Trump holds 'MAGA' rally in Traverse City, MI

Trump holds 'MAGA' rally in Traverse City, MI

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Oh. Wow. This is a big crowd we have a lot of big crowds but this is a big fan. This is great thank you very much. Hello, travers, city. Hello. Michigan. We want the same result. As we had, four years ago from michigan. And we fulfilled, all our promises, you have auto plants, so many you didn't have one in 42, years and now you have 17. And going up and they're going so fast i don't know. Nobody's, complaining, i can tell you that but. We want that same result, we're going to get out and vote because. Tomorrow, we are going to win the state. And we are going to, win four. More, years, in the white house. And i want to thank you to our great vice president, mike pence he works so hard. I will take him over, kamala. Every day of the week. I will take we will take mike he's great he's great he's done a great job. He works, very hard. And he had a good debate didn't he have a good debate against kamala. From a different world. With your vote we will continue, to cut your taxes, cut regulations. Support our police. Support, our great military. Protect, our second amendment. Defend. Religious, liberty. And ensure more products, are proudly, stamped, with that beautiful, term. Made, in the usa, right. Made in the u.s. Next, year. Will be the greatest, economic, year in the history of our country, you know you had. A great year last year the year before the year before three great years, the best you've ever had and, you're gonna have the best year you ever, had. Next year we're all set you saw what happened under my leadership. Our economy, is now growing at the fastest, rate ever. Ever ever. Recorded. 33.1. You saw that. On friday. We created, a record, 11.4. Million, jobs in the last five months that's a record. While foreign, nations, are in a free fall. Sadly in a free form you look at what's happening with europe and other places, very sad. We are creating an economic, powerhouse. Unrivaled. Anywhere in the world you look at our numbers look at the auto numbers look at what's happening with. That business. And, so many other businesses, in this country but that business because we happen to be in a place that likes automobiles. Right. A recep, gallup. Poll. Just came out. Found that. 56. Percent of americans, say they are better off today than they were. Four. Years, ago, under. Obama. And biden. And that's during, a pandemic. And we're rounding, the corner, we're rounding, the corner. And you got to open your states, you got to open your state, open it open it up governor. Open it up governor, right. Open it up governor. Got to open it up. Abiding. And harris. And the radical, left gain power they will collapse, our economy, and send our nation, into a.

Very Steep. Depression. They want to raise taxes, at a level that nobody's, ever heard of before, biden will raise your taxes, over four trillion, dollars. Man it's not him. Do you think it's him he doesn't have a clue. He has no clue. But that's okay let's assume he does we have to win so that's it. Can't do that to our country our country has too much. Unbelievable. Potential, actually, massively. Increasing. Your regulations. Shutting down your economy. They're going to close down your factories, send your jobs overseas. To. China, and other places i don't think so. Destroy, the suburbs. Are you happy in the suburbs, that i ended the regulation, that was going to destroy, the suburbs, and has been destroyed, this summer. The women of the suburbs, they love me i think but you know the, fake news says they don't but i think they. Do. They love their home they love their house. They don't want. A development, put next to their house they want their house the way it is they want to. Have their beautiful, house and they want to have security, and they want to have safety, i think they like trump i really do that happened the last time. That happened four years ago remember, they said women, will not, vote, for. Donald trump at that time. Women, will, not. And then at the end of the evening when they're all crying. They say women, what happened the women came out right. Women, the women liked. Us. That's, nice. Well i like the women i will tell you i think the women are great. You notice we don't even talk about the men with suburbia, we let you guys be. Alive. They want to dissolve, your borders. Maybe, rip down the wall they were talking about that let's take down the wall, you know we have our strongest, border right now and, the wall is almost complete, mexico, is paying for the wall by the way but, it's almost, complete. Terminate, religious, liberty, outlaw, private health care 180. Million people they want to take it away go to socialized. Medicine, i don't think so. You've worked hard for that you have some of the greatest health care in the world you've worked hard for it they want to take it away 180. Million, private plans. Take it away. Now, if you feel a little bad or if you want to check up you go to a. Hospital, you wait online for about six weeks and. You get yourself, checked out, if they say you have a problem they can't do anything about it that's called socialized, medicine. Confiscate. Your guns. Second amendment. And indoctrinate. Your children, with, anti-american. Lies. And just a little while ago on the beautiful air force one how does it look let me see oh you don't see it. By the way how about this sky. So beautiful. Let's just look at the sky for a little while. I wish we had time right i wish we had time. So uh you know i've made, would do five today five of these. All with love all with big crowds, all with love, incredible. Somebody, said i actually do six today because. We finished up last night in miami, at 1 30 in the morning, so. Thank you. Oh thank you very much. Thank. You. Don't make me cry, don't make me cry. You know i started to cry they'd have a big story they'd say. The president, broke down and cried. And i don't know if that's good for us probably, could. Maybe it brings me up four or five points i promise, huh. I don't care, but that's really nice you know it's never been said before they say there's never been, we've liked, ronald reagan we've liked a lot but they said that's. The love we love you think of it when you think about it right. Oh it's it's an incredible. It's an incredible, thing we've worked hard we've gotten everything we said we've done the things we said. We've done the things we said we get you the biggest tax cut in history, the biggest regulation, cut in history, we've rebuilt, our military. Our vets just gave us a 91.

Approval Rating on what we've. Had. We've got you space force and you'll be making a lot of this stuff right here in, michigan. Space wars is the first, that is the first time in 74, years since, air force think of that right, a whole new force. I just signed an executive, order on air force one to teach our students. Pro-american. Values. It's a good thing with all the things that i've been watching that have been taking place over a pretty long period of time, a pretty long period of time even before, obama, and sleepy joe. Biden has vowed to abolish. The american, oil and natural, gas industries. And to ban fracking look he said it he said it he campaigned. For over a year we will ban fracking, we will ban fracking, we will ban frank and then he goes to pennsylvania. And they say well you know, his people told him. He didn't have any idea what they meant but it was okay he listened so, they said listen you have to be in favor of fracking, now. He said okay no problem, why i only said it about 200, times during debates right, so they've been so now he goes into pennsylvania, where we just left. Great, people by the way you talk about, that was a an unbelievably. Enthusiastic. Group of people we're going to win pennsylvania, we're going to win. We're going to win michigan, too. We're going to win, we're going to win pennsylvania. We won pennsylvania. Last time too we won this one we won, this one hadn't been won for many many. Years and pennsylvania, the same thing it wouldn't. But then trump came along we won them. We beat. Crooked, hillary, crook and hillary. Now we have a guy that makes hillary look like a baby. No we had some we've had a good time. And until the chinese. Until the. China plague, came along. Everything was good we closed it down we saved two million lives now we're opening it up, we're the greatest, economy, we've ever had. See the hat all the make america great again now we're having it. Make america, great again again. You know. And our country was coming together you know the other side was calling. Everybody, was successful. Best, numbers, for. Unemployment. African-american. Hispanic-american. And by the way do you see what's going on in florida. African-american. The numbers are phenomenal. Hispanic-american. The numbers, are. Beyond. Belief. They got problems, you notice they haven't been talking too much about florida, for the last uh, six or seven hours. They're not liking what they see they're not wow that is a lot of people look you can't even see why don't you take the cameras, down there, you can't even see the end, i hope you can hear us down there. It's like two football fields away i hope you can hear us. That's great well that's really good. But uh no florida's, looking great. You're looking great came out two or three up. I don't know why two or three up, you know am i supposed to be happy with three up over this guy i tell you. But you know what let's just put the win in the column, we won't. Even talk about it, but you're looking great north carolina. Great, uh, iowa came out the big poll came out yesterday, you saw. And we were. A lot up, big big up were the farmers, like me you know, i got. For the farmers. 28, billion, dollars i got 28, billion from china thank you very much china. Thank you all. Because they targeted, the farmers. They targeted, the farmers, and i said to sonny perdue secretary, of agriculture, sonny how much. He said well, two years ago was 12. And last year was 16, billion, 16, billion 12 billion.

A Total of 28, billion and i tariff china we took the 28 billion we had a lot of money left over, into the treasury. And we gave it to the farmers, and the farmers, are not complaining, i'll tell you they're in business. They would have been out of business. Biden's, energy, ban. Will send every state into crushing, poverty. And you know this you know what they're doing from michigan. To wisconsin. To arizona, where we're leading, very nicely, thank you. And to pennsylvania. As long as i'm president. We will remain, the number one producer, of oil and natural, gas. On earth. And we, will remain. Energy, independent. We're energy, independent, for the first time. First time. That means we don't have to call people up in far away places, and say we need some oil please we'll send our armies over there to, protect, you and help you but we do have great allies over there we'll help them and, we've certainly helped israel but we have a lot of. Good people over there we'll help them, but we don't need their oil it's nice not to need we have more oil than they do now. You know we have actually more oil to do we're the largest, in the world isn't that a nice feeling. Sleepy, joe and that would not have happened except for what we've done over the last three and a half years there's never been an administration. Or president. There's never been an administration. That has done. In the first three and a half years what we've done never and not even. Twice. With all the things. And the fake news never even questions, that i've been saying it for a long time they don't even question it because they can't. Joe biden is a globalist, who spent 47. Years. Outsourcing. Your jobs. Opening, your borders. And sacrificing. American, blood and treasure. In endless, ridiculous. Foreign, wars. Countries, you never even heard of. A vote for biden is a vote to extinguish. And eradicate. Your state's, auto industry, you don't like that do you i don't think so.

You Know he was going to do the, tpp, he was going to do. Different things that would have been so bad for you i ended it i ended it all. He was a cheerleader, for nafta, which was the worst trade deal ever made probably by any country. That sent all your auto jobs you know they have 32, percent of our auto jobs right. And. It's probably the number one reason i ran for president. And in fact i was in michigan, i don't know if anybody remembers, this 12 years ago they gave me the man of the year you remember. And i had a big. I made a speech and i said why are you letting you understand my business but i said why are you letting them. Steal your auto jobs they're all going down to mexico, and by the way plenty go to canada too right, people don't know that. And it was a, terrible, thing that took place but we've stopped that and now the usmca. Makes it very very financially, difficult. For them to do that it was very important to me. And everybody, said we'll never be able to do it we'll never be able to. End nafta. And you know why because it was so good for canada, and so good for mexico, and they have a lot of power. But we ended it and, they're not that happy but they're happy enough and we have a great deal. And we have uh. People i'll tell you mexico, we've had a great relationship, with mexico. Canada is a little difficult to deal with to be honest with you you know oh canada. We all love oh canada. Right i love that. They stand for their national, anthem, and we have to stand too, because you. Know. You know you saw the ratings, on the nba, down 71. For their championship. You know why because people don't want to hear it, they don't want to hear it they want to see a basketball, game. Obviously, not too much. But i didn't watch it and a lot of people didn't watch it and the nfl, has to be very careful they tried that game two years ago and i thought we taught them a lesson. And they have to be very careful. We have to respect, our flag. We have to respect, our anthem, and we have to respect our. Country. Sleepy, joe supported, china's, entry into the wto. Michigan, lost half of all auto manufacturing. Jobs. After those binding, betrayals. He also supported, the trans-pacific. Partnership. Which would have been, the death sentence, for the u.s auto industry. I cancelled. Tpp. I ended the nafta disaster. And i took the toughest, action, ever taken against. China we never took in 10 cents on china i've taken in, billions, and billions, of dollars over the last two years. Joe biden is a corrupt, politician. They don't want to write about it. They don't want to write about it they're not allowed to write about it, their bosses whoever their bosses, may be they're not allowed to write about it. Who sold out. Michigan. To china. He sold you out that's one of the reasons, when they, send over a car. They charge us 35, percent tax we charge them nothing but those things have changed, we changed it. We changed it. And it's going to change a lot more if you give us another four years that i can tell you, we were just beginning. We were just beginning. And not only with china.

With Everyone else that takes advantage, of our. Country. Thank you very much. No but with everybody else it takes it's not only china it's everybody. We renegotiated. The. South korea deal you know that that was a deal. Crooked hillary made that deal it was going to give, 250. 000 jobs she was talking, this will produce, 250. 000 jobs. They signed it, and she ended up being correct. But the 250. 000 jobs all went to south korea not to us. That was standard. That was standard. Biden, is the. Living. Embodiment. Of the. Decrepit, and depraved, political, crass they got rich bleeding, america, dry. And you know what happened look there's there haven't been too many states that have been affected, like you've been affected. You got seriously, affected. That's what we're doing we're doing it. We're doing, it but when i ran you never told me it was going to be that deep that vicious, that rough. It's a deep sucker i thought would knock it out fast. We went through three and a half years of hell and here we are and they're not too happy and they're. They're reeling. They're reeling. They're going to be knocked off very soon they're going to be all knocked off. Very soon. We've done a good job but it was it wasn't easy. You get impeached, over a telephone, call that was perfect. Perfect, call a perfect call. Congratulations. On your victory ukraine, president ukraine, nice man, never met him before, congratulations. Sir could you call up and congratulate. The president, of, ukraine, sure. What happened oh he just won okay good so i gave him a call. I avoided, it for a long time because it was a lot you know busy. Call up and they say let's impeach, him. I'll tell you. And we had great support from the republican, party i have to say that 197. To nothing in the house. 52. And a half. To one half you know the half was. That's right. We had 52, and a half, to one half. Mitt romney. He still doesn't know why he said let's see why did i do that. Uh. He wished he didn't do it i'll tell you that. In 2016. Michigan, voted to fire. This corrupt, political, establishment. And you elected, an outsider, as president, to finally put america. First. And if i don't sound like a typical. Washington. Politician. It's because. I'm not a politician. Probably, wouldn't be here if i want. And if i don't always play by the, rules, of washington. And the washington, establishment. It's because i was elected, to fight for you, and i fight harder. And harder. And harder. And better than anyone's, ever fought for you. We, we were brought here we were put here to fight for you. I had a very easy life before this i have to tell you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank, you. Thank you very much. I had a very easy life i had a different, kind of a life, and you know what i wouldn't have changed, that decision, when i, said. First lady let's do it you're going to be first lady. She was actually one of the people. She said are you sure you want to do this first lady people love the first lady they do. They love her. She's good she's elegant. And. She puts up with a lot from these people you know it's like unbelievable. But she said uh. But are you sure you want to do this. I say i think i do yeah i think i do she said, you know you will win if you do it you must be sure. And i said you think so i said you think so really she said no you will win definitely, but the question is do you want to do it i said yeah we do we have to set this nation, back on the right. Course. No she said that i'll never forget that was sort of cool, and you know you're just like, second nature you know you'll win you know, running against a lot of very talented, people. And then we had to run against a very, talented, crooked machine. Joe biden, is bought and paid for by big tech. Big media. And powerful. Special, interests you saw that over the last couple of weeks. All the corruption, and they refuse to even talk about it could you imagine, if i got three and a half million from the mayor of moscow's, way. Or one of my kids took three and a half million from can you imagine, that. And they refuse to even discuss, it they don't want to discuss, it there is no proof, they now say the laptop, from hell. Was produced by russia this was shift, watermelon. Head right. The, laptop. Was produced. By, russia. And we say oh, no. Not again. No john ratcliffe, came out immediately. He's great he's doing a great job he said it was not produced, by russia. But that's what they try and do they do disinformation. They're the biggest disinformation. Group i'll tell you. They own him. They control, biden. And they know he will always, do whatever, they want, they know that that's why they want him.

I Definitely, don't do what they want. I definitely, don't. Except they do one thing i get them good ratings can you imagine if they don't have, let's say they're head biden. Their ratings will collapse, every one of them will be out of business they'll be out of business so fast. Every corrupt, for an answer, it won't be it will be, they will be out of business so fast in fact i think they're going to get together, the new york times will die. The failing new york times. Washington, post which is basically, a lobbyist, for bezos, you know that. But they'll all get together and they'll say listen we made a big mistake, here, we got to draft. Trump we got to get him to run again this is no good, we're dying, nobody, cares. Can you imagine that having biden we're going to put something up can you imagine having biden as your president. The biggest, loser, will be the fake news media they will that will be so boring, you know their ratings, are through the roof everything's, through the roof. The nfl, is doing very badly you know why everyone's, watching politics, because they find politics, to be much rougher. Than the nfl. It's much dirtier, and more disgusting. And. They don't change you know the nfl they change the rules they make everything, like coming back you can't touch anybody. Somebody tackles, too hard. They say 15-yard. Penalty, and you're out of the game and you're out for the season you know the old days right, it was a little different but it's still tough but. This is much tougher. And people say it but you have to see the ratings that's that's why the ratings are bad for a lot of the sports. Nobody ever thought of this but i thought of it a couple of people wrote it, the ratings are bad because so many people are watching this it's tougher. It's true, but they're going to be calling for us please, please run again we think, we're going to endorse i got, endorsed, by the. Pittsburgh. Right, pittsburgh. Post-gazette. I gotta endorse, first time since. 1972. That they endorsed right it's a big deal a big newspaper. Very. Good very liberal newspaper. But that's okay, but, first time since, 1972. That they endorsed. A republican. So it's an honor and if you don't read the first two or three paragraphs, it was one of the best endorsements. Yes, we don't like him, yes. He has a horrible, personality. But listen to this. It's not that i do, but i have been under siege, illegally. For three and a half years. I've been fighting. For three and a half years and i said to somebody, today, i wonder what it would be like, if the fake rusher, hoax and all this crap with the impeachment, over nothing, over a phone call that was perfect. That was perfect. I wonder what it would be like if we didn't have all of this horrible, stuff. And. And if it didn't you know we'd have a very calm. A calm situation. And maybe i'd be less popular, i don't know maybe i'd be less popular, because you know what the fact is people see. That we fight we're fighting for you but it's just a really. It's a really dirty horrible, business but i said today. Because they were very they would say he's, they don't like the personality. And he's always fighting, i'm fighting. To survive, you have to survive. Very few people would have survived, they would have been in the corner. They would have said mommy, mommy, put their. Finger in their mouth put their thumb in the mouth and say, mommy mommy, take me home i'm out of here get me the hell out of. Here. And say forget about the american, people, mommy i want out of here right now. No we can't do that but you have to fight hard and then you fight hard and you hit them back and, then they say there's chaos, in the white house. They caused the chaos, we have a great group of people we have a lot of them here tonight, great people in the white house. But it's true i wonder why i wonder, if it would have been different, you know if they didn't because these world. We caught them, spying. On our campaign. We caught them, trying, to take out, a duly, elected, president, of the united, states. That's treason. That's treason. We caught them. And someday. Maybe, something's, going to be done about it too you know maybe. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I can't. We don't want to do anything prior to the election, well what about me. They did it. They did it to me before, they spied on my campaign, before the election. We shouldn't do anything prior to the election. And you know who we caught, barack hussein, obama. And sleepy, joe biden they were a part of it.

We Ought to get these reports, out they should get them out before the election, as far as i'm concerned. You should get them out right before the election. Should have gotten them out a long time ago we have we have information. You wouldn't even believe it i don't even get involved i always said i'm going to stay uninvolved. Very hard for me to do i'll tell you. No it is because you know i didn't i didn't have to do that, i thought it'd be the right thing, and yet they did the mueller report, right the phony mueller report. 18, angry democrats, smart. 18, angry, vicious. Many of them worked for hillary clinton. 18, angry, democrats. They spent 48, million. And at the end of two and a half years. No collusion. Okay. A friend of mine said you have to be the most innocent man in the world. And they checked everything they checked taxes. They checked for 48, million you check taxes, right. And by the way we announced you know, i prepaid. Millions, and millions of dollars in taxes, they didn't say that they refused to say. They say well pre-paying, isn't paying i said no it's pre-paid, that's even worse. Millions, of dollars, many millions of dollars. And that'll all come out, every correct. And you know when you look at it when you look at what's, going on seriously. Think of that just think about that tonight when you're with your family. I wonder if it would have been difficult, you know different i wonder if it would have been, a different kind of a feel. And you know what honestly, maybe it wouldn't have been, as good maybe we wouldn't have these massive, crowds, because you see. What somebody, is where we're under siege. And you people get it you're smarter, than them you're smarter, than these, people, you get it and you've always. And you've always gotten it it's a beautiful, thing and i'll never forget it i want to tell you i'm never going to forget it but we were under siege. And we caught them. And. It's treason, or whatever you want to call it, but with sleepy, joe biden they don't want to write anything, we caught the whole thing, the sun. Where's hunter where's hunter. The sun. Was like a human, vacuum, cleaner, he'd go in and follow his father let's go to china today sean. They fly in on air force two right i guarantee you one thing. Mike pence i know his kids they don't do that, they don't do that they're unbelievable. Kids, military. But you know. Let's go to china today dad, i'd like to follow you it's like. Walks out with one and a half billion dollars, fees on. Oh he must be a great investor, you know the greatest investors, don't make that deal with china china doesn't do that they don't give money out for other people, that are less smart than them to invest. Let's give our money to somebody, that's not very smart to invest, okay that's a great idea. He walked out it only took him 10 minutes to get it to 1.5. Billion dollars, that's millions of dollars in fees. The big one was the 10 million you saw that one the letter. He wants 10 million a year, for introductory. Purposes. Okay 10 million, but it all blew up by that time the laptop, from hell was found. The one that ship said was, developed, in russia. It's unbelievable. And then you have ukraine. He goes into ukraine his father was a judge of ukraine, right he was a judge of russia. Ukraine. China. Specifically. He goes into ukraine. 180. 3, 000. A month. Do you have energy experience, it's an energy, right barista. Do you have energy, experience, i know i don't i don't know anything about energy, well we'll pay you 183. 000 a month, and we'll give you an upfront fee of approximately. 3 million would that be satisfactory. No think of it no think of it. And that's and there are other things to other kind then he's got the brother and he's got a hall, this is a corrupt, enterprise. And then they had, the big man gets ten percent. The big man who's the big he's not a big man to me to me he's a very. Meek, fragile, he's a fragile, person. And he's very agitated. I watch him today, he gets more, he gets more, time on fox. I've never seen anybody, on fox so much, him they have everybody, on fox they have all enemies on fox i think it's crazy, but he gets a lot of time on fox but he he's so agitated.

And Now he comes out with the aviator, glasses, but they're a little too small, they should be. He wants to look like tom cruise from, a long time ago. No but he's fragile. He's not going to be there that's not what they're counting when they're counting on somebody, else. They're counting on by far the most, liberal, person, in, the senate. Kamala. They like her. They like him. Every corrupt, force, in american, life. That betrayed, you and hurt you, is supporting. Joe biden. The failed, establishment. That started the disastrous. Foreign wars they support, biden. The career politicians. That offshored, your industries. And decimated. Your. Auto plants and you suffered for many many years i'm telling you that's why i'm here i think, primarily. That was the first thing trade i said how could they do that, they supported. Biden. The open borders, lobbyists, that killed our fellow citizens, with illegal drugs, and gangs, and crime. That poured into our country. They support. Biden they still do. The anti-american. Radicals. Defaming, our noble history. Heritage. And heroes. They support. They support him they support, sleepy, joe, and you know. I signed a. Law. That you take down any of our statues. Any of our monuments. You go to jail for 10 years. It's amazing, the way it seemed to have stopped doesn't it it's really amazing. Somebody said oh it just stopped no it didn't just stop. I took an old lord reactivated. It because the new law you go into this with this bunch with nancy pelosi, and crying, chuck schumer. You know what they'll do they'll give you a medal if you rip down the statues. Antifa. And the rioters. Looters, marxists, and left-wing, extremists. They all support. Joe biden. This election, comes down to a simple, choice, do you want to be ruled, by the corrupt. And selfish, political, class, or do you want to be governed, by. The american, people, yourselves, you're going to govern. The way it was supposed to. Be. A vote for biden, is a vote to give control, of government, over to the globalists, and the communist. Socialists, and wealthy. Liberal hypocrites. Who want to silence, cancel. And punish you cancel, culture they call it cancer, culture. No thank you, we want to be proud of our history, good bad whatever. We want our history, we want to know and we want to learn from our history. We don't want our history canceled, we want to learn there's things we have to learn from our history, too. If you want your children to be safe if you want your. Values, to be respected. If you want to be treated with honor dignity, and respect, then. I am asking, you to go tomorrow. And vote for a person, named. President, trump. Gotta win michigan. This is a, this is a big, important, place, we. If we win michigan. It's over. It's over, we win the whole thing. Four more years and then we can finish the job we started so well. We can finish the job you know i get nominated, can you now i say it because they don't write it, i just heard today i thought it was three got four. Four, nobel, peace prizes can you believe it. One for the middle east. Wrong one for kosovo, serbia i mean they want to make a trade deal they're each fighting each other for many decades, they're fighting killing each other you've read i mean for years, you're just. Automatic, killing each other for many many decades, and, we're doing these trade deals with them not big deals but they want to very badly we're doing them. And they're each doing them and i said to the people i said listen we're doing deals they want to make the deal with us everybody wants to make a deal with us, they said they're killing each other i think right they're killing each other i read about it they're killing each other for decades. Tell them we're not making a deal unless they get together, and make a peace.

And We told that to them we're not interested, in doing deals unless you guys can get along and not kill each other you know it's human lives, we don't know where it is you don't know where it is some people have never heard of the places, but, their places, and their people they're human beings and i said. Tell them we're going to do it but you have to make peace and we got them together, we made peace. And they actually. Nominated. Me, for nobel, peace prize. I got four nominations. And four unrelated. Things that's crazy right. And i told the story you probably, heard about it the first one i went up middle east, you know the middle east is coming along, no blood in the sand no nothing the middle east is great, signed already three countries we have seven eight nine countries they can all sign. I said how did obama do it and they told me he said good we'll do it the opposite. But not only obama, for many many years they haven't been able to do it and we're going, we're really i'd like to finish that up too, we need a little more time you know. We need a little bit more time but we're gonna we have countries. We have countries, lined up, no money and no blood in the sand. No blood in this head remember what i said four years ago i am your voice, and i will. Make, america. Great again and that's what we're doing. Together, we will defeat the corrupt, establishment. We will dethrone, the failed, political, class, we will drain the washington. Swamp. And we will save. The american, dream for your children for your grandchildren. This election, is also a choice between, a deadly, biden lockdown. Or a safe vaccine, the vaccine, is coming along great couple of weeks a couple of weeks it's going to be out soon. That ends the pandemic. And it will end anyway they hate it when i say we're rounding, the corner, it's going to end anyway, but the vaccine, will make it go a lot quicker. And what we've done with therapeutics. Is incredible, excuse me here i am but i like to say. No. No. I like to say it had no impact on me i didn't really need it that just happened to give it to me, because i'm a perfect, physical specimen, that's very young. I'm very young and, in perfect physical, shape. No but uh it's amazing what we've been able to do is incredible. Really incredible, we will. Mass distribute, the vaccine, in just a few weeks. And it will quickly eradicate. This virus we're going to start off very. Much with you know we've learned about it with our senior citizens, especially, if they have. A condition, a heart condition, they have some, problem any kind of a problem boy it's, it's vicious that's the ones that really goes after but we're going to protect, our great senior citizens, first and then, it'll go very quickly, throughout. For anybody that wants it won't be enforced. It's not going to be enforced. For people that want it and we'll get it done and it'll it'll all take place. And very quickly and by the way nobody else would have been able to do what we did, you know nobody else would have been able to do what we did you know joe biden. He handled the swine flu as one of the great catastrophes. He was a mess his own, his own chief of staff said we had no idea what the hell we were doing, i don't know why this guy admitted, that i still. I can't figure out why he admitted, that probably before joe thought he could ever run you know joe thought his career was over. Because he wasn't thinking straight. Then he ran. Then he ran and elizabeth, warren said i want to stay until the end and take out bernie you know she took out bernie. And we're running against joe instead of bernie and bernie's going to run again though in another four years. He's going to run again he one thing about that guy he never gives up does he. But he's a hell of a loser i mean he loses the first time. And he goes back he's like no hard feelings he loses the second time horribly, the way they took the democrats. Took advantage, of bernie sanders, and everybody, that he represents. And. But, they're looking to take over joe they signed they you know they agreed to the manifesto. I call it you have to see what's in that one, joe biden, is promising, to delay the vaccine. And turn america, into a prison state that's what he wants, locking you in your home. While letting the far left rioters, they can so the riders, and the looters the anarchists. Antifa. They can go knock the hell out of your roam your streets, set your stores, on fire. No problem. That's called protesting. We must protect our protesters. But you're not allowed to go to church you're not allowed to have dinner, right.

The Only one allowed to have dinner in this state is the husband, of your, governor. He's the only one that's got special, privileges. That was not a good day when he got caught, voting or whatever the hell are we doing. Who are you i'm the husband, of the. Governor. The police didn't go for that one too well today huh. No that wasn't a great day. Now you got to open up your state governor open it up governor let the kids go back to school. Let the kids go back to school. It's like baron, baron trump right they said you know first lady had it i had it they said sir you tested, positive. First lady didn't come to see us a little where, they said sir. Uh, baron. He just white house doctor great doctor, sean. Sir barron just tested. Positive, i said test depositor, for what. For corona. You know it sounds like, see i like. The, china virus. Or i like. The plague from china, but, a lot of people use it like it sounds like an island, in italy i said it's not corona, but, just tested, positive, for. Corona. I said well. I don't like that. That's not good baron he's you know he's, uh, strong he's very tall he's only 14 years old he's very tall i can tell hi baron. And he's a good boy but he just tested. Positive, and i said well. Then about 12 minutes later i see the doctor, uh, dr husband, don't know it's okay he's fine now he took him about 12 seconds to get rid of it. Because they're young and they have a strong immune system no he was. I mean he got better like kids so, fast. And. You know what i say, let the kids go to school. And you're not going to hear that from the other side they want to lock it up. The biden lockdown, will mean no school. No graduations. No weddings, no thanksgivings. No easter, no christmas, no fourth of july no future for the youth. Other than that, it's going to be a great life. Now you got to let the kids go to school. Get going open up your state. It's time. And you know we got to take care of our seniors we have to take care of, people we understand, it we have to do, things, but. Let the kids go back this is a lockdown, this is a shutdown. Of course probably, on, a date like, november, 4th, they'll announce well we're going to decide to open up right, did you see the one. Head of the union said yeah we want the teachers to go back to work on november, 4th that was not a good move. She announced we want the teachers to go back on november, 4th i wonder why that day. Despite that we had the best numbers, look we have states that are locked down closed down new york is having a hard time i'll tell you they are, they are they don't know what the hell they're doing. Great place i left it three and a half years ago i loved it and, it's very sad what's happening to new york. A very very sad thing in chicago, look at chicago. Good seriously, all run by democrats, by the way i want to just emphasize. How about portland, with the anarchists.

Right. With antifa, and they're antifa, anarchists. But how about portland, we could solve that problem in 25, minutes like we did, you know we went into seattle, we were ready to go in we're all set to go in. And we told them we're going in tomorrow morning and the night before, they said okay well we're leaving now. That could have been done a long time ago if they asked us we have to be asked. But. And we did a great job in minnesota, we're going to win minnesota, for two reasons. We're going to win minnesota. First time since, 1972. We're going to win minnesota, you know why. Number one is ilhan. Omar. The fact that she's there. No but she loves our country very much right. She has a great deep and abiding, love for our country. And the other one. The hatred, is just crazy. How do we put up with this stuff right. I mean the hatred, but but she's number one reason and maybe number two is the fact that. The national, guard did one hell of a job in minneapolis. Now they should have called us, they should have called, a week and a half earlier it would have been nice you wouldn't have had the fires, raging, behind. The anchors, that said this is a friendly protester, behind the anchor. The halls. Looked like the world was burning down. This is a friendly protest, because they don't report the truth. A vote for biden, is a vote for lockdowns. Layoffs, and misery you got to just get out of this we have to, we can't play games, our country, has such, incredible, potential, we can't let this happen. This country. Will never be, a socialist. Nation, okay. And that's what they want to do. If you want a vaccine, to kill the virus, a job to support your family. And freedom, to live the great great life that you've always want to have. Then go cast your ballot. Tomorrow, for your all-time, favorite president, i hope. And remember, that secretary. Of defense. Robert gates a respected, guy he worked with biden. He said biden, has been wrong, on nearly, every single, major, foreign, policy, and national, security, issue. Over the past four decades. Other than that he spoke very well of him. But you don't have to believe, me you don't have to even listen to me because it happens to be michigan. We spent a hell of a lot of money on that right there. So roll the table. Joe. Biden. Have you taken. A cognitive, no i haven't taken the test, why the hell would i take a test. Come on man. That's like saying you, before you got in this program if you take a test where you're taking cocaine, or not what do you think huh. Are you a jungle. By the way, it's my little sister, valerie, and i'm jill's husband, oh no. Oh you switched on me, this my wife is my sister. They switched, on me. But i tell you if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or, trump.

And You ain't black, there is not a single solitary, reason in the world. Why. Why as i said we shouldn't be in a position. That everybody. And that's my wife jill hey jilly i'm jill's husband actually. And corn pop was a bad, dude. And he ran a bunch of bad boys. And i did yeah he and back in those days you shot things have changed. Play the radio, make sure the television. Excuse me make sure, you have the record player on at night the, the phone, make sure the kids hear words. We owe these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created, by the go you know the you know the thing, because if you could. Take care, you were a quartermaster. You can sure in health take care of running a you know department, store, uh, thing you know where. In the second. Floor of the ladies department. You know i mean. Well i'm sick and tired of smart. Guys. You know the, rapidly, rising. Uh, um. Uh, in with uh. With uh i don't know uh. You have been no caucus. No you haven't you're a lion dog-faced, pony soldier. You're getting nervous man what kind of country you're going to be. Four more years of george, uh. Georgia, he uh gonna find ourselves in a position, where. If uh trump gets elected, uh we're gonna be uh we're gonna be in a different world. After lie, after lie, after lie. You know we have to come together that's why i'm running. I'm running as a proud democrat. For the senate. And by the way you know i sit on the stand. And it gets hot i got a lot of i got hairy legs. That turn. That that, that that that turn. Uh, um, blonde, in the sun. And the kids used to come up and reach into the pool, and rub my leg down. So it was straight and then watch the hair. Come back up again. They'd look at it so i learned about roaches, i learned about kids jumping on my lap. And i've loved kids jumping on my lap. Barack and i think it's a right. For people that bad at healthcare. We have to do at least several things one. We have to uh depend, on what the president's going to do right now. And first of all he has to uh tell. Wait till the cases, before, anything happens. Look, exacerbating. The need for example. Environmental, justice sorry as a bug. Folks we got a lot of work to do. I don't really need you to get me elected, the case we cannot, let.

This, We've never, allowed. Any, crisis, from the civil war straight through to, the pandemic, of 17, all the way around, 16. We have never, never let, our democracy. Say, second fiddle way that we can both have a democracy. And elections, and at the same time correct the public health, everywhere i've been hearing all around the country. You're trying your best. But it never feels like enough. Thanks. And here comes the train that he tried to make sure didn't continue, to, run. No, that's the commuter. All right. Oh. That's what. But folks look. Anyway. I am uh, i am. Very, willing to let the american public. Judge my physical, mental filter, my physical as well as my mental. Fitness. I'll need an effective, strategy, to mobilize. True international. Pressure. You can't let that, happen. You can't let that happen. This country, is so great we have such potential, we're just starting to show our potential. If we didn't get hit with the plague you'd see numbers but we're going to do it anyway, next year we're going to do it anyway it's going to be incredible, we can't let that happen, everybody, knows it, and you know if you were a nice guy he's never been a nice guy he's never been a smart guy. Never been smart. Everyone knows it never been smart, but if he was a nice guy we wouldn't even do that but that's just like, a very small version. That's not even the bad stuff. And one thing i can tell you, president, xi of china, putin. Kim jong-un. These guys are at the top of the cave. They can't have this. Well you don't want to give them this we'll lose our country. We'll lose our country, we can't do it we can't do it biden would be a disaster. For. Cherry growers, farmers. Workers, all across your state you do so many different things. Joining us tonight are representatives. Jack, bergman. Two great guys, jack thank you very much and john. Molinar. Thank you john, thank you fellas, great warriors. They've been uh. Just incredible, people i'll tell you what they've been with me through everything, right and we appreciate, it are you in good shape with your races you don't need any additional, help they're probably about 30 points up you know when somebody's, good they're good. You guys are great thank you very much both. And your next senator, a tremendous. Guy, i, i spotted, him a long, time. I spotted. Him. He was somebody, i looked there were five, people running a little while ago a year ago for. A seat frankly. You have somebody, that's okay. But i saw this. Man. And i said, roll it back i want to see that again, john james right and i said well.

What Potential, and then i found out west point, great student. Great helicopter. Pilot. I'd trust him 100. To pilot my helicopter. I would do that 100. No he's supposed to be a great. A great warrior, actually but. I got him to run and he got his feet a little wet and then he uh, he just took off and, i understand, you're doing very well in that poll john i hear do you want to come up here, come on, come here joe. Come here, come on over here. Come on over, he's a great guy and i hope he's going to be. Voted, in you're doing very well come on jon. Mr president, it's an honor to have you back in our state. Are we grateful. Are we grateful for the united states of america. Are we grateful for a president who's been back in michigan. More, in the past six days than gary peters has in the past six years. You know it always tickles me a little bit when career, politicians, talk about what they're going to do. But joe biden has had four decades, in washington, and gary peters has had three decades, in politics. And we still, have a life, that doesn't benefit, all of us we need to get leadership, that's been tested in the real world, people who understand, how to create jobs in the real world, who can continue to bring results for everyone. So it's my honor. It's my honor, as a war fighter as a combat, veteran, to stand before you here today. And encourage, you to go vote, because only you can drain the swamp. God bless you. Good guy, great man. That's a big. That's a big very important vote you're casting, in addition to, our vote, john james he's a star. He's going to be a star. And you have somebody, that's very special, and. You know his competition, nobody knows who the hell he is, peters. You know you have a great state michigan, they say oh who's the senator, peters, peters who the hell is peter's everyone says. Nobody knows who he is. He's a. He's a puppet for crying, chuck schumer i guess that's about it. Anyway, so good luck john james everyone you have to do. It. Okay. Another, great, gentleman. House speaker. Lee. Chatfield. Good, good nice to see you i hear you doing good. And a woman who is uh, like special, to this. Part of the world because she headed up our campaign. And you know, she kept calling, calling, please, one more visit. Because, a republican. Hasn't, won. Michigan, for, many many years decades, long time. So you should call please come over so i'd do it and come over can't do it again i.

Came So much. I felt like i should become. A citizen of your state. That could happen. That could happen. But you know, she would just say one more time so now it's toward the end, toward the end and. I call, and, i said how we doing she said you're gonna maybe win but you have to do just one more visit that's all. So i did one more. I said i wished her well and i said hey the elections, in. Three days and i want to just thank you for working so hard thank you very much i won't call you again i got home and i got a phone call from her. She said you need one more time, right. One more time and i came and we ended up. Right, was that some time and we ended up. I started speaking, at one o'clock, in the morning. Now it was election, day. And we had 32, 000, people is that right. We had 32. 000 people, and i looked and i said. It was one in the morning and you know barack hussein obama. And hillary, came and bill clinton, came. And they all came the whole group. And it was an emergency. Because they heard they were going to lose. And when they heard that. Rana called up and she said you know if you came it would be good because they're all coming it's like an emergency. Now their visit was at seven o'clock which is prime time they had 500, people. I started speaking at one o'clock in the morning we had 32, 000. so it's now election. Day. And. She just got me and she's. She loves your state i will tell you that and she was so good i said, you know what, we have to pick somebody now to run the rnc. That's the republican. National committee it's a big deal. I said how about that woman, from michigan, i mean. She just says herself, and i'll tell you she has done. A fantastic. Job. Ronna come on up here come on up. Come. On. Come on you want to talk here here come here. Come here. Thank you mr, president, hello. Michigan. Lightning, struck, four years ago, and we blew, the minds of the media, and the world, when we delivered michigan. For president, trump, are we ready for lightning, to strike. Twice. Everyone, get out and vote. We need to vote call your neighbors, your friends your family, if you have wronged, somebody, make it right. And get them to go vote. Let's, make america, great again and re-elect. Our fantastic. President. Now she did a great job but we, we all love her we love her she's fantastic, she's got a spirit. Like you wouldn't believe thank you rona very much and for the work, and i think we're going to have a fantastic. Day it's going to be an incredible, day and. It's going to be uh. You know i never thought i'd say it but this election, is more important, than. 2016.. I never thought i'd say it this is going to be, because we can't allow this to happen. To our country. This will be, the most important. Election, in the history, of our country. It's going to set a course it's going to go one way or it's going to go another and if it goes the other way it's going to be a, a terrible, thing, it's going to be a terrible, thing so get out there and vote. It's going to be we're going to we're going to win this we're going to win it we're winning, all over, they have no idea what's going on, they have no idea. We see the real numbers and you know it's no longer based on polling, we see what you know the early voting's coming, they're supposed to be way ahead. Right in the early voting you know then we catch them on, election day i don't know for whatever reason that's the way it is we vote on election day, uh. They're, not way ahead. And they're having a lot of problems, and they have emergency, calls out to people, it's going to be very interesting. Let's do the, great. Red. Wave. Okay, come on. And get that guy into, john, get him in we need him. We need him in washington, for decades, our politicians. Spent. Trillions, of dollars rebuilding, foreign nations, fighting, foreign wars. And defending, foreign, borders. But now we're finally protecting. Our nation, rebuilding, our cities. And we are bringing, our jobs, our factories, and our troops. Back home to the good old usa, it's about time. The troops are coming back. They're policemen. We're serving as policemen, all over the world we're policemen, now it's not what it's all about.

For 47, years joe biden, viciously, attacked. Black. Americans. He called young black men. Super, predators. To every black american. I am asking you to go out and vote, for donald, j trump. This is your one and only chance, to show. Sleepy, joe biden. What you think of his decision. To attack you. To jail you, and to betray, you, and nobody's, done it worse than him i'm fighting for you, i got you criminal justice, reform. Prison reform. Opportunity. Zones, with tim scott, great guy tim scott. And funding for historically. Black colleges. And universities. Which were treated extremely, badly. Under my leadership, we achieved. So much. So much you know i said that, and i made the statement during debate, nobody saw the debate last week did you nobody. Two weeks ago it was good good debate, but i said. Nobody. With perhaps, the exception, of. Abraham, lincoln a lot of people said could you do the perhaps, the exception, i believe. Has done more, for the black. Community. Than donald trump and that's true. President, trump. All those things and more and that's good and you know what it's showing up to. When you look at florida take a look at those numbers tomorrow, they are. And hispanic. Do you see what's going on with hispanic. Hispanic. Numbers, in florida, they're saying what's going on with hispanic. Hispanic. Americans. Love trump and i love them and i have for a long time. The black community. Is uh. Is, going to a level that nobody, we haven't seen in a long time it's been it's a beautiful thing to watch and, they are saying, what is going on this could be something, very interesting, that you're going to be watching. You're going to be watching some very good television, tomorrow, night. Very good television. Well you have to say four years ago was that like the most exciting. Evening in the history of television. Remember. Remember how it started this would be a very short evening for donald, trump. This will be very easy very short and then they say. Donald trump has won the state of ohio, but it wasn't just that we won by eight points oh by the way ohio's, doing great too. And it's, donald, trump has won the state of florida. Donald trump has won. Georgia. He's won south carolina. He's won their, firewall. North carolina. And he want to buy a lot. What's going on. Donald, trump, has just won wisconsin. He's just won. Michigan. And they held pennsylvania. Even though it was you know we only had it was 98, percent of the vote was hit, if i lost every vote, in the two percent. I still would have won by a lot, they they held it. So you and wisconsin. Got credit and that's okay right. But i just told pennsylvania, next time you take credit so let's do it a little bit earlier please. No, we're going to we're going to do fantastically. In principle but that was one of the most exciting, evenings, ever and i i think we're going to duplicate, i don't know can you ever surpass, something like that but, we're going to at least duplicate, it and we need it to carry on what we've been doing we've brought so many jobs back and, all of those plants that we talked about we have plants you had nothing for 42, years.

It's Just people leaving nobody coming. And now they're coming back and they're coming back in droves and the numbers are fantastic. Under my leadership, we achieved, the most secure. Southern border in u.s history. The biden harris. Group. Would increase, refugees. From terrorist, nations, by over 700. Percent. And that's the manifesto. That was agreed to with crazy bernie. Including, from syria. Somalia. And, yemen. Right, you know that, the biden. Plan would overwhelm. Your communities. And turn michigan, minnesota, wisconsin. And the entire. Midwest, into a refugee. Camp, you're talking about tremendous. Amounts, of people coming into our country. We don't know who they are. We don't know anything, about them. I'm protecting, your families, in keeping, radical, islamic. Terrorists. The hell, out of your country if that's okay with michigan. If that's okay with michigan. If it's okay with you you know we put the ban on because we want people to come into our country who are going to love us, who are going to help us. Not people that are going to hurt us and blow up, buildings. We invested, 2.5. Trillion, dollars in the u.s military, the largest, investment. In the military, we've ever made we have to do it all made in the usa, a lot of it made, right here in your great state, a lot of it. And we now have. The greatest, equipment, anywhere, in the world, fighter jets, f-35s. We have the best tanks we have the best rockets, and bristles. We have the. Hydrosonic. Missile that goes seven times faster, right now than the fastest, missile in the world, if it went by us would say what was that. It would start over there and before you could turn your head it would be over there. Now go seven times think of that seven times faster it's incredible, and we have. All of these things and our nuclear, arsenal, now is. In tippy tap shape and you know what i say. Pray to god we never have to use it, all of it all of it. All of it. We're making, submarines. The likes of which nobody's, ever seen before. We're doing it all and when i took over it was depleted, our military, was depleted, we had old fighter jets, you had to go, to the desert, it was called the graveyard, for airplanes, right, and you'd strip planes, that were sitting in the desert rotting in the desert, and you bring the parts back this was what we were flying. In our airplanes, now, we have new tankers. We have the new. Super fighters, it's incredible, what we've done and it's much of it's already here most of it. Much of it's coming but it's all made in our great country. We're also. We were passed, we just passed the va choice in va accountability. And. Nobody thought that could be done and we just got as i told you 91. Approval, from our vets our great vets. We obliterated. 100. Of the isis, caliphate, people don't talk about that. When i took over it was a mess it was all over the place we obliterated. We killed. The leader of isis. Al-baghdadi. And we eliminated. The world's, top terrorists, solomani. Is dead. I recognized. The capital of israel, and opened the american, embassy, in jerusalem. I also, recognized. Israeli, sovereignty, over the golan, heights they were working on that, for 52. Years. And instead of endless, wars. We're forging, peace all over the middle east they're all getting together. They're all getting together. A vote for me and the republican. Party, and john, james, and everybody. It's a vote for the american, dream. And in conclusion. Over the next four years we will make america, into the manufacturing. Superpower. Of the world. And we will end our reliance, on china. Once and for all that's already, started. We will hire more police, increased, penalties, for assaults, and law enforcement. And we will ban, deadly, sanctuary. Cities. With god's help we will defend, the right to life. Religious. Liberty. And. Keep. Right. You better get out there and vote. And we will defend. Keep and bear arms you know keeping bear arms is called the second amendment. Which is under siege, constantly. That's where we need john and everybody to help us. And our great congressmen.

They've Been so great. And we appreciate, it, we will maintain, america's, unrivaled, military, might and we will ensure. Peace, through. Strength. We will end surprise. Medical billing, require, price transparency. Lower, drug prices. Beyond. Any levels you've ever seen 60, 70 80 percent. I've instituted. Favored, nations, that drug companies, do not like me. They do not like me they're taking out more commercials, i think than sleepy joe. But we're going to get it down our prices are the highest in the world for many years, by far. And we're bringing them down to the lowest, price anywhere in the world matching the lowest, price. And we will always protect, patients, with pre-existing. Conditions. America, will land the first woman on the moon in the united, states will be the first nation. To land an astronaut. On mars. We will stop, the radical, indoctrination. Of our students, and restore. Patriotic. Education. To our schools. And we will teach our children, to love our country, honor, our history. And always, respect. Our, great, american, flag. We will live. By the timeless, words, of our national, motto. In, g

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