Trump delivers remarks on Black Economic Empowerment

Trump delivers remarks on Black Economic Empowerment

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Thank you very much, and thank you to herschel. I don't know about. Herschel. I don't know, i don't know, i don't know about herschel. I'd watch him in college, i'd watch him carry that ball but you know i think he'd do. Just as well as a senator. Or a governor. We're going to have to start talking to him about that. He's a fantastic. Person, great man. I'm honored to be, back in the heart of georgia, with the truly incredible. Organization. Black, voices. For trump and we appreciate, it. In 39, days we're going to win four more years in the white house. And we will do it with a record, number, of votes, from the, black. Community. That's all happening. That's all happening we're getting a lot of. See the people back there they're saying what's going on over here. They're not happy about it but that's okay. Our movement is welcoming. Millions, of black americans. Back to the republican, party the party of frederick, douglass, and abraham. Lincoln. When i ran for, president, four years ago. I looked at the dismal, and shameful, record of the democrat. Party. And asked black americans. What the hell do you have to lose. Right. And they all said you shouldn't use the word hell but i said it's just. Just more descriptive. Does it work as well without it. Today i want to share. What you have to gain, from voting, republican. On november, 3rd will be the biggest. Election, of our lives. For decades, democrat, politicians. Like joe biden. Have taken, black, voters. For granted. They made you big promises, before, every election. And then the moment they, got to washington. They abandoned, you and they sold you out. The democrat, party use you and they lied to you every single time you know it better than anybody else knows. The democrats. Will always take back. The vote. What they want to do is they'll take that, vote back, they want to. Take the black, voter for granted, and they have taken the black voter, for granted. And it's not fair it's not right and it's not going to happen, because we're going to have such a victory, like you've never had. Before. In 2016. Thank you. Thank you. In 2016. I made you a solemn, pledge. That whether you voted for me or not. I would be your greatest, champion. Since that time. I've delivered. Even more than i promised. It's one of those things. Few politicians. Do that but i believe we have. Before the china virus, we built the greatest, economy. For african, americans. In the history. Of our country, and we are doing it again. In the first three years we achieved, the lowest black unemployment, rate, in history. The black youth unemployment. Rate, reached, an all-time. Low. We achieved, the largest, job gains for african, americans, on record. Black americans, saw the largest, increase, in home, ownership. The poverty, rate for african americans, reached the lowest level ever recorded. And last year. 811. 000 african, americans, were lifted, out of poverty, the most. In over, 51. Years. In my first three years, we lifted, 6.6. Million people out of poverty, the largest, poverty, reduction. Of any, president. In the history of our country. I did more for the black, community. In 47, months, i saw they used that line so i don't want to ruin it by saying it a second time. It was in the video, but i will say it again. Then joe biden, did in 47. Years. And i'm here today to announce, a brand new plan to deliver more opportunity. More security, more fairness, and more prosperity. To black, communities. We call it the platinum, plan. Platinum. And that's, a contract. With. Black americans, and it's going to be something, that people talk about for a long time to come.

If You vote republican, over the next four years we will create, three million new jobs. For the black community. Open, 500. 000 new black owned businesses. Increase. Access, to capital. In black communities, by, 500. Billion, dollars. And this includes, investing, in community, development, financial, institutions. And minority. Depository. Institutions. Build up peaceful, and safer urban neighborhoods, with the highest, standards. Of. And you know this of policing, we want the highest standards, we have that. We have to have highest, standards, of policing. Bring even greater fairness, to the justice, system, we did criminal justice, reform, we remember, that. Even greater, we will create, a national, clemency. Project. To write wrongful, prosecutions. And to pardon. Individuals. Who have reformed. Their life. You saw alice right. We love alice. She had another, 24. Years to go can you believe it. She served 22, years she had another. 24. Years to go. It was. Ridiculous. And she is a great woman. Create a. Ladder of opportunity. For african-american. Children, by delivering, school, choice. To every parent in america. So important. Give black churches, the ability, to compete, for federal resources. For their communities. Bring better, and tailored, health care to address, the historic. Disparities. That we've had for so many years you know that. This includes, investing, in treatments, for kidney disease, diabetes. High blood pressure. Sickle cell disease. And, maternal. Mortality. Advance, home ownership, and wealth building, in the black. Community. Bring more manufacturing. Back to the usa, which we're doing anyway. And back to the inner cities, which have been, largely, forgotten. Although, not so much in the last three years when you get right down to it. Thank you. And democrat. Policies. That, import, low-wage. Foreign workers, from overseas, to replace. Black workers, in our inner cities. Joe biden, cares, more about. The citizens, of foreign countries, than he does about black americans, living in our own country. I will always put americans, first and that includes. Very very importantly, black, americans. And there's much more in our plan, which we're, releasing, today so we'll get everyone, a copy and it's actually been very well received. And we appreciate, that the platinum, plan. Is a bold vision that we can. And really will. Achieve, over the next four years and we'll be able to do it if not sooner. Unlike, my opponent, i'm not a career politician. Thank goodness. I get results. And i keep my promise and if you've you've seen that. You've seen that, together, we will not only build up america's, black communities. We'll help with your vote, with the platinum, plan we'll lift up all forgotten. Communities. And will strengthen, our entire nation. And we are going to have an incredible, four years but more importantly, we're going to have an incredible, 40 years we're going to have many many great years. Because we're setting a foundation. For the future. So when i'm not here you're going to be here forever especially, look at these young people over here you're going to really be there for a long time but we want this for long term this year. The republican, party has 26. Black, republicans. Running for congress. Where are they are they here, are they here. A lot of them are here right. Whoa. That's a good-looking, group of people. And they're and they're doing, and you're doing well. Just about in every instance well we're gonna, help you to do even better, we'll be, we'll be helping you you watch. And we're thrilled to be joined today by eight of them raise your hand where which are the eight oh that's so. Great. Yeah. They have what it takes. That's great, that's fantastic. Great job. One of them i've endorsed very strongly, i saw an ad that i liked i said i thought it was great, raise your hand please. What a great um.

They've Been now endorsed, i will tell you, uh, and congratulations. By the way that's going to be a fantastic. It's going to be a fantastic. Night november, 3rd now i don't know you know with this ballot situation. It's uh. You're not going to you're not going to see it, november, 3rd the democrats, are playing games, you see that, you see they found ballots in a waste paper basket. They found ballots, dumped in a stream. Take a look at iowa the primaries, you remember the primary, they went to iowa we love iowa but they tried this. Ballot concept, and they still don't know who won. That was a long time ago that was in their primary, the first primary. And uh, it's. A very terrible, thing that's happening very very terrible, thing but, you're going to be raising the hand if not november, 3rd, hopefully, shortly thereafter. I know you're going to be raising your hand with me we may end up in a dispute, for a long time because that's the way they want it, but we're going to end up winning that's for. Sure. When i give. My state of the union, address, next year i look forward to welcoming, a historic, number of black republican, members of congress. And we're going to take back the house. We're gonna take back the house. You know we've already won some seats back, they don't like to talk about that the fake news you'll find out about the fake news, have you figured out the fake news yet you're young, and handsome, and beautiful, have you figured out the fake news yet. You, you'll learn. You'll learn you learn to live with it you learn to do what you have to do. But we are going to take back the house i think we're only 17, short now we picked up a couple, we just won a big one in los angeles we haven't won in 22, years. California. Won a big one in wisconsin. It was a great one we won some really good ones so. Uh. We're inching, up and you watch what's going to happen it's going to be a very big night for the house. It's going to be a really. Retired, pelosi, that's out of it. That's going to be great congratulations. All that's a that's already a great achievement, it really is it's all ready. But together, we'll fulfill, our contract. With black america, and we'll pass, the platinum, plan into law and we'll do it quickly and easily. We're also joined by a great friend of mine dr ben carson, where's ben. Bend. I love ben. Special, man, he's doing a great job too. He's been my friend from the beginning. Can i tell the one story benny came up to me during he was campaigning, he was the toughest one i mean to tell you what, we had some really tough ones you know a lot of them like to try and, say they were tough but they weren't like kasich. Like casey. He only had one thing he wouldn't leave the race. He'd get he'd get minus, one, he's going on to the next one this guy did, great he was incredible. And, he came up to me during the race and he was doing well. He said you know, that, you're going to win don't you i said excuse, me he said you know you're going to win he was doing great. And he was uh. Really like in second, and third, and fourth, and, back to second i mean he was right up there he was great. I learned i said we got to get this guy out of here. But he came up to me he did and he said. You're going to win and i'll let him tell you the rest of the story if you'd like to do it sometime, but, he gave a very specific, reason and i will never forget what he said but he said you know you're going to win don't you. And i just thought it was really nice and you know what i'm talking about ben, so ben carson, what a job he's done too respected, by everybody. Thank. You. And a man who ran in the primary. Who. I got a call from. Another great man david perdue he said could you do us a favor. There's a guy named. Brian, kemp. And he's running in a tough primary, he's got a tough opponent. And do you think you could maybe. Endorse him i love david perdue i said. I said who is he i don't know okay. And uh he said well he's been for you i said well i've heard that before i better be careful. And. We did a little where's brian where's brian right over here brian. So. We did a little research. We did a little research, and he has he was for me all the way and, i said that's good you know the worst thing is when you're endorsing, people that say bad things right he only said good. And i got to know him and i got to know his wife marty and i i said absolutely, and we endorsed him and he won that primary, so easily. He won so easily.

And They're still trying to figure out what happened, in the. Race, i've been watching. You know what it wasn't that close he won by like a lot, actually. You know he didn't win by 15, votes he won by. A lot, how many votes was that that was a lot. Well we won't go on a landslide, but it wasn't very close you know how many votes was that brian it was a, lot. 51, to me you know what that is it's yankee stadium for a world series. Oh. You know people would say oh that was tight i don't think. Like they heard i heard i won michigan, by 12 000. i said that's an almost, full madison, square garden you know. Not quite full but that's, yankee stadium for the world series i think that's a lot, we look at it differently. Uh but i do want to introduce, also. David perdue, who is. He is really an incredible, guy, he loves everybody in this room where's david david. Please stand up is that right did you make that call. Well you made that call, he made that call and that was a good call cause your governor's doing a great job and david's doing a great job and i hope you can, support, david and brian, and all of them they're incredible, people, thank you. Thank you thank you david for everything. Thanks also, to oklahoma's. First black, speaker, of the house. T.w, shannon. Where's t.w. I like that. I want to do that. I want to do that. Thank you two, great reputation. Thank you very much and, a friend of mine, who uh. My, children you know they'll always be children they may be a little older than children but they're always my children. They love her lynn, patton. Lynn thank you. Thank you. Thank you lynn. Thank you. And if you're a uh ufc. Fan, anybody like ufc. It's uh. I'll tell you what that's right usman, he goes usman. He's uh i know who he is. He's tough that's who he is. Kamuro. Usman, where is uh, where is our champ come on champ get up.

Man Oh man oh. Man. What a fighter, you are. I don't want to mess with him i may weigh a couple of pounds more do you think i could take you to fight you up i don't think so. He goes no, i think you're right jeff. But i watched a fight you had a couple of months ago unbelievable. Uh, and talent, but right up here too you know it's a combination, the muscles, are important but uh you gotta have the other. You gotta have. You know he actually looks very good in the suit but he's one of the few people who look better without a suit. There aren't too many of us hey. There aren't too many of us that can say that right right men. The men of this audience, uh. But i just uh i just want to thank you champion good luck i'll be watching you have a big fight coming up and i'll be watching, and. It's a great group of people great group of champions, thank you very much, thank you. Another, great. Fighter. Ali. Abdelaziz. Who is uh tough where is he there he is oh, you're tough. You're so tough the two of you guys i'd like to see you both fight but there's a little weight difference, i guess right. You probably think you could take him right but. What is the difference in weight what is it. 20. 10. I know i know. I know. What is a dope because, and how were you a fighter at one time. And how good you you pretty good. Not good as nobody else is either so you know. That's easy yeah you were a good fighter. Uh also atlanta's, top hip-hop. Producer. Paulo, do you know what where is he where is he. You know don king, used to call me, the don, right he used to, he still does actually. But you didn't get it from don king i know that right. Nice to see you great to have you, great to have you thank you very much, do we have another ufc, fighter here because i had heard yes. Because i know we had somebody else going i just don't want to skip in case we do i have a lot of respect for them, anybody gets in a ring and does that and comes out winning. To me i have a lot of respect. And when you become the champ, i want to tell you it's uh that's a hell of a, that's a hell of a thing that's what you live for the belt right, the money or the belt. You know what if you get the belt the money comes right so. Great great going jim, fantastic. Over the last 50 years black americans, have mostly. Voted democrat. But every day more black americans. Are deciding, that the. Old way. Is not working. Five decades, of evidence, prove that democrat, politicians. Do not care about the black community. They only care about. Power, for themselves, whatever that means. My opponent, is offering, black americans. Nothing but the same, old, tired, empty slogans. By the way he uh, he's staying in again today. The guy. Hey champ if i lose to a guy that that's like you losing, losing to a fighter that you know hasn't worked out in the last six months.

This Guy never goes out. It's terrible, huh. Oh you better make sure i we're not going to be very embarrassed, i lost to a guy i lost to a guy that didn't, campaign. You know why he's not campaigning, i guess it's an energy factor so what the hell is going on if i lose to a man that doesn't campaign, no he's, announced, every day he announced, we're going to stay in today. I don't know. Hey. I can't tell you. But the democrats, are angry at him they say you can't do that you know i just left florida. And from here i'm going to. Washington, then i'm going to virginia, then i'm going to someplace, else and someplace. Else. By the way am i you know i see kelly and i see collins, back there will you please stand up okay please. Please. You know. Those are two champions, so you know, they had their names in there but they took them out you know why because they probably want to, not mention them together. They're going to end up liking each other you watch. And they're two great people. I'm not going to skip them over. They thought it would be uh diplomatic. That's not diplomatic, that's stupid. Right. But i stand here to offer, solutions, i want to congratulate, you both, really fighting a good fight i want to say that. Both of you doug, kelly. Really great. It's uh, amazing well i sort of like it you know why, they're going to be in there fighting fighting fighting, don't anybody, get out. They're going to get and it goes and everybody's, going to come with them, and the only thing i know for sure they're all going to vote for me both. So brian, don't let them get out don't let anybody get out let them, that's going to be a, but everyone's, going for both of them, huh. Okay, it's going to be hey we don't have long to go either we don't have long to go. November, 3rd. I've spent the last four years, reversing, the horrible, damage, joe biden inflicted, on the black community, over 47. Years 47, years he always says oh i should have done this. I said you've been there for 47. Years you know. It's always great when they tell you what you should be doing and they haven't done it themselves. And you know it's not like it was 25, years ago that he left he was there. Three and a half years ago right so. You know. It's one of those things. No one in washington, politics, today. Has done more, to hurt, black americans. And joe biden, it's true. For half a century, joe's personally, advocated. Or enacted. Virtually, every policy, that has caused, pain and suffering, in the black community, you know that joe biden shipped. Millions, of your best jobs, overseas. Hollowed, out. The black, middle class, and with open borders, trapped children, in failing government, schools. Sent young men to fight. In endless, wars, they just never end they're coming back home you see that they're coming back home. Many are already back. While our inner cities crumbled, at home. And made cities less safe, and, less secure. Joe biden should not. Be demanding, your support. He should be begging. For your forgiveness, he really should. Be. My opponent, drafted, the 1994. Disaster. The, 1994. Crime bill, which caused, unfair, sentencing, disparities. That devastated. Black families, and i mean, just definitely i have heard more about the, 1994. And when we did criminal justice, reform, it was largely, about. Erasing. That. Terrible. Act, that was a that was his that was his deal i roll back. The unfair, provisions. Of the 1994. Biden, crime, bill. And i signed it. Into, groundbreaking. Criminal, justice, reform, which people are so happy about. Even my enemies, are. Saying thank you for that. Today we're glad to be joined. By the first person to be released, under the first step act. Who i was honored to have as my guest at the. State of the union a really wonderful, man matthew. Charles. What a good man what a smile. I looked at that smile from the podium, downstairs. I was surrounded, by all those killer. Politicians. And i looked at matthew who's the nicest, looking guy in the house. Thank you matthew you're doing well matthew right. That's great matthew, you deserve. What you got, you deserve, it. Biden supported, the twin disasters. Of nafta, and china's, entry into the world trade organization. Which eliminated. One in four manufacturing. Jobs. Held by black americans, you know that. Joe biden's globalist, agenda, closed down. Factories, in baltimore. And sent them. Just see what happened, all these factories, all these jobs, all these factories. Sent them to beijing. He shuttered the plants in michigan, and he sent them to mexico. I replaced, nafta one of the worst trade deals one of the worst stupidest, deals i've ever seen in my life. With the new u.s, mexico, canada, agreement, creating, hundreds of thousands, of new jobs. That was one they said could not be done david right they said it couldn't be done, david perdue, they said that one couldn't be done right david.

And We got it done in pretty quick time too. To revitalize. Neglected, communities, we created nearly, 9. 000, opportunity. Zones, with. Tim scott. South carolina, you know tim scott. Tim scott, is great, senator, tim scott from south carolina, came to my office came to the oval office and he had this idea and i said that sounds good. And we got it done. And people were surprised that we could even get it done and it has turned out to be incredible, 75, billion dollars. Of investment, are poured into these neighborhoods. Which will create an estimated. 500. 000 jobs and lift 1 million americans, out of poverty. When the china virus, struck. We raced to ensure that black americans. Had the. Medical, care and the financial, support, that they needed. Through the paycheck, protection, program which was a big deal we helped save over 200, 000 black owned small businesses. A lot of. A lot of small businesses. It's uh it's incredible. The uh. The black, community, has tremendous. Talent in terms of those businesses, and small businesses, we saved at least 200, 000 of them. As we continue, to battle the virus my administration. Is sheltering. Those, at highest, risk while rapidly, developing, treatments, and the vaccine, is coming very quickly i see where. A couple of the democrats. Don't want to have the vaccine, because they say well we don't want it because we think trump is pushing it too fast well that's the reason we're going to have it, this would have taken. This would have taken, years, to. To get we're years ahead of schedule. And. This would have been two three years by democrats. And uh, but now they're things they're very concerned, because they're afraid it's happening too fast and that means we're going to get credit, i don't want credit we want to save lives. We will crush. The virus, our opponents, will crush, the. Black middle class that's what they've been doing and they've been doing it.

For A long time for too long they will deliver, a crippling, shutdown, and a, very steep depression. If he gets elected, this guy. Okay. You will have the greatest, depression. That this, country, has ever seen. And that includes, a pretty big one in, 1929. Hello, how are you. Great, i love her dress. That's great thank you, for being here i didn't know you're going to be here thank you very much. Nearly 1.3. Million, african, americans, have gotten jobs in the last four months alone. And next year we will be. I think it'll be the greatest year in the economically. The greatest year in the history of our country, and that's good for everybody. That's good for everybody. Right. Especially, for these, young geniuses, these young political, geniuses, that are coming along. But i think we're going to have the greatest year in the history of our country economically, and i think our, third quarter, which, happens to be. It's going to be announced two days before, you know the numbers come out two days before, the, election. Right at the beginning of november. And uh, i mean i'll say it now, these people all those people up there they'll hold me to it, they won't give me credit if i was right but if i was wrong, it'll be headlines, we have breaking news trump said wrong. But i think we're going to have a tremendous. Third quarter. After years of rebuilding, other countries, we're finally rebuilding. Our. Country. The path to the american, dream has always been education. Republicans. Believe that school choice, is the civil rights issue of our time. And joe biden, isn't allowed to go there because of the radical left he's controlled, by the radical left totally. He's exhausted. But bryden's, promised, a ban. On charter schools, and to oppose. School choice. Joe biden is willing to spend billions, and billions, upon. Resettling. Refugees. From all around the world. But he won't spend one penny providing, school choice to black children, in america. Which is interesting. During their first year in office. President, obama. And vp, biden. Cut funding, for historically. Black colleges. And universities. I've increased. Hbcu. Funding. And i made it. Permanent. You know just a quick story so, so. What was happening is that be there the first year i saw these probably, 42. People came up. And they were the heads of, individual. Colleges. Historically, black. Colleges, universities. And, they were the heads of not seeing them i said oh i was hello how you doing they were nice people, we took a, picture in the white house we do that you know a lot of presidents, don't believe anyone should ever enter the oval office but then with me i say come on in. But we took a picture, then the next year they were there again i said right, we know the story my friend. We know the story they were there and i said oh what are you doing back here. They said we're here because. We need money again i said what do you mean again. And i forgot about it. You know i said all right well what is and they got it. And then uh, the third year, david they came in again right, and i said what is this. What are you guys here for i mean, you're great people but why, well, we don't have any funding. They don't have permanent, funding, so they could be shut out if they had the wrong president. You know honestly you could have the wrong president, and you wouldn't get 10 cents they wouldn't give you anything. And. And i said that's terrible so you come up here every, do you like doing it no. And the one gentleman looked at me said we feel like beggars. That was a hell of a statement you know i said. I understand, that. And i said we can't let this happen. So we worked on it, david perdue. All of us worked on it, kelly worked on it we all worked on it and and frankly. And i have to say uh. You know it had to go through the house and where's dog doug worked on it right doug you remember that. That was a hard thing it wasn't easy there were people that, didn't want to do it and.

We Got it passed, we got, more money than they asked for i said you're going to need more, i'm in the real estate business i said you always need more. Whatever you think you need you need more. But we got more money than they asked for and we got it for a period of 10 years right. So i said the only bet we signed it together, about. 42, people, we signed it together i said the only bad thing is that i like you people i won't see you anymore. I won't see you for another 10 years let's see will we be president, in 10 years all have we. Only if we had a couple of terms and oh this now we have a story there's your breaking news. I told you he's a dictator. We've been saying. He will not give up power. Under no circumstances. Will he give up power. He intends, to serve, at least two more, terms. Oh that's the big sir. You know you can't joke because if you joke. They take it away. You know a lot of times with a little sarcasm, in your joke but you're being serious. And then you start laughing afterwards but they always cut it before the laugh. They cut it, so that they think he's serious, he wants. He wants 12 more years they start shouting now 12, more. Years. Ah thank you. Earlier, this year biden, said that. If you don't vote for him then you ain't black you know that. And this was very, uh, outrageous, this was offensive, in fact. He was very derisive. Of the black americans, when he very negatively, compared, them to another group of americans, it was very terrible, and he did it. Biden believes, that all black americans, have to, think the same way that's what. It was all about. Today's, democrat, party is run but he doesn't know. Black americans, like i do. Today's democrat, party is run by out of touch. Liberal hypocrites. Who stereotype. You, disrespect. You. And sell you out. They're only good for your six-month, period six months before the election. And then they're very nice and. They want your vote and then they as you say i like that better than what i'm saying they forget all about you. They're gone. They're gone, biden wants to lecture the country about racial, justice, when he, spent his career hurting black americans, hurting hispanic, americans, and forging, alliances. With, pro-segregation. Democrat. Senators, you know that. Racial, justice, begins, with joe biden's, retirement, from public. Life. So today i'm urging black americans. To walk away from the corrupt, hateful, divisive. And very extreme, and they are going crazy, democrat, party. On no issue has the democrat, party. More totally, failed the black community, than public safety. Democrats. Have run america's, inner cities at every level of government. For, 100, years and even more. Last year 19, of the top 20 most dangerous, cities, in america, when run by democrats, the murder rate. Is higher in baltimore. Than in afghanistan. El salvador. Or honduras. Right. It's higher, instead of fighting, for public safety for these, communities. The democrats, are attacking, our police. And empowering, far-left, rioters, looters, and anarchists, you know they are anarchists. The democrat, party's, war on. Cops, has caused black-owned, businesses, to be burned, and, black homes, and churches, to be totally destroyed. Most tragically, of all so many innocent, black lives have been cruelly taken from us. People are dying by the thousands. And black on black crime. And i wanted to stop. And people, aren't talking about it, they're not talking, about it. They're not talking about it in chicago, as an example. There are weekends, when 60, 70, or more people are shot, this is shot. And many die. How can we allow this to go on how can we allow this to happen. But they're all democrat-run. Cities. Every year thousands, of african, americans, are murdered as a result of violent, crime, and, again, in these, democrat. Run. Monstrosities. The way they run them it's, worse. It's worse than afghanistan. It's worse than, we're at war we go to war zones and we don't lose this many people in war zones. Democrats. Ignore these. American. Victims.

And I won't and, you know we have to be asked to come in we have to be asked to come in by law, they have to say please come in, and wherever we've gone in, minneapolis. We went in we solved the problem they should have called us two weeks earlier. They would have had a city left okay. But, seattle they knew we were coming in i said we're going in we don't care we're going in the night before we went in they left that was the end of that. And others. I mean look at look at portland i mean how bad is portland. How bad is portland, and, we could solve that one in about a half an hour. A bunch of young anarchists, they live with their parents. In a basement, also they live in a bank. And i'll always support, the heroes of law enforcement, we have to, including. Including, over 50, 000, incredible. Black police, officers. Who risk their lives every day to keep us all safe. You know they, protect, people that they've never met before, and it's very dangerous, it's, they're amazing. Those pushing to defund the police are hurting black communities, the most. And as i've always said when there is, police, misconduct. The justice system. Must hold wrongdoers. Fully, responsible. And accountable. And they will, and they will do that politicians. Supporting. Mob violence, are not allies, of the black community, they're causing, extraordinary. Damage, grief, hardship. In recent months our nation has grieved, for the tragic, deaths. Of brianna, taylor. George, floyd, and ahmad. Aubry. Our hearts, break, for their families, and for all families, who have. Lost a loved one especially, if you look at this way so. So senseless. But we can never allow, mob rule. To have safety. To have prosperity. To have everything, that you want to have we must always, ensure the rule of law. As you know we have to. Many of those who are, spreading, violence, in our cities, are supporters. Of, an organization. Called, black lives matter, or blm. It's really it's really, hurting.

The Black community, it's hurting the black women. This is an unusual, name for an organization. Whose, ideology. And tactics. Are right now destroying, many black lives. And his first phrase, was, you remember, this. Pigs in a blanket. Fry them like bacon. Referring, to our police, that's referring to our police. The stated, goal of blm. Organization. People, is to achieve the destruction. Of, the nuclear, family. Abolish, the police. Abolish, prisons. Abolish, border security. Abolish, capitalism. And abolish. School choice that's what their stated, goals are. This is not the agenda, of the black community, this is the agenda. Of an extreme. Socialist, or worse. You know what the other word is yeah marxist. Communist. Communist. But this is the extreme, socialist, left, but beyond that in my opinion. That's why the founders, of the organization. Call themselves, trained, marxists. And yet we have major corporations. Out of weakness, or fear, or whatever reason, donating. Hundreds, of millions, of dollars to them these are fools, these are fools. The big progressive. Corporations. Donating, to blm. Should instead, be spending, their money helping black families, rebuild. From the left ring. I mean from these horrible. Left-wing, riots. Wealthy, liberal, hypocrites. Want to defund, the police in our inner cities, while, living behind. Walled, compounds. They're world compounds, it's uh you got to see the way some of these people live they live pretty well you know the funny thing is that if anything ever happened they'd be the first to go you know that right. Let's go get these people. They're, fools. They want to get rid of school choice for black children, while sending, their own children to the best private schools. In the land. They want to open borders. And that's what they want they want open borders, for you but security, for themselves. They want top security, but let's open up the borders let's let everybody, pour into our country, so that. You won't have jobs left you won't have anything, left you won't have and it's a tremendous, public health, crisis. You know we built now over, 330. Miles of wall. And. It will be finished. Soon, and our numbers, on the border are now the best they've been in decades, and it's incredible, what's happened. The wall has been incredible, 330. Miles david that's pretty good a long way considering, we had a party that didn't want to. Let us build the world you know they wanted the wall, 10 years ago they really wanted the wall. And as soon as i wanted it they didn't want it. And i made i say this i said it last night we had a tremendous, rally last night with. Probably, 35. 000 people i said it last night, i said. I said i made a mistake. I should have said, we will, not, build, a wall and we would. And we would have had funding in about 15 minutes instead i had. I had to win six different lawsuits, this was not easy. Crazy nancy she's a she's crazy. And you know do you notice how quiet it is now now it's 330. Miles it'll be built first it'll be completed we're doing 10 miles a day on average. Think of this. I don't hear any more about the wall, they don't want to talk they don't want to talk about the wall anymore. But the numbers are great republicans. Will always uphold, equal justice, under the law. We will defend the civil rights of every single american. And we will defend, our god-given, freedoms, including, religious. Liberty. And the second amendment, by the way and. You know. Second amendment. After you save our second amendment i'm the only thing standing, between. Between you. And me. And second amendment, i'm standing right now. We're not going to be losing our second amendment. They're going to get rid of it you know they put in charge beetho. It's a spanish, name he wanted to be he needed the spanish, vote right he needed, he said i want spanish. I said what about hispanic. He said i don't know about that he knows less about it than, perhaps, i do. But beto remember he had a cover in a terrible magazine. And they said he said that, i was born to run for president. He was hot then. Even though he just lost a race to texas, he was hot. You know and he said i was born to run for president. I was but anybody, that says that, is a sure loser. Can you imagine, if i said that. I said i was born to run for president, you said this guy's whacked out this guy. It's not an easy deal going on over here i'll tell you i had a very nice life before you know that you sort of read about my life you knew a lot about my life i had a great life. What the hell did i do this for david. What did i do this for david, perdue. No i enjoy it you know why i enjoy it i love it. Oh by the way did you see they just got the fbi did you see the.

The Text messages. Oh it's brutal, one of the guys said listen this is really illegal i want insurance. He they bought insurance, for these people. Because they thought they're going to be locked up. We got it. Now they're going crazy this is the hottest thing right now on the internet, all over the place. Ah. Boy oh boy we've, they've been looking at me so essentially, then it was the exact opposite. Okay and you see biden's son. He got. Three and a half hunter, where's hunter remember. Where's hunter you know what i do i call him where's hunter that's his name where's hatcher. We made a t-shirt, i was making a speech i said where's hunter where is i'm looking at this, i was kidding i said where's hunter the next day was the biggest selling t-shirt, in the history of. Where's out there no, hunter, got a check. From the. Wife of the mayor, of, moscow. For three and a half million. Would anybody, accept, whatever he was supposed to do for three and a half million. There's no job that i can think of three and a half million, now before. Biden became vice president, right, he got nothing. He had no money no nothing got thrown out of the military. He got thrown out, he had no job. Now he's getting checks for three and a half, million. From, the, mayor. The ex-mayor. Very substantial. Person by the way. Of, moscow. So. We got it wrong it wasn't trump, i have nothing to do i didn't have a phone call. Now think of it let's go bob mueller put him on the caves. Thank you. Thank you, he said let's call bob mueller i stole from him. Hey. I plagiarized. From him like. Like biden. That was very good. He says let's call bob mueller bob's a sharp guy let's he'll get him. He'll figure it how about me three years of investigation. 48 million. They find nothing. A friend of mine very smart in new york said. Very smart he said, you must be. The most honest, person, in the world, when 19. Geniuses. Bad people but geniuses. Plus unlimited, law enforcement. 49. Fbi. Agents, two and a half years. Can't find anything. You got to be the cleanest, person. In the world. That's true. That's true. But it turned out to be the opposite, story. It was, them. Who was dealing with russia. David if you guys could start working on that when you get back. Doug please if you don't mind, you were so incredible, to me and if you don't mind think of it it was the exact opposite doug we're trying to he's trying to defend, us, please defend the president well, it turned out to be the opposite, they were the ones that were dealing with russia it was a disinformation. Campaign. Kelly stop working on that with david plays okay. I think monday morning would be okay well we, we are appointing, a supreme court. Justice. Now we are that's a big deal. You know the democrats. They don't think we should do it. Because, you know we have actually we have a lot of time left you know it's really january, 20th we have a lot of time left but they don't think we should do it because it's toward, the end of the first time, we've got a lot of time left.

Now, Put them in our shoes. Do you think they'd say well i i you know i think we should probably, not do this what chance do we have of that david, zero would you say. No the only difference, is they would have gone even, crazier, they would have gone totally. They would have been fighting, let's get it done immediately, they would, they would be working over the weekend. No they're, just, just they have been not good to deal with. But you know what, when we built this great success. It started to all come together, then we got interrupted, by china. What they did they should never have done that they should remember, this we could never forget it. But it was starting to come together, and it will come together, because we're going to have an even greater success, in my opinion next year. Well democrats. Have. Tried to silence, pastors. And we had some great pastors, up here i watched. Backstage. I watched those guys and i said i don't want to follow them. I don't want to follow them i was looking for somebody else to speak first. But, they were great weren't they really great. You know the truth i could say they love you they love the country. They at least like me because, you know what, if they didn't they couldn't do what they just did they they did it they did it from the heart didn't they not really. I watched that. I won't forget it either i'm never gonna forget, it i'm not forgetting, i don't. I don't forget things, thank you. I don't forget, things. Where are the pastors, they got up where are they, where are they where are those guys man oh man. I'll never follow you again. At least we had herschel, in between, right. And herschel didn't like it either. That was really great thank you both thank you all very much that was beautiful that was from the heart and we appreciate it we won't forget. We won't forget. I will fiercely, defend, the vital role of. Black churches, in america. Okay. Joe biden and the democrats. Say that black lives matter. But they do not protect, the most, vulnerable, black lives of all unborn, children. They support, the unlimited, abortion, of black children right up until the ninth month of pregnancy. And if you look at this governor of virginia, beyond, i had not heard that, but if you look at the governor of virginia, he said the baby is born. And then they start to talk. I said wait a minute that's not.

Abortion, That's that's not abortion, you know what that is, no it's it's i call it i call it execution. Really. You've seen that right i had not heard that, you hear late term abortion, you never heard that, but the governor, of. Virginia, the one that thinks he's michael jackson. The one whose wife stopped him. Whose wife stopped him from trying to imitate, michael jackson moonwalking. And one thing we know he's not going to be michael. There's no uh, there's nobody. There's nobody, that can moonwalk, like michael she he got very lucky that would have been the end if he would have done that. But the democrats. Championed, planned parenthood, an organization. Founded, on racism. That continues, to target the black community. In the republican, party we believe in protecting. All black, lives. Including, the unborn. We believe that every child. Of every race. Born and unborn. Is made in the holy, image of god. Republicans. Believe, that all human life is sacred. At no time before has there been a clearer choice between, two parties, two visions, two philosophies. Two agendas. For the future now you know that, there's never been a difference like this, our opponents, want our children to grow up in a socialist, nation. That will mean less opportunity. Less prosperity. Less safety, and less hope, for the future. The democrat, party's, message to your children, is that their path is doomed and that their country, is evil. My message. Every child in america, is the exact opposite. I want our children to know that they are part of the most exciting, and incredible, adventure, in human history. No matter where your family, comes from. No matter your background. In america. Anyone, can rise. Democrats. Divide, our country by race. Republicans. Unite americans, through our shared, bonds, of citizenship, you see it here. This glorious, country, is the shared heritage, of all americans. In every generation. Black patriots, poured out their blood, sweat. Heart, and soul to defend, american, liberty. And to realize, our founding, promise, that we are all made equal. By the hand of almighty, god. African-american. Leaders, lifted up. The conscience, of our nation. To end slavery. And segregation. And, secure, your civil rights. Black heroes, like. Harriet, tubman. Sojourner. Truth. Booker, t washington. Martin luther, king. Rosa, parks. And thurgood, marshall, helped build the most just, noble, free and exceptional, nation, on earth. Now with the help. Of a new generation. Of black patriots. And there some of them are right now. We will reach new heights of glory, and greatness. We will revit, and you know this, we are going to revitalize. Our cities we are it's in the process. We will bring more jobs, and factories, back to our communities. We will give every single, child a chance to reach. Their full, god-given. Potential. We will build the most, inclusive, society. The most successful, economy, and the most inspiring, future the world has ever seen. And we will do it for, citizens, of every background. Every race religion, color and creed. Together, we made, unbelievable. Progress. And achieved. Once, unimaginable. Success. Nobody thought it was possible. And with your support. Your vote. And your voice. The best, is yet to come. So this has been a great honor for me i have a lot of friends in the audience. And. I just want to thank you very much god bless you god bless america, god bless you all thank you. Thank you very much. Thank. You.

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