Trump delivers remarks on restoring energy dominance in Texas

Trump delivers remarks on restoring energy dominance in Texas

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He was wealthier, four months ago but he'll be up there very soon. He's doing good come on sit down please let's have some fun. And i really am i'm thrilled to be here in the middle of texas, with the extraordinary. Men and women of. Double, eagle, energy, and what a nice fall, and thank. You. Thanks to the hard-working. Citizens. Like you the united, states of america. Is now the number one energy, superpower. Anywhere, in the world. So. Congratulations. We're also here to send a clear message, to the zealots, radicals. And extremists. Trying to shut down your industry, and to make america. Subservient. To foreign, producers. That won't happen to this nation. Again. A long time to be independent. And as long as i'm your president, we will never let anyone. Put american. Energy. Out from business, which is what they'd like to. Do. We will never again be reliant. On hostile. Foreign, suppliers. We will defend, your jobs, we will defend the lone star, state. I love this. State. Independence. Before going any further i want to provide you with a brief, update. On our battle against, the, china virus. Our hearts are with the people of texas. We love our people, we love our country. Statewide. The, percent, of patients, testing, positive, has, stabilized. And the number of new cases. Has begun, to, substantially. Decline. But taxes, must, remain. Vigilant. To protect, our seniors, my administration. Has deployed, personal, protective, equipment. And rapid, point-of-care. Testing, systems. To every medicare, and medicaid, certified, nursing, home. In your state no matter where you go they happen. This week texas, hospitals, are receiving, 500. Cases. Of anti-viral. Treatment. Rem de severe. It's been very very successful. Enough to treat, three thousand. Two hundred, patients. Under my administration's. Operation. Warp speed. We're developing. Vaccines. In record, time. Earlier, this week a promising, vaccine, entered the final, stage, of clinical, trials. Long ahead of schedule. With more following, very quickly behind. We have some of the greatest, companies, labs in the world doing this. This is the fastest. A vaccine. Has ever, been, developed. Together, we will end the plague, from china, we will defeat the virus.

I Want to thank, everyone. At, double eagle energy, for. Hosting, us today, including. Co-founders. Two great. Young, smart, people. Cody campbell. And john, sellers thank you cody thank you john thank you fellas. Good job. Thanks also, to interior. Secretary. David bernhardt, david thank you. Energy, secretary. Dan brouillette. Texas, has keep. Really kept him, very busy where's dan. You've been kept very busy. Very busy. A great senator, and a great friend of mine senator, ted cruz. Ted. Thank you. He's out there fighting for you i want to tell you. Thank you ted. Representatives. And these are friends of mine and their warriors, jody, arrington, and mike, conaway, thank you fellas. Thank you. Thank you, great job. A very very special, man and a very special, talent, and governor. Greg abbott. Thank you, thank you greg great job you doing. And he's working, hard and you're doing a fantastic. Job, our people are working together, and you're getting everything you need so. Good thank you for doing such a good job and thank also, dan patrick your lieutenant, governor my friend, thank you very much stan. Great help it's great team. No better team in the country, thank you. Midland, county, judge, terry, johnson, thank you terry, thank. You. Your former, governor, a great man a friend of mine, secretary. Of energy, rick perry. Nobody, did a better job than my rick. Thank you rick. And we have so many other distinguished. Guests and local leaders and we just want to thank you all for being here, thank you all very much great honor thank you very much for being here. Under the last administration. America's. Energy, industry, was under, relentless. And. Unceasing. Attack you know that. But the day i took the oath of office we ended the war on american, energy, and we stopped, the far-left, assault. On american, energy, workers. Now the salt. The assault, you've seen what's going on it could come again but, i have a very strong, feeling you're not gonna have to worry about it if you do you're in big big trouble. I withdrew, from the one-sided. Energy, destroying. Paris. Climate. Accord, it was a disaster. It cost us billions, of dollars, and it would have made us a non-competitive. Nation. We canceled, the obama. Administration's. Job-crushing. Clean, power plan you know all about that. I approve the keystone. Xl, and the dakota. Access, pipelines. Immediately. Upon assuming, office. We opened up anwar, in alaska, to energy, exploration. Ended the moratorium. On coal leasing, on federal lands. And reopened, public, lands, and offshore, areas. To oil and gas. Exploration. That's where david bernard's, done such a great job, thanks david. We unlock, the full energy, potential, of texas, and new mexico. And new mexico, we're proud that we've been here we're proud to help, you have been fantastic. A lot of jobs. And since my election, oil and gas production. In the permian, basin. Has more than. Doubled. Under the trump administration. The united, states, has increased, oil production. By. 3.1. Million, barrels, per day that's some number. Never been anything like that number for the first time. In nearly 70, years. We have become, a net. Energy. Exporter. And the united, states, is now the number one producer, of oil and natural, gas on the face of the earth. To ensure, we maintain, this dominant, position. Long into the future, we will never lose this position. My administration. Is announcing, today. That export, authorizations. For american. Liquefied. Natural, gas. Can now be extended, through the year.

2050.. Mr governor is that long enough, okay, 2050. That seems like a long time. He said let's make it longer. At the same time we're strongly, protecting, our environment. Air pollution, is down significantly. Since i took office. While other countries, are polluting, the world's air and oceans. We. Will. Never, cease, to be a leader. In protecting. Our natural, environment, and that's what's. Happening. People don't know that about us. We love our environment. Under my administration. The united, states will continue, to have among the cleanest, air and cleanest, water anywhere, on earth and that's what we have. Thanks to our pro-american. Energy, policies. We're also taking, jobs, and factories, away from. Countries, with poor environmental. Standards, such as china. And bringing, jobs, back to america, where they, belong. Before the invisible, enemy struck our shores we created. Eight hundred thousand, new energy, jobs. A third of them in texas, that was just the new jobs. Add on to that millions, of other jobs. After the china virus, struck we implemented. Historic. Economic. Relief. When oil crashed. I got saudi arabia. Russia, and others to cut nearly, 10 million, barrels, a day. And got opec. Plus. And mexico. To agree to the deal. And hence. We're okay now we're back, we're back. And i will tell you and i can tell you that i spoke with dan and greg, and. I spoke with, senator, ted cruz, i spoke with a lot of people. And, we, were very close to losing a very powerful, great industry. And we did a job we did a great job all together, working together. A job like i think nobody could have done. And now we're back and now we're just going to keep expanding, it's going to see you will see. It's happening, but we really did we did a great job and i want to thank frankly. Saudi arabia, i want to thank russia. I want to thank mexico. I don't want to thank, opec, as they call it plus it's called opec, plus. That's opec. Plus a lot of other countries. But they all came together, and they did a job for the industry, and we uh we appreciate. Everybody's, help this action. Stabilized. World oil prices. That had been in a free fall. And saved millions, of energy, jobs. And frankly, it saved your industry, four months ago people were very very concerned, about that industry. And now it's just going to be a question of how fast will you put people on. Through the paycheck, protection, program. We provided, over one billion dollars, in emergency. Aid, to keep texas, energy, workers. On the payroll, we kept them all on the payroll. We opened up 30 million barrels, of space, and, strategic. Petroleum. Reserve. Allowing, american, companies, to store, surplus. Oil. To be sold at a later time. And we filled up our, 75. Million, barrels. In the, strategic. Reserve, and dan you've done a fantastic. Job on that thank you very much. I only wish he bought it when the oil was selling for zero. And they paid you 37. In addition. You get a barrel, plus 37.. I said dan why didn't you make that deal i would have loved that. But you did well, thank you very much, today i'm taking another bold action to support, energy, jobs in texas. In a few moments, i will sign four, critical, permits.

Granting, Approval, to vital pipeline. And railway, infrastructure. On our nation's, border. That's a big deal this will include, two permits, allowing, the export. Of texas, crude to mexico, a giant victory, for. The workers, of the state that you've been after for many years. Right. You've been after that one for many years i said what do i know about it if you want to do it it's okay with me. And we're doing it so that's been. A long time in the making. We're joined today by some of the incredible, patriots, of the texas, oil and gas industry. Who are benefiting, from america's. Energy, boom. Josh, ginn. Was born and raised, right here in odessa, and midland, where's josh. Thank you josh. After spending a few years away at school josh came back home to west texas. Josh's, dad worked on the oil rigs. Josh, worked on the oil rigs, and he hopes his three children, will work one day. Doing the same kind of incredible, work, and looking for the wonderful. Opportunities. In american, energy, josh. Thank you very much. Congratulate. Your family, you're gonna have a great future, thank you. Appreciate, it. Brian, welch. Spent five years. In the army. Supporting, our victory, in the gulf war. Then he became, hello brian. Thank you brian. Then he became, an energy worker did you make the right move brian i think so right better believe it. With over 25, years of experience. Brian a senior, pumper. With double, eagle, energy, do they treat you well. They better, they better i'm going to come back and see those two guys. Just like thousands, of other veterans, who work in this industry, brian has made america, safer. With the service, and now he's helping keep us secure, by maintaining. American. Energy, independence. Which we have thank you very much brian, great job. De bryan, every veteran who works in the american, energy, sector we salute your noble, service. And we thank you very much, we thank you very much everybody, thank you. While my administration. Is fighting for workers, like you. The radical, left have you ever heard of the radical, left brian you don't want to hear about him, you don't want to know about him, is fighting, to abolish, american, energy.

Destroy, The oil and gas industries. And wipe out your jobs. Washington. Democrats. Have embraced. Representative. Ocasio-cortez's. Nearly 100, trillion dollar. Green. New, deal. Disaster. I've added the fourth word. It's a disaster, which would ban, oil and gas leasing. On all federal lands and by the way there'd be no fracking. So let me ask you mr governor how do you think that works in texas, no fracking. No drilling, no oil is that okay. Good i don't think biden's, going to do too well in texas. He's already written it off it's gone no fracking, that's part of his platform. If these far left politicians. Ever get into power. They will demolish. Not only your industry. But the entire. U.s. Economy. Their stated, agenda, includes, rejoining. The paris, climate. Accord, spending. Billions, and billions, of dollars. In order to make us, non-competitive. And seeking an even higher level. Of restrictions. Mandating. Net zero, carbon, emissions, which frankly, is impossible. For a level. Of restrictions. Mandating. Net zero, carbon emissions, which frankly, is impossible. For all new homes, offices, and buildings, by 230. Not possible, to do, and if you ever did it it would cost so much, that your home would be valueless. This would cause the cost of construction. To skyrocket. And effectively. End the use. Of natural, gas. In homes, because it would be an impossible, situation. They're asking for things just so you understand. That are impossible. I don't know i haven't checked recently. What have they done with cows, remember there were going to be no more cows and no more cattle. I think they might have left that one off the manifesto. But, it'll be back. Their platform, calls, for mandating. Zero, carbon emissions. From power plants, by 2035. In other words. No drilling. No fracking. No coal, no shale. No gas. No oil otherwise, they've been very good to the industry, i think. You got to be careful, you know people, don't take it seriously. If they got in. You will have no more, energy. Coming out of the great state of texas. Out of new mexico. Out of anywhere, oklahoma. North dakota. Name them, pennsylvania. Pennsylvania. Does a lot people don't realize that a lot it would, throw pennsylvania. Ohio. So many other places. You don't realize how big it is they want to have no fracking, no nothing. The policies. Required. To implement, this extreme agenda. Would mean the death of american, prosperity. And the end of the american, middle class. It would mean i think even worse than that it would destroy, our country. I used to say would become another venezuela. Same ideology. You would become another venezuelan, venezuela, used to be one of the richest, in the world.

Per Capita. And period one of the richest, in the world among the largest. Oil reserves. Now they don't have water. They don't have medicine. They don't have food. You get a lot of oil it doesn't matter, doesn't seem to matter. They don't have anything. And that can happen to us all you have to do is look at portland. Look at the agitators. Look at the anarchists. In portland. And our people have done a great job in protecting, our courthouse, and i told my people. A little while ago. If they don't solve that problem, locally, very soon. We're going to send in the, national, guard and get it solved, very quickly, just like we did in minneapolis. And just like we, will do in other places. They want to solve their problem. They've got a very short time to do it but they'll either solve their problem or we send in the national, guard. The u.s, energy, industry, would grind to a halt. And every single, energy, producing. State would be plunged, into a depression. Two million jobs would vanish, overnight, in just the state of texas, alone, and i think the number is probably. Greg a lot higher than 2 million. Millions, more would disappear. In new mexico. And ohio, and colorado. And pennsylvania. By imposing, these punishing, restrictions. And beyond, restrictions. The washington. Radical, left. Crazy, democrats. Would also, send. Countless, american, jobs, factories. Industries. To china. And to other foreign. Polluting. States. They want us to take care of our air but china doesn't take care of its air, in all fairness. India doesn't take care of its air, russia, doesn't take care of its air. But we do. Not on my watch it's not going to happen i can tell you that. Because as long as i'm president. We will always. Put, america. First, it's very simple. Very. Simple. For years and years we put other countries, first we now put america, first. As we have seen in cities and towns across our nation.

It's Not just texas, oil. That the radical, democrats. Want to destroy, they want to destroy, our country. These people, are, sick. They are sick, and you better get used to hearing it, because they have some real problems. They don't love our country. In any way shape or form they don't love our country. There's no respect. For the american, way of life there is no way of life ever in history that's been like, the great, american. Way of life. There's no respect, but there is by you, and there is by. 95. Percent of our people our people love our country, and our people. Love our anthem and they love our flag, remember, that. The radical, left wants to tear down. Everything, in its way. And in its place they want. Power for themselves, they want power. Hard to believe. Power. They want to uproot, and demolish. Every american, value. They want to wipe away. Every trace of religion, from, national, life, they want to indoctrinate. Our children. Defund, our police. Abolish, the suburbs. Incite, riots. And leave every city. At the mercy. Of the radical, left. That's not going to happen. That's not going to happen. And by the way i just ended the rule on, suburbs, you know the suburbs. Will fight all of their lives. To get into the suburbs, and have a beautiful, home. There will be no more. Low-income. Housing. Forced, in to the suburbs, i abandoned, and took away, and just, rescinded, the rule, it's been going on for years i've seen conflict, for years. It's been hell. For suburbia. We rescinded, the rule, three days ago. So enjoy your life ladies and gentlemen, enjoy your. Life. The proud, people of texas. Will never bow, kneel, or surrender, to the left-wing, mob. You will always, stand tall and strong for america. Everyone, here today, carries the legacy, of some, of the toughest, fiercest. And most determined, people. Ever to walk. The face of the earth. Your ancestors, you know that. You know that. Generations. Of texas, oil workers, before you. Gave every last bit of sweat, and heart and grit. That they had to build up this country they loved our country, they loved our country, so much. They couldn't breathe. Their pride, and devotion. Helped raise up. America's, cities. Power our factories. Propel, our industries. Sustain, our families, supply, our military. And fuel america's. Rise, into, the strongest. Wealthiest. And greatest, nation. The world, has ever known we are now. At the strongest. Point, militarily. We've ever been. Due to time, i'll tell you ted where is ted he was a big leader in this stand up again ted. Ted cruz. John cornyn. And our senate, and our house. Approved. 2.5. Trillion, dollars, to rebuild, entirely, the united, states, military. It's now at a point. That it's the strongest. It's ever been a lot of the equipment, is still coming in, brand new planes, and missiles, and everything you can think of, and i want to thank you ted you're one of the real leaders and john two the two of you i appreciate, it very much you are well represented. We have the greatest, equipment, on earth we have equipment that i can't even tell you about. You don't want to know about it frankly, and hopefully we never have to use it. Now it's your turn to help lead our nation, to, even greater heights. Today we give thanks for each and every one of you and, we are telling, the washington. Politicians. Trying to abolish, american, energy. Don't, mess, with, texas. And i just want to finish by saying that i've had a great. Relationship. With your leaders, with your politicians. With all the people in texas we've had great success. We had a great victory, they said oh i don't know if he'll win and we won not only did we win, we won quickly and easily. And now we're leading, what we had, even four years ago. I will never. Let you down, i will never let texas, down.

And Your governor, and your lieutenant, governor and your senators, they know that very well, so thank you and thank you very much greg dan. Thank you very much ted thank you great job, god bless you. And the great, state of texas, god bless you god bless. You. So on behalf, of every american, energy, worker, i will now, sign. These. Very, important, permits. That your governor, and your senators, have been after me for a long time to sign. And they've been after a lot of other presidents, to sign them but they never were able to get it done but we got it done, and we got it done for a great state, called texas, thank you very much. Everybody. Yes. Is. Oh. Okay. Let's give this to uh. The, governor. You want to give that, give that to. Me.

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