Trump delivers remarks on his 'Healthcare vision for the Nation'

Trump delivers remarks on his 'Healthcare vision for the Nation'

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Thank you very much so many doctors, so many. Fantastic. Doctors, nurses, that's great please sit down. I'm thrilled to be here in north carolina, with so many of these. Unbelievable. Professionals. Doctors, nurses. And, amazing, healthcare, workers, really in honor of mine. As the world witnessed, during, our battle against the china virus, america, has the greatest, medical professionals. Anywhere. On earth. Today i will, lay out my vision for a health care system. That puts patients, first, families, first, and. Perhaps, most importantly for all of us america, first. Thank you. Thank you. Under the, america, first health care plan, we will ensure the highest standard, of care anywhere in the world. Cutting edge treatment, state-of-the-art. Medicine, groundbreaking. Cures, and true health security. For you, and your, loved ones. And we will do it rapidly. And it's in very good order, and some of it has already been implemented. In short we're delivering, better care, with more choice. At a much lower cost. And working to ensure, americans. Have access, to the care they need. My plan expands, affordable, insurance, options. Reduces, the cost of prescription, drugs. Will end, surprise, medical billing. Increases, fairness, through price transparency. Streamlines. Bureaucracy. Accelerates, innovation. Strongly, protects. Medicare. And always, protects, patients, with pre-existing. Conditions. By contrast. The democrat, party is pushing, a socialist, nightmare. Their plans, will result, in rationing, care. Denying, choice. Putting americans, on wait lists. Driving, the best doctors, out of medicine, permanently. And delaying. Life-saving. Cures. Over 130. Democrats, in congress, including, senator, harris. Have endorsed, legislation. To outlaw, the private health plans of, 180. Million americans. On top of it all former vice president, joe biden promised to give free federal. Health care to anyone in the world who illegally, crosses, our border. His plan to provide government, health care to, illegal immigrants, would bankrupt, our health care system. Collapse, our hospitals. And destroy. Medicare. While bringing millions, and millions, of people. Lured. Into our country. As long as i am president, we will safeguard, our borders. And our seniors. We are pleased to be joined today by secretary. Of health and human services. Done a great job, alex azar. Alex. Thank you. And very importantly. Cms. Administrator. Seema, verma, thank you seymour. A great friend of mine and a great friend of healthcare, frankly, senator, bill, cassidy. Bill. Representatives. Michael burgess, and greg murphy, so instrumental. Thank you thank you thanks. And many many state, and local officials, are here with us thank you very much. Since the plague arrived from china. We have seen our doctors, nurses, first responders. Scientists, and researchers, at their very best. We slashed, red tape to, accelerate, the development, of life-saving. Treatments. Reducing. The fatality. Rate, by 85. Since april. Incredible. Overall, europe has seen an almost 50 percent, greater excess, mortality. Rate. Than that of the united, states. And despite, europe's punishing, lockdowns. They are now seeing a huge surge. Very sadly, in cases. Under operation, warp speed my administration. Is developing, a vaccine, in record time. It will be distributed, before, the end of the year and maybe quite a bit sooner than that. Four vaccines, are now in the final stage of clinical, trials. It's just about at the end, a lot of things are looking very good. It is the most ambitious, vaccine, program, in u.s history, probably, in any history. The vaccines, are being mass produced, in advance. So they can be delivered within 24, hours of approval. The vaccine, will be safe, and it will be effective. It will defeat the virus, and it will end, the pandemic. The economy, will surge, to, record highs you see what's happening with the numbers that are coming out records, all. Normal, life will. Fully resume, that will be great. And next year will be one of the greatest, years in the history of our country, from an economic, and hopefully, in many other ways. When i was elected, i inherited, a thing called. Obamacare. Has anybody heard of obamacare. It was, terrible, that's the way i feel too. It was terrible, and very very expensive, hurt a lot of people, premiums, were too high. Deductibles. Were a disaster. Patience. Had no choice. You couldn't keep your doctor. But by far the worst part of obamacare. Was. This thing called the. Individual. Mandate. As part of our largest, ever. Tax cut in the history of the united, states. We put in a provision, to kill this worst provision, of obamacare. The individual, mandate. It was a disaster. And it was really the essence, of, obamacare.

It Made you pay a tremendous, amount of money in order to not have to pay. For health insurance, think of that you had to pay a, fortune, in order not, to have, health insurance. It was really terrible, and so unfair to so many destroyed, families. We were able to terminate, the individual, mandate, but kept the provision, protecting, patients, with, pre-existing. Conditions. It would, not have been. That particular, law would never have been signed, if it were otherwise, obamacare. Is no longer obamacare. As we worked on it and managed, it very well, we stabilized. It got premiums, down very substantially. That was alex and that was sema and you did a fantastic. Job. But it's still unacceptable. To me because it's too expensive. And doesn't really do the job as well as we could have. So what we. Have now. Is a much better plan. It is no longer obamacare. Because we've gotten rid of the worst part of it the individual, mandate. And made it much, less expensive. A lot of that was through. Good management. We manage it properly. We have tremendous, people working, on it. Simultaneously. With all of this. We are, joining in a lawsuit, to end this ill-conceived. Plan. I'm in court to terminate, this. Really really. Terrible, situation. If we win. We will have a better and less expensive, plan that will always protect, individuals, with pre-existing. Conditions. If we lose what we have now is better than the original. The original, version, of, obamacare. By far much better. Much better again. We will always. Protect, patients, with pre-existing. Conditions, so today i'm. Laying out my vision, for the future of american, healthcare. With the america, first, health care plan. As we restore, america, to, full strength, the first, health care plan. Will be, a core part. Of our national, renewal. In a few moments i'll sign an executive, order outlining, the three pillars of my plan. And directing, my administration. To implement, these. Critical, reforms. The first pillar. Of my plan, is, more, choice. More, choice. For the american. Patients. The last administration. Severely, restricted, consumer, choice through the greatest health care lie ever told. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. You remember that 28, times that was stated, by our president, but it turned out not to be true. When i took office, more than 50 percent, of. Counties, nationwide, offered, plans from, only a single insurance, company. On the individual. Market. Starting, next month more than 90 percent, of the counties, will have multiple, options, to choose from which is really some difference. Under our plan you'll have the freedom, to shop, for the option, that is right for you and your family. These options, include, new affordable, choices, that cost up to, 60 percent, less than obamacare, think of that 60 percent, less. For example, we're opening, up short-term, plans, that are much cheaper than obamacare. And that can be customized. To your individual, needs. We're also offering, association. Health plans that allow small businesses, to pull together, and offer more affordable, policies, to their employees. These are tremendous, options. That didn't exist before we came into, office. And through a massive, expansion, of health reimbursement. Arrangements. Millions, of americans, will be able to shop for a plan of their choice on the individual, market. And then have their employer. Cover the full cost. Furthermore, i'll work to make individual. Health care premiums. Fully tax deductible, that will be a big. Difference. Through these and other reforms, we're putting american, patients, back in charge and we're putting them first. My plan will also revolutionize. Access, to telehealth. That's something that really has taken off. During the pandemic. It's taken off like a rocket ship. It's increased, close to 9. 000. Nobody was using it and when we had the pandemic. They started using it then they started really liking it then it started getting better and better. Bill now it's up to nine thousand, percent who would think that right, one of the. Few things that we got from this, disaster. That came from china. When we rapidly, expanded, its availability. For medicare, beneficiaries. During the pandemic, the number of. Telehealth. Users, increased. So incredibly, to 14, 000 a week.

It Was uh, 1.7. Million it was increasing, at levels, that, nobody's, ever seen before. Just about any kind of a program, this is, the future, of health care. We will ensure all americans, have the freedom, to consult, with doctors, from the safety and convenience, of their homes. The second pillar, of my plan is lower costs, for families, and seniors, lower cost. For years patients, have been shocked to receive. Unexpected. Bills for thousands, of dollars in medical, services. They never agreed to. The first. America, first health care plan, bans this, deeply, unfair, practice. We will end surprise, medical, billing. The days of ripping off american, patients, are over. My plan also includes, the vital reform, of price, transparency. And, trace, transparency. Is great for the great doctors, the good doctors, and it's also great for the. Great and good hospitals, that's where it's really fantastic, for them too in addition obviously, to the patients. For the first time ever we will create true competition. In health care. Both hospitals, and insurance, companies, will be required, to post, all of their prices, online. This transformative. Policy, will allow you to see your exact, out-of-pocket. Costs before you go. For treatment. Making it easy to shop, for the best price. Costs will come way down some people think this will have a, bigger, impact, than healthcare, itself, it's a tremendous, thing, no matter where it's been put it's been an incredible. Service, and it's it's. Worked, miracles, it's been brilliant for patients. Next time, taking on the lobbyists. And the special, interests to lower, the price of prescription, drugs. For years american, patients, have subsidized. Socialist, nations. And you know that. We talk about it all the time, congress. They come over we've been talking about it for a long time they've been talking about it for years they know the problem but we've been. Subsidizing. Socialist, nations, and others. By paying the highest, drug prices, in the world by far. And yet we're the largest, purchaser. Of, prescription, drugs, by. Far. And this is all while countries, got away with paying. So much less. So much less, incredibly, less under my plan. We will pay the exact, same, price, as other countries, that's at the lowest level. So we will be matching, the lowest, price. With what's now, many times the highest, price. And we won't pay a penny more what will happen is the lower prices will come up a little bit, but you'll get discounts. Of 40 50 60, 80, 90, who knows. Percent, numbers that you wouldn't even believe. And we were the only ones. In 52, years to bring drug prices, down. The last year they went down as you know. But that was before this they went down just a little bit but just a little bit was the only time in 52, years now they're going to go down massively, favored nations, this will lead to. A very large savings, for, american, families, and plummeting, drug prices they will plummet. The obama, biden administration. Caved to big pharma and allowed drug prices, to explode. The only bad part about this transaction. Is that they are advertising, like crazy. Make sure you don't elect trump. And all it means is that your drug prices, are coming down so it's it's incredible. They have unlimited, money for ads but they're taking ads and every time you see an ad, just think that your drug prices, are coming down i now understand, why other politicians. Wouldn't do it, because it was a very easy thing to do. But it took a certain amount of courage, i will say. That. So it means that i'm taking on big pharma, like never before nobody's, done this before they understood, favorite nations, favorite nations is you get the best price says the lowest no matter where it is anywhere in the world. So if germany's, paying, 10 cents for a bill and we're paying two and a half dollars for the same exact pill from the same place.

Same Plant same. Genius, scientist, same everything. Same laboratory. We get the same price as they do. You're talking about numbers that are. Unthinkable. Favored nations, close. So it's really something, and they're. Attacking, me viciously, we know that and. They're attacking, me really because i'm fighting for you but it's worth the fight it's worth the fight i think people have been understood. And i just i, can say this i think i don't think it's confidential. Our chief of staff is here mark meadows, from. A very, great state. Known as north carolina. That happens to come from north carolina, that's uh good stuff he wanted to be here for that reason probably, more than. Even listening to this because you've heard it but. Mark will tell you that big pharma, is calling, and negotiating. And negotiating. And they want to make a deal. And there's a deal somewhere, but. It's, uh. It's something that's taking place right now so they're negotiating. But. This is where we are and they're negotiating, for one reason before that they wouldn't even think about negotiating, with any other, administration. They would. They cannot believe this is actually happening. And if we can make a deal we will but mark you're negotiating. Literally, as we speak right. So if he doesn't make a great deal we'll blame, north carolina. Okay. So that's great now mark is a real pro at this understands, it complicated, business, but he understands, it very well today my administration's. Taking action. On every piece of the executive, order i signed on prescription, drug, importation. In july. The american, people pay an average of over listen to this three times, more, for medicine, than canadians. So you could be two feet away on each side of the border. Three times more, and that's the way it is. Canada, is far more than many other countries. My plan will allow states, wholesalers. And pharmacies, to do something. Career politicians. Have promised for decades, because it was very simple as an idea. But never delivered, we will finally allow the safe and legal importation. Of prescription, drugs from canada. So this. Means. So this means a state or whatever, can go to canada, and buy your. Drugs, for, a fraction, of the price that they're charging, right now, massive, numbers, of. Tremendous, numbers florida wants to do it colorado, wants to do it many states want to do it, and they will be doing it but that's still higher than the favorite nations. So his favorite nations, kicks in i think that probably, beats everybody no matter where you are no matter where you're trying to buy this will be. A game changer, for american, seniors, and by allowing you to do this through canada. We're doing it very very quickly so it goes very fast. And the new rule goes into effect as of today, is that fast enough i think so what do you, think. My congressman. The america, first health care plan includes another historic, provision, to benefit, our great seniors. Under my plan 33. Million medicare, beneficiaries. Will soon receive. A card, in the mail containing. Two hundred dollars. That they can use to help pay for prescription, drugs nobody's, seen this before these cards are incredible, the cards will be mailed out.

In Coming weeks. I will always take care of our wonderful, senior citizens. Joe biden will be doing this. And this is also partially, because of the tremendous. Money that we're going to be saving, with, the favored nations, and various, other things that we've done. We've approved, more affordable, generic, drugs than any administration. In history. I had no idea but i have, had, many, doctors who have great respect for by the way come to me and, i said well what's the difference between, this and this one is a very well known name one is. Just a pill and a bottle with, no tag on it. And they said, zero, i said must be a little bit better right the name zero. And yet the name brand will cost. Five, and even ten times more money than the generic, so we've approved, more generic, drugs than anybody, at a rapid pace to. We're also requiring. That. Low-income, patients, receive the benefits, of government, discounts, on insulin. And the epipen. And that you know that is a big. That is a big deal, that is a big deal insulin, is one of the most common medicines, for seniors. And this is something, that. Sema worked on so hard, insulin. Prices, soared, under, the, last administration. Like you wouldn't believe right seymour. Under my plan hundreds of thousands, of medicare, patients, will see their insulin costs capped. At just, 35. A month that's a 66. Percent. Cost reduction. And this feature will be well, available. On over 1. 600, medicare, plans. That seniors, can begin signing up for starting october, 1st and under certain circumstances. Seymour. It's, literally. Almost, free. This. Insulin, which. They were just ripping you on. Is close to being free even lower than the 35. A month so, you did a fantastic, job in that thank you very much. And sima would come to my office sir i have something so exciting she worked on that for a long time and getting that done but it was it is exciting. If you need, insulin, a lot of people were going without it they just couldn't afford it now they can definitely, afford it. We'll accelerate, our relentless. Effort to save seniors, money on their premiums. Since i took office, we reduced, medicare, part d premiums, by 12. Medicare, advantage, premiums, are also down dramatically. A 44. Reduction, in north carolina. That's good. 43. Lower in pennsylvania. And a 54. Lower price, in michigan, so that's something, and we have them all over the country. All over the country, there are numbers, just like that will ensure that all seniors, pay the same price for the same service, whether at a hospital, a surgery, center, or a doctor's, office. This will save, seniors, billions, and billions, of dollars, a year we're talking about the billions.

And It also saves our government, a lot of money but will save our senior citizens, billions, of dollars a year fantastic. Job. We're putting into place the largest, package, of saving, for seniors, if. Any administration. In history. No administration. Is even close to what we've done and i've said it, having to do much more than even health care. There's no administration. In its first three and a half years that's done anywhere close to the things we've done. And i never even get criticized, for saying it that must mean it's true right my congressman. And my great senator. Under the democrat. Plan, costs will skyrocket. Our seniors, will lose the benefits, they paid into their entire. I mean they've been paying for their entire, lives, tremendous, amounts of money all to finance. Socialism, and open borders. I mean we're just helping other countries, countries, that. Aren't even, friends of ours but we help our friends and we help. Socialism. All over the world, and, we hurt our people and we're not doing that any longer. As long as i'm. President. No one, will lay, a hand on your medicare, your medicare, is going to be safe and it's going to be solid. The final, pillar of america, first health care plan is better, care. That's better, care for american, patients. The historic, action i'm taking today includes, the first ever executive, order, to affirm. It is the official, policy, of the united states government, to protect patients, with, pre-existing. Conditions, so we're making that official. We're putting it down in a stand. Because our opponents, the democrats, like to constantly, talk about it and yet pre-existing. Conditions, are much safer with us than they are. With them and now we have it affirmed, this is a firm, signed and done so we can put that to rest, they'll say it anyway, because it's disinformation. Disinformation. Same thing goes for social security, you remember during the last. Campaign. Four years ago, they kept saying i was going to. Destroy, social security i made social security, stronger, better, they will be the ones that destroy, social security, because they're going to destroy, our country, they will destroy, our economy, so, social security, nothing happened i keep saying whatever happened to social security. Remember, he is going to immediately, attack, now just the opposite, your social security, is 100. With me but it's not a hundred percent, with them. Any health care reform, legislation. That comes to my desk from congress, must protect the pre-existing. Conditions, or i won't sign it and i made that pledge and i made that pledge. Last week but now i'm making it in writing we're putting it down and we have it signed and we have it. Here. The new democrat, lie is that they will cover pre-existing. Conditions, but in truth the socialists, take over economic, shutdowns. That they talk about if you look at, this state frankly, where you have, democrat, governors, democrat, leaders. Those. Those, states, are, in very very bad. Shape with all of their. Shutdowns, pennsylvania. You take a look at what's going on in pennsylvania, with the shutdown we just won a big, court case where a judge a. Great federal judge ruled it unconstitutional. What they were doing they're hurting people. There's damage on the other side of a shutdown, people don't realize with suicides. And. Drug, use, and all of the alcohol. It's a terrible thing that happens, and.

Michigan's, Another state the shutdown, is very severe. By the way on, november, 4th. I'm sure everything will be open they'll announce on the evening. Of november. That we're opening, up. Unless, these unsolicited. Ballots don't come in for weeks and weeks and weeks you know they want them to. Come in over a long period of time it's going to be a very interesting, day, november, 3rd it's going to be a very interesting, day and coverage, for. Illegal, immigrants, will collapse, our economy. Will collapse, under their system, and. Make your health care system. Totally, insolvent. You know that as great doctors, and people that do this you know that what they're doing is, socialized. Medicine. And it's not acceptable, it's going to be a disaster, in terms of quality, and cost. It'll ruin our country. Under their plan you'll, lose your doctor, again and you will lose your coverage, you will lose everything having to do with what we're talking about on my. Watch. I will. Never let the radical, left. Take away your health care you'll always have health. Care. The america, first health care plan will deliver another long-awaited. Reform, we will put, you in control, of your own medical. Records. Will require, doctors, to make your records available, electronically. And you alone them and you'll control, them and they will be portable, and, you'll be able to work seamlessly, with all of your, medical, providers, it'll make your life a lot easier. Much much easier. The previous, administration. Led by. Sleepy joe biden. Spent 35, billion dollars, and failed to get it done you know that 35, billion, dollars. Where they failed, we are delivering, to give. Critically, ill patients, access, to. Life-saving. Treatment. I also, signed. Right to try you know what right to try is i'm very. To me. Right to try, is. Is so great. It's so great and what i think i'd like to do i'll do it really quickly. I'm going to run through just a quick list of. Accomplishments. That we've done. And you know we've really become. The health care. Party. The republican, party and nobody knows that. The news doesn't talk about it. But i'm going to just say, i mean it's a list of things that we've done. And. It'll go quickly, but i just thought i'd take it out i said you know i'd like to read that to the audience, of, professionals. Today. And this is just a partial list. We repealed. The individual, mandate. Eliminated. Obamacare's. Health insurance. Medical, device. And the cadillac, taxes that's a big deal. People forget all of this. They say i wonder who did that could it have been. Joe biden he doesn't know what it is. Expanded. Association. Health plans. Increased, availability. Of short-term. Limited, duration. Plans. Expanded. Health, reimbursement. Arrangements, big deal. Lowered prescription, drug prices. And you will see them at a level that you will never have. You'll never see this again. They will go down so low. And as i said we had the largest. Annual, decrease, we had the only decrease, over a 52-year. Period. More generic, prescriptions. Approved, savings, america is saving america an estimated. 2.6. Billion dollars, in the first 18, months of, the administration. Alone so in 18 months we saved 2.6. Billion with, generic. Drugs. Signed four executive, orders to lower prescription, drug prices. Signed legislation. Banning, pharmacy, gag clauses. Does that make sense to you. I mean what, what. People were under what even the pharmacists.

Had To do was, it made them it was embarrassing. To them. Took executive, action to ensure price transparency. And health care that'll be one of the biggest things and most people have no idea what it means. I said some people said that's bigger than healthcare, required, hospitals, to post standard prices, on the internet. Modernize. And strengthen, medicare, with more options, more benefits, and lower premiums, substantially. Improve, kidney, care, such a big deal with more transplants. And better treatment. Kidney care is so tough for people with a problem. Very substantially. Lowered the price of insulin, as we said for our seniors. Invested, in advances, in generic, therapy, for sickle cell disease. Big thing. Good point. Big big thing. Launched, a 500, million dollar initiative, to find cures for childhood, cancers, 500. Million dollars. Combative, drug demand. We. Really went, very very strong, on drug demand, and the opioid, crisis, with expanded, access, to, medication medication-assisted. Treatment and life-saving. Naloxone. Naloxone. Opioid. Prescribed. Decreased. By over, 35, percent. So if you look at. The opioid. Obviously. Horror show. It decreased, by over 35. Since january, of 2017.. We've worked very very hard on that. Launched. To connect those with, substance, abuse, disorder, to treatment, we have an incredible, situation. Past, right to try to give critically, ill patients, access, to. Life-saving. Cures, where it hasn't been approved, yet by the fda. Incredible. And and by the way. Many of you know what that has meant, we have had some. Examples, of success, that on right to try that have been amazing. Launched, an initiative, to end aids. Hiv, aids. In america we think in six years it will be. Largely, eradicated, who would have ever thought and this could have started two years before i got there but they chose not to do it but we have and we've launched the initiative. It's into its almost fourth year. And, at the time we did it it was going to be ten years at the end of ten years now six years we're already down to six. It will largely. Eradicate. Aids, hiv, aids in america who would have thought that it's incredible, when i first heard about it. When i first heard about it i said why wouldn't they have started it early but they didn't. Expanded. Access, to telehealth. Especially, in rural, and underserved. Areas, telehealth. Signed historic, va, choice, legislation. That's a big deal. That's a big deal. It's the real it's the real choice not the weak choice the very very weak the choice that didn't mean anything. But it's been a tremendous, success, and we just got a 91. Approval rating from our vets the highest we've ever had by. By a lot. Higher. And we also while we're at it we signed, accountability. Va accountability. That's where people don't love our vets if they don't take care of our vets you couldn't do anything about it did you have to they'd have to live. In hell with these vets. With uh with the people that were supposed to be taking care of. And. We have a thing called va accountability. They're accountable, now, if they don't treat our vets. Great, if they don't take care of our vets if they don't love our vets our country. We, can fire them we can say you're fired. We can fire, them. P.a accountable. That's a big thing so va choice va accountability. Took executive, action to prevent. Veteran, suicide, and launched the 24-hour. Veteran, hotline. For suicide. And it's. Really. Working. And signed the largest, ever increase, in child care development, block grants. Those are just. Those are just some of the. Those are some of the things that we've done. We've done actually a lot more than that but, we have to get back to business here right those are things that we've done, and nobody has any idea when you, look at a list like that. Um. Democrats, have never done anything like that. Under the democrat, socialist, agenda, an avalanche, of regulation. Would extinguish, the flame of excellence, that makes america, the center.

Of Scientific. Discovery. Groundbreaking. Treatment. And life-saving. Cures. In our all-out war against the virus, we've lifted bureaucratic. Barriers, and marshaled, america's, scientific. Industrial, and technical, brilliance, and we do have total brilliance, some of it's in this room by the way in case you don't know. I will apply as really as some of the people right great, bill. Some incredible, people in this room i'll apply the same. Determination. To accelerate, medical, breakthroughs. In all areas, including, for alzheimer's. Diabetes. Generic, treatments, for sickle cell disease. Early detection, of cancer, and much much more. Already, to improve, care for americans, with kidney disease we enable patients, to receive, at home dialysis. And we're investing, in the creation, of, an artificial, kidney we're getting very close. And we introduce, critical, incentives, to make more kidneys, available, for transplant. A change that will save, tens of thousands, of lives, what people have to go through with. Kidney disease is incredible. It's incredible. They work, so hard i said how do they do they can live, a long life but it's so much work to do it, that they literally one doctor told me that. They die of hard work, it's such a job, to go and. I guess dialysis. Etc, it's such a hard job that they die of, of literally, they die of, just hard work. It's it's. Incredible, what we've done, there and what we're doing, and. Especially, with some of the research, that's been done what we're coming up with you'll be seeing it very soon i believe. As we invest in the future, we will permanently, bring our medical supply, chains back. Home. We will produce, our medical supplies. Pharmaceuticals. And treatments, right here in the united, states right here in north carolina. We're going to bring a lot of business to, if you remember, puerto rico used to do it and then they. Brought tax, legislation. That destroyed, that whole thing they all left but they were very happy in puerto rico we're going to bring it back to puerto rico and, many of our states. That. That we'll be doing it and north carolina, i see is on the list as being a very top one so we're going to bring it back to north carolina, and the country. And we'll reverse, the disastrous. And heartless, decision. Joe biden made in 1996. To shut down the pharmaceutical. Industry, in. Puerto rico it took place in 1996. Biden shut down the whole. Puerto rico. Industry, this was a very, good industry they were doing a fantastic. Job and one day it was just literally, gone biden, shut it down with what he did with taxes, and, it was. It was a disgrace, but we will bring it. Back. Under our leadership, american, medicine, will make the biggest breakthroughs, the largest, leaps the most exciting, strides. And the most outstanding. Discoveries. Before i sign a historic, executive, order implementing, this ambitious, agenda, let me introduce, two americans. Great americans, who will benefit, from. Our policies. Julia. Strathopolis. Was born in, freeman, sheldon, syndrome, with with the, freeman, sheldon, syndrome, which is tough. An extremely, rare muscle, and bone disorder. Under the previous, administration. Julia's, family saw their premiums, on. The individual, market skyrocket. To, 3. Dollars, a month and more. Her parents had to go without a health insurance, just to afford coverage, for their children. Since i was elected their families, premiums, have been slashed, by more than 40 percent, and we're going down, further. And everyone, is now covered and julia, always, has access, to the doctor she needs. Julia we are with you i don't know where you are julia where is julia. Wow, thank you. Thank you. You look great julia, thank you. That's great thank you julia. It's a great story but we're inspired, by your courage thank you very much. Also with us is sharon, leader a financial, planner, from nearby, concord. After spending less than 24, hours in the hospital, and receiving, a few basic, tests. She received, surprise, bills that added up to four, thousand, dollars. That's a lot of money, despite, having insurance, sharon. Those days will soon be over because we'll end surprise, medical building once and for all. Where is. Sharon. That's why they call it surprise, billing she got home and she was surprised. They sent you the bill you opened it up you thought it was going to be 25. And it was a little more than that right, that's great well we're taking care of it thank you very much here. We're standing, up for. Our people, we're standing up to special, interest. We're taking on the powerful, lobbyists, we're stopping, the radical, socialists.

And Communists. To be honest with you i think we've gone a little bit above. Socialism. Or below it if you want to call it that way. But we are standing up to both whichever one you want to choose. And we are fighting, for the incredible, people of north carolina. Incredible, people. People i love, i love the people, we named, as you know my grandchild, is named. Carolina. Carolina. My, most beautiful, child. But we're providing, better care and more choice, at a. Lower cost, substantially. Lower cost. We're delivering, a healthier, safer brighter and more prosperous, future for every citizen. In our magnificent. Land because we are. Proudly, putting america, first that hasn't happened for a long. Time. On behalf, of all americans. I will now sign. The executive, order i want to thank you all for, being here god bless you god bless north carolina. And god bless, america, thank you very much. That's great. Hi. Junior. Here's a big. One. For you you have the first. Time. Um.

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