Trump goes one-on-one with Lou Dobbs | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Trump goes one-on-one with Lou Dobbs | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

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Good evening everybody, we'll be talking with the president, of the united states donald trump here in just, moments, live. I do want to set just a bit of the scene. This interview tonight comes as the radical, dems have been trying to create, a nightmare, for democracy. This november, the party of hate, pushing mail-in, ballots is the only safe way to vote during the china virus, pandemic. They're also, pushing. As many left-wing. Activists, and anarchists, as they can. Into the streets of america. Just when we thought that the with the, china, virus, pandemic. That the radical, dems would stand up for. National security. The national, interest, and, be shoulder to shoulder with the president, and confronting. More threats, more crises, than any president, since, abraham. Lincoln. It is stunning, to see, what. What has actually been, the result. I understand the president, is on the phone now and i want to go to him straight away. Uh, mr president we're delighted to have you with us on the broadcast. Uh. And, we hope that. You can stay with us a while to go through all of these issues but my first question would be. At what point. At what point, do you expect, or do you expect. The democrat. Party. To align, itself, with the national, interest. And the welfare, of american, citizens. Well maybe the point of great success, you know we were at that point where we had a tremendous. Nobody covered it better than you lou and we had a tremendous. Economy, we had the best employment, numbers best stock market numbers although they're catching up we're very close. But we had the best numbers that you've ever seen and the best numbers anybody's, ever seen. Probably, the best numbers. Uh ever for an economy. Beating, china badly beating everybody, badly. And they were coming along, because they weren't able to fight that. And uh the covet, actually. Now they, try and you know play that game but, they were very close success there's nothing like success, for bringing people together. Sometimes, they don't want to necessarily. Come for that reason but we were getting much closer. And this came and now. I don't know if you heard some of the numbers on cars, and manufacturing. But some of the numbers released. Yesterday, and today were absolutely, incredible, beyond anybody's, belief. We are seeing, some remarkable. Numbers, with an economy, that has uh at one point was all but shot, shut down, uh by the china virus. Uh we have seen, now, uh new voices, arise, saying to, you. That mr president you should shut down the economy, again a, i don't know where the federal reserve gets these people mr president. But neil kashkari. The president, of the minneapolis. Fed, saying that the we need to shut down the entire economy, for, four to six weeks. Saying that we have plenty, of money. To sustain, the economy, through such a closure. It's remarkable. The voices, that are, chiming, in. To say. Shut down the economy, it's as if they haven't been paying attention. For the past four or five months. Well that's not gonna happen lou what we did is uh, we were, as we said setting records in every way and then we got hit by the plague i call it the china plague china virus call or whatever you want it's got like 20 different names. And we got hit hard. And we did close up we had to close it up and we did the right thing we saved millions of lives lou we would have had. Millions, of lives we have a number now which is unacceptable. But every number anybody, anything more than one person is unacceptable. Because they could have stopped it they could have stopped it from coming in you say it all the time, they stopped it from coming into china but they didn't stop it from here europe and the rest of the world.

So We closed it down and we're now opening it up and it looks like it's a v it's absolutely, a v but we're not going back to shutdowns, now we understand, the disease. We understand. The problems, with elderly, especially, elderly, with heart or diabetes. Or other problems. And we're able to take care of them we understand, it now but we're not shutting down we've done. Really very well the numbers are looking very good by the way in florida, texas, and california, they're heading down. Right, right. Uh and a lot of people don't realize, those numbers, uh the combination, between florida and texas, never rose. To a significant, portion, of the deaths. In. New york state. Uh to the point, of. Of opening, uh this economy. Uh. Anthony, fauci. You're. One of your doctors, on the task force. Saying, that finally, acknowledging. Very clearly, and somewhat, loudly. That you saved. Lives. And, a great number of american, lives by shutting down travel from china. Finally, a clear, statement, by fouchy, on that particular. Issue. There are other ambiguities. That he's left hanging but that one finally. He is being direct. And forthright. But speaking, of fouchy, he is also. Acknowledging. That schools. Not all of them but most schools, need to reopen, the economy, needs to be. Reopened. You're also getting support, for that, initiative. Which you were standing, absolutely. Alone, saying we've got to reopen the economy. Now the secretary, general of the united nations, is joining in, to say, absolutely. Open, up the economy, put the kids in schools, because, it could be otherwise. A generational. Disaster. For the entire world. Your thoughts, well we are opening the economy, very rapidly. And frankly, uh. Some of the blue states, we wish they'd do it and they do it fast. We're asking them to do it, but they like, to keep it closed it'll probably, open up on november, 4th you understand that they'll announce that they're opening on november, 4th, there's a lot of politics, involved in some of these, states that are closed it's. Let's say democrat, governors were being kind we'll say democrat, governors, some radical, left and, maybe some not so radical left but they're all democrats. And, frankly, they want to keep it closed i think as long as possible. Maybe for some good reasons, but maybe also for political, reasons, but, we want it open we want the schools openly. You know, young people have better immune systems than we do i hate to tell you this and, uh they are in very good shape. Virtually. Virtually. Immune. Uh from uh this disease they're incredible, the the uh, the strength, of their, probably, you have to give the credit to their immune system it's called being young. And, and yet with the flu and various other things they don't do so well so you know somebody will, explain that someday perhaps. But they uh certainly, for. The china virus they do very well they do very very well so we want to open the schools. We are going to be opening most of the schools the parents, generally, speaking want them open, and we want to do it safely, we want to get them open safely, but, we want the whole deal opening we want people starting to go to the office. And. Starting to work, and i i have to say despite, that. The numbers, have been very very good we have a big number coming out on friday, i believe it will be friday.

And That's going to be another jobs number the last two have been incredible, they've been record setting numbers, so seven and a half million, jobs. And we have another number coming up the third one under you know after this whole catastrophe. And that'll be uh that'll be coming up i believe on. Friday. Yes and, that unemployment. Rate, will be followed by everyone, it will be one of the measures. By which, uh, the reopening, of the economy, is being judged. Without question. Uh. As you talk about the schools it's interesting, that we have such a politicized. Deeply, partisan, divide, in this country that is finding, expression, even in, the education, of our children. Uh. And, in particular, for minorities, in this country. This will be a tremendous. Tremendous. Back step. For them. Because. They need, desperately. Education. Our public schools, are the great equalizer, in our society. And to defer, their education. Is, is absolutely, outrageous. And for the democrats. To pretend, that they're doing this, for. The american, peop, people is absurd. Uh these radical, dems. And, the the federation, of teachers, and the international, education, association, the two largest. Teachers, union, seemed to be on the front, of wanting not to work, and wanting not, to be in the classroom, teaching those, who. Who need, education. Uh most. Are young people well that's, that's as you know that's a very political, group and they want to see if they can get uh biden. In there and, i don't know if you saw rasmussen. Was yesterday, 51. We were at 51. And maybe i don't know almost more importantly, that strongly, favor this is a number of people don't see very often but, 40 percent, strongly, favor that means they're really committed that means they're enthusiastic. We have, tremendous. Record-setting. Enthusiasm. On our side and, they have record-setting. Uh, lack of enthusiasm. And they've they've never had anybody. So. Unenthused, here, it's i mean it's an amazing, thing it's a very. Unenthusiastically. Uh, endorsed, candidate. So we'll see what happens you know you never know it's election but i think we have more than we've ever had, we went down as you know to texas, uh three days ago and, we had. Literally, tens of thousands, of people on the roadways, with the flags, and the whole thing i mean they were going wild and then we went to florida, on friday. Uh all of the sheriffs, of florida and law enforcement. Endorsed, me 100, texas, also by the way. But you know when you think of it he's against, uh that, group and it's not him it's he's told what to do he's a puppet for the, for the radical left but when you think about it, they're against, oil and gas they're against guns and i guess they're against god, okay but they're against religion, they're against. The bible. Certainly, i mean you look at what they say, but if you're against, oil. If you're against. The guns and you're against the bible, and then you're supposed to win texas i don't think that's working out too well so i was with the governor of texas he said no you have a very, tremendous. Lead. You know they say they like to say texas, is in play but. How can you be against, oil and gas, and guns, and lots of other things and you're in place so, these polls are fake i had it i had it you know better than anybody you've been so incredible, i'll tell you what number one you're a talented, guy, i wouldn't want to have you as my enemy that i can tell you but you are one hell of a man. And you've been there from the beginning and we really appreciate, it that's why i do, that's why i do things with you and i don't bother with others but, when you look at uh when you look at the. Kind of polls we get. And i had the same thing last time. But the the real polls, and the internal polls are really fantastic. And when you take into consideration. The enthusiasm. And also the fact that, uh a lot of people just don't want to get involved you saw the one part i think it said 62. Of the people don't want to either get involved. Or say who they're voting for so how do you do a poll. So i think you're gonna have a big surprise, i think i think we have. Actually, much. More. Enthusiasm. And many more people, than we had in 2016.. We'll take 2016. Right now but i think the enthusiasm. Level i mean you would know better than i, i think the enthusiasm. Level is at a, number that people haven't seen before. Not in a long time, yeah i i think. There's an almost 30-point. Gap, between. Republican. Enthusiasm. For donald. Trump. Uh, and. Those democrats. For. Uh, joe biden it's really a, tremendous. Deficit, for biden to overcome. Right, it's a record it's a record, it's a record gap on enthusiasm. And, uh, you know i feel it when when you see thousands. Tens of thousands, of people. On these highways, in texas, and and we went to maine.

And We had, unbelievable. Crowds nobody's ever seen crowds like that in maine and we went to uh. Other places, i mean pennsylvania. We're in pennsylvania. Uh tennessee. No matter where we go the the level of enthusiasm. They meet you at the plane, and. Literally as far as the eye can see the people are along the roadways, it's a beautiful thing to see, there's tremendous, spirit in our country, tremendous, spirit. And and that spirit, is, expressed, in a number of ways, but one, certainly. Is the market itself, we are as you alluded to earlier. Watching this market, move forward, uh advanced. And, stocks, appreciate. Significantly. Despite. Uh the setbacks, that have occurred. Despite. The. The level of fear. That. The radical, left it seems, is. Very uh, involved. In encouraging. It's it's really, quite something to watch. Because, we've never gone through this before, and, you are leading the nation. Uh. In a, a direction, that i think. Most americans. If they could vote right now would say that's the way we want to go, this is a nation you promised that you would restore, prosperity, you not only promised that you promised you'd restore prosperity. For all americans, we saw a net worth. Of black households, in this country. Soared to record, highs we saw the unemployment, rates for all minorities. Moved to record lows. Before, the china virus. When you, when you reflect, on it. What is your sense because the relationship. With that, question with china, is complex. Uh. And difficult. When you reflect, on all of this. What is. Your thought, about, china, and the prospects. Uh for, uh. The relationship. Going forward. Well it's been very. Badly, hurt, by what happened, because i really believe they could have stopped it in wuhan. And i, feel strongly about that. And it's certainly been very badly, hurt, the. Farmers, will tell you over the last. Few days they ordered a record amount of corn a record amount of soybeans, numbers that, have never been literally a record i heard it was a record, corn ordered a record, soybean, order. They're buying you know i made a trade deal and it's a wonderful deal but after this happened, i don't feel the same about the deal we did usmca2. With mexico, canada i feel. That's been a great deal because that took the place of the worst probably the worst trade deal ever made nafta which was just a horrible, deal, emptied, out our factories. But the usmca. Is a great deal that the deal with china was a great deal but, i don't feel the same way as i did look we've been, we've lost, 160. 000, people, we're going to lose more. We would have lost millions had i just, let it ride as they expressly, go we could have lost. Millions, at the same time can you imagine with all of the death, and now you multiply, that number times 10 15 or even 20. It would have been, unsustainable. And unacceptable. But this was caused by china, and, so it certainly has had, a. Negative, impact i have, you know i had a really great relationship.

With President xi it's as good as you can have i would suggest, and, but it just is it's been such a. Horrible, horrible thing when you see everyone walking around now with masks, and you see all the death and you see. What's happened to this country but really to the world, i mean if you look at the world the world is uh. Some countries. Have been just, literally. Devastated. Look at europe look at what happened to italy and spain, and france, and. All of these, all of these countries, they were just devastated. By this and, it could have been stopped so it certainly has had an impact, uh tick-tock, is, one thing that we're doing and, we just uh i don't know i maybe i would have done that anyway i don't know it could have been affected, by this. Uh you know huawei, i'm i've stopped, huawei, from, coming into this country, i mean there were some false reports, i actually called the great ludops. To tell them by the way you have one report, wrong you were sort of, indicating, that i was allowing, it in i said no i wasn't allowing it in fact we're, actually, taking down equipment, where they have huawei, equipment, bought years and years ago long before my, time. And we're actually taking it down off the top of uh towers, and things all over the country no, i turn it and i've gotten many countries, not to buy it too, because it's we think it's a very big, security risk so, i don't know maybe i wouldn't be. The same maybe i wouldn't feel the same maybe i'd sort of close a. Close a blind eye, but you know what, uh, it is what it is it's been a horrible, horrible, thing, and again, we never did we had the greatest. Year. In the history, of the world. If you think of it not just this country, there's never been a country. That did better than us last year. And now we're fighting, back. And now, it looks like it's a v based on the auto sales based on, uh. I mean based on a lot of different things i don't know if you saw used car sales you can't even get a used car now, which is a big indicator, by the way, but you look at manufacturing. Numbers, and it'll be interesting, to see what happens on friday i don't know the answer yet but we'll find out on friday and jobs another jobs number but. It looks very certainly like we're going to have a v a very strong v i'm dealing with. Nancy pelosi, and chuck schumer, and we're trying to get, some real good money to take care of people that should be taken care of and helped, the problem is uh.

They're More interested, in taking care of. Let's say, democrats, who did a very poor job running a state, you know the states i'm talking about there's. A number of them where they're run by, democrats, some radical, left, uh you look at what, what's been going on in portland. And by the way the wall street journal gave us a great editorial, that trump wins in portland, i sent a whole group of very. Very tough very talented, people there to protect, can you believe it a courthouse, a major, federal courthouse, from being. Burned to the ground. Torn down. Uh decimated. And and we've, saved that very easily, frankly. And, we help them beyond that and we could solve that problem totally very quickly and easily but, we're not doing that as of yet but it's been a very big victory in portland, it's been a big victory in seattle. We were going to send in the troops i had mentioned that once here before we're all set to send them in and they did it, instead which is the way it's supposed to be it's supposed to be done locally but they knew we were coming the following, morning. And it worked out very well these guys just raised up their head the anarchists. And the, agitators. They were exhausted. And they just held up their hands and gave up, but we've had uh we've had tremendous, success, and uh, i think next year is going to be one of the best years we've ever had lou but in the meantime. You can never forget the death and you can never forget, all of the, the tremendous, amounts of money we've needed to put back into our country, to, to keep it going well, to keep it going the way it should. And the direction. Is decidedly. The correct one uh the, the, the, the quibbling, and the uh, the detractors. That uh, are with you. 24, 7. Uh from the, from the left. Uh, are really. Right now, uh operating, in a in a way that i find incomprehensible. Because this is a time for, the national, interest, and and we're not hearing, from other. Leaders. That is, ceos. Corporate, leaders. Who could be influencing. The democratic, party who could be influencing, the left and instead. Many of them. Many of them, are supporting. Left-wing, organizations. Including, black lives, matter. Who are bringing, anarchy. And violence, to our streets. It is a peculiar. Time for, for the leadership, of corporate america, as well and. Particularly, because. In addition, they are the ones who own. The fake news, outlets, that you refer to so often. Uh. And correctly, uh with, some. Uh. Some. Bitterness, if i may say. It is, those companies. Could. Could change, all of this. In a matter of days. Do you find it's, just absolutely. Stunning, that they will not rise to the occasion. Well i find a company, like comcast, i don't call it com it's, com, but i call it con because there's a whole big con job. They own, nbc. And. Msdnc. And i find that company to be a disgrace. And, they could, make our, they could heal the wounds, because, you know what's wrong with having. Strong military. Low taxes. Great school, great protection. Good strong police forces, so you don't get hurt. Suburbia, is strong you know i ended that, horrible, rule where they were building low-income, housing in the middle of the suburbs, right next to your house and. Really, destroying, a lot of families, and a lot of, a lot of. A lot of the american, dream and i ended it i totally, they wanted to change it i said nope you got to end it, that's been going on for a long time got much worse under obama. And would have gotten much worse uh, cory booker was going to take it over so you can imagine how that would have been that would have been a disaster, with him, he was another great presidential, candidate, that ended up getting out with zero percent of the vote. So you know it's one of those things lou but it's uh i will tell you this uh. What i've done is i'm fighting, some of these, companies, i'm fighting now big pharma. And i'm going to a favored nations, clause you know germany, and we have countries, that get. Uh, drugs for a tiny fraction, of what we pay we pay for all of the costs all of the research, and development, all of the everything, and. You'll have a pill, as an example that will sell for. Uh, pennies, and we pay dollars, our people have to pay big dollars, for them, and so what i'm doing is i've, instituted. A favorite, nations, laws which is tough. That's very tough that means if, if let's say as just yes to use it as a name let's say germany or let's say, uk. Gets their, medicines, and gets their uh, prescription, drugs. For, a very low price and we're paying a very high price we now get, the same price as the lowest com as the lowest country anywhere in the world. You're talking about 50 60, 70. Reductions, in price and more. Are you talking about nobody's, ever done that plus i have the rebate, rule, where we get all the rebates you know you've always heard in the drug.

Thing Very complex, pricing, structure. But it's really a rip-off. The rebate, now goes toward reducing, the price and goes to the people. And then we also have the right to buy from foreign countries like canada, as an example. It buys, drugs for half the price of wheat so we're going to buy some of the drugs directly, from canada, because we get through all of the red tape, and i've authorized, that they can do it so florida as an example, i think, i think ron desantis, will be the first one to do it he's going to buy a lot of the drugs, going to say 40 50 60. By buying the drug from canada it's ridiculous, but still, i don't care the the prices comes way down for the identical, drugs same exact drug so, you know i wouldn't say that big farmers, in love with me they're taking commercials, all over the place trying to, you know, hurt me uh politically, and i don't care you know they don't. They don't, do anything for me i don't need that money, a lot of politicians. Do to be honest with you but the favorite nations, laws. Will reduce, drug prices. Massively, and just one thing, first time in 51, years last year that drug prices came down, so, no other president got him down but that's peanuts, compared to what we're talking about now now we're talking about. Uh price reductions, of 50 60 70. In prescription, drugs nobody ever thought that was possible, favored nations. Nobody else would have done it lou. I think you're right it's also one of the great, advantages. Of having, a, populist, in the white house. Because we know you're for the people, the people that put you in office. And not, big pharma, or the special, interests. That. Somehow. Find you uh, well uh. Uncooperative. With some of their policies, and the chamber of commerce. In particular. Uh so. As we look at. As we look at what you're accomplishing. Uh. It's, it's truly, been a remarkable. Three and a half years. Uh because no one has faced the opposition, you have, the national, threats that you have. Uh and for this country to be where we are i i think it's straightforwardly. Uh, accurate, to say. We're very fortunate, to have you. In the white house and i think most of america. Including. We call them the silent majority. In point of fact the left is intimidating, people to such an extent. They're really the silenced. Majority. But you give them voice, and the american, people are are truly, i believe, grateful, will express that come november, 3rd. We'll see. The polls, that have you back. Behind, a bit, uh are. Actually kind of mild compared to the polls that had you being trampled, in 2016.. So i i don't think anyone's too worried about that at least of all you particularly, your approval ratings. Are looking good the internal, yeah the internal polls have been fantastic. And rasmussen. Has already turned around and they were very accurate last time and we're leading in the rasmussen. Poll, and by the way we built the wall you know the wall is 275. Miles now lou we'll be at, 500. Miles. Long which is what we wanted by the end of the year and, i can't imagine the chamber of commerce, being against, it but they were they fought me the chamber of commerce fought me and think about if we didn't have the will you know we're setting record low numbers, on the border. And when people come in illegally, we bring them out we want people to come in illegally. But, you would think and because of the pandemic, because, as you know mexico, is very, very heavily infected. Because of the wall. We're not getting a huge negative, impact from mexico, which is a tremendous, thing so, a lot of good things are happening you think the chamber of commerce would be extremely, happy with the job i'm doing but, they're coming from a different. Side of the plate. Absolutely. And, uh. As we are, approaching, a a limit on our time i i i just do want to get to the issue of, uh, william barr, the attorney general's, investigation. John durham. Of obama, gate. So much as in the public eye now, that it is clear. That. There was. There was a conspiracy. In the obama, era. Intelligence. Agencies. Uh to. To overthrow. Your presidency, before that to block your election, outright. Uh. Your thoughts about whether that, that will uh whether that. Investigation. Will, result in charges, before, the election. So we caught president, obama, and biden, spying on the campaign. Biden was even saying using the logan act which is, exactly, what they used thought flynn, they used a logan act and they had it down in, writing in a white house meeting where president, obama, and vice president, biden were there biden. Suggested, the logan act which i understand, very well but general flynn probably didn't but they used it on him, very very terribly.

What They've done to him and so many other people they've destroyed their lives. I caught them and we caught them spying, using the intelligence. Apparatus. Of our country to spy. On an opponent. Opponents, or the opposing, party's campaign. Both before, and after the election, how about after the election, i had already won, and now they wanted to get that was the insurance, policy lou we're going to get him out in case she loses. We're going to use the insurance policy, a famous quote from. Peter strzok and his lover lisa page you remember that beauty. So that was the story we caught them spying. Now it's up to our attorney, general. Uh as you know i've wanted them to do it i didn't want to get overly involved, maybe i should maybe i shouldn't but, i do hear it's breathtaking. What they found that's all i can say breathtaking. And hopefully it'll come out soon but it's beyond, what anybody, ever thought even possible. How bad it is, how bad it is and how corrupt it is, but, i'm going to let them do that i'm not going to do that it's a horrible, thing that took place, and it should never be allowed to happen to another president. Absolutely. Uh without, question. And uh. You are, your administration. You promised, would be uh. Transparent. And you have done your level best to do that, uh, despite, uh the uh, the deep state's efforts to, bury everything about as deeply, as they could. But i've got one question as we conclude, here. Because. Actually a. Lot of my friends, are very concerned, about. What the federal, government, is doing. When it comes to, ufos. So if i could uh just ask you are we going to commit, are you going to commit more resources. To, to exploring, uh, ufos. And open the documents. To the public. Well i think you're the probably, in this country you're the ufo. Expert. So i'm going to be totally, guided, by the great. By the great lou dobbs, and i will tell you that. I'll do whatever, you. Ask me to do including. Total transparency. And, i got to tell you this probably, some pretty good transparency. Needed there there's no doubt about that. Well mr president, i i couldn't have asked for a better answer thank you. Thank you so much and i'll be calling, uh. Your office soon to uh to get that uh underway. Uh it's been great talking with you sir and we appreciate, your time mr president. Uh great to have you with us it's a great honor. You've done a fantastic, job thank you. Thank you very much bye thank you for the kind words thank you mr president.

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