Trump holds campaign event in Minden, Nevada

Trump holds campaign event in Minden, Nevada

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And you got thousands. And thousands, of people outside, they're taking, buses, they're. Working, to get over here. Wow. Wow thank you very much. So. I want to start by saying. Hello, nevada, how are you doing, how are you. And i'm thrilled to be in douglas, county but people are coming from all over the place. There's a lot of people for douglas, county isn't it. We have thousands, and thousands. Of loyal, hard-working. American, patriots, that's what we have. And 52. Days from now we're going to win nevada. And we're going to win four more years in the white, house. And then after that we'll negotiate. Right because we're probably. Based on the way we were treated, we're probably, entitled, to another four after that. And it should never happen to another president, it's just. A dishonest. Group of people, but. Here we are. And we're going to be here for another four years. You know the governor, of your state. Tried very hard to stop us from having this event tonight. He didn't like us having they can have riots, and they can have all sorts of things and that's okay you can burn up the house. That's okay, you know you call it we call this a protest, because if you call it a protest you're allowed to have it. So if anybody, asks you outside, this is called a friendly protest, okay. It's true. They have you can't have political, rallies. That's because of me because if biden were here about three people. Do you ever see him with his little circles, a circle. You know why he puts the circles, because he wants to be like correct with covet but it's not really, because they can't get anybody to fill up a room so they put these big circles. True he can't get anybody to fill nobody wants to, go. Oh boy you know the fake news look at all those people back there though. That's true. Boy they covered did you see the other day now they're finding, out. That to do an interview. An interview, they ask him a question. That means they're giving him the questions they never gave me questions, before. So to do an interview. He demands, on getting the questions, and his people write out the answer so they ask him a question. He goes bring that bring it up bring it closer i can't see it, damn it. Great. This is something, you know, we have a debate coming up in three weeks. And. Here's the problem. You know winston, churchill, did you ever hear of winston churchill. Winston, churchill, was a great debater, great. And if joe gets off the stage, walks, off the stage. If he makes it, which i think he probably, will in all fairness you know he's been doing this for 47, years.

I Think he probably, will if he gets off the stage. They're going to say it was the single, greatest, debate they've ever seen winston, churchill. Was nothing, compared to sleepy, joe. You know that you know that they're going to say what a great performance, he was great today. He was great this guy was great, now. He's not great but your governor tried to stop us. He tried to stop us the governor of nevada. He tried to stop us and he went we went to different venues. Kelly, o'donnell. You know she's a. Fading reporter, for nbc, do you know that. She was on, she said. Well you know they have a crowd tonight. Behind her it looked like 25, 000 people that's what we have by the way, blottmore, coming in. But. She said. He's got. Maybe a thousand, people a thousand. You know what i have a thousand, people, here. No this is the fake news you know what it's not a question of like how many, they are just a bunch of dishonest, people i've never seen anything like it. You know being in real estate, and being in new york and being in all over. I've seen a lot of dishonest, people, i think the media, the fake news is the most dishonest, group of people i've ever seen, anywhere, in my entire. Life. And that includes, by the way leaders, of foreign countries, that aren't our friends, okay, that's a big statement, they really are bad news. But, here we are and this is really amazing, the governor tried to stop us he couldn't but think of this. He's in control. Of millions, of votes, here's a guy, calling, venues. Telling them not to have the rally. Calling, different venues, don't have the rally. We're not going to let you have the rally. And he's calling this governor who is a political, hack. He was a political, hack and then he became governor. And this is the guy. That we're entrusting. With millions, of ballots, unsolicited. Ballots. Millions, and millions. And then we're supposed, to win these states. And we have a guy that would do that, where he won't let us have it we call it a protest, and therefore, we can do it but you want to know something. It's a disgrace. So who the hell is going to trust you know they say. Trust. Trust government. Well how would you trust a guy. That fought, that we, aren't, here, that we can't have all these thousands, of people, boy you are really back far. Look at that. No but but seriously. And now he's in charge of. He's in charge of the election. And the millions, of ballots. So if i'm up like millions, of votes. He can rig the election. He can rig the election, and i'll tell you what, whether it's in north carolina. Whether it's in michigan. Whether it's in other states where they're sending out they're going to be sending, out, they're going to be sending out. 80. Million. Ballots, that, and it's democrats. They're gonna they're trying, to rig this election. And every, single, place. In the last, year, year and a half go modern, day forget about. Tiny amounts. A congressional. Race in new york, a small number of votes. Uh if you go to new jersey if you go to virginia, if you go to pennsylvania. If you go to california. Look at some of these races. Everyone. Every one of these races. Was a fraud. Missing, ballots. And i don't mean like one percent. I mean like. 20. 25. They're trying to rig the election. They should make people. If you register. If you want a solicited. Ballot that's where you ask for it you have to sign papers, you get it because you can't be there, that's one thing when they send, 80. Million. Ballots. To people they have no idea where they're going actually they probably, do have a good idea where they're going. And that's our problem. They send 80 million ballots, out. Where are they going. Who are they sending them to. Are they sending them to certain areas, and not other areas, are they sending them to democrat, areas these are all. Controlled, by democrat. Governors, like your, politically, motivated. Governor. So. So just to finish on that look. Just to finish in that. He's a guy that tried to silence, us, by not having this and it ended up our crowd turned out to be a lot bigger than nbc, which is. Which is. Which is owned by comcast. C-o-n. Comcast, c-o-n. C-a-s-t. Con, cass it's really comcast. But i call it khan, because it's all khan. I'll tell you what you know they talked in the old days i think it should still be. News when they broadcast, had to be. Reasonably. Accurate, right. And they had licensing. Today they can do whatever the hell they want it's fake news and it's a disgrace. And you know what back there and i'll tell you, it's hurting our country. It's hurting our country. They're the biggest, problem, that this country has is the fake news media. Worse than the democrats. Because you know the democrats, and their partners they played together, joe biden. Spent the last 47.

Years Selling out america, offshoring. Your jobs. Throwing, open your borders, depleting, our military. And sacrificing. Your children's, future, in china. I've spent the last four years bringing our jobs, back to america. Securing, our, borders. Rebuilding, our military. And standing, up to china like never before. Nobody, has ever stood up to china. Like we have stood up to china. And you haven't seen the last of. It. Sleepy, joe biden, surrendered. You know where he is now. He's in his damn basement, again. No he's in his basement. He's in his basement, but you know i can be bad to him because he put the most vicious, ad on television, that i've ever seen. Do you know what i'm talking about. Where i'm standing. Over the graves. Of, our fallen, warriors, our fallen, heroes. These are great people the greatest people there are. And i'm standing, over there. And they have some sleazebag. Reporter, from a third rate magazine. Having some source quoting me, saying, i won't even use the term, but saying bad things. And there's nobody, that loves our military, respects, it and the people more than me. And they took. And i didn't even ask we had 25. People, that were witnesses. That are on the record. Already, that have said that never took place, it never took place what they said. And yet. Pathetic. Joe and he's a pathetic, human being to allow that to happen. Here's the problem, he doesn't even know what happened i don't, i don't think. I think he has no idea, but he's a pathetic, human being to let that happen, where they put an ad like that where i'm standing, over graves and then they said he said this, with no sources, no nothing they got nothing. And i have 25. Real witnesses. With the names. With everything. Saying it never happened. And they put an ad like that up they're a disgrace, but you know the good part. Now i can be really vicious. I can be really vicious. And we'll start by saying. We're going to start by saying. That the democrats. Are trying to rig this election, because it's the only way they're going to win, the only way they're going to win is to rig it. Biden, surrendered, your jobs to china. He look his son walked away with a billion and a half dollars give me a break. Give me a bra son's gonna say dad you can't take this money away don't do it dad please i don't. You know how much experience, he had. There's a young man, there's a young man here he's a very young young man handsome, young guy, he's about like 12.. You know what, he's got more experience. Than hunter. Hunter. Where's hunter, where is he. With no experience. No knowledge, of energy. No job got thrown out of the, military, you don't get thrown out by the way i used to be nice about that now i don't, once i saw that ad i don't have to be nice anymore. Okay i really mean it. You know and by the way on that ad, i know some horrible, people horrible human beings some of the worst people in the world they really do they're horrible. None of those people and they're the worst. The worst. Real estate developers, in new york you don't get much worse. I know some of the worst people in the world not one person, do i know. That would say that, standing, on top of graves, of heroes, really not one person. So i will tell you this. So now. We can play it like it is let's face it, joe is shot, let's face it okay, he's shot. So not that he has anything to do because he won't know what's happening he'll just be locked up in a room someplace, and the radical, left is going to be running our country. Thank you. But now he wants to surrender, our country. To the, violent, left-wing, mob you know that. If biden, wins. China wins if biden, wins the mob wins you see what's going on with all these, democratic. Or i always say democrat-run. Cities and states it's a disaster. It's a disaster, and we keep saying. Let us bring in the troops well we did in minneapolis. We ended it in 45, minutes it was ended, they went through two weeks. By the way we could do it in portland, in, half an hour it would all be over. But we have these stupid, people that think how about that poor mayor is that pathetic, wheeler is empathetic. They forced him out of his home. He's had a foul he's now finding a new home, it's so nice. It's pathetic, honestly, it's pathetic. We could solve that problem, in a half an hour. Just like we did. And by the way, the u.s marshals, did a great job in portland. They did a great job. You know what i mean if biden wins. The rioters. Win the anarchists. Win, arsonists. Flag birders they all win. I'm running for reelection, to bring prosperity. To nevada. To hope to the whole country. I've been here a long time i have some things in nevada, that are very good. To put violent, criminals, behind, bars and to ensure the future belongs, to america, not to china. I do get a kick out of watching a guy oh i'm gonna do this you know he copied, my whole plan.

You See he says buy america, i said where the hell have you been for the last, half. Century. Could i ask the. Could i ask the fake news. To take your cameras, and show all the way back there for hundreds of yards. All the way back there, take your cameras. Go, as far as the eye can. See. No. Now tell nbc, news it's not a thousand, people. You know you don't you can't see it you can't see it down here you won't believe how many people that thing goes. Back. So the bottom line is. When we win america, wins that's what's happening. And. Nobody's, done to china what i did look. Billions, tens of billions, of dollars, of tariffs, we took in, i gave 28, billion dollars to farmers, the farmers are doing very well. They're doing very well thank you thank you president, trump, 28, billion. 16, billion one year 12 billion they were targeted. I said how much is it sonny perdue secretary, of agriculture, great guy said how much were they hurt by, sir 12 billion two years ago. And 16, billion last year i said all right good we'll take it out of china, we give him 28, billion to the farm. That never happened before. You think joe biden would even think about it he wouldn't even think about it. He wouldn't even think about it no he's more worried about does he have a teleprompter. To answer a reporter's, question, you know the worst part about that isn't the fact that he's doing that because let's face it he's unable. Okay, it's not that. It's that the fake news would give him the questions, they never gave me the questions. Did you ever give me questions, back there did you ever give me ques. They don't give me questions. The fake news would give him questions. But of course now donna brazile, works for fox so that's gone a long way, remember. Remember when donna brazile. Gave crooked hillary. The questions. Right to a debate. And then she said well i don't think i did it i don't remember, i knew she was in trouble when she said, um, i don't remember doing that i don't remember. She didn't remember oh okay well as long as you don't. Remember. It's true, it's true too. It's true. You know what i used to stand back. And i'd say you know be quiet please don't say that it's really not nice you know it's true, she deleted, 33, think of it, they'll never find the emails because they were acid, washed. Deleted. But you know what, she got a subpoena, from the united, states congress, right, and she and her lawyer, deleted. 33. 000 emails, after, she got, a united, states, subpoena. And you say. Why. Isn't she guilty of a major, crime, right. And then she took her telephones. And she smashed, them with a hammer. Right, and then she took the other ones and she deleted, them and now the mueller scam. These. People, the worst people. I have a friend a very smart guy very streetwise, guy, he said you have to be the most honest guy in the world, to go through three years of investigations. Where they have. The worst human beings in the world.

They Worked for the democrats. They worked i mean mueller didn't have a clue this guy was totally. But look at this, weissman, how bad was weisman, he deleted, his phone, that's illegal. He deleted, everything. They all deleted. And they all said oh gee we made a mistake we're sorry they all used the same mistake they all made it was oh gee we didn't mean to do that, every one of them all of them i think it was 31, different phones. They deleted. These are criminals, we're dealing with and they've got a. There has to be a repercussion. There has to be a repercussion. We're dealing with criminals. So i don't care if you say it anymore because you know what, she illegally, deleted, and her lawyer should go to jail with her okay. And the fact is. The republican. Party doesn't play it rough. And tough, like those, people. They don't play it the same way. They're too nice. And you know we have better policy, thank goodness we have better but we have we believe in borders. We believe in no sanctuary, cities we believe in lowering taxes. We have better, but our people. Don't we have some that are very good. Jim. Jim jordan, good, right, jim jordan, mark meadows, good right. No we have some very good. But i'll tell you what, we play it so nice. And in the end it's not right, because. What they get away with and obama. And biden. Got caught. Spying. On. Our campaign. Using, the, intelligence. I put that in quotes. Using intelligence. To spy in our campaign. And they got caught. They got caught. And you know if it was me that got caught forget, about it but they got caught, and somebody said well i know but he was president, oh great i'm president, too. And a hell of a lot better president, than he is i can tell you that. You know obama, came into office they gave him the nobel, prize like almost immediately, right, in fact he didn't even know why he got it. He didn't even know he had no idea why he got it and he was right about that because nobody else does either. They still don't know, but. We've done a lot of things. So we were nominated. A few days ago for a nobel, prize. Which is a big thing nobel peace prize, and then yesterday. We were nominated, a second time for another nobel. Prize. Now that's a big thing to me you know it's a big thing even though obviously, it's a very political, thing but it's a very big thing the nobel peace prize right. I got. I was just reporting, i'm just reporting, this, i got, zero, time. On the nightly news on the network, news. We got zero, time think of it. The president, of your country. Is honored, by being nominated. For the nobel, peace prize. And your nightly, news, abc. Which is terrible. Cbs. Which is terrible. And probably, the worst of all owned by concass. They spend a fortune, you know, on pr. And then every time i get up i call them comcast, and sort of wipe out their, fortune. But they are bad people. But nbc, is the worst of them all, not, one. Mentioned. These people, are corrupt. Not one mention, not one mention. So your president, gets a nobel, and. At least a nomination. And they don't mention it joe biden. Cannot, lead our country. Because he doesn't really believe in our country right now i don't think he believes in anything he just wants to go to sleep that's all. Please, darling i want to go to bed i'm exhausted. I made i made one speech yesterday. But darling they gave you the answers, and the questions. I know but that was a big strain because my eyes i couldn't see the teleprompter. This guy is the worst. I am running and you know it's gonna maybe come back to haunt me because we have a rigged election. It's a rigged election, it's the only way we're going to lose. But i'll tell you what, he is the worst candidate. In the history, of presidential. Politics. He doesn't know he's alive. He doesn't know he's alive. And what and. I've gotten to know. President, xi, of china very well, president. Putin, of russia. Kim jong-un, by the way what happened to the war, so was going to war with kim jong-un. Where's the war. Where's the war oh i see oh i see it never happened did it, never happened did it well maybe someday, it could happen.

Now Remember, we're gonna be trump is gonna be you know my personality. Right. Trump is gonna be at war within the first week after he wins. Uh where's the war, in fact the peace prize was because i stayed at awards and by the way, ended certain wars that could have happened, that you don't even know about. And look at look what we did. Look what we did just yesterday. In europe. And look what we did with israel, and. You just saw that with. United, arab emirates. Bahrain. For 72, years nothing happened and we did it we do it very fast. And plenty of other countries are going to be coming in. At biden's, convention, they decried, you're a hell of a crowd i'll tell. You. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very, much. Thank you very much, now after this is over. After this over you'll have like an nbc, this third-rate, reporter stand up, they had a small crowd, a, insignificant. Insignificant. Crowd, in a great location, you know how great it was, we landed we had to drive for 50 minutes that's how great but i like it anyway i think. I'll take it anyway i like it. You're my kind of people, we love each other i like it. We landed the big beautiful, air force one i just asked as we're coming in why couldn't we have landed here. I would have rather, you know then i could have had the plane right behind me. Instead we have the beast, see the beast. What you don't know is the beast costs almost, as much as the plane. It's a hell of a car it's a walking, army, tank. The beast, so, but we could have i said why don't we just land here and we could so i get off the plane oh good how long will it be about 50 minutes that's a long drive. And driving, here. There were tens, of thousands, of people, on the streets. With flags. And then you read these fake reporters, and they say. Uh. President, trump, is tied. In nevada, time. I don't think so. The only way we're tied is if they screw around with the ballots which they will do in my opinion, okay. Uh, we're not tied anywhere. I asked some people that traveled with. Obama. I said was it the same thing they say not even a tiny fraction, of what you have, there's not even a fraction. We have more enthusiasm. We have more spirit. Than any campaign, that anybody's, ever seen, it's true. And that includes. 2016. Where the the enthusiasm. Obviously, was great. How about all those states that we weren't supposed to win no he won't win there, he won't win there then all night long. Donald trump won the great state of texas, donald trump won the great state of this and that and one after another. And they would go was that one of the coolest things watching their people go crazy. They went crazy. No they went crazy. How is he gonna do in georgia well i think george is going to be very close so it's going to be very close. They go. Uh, the polls in georgia have closed donald trump wins the state of georgia you know why, because we won by so much if they can do it simultaneously.

By Saying the poll slows that he won, we had many of them right, and we're doing by the way we're doing great i just had, florida, is a biggie, and a good one, and we are winning in florida by a lot so that's. Good. I'll tell you here because you don't read about that stuff they don't like to write that. They don't like to write it they have all fake polls, i'll tell you what the polls are worse than the writing, actually, in my opinion. The polls you know they're suppression, polls they're meant to make people discouraged. Even me i'm supposed to be discouraged. And fortunately, four years ago we weren't discouraged, because, if we were to believe the polls nobody would have voted the concept, is. Really make people feel so that on election they go, darling let's go out to dinner. It's so sad about the president. I wish he was going to win but let's go out to dinner then we'll come home and let's not bother voting right let's not bother voting, see it's a suppression. But we, my people don't get suppressed. My people go out and vote. My people go out and vote there's no suppression. Phony polls, how about the guy the new york times hired this pollster this great genius he never called one wrong. I don't know 346. I don't know what the hell it's like it's called 340, what's his number what's his deal. Yeah it's silver, silver. Nate silver. They pay him a fortune. He said i think he gave us a two percent, chance a three percent chance. Donald trump has the three percent chance today of winning. The damn thing was over by. Ten o'clock. He was given we were given a very tiny chance, what chance did he give us like nine percent, something like that you know. They gave millions of dollars shortly before because he never called one wrong he called that one wrong he called that one wrong. And this is the one why i mean i must tell you they're a little more accurate, at least here they have us even in a lot of places, right, he's even well we're not even. We're not even. This is going to be the greatest, victory this is a more important election than four years ago i'll tell you. More important. Because at no time before, has there been a clearer choice between, two parties, or two visions. Two philosophies. Two agendas. For the future there has no never been anything like this on november, third. Nevada, will decide, whether we will quickly, return, to record prosperity. Like we had, we had the greatest. Economy. In the history, not of our country in the world. We were beating everybody. We were beating, china. Remember if you go back some of you go back. If you go back 10 years 15 years five years, everything was. In, 2019. China will overtake, the united, states as the largest. Economy. And that didn't work out too well for them.

That Didn't work out we were, we were, just. Doing, leaps and bounds we were doing so great, and then we got hit with the plague the china plague. And we're not uh we're not thrilled. It's a disgrace, nobody should have died. Nobody should have died we got hit the whole world got hit, but they stopped it from going into the rest of china. They stopped it from going into china, but they didn't stop it from coming into the u.s, and europe, and, 188. Countries. So. Whether or not we allow. Biden to impose, the biggest tax increase in the history of our country four trillion, dollars. Or ban and he wants to ban energy uh been american, he wants to stop fracking, hey by the way, when he was running as a democrat. And in the worst debate performances, i've ever seen. Okay. What do you think he was unable to answer anything. Are you awake sir, sir please wake up and who is the worst. Who who treated him the worst. Kamala. Kamala, she's another beauty. She started off as a favorite she was at 15, then she went down to 14, to 12, to 10.. She was like a, dropping. Rock in water she was going down so fast. Then she went down to five, and four, and three two. And then she said i gotta get the hell out of here just get. Em. And nobody, treated him worse than kamala, right she called him a racist, she called him everything. She was horrible, to him, and he says i'm gonna choose kamala, she's just great oh yeah. Ah, these people these people now you're supposed to choose the people that did well. She got out before, iowa as i remember, right she didn't want to run in iowa. And then bernie got, again this guy, is the greatest, loser, ever because. No no. No he's a good sport bernie. Crazy bernie he's so crazy. But he's a good sport because. You know with hillary. They really did. Do we have any young children, here i know it's on a lot of television. Could you turn television, off just for a minute. Just for about, three seconds, he got screwed, right. Okay now you can turn it back on. But then he really did, with this last one, because of pocahontas. Elizabeth, warren. If she would have left the race. One day before the big super tuesday. She i mean bernie would have her philosophy. Right liberals, by the way you know who's more liberal than bernie, kamala. She's rated, the number one most liberal, this is not for nevada, this is not for. And i would say she'll be president, if he ever wants you'll be president, within the first month or so i would say. I think it's just an excuse, using him is just an excuse to get the super libs in there. So they can destroy, our suburbs, demolish, our second amendment. Erase your borders. And indoctrinate. Your children, with poisonous. Anti-american. Lies, in school. So under my leadership, we built the greatest, economy, in the history of the world and now, we're doing it again we're doing it again you see the number.

And We're developing, a vaccine, in record, time. It will be ready before the end of the year and maybe much sooner than that they're very unhappy about that. You know it's amazing. We have, a couple of really great experts, one who's, we call him dr scott you know what i'm talking about he's crying, he said you know this is the only time they were grilling him on television saying well, the vaccine's, going too fast. You know why that's too fast because they don't want it to happen before the election. He said you know this is the only thing in the world i've never seen anything like it everybody, wants a vaccine. And when we start getting it fast because president, trump happens to be president, and we've done this in record time, years ahead of schedule, if this were sleepy, joe and obama, you wouldn't have a vaccine, for three years, but listen. He said this is the craziest, thing so you're gonna have a vaccine, quickly right. And everybody's, upset about it, so now they're trying to. Hurt the vaccine. And they're trying to say as many baths they know nothing about it. But they're trying to hurt it. And it's a shame, but he said it better than anybody i've heard he said you know. You're trying to hurt this country. By saying, bad things about the vaccine. Because we're going to produce, it early. It's the craziest, thing think about it now having a vaccine, is good but we're rounding the turn regardless, we're rounding the turn, and it's happening, i mean it's happening you see it. Florida's, way down, texas, is now way down, arizona. Governor's done a great job all three governors have done a great job. And, louisiana. Now they had a spike but they had to spike. But the spike was able to be handled because now we understand. And what we did we saved millions, of lives. Because. I hated to do it but we had to close it up, understand, this disease. And then open up again and we opened, but we would have had two million two and a half or three million people think of it we're at like around, a hundred and eighty thousand, four, just. One is too many, one, too many. But we would have had two and a half three three and a half million people, it would not have been acceptable. Would not have been sustainable. We've done an incredible, job, and these people that have done it with me the ventilators. The vaccines. The therapeutics. These people. I mean, the hospitals. The beds, that we built. The ships that we sent to new york. The ships that we sent, to have an ungrateful. Governor, in new york cuomo. To have an ungrateful, governor we sent him, ships. We sent them ships we sent them we built a convention, center with 2. 800, beds, and he didn't use the beds for senior citizens. He hardly used the beds at all he hardly used the ships at all. He said we did a phenomenal. Job and now he gets political, he wants to get political, with me. A real wise guy but that's okay. You got to see what they are doing between him and de blasio, that's another, beauty. What they've done to my beautiful, city i love that city so much what they've done is so horrible. The highest, taxes, in the land. Crime all over the place they're like 300. Up in crime. We need rudy to come out of retirement. But we're defeating, the china, virus, when biden was vice president. He was a complete, disaster. On the swine flu which was a much easier thing to handle. Joe biden's, own chief of staff. Said that when biden managed, swine flu in 2009. They quote. Did every, possible, thing wrong this is the guy that worked for him in charge of the swine flu. And 60, million americans. Got, h1n1. In a period of time and it's just purely, a fortune, he said it was just, we were lucky, he said, it's just lucky, that there weren't great, mass casualties, different kind of a disease, a little bit. And, what he said is amazing, he said, we did nothing right. This is the man is going to tell us all about. Building ventilators, you think joe is going to be able to build, thousands, of ventilators, a month, which now we're doing and sending them to all these countries, all over the world, who have no hope of building ventilators, and they need them badly.

So. You know. It's an amazing, thing the outbreak. Was so rampant. That obama, biden, the administration. Told states, to stop testing, immediately. And they ordered the cdc. To stop counting, cases. Because they looked like hell, okay, we didn't do that, we have by the way the reason we show so many cases, because we have the best testing, program in the world by far. By far. We've tested, more people, than india. Than many many big countries, put together, india's second, were 44. Million, tests ahead of, india. They have 1.5. Billion people. And prime minister modi calls me says what a job you've done with testing i said explain that to these, dishonest, people back. Biden's, record, demonstrates. That if he had been in charge, when the china virus, arrived. Hundreds, of thousands, of more americans, would have died. As vice president, he presided, over the worst and the weakest, and the slowest. Economic. Recovery. Since the great depression, you've heard that before. It was the most pathetic. Recovery. Since the depression. No state was hit harder, by. Biden's, failure, than nevada, and i was out here and he was that's right about that i would tell you you got hit hard. This is not the guy you want but under my administration. Before the virus. We quickly achieved, the lowest, unemployment. Rate in the history of nevada. And we'll soon have it back there again. We'll soon have it back there again, but i hope everybody, here 25. 000 people whatever, the hell it is including. Those people back there they're angry at me i don't know why we gave the press this good location. Because. No it blocks the people of thousands, of people back there and the press is blocking them and i consider them much more important than i do the press. But biden wants to raise your taxes, so high he would eradicate, your economy, he'd put on new regulations. And it wouldn't be him again i'm going to keep saying it it will be the people that control, him he's a puppet.

And Then he wants to do a complete shutdown. We're setting records you know we just set a job record for four months 10.4, million people. Listen to this. So when we had this pandemic. Worldwide. You know look, it's. It's a terrible, thing that a thing like this happened people were saying we could go to 41, 42. Unemployment, you know what we are now 8.4. I don't say that's. If you would have said that and we have the strongest, highest stock market in history. So your 401ks. Are doing great. If he got in. We would have, the greatest, depression. In the history, of our country, i mean it. I think 1929. Would look like good times, all right. Because he'd do everything, wrong. He'd raise your taxes, he'd raise the hell out of interest rates he'd do everything, wrong, the biden, shutdown, will permanently, destroy, the lives and dreams of tens of millions of americans. Inflict. Totally, lasting, harm on our children, and lead countless, deaths. From suicide, don't forget. When you do these shutdowns, your state is shut down. You got a governor you're shut down. Except. Except, if you have a riot. You're not shut down, for riots, riots, you could have, they can burn the hell out of this strip. They can burn the hell out of reno they can do whatever the hell they want if it's a riot, but if you want to go to church you can't do it, if you want to be in a group of people you can't do it. But you know there's a lot of harm done on the other side. There's a lot of tremendous, harm done. Remember the cure can't be worse remember, that. And on the other side. Drugs. Suicide. Depression. Substance, abuse of different kinds. Heart disease. You have tremendous. Problems, on the other side. Open your schools. Open up we've got to open up this stage. And i guarantee, you. And by the way you know the states that are open are doing really well they're doing much better than the ones that are closed i don't know if you've been seeing the numbers, and this is just arithmetic. The states that are open. Are doing, great, the states, that are closed. North carolina, what he's doing to that great state. He's got it locked down shut down. Michigan, what she's doing and we're trying to get big ten football by the way but we won't even, michigan. What she's doing, to michigan. Is unbelievable. Take a look at what they're doing to pennsylvania. And here's another governor, in charge of millions, of ballots. So i'm going to win pennsylvania. But what's he going to do with these ballots, where are they going, who are they sending, who's sending her back, who's signing, they don't even have to have an authorized, signature, in nevada, do you know that. They don't have to have, you don't have to have an authorized, signature, or a ballot. No, they're trying to rig an election. And we can't let that happen, i hope you're all going to be poll watchers, i hope you are. Because with you people watching the polls it's going to be pretty hard to cheat i'll tell you i wouldn't want to be a cheetah, they'll figure a way no they are it's a very dangerous, thing. It's a very dangerous, thing and i totally mean it and i've been at it and you see people and by the way it's not not even politics, it's common sense, they said millions, of ballots. People are getting ballots. People died, and they're getting ballots, they're sending them to dogs you see that dogs, got ballot, everybody's, getting balanced, probably, everybody but republican, are going to get the balance, right. And they're, unsolicited. So when you say, you know solicity, because i like solicited, better as a word than absentee, absentee, nobody knows what the hell it's supposed to represent. It's not really a good definition. One is solicited. Where you ask you solicit, the ballot, you want it you sign papers. They send it to you you send it back it's okay. It's good, but unsolicited. Where they take millions, of ballots. So what happens, i happen to think the postal people are great, but what happens if one of the post guys, before he gives a balance he takes a whole handful and hands him to some. Democrat, political, operative, right. And so he hands him a thousand, ballots. And the guy doesn't even have to you don't have to have verification. In nevada now here's the good news. We're in front of a court. And hopefully the court's going to rule because this is the greatest scam. Is the greatest scam. In the history, of presidential. Politics. These people, are, they've gone crazy, biden and his party of liberal, hypocrites. Want to lock, law-abiding. Americans, in their homes which is what they're doing, and they want to keep them out of church they really do, they're fighting, god. They're fighting, guns, and they're fighting oil. Think of it. I don't think they'll do too well in texas.

Did You see where they said, we think the race will be quite close in texas but the president, has an edge listen, i'm in favor of oil and energy. I'm in favor of religion, and god. Okay. And i'm in favor of our great second amendment. Guns. So he's against our second amendment. Okay you know who he put in george beto. Beto. Or as he says is, beethoven. So when beto was legit. And then ted cruz beat him and ted get it did a very good job i tell you he did a great job, so. But nato, went totally. South. He went totally he's gone crazy. So he now is a big gun guy he wants to take guns away from everybody. So who did biden put in george beto, remember beta was interviewed, in some magazine, or third rate magazine, most of them are. But remember. And beto said this was at the beginning before he got beat to. He i said he thought this was easy did he, but remember when beto said. I was born for this. As soon as i hear somebody's, born for running for president, i said he's out that's the end of him. Nobody's, born for this this, is tough stuff i i had a great life i'll tell you my life was so beautiful. What the hell did i do this for but you know what. You know what. We are doing things that nobody's, ever done. Before. And i say it all the time and that's what makes me happy. We're dealing with very sick and very bad and evil people but i'll tell you. No administration. In three and a half years. No administration. Has done, what we've done in the first three and a half years. But they want to punish you for praying in church while they let agitators. And arsonists. Burn your churches, down. Look at washington. They want to burn the churches, down and that's fine but you know you want to go pray in church they won't let you do that, just last week biden proudly, accepted, the endorsement. Of pro-criminal. Anti-police. Portland, district, attorney. Who has a policy, of releasing, rioters, vandals, criminals, and violent, extremists. Without any charges. No charges. Never saw anything, by the way. All of these places, we're talking about you know are democrat. Run, chicago. New york. Portland. Seattle. The only reason seattle. Got settled. Because they knew we were going in we told them we're going in tomorrow morning we're going to open it up we're going to take it it would have taken us 20 minutes, so they sent people that night, because they didn't want to be embarrassed. But look at what we've done and so every place we've touched, we solved the crime, but they have to ask us, if they don't ask us we're not supposed to do it, but maybe we do it anyway. And it usually takes anywhere from 25, minutes to about uh. One hour. Wasn't that a beautiful sight though in minneapolis. Right, they're burning the poor city down i love that state i think we have a chance of winning that state first time in many years. For a republican. They're burning, minneapolis, you don't think of minneapolis. That way right you don't think of it the city is burning down, you have this fake, cnn, reporter. What's his name velci, the nice shaved head, maybe i should try that should i try that dog. Donald trump went down substantially. In the polls like about 40. He showed up with a new haircut, it's called the shave head ali velchit. And remember he's saying no this is a friendly protest. It's a friendly protest, and it's really, quite nice, and people are throwing bottles out of he's being hit with tear gas. This is a friendly protest, and you look over his shoulder, and the entire, city was burning, do you remember the scene, the thing looked like it was 30 blocks it was just burning, and he's talking about. This is all fake news. And nobody would have known i knew it before i did it but i never knew it to this extent. I never knew it to this extent. It is corrupt. It's fake and they shouldn't be allowed to do it they shouldn't be allowed. These are far left lunatics. That biden, selects, to, staff his government. Are policies. Biden's, pledged, to apply. Nationwide. You're going to have, the suburbs. You know, they have a uh, a plan. It doesn't matter it's a regulation, very horrible, regulation. For the does anybody live in the suburbs. Because, if you don't. If you don't vote for trump in the suburbs, okay. You know. Women that live in the suburbs, they say oh they don't like donald trump i said i think they do remember, last time.

Remember It's the same thing. No it's the same thing. Remember last time four years ago, donald, trump will not do well with women i said why am i so bad. Donald trump will not. And then the votes start coming in, he's doing very well jim with women i don't know what's going on we did very well with. We did well with everybody. We did well with everybody. But they have a regulation. And ben carson, was fantastic, the head of hud. I said ben. They're going to destroy, the suburbs. And they wanted cory booker to head that program. But the program, was already doing damage. They were playing with the zoning, so they can build projects. In the subject projects. In the suburbs. And i said we're going to end it somebody said sir let's just amend it i said nope we got to end it end it i want to end it i don't want. I don't want to. Have. A lesser version. But if he gets in they will open up that, that whole program, they're going to open it up, on steroids, they're going to open it up to a level that you wouldn't have believed possible. And he will drive you out of the suburbs, he will drive you out of the he'll drive you out of everything, they're gonna, they're gonna open up their, i call it the. Suburban, destruction. Program. Because that's what they've done and it's been a horrible, program, it's been very unfair to people with the american dream and let me just tell you something. 30 percent. Of the people, that live in the suburbs. Are minorities. They're hispanic. They're black. They're asian. It's the american, dream and they want the american, dream, and they don't want that to happen, that's why i'm doing so well with african-american. With, asian-american. With hispanic. Americans. And with women. But don't let them ruin the suburbs. Because they will put that regulation. Back. Immediately. Immediately, and don't let them ruin the suburbs, because the suburbs, are a special place, the suburbs, are the american, dream that's where everyone, aspires, to, and that, includes. Minorities. And everybody. Don't let them ruin the suburbs. And with that comes tremendous, crime. And you know i was, being i was talking the other day. Darling somebody just moved next door, who is it it's, a representative. Of antifa. She will look at her husband say. Darling, we're out of here. We're out of here antifa. Remember they were trying to blame, uh other people they don't like to mention the name antifa, i said it's antifa, and i was right, i was right they're bad people. And you know what they have to pay a price for the damage, and for the, horror that they've caused, they have to pay a price. And it's so easy. It's so easy, a lot of them now are wealthy you know they're like these wealthy spoiled, kids that have no clue about life. They've got arms that are about this big and but they wear heavy jackets with lots, and you look you say oh that guy looks tough and then the jacket comes off and you see these two little. And they go home and they live in a basement, too their mom and dad's basement. But biden's, plan is to appease, domestic, terrorists. And my plan is to arrest. Domestic, terrorists. Joe biden is a weak person. He does whatever, is left-wing, puppet, masters, demand you know that, joe doesn't look joe doesn't know what's going on you know that. I mean let's be nice about it okay and i'm being nice what i say. He'll never be able to protect your family, your loved ones or your community. If biden's, elected, his radical, supporters. Won't just cause mayhem, on the streets like you're seeing. All democrats. We could solve it so fast. Chicago. A few weekends. Think of it. 72. People shot this is shot. Somebody said you mean with bullets i said yeah with bullets. 18, people died. Now, we're pulling our troops out of afghanistan. Out of iraq you see what's happening but but let me tell you. But we don't, there's nothing like that over there. They don't have 18 people killed or 12 people, you know in a short period of time. Will you have 70, people, shot. Where you have. Another weekend where they had i think a few weekends ago 38, people have been shot in chicago, this i said, 38. It's not even believable. And now when these people say it they make it you know they try and play it down, and you're sitting there you said did i just hear 38, people were shot.

It's Just a terrible, thing, and it can all be stopped, it can all be stopped so quickly, but they have to respect. Law, and they have to have, order, law. But these radical, lefts will be running the department, of justice, the department, of homeland, security, in the united states supreme, court, and you see what's going on there. If we don't you know the next president, hopefully is going to be us not me us. But the next president. Is going to have one two three or four supreme court choices, it's just, you know, just that time right, just that time. Gonna be a minimum, of one i would say but it will be, one two three or four. And that's gonna change, the whole makeup, of the supreme court, that's going to take away your guns. That's going to destroy, your second amendment. That's going to. Change, the whole. Rationale. Thinking, on so many different. Subjects, like you wouldn't believe including, by the way life. Okay, life, pro-life, anybody pro-life, here. Now this is going to. Change, the makeup, of this country, for 50 years, i don't know that the country, will survive. 50 years, if that happens, it might not survive, five years if that happens. But the next president. And you saw i put out a list of. An additional. Number of very conservative, highly, thought of, highly respected. Judges. And they are uh. The only people that i will pick. Meaning the first list the second list it's about 44, 45, people. They are the only people that i will consider for the supreme court of the united states, and i'm asking joe biden to do the same thing but he can't, because he's got a bunch of radical, left, maniacs, that they want to put on the court, and nobody can get elected. Not even with democrats. Rational democrats. Will they vote for some of these people to be on so so far he's refused to do it i'm probably, forcing him tonight to do something, but he should put out, a list, of his judges. So that you know where you stand. Biden supports, cutting police funding you know that abolishing. And by the way. Did you see we just got. Chicago. Police today endorse trump that's not easy to do. Chicago. New york's finest. New york's finest, indoors, florida. Ohio. Texas. We have everybody. Is there a police, officer, in the country, if there is they'll do a commercial, this officer. Loves sleepy joe biden he's so tough on crime. So biden's been going down very rapidly, in the polls and now what he's doing is he's playing tough guide they're just tough on crime all of a sudden, he goes from a demolished. Demolish, and defund, okay, but he goes from, let's not give the police any money let's not even say defund for him his people wanted to fund the police. They actually have places seattle, they actually don't want to have police. Minneapolis. They don't want to have police. They don't want to have police, what's going to happen you saw the commercial we put up, a woman's, being murdered. I'm sorry we cannot take your call right now.

We Will call you back within the next 24, hours, a woman's, being raped, right. I'm sorry we could not respond, right now. Because we have been defunded, but we will try getting there within the next. Week. This is what you're going to have i mean, that was a strong commercial. It had a big impact, but this is what you're buying with a guy like this, this guy you're going to have portland's, all over this country and we can't we can't allow that to. Happen. Not here says not here in nevada, well with your governor, it could happen here too. They want to abolish, bail. So they want to abolish, cash bail like they did in new york they release, people. The horrible, criminals, in new york they release them, no cash bail. And he calls law enforcement, biden, called law enforcement, the enemy, they're not the enemy they're our friends they are great friends. And without them we wouldn't be here, here in nevada, rioters, burned the city, hall in reno does anybody, uh know that do you know that. That's not a pleasant, sight. How did you allow that to happen i would have thought your people would have gotten out there it's like. You're not going to burn our city hall. And during the violent, demonstrations. In las vegas a 29, year old police, officer, you know about this. Was deliberately. Shot in the head. While he was doing his job a vicious, criminal, left. He was a left, person. He left. He was a real left all right. And, the young officer, as you know he's a young. Brilliant. Young guy and he's totally paralyzed. Unlike biden while i'm president, of the united, states i will always stand with the heroes, of our law enforcement. And on november, 3rd you will save america, you're talking about saving america, we cannot, let this happen to our country. Because i don't know if you can ever come back from what will happen including, our supreme, court. We're joined tonight, by our terrific, republican. Congressional. Nominee, who is. My complete, and total, endorsement. Jim where are you jim, jim marchant. Jim marchant. Where are you. A lot of people out there jim it's not easy. Are you doing well i just looked at a very solid poll, jim marchant, is a great guy and hopefully, he's going to win and you're going to carry him over and, you need it you need it thank you jim. And also to a man that should have been governor, he should have been governor, what happened i don't know what happened. Nevada, attorney, general he's a great guy adam, laxaltan. He's watching, very closely. And i'll tell you uh adam. Please, he's a great lawyer, great talent. And uh he's going places, but uh. You have to watch he just said our next governor i believe that's true. You have my endorsement. But i will tell you this adam, uh, if you could because you're, doing a fantastic, job watching. Watch, all these uh. Votes coming in on the ballots the unsolicited. Ballots will you watch it please okay. All right. You know. All right james, settlemyre. Where's james. James, look at it james, whoa. Look at the size of james, i want you protecting, me james. James, is good you're doing well i saw a good poll for you too i think we're all doing well, i think we're all doing well it's like a family. Thank you james very much all of you guys thank you very much. A woman who did a fantastic. Job she headed up michigan, we won michigan, the first time in decades, republicans. Won. She was horrendous, she kept calling me sir one more speech please come over okay i'll do one more rana, ronald mcdaniel, i'll do one more rana. One more. I do the speech two days later i get a call one more sir we need one more, but we ended up winning, michigan, first time in decades. Ronna mcdaniel. Rana. She was great and i said you know when i won i said well who are we going to put at the rnc. That's, republican. National, committee who we're going to put. And i said how about that woman that ran. She was, she was so tough. I said how about the woman that ran michigan, that we won first time in so many years, so thank you ron a great job you're doing we appreciate, it. And another man who's doing a fantastic. Job who's been a friend of mine for a long time, your gop, chair, michael, mcdonald.

Michael. Great job michael. Thank you michael. Thank you mike. How are we doing michael are we leading i hope. Okay. I hear we're doing well be careful of the ballots it's the only way we're gonna lose. Can't can't have this happen to our country. And also here are several, really great members of a terrific. Association. And they like trump a lot, the nevada, trucking. Association. Where are they nevada, trucking. Nevada, trophy. Thank you thank you, thank you folks. Thank you very much great job. We appreciate, it very much. Those roads are going to get very nice they're already starting. Tonight our hearts are with all of the communities. And the west battling, devastating. Wildfires, i'm going there the day after tomorrow i'm staying in your state. Tonight but i'm going to be going to. California. Spoke to the folks in oregon. Washington. They really haven't they never had anything, like this. But you know it is about forest, management, please remember the words very simple. Forest. Management, please remember. It's about forest management. And other things but forest, management. My administration. Is closely, coordinating. With state and local leaders. And we want to thank the more than 200. 000, people that are working on it and 28, 000 firefighters. And first responders, who courageously. And bravely. Are fighting out there they are fighting, and it's dangerous. It's dangerous, it's a rapidly, spreading. Hundreds, of thousands, of acres it's not been anything quite like this one, we've spent the last four years reversing, the horrible, damage, joe biden inflicted. Over the past. 47, years think of it he's been there 47, years, and he always says, well why didn't you do this why did the guy just really you know in all fairness i've been here three and a half years so it's not like they haven't been here, he was a vice president, for eight years, and he only did one thing good. He treated obama, good. I was going to say something else but they would have scolded, me. I was good that's exactly what i was going to say. But, it's better than you say it do you want to shout it out go ahead. That's what i said that's what i was doing. Thank you very well this can only happen in nevada. And we passed record, tax cuts and regulation. Cuts to keep the family, farms and ranches. In the family nobody even knows this, we virtually, eliminated. The unfair, estate tax also known as the death tax, does anyone have a small, farm. Medium-sized. Farm or business, anybody. If you want to leave it to your children you don't have to pay tax now because of trump. I always say it, and i mean it if you like your children it's great if you don't like your children it doesn't mean a damn thing don't leave it to it. I ended the administrations. And if you look at that last administration. What they were doing on, american. Energy, what they were doing. And now we are the world's number one energy, producer, by far, and we are energy. Independent. How about your gas prices that's not too bad right you know. You didn't think you'd ever see those prices those under two dollar prices, that you have. Thank you president, trump i appreciate, it sir. Has pledged to abolish. The production, of american, oil, and shale, and clean coal and natural, gas and, he wants to ban fracking, right, so, he's in these debates, with the other people and they're just eating them alive. He did his best debate against crazy bernie, and i got to ask why did he get better all of a sudden. What happened. Why do you have any idea why, i think i know. Why did he get better all of a sudden, but, he did his last event but he was so bad, and he raised his hand no fracking, there will be no fracking. Under my administration. He said. And you know why i add the word he said, because they will take what i said. And they will put it as a commercial, there will be no fracking, under my administration.

They'll Have it they'll have me saying it that's how dishonest, these people are so i always have to add something, because you know but even then sometimes they'll cut it off at the end. But he said there'll be no fracking, under my administration. Now all of a sudden he goes to pennsylvania. And his polls aren't looking very good, because they do big fracking, and he goes to texas, and he goes to oklahoma. And he goes to north dakota, and he goes to all these places. Not looking so good all of a sudden says i had nothing against fracking, what are you talking, about. But always follow their first instinct. Because the first instinct is what is going to happen. And he has to because he signed you know he has a manifesto. I call it the manifesto. With bernie. And aoc, plus three you know all these crazy people. And it's a manifesto. And it reads far worse than anything bernie sanders, ever said, you know i thought he'd take what bernie did and move them somewhat to the right. No, he took what bernie said and they move way further left it's the craziest, thing i've ever seen, but, follow the original, statements, because that's what's going to happen, whether it's on religion, or on guns, or on fracking, or on energy or anything. That's what's going to happen california. Has already, implemented. This extreme, agenda. And they are experiencing. Massive, blackouts, you know that california. They like wind, they like wind, oh darling, let's watch television, i'm sorry, darling the wind, the wind isn't blowing tonight, we can't watch television. But i want to watch president, trump he's on television, i want to watch him. Darling, how many times do i have to tell you, the wind is not blowing. Tonight. And the government, came and turned off all the windmills, because they're killing all our bald eagles and all our birds. It's unbelievable. You want to see a bird cemetery, walk under a windmill, sometime. They pile up. It's honestly, it's terrible, then the environment, is saying oh they're so wonderful. You know what you know when they talk about fumes. When they talk about going up the carbon. Going up. Take a look where they're made they're made in china and they're made in germany. They spew, more, crap into the air than anything, they can you can run those things for 15 years and they'll never make up the difference, but here's what happens. After a certain number of years they wear out. And did you ever see a windmill, when it's shot. Like joe. What happens. No you know what happens to it. It starts to rust, they don't paint it. The maintenance, gets bad, and then they just turn it off, take a look at california. Where they have windmills, that have been that are old. And nobody wants to take them down because there's not a lot of profit in taking them down, so they're sitting there all rotten, and rusty. It's terrible, and then i hear the environmentalists. Love them, uh. It's, we got to talk to the environmentalists. I want that. And they cannot. They cannot, you know solar i like solar but solar is very expensive, and it doesn't have the power to, to fire up our, massive, plants we have big plants, including, in this great state, and you can't fire him up with this stuff. You can't fire we need the strength because we're competing, against a lot of nations, and they don't go through what we do, they don't care about the air and they should.

And They should, which is another problem you know i took you out of that crazy paris, climate accord, because it was a total disaster. No. It was a way of hurting the united, states i tell you, it would we would have had to close 20 25. Of our factories. In order to even. It was so crazy. So expensive. But i took you out,

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