Trump holds 'Great American Comeback' event in Ohio

Trump holds 'Great American Comeback' event in Ohio

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This is a big crowd. This is a big. Crowd. Uh thank you very much everybody. And. Hello, to swanton. And hello, to toledo. And i'm thrilled to be back in ohio, with thousands. Of hard-working. Loyal, great. American, patriots. 43, days, from now can you believe it 43, there. We're going to again, win ohio, i understand. From bob, paduck. You know bob. That we're gonna win it by more than we did what did we win at nine. We won by nine points. I just came into that big beautiful, place got more televisions. In any plane in history. They've got televisions. And closets. And bathrooms. On the floor on the ceilings. And i just saw that we're tied in ohio i don't think so. They say. President, trump may have a slim lead in ohio. They're not even campaigning. In ohio come to this. No they're fake polls they're almost as fake as the writers, themselves. They're all fake. Remember, last time they said no he's going to lose ohio, we won by nine points. So we had seven, swing states, last time. President, trump is going to go home early but it wasn't president, at that time. It was just donald trump. He will go home early. And, we did we went home early as victors, right, but we had. We had nine, states, they had one of the crazy, papers new york times you know they hired that guy they paid him millions, because he never. Predicted, wrong he was wrong. I don't know if they had a contract, where they could fire him, but they hired this guy. We had nine, states. I was down in all of them on the day of the election. I was going to lose all nine and i guess what i won every one of them. Fake polls they're fake calls. Either we have a crowd like this i don't know look, you know the cameras, are you turning around, these guys are bad people i swear, they never, turn the cameras, around, ever. Turn them around. Turn them around. They never turn look at them there's just like a bunch of stiffs. Real steps. Why don't you turn the cameras, around for once. You know. You look back there you can't see it there's got to be. Feels like. Feels like madison, square garden on the ground except we have more people. Oh, boy, it's always tough you know we go through this all the time. We're always asking, them. Look at these crowds i mean as far you can't see it you have this prime territory, like you should be in the real estate business. Now as far as the eye can see back there the cameras don't, they don't get it you only hear it from the sound. I go home i say to the first lady did you see that crowd we had tonight in ohio. And she goes, no. No. They just keep it on your face that includes, fox they just keep it here right here they don't want to show, you know what they don't know and what they don't get. Is that showing this kind of activity, is a good thing for them it's positive, for their ratings it's really a good thing. But they don't want to do it but i give up on it you know what you do. You hear it. Because you can't have you know when sleepy joe biden he's got the circles you know those big circles. And you know why he has the circles, he's got four of them, because they can't i mean think of it. He is, a guy. Who's failed, every time he ran. We called him one percent, joe. And now he's shot. And he got their nomination, how the hell does that work out, how does that work out, but he's got the circles, he got like four, sometimes, he has six. Because that's a good way of saying if you don't have any people just put him in the circle, and he's practicing, the science. No it doesn't work out but, we're gonna win four more years in the white house we're doing things that nobody's, ever done before. We're doing what nobody's, ever done and thank you for being here. You know i wish we could move the press back further if you want to know that. As our nation, mourns, the loss of supreme, court. Justice. Thank you everybody. Thank you. So as our nation mourns the loss of supreme court justice. Ruth bader ginsburg. I will soon announce. A nominee. For the united, states supreme, court. They say it's the most important thing a president, can do i don't know, i think military, maybe you know we rebuilt your military, two and a half trillion. Dollars. Great. We will fill that, seat. Gonna go quickly. Probably, announce the person. I i don't want to make the men too angry it will be a woman is that okay. I don't want to have a problem with men. They'll say, trump is doing very poorly with men you know. You listen, how's he doing well he's doing very poorly with men with the women. He's doing very poorly with the black community, the hispanic, community. And then you have the election, night, doing very poorly with. Those with diploma, without diploma. College, phds. What's he doing well oh no it's going to be a very short night. Then they say donald trump is the projected, winner by a lot.

And They say well what happened is he did very well with women, did very well with men diplomas. He did well with. African-american. Community, by the way, we are doing really well. With. The african, american, community. With the hispanic, community. We're doing well. With women, we're doing very well. We're doing well with suburbia. Suburbia. You know i, ended a regulation. That will destroy, suburbia. If uh. Biden got in. They will destroy. The. Suburbia. We call it suburbia. Of the world. And we love it i know it well westchester. County. The uh suburban. They sometimes. If you say suburban, housewife, you're in deep trouble so what you do is you say, suburban, women, they love me you know why they want security. And they don't want projects, being right next to their house that's okay. They don't want it. And by the way that includes, minorities, because. 29, to 30. Of, the suburban, communities. Are minorities. And that includes them they don't want that, they want safe, communities, they want great communities, they don't want to have, they don't want to lose the american, dream it's very simple. I got rid of, the regulation. From. Obama. Biden. That was destroying. Suburbia. Okay, destroying. It. And i think suburbia. Has got to wake up, because, uh. If they get in you know who's in charge. You know who's in charge of the program. Corey, booker, cory booker. Cory. Booker. So i think uh, the, suburban, women and suburban, men and, husbands, and wives, and everybody. You better get smart, because, uh you're not gonna have your dream very much longer if they get in if i get in you've got it you've also got your second amendment, if i get it. In 2018. We expanded, the senate majority, remember, they said first of all i wasn't running. I wasn't running it makes a difference, do you see what happens. We're going to take back the house we're going to get rid of this crazy nancy pelosi. Kevin mccarthy's. Done a great job we're going to take back the house, people are so tired of her. People are so tight did you hear today the latest so. They impeached, me, for a perfect phone call, perfect. It was a perfect phone call. Now they want to impeach, me again, if. I nominate. Somebody as i'm, constitutionally. Obligated.

To Do, to serve, on the supreme, court of the united, states, go ahead if, i want them i want them to do that. I want them to do that. We, will. We will. We will. If he, puts forth. A highly qualified, candidate. We will impeach, him oh i said well. I'm the only guy in the world that could get impeached, for trying to fill a seat in discipline. So we're going to put up. Our nominee, who's going to be outstanding. We're looking at five, incredible. Jurists, five incredible. People. Uh. Women. That, are. Extraordinary. In every way. I mean honestly it could be any one of them we're going to be announcing, it on friday or saturday. And again. They say. It's the most, important, thing and think of it, so in a. Single, term. Single term by the end of our term, we will have, nominated. And had confirmed. I think it'll end up being, over. 300. Federal, judges. And, hopefully. Three. Supreme, court justices, think of that. Three you know some presidents, they never get any they last a long time. A lot of presidents, get none we've had three. It's blowing, their minds, it's blowing their minds. But for the people of ohio this is what you want so it looks like we're going to have three. And, it's going to be very exciting it's exciting, even for me i'm going to look forward to it probably, saturday, we will announce, the nominee. And it's somebody that you're going to have great respect, for great respect, thank you. Thank you big stuff. That's a big thing you know they set the course of our country for many years to come. Whether it's on life or the second amendment, or so many other things they set the whole course of the country very. Important, position, the most important. Joe biden has refused, to. List the names of his potential, justices. Because he knows they're. Too extreme. To withstand, any form of public review. If joe biden and the democrats. Take power they will pack, the supreme, court with far left radicals. Who will unilaterally. Transform. American, society. Far beyond, recognition. They will mutilate, the law disfigure, the constitution. And impose, a socialist, vision. From the bench that could, never, pass. At the ballot box so, they don't want to show the judges, because. The only ones that he can put in are far. Left. Radicals. And if he does something, even, toward, left of center. Which would be acceptable. I guess we have no choice. If he did that, he would lose the left. So he's going to have to put in radicals. So he doesn't want to show who his judges, are, i've shown all a list i have a double list. About 45. From which i will only pick. But he doesn't want to do that, because if you found out who he was going to pick he would be unelectable. Hopefully he's going to be unelectable. Anyway we're going to find, out. So he wouldn't be able to survive. A joe biden, you wouldn't be able to survive. You know, we've been calling it socialism.

I Don't think it's socialism, i think it's a, step beyond what they're talking about. You look at portland. You look at chicago. You look at new york, you look at baltimore. And oakland, you know these are, democrat. Run. Cities. That are horrible, in crime, there's no law and order. No cash, fail no anything. And you know what the republican, cities are running great, they're running great. And so we're going to get it all changed, around. We went into minneapolis. We solved the problem like you wouldn't believe what did it take you saw it, what did that take, i would say probably. 30 minutes, right. They should have called us in about, seven days earlier. How about the reporter, he gets up there. Behind him is a burning, city i never saw anything like it, and he's saying, uh there are really no protests, here this is very friendly and we call this a friendly protester. Because you're not supposed to have political, rallies. You're not supposed to have anything. The only thing you can have is thousands, of people running down a street. Burning stores. Looting. Doing, that's okay because that's protesting. But we'll call this a friendly, protest. But your children, will be. Robbed of their future, the damage, will, endure, for generations. To come. We, have to win, this is the most important. Election. In the history of our country in my, opinion. And a lot of that's got to do with the. Fact that you know. We're going to have one extra but we didn't think this was going to happen. But i used to say just a week ago, we're going to have one two three four and maybe even five. The next president. And. The supreme, court is going to be a tremendous. Factor a lot of people said that's the reason i won. So easily in the electoral, college, last time. 306. 306, to 223. He will not get, to 270. Remember. He will not get to 270.. This will be a short evening for donald trump. Oh good riddance thank god we got rid of all this is going to be good. And then the problem, happened. Ladies and gentlemen. Donald, trump, has won the state of. Ohio. Remember. Remember, the one she was crying. She was crying. Donald, trump has won ohio but it wasn't winning ohio, it was by the margin. Where the hell he said where did this margin, come from. They opened the polls and they closed the polls, normally you have to wait hours. Unless it's a total runaway. And they said. The polls. And the doors are closed. In ohio, donald trump is one. And they go oh my god. But wait a minute he won by nine points what the hell's going on over here. And they said donald, trump. Has won the state of florida. Donald, trump. Has won the state of georgia, donald, trump has won north carolina. South. Carolina. All right remember that was that the most exciting, evening really. Remember. And it's not donald trump it's you it's all of us it's not that they use the name donald trump is, it's all of us have won because it's just going to be and this one's going to be even better. Because, nobody, has done. And they don't even challenge it the fake news. Nobody, has done, in three and a half years. What we've done, we've rebuilt, our military. Two and a half trillion, dollars. We've taken care of our vets, we have choice. We have accountability. We can fire people now when they don't treat our vets right we couldn't do that before, they could treat our vets terribly. We have accountability. Nobody, has done. What we've done for our vets. 91. Approval, rating, at the va, 91. The highest, ever. So nobody's, done and that's why i think this is going to be the most important of all i used to say well i don't know how does it compare to 2016..

I Just gave that up this is the most important election. You know why two reasons number one. That's over with the hell with it. That's the hell with it, but the truth is this is really going to be that's got a seat it's got a seat in. And we have a lot of new things including, additional. Substantial. Middle-income. Tax cuts and other tax cuts. And. And, tremendous, regulation. Cuts. And we're finishing, up with our military, you know we're building, space force, the wall, is going incredibly. It's going like that, remember the wall. They don't talk about the wall anymore the fake news. You know once we started building it and you think that was easy to build a wall, we had an entire, party. That would die for the fact and i made a terrible, mistake on the wall. Instead of telling you we're going to build a wall we're going to build a world that democrats, formed it was very tough but i got it, i'm a real estate developer, you can always get money you know. You learn. We have a lot of little pockets we had a lot of big pockets, but the military, was great the army corps of engineers, were great, so up to, we're up to, 330. Miles of wall. We're doing 10, miles, a week. And we're going to be finished with the wall very soon, and it's exactly, the wall the little more expensive. Wall they want like nice expensive. But exactly what border patrol, wanted we're building them the exact wall that they want. We can't give them any excuses. We can't give them any excuses. But you know it's true, they used to talk about the wall all the time because they never thought i'd be able to get it built right, once i got it going got it built i got the financing, we won a lot of lawsuits, by the way, we had we won a lot of losses, they sued us pelosi, was suing this, congress, was shown the senate was suing, us, we won a lot of losses. Once it was obvious that we won, and we started building, they never talk about the wall anymore. And i made a terrible, terrible mistake because i don't work my ass off to get that thing built you have no idea. You have no idea. You have no idea. But i should have said the mistake. I should have said when i talk to these big crowds, and the crowds are getting bigger there's more enthusiasm. Now we than we ever had four years ago. But i should have said.

Instead Of we will build a wall. Instead of we will build a wall i kept it we will build the world place would go crazy. I should have said, we will, not, build, the wall, under no, circumstances. Will we build a world the democrats, would have given us all the money we want, it's true. It's true. And then they would have said see he didn't keep his campaign, promise. These people are sick. The biden-nominated. Justices. Will shred our second amendment. Eliminate. The right to self-defense. And allow the government, to confiscate. Your privately, owned firearms, you know that. Put in other language, they will end your second amendment, okay, and they will do that. By the way if i wasn't here you wouldn't have a second amendment, right now that would be gone. You know i hate to say it i'm the only thing standing. Between, you. And chaos, i'm telling you and second amendments, and all of the other. Guidance, justices. Will remove, the words, under god. From the pledge of allegiance, did you see that. Did you see it they said no we never removed. And i saw it, they're doing the pledge of allegiance, and i said oh. There must be a typo. They left the words, under god, out of the pledge of allegiance, the democrats. And i said oh there's a typo. Typo they made a mistake what a stupid mistake can you believe it. That guy's in big trouble what a stupid, mistake. And then i heard it a second time they did the same mistake, i said was that's what they're doing. They're going to take god, out of everything, just like they want to knock down the statue, of george washington. Abraham, lincoln, thomas, jefferson. And it's never happening. And it's never happening. You know a lot of these democrat, states you see it the churches are closed they don't want our churches, to open. You can have a riot. Where you kill people in the streets 25, 000 people don't have to wear masks, nothing, they can march down the streets. Step on each other's, face. They can do whatever the hell they want, that's okay, but you can't go to church. They have ideas, they have plans, and it's never happening with me as your president, that i can tell. You. And you see if they want to tear down crosses, from public spaces, you see it you know, since i signed a little law, you know they were ripping down a lot of statues, about four months ago right. And i said do we have any laws like old laws when they were strong when we were smart. When we were tough. Sir we have one sir. The general came in what's the law general. Sir there was a law from quite a while ago. Ten years in prison, they didn't use the word jail prison. Prison's, a tougher word i said what do you mean ten years you got 10 years in prison if you knocked down a statue, or if you knocked down a. Monument. I said general let me see that sucker please. Bring that to my office. And, uh we revived, it, because you can't get that approved by congress they would never do today in congress, you do it they'll give you half a day in. In a hotel, someplace. So 10 years. So they were having a big march on washington. In two days. And i signed this new, law we, updated, it, and it was 10 years you get 10 years in prison you touch you knock down a monument, and there's no games, this is the old days. This is the days when we had strong, laws when we had real laws.

When We had real politicians. That knew how to make laws so here's the thing. So they were going to come in they were actually looking, to knock down. The statue, of a man named thomas jefferson, that's not too good. Okay. They had obliterated. A lot of different things and so, i had a news conference, i announced that i'm signing a law. That anybody, that knocks down a monument. Or statue. Gets. 10, years, in. Jail. And the police in washington. And. We had national, guard, we had secret service we were all ready for them we were gonna have we were ready for them. And the time came. There was only a problem nobody showed up. You know why, 10 years was too much. 10 years was too much it's amazing, the way isn't it amazing, the way it all works. So instead they burned down portland, i speak to the governor i speak about the mayor is hopeless he's a hopeless poor, poor guy. They chased him out of his apartment. And he still thinks they're wonderful, people, they're burning down the city. But i want to go in there with the national guard so bad it would take us 15 minutes to solve the problem, when they heard in seattle. That we were going in, you know we were going in the next day. The guys just walked away they left that was the end of it we had nothing to do. But they want to ban all prayer in public schools. And require, taxpayers, to fund extreme. Late term abortion. Bidens, justices. Will erase. National, borders they don't want borders. Protect, sanctuary, cities. And compel the unlimited, entry of foreign, nationals. And. If you look at some of these jihadist, nations, uh, no thank you. Somebody said that's not nice that's not politically, correct i said that's okay. He'll [ __ ] the police departments. Free violent, criminals. Shield, foreign, terrorists. And declare, the death penalty, unconstitutional. Even for the most depraved. Mass murders, who kill women and children. That's what they want they don't want any death penalty not for the boston, bomber. Not for anybody you see the boston, bomber, they're still trying this guy what he did to so many lives, he ruined, killed people, ruined so many families, ruined so many lives. In three of the and by the way they want the boston, bomber to be able to vote, you know that. In three and a half years under my administration. We've secured, america's, borders. Rebuilt. The awesome, power, of the united, states military. Obliterated. The isis, caliphate. 100, percent. Fixed our disastrous. Trade deals. And brought jobs, and factories, back to. The great state of, ohio, i love ohio. I love ohio. I don't know what it is. I was told by bob and some of the congressmen, that are here we have some great ones i'm going to introduce, them in a second but, i was told that they're not even trying for ohio, you know why because i love you and you love me and that's the way it. Is. Thank you i love you too. You know it's very interesting. So. Somebody in the fake news media did a story yesterday. Because this crazy, chant is going on they have two about the seat and you know all that but there was another chant that's happening at all these rallies we're having massive rallies. We're in minnesota, we had a, tremendous. Crowd. Wisconsin. Tremendous, pennsylvania. Every one of them i mean an affair it's like this, everyone. But this, rant is going on like it's crazy, and it's, we love you we love you we love and you know what. I don't want to say i'm just saying. They have not been able to find, in the history, of politics. In this nation. Even we love ronald reagan, but we have they have not been able to find. Where people broke out and said we love you about i guess i have to call myself a politician, i don't feel like a politician. No but think about it, no how nice is that. I never heard it. I've been to a lot of different speeches, and rallies i've never heard crowds go we love you but you know why we love you i love you. But you know why, because. Again, nobody, has done what we've done, ohio, had the best year in its history last year. We had a great year. And next year, assuming, we win which i hope we're going to win. But if we win, you're going to have a year next year first of all take a look at the third quarter, it's going to be announced, the numbers, just before the election, it'll come out, three days, before the election. And i'll tell you what i'll better the numbers, even though. Crazy, nancy, these people don't want to give any stimulus, they don't want to give anything. They want to keep a lot of states closed wherever they can, you know what they're going to do they're going to announce. They're going to be opening, on, november, 4th they'll be open. All these closed, states they're going to be open on november, 4th. One of them blew it a teacher's, union did you see it no we don't want to open now we don't want to open the pandemic, the pandemic, we don't want we're rounding the turn of the pandemic, vaccines, are coming soon, but we don't want to open, uh around.

November 4th we're going to open this this person that's in charge of a union said that, that was not good. I think they'll get rid of her quickly. I'm also proud that we have. Successfully. Brought back the big ten and the ohio, state. Bucket. Right. You better have a good year after all of that. You have a good team right, good coach good team good everything. You have a good team you always have a good team. But you know there was a case i was sort of told, what do i know i said, i said how's it going everything good i was talking, they said sir sleepy, joe biden did an ad. That you me. That you closed football, i said what do you mean i closed i didn't close. The guy did it it's called disinformation. It's called the opposite of what the fact is, not only didn't i close it i didn't think about it too much okay. The state should all be open, but i heard about big ten football. And because of this ad i said hey wait a minute i have an idea it was a fake ad, just like the ad on the gravesites. And that allows, me. To say, that this man is a gross incompetent, he has no idea because now. See i would never talk like that but when i saw that horrible, thing and nobody's done more for the military, than i have, when i saw that horrible, ad. An anonymous, saucer. Said that donald trump said this i have 28, people now, that have come forward saying it's a total lie. They don't care, so they didn't add once they did that i said well now that gloves are off, let's face it, joe biden, is incompetent. He always was, even in prime time, he was incompetent. In prime time. And now he's really incompetent. But because of the ad, i said you know. It's very interesting, that ad it's very interesting, let me call up the commission, i called up the commissioner, very good guy. And i said commissioner. Uh, what can we do to get big ten football, back well i don't know so we started, and we started a little thing the commissioner, myself. One of my guys is fantastic. And within a few days it started getting talked about and then we kept it going and we helped them with some testing. Because we have the greatest testing in the world we get no credit for it, we've tested, almost 100, million, people. India, is second, with 38. And they have they have 1.5. Billion people slightly more than you. But i will tell you so. All of a sudden they have schools then it looked like it was going to open without michigan. And without a couple of states. And then all of a sudden the pressure became, so great. And the full league is opening now and it's going to be very exciting, and, and i will tell you i don't it's not a question taking credit. But truly. We were the ones that did that i mean i said you know i'll tell you when i do it or what i don't. But it was closed, it was gone it was announced that it was closed. And what really spurred me on was when sleepy joe announced. That i was the one that did it i said, i didn't even know it was closed. But once i found out it was i called the commission, he was really good at today and we called a couple of the, top people at the universities. And they got it going, it looked like we had seven schools eight schools, all of a sudden everybody fell into line i think they're all open now they're all every one of them is participating.

So, I want to thank the commissioner. I want to thank, all of those schools. May the best team win, in other words. Ohio state. That's a good tip. You know who the best proponents, were. The players, and especially. The parents, of the players. You know these kids have a short window to get into the nfl, to create some. Excitement, and how good they are and you have a lot of potential, players but they couldn't play football. And uh. They said we're safer on the field that we are staying at home and they meant it. And we did something and i'm happy about it so enjoy the football, enjoy it. Under 16, years of presidents. Obama, and bush. Median, household. Income, rose, only. Two thousand, nine hundred and forty five dollars so remember that, that's 16 years 2009.. So let's say 3 000.. Under three years of president, trump, it rose almost seven thousand dollars, okay, so. Think of that, 16, years. Three years. Achieving, the highest, median. Income. In the history of our country. In my first three years we lifted 6.6. Million people out of poverty. The largest, poverty, reduction. Of any president, in the history of our country. We built the greatest, economy. In the history of the world. And we are doing it again we're building it again you know i see those signs make america, great make your america, great again. So i say this, it's called now. Make america, great again again. Because we did it and then. We had to close it up we saved millions of lives and we didn't do that you would have three million people. It would have been terrible it would have been just, it's terrible anyway they shouldn't have allowed it to happen china. To defeat the china virus, we launched the largest, mobilization. Since world war ii. Through pioneering. Therapies. We reduced, the fatality. Rate, 85. Since april think of that. That's remdessevier. And all of the things the plasma. All different things where do you see what's coming out europe is almost 30 percent, greater excess mortality, rate, than the united, states, and that's before today's, big breakout you know they had a big breakout in europe.

And They keep saying in the fake news they keep saying about oh europe europe europe well, we're doing better than europe. And i hate to see what happened and it had a big impact on the market today because it was a bad thing but, they had a big hit, and they'll take care of it they know how to do it they'll take care of it, and we're working very closely with europe and other countries, including, on the vaccine, we have three. Vaccines. Right now that are right there they're right at the starting gate and they're going to be fantastic, sounds, great. And with biden, if you had that, regime you wouldn't be you'd be three years away because it would have never gotten out of the fda, what we've done, in a very safe manner. Is amazing now remember, this, biden was in charge of the swine flu right, it's called the h1n1. Remember he calls it the n1h1. I said no. No. No no h comes before. The end, it's so easy. But he goes, the n1h1. We say no, but it's the swine flu maybe we just got the swine flu. He did such a gross, horrible, job on that, and his own man who was in charge of it said they didn't have a clue they didn't know what they were doing. It was far. Les it was a much less. Lethal, disease. And they lost, many many people, many many people, it was totally incompetently. And now i got this guy standing, up, well we're giving him advice, his own guy. That ran it did everybody see this, is saying. They didn't know they didn't have a clue, what they were doing, it was so bad i don't know why the hell he said it to be honest with you. Who would say that. Maybe because he was honest, does that make sense. And now biden gets up and he's telling and he's saying to do the same things as we've already done. He basically, took our plan. And he said this is what you should do. But we've among the lowest case fatality, rates of any major country in the world and the fastest, economic, recovery, by far, of any, western. Nation, by. Far. Our bold, and early action, saved millions of lives in our decisive. Economic, response. Saved tens of millions of jobs, including, 1.9. Million, jobs. In the state of ohio you know that he knows. He's got one of them. He's got one of them. Through operation. Warp speed. We're developing. These great vaccines. And that's going to be literally these will be done in record time like nobody's, ever done it before. On november, 3rd ohio, will decide, whether we end the pandemic. And return, to. Record, prosperity. Or whether we allow sleepy, joe biden, and his group of incompetents. To delay the vaccine. Shut down the country. He actually suggested, that he would, shut, down the country, we now know the disease, we didn't know it. Now we know it it affects, elderly, people elderly, people with heart problems, and, other problems. If they have other problems, that's what it really affects that's it you know, in some states, thousands, of people. Nobody, young. Below the age of 18, like, nobody. They have a strong immune system who knows, you look at you, take your hat off to the young, because they have a hell of an immune system. But it affects. Virtually, nobody, it's a it's an amazing thing by the way open your schools, everybody, open your school. Sleepy, joe biden wants to impose, a four trillion dollar tax hike. Ban american, energy. Destroy, the suburbs. Give free health care to illegal aliens, how about that one. And you know the bad part about that look we all are we all have heart, we want to take care of people, problem with that is, everybody's, going to come to the united states people that weren't even thinking about they're going to say oh man. These idiots, are given, free health care free, college, education. They're given free, everything. They're given a rolls royce to every family that enters through the southern border remember i said that jokingly, and cnn, said. He misrepresented. They are not getting a rolls royce. I agree. No they're sick, they are sick. And indoctrinate. Your children, with poisonous. Anti-american. Lies they're doing that we're stopping, it. To combat, the, toxic. Left-wing, propaganda, in our schools. I announced, last week that we're launching, a pro-american. Lesson plan, for students, called. 1776. Commission. We will teach our children, the truth about america. That we are the most exceptional. Nation, on the face of the earth, and we are getting better and better all the time we got it, no party can lead america, that will not teach our children. To love america. Biden's. Running mate kamala. Who likes kamala does, anybody. She was the most. Failed, candidate, in the entire i mean she started off good, and every week she went down, down, 15, points 12, points.

11, Points. Nine points. Six points. Five points four points. Two points. Didn't she leave it about two or one she was heading down to the basement. She was so mean to him i felt sorry for him. No i did i felt sorry she was so she called him everything from a racist, to a, me to her he was a me too. He was a part of the me too generation, what, what she called him what she said. So i brilliantly, said well he can't pick. Pocahontas. Because she was too nasty. How nasty was she to bloomberg, was she unbelievable. Boy. He was standing, there what happened. What happened, actually, why. What, happened. What happened minnie mike. He's another beauty. He's a real beauty. Mini mike what happened, what the hell happened he hit her so hard. Remember. She hits him with about 30 different things and, i'm not talking about our president. He thought she was talking about me can you believe it, and i'm not talking i'm talking about you he said what dude. Get me out of here, get me out of here. And now he wants to buy his way back into the democrat, party. He wants to buy his way back into the democrats, he hasn't taken enough abuse if i weigh him i'd sort of either. Write it out. Or stay with a good, trump economy, and get even richer, you know. Biden's, running mate even urged supporters, to help. The bail rioters. Out of jail, you saw that, including, one who attempted, to murder a police officer. And a man accused, of sexually, assaulting, an eight-year-old. Child. Now they're trying to free them on bail, they're putting up the money to get them out. Biden's, plan to appease, the domestic. Terrorist and that's what it is and my plan is to. Arrest. The domestic. Terrorists, and that's what we've, got many people in jail. Many people. Remember what i told you about the monuments, just remember, it's is it beautiful. We don't see that anymore do you have you seen a monument, knocked down recently. No, we don't see it anymore i don't know. Why. We, want to rock rip down right, abraham, lincoln, you know it got to lincoln, first it was people not too many people heard of. Confederate, soldiers, etc, you know you say hey look you know do it through a process, but. They started hitting, lincoln then they hit gandhi now gandhi was about peace.

Gandhi Just wanted peace leave me alone peace peace. Peace let's rip them down. They're sick people. The democrat, party's, war on cops has already led to a surge in vicious, murders. In democrat-controlled. Cities. Causing, countless. Black, lives. If biden, and the left gain power they will dismantle. Police departments. Nationwide, i'll tell you the community, that's. Most, hurt. Most hurt by what they're doing and there, is the black, community. The hispanic. Community. As president and we're doing great in the polls with the black community, and the hispanic, community. And the asian community. We're doing great. In fact we did so well last night. On one poll. They said it must be a typo. They did, must be an error. Was it there's no error you're going to find out on november 3rd it's no error. As president, i was always stand and i will always stand with the men. And women. Of law, enforcement. Right. They're great people. They're very brave people. Not easy, and they don't get support. We have to give them back their dignity. We have to let them do their job that's very simple they're great. We're joined tonight, by two high school football, players they became very feminine, they became very very, famous. They became, more famous, than, president, trump. They were beautiful, i watched them running through the. The crowds, with those flags. And here someplace, i know i've got a lot of people here we're going to try and figure it out hold up your flag, jared, bentley, and brady williams. Who were recently, suspended, from their high school football, team. After displaying. Flags, in support of our police, and first responders. On the anniversary. Of september. 11, attacks where are. They. Come up here fellas come up. Come up here. Come up. Here. Secret, service is thrilled about this, see these. These young kids can hop over the fence like it's nothing. Come up. Here. They're good-looking, kids. So. I want to congratulate. You. You've become famous they're going to go to hollywood they're going to become movie actors, right now. Great you feel good about it. Huh. How's your team doing. How's your team, how's it doing. Huh, could be better he said he could be better, you know what you're doing great. And everybody, out here loves you and they appreciate, you. Appreciate. You great guys good luck. Good luck, is your arm. Okay. Good guys. Good. Guys. So jared and brady, thank you for supporting, the heroes, and our law enforcement, we all love you i'm telling you they they were you really set something up that's incredible. And thank you parents for letting you do it i watched. You had to get for you ask your parents approval, isn't that nice. And you know what the father said you better do it. Right that's great thank you very much fellas great job, really great job, country has a lot of. Respect. And speaking, about warriors, we're also joined tonight. By some, great, great congressmen. Who are warriors. And. They represent, ohio, so well and they love you and they love our country, representative. Bob. Lada. Thank you bob great job. They like you bob. That's very good, good job bob thank you very much. Congressman. Warren davidson. You know warren, thank you warren. Great job warren. And congressman. Mike, turner, great lawyer, actually. Thank you mark, great job mike, really great. Ohio, treasurer. Robert, sprague. Robert, thank you, thank you. Good treasure. Ohio, auditor, keith, faber. Thank you very much, thank you. Thank you very much keith. Ohio, house speaker. Bob. Cup. Great. Thank you bob great. Job. Ohio, senate, president. Larry, oppoff. Thank you. Thank you larry. Larry's, a good man how's it going larry good. You're doing a good job. Huh. You're doing good how are we doing larry, is it going good. He said. You're right about that. You're doing a great job thanks larry i appreciate it ohio, gop, chairman. Jane, timpkins, he's unbelievable.

Thank You jade. How are we doing jane how's it going. How does it compare to four years ago jane. Up higher. All right good. Good, i think we are. I think we are. And a friend of mine. That i'll tell you this is the greatest, optimist, when i thought we had to be down we lost a lot of the top top support. The head of the republican. Party little things like that. I said we don't have a head of the republican, party he left because you had a terrible, governor in this state terrible. Your previous. Governor was terrible. He was terrible. And i'll tell you, i got this man. I didn't know him and within about a week i said man this guy's a big optimist. And he was right he called it right to the he was my he ran my campaign. And when it came back for the second time we had him in a high position, i said bob. I think you're great you're doing a great job i want you back in ohio, we have to do it again. Bob. Paduck. Where's bob, bob thank you thank you bob get over here. Thank you bob. He wants no glamour, he wants no glory he just wants to win. And he called it right down to the bone, we had a rough couple of days i said bob how are we doing you went up two points i said you got to be kidding. But you know we did we had so much so much evolves, around ohio. And it's just a state that we have a relationship, with you know it's a great state we've done a great job for you and you've done a great job for us so we appreciate, it very much, thank. You. Together, we've spent the last four years reversing, the damage, done by the democrats. And, joe biden over a 47-year. Period think of it, he's always talking about. You should have done this you should have done that you know he really just left office it's not that long ago right. He's been there for years and years. And now he should have done he's never going to do anything, he's never going to do anything. Guy is a stone, cold, loser, biden supported. Every globalist, sellout, of ohio, workers. For over a half a century, including, nafta, china's, entry into the. World trade organization. The disaster, known as tpp. And the pl, how about the paris climate. Accord. That's another beauty i'll tell you that one, that was, designed. To hurt our country. You would have lost trillions, of dollars, closed your factories, all over the place. In the meantime, china didn't kick in for another 10 years the whole thing was. A rig deal i tell you i said i'm going to get killed for this one but we're going to terminate. And you know what the people got it right away everybody, understood, that was another, rip-off, of our country. This state lost one in three manufacturing. Jobs after the nafta. And china, disasters. Joe biden, is a shameless. Phony who pretends. You know, he's not even. He doesn't have a clue, what the hell we're talking like he knows, he's got guys around him that are pretty smart. They're radical, left he's going to do whatever they tell him to do he pretends, to care about blue-collar, workers. After spending more than five decades, in washington. He tells me. Why did you do this, why didn't you do that you see these fake commercials. Why did you do it, i said i've only been here three and a half years this guy's been here for 47, years he didn't do anything. History, says when you're here for 47. Years and you fail. It's not going to happen. But he was closing, your factories. Opening your borders. Outsourcing. Your jobs. And inflicting. Economic. Carnage, on your towns and you know that and i came along and you had the greatest couple of years you've ever had. To save our auto industry, i withdrew, from the trans-pacific. Partnership, with zahara. My actions, saved countless, jobs across ohio, and here in toledo. The home of the jeep, right the home of the jig. That's good that's a great brand that's they've done a great job with jeep. Jeep everyone loves jeep earlier this year. I kept my promise, to ohio, when we ended, the nafta, nightmare, i proudly, signed the brand new u.s. Mexico, canada, agreement, into law. That's a big difference, like day and night it's working out great too. It's working out great. You know how i know, that it's a good deal for us, because they don't like it i took the toughest, ever action to stand up to china's, rampant, theft of ohio, jobs. We achieved, american, energy, we passed record tax cuts and regulations. Our energy, independence. Is incredible. We have now, energy. Independence. We don't have to be in these faraway, lands, anymore. Now we'll be there to help, certain allies that have been great. But we don't have to be since my election, natural gas production, in ohio. Has surged. 63. They want to close it up by the way you do know, they want to close it up they want to close up, all, fracking.

Natural, Gas, everything they want to close it up. This would kill at least 700. 000 ohio, jobs, probably, more than a million. Well i'm president. America, will remain the number one producer, of oil and natural gas on earth, ohio, workers, will continue, leading the way. I just left. The great state of texas. And i talked to a lot of people like this a great crowd of people we have tremendous, support all over the country i'll tell you what these people are great. And here's. Here's the the platform, that they have sleepy joe biden. No oil. No religion, no god. And no guns, now i'm i'm in texas, it's really rough being in ohio but now we're talking texas. No oil, that doesn't work well in texas, right. No guns that doesn't work well in texas. No god that look what they're doing to the churches, and everything, that doesn't work no god no religion. That doesn't work well, you would have to be. George washington. With your running mate would be abraham, lincoln okay your vp candidate. And you'd still lose very big. And then they say. Yeah he's doing okay he's two up in texas they said it last time too. That texas, is even. Four years ago. And and everybody said no i think trump is killing it we'd have stadiums, with 25, 30 000 people much more they couldn't get in would have 40 50, 000 people outside. And that say i was even, we won in a landslide. Just like we won this, state in a landslide. You know the expression, they use. Texas, is in play. You know what in play means it could go either way. And guys would get on this i don't think so. And then that night again. The polls in texas, have closed donald trump has won the great state of texas i mean the whole thing is crazy. It's crazy. You know they do it's suppression, polls they try and depress, you, they try and make you happy so you don't you're unhappy. So you go out to dinner with your wife your husband. You go out to dinner. Darling let's have dinner it's so sad we love donald but he just can't make it can't make it let's go out have dinner we'll come home watch the results. Except. 2016. Came and nobody did that they all went out and voted, and we, kicked, ass. Was that. Tell me. Was that the most, exciting. Evening. In the history of television. Did you ever see the ratings, the combined, ratings i think the biggest ever but, was that the most exciting, 2016. Was that the most exciting, evening in the history of television. We invested, 2.5. Trillion dollars, in the u.s military. Including, more than six billion dollars, in contracts. You know, i'll tell you what. Do you like the word pronounce. Lima, or lima, because i saved. Lima. Can i tell you what, i saved, lima you know i came here. And they were going to close that plant in lima. They were going to close the tank plant right it was done. And i said why are we closing, a tank plant and i got a couple of calls from my friends a congressman. Right here, and i got calls and jim jordan called me do you like jim jordan he's good. And i looked at this army, tank play. In lima i said why are we closing, it and i saw the people building the tanks and the technology, is incredible. And if you have a close seat you'd never be able to open a thing like that again, so i overrode, the generals, i overrode, everybody. And now we're making, a record, number of tanks in that plant and it's.

Absolutely. But we had tremendous, success, we took 100. Of the isis, caliphate. And we killed the founder, and leader of isis. Al-baghdadi. We took out the world's, number one terrorist, and the mass murder. Of american, troops and many other people. Kasim, solomani. Is dead, he's dead. I withdrew, from last administration's. Disastrous. Iran, nuclear deal they paid 150. Billion dollars, plus. 1.8. Billion dollars, in cash. You know they got, nothing. They got nothing. I kept my promise. Recognized. The true capital, of israel. And open the american, embassy, in jerusalem. Every president, for many many decades, said they were going to do it they never did it. They never did it they didn't have the guts to do it they campaigned, on it they're all gonna do it then they got there there was a lot of pressure put on a lot of pressure put on me every leader was calling all over the world please don't do it please don't do it. Mr president, please don't do it don't do it don't move it just not just leave it the way it is it's okay but i promised. And i said i'm going to do it. And then i got calls from the biggest people in the world kings, i got calls from presidents, from prime ministers, please. Please don't do it, and i got calls please have him call me back, me. I said look tell everybody, i'm out for three days. I'm not going to be able to call him back i had a news conference, we announced, it, then i called everybody, back hey, how you doing, how's everything going. Everything's going good yeah i want to talk to you about israel but it's too late you already did it, and we did it and we got it done and nobody else got it done, and it's something we had to do i also recognized. Israeli, sovereignty, over the golan, heights. And instead of endless, wars, we are forging, peace. All over the middle east and you saw that. And i'm the only man that got nominated. For nobel, peace prize. And i didn't get any press they wouldn't. But two of them. Last week i got no i don't i'm not bragging about i'm just saying. You know i'm the president of the united states. Because of kosovo, serbia, you know they've been killing each other for years i worked out a deal for them. I got nominated. And then israel. With bahrain. And uae. And many more to come i mean they all want to do a have peace in the middle east without blood all over the sand no blood.

We're Going to have peace in the middle east so. I was nominated. For the nobel, peace prize. And i told this story last night should i tell it or not should i. Yes. She wants me. So i go home to our great first lady i said first lady. You're going to be so proud of me tonight. I was nominated. Not once but twice. For totally, separate events. By different people, great people. First lady i was nominated. For the nobel. Peace prize i was like this. I was nominated. Yeah. It's a big deal for our country, right. And. She said oh that's good he said let's turn on the evening news. Let's watch it this is going to be a big show tonight. Get ready. An nbc, which is one of the most crooked, one of the worst, newscasts. And i'm talking about normal nbc, not. Msdnc. Msdnc. Is the worst. But. So i turned on nbc, with lester, holt another beauty. And they saw it with a hurricane. And then they went to something, and something else said, and i'm saying first ladies is getting a little embarrassing, with 20 minutes into a half hour show. They haven't mentioned the nobel, peace prize. And then it went through the whole show and they never mentioned then i got nominated, for a second one they never mentioned. And when barack, obama. Barack hussein. Obama, got nominated, now when barack. When barack hussein, obama, got, nominated. He didn't know why he was nominated, it was like right at the very beginning he didn't do anything. He did nothing. And he got nominated, it was the biggest story i've ever seen. But that's okay in the, meantime. We're president, and they're not right. Now it is true, you would think if you're nominated, for the nobel prize you'd get like maybe like a half percent. Uh the first lady she sort of said sorry darling that's the way it goes. Joe biden opposed, the mission, to take out, osama, bin laden. He opposed, killing. Solomani. He voted for the iraq war a disaster. He backed the disastrous. Iran nuclear, deal. And he cheered the rise of china as a very positive, development, for our country oh it's really great. If we're up to sleepy, joe, bin laden and solomani. Would be alive today. Isis, would be on a rampage. Iran, would control the middle east. And china would be the dominant, power, anywhere in the world and i want to tell you, if you go back a few months before this pandemic. We were gaining, gaining, gaining, we we had an insurmountable. Lead on china. I always heard they were going to catch us by 2019. For 10 years. We were so far beyond we were doing much better than they were, the biden agenda, would obliterate, our economy. He'd destroy, social, security, destroy, protections. For pre-existing. Conditions. That's what he's going to do. Drain your medicare, by giving away your health care, to illegal, immigrants.

He Would end our travel bans, in jihadist, regions. And increase, refugee, admissions, by listen to this. Over. 700. And this is the manifesto. With bernie, sanders, with crazy bernie. He made this deal with crazy bernie and by the way, a lot of the crazy, bernie, voters last. Time four years ago voted for trump because of trade. Because they understand, the one thing they do understand, they've been, that our country has been ripped off for years. Biden opposes, school choice, and vowed to ban charter schools, very important to have them. In a second term. I will provide, school choice to every parent in america. You're totally against it. A vote for republicans. Is a vote for safe communities. Great jobs. And a limitless. Future, for all americans. And just in conclusion. It's first of all it's been a great honor to be with you, this is a, really it's a great state they're great people, i really mean it. No i really know. Get out there on november, 3rd we got to win this one big. This is a bad, bad. Ideology. This is probably, a step beyond, socialism, i really think in many ways it's communism. We're talking about, this is a step beyond socialism. Is no good, communism. Is really bad. But get out there on november, 3rd and let's show them your stuff and show them all of the stuff of all of us. So in concluding, over the next four years. We will make america, into the manufacturing. Superpower. Of the world, and we will end the reliance. Is ridiculous. Crazy, reliance, on china. And all of these far away lands, once and for all, we will make our medical, supplies, right here in the united, states. We will hire more police, and by the way thank you police, thank you law enforcement. Increased, penalties, for assaults, on law enforcement. And we will ban, deadly, sanctuary. Cities. We will defend, the dignity, of work. And the sanctity, of life. We will uphold, religious, liberty, free speech. And the right to keep, and bear, arms. We will strike, down terrorists, who threaten, our citizens. And we will keep america. Out of these ridiculous. Stupid. Endless. Foreign. Wars. We will maintain, america's. Unrivaled. Military. Our military. Might, has uh never been like it is right now because of what we've done. And we had no choice, and hope to god we never have to use it, because if you would ever see. The power, of what we've done over the last three years, it would be uh it's almost better for you not to see it, we are the envy, of every, power, every country in the world. We have. Weapons, that nobody, ever even thought. Possible. And just as i said hope to god we never have to use them, and the way we don't have to use them is to keep that kind of strength. Nobody's, going to be talking to us we're going to have, peace. Through. Strength, and it's all made in the usa. All made in the usa. We'll end surprise. Medical, billing. Require. Price, transparency. I've already signed it into law kicks in on january, 1st it's going to cut your bills down to a level that you wouldn't believe. That doesn't mean the drug companies, and the hospital.

Corporations. Are happy with me but that's okay. And further reduce, health insurance, premiums. And the cost of prescription, drugs, by 50 60, and 70, percent. Big pharma, does not like me too much. They're taking ads about me that are so bad but you you get it you understand. They're not too thrilled with me. Including, the rebates, the rebates, go back to you, the rebates, before went back to very rich people. We will strongly, protect, medicare, and social, security. And we will always protect, patients, with pre-existing. Conditions. And america, will land the first woman on the moon and the united, states will be, the first, nation, to land an astronaut. On mars that's what's happening. Nasa, is the. Again, the leading, space station anywhere in the world there's nothing like a space center. What we've done and there was grass, growing in the runways, when i took over three and a half years ago. We will stop the radical, indoctrination. Of our students, and restore. Patriotic. Education. To our school. We will teach our children, to love our country. Honor our history. And always, respect, our. Great. American. Flag. And we will live by the timeless, words of our national, motto. In, god. We, trust. For years you had a president. Who apologized. For america. Now you have a president, who is standing, up for americans. Standing up for, the great state of ohio. So get your friends. Get your family. Get your neighbors, get your co-workers. Get everybody. And get out and vote gotta get out of. And in your state. In ohio. Early, voting has already begun. And don't wait, and when you see them cheating on the other side i don't say if when, when you see them cheating with those ballots, all of those unsolicited. Ballots. Those millions, of ballots, you see them anytime, you do, report them to the authorities, the authorities, are waiting and watching. From akron to columns. Cincinnati. The queen city i know it weld at level. And from dayton to toledo. We inherit the legacy, of generations. Of ohio, patriots. Like, neil armstrong. Annie oakley. William, mckinley. And the amazing. Ulysses. S grant, that's good. Nobody's, stock has gone up like grant nobody, in the last 10 years. We stand on the shoulders, of american, heroes. Who crossed the oceans. Blazed, the trails. Settled the continent. Tamed the wilderness. Dug out the panama, canal. Laid down the railroads. Raised up the skyscrapers. Won two world, wars. Defeated, fascism. And communism. And made america, the single greatest, nation, in the history, of the world. And you haven't, seen. Anything. Yet. Proud, citizens. Like you helped build this country. And together, we are taking, back our country. We are returning, power to you, the american. People, with your help, your devotion. And your drive, we are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting. And we are going to keep on, winning. Winning. Winning. We are one movement. One people. One family. And one glorious. Nation, under god, and together. With the incredible. People of ohio. We will make, america. Wealthy. Again. We will make. America. Strong. Again. We will make, america. Proud, again. We will make. America. Safe, again. And we, will make. America. Great, again. Thank you ohio, get out and vote, thank. You.

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