Trump holds coronavirus briefing

Trump holds coronavirus briefing

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Initiative to develop, test. Manufacture. And deliver, a vaccine. In record time and that's what it is in record time. Likewise, therapeutically. We are. Very very advanced, you're hearing about it and you'll be hearing about, it a lot more in the next two weeks. We will achieve a victory over the virus by unleashing, america's, scientific, genius, which is what it is. I'm. Therefore, proud to announce that this morning. The. Moderna. Vaccine, has officially, entered, phase three already. And that's phase three clinical, trials, the final stage. Before approval. There's never been anything like this in terms of speed, nothing even close a second vaccine, is likely to enter phase three. In a matter of days, under operation, warp speed. We've shaved years off of the time that it takes to develop a vaccine. In some cases, many years. And we've done it while maintaining, the fda, gold standard, for safety. This is the fastest, a vaccine, for a novel. Pathogen. Has. Ever gone, it's never gone like this. And, if you look at where we are by. Phase three we could say ever gone by far. Four additional. Promising, candidates, are expected, to enter final trials. In the coming weeks including, the, novovax. Vaccine, being developed. Right here at this facility, it's an incredible, facility. We're going to be making a tour in a little while, very. Uh. Very, complete tour with the. Folks that run it and the people that operate. We've just completed, a tour of fujifilm's. Innovation, laboratories. And that's going to be uh, done at, much. Much higher level in a, few minutes after i'm finished and i believe we'll take a few questions, too. Which we're carrying out a, crucial. Biomanufacturing. Process, needed to make the novovax. Vaccine. This production, is made possible, by my administration's. 1.6. Billion dollar award. To novavax. As part of operation. Warp speed it lets us deliver. The final, product in a time that never has been achieved, anywhere. At any time for anything like this. These same manufacturing. Processes. Are being conducted, on an even larger, scale. In college, station, texas, today i'm proud to announce that hhs. Has just signed a, 265. Million dollar contract, with the fujifilm. Texas. A m. Innovation, center which is quite the place. To dramatically, expand, their vaccine, manufacturing. Capacity. I want to thank, fuji film ceo, martin mason. For welcoming, us today, and martin worries, martin. Thank you, thank you very much martin, it's really. Wonderful, to be with you under these circumstances. In particular, with all the progress, that's being made.

As Well as, novovac, ceo. Stanley, eric. Stanley, thank you very much. Thank you very much for being here. Thanks also, to, secretary, alex azar who's with us. Senator, tom tillis. Thank you very much, thank you tom stand up tom. Good job you've done thank you very much you really have. Representatives. Richard hudson. David, rouser. Mark walker. Dan bishop, and greg. Murphy thank you all friends all warriors. Lieutenant, governor, dan forest who i hear is doing a great job where's dan stand up dan. Great job dan, really good. North carolina, house speaker tim moore. Thank you tim. Great job. And president, pro tem, of the north carolina. State senate. Phil berger, thank you phil very much i appreciate, it. Operation, warp speed. Is funding a historic, portfolio. Of highly promising, vaccine, candidates. In addition to our 1.6. Billion dollar investment, in novavax. We've issued a, 483. Million dollar contract, with moderna. A 1.2, billion dollar contract, with astrazeneca. A 465. Million dollar contract, with, jansen. And just last week a 1.95. Billion dollar agreement. With pfizer, tremendous, progress, is being made, with all of those. Great companies. A groundbreaking. Agreement with pfizer, includes a guarantee, to deliver, 100, million doses. Shortly, after the vaccine's, approval. Almost, immediately. With the option to purchase, an additional, 500, million thereafter. Not only is operation, warp speed accelerating, the development, of a vaccine. We're also, directing. A colossal. Industrial, mobilization. To ensure it's rapid. Delivery, nothing's, happened like this. Since the end of world war ii. Instead, of the usual, sequence, of vaccine, development, testing, and trials. Followed by production, our strategy, is to conduct, these. Phases. Simultaneously. So everything goes at one time. We're not waiting, and waiting, and waiting it's all going at one time. We have a system that has. I think it's unparalleled. Never been done before, but, we suspect, it's going to work and work very well. We're mass producing. All of the most promising, vaccine, candidates, in advance. So that on the, day one. That it's approved. It'll be available, to the american, people immediately, and will probably, have a lot for. A lot of other people throughout the world the world is suffering, from this, china virus. Another dimension, of operation, warp speed is our focus, on therapeutics. To treat the virus. Over, 140. Clinical, trials are underway. And a number of effective, therapies, have already been developed and widely, delivered.

Including, Rem deserver, which is having a tremendous, impact, you see that with mortality. Rates and other things statistically. Dexamethasone. Convalescent. Plasma. And antibody, treatments, we have. Numerous, treatments, right now that are under study and i think over the next couple of weeks we may actually have some very positive. Answers, as to that on july 7th we announced a 450. Million dollar agreement. With regeneron. To, begin advanced, manufacturing. Of its antibody. Treatment which is currently. In late stage. Clinical, trials, late, stage. Due to the medical advances, we've already achieved, and our increased, knowledge, and how to treat the virus. The mortality. Rate for patients, over the age of 18. Is 85. Lower than it was in april think of that 85, percent. And is 25. Lower than europe. As a whole. In the middle of april more than 22, percent, of all deaths in the united states were attributable, to the china, virus. As the last week that number has dropped down as of last week it's dropped down to under. Seven percent. To decrease, the turnaround, times for testing, the. First two laboratories. Have been approved, to provide. Pooled, testing, very important, in other words. Samples, from multiple, patients. Are, processed, together. They're pooled. Now pool testing, will, reduce, turnaround, times by. More than, substantially. More than 50 percent. Last week our centers, for medicare, and medicaid, services, began distributing, rapid point-of-care. Diagnostic. Test instruments. To all of the nursing homes in the united, states. Focusing. On the areas of greatest need which is our, elderly, and. Our nursing, homes what we've already, sent includes, testing, instruments, to. 635. Nursing homes, for. 196. 000 rapid point-of-care. Tests. It's a tremendous, amount that's, you'll get your. Response, and answer from five to 15, minutes. Over the next three weeks 1. 700. Nursing homes will receive an additional, 800. 000. Point of care tests think of that, the united, states has conducted, over 52, million tests. That's more than all of europe, put together, times, two. Nobody's, even close and as countries, go. It is, as an example. India. Is up to 11 million tests we're going to be very shortly at 55, million tests india has. 1.4. Billion, people. Through our relentless. Efforts we've, completely, rebuilt, our stockpile. Which the previous, administration. Depleted, and did not refill. The cupboards, were bare i say it often in total. We've now distributed, nearly 100, million, n95. Masks. 35, million surgical, masks. 15 million, facials. And much, much more. In addition, to that ventilators. The most difficult. Thing of all, we are now building, thousands, a month. And we're distributing. We have all we need in our country but to other countries, that are in desperate, need. Other countries, are having a tremendously. Difficult, time with the virus. Last week, fema sent additional, personnel.

Protective, Equipment, to over, 15, 000 nursing homes including, 643. 000. Pairs of protective, eyewear. 7. Million, masks. 34, million pairs of gloves and 6 million, gallons, it's a lot. Over the weekend, cases, in florida, texas, and arizona, held steady, and, are now heading down. In arizona, they're heading very substantially. Down and rapidly, we've been. Constant, and in constant, communication. With the states. And are surging. Them resources. When requested. They largely, had what they needed but anything, they need we send them immediately. We are totally, full, we have everything we need we get it to the states immediately, we deal with the governors. The relationship. With the governors, has been very good. These states are not out of the woods. But rigorous, compliance, with guidelines, should allow them to. Turn the corner and very very quickly. We are working with every governor and health commissioner, across the country to bring a complete, individualized. Analysis, to each state. As well as tailored, recommendations. States are different. My administration. Is also closely, monitoring, the, surging. Caseload. In latin america. Which is now the region in the world with the most active reported, infections, by far. Due to the relative, scarcity, of testing in latin america, however the region's, reported, number of cases. Is also, likely, to be. Dramatically. Undercut. Or undercounted. And i can say that's probably, true throughout the entire world, we report our cases, most of the world doesn't they either don't do testing therefore they have very few cases, even though people are sick. Or, they just don't report and given the. Reality, of. What we just said. We're focusing, aggressively. On. The texas, border and countries, that. We. Think have to be watched very very carefully, because, you have some very very, highly, infected, countries. Outside, of. Our borders. I've spoken, with governor. Abbott. Terrific, gentleman, and i can report that over 3. 300, federal personnel. On the ground in texas, we've. Given them a tremendous, amount amount of extra help including, doctors. Nurses, front line people. We've supplied, texas, with more than 2.5. Million gloves. 800. 000 goggles. 337. 000, surgical, gowns. 1.8. Million surgical, masks. 1.36. Million, n95. Respirators. And half a million. Kn. 90, masks. Beginning, this week texas, hospitals, will receive. 500. Cases, of rem de severe. Which has proven very effective. Enough to treat, 3200. Patients. In addition, to the cross-border. Spread. The stage of the pandemic, is being fueled by younger americans, who generally have little risk of being seriously, harmed by the disease.

But Can. Spread, the disease. We need all americans, to be conscious, about their actions, and to exercise. Extreme, vigilance. I trust all americans, to do the right thing but we strongly, advise everyone. To especially. Especially. Focus. On, maintaining, a social, distance. Maintaining. Rigorous, hygiene. Avoid, large gatherings, and crowded, indoor bars. And wear masks, when appropriate. We also strongly, urge citizens, to take extra precautions. To shield those. At highest, risk which are. In most cases, in many cases the elderly, especially, the. Elderly, with. Medical, problems, such as heart. Or diabetes. But you want to shield them and you want to guard them and you want to protect, them from the virus, especially. Especially. Those, that are. Really, targeted, almost, targeted, you could say by this horrible. Horrible, plague, this, horrible, epidemic. Pandemic. America, will develop a vaccine, very soon and we will defeat the virus, we will have it delivered, in record time. As our visit here, demonstrates. And i want to thank all of the people and representatives. From the great state. Of north carolina, there's a great. Is a great place it's a phenomenal, place. And. We've had so many great, meetings, and, such a great time. I want to drive and to the drive and, tenacity. Of. Your representatives. And your politicians. Has been incredible. When they call i'm there when, they call. Most of them many of them are sitting here right now. I will always answer their call. So thank you very much i appreciate, you being here with us and uh. Let's get on to a few questions. Tremendous. Progress, has been made. And it's been made rapidly, and it's been made in areas, that. Nothing like that has taken place before. So please thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you, there's been a lot of despair, when it comes to the virus, is today's, event, about giving americans. Uh, hope. A sense of optimism. Is that what you're trying to well i think i think so but you know there would be not that same kind of hope if we weren't doing so well where, uh you know before just before i left, the white house in the oval office we had a meeting with our, doctors, scientists, some others and they're they're making tremendous. Progress, with, respect, to. Uh therapeutics. I can tell you therapeutically. I think, over the next couple of weeks we'll have some really.

Very Good things to say. We're just having, great answers so, it is about that, and it's also the vaccine. That we discussed today at even greater length is just coming along really well, and it's not just one company as many companies, have had, tremendous, progress so that will be announced, over the next very short period. Well i heard very positive, things but by the end of the year we think we're in, very good shape to be doing that by the end of this year we're going to in terms of the vaccine, i think in terms of therapeutics, even sooner than that. Therapeutics. Meaning you go and you give somebody whether it's transfusion. Or shots or whatever it may be. And. They heal and they heal quickly. So we've had tremendous. Progress we already have if you look at rem dissevier. And you look at some of the other things but we'll have, we'll have some announcements, on that over the next two weeks yeah, it is hope but it's only hope because we've gotten. Such incredible, results, scientifically. Yeah. You did talk with russian president vladimir, putin. And i wanted to ask. If you did bring up, the reports. Of. Russia. Having bounties, on our soldiers and afternoons we don't talk about what we discussed but we had plenty of discussion. And i think it was very productive, please, mr president. Larry kudlow, earlier today, said that, the v-shaped, recovery, is showing signs of moderating. Do you think given what we're seeing with an increase in cases that the recovery, could be in jeopardy at all the economic process i don't think so i think the recovery has been very strong we've set record job numbers we've set record numbers whether it's a prv, or a little bit less than that, i think it's going to be very good. If, therapeutically. We come up with some answers very quickly which i think we will. Then you're going to have a tremendous, recovery.

Likewise, With the vaccines, if you do that by the end of the year that's ahead of schedule, substantially, ahead of schedule. And it's ahead of anything that's ever taken place in terms of vaccines, before. So i think if those things happen if just one of those events happen. Uh you'll go right back into that v and i think you're probably in the v anyway. I really do believe a lot of the governors. Should be opening, up states, that uh they're not opening. And, we'll see what happens with them but a lot will have to do with the fact that, therapeutically. I think you can have some great answers vaccine, wise. Likewise. Yeah please go ahead in the back. Asking, zachary aides from the raleigh news and observer, um now that you've canceled, the jacksonville, portion of the rnc. Do you think governor cooper, made the right choice in limiting, attendance, in charlotte. Well we're actually coming to. North carolina, as you know, and we're having a very major i guess that would be the nomination, night so that's, monday, it'll be monday they're going to be here. And the rest will do in a different form we could have. Done it many different ways but i think we did the right thing and, uh. I'm really happy that we're going to be, having a piece of it at least and a very important piece. In north carolina, yes please. Go ahead, mr president your poll number, suffered in recent months because of your handling on the pandemic, you're here now today. What's your plan going forward to prove to americans, that you're the right person. I think the poll numbers are very good, uh the poll numbers we have are very good we're leading in north carolina. We're leading in pennsylvania. We're leading in arizona. Our numbers. We're leading in arizona, we're leading, nicely, in florida, i think our poll numbers are very good, we're leading substantially. In georgia. I mean. We get a lot of suppression, polls we get a lot of fake polls just like we have fake news i mean it's a terrible thing, when you look at it but i had the same thing four years ago, i was losing everywhere, i had poll numbers, i wasn't going to win any state and i ended up winning every one of them. You know the swing states i wasn't going to win any of them and i want all of them. And i have the same thing, this year, this year they, have it even closer they have it closer but uh it's the same. Suppression, type polls. We have polls that show me leading. In almost, every swing state. And substantially. In other states. By even more than a 1 in 16.. When you look at florida as an example, you have thousands, of boat out about, boats out of the ocean out on the intercoastal. You look at other states where likewise, you have thousands, of, boats, and they're all. Waving, the trump sign, trump pence sign, and they're so proud, thousands, and thousands, you've seen it where you have bikers, for trump, with. Lines that are miles, long on highways, going along on weekends. I think there's more spirit, now. Than there's ever been, for my campaign. And that includes, 2016. Where obviously, there was great enthusiasm. Great spirit we had great spirit. I think there's more today because. What we've done nobody's, ever done before, nobody, has ever. Rebuilt the military. Cut taxes, the most in our history. Created, the greatest economy, we've ever had. Cut regulations. At a level that nobody's, ever done. And all of these different things the va we got va choice. We got, uh, va, everything. For the va right now they had a 91. Approval rating. In a recent. Poll i was just speaking to the secretary, 91, percent, in the via that's never happened before.

Uh I think when people see all that we've done even space force, we created, a, force, a, actual. You know army, navy. Air force marines, right it's it's pretty, amazing. Coast guard and now. Space force. That hasn't happened in 75. Years. Uh what we've done. Working with some of those warriors, over there by the way but what we've done, has, never been done if you look at alaska, with anwr, one of the bill perhaps, the biggest drilling, site in the world. Even ronald reagan, and bush, and clint everybody, wanted to get it done i got it done anwar, and alaska. Probably, or possibly, the biggest drilling site in the world. Now what we've done has been incredible. Recently. It looked like the energy business, was going to be. A catastrophe. We were number one in the world and then we had the pandemic, and nobody was using energy nobody was driving in automobiles. No gasoline. And by the way gasoline, prices for everyone are very very low. In many cases, less than two dollars that's pretty incredible. And i saved the energy business i got russia, and i got saudi arabia, on the phone. And they cut way back, and we're now at, 40. And plus, a barrel. And we're saving tens of millions of jobs and energy, we're the number one in energy in the world so, with all that we've done. We made, and brought this country to the greatest, point in its history. We never had an economy. Like we had prior to the china. Plague, or china virus, coming in, we never had numbers like it, we are going to have them again, and everyone knows i'm going to rebuild, it i had to close it up we saved millions, of lives by closing it if we didn't close it you would have seen numbers that would have been. Uh, 15, times. What you have right now one death is too much but it would have been 10 to 15 times maybe more than that what you have we closed this greatest, economy, ever, far bigger than china better than china. China was having by the way the worst year they had in 67. Years tariffs. They paid us tens of billions of dollars. The worst year they've had think of it, in 67. Years we were having the best year we've ever had. I had to close it and now we're reopening, it and next year we'll be stronger, it'll be the strongest, year so far, it'll be better even than last year, okay thank you very much i'll be heading back and i'll see you back at the white house, thank you very much we're going to take an additional, tour. Of the facility, with your, great leaders. Thank you very much to the people of north carolina. We love being here thank. You.

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