to prosecute, Americans. For. Going to church but, not for burning, a church. They, believe you can riot. Vandalize. And destroy, but. You cannot, attend. A peaceful. Pro-america. Rally. They. Want to punish your thought. But. Not their. Violent, crimes. They. Want to abolish bail. Abolish. And open, up your borders, they want open borders let everyone and by the way we're, doing so well we, have a record this. Month on the borders nobody's coming in very. Few people. And. They want to abolish ice. Our. Great people, from ice who send. The roughest, toughest, meanest, people that you've ever seen or ever heard. Generally. Speaking when they have lots of tattoos on their face, they're. Not looking to do you much. Help. Ice. They're. Rough guys they're rough they're great Americans, they left but they're walking take home and a pack that walk into a pack of tough. Ms-13. Gang. Members. And you. Know we. Shouldn't say this it's not nice, they. Want us to negotiate. They. Start swinging, and the other sites where everybody's, swinging, at the, end they carry him back and they throw them into the paddy wagon right, there. Great and these people want, to get rid of ice they, get rid of murderers, they, get rid of rapists. They, get rid of the worst scum. On earth. And, when I called them animals, I said.

They're Animals, and Nancy Pelosi they cut up a young woman, they. Cut up a young woman, and, her. Friend cut. Him up with a knife because it was more painful dead. Cut, him up with a knife because it's more painful takes, longer, than shooting. A gun they, cut him up I said, these are animals, and Nancy, Pelosi said these. Are human beings are not animals. If, I lose an election over that you. Know what this. Country's in big trouble, big. Trouble they, wanted this on law-abiding, citizens. And dismantle, our police forces, while freeing, vicious. Ms-13. Gang members. In Joe, Biden's, America. Rioters. Looters. And criminal, aliens have, more rights than. Law-abiding. Citizens. And that's true. In. My administration. We defend, American, citizens, and we, deport. Ms-13. Members. Or put them in jail if we have to. The. Chaos you're seeing in our democratic. Run. Cities, these. Are all run by the Democrats, is. What will happen in every. City and community in America, and much, much, worse if we, don't keep, them. Out we. Have to do this, we. Have to go to the polls on November, 3rd and the rest you know what to do you, know what to do it. Got. To keep the White House. Joe. Biden's, record, could. Be summed up as four decades, of betrayal. Calamity. And failure he never did anything he was a senator, he was a vice, president, he was before that something, guy. You know it's great, President. Trump was, tough, on this or he was too they complain, never. Did anything about he's been there for 43, years of 47. Years. He. Never did anything about it. Biden. Supported, every globalist. Attack, on the. American, worker let's make every, country, of the world rich, but ourselves. Including. NAFTA, the disaster. Of NAFTA, he wanted to go and DPP, would have ruined our automobile, industry. Korea. I renegotiated. The deal I took a horrible, deal that. Was a Hillary Clinton special. I was, a Hillary Clinton special. She, said we have to make this deal with. South Korea, it's, going to mean. 250,000. Jobs and she was right for South Korea. 250,000. And. China's. Entry into the. World Trade. Organization was. Supported, by sleepy, Joe Biden that was one of the worst deals economically. In the history, of our country when. China joined, the World. Trade, Organization they. Became they were flatlined, for decades, they became like a rocket, ship he. Voted for the war in Iraq he. Voted for mass. Amnesty, for. Illegal, aliens, he, supports, sanctuary, cities, and now Biden, once and immigration. Enforcement and, require. He, wants to require, you. To provide, free. Health care for millions, and millions of illegal aliens okay. When. I took. Earlier. Decisive. Action, to, ban travel, from China and protect Americans. From the virus and as I said Joe. Biden, opposed my decisions, and called. It hysteria. Xenophobia. He does know what the word means in a phobia, and fear-mongering and, then, he apologized. A month later he said he was wrong but he didn't say it and they didn't cover it, they. Didn't come. On one. Of the single, most important. Policy, decisions of, our lifetime, Joe. Biden, sided with, China, over.

America. That's closing, the border. He. Thought it was a terrible, thing. Remember. This was all this was in January, that's early, real early the end of January, he thought it was a terrible, thing when we closed the border to many people, that were badly infected, with, kovin. When. The chips are down by, you will always cave, to. The radical left he'll. Always bow to. The angry mob and he will, never protect. You, or your family, and you know that. Joe. Biden will. Always, let, you down that's been his history, at. My direction early. This year the. Heroes of the US military, took, out the, world's, top, terrorists. The savage, killer and leader, of Isis, al-baghdadi, and the, number one terrorist anywhere. In the world Qasim. So, limini we took him out. Joe. Biden opposed killing. Salah mani, he. Was vehemently, we, killed this number one terrorist he didn't like it you know why he didn't like it because. He thought it would be good politically, that didn't work out too well just as he opposed, the. Raid that. Killed Osama bin Laden he opposed it you know that Biden. Is always, on the wrong side of history as said, by, people that, are with him and worked with him he never made a correct, foreign. Policy, decision. Biden. Is a puppet for China, son. Walked out with 1.5, billion I think it's a little bit allowing. Them to rip off America. For, many years now, they're paying us billions. And, billions of dollars we, give a lot of it to our farmers, we have plenty left over, China's. Not exactly, happy with me. Billions. They. Pay us billions, and billions of dollars and they targeted, our great farmers, and I took the money that they targeted, I took that money and I gave it to the farmers so they were even so they're ok are you ok come. Doctor. Please doctor. Thank. You. These. People I mean some of the people are waiting for five days. Especially. In this location right you. Take your time darling take your time, thank. You very much take, your time, doctor. Thank you doctor. Now. Some people wait for four or five days that's incredible. He. Never did anything against, China Joe Budden and that's. Why they desperately, want him to, win they want him to win so badly Iran. Wants him to win so badly let me tell you I'm, gonna make a very fast deal the, best deal you've ever seen I've. Already made one with China but I can make even, more they, want me to lose because. They, will own the, United States if I loose Iran. President. Obama gave, them. 150. Billion, dollars. For nothing. And. Almost more incredible, he gave them 1.8. Billion in green cash beautiful, care. And. Now. They're not doing so well are they they're, not doing so someday. We're going to get credit for this someday. But. They are waiting Iran, wants to make a deal so badly, but. They're told by Kerry and all, these other they shouldn't the Logan Act but, they're told by Kerry and all these people wait. Because, if Trump loses, you'll own. America, you're gonna own it. They'll. Say you own, it so I, don't mind I told, them we, can wait but. When I win you're gonna pay a much higher price, than if you made a deal. And. Look what happened to Biden in Ukraine, where Sons paid eighty-three, thousand, a month and he was jobless, give me a break. Eighty-three. Thousand, a month more, than anybody, if. Joe Biden were, to become president, an, emboldened. Left, will launch a full-scale assault. On. American. Life you know that they'll. Expel, anyone who disagrees, with them look what happens when you disagree, you, use a term that's perfect, and they're not happy with it they. Call you a racist they call you a horrible person. They. Want to crush, religious. Liberty, they don't want religion, silence. Religious. Believers. Indoctrinate. Your children, with hateful, and vicious lies, about, our country. Subsidized. Late term abortion. And after. Birth, execution. They, want to take away your guns through.

The Repeal, of your, Second Amendment as sure, as you're sitting there in. Fact. He even put the. Big gun. Grabber beta, Rock who made a fool out of himself when, he ran for president, they. Put him in charge of guns lots of luck on your Second Amendment just, remember, I said it hopefully you won't have to think back about it too much because it won't matter hopefully. It won't matter, no bata oil Rock who wants to give up guns is in charge of the Second Amendment the damage. Will also eliminate private, health insurance, banned. Fracking, that's. That good an American. Energy will, be in a position of, weakness like. It's never been before and, that's after. We. Built the. Greatest, energy, country. Anywhere, in the world by far. And. They went to a point. Supreme. Court justices. Who. Will utterly obliterated. And. You now see how important, the, Supreme Court is think if we didn't have two, justices. That I, think, have been very very, very good but, think how important, it is think, how important, it is. And. We still I guess it's I don't know if it's an equal court it's almost like we're a minority court, right it's almost like we're a minority could the. Recent, Supreme Court cases prove, that. If Joe Biden is elected, he, will stack the court with extremists. And the Forgotten men and women. Together. With everyone, else sisters will, lose everything to, forgotten, men, and women I campaigned, on the Forgotten these are great people these, are substantial people, these, are the elite by, the way you're the elite they're not the elite people. Somebody. Two days ago said sir, the elite are. Really, working hard or trying to destroy. You I said yeah why, do you call them the elite I said why well. That's, been they're not elite I look. Better than them. Much. More handsome. Got. Better hair than they do. I've, got nicer, properties, I got nicer house I got nicer, apartments, I got nicer, everything, I. Ran. For politics, once just once in my life and I became president of the United. Israel. And. Hopefully. If you get out and vote. We'll. Do it one more time we won't even tour with them about three or four more times we want it we'll, do it one more time. We'll. Be two for two and our, country, will never ever be, stronger. But. I'll be soon announcing, a new list of exceptional. Candidates, for the United. States Supreme Court and I'll, choose only from that list, a hundred percent, probably. 25, incredible, people, any one, of which could be a great justice, any one of which and I, did it last time and people. Loved one I did it and I'll only pick from that list Biden. Can't release, his list because. The names would, be too, extreme, too radical, they wouldn't be acceptable, but. They will be very radical, people people. Don't understand. But. We actually won on daca yesterday. We. Actually won. Because. They basically said. You. Won but, you have to come back and redo it, it's. Almost like gee come on back your paperwork, was no good, but. We're. Gonna be refiling, but. Don't let it get you everything's. Gonna work out really good. It. Was a great, it. Was great I mean would, have been nice if we wanted everybody said, oh you're. Gonna win doc you're gonna win doc that's, easy you gotta win doc that's, easy they, all said it and. They came back and they said. We. Don't like what. You did with your paperwork essentially. Right so we're refiling it most people would say oh we lost we didn't lose we're gonna refile it and everything. Is gonna work out for. The young people, most. Of whom aren't so young anymore by the way. But. We're, gonna work it out for everybody. Biden. Is fully controlled, by. The fringe of his party, he, is their pawn he. Doesn't even know where the hell he is let's face it he.

Installed, Socialist. Alexandria. Or calcium Cortes. To, be in charge of his environmental. Policy. And his. Energy energy. You. Can forget petroleum. How does Oklahoma feel. About being, petroleum. Free not good right. Our. Country, will have no energy our, country, will have nothing. Oklahoma. Texas. North, Dakota, and many others will, all be out of business I don't think that's gonna work out too well but she's actually in charge of environmental. Policy and you know what that means she, doesn't even want wind she. Does if she doesn't want those bird killing, machines to go round and round you want, to see a lot of birds that a dead go under a windmill, sometime. She. Wants us to go back to. The stone Age's because she's got no sense no credentials. She's. Got a little charisma, not much but. She doesn't have a clue you know it but. She's in charge of the environment. No, aeroplanes, we, can forget Boeing I guess come to think of it right we talked about Boeing we can forget Boeing let's cancel those brand-new, Air, Force. Ones right, likewise. Representative. Jihan. Ilan. Omar. Ilan, Oman. Is. Going to be very much involved in abiding government. They. Will put this hate-filled. America. Bashing, socialist. Front. And center, in deciding. The, fate of your family, and. Deciding. The, fate of your, country, I don't think so. She. Would like to make the government of our country just. Like the country. From. Where she came, Somalia. No government, no safety no. Police no, nothing, just anarchy. And now, she's. Telling us how, to run our country. No thank you and I think I think. We're. Gonna have a big victory, in the state of Minnesota, because. They've had it. They've. Had. Biden. Is a very willing Trojan. Horse for socialism. When, Biden, first ran for president over. 33. Years ago remember. I used to call him 1%, Joe he never got more than 1%. Until. Obama took, him off the trash heap but. He blatantly copied, the. Speech of a British politician. Even. Ripping, off the man's personal, biography and, family. History and claiming. It was ozone he forgot to say he was born in America. Joe. Biden is, a. Shameless, hypocrite. Since. 2003. He, is delivered, fawning, eulogies. To. The funeral, and, at. Those, funerals. Of three. Leading, supporters. Of segregation. Including. A former member of the KKK and. Yet. Biden, is now smearing. His racists. Tens, of millions, of people like yourselves. Decent. Hardworking, Americans. Who he's. Never met and he frankly, probably doesn't want to meet America. Should not take. Lectures, on racial justice from.

Joe Biden sleepy. Joe, a. Man. Who praised and partner, with. Segregationist. Shipped, millions, of black American. Jobs overseas and, everyone else's jobs too by the way. If. I didn't come along we're. Building auto plants, we're building everything and there's, never been a comeback, like we're making right, now never, been. He. Hollowed, out our. Middle class including. Our black, middle, class with. Open borders, trapped. Young children. And failing, government, schools, built. Cages. Those cages were built by, Obama, and. Biden. Look. It up 2014. And. The. Fake news as I wanted to remember the picture of a cage a, cage, for, children, remember, the picture of the cage and they, said President. Trump and then, they realized that was at a newspaper. 2014. The same built. By. Obama. And Biden. The, cages. And. They. Don't want to report the, way it is they, know the way it is they're, not stupid. They, sent young boys to fight in Iraq while. The inner cities, crumbled, help, the big banks, while hammering, community, leaders and made, our cities, less safe and secure, for, all they've, done a terrible job and they shouldn't, be awarded, they. Should not get rewarded. With. An election, victory, on November, 3rd that shouldn't happen it'll, destroy this country our country, will be destroyed. We've. All worked too hard they. Don't know what the hell they're doing some, do actually, but in a very sinister way, virtually. Every policy, that. Has hurt black Americans. For half a century, Joe. Biden is supported, or enacted, I've done more. For. The black community in. Four years then. Joe Biden, has, done in. 47. Years. Racial. Justice, begins with Joe Biden's, retirement. From. Public life, we. Are joined tonight by many, outstanding, Republican. Leaders these are great people we. Have two of our most. Distinguished. Hard-working. Wonderful. Friends, senators, they, do. A great job, Senator. Jim, Inhofe and. James. Lankford, please stand up. Two very respected. I will tell you. Two. Very respected. People, in Washington, they're respected, by everybody they do some job and not have you come up but you can relax I will say this Jim.

Is. Running. On November. 3rd Jim. Inhofe he's. Running on November 3rd I don't. Even know does he a James, does, he have any competition is, somebody actually running against there's. No competition, that he's got I know, he's got James's, support he's got my support, I give. Him, 100%. Endorsement. Jim. And I I. Give. It to James - but he's not running this time, thank. You Jim, great, job, thank you very much what a great senator, is also. Here there's. A man who's respected. By. So many he's. A little bit right of the people we've been talking about tonight. Senator. Tom cotton, of the, great state of Arkansas. Thank. You Tom. They. Like you people, thank. You Tom great job you're doing. Where. It's glad to be joined as well by a, man, that I've gotten to know he's done an incredible, job with Kovac, and with, everything else he touches, governor. Kevin. Stiff. Thank, you both thank you both for being here Thank You, lieutenant. Governor, Matt, Pannell. Edge. Back. Thanks. Matt and. Representatives. Frank, Lucas, Tom. Cole he's been here for a little while he's done an incredible, job. Mark Twain maladies, you don't want to fight with him I. Want. To put him in Jim Jordan in a match together I want. Kevin. Hearne great, job today came. The. Great Jim Jordan Jim, Jordan. Elise. Stefan. Act. Lee. Zeldin. Tom. Emmer, Tom. These. Are Warriors votes these. Are great warriors during. The fake impeachment. Trial I'll. Tell you what there was nobody that, could have done the job they've done that includes the Senate and the house these, people are incredible, David cuts, off David, a. Great. Friend. Of mine Debbie, Lesko. Arizona. Great. Job Debbie. Great. Job and. A. Man who's got very good genes. Greg Pence. Thank. You all great job the, great fit they are they're warriors I'll tell you what not. Every, person is but this group is and we have a lot of them in Washington and, we'll. Send Jim Inhofe back, and we'll, send all of them you'll send every, one of them they have to come back because they have been fighting for us and they've been fighting for you and they, are just incredible. Talented. Tough, strong. People that love you state a lot so thank you very much. So. We built the greatest, single. Economy. In the world and. Then. We say not. Only the world but, actually in the history of the world then they never even challenged me so I guess I'm right we. Did it we. Had the best numbers, anybody's, ever had with the best employment, numbers African, American Hispanic, American, Asian American the. Best employment. Numbers. In history the best stock. Market, numbers, in his. We. Were the envy of the world everybody, would come in to see me, president's. Prime Minister, kings queens and dictators. Dictators. Would even come in to say congratulations, on, the economy, and then. The plague came in and now what we're doing is we're doing it again and it's going fast we have to have a lot of it done because people, don't quite get it it's, whip, doing record, business, it's happening, at a level, and a speed that nobody. Can believe. Two. Weeks ago job. Numbers, came in the, single, biggest, number. In the history, of our country. Last. Week. Last. Week. Retail. Sales, numbers came, in retail. Sales, the, single, greatest. Number. In the, history, of our, country so, here's what's going to happen here's. What's going to happen. They.

Blame A president. For anything when. You see, looters. Even though we put him down if we didn't stop him nobody would because the other side will never stop her but, they always blame a president, here's what's happening, we're. Going up we're going up we're going up we're gonna go up then, we're gonna hit October, we're. Gonna be up we're. Gonna be way up we're. Not gonna be where we were but. In many ways other. Than all of the horrible horrible, death, that, was so needlessly. Caused, by. A virus. That should have been stopped, where, it originated, which was China. But. We're going to go up up, up up. August. September, October. And. People. Are gonna say. Man. This. Guy's doing a good job he knows what he's doing I don't believe the fake news anymore, and you're. Not gonna want to lose your 401ks. And you're, not gonna want to lose all of that wealth that you've accumulated whether, it's real estate wealth or any wealth you can think of it'll all come tumbling, down if these people are put in charge and if they double, and triple, and quadruple your taxes. It'll. Be a whole different ball game so. I'm not putting any pressure on anybody but. In the end we're, gonna have a phenomenal. Economy, and next. Year we're gonna have a good third quarter but next year and I said it before we'll, be the single, greatest. Year. Economically. That we've ever had okay. And if, you see that happening, if you see it happening, on, November. 3rd you, don't have the guts to vote against Trump you. Even you you don't have the guts to vote against Trump say, wait a minute darlin, my 401k, is higher than it was. The. Last time I don't. Think I want to take a chance you're not gonna want to do that the. Stock market, has, been, the. Best think. Of this, go. Back one week and go. Back 50 days in that 50-day, period it's. The strongest 50. Days in the, history, of the, stock market. And, your wife or your husband says darling, I love you so much you, are such a great investor, and. All you did is just keep the same crap you had the first time. Darling. I love you so much you've. Always been a loser you've always lost money but, now under President Trump you're. One of the greatest financial minds, in our country and all you did was keep. Your stuff now do. You think you're gonna run again so they're gonna dig on crazy they they want the stock market, to go down. Even. If it costs some money. They. Want this stock market, to go down even if it costs some money and they, don't even know why you know what they're smart and they're, vicious but. They don't know why I'm telling you they don't know why what's, wrong with having the strongest, military brand-new. In the world all Bentley what's wrong with. Having these, great economic, numbers what's, wrong with having to close it down we, saved millions. Of lives you know a lot of people say we should have got heard, let's go hurt ask, them how they doing in Brazil he's a great friend of mine not, good you heard about Sweden, right too much ask him how they do it in Sweden we, saved millions. Of, lives and now, it's time to open up get, back to work okay, I.

Recently. Signed. Groundbreaking. Criminal, justice, reform, I secured. Record, and permanent, funding for, historically. Black colleges. And university. We. Slash, regulations. And pass. Massive. Tax cuts to, give black, workers. A pay raise like, they've never ever, gotten. Before and lift, up black, owned, businesses. And I work closely with. A. Great senator also friend, of theirs senator. Tim Scott South. Carolina, to. Create, opportunities. Owns. Which. Are doing incredibly, and since. Then countless jobs. And. 100. Billion dollars, of new investment. Not government, investment, have, poured, into, 9,000. Of our, most, distressed. Neighborhoods. Anywhere, in the country. 9,000. Never happened, before. Tim. Scott. Today. I'm also announcing. That I have directed. Secretary. Of. The Interior, David, Bernard, to. Place the John Hope. Franklin. Reconciliation. Park here, in Tulsa, on the, African. American. Civil, Rights Network. So. Many of my friends have been asking me to do. So. Many of my friends including. These great. Politicians. So. We're going to do that it'll be done very quickly we. Will forever remember, and honor the courageous people who. Helped build this. State and this, country. Democrats. Are stoking division, in order to distract, from. Their decades, of failure or in schools jobs, housing, justice. And crime in, major. City, public schools run, by Democrats. Ov

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