Trump delivers remarks on Biden's 'Half a Century of Failures' in Pennsylvania

Trump delivers remarks on Biden's 'Half a Century of Failures' in Pennsylvania

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Thank you very much this is really great, we love this state we won this state, i don't know if you know. What's going on outside. But that's, right lou that's as many people as you could possibly, have all the way back. How did you get in. That's my question. I know you're special, friends of a group. Of people that have done a really good job and i want to thank you very much for being here but, pennsylvania's. Been very important to me i went to school in pennsylvania's. You know. College, and. I love it please sit down. And by the time i finish i'm going to have a nice sunburn, right here this is good. Where's my sunblock. But i want to thank everybody, in 75. Days we're going to. Win this state. We're going to win four more years. They've had us under siege, and we beat them and we beat them and we keep beating them but i'll tell you you've never seen anything, no president, should have to go through, what we've gone through no president. Should never happen. And i watched, president, obama, last night and i watched him talking about, everything, and i had to put it out i said yeah but he, spied in our campaign, and he got caught you know that's about as bad a thing as you can. Imagine. If that happened to another, campaign, on the other side. They would have had 25, people in jail for many years already. Many many years it's a disgrace. But in three years, and. What we've done in just this short period of time there's been no administration. That's accomplished, what we've accomplished, and that's despite, pandemics. And despite. All of the opposition. And all of the witch hunts the phony witch hunts. No administration. Has done what we've done. We've secured, our borders. Brought back our manufacturing. Jobs, rebuilt, our military. Wiped out the isis, caliphate. 100. Killed our terrorist, enemies, achieved, american, energy, independence. And guess what we're just getting started, that's a just a small part of it. That's a that's a small part of it. At stake in this election, is the survi and you know this, you know it and i mean it and. I've never meant it more at stake. In this election, is the survival. Of our nation, it's true. Because we're dealing with crazy, people on the other side, they've gone totally, stone, cold crazy. You know you look at hillary she was a lot smarter than joe. But i'll tell you there was a certain sense of sanity, four years ago these people have gone, insane. And their radical, left and you look at. Some of the things happening in these democrat-run. Cities which we could solve in two minutes all they have to do is call us, right our great ex-congressman. All they have to do is. And thank you for being here. But all they have to do is call us we'll be in there in. Two minutes and we'll take care of the problem. Joe biden, is a puppet. Of the radical, left movement. That seeks to destroy. The american, way of life. They don't understand, and probably, when it happened they'd say what did we ever do. Joe biden has pledged to hike your taxes, by 4 trillion. And the largest, tax hike. In history, and they're going to waste the money on the green new deal the green new deal you know what you get out of that nothing. Nothing, except. Debt, and death. They want to eviscerate, the second amendment. They want to take away your guns, they want to take away your guns. Well you remember that just that one point alone. And they want to take away your guns so who's going to vote for that i mean we want our second amendment i've held it strong and you think it was easy.

I've Held it totally, strong. Give free, health care to illegal aliens, you don't get free health care. Expand, deadly, sanctuary. Cities. Force taxpayers. To subsidize. Late term abortion. Shut down the energy, fields of pennsylvania, they want to shut them down. No fossil, fuel no, fossil, fuel. Texas isn't too happy either. Go to texas, i just left, texas, a little while ago. Two weeks, i said, they don't want energy they don't want guns. And they don't want religion. Guy stands up says not going to win texas. But you have the same thing because you do a b you're a big fracking, state. You want to see your taxes, go up stop fracking. Doesn't hurt you at all fracking. They want to throw up windmills, that are going to ruin your houses, i mean you know put up a big windmill. You walk out your door you see this big monster, churning. But even that they don't want to do i don't think they want to do anything i think they want to close your businesses, but just remember. Second amendment, they're going to take it away as sure as you're sitting or standing. They're going to take it away from you the second amendment. Don't let it happen close down. Charter, schools, eliminate. School choice so important, abolish. The suburbs, they want to put low-income, housing in the suburbs. So the american, dream and by the way we have a lot of minority. Groups that live in the suburbs, african-american. Asian-american. All hispanic-american, phenomenally. Last year with jobs best jobs we've ever had in the history of our country best, economy, we've ever had. But they're a big part of the, suburbs, and they want to. Put low-income, housing on the suburbs, at a level that they've never done it before, and it's been a very look this has been going on for 20 years i terminated. The regulation. That did that they said well we can change i said no let's terminate, it, people have to aspire. To go there they want to aspire. To, live in the suburbs, they want to abolish. Cash bail releasing, 400, 000. Criminals. Onto our streets think of no no more cash bail look at what happened in new york. Cuomo. Ended cash bail cuomo. That wasn't even de blasio, that did it was cuomo, the governor. He ended it in new york. And now the crime rate has gone through the roof. The speaker at biden's, convention, proudly, declared. We're, talking about abolishing. The police we're talking about abolishing. Ice. And we're talking about. Abolishing. Prisons, and that's. The only thing they're not abolishing. Are taxes, because your taxes, are going to go up at a level that you've never even heard of before. If you want a vision. Of your life under biden, presidency. Think of the smoldering, ruins, in minneapolis. The. Violent, anarchy, of portland. The bloodstained. Sidewalks, of chicago. And imagine, the mayhem, coming, to your town. And every single, town.

In America, you're not going to have law order do you notice and i shouldn't say it because i'll put it in his speech, if he can read it which i doubt, but they'll put it in there tonight i shouldn't say it because he's going to speak later. Should have a good audience, people are going to find out what the hell's going on i see he hasn't answered, a question, since they just said i just see it on the newscast. Since july, 17th. Hasn't taken a question from the fake news back there. Now think of it. I take about, 100, questions, a day. These people. You know it's one thing i've learned the uh. The people heading these other countries, whether it's, president, xi of china. Putin of russia. Erdogan. Turkey. Any of them. Kim jong-un. North korea remember we're going to be in war with north korea remember it's going to be a war right congressman, there's going to be a war. If trump said we're going to have a war no it would have been a war if yet hillary clinton. Would have been a war if obama, were allowed to stay any longer he thought there was going to be where's the war. I don't see the war. Maybe, things happen you don't know. But there's been no war, nobody killed. You would have lost, 25, 30 million people, they don't say that they say 100, 000 people no no. Seoul is 32 million people and it's right next to the cannon fire. And, uh. We have a good relationship. With him i have a good relationship. With him, you know when i say that isn't that terrible, they say no it's not terrible, it's great. It's great i have a relationship. President, obama, said when i sat down that first meeting right in the white house. He said it was the biggest problem we had north korea. And. He would have had a big problem, would have been a hell of a war, tell you right now you'd probably be in that war right now. So. When i say that we got along and we've met everyone says oh that's so terrible, no it's a good thing it's a good thing not a bad thing. It's a good thing. Does it mean bad things don't happen but it's a good thing. There's only one thing standing, between your family and the radical, left-wing, mob. And that's. Your vote, this november. This is a very important i feel like i'm a wall you know we built the wall. On the southern border, we're gonna have 300, miles, by. Two weeks from now even less 300, miles. And by the end of the year we'll be up to almost 500. Miles, and then we're going to go on a little bit further some areas that are loose a little bit loose we found out, we're going to put a little bit more about, 536. Miles going up at a, record clip it's doing phenomenally, well. If you want mobs, and criminals. You got to vote democrat, look because that's what it's about, it's they don't talk about law and order. Now i'm bringing it up now but they haven't i haven't seen anybody, get up, i got just the other day endorsed by all the sheriffs, of florida, all the law enforcement. I got endorsed. I got endorsed, by pennsylvania. I got endorsed by texas, by ohio. I mean i think, everybody, i don't know, how can you endorse. Somebody, else how can how could law enforcement. Endure somebody, else. We gave all of our. All of our ex-army. Equipment you know we have tremendous, surplus, equipment. And. It was sitting in warehouses. All over the united states, hundreds of millions of dollars i distributed. It to the police. Whereas, biden. And obama, they didn't want to do that because they said no no no it makes the police look too strong, i want the police to look strong. They've got to look strong, and a lot of it was protective, equipment. If you want jobs, and. You want a lot of police, and you want. A lack of crime, you know if you take away, new york and chicago, and some of these terrible cities that you see about, you know with the crime, the crime is so bad i left new york four years ago. And i could see, because he's a terrible mayor i could see there were things that were happening that were bad. He's no rudy giuliani, i can tell you that. But i could see things were happening but the last six months seven months it just exploded, it's incredible.

Crime Up, 368. 368. It's crazy, it's crazy. But if you want law and order and i can say sometimes they'll say sir say it gently. People want to hear gently, they want, say it gently don't say law and order. Say if you'd like. Law, and order and safety. No i can't do that if you want law and order you've got to have law and order. You can't have what's happening in portland did you see the kid get whacked the other day just whacked like he was a piece of garbage. I mean who could take it. We don't want that, and pretty soon we're going to have to send in our people because, you know we're supposed to wait. To request, not enough they're embarrassed, or what but these democrat, cities. They're, out of control. They have none. Look at seattle, where she said no we want a summer of love i mean this woman is crazy. And they would have never taken back seattle except they knew we were going in the next day that's the only reason they even did it. So tonight. We have, slo joe, will speak, at the democrat, convention. And i'm sure that he'll just knock him dead. And he'll remind, us that he was born in scranton. But you know he left. Like 70, years ago right. He left a long time ago he wasn't one you know, i view it differently. He'd say he was born here but he left that he was like, eight nine or ten. So he left. 68, years ago he left. A long time ago so i view it differently, he wasn't born here he abandoned. Scranton. Okay. His family, had something to do with that you know his parents. But he loves grant i mean he keeps talking about i was born in screen, i lived in scotland yeah for. A few years and then he left, for. Another state. You know the state. But the scranton, stuff that's why i figured i'd come here and explain to you one thing but i think you people know it better than i do, he left he abandoned, pennsylvania. He abandoned, swinton. He was here for a short period of time and he didn't even know it and today it's amazing, it goes around in a circle he still doesn't know it okay. But he spent the last half century, in washington. Selling out. Our country, and ripping off our jobs, and letting. Other countries, steal our jobs, mexico. China, all of them, just stealing our jobs he's been there for 47. Years. And now he's going to come in and make a change, i don't think so. His son walked out with 1.5. Billion dollars to manage that's millions, of dollars a year and the son, didn't even have a job. Before, that, and i asked the wall street people. Tell me is that possible, smartest, people top people on wall street, they say can't happen, they can't happen, the smartest, people the people that do get money.

From Every country from everybody, they say can't happen. He walked out of there in 10 minutes with. 1.5. Billion dollars he explained that one right. And then if they want to look at him nobody looks at him nobody looks at ukraine, he gets 83, 000 a month and a three. Million dollar upfront, payment. Because of his great expertise. And energy but he had none. And he even admitted, no i don't know anything about energy. But he goes on to an energy company. Gets millions of dollars, 83. It's actually double that because it was him and some guy. That knew less than he did. And is that okay yeah is it okay when. Joe biden goes and says. A billion dollars. You're not getting it unless you get rid of those prosecutors. You talk about quid pro quo right that's your quid broke row, and they did. Quid. Pro, quo, right. And they did they got rid of the prosecutors. And then he's called, he says now you're getting your money. Okay. Figure this. How about if that's a republican, doing that what happens to that republican. It's over, it's a disgrace. But it's changing, slowly, too slowly, as far as i'm concerned, joe biden. Is no friend of pennsylvania. He's actually for the reasons, we just said he's your worst, nightmare, biden supported, every single globalist, attack. On pennsylvania. Workers, nafta. China's, entry, into the world trade organization. Which built, china into a power. Tpp. Korea. The horrible. Ridiculous. Paris, climate accord, which stripped, our nation of its energy. And the so-called. Clean, power plan the only good thing about it was the name it was a horrible. Unfair. Deal. Horrible, for you and horrible, for pennsylvania. They want to take your power away you know what your power is your power is the billions, of dollars you make on going. Deep into the earth and taking out. What you have to take out, everything, you want, from fracking. You don't realize how big a fracking, state does anybody know how big fracking, is you're not you're not going to be allowed to frack, anymore. You're not going to be no oil. No nothing no oil no gas no nothing. Just think of that what would happen, is you well first of all many of you i guess six hundred thousand, six hundred and seventy thousand lose their jobs. No money no oil higher taxes. Your stock market would crash. If they get in be on fracking, if they get in you'll have. Your 401ks. Which you're setting records by the way stock market just hit a new high. And don't forget we've been going through this horrible plague from china it's it just hit a new high so think of that it's incredible. But your 401ks. How many people have 401ks. Here good, that's a lot, that's a lot how about if they went down to like 10, of what they are now because that could happen. That can happen and it will happen if. If we're stupid, and we don't go out and vote. And secure your ballot. Absentee, ballots are good. But the stuff where they take, millions. And millions, of ballots and send them all over the place we'll grab it and we'll just put them in a big pile there. Everyone, grab it, it's a disgrace, even common sense tells you that, look at new york. Look at what happened in new jersey, look at what happened in virginia, look at what happened, i won't go through the details you know the story. They have no control whatsoever. In new jersey 20. Of the ballots were defective. Fraudulent. 20. And that's because they did a good job. Okay. So, uh, this is just a way they're trying to steal the election. And everybody, knows that. Because the only way they're going to win. Is by a rigged election, i really believe that i saw the crowd outside. For every. Sign we had for trump pence, every single. Sign. I never, i mean you know but and that's not that atypical. In texas, we had people on the highways, on the roadways, we're driving to some oil well where we gave a speech. But between, it was 20 minute drive between the plane. And that oil well. There were, tens of thousands, of people and they had the signs, trump, and trump pants and flags. American, flags. You know when the other side does show up which is rarely, they never have an american flag i can always tell if there's a group of people. They never you'd never see an american flag the fake news would tell you that, but you never see, but they don't put it down they'll tell you that personally, but they won't write it.

But You never see an american flag it's an amazing, thing. But if you look outside, today. Is it a hundred to one two hundred to one, and then you'll read tomorrow, that, biden was well represented, he wasn't well there were hardly anybody, there. Every once in a while i'd see a bite and i'd be waving to the people i see a bite and i'd say well i'll wave to her anyway who cares. No but was it a hundred to one i mean it's just massive and you'll read tomorrow that he had a massive, crowd also. Pennsylvania. Lost more than one in three, manufacturing. Jobs after nafta. And china's, entry into the wto. And that was a vote and courtesy, of. Sleepy, joe. Biden looked. American, labor, into the eyes it, took their dues, their union endorsements. And. Their votes. The unions, i mean the unions have to be more reasonable. They have to be more reasonable, and we love the unions, we love non-union, we love i've had it all. You know, i built every building i built in new york was with unions and unions are fine you know a lot of republicans, don't want me to say that but i'll tell you unions, are fine, tell them to keep their dues down please. But they're fine. And you have unions, here you have non-unions. But what i talk about is the worker. They treated our workers, horribly. We lost our jobs to foreign lands. Our workers got fired, whether they were in the unions or not. Then he sold out and he passed, the, cadillac, tax you know what that is on union healthcare, plans, attacked, their. Energy, jobs. And sent their factories, to china. And now he's back. Begging for their votes. And you know. People it's like a custom. Democrats. Except with me i came in, i got so many union votes i get far more i mean you look at you've seen it. I've, a couple of people either lost their job or came very close that were. Unbeatable. Because they led a charge for the democrats, for crooked hillary last time, they let a charge. And the. People, in the union didn't want that. They didn't want hillary they wanted trump. And we had union revolts, we call them they revolted. But these guys right here are you all union people. I can tell are you union it's good right it's fine. That's fine look at that you get a hand. Certain parts of the country they wouldn't be as happy but that's okay, right, and it's great, but they were not happy and you know what was happening, they were not happy. When the. Bosses, got endorsed, by the democrats. American, labor.

Will Vote for, trump pence in 2020, they're all saying that and this area. Is, going to be an incredible, area this used to be all democrat, until i came along. Until i came along this was democrat. This was heavily union it was democrat, it was everything but they like trump and i'm gonna never let you down and they will let you down. They will let you down first of all the country will be. Let down because the country you will see a crash like you've never seen before, and as good as those stock market numbers are. There's a headwind. The head one is that. If he won. The market's gonna crash. The green new deal. All of the different things socialized. Medicine, that's what they want it's socialized. Medicine. No doctor no plan obama, lied about it 28. Times remember he said you can keep your doctor you can keep your plan it wasn't true. 28, different times they have them. For the last four years, we've been. Reversing, biden's, betrayals, and delivering, historic, wins. For the people of pennsylvania. Your state lost over 50, 000, manufacturing. Jobs when biden was vice president. In my first three years pennsylvania. Gained. 14. 000, jobs. Manufacturing. And going up at a level that nobody's, ever seen before we'll catch. All of those jobs that were lost. They said manufacturing. Jobs will never come back remember you need a magic, wand. Where's the magic, wand well we have the magic, wand. My first week in office i withdrew, from the trans-pacific. Partnership, it would have been totally destructive, to your jobs. It would have been a horror show. I withdrew, from the one-sided. Paris, climate, accord, which would have cost us so many billions, of dollars. And all it would have done is made the competition. Even tougher, all over the world. I believe it was designed to hurt the united, states and to get jobs away from us and companies. I stood up to china's. Rampant, cheating, plunder, and theft. I repealed. That, horrible, tax. So many taxes, how many taxes, did i repeal you know i'm getting a list of them now i'll have it for you for the next meeting, because i'll be back to pennsylvania. That i promise. And i'm standing, up, to the special, interests. And the big farmer weeks ago i signed four historic, directives, to dramatically, reduce the cost of prescription, drugs. Think of it. You know what i did i signed. I signed, as you know and as you've seen i guess but other countries, have. Sometimes, ten percent of what we pay, for the same exact pill same drug same prescription, drug. And i signed. A deal that we get. That's not signed, by the drug companies they hate it they're taking advertising. Whenever you see bad ads on me from drug companies, just remember one thing that means your prices are coming down. That means your prices, but it was it's called favored, nations. Favored. Nations. We were the least favored nation in the whole world, we paid the highest, price, so i signed. If, germany as an example, pays 10 cents for a pill. And we pay three dollars for the exact same pill we pay 10 cents also, now what means is go they're going to go up we're going to come way down you could we could drop drug prices. By, 50, 60 or 70 percent, at a level. That has made them very angry, and rebates, too i ended rebates rebates, go to you. Nobody else would have done that they could have done that a long time ago biden could have done it. He didn't know what it meant, but i will tell you. Most people do know what but they can't do it because big pharma, is the most powerful. Group, and i guess they say number one is it number one mr cut but you didn't take any money from big pharma right good i bet you didn't. Uh i'll bet you didn't my man. I ended the nafta, disaster, and i signed usmca. Into law usmc, is phenomenal. And it's going to keep your companies, from moving to mexico. And other places. After years of building up other nations, we're finally building up our. Nation. And we are finally, doing something, that i've been talking about for years we are finally putting. America, first and i've done that right from the beginning. We're honored to be joined today, by. Some incredible, warriors, that were really fantastic. To me and friends of mine but they really fight. These pennsylvania. People are fighters, in case you haven't noticed. Representative. Scott, perry, scott, where's scott. Thank you scott, great job scott. The warriors. Lloyd, smucker. Lloyd thank you. Thank you lord. John joyce. John thank you great job. Great job. And a friend of mine and a great, great man he would have been here forever, if he decided, to but he decided, maybe it was time to do something, else. But. This was a fighter like no other fighter. And those three. Other gentlemen, will attest, right our friend.

Lou Barletta. Lou. And they're shouting i'm saying this for the media they're shouting. Lou they're not booing. You know they'll say he stood up and he got booed horribly, it was a horrible, embarrassing. No that's what they do they're fake. Thanks, also, to our congressional. Candidates. Jim, bognett. Jim. Oh, look at him. I've heard good things jim. Is it easy out there on the stump. Oh good, good and you're going to win jim, you're going to win. And lisa, schiller. Lisa, thank you very much. Great job. I hear you two are doing really good if you have any problems, call lou he'll help you. Let me also thank my campaign, state chairwoman. Bernie comfort. Where are you, thank you very much bernie. Thank you bernie, great job you're doing how we doing in pennsylvania. Okay. Yeah i think so i think so we don't. They did a lot of manipulation. Also. A friend of mine for a long time and a great friend of his father, and his. Maybe his grandfather. I don't even i hate to say that because it makes me sound a little bit older, than i feel i feel young. State, gop. Chairman. Lawrence. Tabis. What a great family. I miss dan tabis, you know that dan tavis, what a great man he was i don't know if you know him but he, started, out with about two cents and he ended up being a rich man and he employed a lot of people and he was a real friend of mine. He didn't like many people long before i ran for politics, he didn't like many people but he liked trump right. People would go he was a rough guy people would go up to him and say hi dan how you doing he became a very successful, guy. And he looked out at me i don't want to talk to anybody. I just want to talk to trump i like that kind of a guy right. But he was a fantastic. Man actually he was a good man, before the china virus, invaded, our shores, we. Built the greatest, economy, in history. Nothing even close. We added seven million jobs, nationwide. Including. 209. 000 new jobs in pennsylvania. By the way, in the last. Three months we, we, right bernie. Over. Nine. Million, jobs, an all-time, record this is now, during. And hopefully. Closing, moments, of the pandemic. You notice how they at any time there's a good country they like to compare because we've done an incredible, job, you look at our mortality, rates you look at all the things, but they like to compare us to others so they they were talking about new zealand new zealand. It's over, it's over for new zealand, everything's gone they're beautiful. They had a massive, breakout yesterday. South korea, it's over. It's over. Big breakout, yesterday, you know it's a tough, it's a tough deal, we've done a great job we're a big big, country. And you know. Maybe this is popular, to say maybe it's not i don't care because based on the crowd outside, it looks to me like we're going to win this thing. But. I think by, by the way by a lot. But your governor. Has you in a shutdown. Like, few, what's going on. What's going how did they all get out there, and they were not socially, distanced, i can tell you, we'll have to on the way back they'll still be there. Because they're incredible, people but what is he doing, he's got you in a shutdown. Still. Shut down wolf. He can't do this he's going to destroy, your soul, you know what happens. Is. Depression. Anxiety. Problems, with. Family, members. Drugs. Heart attacks, obesity. I mean what is he doing. It's more dangerous. Than the virus. He's got to open the state up, you know when he's going to open it up, no i know what he's doing, because a lot of them are doing it doing it in the great state of. North carolina. Right, they're doing it in north carolina. But they're doing it in a lot of different, areas. But they've got to open.

This State up. And you have to do it, right. This this, wonderful. Incredible. Commonwealth. Right. I would call it a commonwealth. Do you ever mind if they call it a state no, call it commonwealth. Whatever the hell you want to open it up and. What is he doing. What is he doing, it's very. So the commonwealth. Of pennsylvania. We're going to get it open and i know when he's going to do it you know what it is. November, 4th. November, 4th he's going to say well we're going to open it up. Then your results, are no better than other states by the way it's not like oh gee this is great it's. Michigan, as it closed, down. And, north carolina, has a close down. And, this, uh. Commonwealth. Has a close down, it's really uh. It's a very sad thing to see, and the results, are not good, the results it's not like oh this is wonderful. The results, in some of these places are worse than, those that are open and, you know you have other states up i mean if you look at, the country, it's really. We have states we're thriving. We're thriving. And there's no shutdown. It's enough we shut it down because we had to we didn't know anything. About what was happening. We shut it down. We learned a lot, protect, our seniors, etc, etc, you've all heard it, but we learned a lot that we opened it up and now we have a big v remember they said the v will never happen we have a big beautiful. V we enacted, the largest, financial. Relief, package, in american, history. And through the paycheck, protection, program, we saved nearly two million. Pennsylvania. Jobs. We've also delivered, nearly. That's right. Two million jobs we delivered, nearly. 11, billion dollars in direct support. To pennsylvania. Families. And over the past three months we've gained, over. 9 million, jobs. It's uh, nobody can even believe the numbers and watch the numbers will get better and better because we're opening, up. And frankly the democrats, should do it they should do what's right for the country they know they should open, wolf knows he should open. He knows that. And how about his uh. How about. His person. With his with the with her mother. Right with her mother. Where the mother, was protected, but the other people weren't you had a massive. Number of deaths, in nursing homes but. 95, year old mother as i read. And i said well. That person will be gone very quickly. And that person is still there. I would say that's something, if somebody ever wants to run for the governor of pennsylvania. That would be something good to use. So they. Took the mother out of harm's, way and then moved her back when everything was okay. And nobody, says anything about that and there's no firing. Retail, spending. Is now at an all-time. High who would believed that, auto production, has gained 28, percent. Biden would terminate, this, unprecedented. Recovery. He wants to impose, a permanent, lockdown. Combined, with a socialist, takeover, of the u.s economy did you hear him the other day, lock it down. He wants to lock it down so everything that we've gained over the last number of months. He wants to lock it down no we're doing good florida is going down substantially. Arizona, done a great job in arizona. Texas, going down california's. Going down, they'd open these states up. And everybody, wants to. Practice, good hygiene, all of the different things. Do the masks, i mean it's not going to hurt do them. Do them, if you feel it do them. But. These things these places have to be opened up.

But November, 4th you'll open don't worry about it, but that's a long time from now if you think about it right that's a long time from now. In biden's, policy, manifesto. Written with socialist, bernie sanders. Biden pledges, to quickly, outlaw. American, oil he's going to outlaw. American, oil. Coal. American, call he's going to outlaw, natural, gas, which is really. An amazing, form of energy it clean. By mandating. Net zero, carbon emissions. From all homes and buildings within nine years. And from all power plants. By, 2035. So he wants to. Basically, get rid of all fossil, fuels. And you know. I know everything about energy, i know so much about energy. Our new forms, of alternative. Energy just aren't powerful, enough, to power these massive, plants, and all of the things that are creating all of these jobs, and all of this wealth for your state and for the country. This week in california. There were rolling. Blackouts. Because the radical, democrats. Have mandated. Impossible, restrictions. On energy, production. And i see again the forest fires are starting. Starting again in california. I said you got to clean your floors you got to clean, your, forests. They have, many many years of leaves, and broken, trees. And they're like. Like so flammable. You touch them and it goes up, i've been telling them this now for three years. But they don't want to listen, the environment. The environment, but they have massive fires again, in california. Maybe. We're just going to have to make them pay for it because. They don't listen to us. We say you got to get rid of the leaves you got to get rid of the debris, you got to get rid of the fallen, trees you know when a tree falls. After. 13, to 14 months it becomes, extremely, dry. You look at some of these fires they don't really catch where the trees are growing because they're wet the water's, pouring up the tree.

And. They just don't want to listen. They mocked us when i said that you gotta. Clean your floors. Just an expression. Clean the floors. And they have, many many years decades, of. Of. Leaves, dry, leaves, and everything that's why they have it. There are other places. Forest, cities, their forests they were. Developed, in forests, and they don't have any problem. With, more flammable, trees than you have in california, but they just don't want to do it, senior citizens, were forced to sit in their homes, with, no air conditioning, in the middle of the summer. And biden wants to eliminate, power plants all across. America, you had a problem over here. But think of that if they do that you get used to no air conditioning. They probably, don't want that either under. My administration. We ended the war on american, energy. And i put. The miners, back to work we put them back to work the miners are back to work now. I approve the keystone, xl, and the dakota, access. Pipelines. Almost right at the beginning. I just approved, them. Right at the beginning. And. A. Lot of jobs. And it's by the way, it's cleaner. It's a much cleaner form of, transportation. America, is now the number one producer, of oil and natural, gas. In the world, think of that one. To protect our great steel workers, do you have a couple of steady steel workers here by the way, to protect our great steel workers i placed tariffs on nations, that were dumping, cheap foreign steel all over the place. And we have, created. An incredible. Industry, out of nothing it was ready to go out. Within months steel imports, dropped. By 26. And american steel production. Surged, by 18, million, tons almost immediately. Biden abandoned, the steel industry, and saved. Other industries, that were worthless, but he didn't save, the steel industry. We saved the seal industry, you wouldn't have a steel industry, right now. When joe biden was, vice president. The border was an open pipeline, for criminals, gang members and cartels. Flooding, our schools with drugs, under, my administration. We ended the catch and release horrible, catch and release. You catch the criminal. You take their name. You say is this right, we don't have identification. Oh that's okay, it's like voting they don't want to have voter id why. There's only one reason. The democrats. Don't want voter, id you have id for almost everything, you have your picture, everything, nice. But not on a vote most important thing you can do is to vote. And, voter id but they don't want it there's only one reason they don't want voter, id, and you know what that is right that's. Really better you guys all in favor by the way of voter id.

Everybody. If they if they weren't they wouldn't be congressmen. In good standing. For uh for very long i'll tell you that we stopped. Asylum, fraud and we, deported, 20, 000, gang members and, 423. 000 criminal, aliens we got him the hell out of our country. But if biden, is elected. All of the security, will quickly, vanish. Control, of the border will be ceded, to violent, cartels. And. The left-wing, crazies, who empower, them. And. You know used to see these massive. Amounts of. Illegals, coming up from. Honduras. Right. From guatemala. El salvador. They'd come up. And it'd, be just thousands, of them you don't see that anymore mexico, is. Putting seven they have right now they have for months, 27. 000 of their soldiers, on our southern border. Got to do it, you got to do it mexico's, been. Really working with us very well i have to tell you the new president, of mexico, now he's not so new he's been there a little while but, the president, of mexico, has done a great job as far as i'm concerned, from. The standpoint, of our relationship. And our relationship, with mexico. In his joint manifesto. With bernie sanders. Biden has called for a complete, suspension, of deportations. Closing, down detention, facilities. Ending, border. Prosecutions. Think of this, restoring. And expanding. Catch and release. Handing, out free welfare, to new arrivals. Work permits for illegal. Crossers. And mass amnesty, for all. Illegal, aliens, can you believe this no this is a bernie sander this is bernie, plus, you know i thought biden would be taken, right. This is to show you how good a negotiator. Is. Bernie took him left. He's supposed to start and they're supposed to meet a little bit, left of center maybe, for them. For us it's right of center. But bernie actually took him left along with aoc. Plus three right aoc, plus, it's another beauty. She's the designer, of the green new deal she knows nothing about the environment. She probably, never studied, and ask her how many hours have you taken on the. Environment. Biden wants to open your borders. In the middle of the pandemic. Thank goodness we have that. 300, miles of wall. Because you would have had a problem like you never would have seen before. I want strong borders. And i want safe communities, if we don't have borders i was saying this from day one if we don't have borders. We don't have a country. I imposed, a travel ban on, jihadist, regions, to keep terrorists. Out of our country. And it worked. And it got approved. And the press said he failed. And they were right the lower court, failed. Your appeals court failed and i won at the supreme court so they still say it failed because i lost it the first two courts that's how dishonest, they are, they say he lost, because i lost in the first two courts but we wanted the supreme court, they forget to mention that fact. Joe biden has pledged to remove. This ban. Opening the floodgates. To terror, and terror hot spots. And increasing, the number of refugees. Allowed, into our country by. 700. That's the. Manifesto. Of aoc, and bernie. Joe biden and, kamala, she's another beauty. Also, strongly, support. The deadly, sanctuary. Cities that have been so bad for you and everybody, else as district, attorney. In san francisco. Kamala. Put a drug dealing, illegal alien, into a job. And jobs, program. Instead of into prison. Four months later the illegal alien, robbed a 29-year-old. Woman, mowed her down with an suv. Fracturing. Her skull. And ruining her life. We believe our country should be a sanctuary, for law-abiding. Americans, not for criminal, aliens. After eight long years. Joe biden and barack, obama, left america, weak. Disrespected. And endangered. We are respected, again. We are a respected. Country. Again. They said that. One of the leaders, called up top top leader of one of the countries he asked me to call. President, erdogan, of turkey. Who i get along with very well. He said sir, please, would you do me a favor call her to one. I said why can't you do it he says you're the only one he respects.

You're The only person he respects, i tell you this story, i like telling very personal, stories. But they did say that, you're the only one he'll listen to. I said is that because of the united, states. They said no it's because of you. So you know that's not so bad i might as well. I might as well tell you the stories, because they won't. We've invested, more than two trillion dollars, to rebuild, our military, our military's, in the best shape it's ever been and everything. Everything, is made in the usa. And we've revived. The historic. Shipyard. In a place called philadelphia. With hundreds, and hundreds, of new jobs you know that. And we've just launched. Space force i never talked about in the campaign, trail lou right i never talked about, i'm the only one probably, that ever ran for office in this country. That's achieved, more, than i said i would. I never talked about states, space force i never talked about it but i realized, how important it was that we got it. The sixth branch think of that, six man that's a big deal. American, rockets, are once again sending, american, astronauts. Into space, we renewed. Nasa. It was, a field, of, weeds. The field of weeds president, obama closed it down, we're now sending rockets, up. And a lot of those rockets, are paid by rich people, they like sending up rockets, for whatever reason they like it, i say go ahead you can use pay us a little rent and you can use our property. We withdrew, from the disastrous. Iran nuclear, deal a horror show. The isis, caliphate, was destroyed. The founder, and leader of isis, the animal, known as al-baghdadi. Is dead. The world's. Number one terrorist. Kasim. Sulaimani. Is dead. Joe biden, voted for the war in iraq. I kept us out of new wars. Everyone said oh trump it's his personnel, he'll be in a war's, first week. Instead of that i got you out of wars. We're down to a minimum, number in iraq. Afghanistan. Will be down very shortly to 4 000 troops and that'll. Come back shortly too. Syria. We took them all out other than were we kept the oil if that's okay with you we kept the oil. We have some back and keeping the oil we should have kept the oil in iraq too. Remember i used to say keep the oil don't go in. I'd say don't go into iraq but i was a civilian, nobody cared i was like you, so nobody cares i want to get that mosquito, out of here. They'll say it's cruelty to animals. I don't know it's true, they have. They were saying the other night the shark. They were saying oh sharks, we have to protect them i said wait a minute wait. They actually want to remove all the seals. In order to save the shock i said wait don't you have it the other way around. That's true. I'm not a big fan of sharks either. I don't know how many votes am i going to lose i have people calling me up sir we want to do we have a fund to save the shark it's called safe the shark. I say no thank you. I have other things i can contribute, to. I recognize. Israel's, true capital, opened the american, embassy in jerusalem. And recognized. Israel. And its sovereignty. Over the golan, heights nobody else they talked about it for years. For years, and years, many many presidents, talked about. The capital, of israel. Jerusalem, and they never did it i did it in golan, heights 52, years they've been meeting on golan heights i did it. Last week we. Reached a historic, breakthrough in the middle east finalizing. A groundbreaking. Agreement, between. Israel. And the united. Arab. Emirates, people can't even believe it. Even the new york times gave us a great editorial, they can't even believe it, we pass veterans, choice and veterans, accountability. For our great vets nobody's, done for the vets what i have nobody, not even close. We love the vets and federal, workers. Who failed, and mistreated, our veterans. Now can be told, you're fired. That's accountability. We couldn't fire them we had sadists, we had thieves we had some bad people, they let go of 9, 000, people. In the va, they were bad people they didn't love our vets, now, they have to love our vets. In a second term in office. We will create, 10 million, jobs. In the next year. We will hire, more police, we will ban, sanctuary. Cities, we will appoint, prosecutors. Judges, and justices. Who believe in the rule of law. Not the rule of that horrible, mob that you get to watch on television. We will provide, school choice. In every. Home, we're gonna we're gonna let you have school choice that's a very important, thing, the democrats, don't want anything to do with. School choice. We will lower the price of prescription.

Drugs As i said we will build and expand. Our energy, infrastructure. To a level. That is even greater than what we have right now and when i said before we're number one we're number one by a lot nobody thought would ever be number one and we are energy, independent. Which is very nice. And as we've been doing we will end our reliance, on china, and other countries, for drugs, and other things. We will make our critical, drugs, medicines. And supplies, here in the united, states. We will give tax credits, to companies, to bring jobs, back to america. And if they don't do it we'll put tariffs on those companies, and they'll have to pay us a lot of money so what are they going to do they're going to bring the jobs back. In every action, every moment. And every decision. I'm fighting for you i'm fighting for pennsylvania. A lot of people got rich, and got powerful. At your expense. Now. These same. Liberal, hypocrites. Want to open up orders and let violent, mobs, rule the streets while they live in waldorf. Compounds. And communities. They wanted to fund police, while hiring, private security. They want to let, rioters. Burn churches, while jailing, you for praying in your church. They want to abolish. School choice. While sending their children, to the best private schools, in the land. They want to cancel, you. Totally, cancel, you. Take your job turn your family, against you for. Speaking, your mind. While they indoctrinate. Your, children. With twisted. Twisted. World views. That nobody, ever thought possible. You notice they're not knocking down statues, and monuments, anymore. Because when i saw what was happening, i took an old. Law. And i signed a nice new executive, order. And then i explained. Ten years if you knocked down a statue, federal statue. Or. Monument. And they were all set to march and washington, were going to knock down some nice statues, and then they said you know what, let's not march. The march ended very quickly. There was no more marching they said you know 10 years that's a long time. That's a long time to knock over a statue. That many people love and many people don't and there's a way of getting it down you do it through a legal process, it'll go quickly. If it's right. Joe biden. Is the candidate. Of these privileged. Liberal hypocrites. Who hold you and your values. In disdain. But you can send them all a thundering, message on election, day. By voting for trump pence do we love our vice. President. Do we love our vice president, i'll tell you. I watched kamala, last night. And i said i'll take mike. I'll take mike by a lot. He's been a great vice president, actually. Pennsylvania. Is the state that, gave us. The declaration. Of independence. Valley, forge, gettysburg. And generations. Of american, patriots. Just like you you're patriots, you love this country, that's why you're here you're sitting in this boiling, crazy hot. Sun. But you're smarter than me because, with you it's on the back of your head with me. I'm gonna go home and my wife is gonna say. What happened. You look like a lobster. Look at the sun this is, great. I want to look like lou nice and dark right. But with lou it's a little easier, i think. This is the state where, workers, got their hands dirty, mining the call and forging, the steel. That raised, up the mightiest, nation. In the history, of the world. And we're going to be stronger, than ever before, remember that we are already. We are going to be, stronger. Than ever. Before, and that's happening, right now. Proud, citizens, like you helped build this country. And. And you know this look together, we're taking back our country but i was just thinking, as i said. Stronger. They want to come in and raise your taxes. They want to come in and put regulations. On all of your factories, and all of your jobs and all of your. Personal things you know. Uh, little things and they laugh at it when i say it the light bulb those new expensive, light bulbs.

I Said what happened to the old ones they're better. They said they were, mandated, out i said why nobody could explain, why. I said we're letting them back, the light bulbs are back. Dishwashers. They have dishwashers, they don't give you any water they give you not enough water so they're lousy. So what do people do they press the button again and again no water. I let them have lots of water. We just got back from whirlpool, in ohio, they're thriving, now. Because of what i did, to competition. From other countries i tariffed, him and whirlpool, now went from a company that was just about over. To a company that's thriving. Sink faucets. Shower, faucets. I won't say the third element, of the bathroom, because they always, just bring that up so i won't say that but you know what i'm talking about. They don't allow water, you go into a new hotel. You turn on the water there's no water. I opened it up i said they could have as much water, i mean does pennsylvania. Have a problem, with water no, yeah you have a problem with water you have too much of it. Right you have too much water you got to get rid of it so why are we having restrictors, they have restrictors, on, so i took it off, these are little things i tell you about them a lot of people appreciate them a lot of people don't know about it, but now you can go out buy a light bulb for a tiny fraction of the course it's better. Won't last as long. But it's better. It's better light. Makes me look much better that's a very important. It's a very important, thing, but you can buy now faucets, where water actually comes out. And so instead of having it like. On, for many times longer and actually. When i take a shower i can have water hit my hair instead of drop. Drop. It's hard enough my hair without that. So now we can actually have water pouring out of our shower heads okay, so a lot of good things we've done a lot of things that nobody talks about nobody writes about but it's about quality, of life.

And I think the people. Really appreciate, it i really do. Not so easy to do. Not so easy to do. I don't think anybody, else could have done it nobody else would have thought to do things like that but, nobody, else would have uh would have done it. We're returning. Power to you the american, people. From scranton. To easton. How's ernie doing good. Huh how good is ernie right. Yeah is he great ernie holmes. He was, heavyweight. Heavyweight, champ right the chair. Larry. Larry, sorry about that, i know another one name ernie holmes. Larry holmes is he still in the area of uh. How good was larry right. That was, probably, muhammad, ali's. Most, dangerous, fight. It was i've never seen anything like it, mohammed, would never go down. But larry holmes was a great champion, and i know he loved easton he used to tell me that, i want to invest my money in eastern i don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I hope he's doing well but he was one hell of a fighter. From scranton. To easton, to allentown. We're going to fight for every job, every family. Every neighborhood, and every vote. Together, we'll unite citizens. Of, every, race, color, religion, and creed. As one people one family, one glorious. Nation, under god that's another word they don't want you to say god you know that right. Did you see they were. Doing something, last night that was extremely, basic, and always has had the word god, and they decided, to take the word god out. But this is where they're coming from. They're coming to get you, this is where they're coming from. And. Me. We. We're the wall. Between, the american, dream. And total insanity. And the destruction, of the greatest, country. In the history. Of the world. We're all that stands. We're all that stands, and, a typical, republican. Probably, wouldn't get there but i think i'm, you know, very republican. In many ways but your typical, republican, would not be able to win. Like your area this has always been a democrat, area and yet. The votes for trump here are through the roof you know how successful, we were four years ago. Incredible, it's a great area. These are great people, they're great hard-working. Incredible, people and we love them. With your drive and devotion, we will win a historic. Victory. On november, 3rd. And we will make america, greater than it's ever been before. I just want to thank the people of scranton. The. The, lack of home okay the lack of home. For joe biden remember the next thing you've got to stop him from saying these things. But you look at. He's going to make a speech tonight it's going to be very interesting, to see. How he does. And i hope he does well i'll be honest i do i hope he does well. I really hope he does well, but i also want him to tell the truth he's got to tell the truth about things, and he's going to do a lot better if he does, but hopefully, not well enough. Right now. We are leading. A war. That's incredible, but right now we're leading. In so many polls that they refuse to put out, we're doing so good in this state. In north carolina. In florida. In texas. In ohio. In michigan. You know how many, car plants, are being built or, expanded, in michigan. We're doing fantastically. In, michigan. We're doing great in new hampshire.

These Are real polls these are suppression, polls, these aren't polls where they do registered, voters, registered. No, you want to do voters that are going to vote registered, voters. You want to do what's called likely voters, likely, in other words people that are likely to vote not registered, voters, many of whom have died. Many of whom aren't going to vote. And then you want to do an even count you don't want to do, many more democrats. They do a poll, many right. Many many democrats. Few few republicans. Trump is down by six. And then you look and you say well that poll is true we're up by 10.. So we're going to see you're going to see they did it last time, they had me losing every swing set i think he had to be losing like nine states. That i won. But he's gonna lose, right, you were the first one that told me lou, he's gonna lose seven swing states. He's gonna lose them all. He's down by 14 washington post abc. They had me down one week before the election. 12 to 14, points, the day of the election. Because we complained, that it was a fake poll. So they changed it the day of the election. And they had us just about even remember that whole big deal, we said you can't say we're done because that's called suppression. Then you say hey. I love, trump. But i can't vote for him because i don't have the time. Because he's not going to win. But if you would have gone out and voted we would have won the problem was last time for them. 2016. Everybody went out and voted. There was no suppression, there was. Incredible. Exhilaration. Except, except, on the other side that they were not, you ever see those pictures of the. Craziness, going on. But the polls were fake, just like their stories, are fake just like the news is fake the polls are even worse, and we're now actually doing work as, one of the most accurate, polls, was rasmussen. And rasmussen. Came out today did you see it 51, for trump 51.. I think they were one of the three most accurate, polls. And the ones that are telling the truth sometimes, i mean they have a poll that came out recently, that was very favorable. They refused, to release it they didn't want the people to see it, what kind of stuff is this, that's why you're going to do a great job right you're going to make sure this stuff doesn't happen but we're going to make sure too.

So. We're going to win this, and i think we're going to win it really big, when you see those people outside, and i mean you can take this crowd or multiply, it times, it looks like a hundred, right. You can multiply, it times a hundred. But when you see this crowd and when you see the kind of enthusiasm. There's nothing like it we're leading by the way even they admit, we're leading by enthusiasm. By numbers, like they've never seen before record numbers. Meaning we have record enthusiasm. And he has a record lack of enthusiasm. And that is a big, big, factor. So i just want to thank all of the people, from. This incredible. Place i mean it's just a great, a great great place i've been here. For so long and so much and i love it i love the people we're going to have the biggest victory we're going to have a victory that will equal or surpass. What we did, in 2016.. Thank you all very much, thank you very much. Thank you.

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