Trump delivers remarks on 'Protecting America's Seniors' in Florida

Trump delivers remarks on 'Protecting America's Seniors' in Florida

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Thank you thank you very much. Beautiful. Thank. You. Thank you very much please. We're going to be talking. To our great senior, citizens, that's what i'm here for today. We love our senior citizens, and i'm honored to be here in, fort myers, to reaffirm, my solemn pledge to america's, seniors, it's so important to me i happen to be a senior. I will protect, you, i will defend you and i will fight for you with every ounce of energy, and conviction, that i have. You devoted, your life to this country. And i am devoting. My life, to. You. My administration. Is working, every day to give our amazing, senior citizens, the care support, and respect. That you deserve, and you understand, that we've worked together for a long time. As president, i'm deeply aware that america's, 54. Million, seniors, have borne the heaviest, burden, of the china virus. Many older americans, have endured months of isolation. Missing weddings, births, graduations. Church, and family, reunions, you know that very well you know it all too well. My heart breaks for every grieving, family, that has lost a. Precious, loved one. I feel their, anguish. And, i mourn, their loss i feel their pain, i know that. The terrible. Pain that they have gone through, and, you lose someone. And there's nothing. To describe, what you have to. Bear. There's nothing to describe, it, in times of challenge, we turn to our fellow americans. For a shoulder, to lean on and, we turn to god for healing and strength. And together we will overcome. We will. Overcome. My message, to america's, seniors, today is one of optimism. Confidence, and hope. Your sacrifice. Has not been in vain. The light at the end of the tunnel is near, we are rounding, the turn i say that all the time some of the media doesn't like hearing, it. But i say it all the time we're rounding. That turn. Don't listen to the cynics, and angry partisans. And. Professional. Pessimists. We are americans. And we will prevail, we are prevailing, and we are it's amazing what's happening if you look at what's going on. It's been really very amazing. I'm moving, heaven and earth to safeguard, our seniors, from the china virus to deliver, life-saving. Therapies. In record time and to distribute, a safe and effective vaccine, before the end of the year. And we're really doing it, even sooner than that. You see what's going on we have the vaccines, getting ready to go. Seniors, will be the first in line, for the vaccine. And we will. Soon be ending this pandemic. Hasn't happened a thing like this since. 1918. 1917. That was a bad one too, that was a real bad one, i will not rest until we've eradicated. This plague, from our country, and our lives and our world, we want it out. When the china virus, arrived, we launched the largest, mobilization. Since world war ii. Our aggressive, and early action, saved more than two million lives compared, to the, best estimates.

From Last spring you remember when they were giving you estimates. Since the beginning our nation seniors, have been my top, priority, it was. Obvious, very early on that it was affecting, the seniors, not young people, young people or, they have that strong, immune system. And, i give all credit to them but they have a strong immune system, and. 99.99. Think of that but uh, when you get into. People that have a few more years it's a little bit. It's a little bit more difficult, when you get a lot more years it's a lot more difficult. But. What they've done with therapeutics. Now and what they've done with all of the other things that they're doing it's incredible. We heighten mitigation. And surge testing, to protect those at highest risk. We sent billions, and billions of dollars, in funding, to personal, protective, equipment. And distributed. Rapid testing, to 15. 400, nursing, homes. All over the country, we've worked with a lot of governors. You know. We've worked with a lot of governors, and some have done a great job and some have done a not a great job and some have done a very poor job actually but some have done a great job, but we're working very closely, with, the governors, of the states. Just this week. Even the new york times this was shocking. Was forced to admit, that quote, experts, are saying. With genuine, confidence. That the pandemic, in the united, states will be over far sooner than they expected. And. And they're right but i was shocked to hear it coming out of the new york times right. I was a little sweaty and it's thanks to my administration's. Operation, warp speed, incredible, people. Because of advances, in treatment we pioneered. And we have been many treatments, but because of these great advances. We've reached the. Point where the. Fatality. Rate, is, reduced, by. 85. Since april and now it's up to probably, 91. Well i'm here, i'll tell. You. Thank you. Well i don't know what they gave me but give me some more of it right now and you can have some. No i know exactly, what they gave it was actually, pretty amazing, i'm also, working with the. Fda. And hhs. To make the antibody. Treatment that i received. It's called regeneron. Plus uh, also, it's, incredible, and you know what they what they can do today is incredible. And they felt very confident, even six months ago when they started think of it we got this all done in a very short period of time and now we're going for emergency, use, because we're going to make it available, to everyone. Who needs it for free. Anybody, in the country. And eli lilly is, making a very similar, drug, and uh. Alex they're working very hard on that right, alex azar, so thank you very much because. I want people to get it. And we're getting it free, right, so we got to do that. If you need it if you don't need it that's even better okay that's even better but if you need it, right, you get it.

It's Uh. Really pretty amazing, what happened because i wasn't feeling great. And the next day i wake up and i'm saying like. Who can i fight today. Thank you. So our groundbreaking. Therapies, have significantly. Improved. And improved, our. Outcomes, for elderly, patients. But i'll not relent, until. All american, seniors, are safe you're going to be safe, 100. Safe and we're right we're at a point where really. So much progress, has been made. Under operation. Warp speed we're on track to deliver, at least, 100. Million, doses, of a vaccine, this year. And. Could even be a little bit sooner than what they were originally, anticipating. With hundreds, of millions, more. To quickly. Follow, alex, remember that alex. Today i'm thrilled to announce, that we have just finalized, the partnership. With cvs, and walgreens. Two places you know pretty well i guess. To immediately, deliver the vaccine, directly, to nursing, homes, at no cost. To our seniors, no cost. All right. No cost. And once you have that vaccine, these are very effective, once you have that vaccine, you can open those doors, and say here i am. But with everything, that, i say and everything i do. If you feel safer at home. And you know we can all be like let's get out there and i felt as president. I knew there was risk but i had to be out i can't just be locked in a basement, to put it. Lock them in a basket. I felt i had to be out there would see gold star families, would say they've been looking forward for months to coming to the white house and many many other people military, people, and. Heads of state, and, i know you put yourself at risk but you can't you have to. Lead your life but i say this there are people also that would rather stay, in place stay where you are, and to those people and i understand that very well stay, just relax stay. Until it's gone and it'll be gone. But stay. Don't feel. Badly, or don't feel good about it just stay, if you feel safe. Stay. I'm working as hard as i can so you can kiss and hug your children and grandchildren. Very soon. That's something i missed also i will be honest with you. As we shelter high-risk, americans, with extreme. Vigilance, we must also allow lower risk americans, to return, to work and return to school i mean children, should go to school. My. Young son baron, had it and he had it and all of a sudden he doesn't have it it's like you know it was. Different it's a whole different deal and they should go to school and they have to because. You know i talk about the cure, right, it cannot be worse. Than. The problem, itself, it's a very simple statement, but the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. And. With young children they have to go to school, they have to be with other kids they have to grow up you can't, they can't. Lose a year of their. Life. And if you look at some of you know these lockdowns, that the democrats, are doing in some states, if you look at north carolina, and pennsylvania. And michigan we won the case against her in michigan, i mean she's running. Like. She's running like a prison except for her husband who's allowed to go boating, that doesn't work out somehow. Fortunately, they caught him he was going to go on the lake boating oh that's nice but nobody else was allowed to do it, but we won the case against her. For michigan. And we freed up the state and it's a great thing i mean it's a great thing we freed up the state. Because that whole thing with. Drugs, and alcohol. And. Depression. And all of the horrible, things we could go over a long list of things but, uh we can't let that happen, so we want the.

Democrat. Radical, left in many cases democrats, we wanted to open their states open up your states and we we're, very careful with our seniors. And that's different. But open up your states get it back. Despite, punishing. Society-wide. Lockdowns. In europe. I don't know if you've been watching. They're now experiencing. A massive, surge, in cases, daily cases. Are 2. 500, percent, higher in the united, kingdom, as an example. And. 722. Percent, higher in europe. Than in the united states, okay think of that. No think of that. And we wish them and we're working with them closely, we're making ventilators. For them for many of the countries, over there. Uh, we became the ventilator, king i mean we didn't have many ventilators, we had we had, really. We, inherited. Uh, bare cupboards, i said the cupboards, were bare. And many of the states they had. Cupboards, were bare. And, now they're loaded up and they're ready but we make the hardest thing of the ventilator, is because of the complexity. Of the machine and the cost, the, size, and but the pure complexity. And we make thousands, of ventilators. Now a month and we're sending them all over the world we're all set with event writers but we're sending them all over the, world. But hopefully you won't need them soon you won't even need them i really think you're gonna, not need the ventilators, hopefully soon very soon. But sadly, in europe the average daily deaths, are. Are really soaring. 402. Higher. In the united, kingdom. 493. Percent higher in europe. Meanwhile, in the united, states, deaths have decreased, by 37. So that's helpful right. So. The fake news doesn't want to tell you that right they, just they don't want they want no piece of that they don't want anything to do with that. So whether you're republican, or democrat, we must choose facts, over fear we have to, science, over hysteria. Hope over despair. And the common, good over partisan, politics. And again. Stay if you feel good if you feel safe because it's going to be gone stay where you are don't leave don't say oh gee i have to get out the president said let's get out, stay where you i have a lot of friends there strong people. They're senior citizens, great people, very successful, people hi. Look she's with. Thank you. Thank you hon. Uh but you know they're, tough actually and but that you know they feel comfortable. Until this is gone and there are people and i do that. Do that. I might do that if i weren't in this position maybe i'd be doing it myself in this position it's a little tougher. But we cannot allow, unscientific. Panic-driven. Fear-based, policies. To, deny, our children, and grandchildren. Their future and their dreams we can't take a year or two years out of their. Life. There's a whole social thing going on there too. These left-wing, lockdowns. Will crush america, and my plan is very simple we're going to crush the virus, and go back to exactly, where we were roma's, getting back. There. So together. We will end this pandemic. We will, rebuild, our economy. And we will ensure our seniors, can live long happy secure, and healthy lives with your grandchildren. And your children you're going to hug them right. That's good. Under my leadership, next year will be one of the greatest years in the history of our country economically. We're grateful, to be joined today by secretary, of health and human services. Alex azar, alex we're counting on you. We're counting, i'm going to blame him if this stuff doesn't happen fast, right. Centers, for. Medicare, and medicaid, services. A fantastic. Woman, administrator. Seema, verma, thank you sam a great job you bill. And a friend of mine who's become very very popular, i guess that was what that big applause, was i was backstage, i said who just came in. I thought elvis, entered the room. It was your florida, governor ron. Desantis. That's great ron, right. And by the way we have some crowd you see what's going on outside, the mayor said he's never seen anything. He's never seen anything, like that. He's never seen anything now there's a lot of there's a lot of love outside, i want to tell you that's.

That's A lot of love and you know we're leading in the state of florida, just so we understand. By perhaps, a lot. Also with us some warriors. Representatives. Gus, vilarakis. Gus. Just. Great job guys. And another friend of mine these are really terrific, people, greg. Stube, correct, thank you very much dave thank you. Thanks as well to fort myers, mayor randy henderson. Randy. Thank you. Thank you randy. Good job randy, that's quite a crowd huh. That's good thank you very much. And cape coral, mayor. Joe, coviallo. Joe coviallo. Thank you joe great job. Great job. We're also tremendously. Honored to be joined by world war ii and korean, war veteran. A very brave, guy wally. Cortessie. Wally, cortessi. Thank you wally. You look good wally. I'll tell you two wars and you're looking. You're looking good. Thank you wally appreciate, it. Beautiful. Thank you very much. Thanks also, to all of the members, of the. Vfw. Golden, gate honor guard. They're with us today. Thank you that's so great huh. That's so great vfw. Fantastic. Job thank you very much for being here. As i fight to protect, our amazing, seniors, from the china virus, i'm also fighting to protect, you from another danger, one which. Threatens, everything we cherish, value, and worked, our entire, lives to build and to defend. As we gather today, seniors, are under threat. From a radical, left movement that seeks to destroy, the american, way of life we're not going to allow. It. And you know one thing sleepy, joe can do nothing about it. The left has been taken over by socialists. And marxists. And extremists. Than they have. They want to transform, our nation into a country that would no longer. Be recognizable. And their agenda, will shatter america's, seniors. Their, plan to delay the vaccine, delay therapies. And prolong, the pandemic. Will cost thousands, and thousands, of lives, will, be. Horrifying. For our country. They're planned for higher taxes, they want to quadruple, taxes, every company will move out, they'll go back to where they came. We had tremendous, people, tremendous, companies, come into our country. We're bringing, tremendous, jobs 160. Million jobs we've never had anything like it, before the plague and then. We're building it back up again. Last four months we've set records. On employment, on hiring, employment. And you know a number that. Let's say a year ago wouldn't have sounded great but now sounds incredible, 7.8.

Unemployment, Think of it people were talking about 42. We're back down to 7.8. And we'll be soon down to the number where we were. Seven months ago. Pretty amazing. I never thought i'd be happy with 7.8. But you know when you think about it right it's uh they were talking, 39. 42. Ron 7.8, is a pretty an amazing thing we did that in a rapid, fashion nobody's ever seen anything like it actually. Their plan for higher taxes, and crippling, regulations. However. Would crater our economy. Their insane, energy, policies. Because you know they're going to, be fracking. Hey. Biden for, a year and a half a saying there will be no fracking. Then he looks out he gets the nomination. Because elizabeth, warren refused to get out. So bernie a second time that happened twice to bernie bernie. He's a hell of a loser that's one thing i'll. Say. Knows how to lose. Well he knows how to lose. Guy loses he goes back to work like nothing happened. No they took it away from him twice i think the second time in a way worse because she stayed in she took the votes, and. Sleepy, joe just. Got in there, that's why you got to be careful, you got to be careful you never know what happens. But if you take a look and uh. We can't let any of this stuff happen, and you look at what's happened to other countries, where they've had this philosophy. Where they've had this, ideology. We can't let, but you watch what they're saying about the fracking. Where he said no there, and he said it was such, you know, it's not like well i'll think about it, he's doing the same thing with the courts right now they're going to pack the supreme court you see what they want to do. Would, be, destruction. Of our country. But you take a look, so he says. No there will be, no fracking these are the words, there will be no fracking, you don't understand what i just said there will be no fracking yenna gets very agitated. There will be no fracking. And he gets the nomination. Goes to pennsylvania. They inform him that they have a million, jobs and fracking's, a big deal. And they like. Inexpensive. Energy, right. And so he goes from there will be no fracking, with great anger. To. I never said they wouldn't be fracking, it's the craziest, thing. If that ever happened to me. And the media doesn't even talk about it. That's just one of many things. Then he does the, thing with the courts, you see that right. He goes i'll tell you left i'll tell you after the election what i'm going to do how important is it. Because he's going to put on, radical. Left, crazy, judges that will destroy, your lives. You know it's the most important, they've always said i've always heard ron i've always heard this that the most important, thing a president, does, is, pick, supreme, court justices, right. I would say maybe the military. You know but, let's say it's right there. And they have to he has to create a list of more than just that he has to create a list. And let you know and he has to pick from that list that's what i did i created a list of 25, people. Highly highly, capable, people, a lot of people said that's why i won the election, actually.

So I don't know if that's true or not but it was it was a very important. Part mayor you understand mayors, you know that. So their insane, energy, policies. Will, abolish, millions of jobs and cost seniors, thousands, of dollars, per year in, higher, energy, bills. Their anti-police. Agenda, will empower, violent, mobs, and put, every, community. At risk. Their anti-suburban. Agenda, threatens, the property, values, of millions, of american, seniors, and your families. Who own homes, in residential. Neighborhoods, in the suburbs. I'm saving the suburbs. You know people were saying well, women in the suburbs, do they like trump i said yeah they like me you know why they like me because i'm saving their homes. That's why they like that. They may not like me but they like what i'm doing. And that's more important. Ah, boy they have these crazy people they fit the people on television. I don't know if suburban. Women suburban, women. Want security. They want, safety, they want law and order, they want their homes to be. Protected. The socialist. Ideology. Ideology. That. They will use, and indoctrinate. Our youth with is it's like poisonous. Anti-american. Propaganda. The plan by washington, democrats, to give amnesty. And free health care to illegal border crosses. Will obliterate, medicare. Bankrupt, your social, security, robbing you of the benefits, that you've paid for your entire lives you know look, take a look at venezuela. You know people don't realize that was a wealthy country, 18, 17, years ago it was so wealthy. And it's gone from being wealthy they don't have medicine, they don't have food they don't have water. They don't have anything. And it's uh you know it can happen here just a much larger version, with that ideology. And that's the ideology. That they're looking at it's, crazy. These radicals, will destroy, medicare. With. Totally open borders. And by the way you know the wall. It's up to almost 400. Miles. 400. Miles. And it goes down deep. Tunneling. It goes down deep and up very high i know it's had a tremendous, we've never had a stronger, southern border than we have right now, it'll be finished very soon, we're doing 10 miles a week. That's a lot 10 miles a week army corps of engineers, are also doing lake okeechobee. And lots of other things right they're doing a good job right. They're giving away your benefits, that's what they want to do to. Anyone in the world who trespasses. Into our country and you know we all have big hearts and we want to take care of people but when you say we're going to give you free health care. We're going to give you, college, education. I sarcastically. Said once, we're going to give you a beautiful, brand new rolls royce. Okay if you're an illegal, immigrant. And cnn, went and they said. The president. Lied, to the seniors. You know, they just don't get it they get it actually, unfortunately, they get it uh more than you would think. They're a little bit on the evil side, but you know they you're going to bring, millions, of people. You're going to bring millions, and millions of people. It's like when you say free health care and free education. And free this and that. Millions of people are going to pour into the country it's not going to be stoppable. And we can't let that happen. They care more about illegal, aliens, than they care about senior citizens, the democrats. The left is coming after me because i'm defending, you and that's true that's why they come after me every day.

But We caught him on the russian hoax we finally caught him after two and a half years. Russian, hopes. Turned out to be, the exact opposite, they're the ones that were playing with russia. That was a, beauty, hillary. Crook and hillary. Now they're the. Ones. Yeah. Well i i agree with you i used to just be quiet and i agree with you 100. They paid, they paid. Millions, and millions of dollars they paid. And they tried to show it it was the greatest hoax and the greatest political, crime in the history of our country that's what they, committed. But i'm the only one standing, between. Their open borders, and extremism. And the health care benefits. That you've earned and paid for all your life you paid for. As long as i'm president, no one will, lay a hand on your medicare, or your social, security. As a candidate, i made a sacred promise, that i'd strengthen, protect, and defend. Your medicare, benefits, and that's exactly, what i've done i've done that right. My administration's. Fought to deliver, greater security. Affordability. Fairness, economic, stability. To our nation's, seniors. Under eight years of the previous, administration. Premiums. For medicare, health plans went up including. A 25. Increase. Right here in florida, that's for the previous, people under my administration. We've lowered. Medicare. Advantage. Premiums. By a number nobody even believes, 34. Percent. Nationwide. And today, it's the lowest, level, in 14, years did you know that ron that's not a bad thing for you to put into your speech, right, who would think that no but seriously, we've brought it way down they've done a great. This group over here they've done a great job. Thanks to our efforts there are two thousand, thank you. There are two thousand, more medicare, advantage, plans today than there were three years ago saying, that's incredible, think of that. That means more choice, and more competition. For better care at a much lower cost. When we rapidly, expanded, telehealth, for medicare, beneficiaries. During the pandemic. The number, of telehealth, users, increased. From 14, 000 a week. To. 1.7. Million, a week, what's that percentage. Yet all of this danger. It's all in danger, because if these other people get in they will end all of that the telehealth. It's you know it's interesting, we've learned something. For children. They're much better in a classroom, than they are on a laptop. Okay children. But for. Your health, and what you can do you can do so much of it such a big percentage. Better than going out and going through, this telehealth, has been amazing, it's been really incredible, it's been an incredible thing so it's, it's increased like six seven, thousand i think six thousand, five hundred percent.

And Uh it's really the only thing that came out of this whole deal that we really. Can, take pleasure, at telehealth, so it's been really an incredible thing that's happened over. 130. Democrats, in congress. Including, far left senator. Kamala, harris who's the most, left. I said he'll never choose her because, nobody, treated him worse than her. Nobody. Plus she was her poll numbers were sinking. She never even got to iowa, she never got there. And, when i said, oh, and by the way did mike pence do a good job the other, day. Right. Good man. Did a great job. And i had a great thank you i had a really i had a lot of fun last night with that that was a nice. That was a nice evening. It's a nice pleasurable. Evening as. I have somebody going totally, crazy. Last night. And i told you i told you that she told me she's going to tell like oh okay i'll believe you right. Now but i i understand that worked out very well last night that's what the word is. Another, evening in paradise, i call, it. They're sponsoring. A socialist. Health care plan. That would annihilate. Your medicare. The democrats. Policy, proposals. May go by different names they put all sorts of names they say single single-payer. Or so-called, the public, option. But really they're all based on the same, core promise, rating medicare, to fund a socialist, health care take over and it's going to destroy. Your medicare, that's the one thing you know for sure. Every one of their plans, involves, rationing, care. Restricting. Access. Denying, coverage. Slashing. Quality. Extending, wait times. And massively. Raising your taxes, other than that it's actually quite good. As we know from, seeing these left-wing, policies, in action around the world seniors, will be the victims, and. That's what happens. The first to go with the seniors, the victims are really the seniors, it's uh you know this is nothing that unique.

Socialist, Health care plans, always end up denying, care and coverage, to the sick and the elderly, in order. To control, costs. And they always feel that this is the easiest, way to do it. We must not let them bring, this lethal, and deadly. Agenda. To america, don't let it happen. Got to vote them out. Get out and. Vote. Democrat, health care proposals. Would abolish, private insurance, for. 180. Million americans just so you know, there are many people. They've had a good life they've done well, they have private plans. They are unbelievable. They love their plan. Those plans are gone. Those plans are gone. It abolished, the, medicare, advantage. Program, that benefits, 24, million seniors, including, one out of two hispanic, seniors. And one out of three, african-american. Seniors who enrolled, in the medicare, advantage, right. And that would all be ended it would be abolished. For, big. Fat, ugly. Socialized. Medicine. You go to a hospital if you don't feel good go to a hospital room and wait for three days to see a doctor. I will never allow that to happen, under my administration. Your medicare, advantage, is safe your benefits, are protected. And i will always protect, patients, with, pre-existing. Conditions. Always. Always. They always play that card right, you know, remember they used to say oh he's going to give up so at first they said i was going to be in a war with them the first week. Whatever happened to that right, just the opposite. Our great, warriors, are coming home they're all coming home they're all coming home. Look at north korea they thought it would be a war and a war immediately, with north korea how's that worked out right it's worked out very nicely, you know talk we'll talk keep talking. But uh it worked out very well, but the other thing that said he will destroy your social security, really, did i i said no. No they're going to destroy because they'll destroy our country. They'll destroy, your social security, and they'll destroy, your country. And joe won't have any idea what happened because he's gone let's face it.

He's Gone. Another critical, issue for senior citizens. Is the price of prescription, drugs this is something i'm very proud of because. We've lowered part d prescription, drug premiums, by 12 percent. Saving senior, citizens, 1.9. Billion dollars. But the big is yet to come i stood up to big pharma. And that's not easy. They got big money. They're the biggest lobbyists. In this country by far. And i signed an executive, order implemented. A most favored, nations, policy, for the united, states. You know for years you've heard we pay more for drugs than any other country well that's not even close we pay much more. And then other countries, that we know very well take advantage, of us and they pay. A fraction. I mean. You wouldn't even believe how much less, but a fraction, 10 cents for a pill as opposed, to two dollars for a pill same pill from the same. Lab, plant. Right. And i instituted, a favorite nations, clause. I said if germany, or some other country. Is getting our stuff low. I want to favorite, nations, meaning i want it for the same price. And they have gone crazy. I have never seen so many ads. They put on more ads against me now than sleepy, joe biden. I'm telling you. And they understand. And it's, uh you know, look, it should have been that a long time ago, this should have been done years ago, plus i got rid of the middlemen. And i gave, ron desantis, the right, to go to canada in the meantime, because i think eventually you'll be using this but. In the meantime. You'll also be getting the rebates, okay rebates you know who they go to the middlemen you know how rich the middlemen, are i'm rich. These guys blow everyone away i don't know nobody even knows who the hell they are did you ever hear does anybody know a middleman. Would like to meet, yes biden's son it's hunter. Oh. I'll bet you hunter is a middleman, he's he's collecting. He's like a vacuum, cleaner he follows, his father around collecting. A lot of disgrace. It's a crime family. You want to know something it's a crime family, he's following his father. Hunter, biden, is a middleman. Oh that's wild, no these people are amazing. He's middlemen. You're right. Hunter made no money until his father became vice president. And now he's like a vacuum, cleaner. His father goes to germany hunter's, right there hey give me a couple of million not couple of million hell of a lot more than a couple of million.

That's A shame, i'll tell you what it's an organized, crime family as far as i'm concerned. I capped. Out-of-pocket. Costs, and the way they get protected, by big tech and by the media the media doesn't want to ask you know they didn't, this is the hottest subject, there is right now. And, i didn't watch sleepy joe last i just wanted to see what he looked like he wasn't looking too good. I just couldn't watch it was too painful. But. But you know they didn't i i understand, that they did not ask him a question about this can you believe it. Now think of it. And stephanopoulos. Interviewed, me at two weeks ago and it was you know he was nasty. He was nasty i mean he was tough he was he's a tough guy. I watched last night the little stuff i watched and what i heard. It was like. Softballs. Every, it was, but he didn't with this is the hottest subject there is, they didn't ask him one question about their corruption, in the family. They didn't ask him one question about how big tech is protecting, him. Big tech. Is not allowing, anybody. How about this, they took down i guess kaylee but they took how about kaylee, is she great. No but they took that. They took down her twitter site. Because she had the audacity. To put up an article. Written in the new york post. Which is one of the biggest newspapers, in the country. I think it's the oldest newspaper, in the country. And they put up a. Article. And they took down her site. Can you believe what's going on in this country, and then they talk about, they talk about freedom, of the press. They also said last night it was very interesting, they talked about the, transition. The friendly, transition. Will you agree to the friendly trend and of course the answer is yes first of all i don't think there's going to be a transition, because we're going to win but. Let's hope we don't have to worry about it. No but think of this. They get up we demand. A friendly transition. And yet we caught them spying on my campaign, and trying to take down the president of the united states, right, that wasn't too friendly, right that was true and they and we caught him cold. Anyway, let's get back to the. Medical. Parts of the world. This is much, simpler to understand, if you think about it, but i capped out of pocket, costs, for insulin. At 35. A month people were going. Literally, they were going bankrupt. Over insulin, or they weren't getting the insulin which is a terrible, thing. So it's 35. A month or less. For seniors, in many medicare, drug plans saving them an average, of nearly. Four hundred and fifty dollars, i mean it's a tremendous, saving. Many cases much less than 35. Seem in many cases, much less than the 35, right, did you say one dollar in some cases, what's your lowest number come on see well let's hear it. Huh. She doesn't want to get too much i think maybe, one dollar is too much okay. She's very straight, she's a straight player. And you brought it down from what number the 35, down from what sermon. Tremendously, yeah, it's a great job but you you did that. But uh, she would come up to me for a year and a half talking about the insulin, the insulin is the biggest it's such a problem for people. Where they just, did go without if they had no choice because it was too expensive. So great job both of you thank you very much. I also announced that more than 35, million medicare, beneficiaries. Will soon receive a card, in the mail with 200, dollars that you can use to help pay for, prescription, drugs. But i was going to tell you i've allowed, ron desantis. Now. To, go to canada. And buy your prescription, drugs, now why am i doing that. Because before, all of the favored nations, and everything's, kick in which ultimately, i think that's what you're going to be using more than anything. But canada gets their drugs for about 50 percent of what we get them for same drug, same exact, pill. Company, everything, johnson, johnson, whatever the company. Ron is going to buy. From canada. And he's just cut your price in half. Right. Right. When are you starting that ron. When do you think you'll start. When. Very soon, so alex get him approved up okay whatever you have to do i think it's great you know some people say well that does it. My attitude, is, whatever the hell it takes we have this. Terrible, system that's taken years and years to rig. Like the balance, right like the ballots. It's taken them years and years to rig. So they're very simple go buy from canada we get rid of the middlemen we get rid of all of this nonsense, you like that mayor do you like that mayor, both of you. Pretty great run do it fast ron. Do it fast. To care for i mean you're not going to believe what's going to be happening with your numbers i mean they're coming, they're coming down big we're not talking about one percent, i mean i don't even want to mention it but.

Last Year. Out of 51, years this is the first time that prescription, drug prices, have come down. In 51, years they didn't come down much they came down like one percent. Which i don't want to mention in one way, but in another way it tells you something, first time in 51, years where drug prices come down but now. You're talking about a 50, 60 70, an 80. Reduction, in your prescription, drug process. So, we got to get it all finished uh. Wouldn't it be terrible. If sleepy, joe took this over the system that i've created, and you people will say, man has he been a great president, look at what he's done. Like as an example, transparency. Starts on january, 1st i said to my people you couldn't start it like in august, back. They is sir you have to go statutorily. Here here here. I say yeah but i better win this damn election, because can you imagine, mayor. He'll be saying, boy i'm getting a lot of credit what the hell did trump do this is unbelievable. And i promise you they won't give the credit to us will they huh. No but. I think we're not going to have to worry about it i hope then. Get out and vote, vote. To care for our nation's, veterans. I signed into law va choice, and va accountability. Nobody thought that would be possible. Nobody, thought that would be possible. And we've also invested, billions, and billions, of dollars, in research, and innovative, treatments, for alzheimer's. Disease. Kidney, disease. Sickle, cell, disease. Aids. Cancer. And many other illnesses, and i will say this aids, will be. Eradicated. In this country. Now in six years. I started right at the beginning president, obama, should have started he could have started it two years before, two and a half years before they wasted two years. But we started it right at the beginning of the administration. And it was a 10-year, program. We're down to six years, in, six years, it will be essentially, eradicated. In our country think of that who would have thought that it's an amazing. It's an amazing, thing should have been started, before i got into office it could have been. Day after day i'm fighting to defend our seniors, from the virus, from, big pharma. Oh they love me. Special, interests, and from, the radical, socialist, left. American, seniors, remind, us that. We've inherited, an incredible. Extraordinary. Legacy. You're the generation, that defeated, fascism, and triumph. Over, communism. Sent american, astronauts, to the moon you built. Our country, into the greatest and most powerful, nation. The world has ever known. And frankly, right now it's more powerful, than it ever was when i took over we had a depleted, military, we have. Now a military, we have the greatest, weapons, on earth. We are the envy of the world we have the greatest, weapons, the missiles, rockets, tanks. The tankers. The freight. Freighters, the boats the ships. The jet fighters, f-35s. The f-18s. F-16s. Nobody has the equipment that we have in the world, not even close. Even the hypersonic. Missiles. You know. Under the obama, administration. They so they stole our plans, for hypersonic. That's the super duper i call them the super duper missiles the ones that go so fast you can't even see them. And uh. Now we have that you probably read about it last night, we have the fastest, by far, in the world. Now we're doing a great job, and our seniors, and. Generations. Of americans, before you. They did not pour out their heart, and soul, and blood and tears, for this country only now to surrender, our freedom our flag, and our, american, way of life. You as seniors, have protected, us and now. I, as a senior. And all of my people, we are protecting, you.

Your Courage, your leadership, your patriotism. And your faith. Are an inspiration. To us all. And with your help. We will transcend. Every obstacle. Defeat, every threat, and triumph, over every, single. Challenge. We will lift our nation to new heights of greatness, and glory and america, will emerge stronger, more united. More independent. And more prosperous. Than ever before. For our nation. For our great seniors. And for our, beloved, children, and grandchildren. The best, is yet to come. Thank you god bless you i.

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