Trump delivers remarks at Whirlpool factory in Ohio

Trump delivers remarks at Whirlpool factory in Ohio

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Four jim, 3.8. Seconds. We, manufacture, a large residential, washer. A couple other just fun interesting, facts, if you look, overhead. We have over 30 miles of moving conveyor. Over a 100. Autonomous, vehicles. And we produce. And process, over 2 million pounds of steel every day. We are a world class manufacturer. And we are, focused on our product, our process. Our people. And that just leads me to what i'm most proud of you can see a lot in our audience is our people. Our people come to work every day with a can-do, attitude. They make a great quality, product. And they deliver a great quality product to the consumer. And every consumer gets what we call, something that takes the clyde pride. That clyde pride is in the dna in our facility. And it's about our people. So, that's the sum of the generations, that we have. Brothers. Mothers, fathers, sisters, aunts uncles neighbors, we are a small community. That actually works together to be successful. We have generations. We have generations. Of employees, 30 years 40 years 50 years, of expertise. That can't be duplicated. Yet we're a diverse, workforce. And we're willing to learn and compete against anybody in the world. When i look at our, community we have a lot of our folks here with us today. I'm really proud to say that we participate, and are active in our community. We have, abby aldridge here with us from the united way. One of the the items i'm most proud of, is. We have one of our employees. Uh. John peters. Who's with us today, so. He actually, uh, provides. For uh john wayne zane there he actually provides, for. Our local high schools nine different high schools. For over 65, students, in need of support for funding for college through his foundation. For you ohio, state fans, you would know him as the big nut. So. And really what jim pointed out is we are the last remaining. U.s, based. Large appliance, company. Think about that, we are the last. And with a fair playing field we could take on anyone, worldwide. And with that, with the the, employees, here we have today. On behalf of whirlpool. Corporation. Ladies and gentlemen. The president, of the united states donald j. Trump. No doubt. I love this. Land. God bless, the. Usa. Thank you everybody, please. Thank you very much, it's a great honor to be here and thank you dan. I'm thrilled to be in the great state of ohio you were very good to me but i've been very good to you. I've been very good to you we've been good to each other.

With The incredible, men and women of whirlpool. The largest, washing, machine, factory. Anywhere, in the world. Every day twenty thousand, gleaming, new machines, coming. Rolling, off that beautiful, assembly, line i just got to see it. And every single one is proudly, inscribed. With that glorious, phrase. Made. In the usa. Remember. Made in the usa. When i was campaigning. I said let's go, made in the usa, put it on your machines, put it on everything we make. I'm grateful to everyone at whirlpool. For welcoming, us today including. Mark bitzer, thank you jim kepler. And sarah. Bovam, thank you very much sarah where's sarah, thank you thank you very much sarah, beauvoir. Also with us today as secretary, of labor gene scalia. And a, warrior. I'm sure you never heard of him he's a warrior. A great great wrestling, champion. And a great guy. Jim jordan. Jim. He is a warrior. Thanks jim. He's, tough i'm not going to wrestle, him ever i promise. And another. Warrior, great. Fellow who has been uh right at our side he works with jim and i so much and so hard, bob, ladder. Bob. Thank you very much. Thank you bob. Also, lieutenant, governor, john husted. Thank you john. Thank you john. Thank you. State, senate president. Larry, oppoff. Larry thank you very much. Thank you larry. Thank you larry. Clyde, mayor. Scott black, and many other distinguished. Guests. Great people. Great representatives. Thank you fellas. Thank you very much. As we celebrate, whirlpool's. 109-year. Legacy, of american, manufacturing. Excellence, today i want to. Lay out my vision, to bring millions, and millions, more jobs. And thousands, more factories, back, to american, chores, where they belong, we've been doing it long and hard, one of the reasons you're successful. Today. Happens, to be a meeting i had probably, four years ago with. A very good representative. Of your company. Saying what they were doing to you and how badly you were being treated, by. Other countries. And you know what i did and here we are today the most successful. Plant. And we've done this, in a lot of places. The duty of a president, is to put this nation's. Own citizens. First. That's why my administration. Swears, by two simple but crucial, rules, by american, and, higher. American. And no one knows better than the workers, of whirlpool. The high cost, of past administration's. Economic. Blunders. And surrender. On the question of foreign trade, previous, leaders, were guided by a shameful, policy, of, capitulation. Submission. And retreat. For decades, you watched as politicians. Let foreign nations, steal our jobs, loot our factories, and plunder. The crown, jewels, of the u.s, economy. And the word plunder, is capitalized. Washington. Stood idly, by. As other countries, engaged, in unfair, trade practices. Such as massive, subsidies. Currency, manipulation. And. In the case of your industry, and your company. The wholesale. Dumping of foreign made products sold below cost. For the sole purpose, of driving, you out of business. So they could give us product. At double, triple, and quadruple. The price, but we didn't let that happen did, we. For eight years, whirlpool. Begged, the obama, biden, administration. Who did nothing to protect. American, workers, from the flagrant, dumping. Of foreign, washers, dryers, into america. But your cries for help fell on deaf ears you didn't. See any action. They didn't act. They didn't care. And they never will. For eight long years, under. Obama, biden, administration. American, factory, workers, received, nothing, but broken, promises. And brazen, sellouts, and lost, jobs. The last administration. Tied america, up in one globalist. Debacle. After another, they, catered. To the special, interests, while allowing, foreign nations, to siphon, off our wealth. Our dignity. Our dreams. Our money. The suffering, of our workers, was met with nothing but cruel betrayal, and callous.

Indifference. In 2013. The u.s, international. Trade commission, found your competitors. From korea. And other countries, guilty of dumping, washers, into the u.s market. And ordered them to pay anti-dumping. Duties. As high as 79. Percent. But rather than pay these. Very high tariffs. Lg. And samsung. Relocated. Production, to another country, a country called. China, have you ever heard of it. And the last, administration. Did nothing as they kept on dumping washers, into the u.s market. With impunity. The obama. Biden. Administration. Was laughed, at they were a joke and they were perfectly, happy to let china, win. Your jobs, disappear. And your factory, to close, and you know what it was like i came, through today and everybody, was out there. Tremendous, crowds. Waving, and cheering. I said i must have done it right. Because, you had people that were really. Really suffering. Because four or five years ago this place was a disaster. In 2017. Whirlpool. Won relief, from the itc. Once again, once more. Your foreign competitors. Move their factories, to prevent, a level playing, field. And to avoid, liability. Shifting, production, to thailand. And to vietnam. Thailand, and vietnam. To places. That. I like their leaders very much. They're very nice to us, do they take advantage, of the united, states. But not so much anymore. But this time there was one big difference, instead of an administration. That sold out american, workers, and sold your company, out, and couldn't have cared less for you. You finally, had a president. Who stood up for the american, worker. On january. 23. 2018. At my desk in the oval office. I proudly, signed the order to impose a 50. Tariff on all. Foreign-made. Washing, machines. As a result. Whirlpool's. Nine factories, across the united, states, were soon thriving, like never before. Investing, in new products, new infrastructure. And hundreds, of new american. Jobs and i just took a tour. And i actually wanted a couple of those machines, for myself. But i just didn't know it was going to be appropriate, to ask. But they are beautiful. That includes, thousands, of new jobs across, the ohio, supply, chain. From right here in clyde. To findlay. Ottawa. Greenville. And marion. All over. Your company, became a shining, example, from really, a company, that was down and out it became a shining, example, of. What tough trade policies, and smart tariffs, can bring. To jobs, and prosperity. To communities, like this one all over ohio. Michigan, wisconsin. Pennsylvania. And plenty of other states, they're all doing well, they were doing great. And the plague came in and now they're doing great again we close it up we save millions, of lives but now. We're opening and it looks like i was right about the v because you're seeing the kind of numbers that are coming in, and they're coming in strong. They're coming in store should it never happen. Should it never happen, china should have never let it happen. In defending, your jobs here at whirlpool. I was doing exactly, what i promised, in june 2016..

As A candidate, for president, i stood before an audience, of hard-working. Patriots. At a metals, processing. Facility, outside of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. To outline, my plan for a new america, first trade policy. And. It was even. A better job. Than i told you i'm one politician, that says i'm going to do this and then we do better. We produced, more than i promised, and by the way the wall is being built it's going to be finished very soon. In my speech i warned that our politicians. Have aggressively. Pursued, a policy, of globalization. Moving our jobs, our wealth and our factories. Overseas. I explained, that globalization. These are the globalists. I'm not liking globalists, too much. But they don't like me too much either. Globalization. Has made the financial. Elites. Who donate, to politicians. Very wealthy. But it's left millions, and millions, of our workers. With nothing but poverty. And heartache. And our towns and cities with empty factories, and plants. For years. Later. We've made extraordinary. Progress, in reversing. The, dangerous, tide of globalism. Over a period of four to five years this took place think of it four to five years. What we've done is. A miracle. And now it's getting, even better because we've taken additional, steps. And you know when you do these steps you have to go through statutory. Procedures. It's not like, boom i'm going to just sign it, has to go out for 90, days of review, then 120. Days of review, then more and we did it as quick as we can, we're doing it right now with the fda, we're getting vaccines, approved in days that nobody, thought possible, it would take years and years and we're doing it in months. We're doing very well. Under my administration. We're fighting for main street not wall street. We've rejected, globalism. And embraced, patriotism. In my speech in pittsburgh. In june of 2016. I made seven big promises. To american, workers. Many politicians. Before me promised, change, on the campaign, trail. Only to back down in the face of corporate, and international. Pressure. Like jerusalem, they all promised. Jerusalem, didn't they. For years and years. I did it they didn't do it. They didn't do it i did it. Move the embassy, to jerusalem. Making jerusalem. The capital. Of israel. They all talked about it they talked and talked to talked and then they got into office and they didn't do it, and i understand, why the pressure was enormous, on me too. I just didn't take the phone calls. That's true leaders would call up from. Other countries. I say i know what they're calling about i'll call them back in a few days. Then i just signed all the papers, got it done and then i called them back. They said i was calling about israel, and jerusalem. But you've already done it i said that's right. And they said oh, okay. I said hey i wish you got me a little bit earlier. But i didn't back down from my promises. And i've kept every single one.

First I promised, to withdraw, the united, states from, the last administration's. Disastrous. Assault. On u.s workers. The. Trans-pacific. Partnership, would have been a disaster. Would have been a disaster, especially for the automobile, industry would have put it out of business. My first week in office i kept that promise, and canceled, that. Job-killing. Catastrophe. Second, i pledged to appoint, the toughest, and smartest, trade, negotiators. To defend, american, jobs and i did with bob lighthizer, and all of his people they've been fantastic. Third i said i would use every legal tool at my disposal. To fight back against, unfair, trade. And i did and i found some that nobody even knew about. Some of them were. Very old. They had a lot of dust on them hadn't been used for decades, and decades. But i found them, things you could never get past today. Fourth i promised, to, label, china. A currency. Manipulator. And i did. Fifth i said we would bring, trade cases, against china to crack down on its economic, aggression. Sixth i committed to impose, tariffs, on. Goods to protect, american, jobs, and stop china, and many other countries, abuses. Under section, 232. Of the trade expansion. Act. Of, 1962. And section. 301. Of the trade act of, 1974.. As your president, i have kept every single, one of these pledges, to the american, people. And to the american, worker. Without. Exception, everyone, has been done. Seventh, one of my biggest, promises, in that speech was to replace, the disaster. Known as nafta one of the worst trade deals ever, made by any country, let alone ours. Ohio, lost. Almost 40 percent of its manufacturing. Jobs, after nafta, was signed. Half of all of the automaking. Jobs across, the state. Were wiped out. Earlier, this year i finally ended the nafta, nightmare. And signed the brand new, usmca. Agreement, that's, united, states. And mexico. And canada. And all of those bad things that you had to suffer with. You're not suffering, anymore, because now people, and companies, have, an incentive. To stay. They're not going to be leaving, so fast. That was the biggest point i made i want to make sure that these companies, aren't leaving. And the managers, walk up and they say i'm sorry. Are companies, leaving going to mexico. Or canada, but going primarily, in that case. To mexico. Canada takes advantage, of us with dairy. Unbelievable. Advantage, but not anymore. But mexico, took a lot of jobs. And i said i don't want companies, moving and if they do move, remember, you've heard it, if they do move, when they make that product they got to pay a big price to sell it back into our country. So they have no more incentive. To move. The us, mca, contains, powerful, new protections, for american, manufacturers. Automakers. Farmers, dairy producers. And workers, all across. Ohio. And all of our states. Those were key promises, i made, to american, workers, in 2016.. I kept every single one of them, the fake news media back there they hate to report this. They hate it. Why do they hate it because they're fake. Today to define, our path forward. I'm making our incredible, workers, six more promises, that i will keep. Over the next four years and i'm, very proud to make them, at your plant, and. In the state of ohio. First and foremost. We will defeat, the china virus, we're working, very very hard. We call it the china virus, we call it the invisible, enemy we call it many different names got many different names, but. It's bad. And we've made tremendous, strides, we're attacking, the virus, from every angle and through, this aggressive, strategy. We will win the war, and it will happen sooner than people think we're developing, a bounty. Of therapies, such as remdisserver. Dexamethasone. Anti-body. Treatments, the antibody, treatments are really working out well. Really well. And many more that have allowed us to reduce, mortality. By, 85. Since april. Under operation. Warp speed, two, vaccines. Are already. In the final stage of clinical, trials. And we'll have a vaccine. Very soon i hope long before the end of the year. We've dramatically. Increased, our domestic, production, of personal, protective, equipment. Such as n95. Respirators. Gowns, and gloves. We've got factories, now all over the united states making these products. And we've developed the most advanced, testing, system on earth to produce, our. Most and and this is what we have to do we have to produce. Not only cleanliness. And perfection. In every way but we have to protect, our most vulnerable, citizens, against this, horrible. Virus. And that's generally, speaking, the elderly, especially, the elderly, with. Problems, of the heart, problems, with the heart. And.

Diabetes. In particular, those two are. A basic disaster. Our strategy. Shelters, those at highest, risk while allowing, those at lower risk to get. Safely, back, to work and to school. Instead, of a never-ending. Blanket, lockdown, causing, severe long-term. Public health consequences. We've targeted, and. Looked at data-driven. Approaches, and that's what we're doing. Again. When you close, down, and we had to do it initially, because it came and hit us big, hard and nobody, knew what it was. And we saved, millions, of lives. But today. You just pinpointed. We know what to do and we know who to protect. As an example, very young children. Are incredibly. Powerful. They're much stronger, than all of us, when it comes to the immune system it's an incredible, thing to see. But we know who to protect. And we know what to do. And, let me tell you, lockdowns. Have big consequences. In terms of drugs. In terms of family, in terms of depression, and suicide. In terms of so many other problems, that are caused. And not good for the kids, and they don't learn the same at a computer, as they do when they're in a classroom. So there are big big. Problems, with lockdowns. But we cannot, defeat the virus, by fighting against, each other, just can't and, there are a lot of different theories, in a lot of different ways but if you look at some of the results. You'll see some of the states. Governor run, some of the states that are. Open and run very smart are doing. Very well and in fact better than strong lockdown, states. Now is the time to come together as americans, and to unite against, the plague. Inflicted, upon us by china. Together, we will prevail, my second promise. To you as this we will rise, from the current, adversity. Of this, horrible. Invisible. Enemy. And we will be more prosperous. And resilient, than ever before, we've done things that we never knew we could do. We're building, factories, now, we're building, plants. You'll see what's going to be happening with the job numbers very soon. We had two of the best months ever in the history of our country.

And We're going to have. Many many. Very very, successful, years. Unless somebody comes along and destroys, it by doubling, tripling, and quadrupling. Your taxes. And. Quadrupling. Something else, called regulations. It will be ended, it will be depression, time. One of the key lessons, we've learned, in this battle against the china virus, is that the mighty american, economy, has a fantastic. Ability. To adapt. And repurpose. Its factories. Today using, the defense, production, act which we've used often, remember they'd always say oh use the defense, production, act. We've used it a lot. More than, some companies, would like to know. We're engaged, in the most rapid, industrial. Mobilization. By far since world war ii. Over the last six months we've witnessed, one, manufacturing. Miracle, after another. We've seen general motors, repurpose, an auto, parts facility. In kokomo. Indiana. Great state, and thereby stand, up. A ventilator. We have a ventilator. Factory. Literally, in a matter of days. And we're now producing. Thousands. And thousands. Of ventilators. A week. General motors, has now built and delivered, more than. 20, 000 ventilators. By next week our strategic. National, stockpile, will be equipped to deploy more than 100. 000 ventilators. They're very expensive, to build they're very complex. Very very complex, machines. And. The big. And i said that we are now supplying, ventilators. To many countries, of the world, everybody, in our country has it not one person and we had no ventilators, who knew about ventilators, we had very few. But not one person who needed, a ventilator, think of this. Who needed a ventilator, didn't get it every person, that needed, a ventilator. Got it who would have thought that was possible, and you remember at the very beginning when you first heard about. This whole horrible, situation. With the. Gina virus. Ventilators. They weren't around. And now we make them by the thousands. Working with gm, and. Almost a dozen other companies, great companies, my administration. Has turned america, into. The ventilator. King of the world the, ventilator. King. Make them good and we make them great they're very good. Highest, quality. We're now exporting, ventilators. To friends, and allies, and they're really. Thankful they're calling. Can i have ventilators, for our country, sir. How many do you need could you send a thousand, i said, so lot. The answer is yes. What we're doing is incredible, we're helping other we're doing more good well, will with ventilators, because other things you can make. Gowns, and swabs. And things you can make we're making them too, but ventilators. Are tough. Ventilators. Are just one part of our historic, manufacturing. Ramp up. Within seven days of new york city officials, asking for assistance, last spring. We helped ship, a million yards of fabric, from north carolina, to new york city, for masks. And gowns we're making them all over the place. A great company, honeywell. Has opened up n95. Respirator. Factories, in rhode island and arizona. In record time. And they're now churning, out tens of millions, of masks, for our strategic. National, stockpile. These include, manufacturing. Achievements. And these are incredible.

They'll Be the foundation. Of an even brighter, future for american, industry, what we've been able to do in a short period of time is frankly. Incredible, i'm not talking about me i'm talking about the people out there what they've done is incredible. Including, the military. And some of the generals, and admirals. The job they've done. My third promise, is to build on these gains, to turn america, into the. Medical, manufacturer. Pharmacy. And drugstore, of the world. As we've seen in this pandemic, the united, states must produce, essential, equipment, supplies. And pharmaceuticals. For ourselves. We cannot rely on china, and other nations, across the globe. That could one day deny, us products, in a time of need we can't do it we can't do it, we have to be smart. And speaking, of, pharmaceuticals. We. Instituted. For moves. Rebates. Favored nations. And other things, buying from other nations. Where they have the product the same exact, pill, identical. Made in the same factory. For, a fraction, just a small fraction, of the cost, we buy from other countries as opposed to buying through this ridiculous. Quagmire, of political. Scam. That we've been going through for many years. And, what i've done. In terms of favored, nations, if as an example, germany. Has a pill for 10 cents. And we have a bill for two dollars. We institute, favorite nations, of the drug company we get the pill. For the same amount as the lowest, pill anywhere, in the world. Anywhere in the. World. And that could drop your price of pharmaceuticals. Of uh, drugs. Prescription, drugs. Could drop your price, 50 60 70. Maybe more than that this is something. Now i have to tell you i have never seen so many bad commercials, about me as in the last three days since i did this. So will you remember, that when you see this horrible, commercial. That i'm a socialist. I was called a socialist for the first time in my entire life. Actually what i am doing is i'm using socialist, countries, who are buying our product for far less than we're allowed to. I'm saying well if you're going to sell it to this country. Might be socialist. For a lower price so we're going to get that same price so you know, but i've been called everything in the book. And i say i said the other day, whenever you see. A drug company, advertising. That donald trump's a bad. Guy. Remember. Your drug prices. Must be coming down, very big. Very good. So please remember, though. Please remember, that because i don't want to get all those negative, votes and then biden, wins, and they try they first month he'll say i dropped, drug prices. 78. And he won't even know what the hell he's saying. I don't want to be watching, that from some beautiful, resort, some place in the world i could have oh i had such a beautiful, life before i did this but that's okay. Because we're doing a great job. And it makes me very happy to see people. Being properly, representative. Represented, for a change. But during the course of the next four years, we will bring our pharmaceutical. And medical. Supply, chains. Home we're going to bring them home where they belong. And we'll end reliance. On china, just like we did with the washers, and dryers, just like we did, with many other things. We'll be making our product, here. Safely. Beautifully. And inexpensively. We're reasserting. American, economic. Independence. And i've been doing that from the first day i came into office. To this end a short time ago i signed the new executive, order to ensure that when it comes to. Essential, medicines. We. Buy. American. The executive, order will require, that u.s government, agencies. Purchase, all essential, medicines, that we need. From american. Sources. The executive, order will also sweep away unnecessary. Regulatory. Barriers, to domestic, pharmaceutical. Production. And support, advanced, manufacturing. Processes. That will keep our drug prices, low, and allow american, companies, to compete. On the world, stage, we'll be able to compete on the world stage but we're now going to have the lowest prices.

As Opposed to by far, the highest prices. I have people that i know that go to canada. They go to canada. To buy drugs. To buy prescription, drugs they go there because the price is so much lower than the united, states. And yet it's made by the same company. Often in the same plant. It's a disgrace. And the politicians. Allowed this to happen for, many many, decades. You have people called middlemen, i don't know who the middlemen, are. I don't know they never say middle women so they're. Politically, not correct. But i've heard the term middlemen, for a long time they are so wealthy. They are so wealthy nobody has any idea who the hell they are what they do. They make more money than the drug companies you know in all fairness at least the drug companies have to produce a product. And it has to be a good product. But the middlemen. Well the rebate, that i'm doing cuts out the middleman, and it reduces, costs, and the, money goes back to the people purchasing, the drugs. So i have a lot of enemies, out there this may be the last time you'll see me for a while. A lot of very very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what i'm doing. But i figure we have one chance to do it and no other president is going to do what i do, no other president, would do. A favored, nations. A rebate. A buy from other nations, at much less cost, nobody. And they're a lot of unhappy, people. And, they're very rich people. And they're very unhappy, here's my fourth promise, to american, workers. Beyond our. Medical supply, chains, over the next four years. We will launch your millions of new manufacturing. Jobs across many other critical, sectors, that are, vital, to our national, security, and prosperity. From electronics. To machine, tools to shipping aerospace. Autos. And of course to iron, and to steel. And we'll, never forget your washers. And your dryers, okay. During eight years of the last administration. And by the way i have to just tell you this little story a couple of little stories if you don't mind do you mind. Okay because that's better than the other stuff right. No i was with somebody, and they said you know for a dishwasher. We don't have enough water sir, i think the a lot of the people in the audience, would understand, what i'm saying, they don't have enough water, because they put restrictors. On so you don't have any water. And. I said what is that what is that in most states i mean outside of desert areas we have so much water we don't know what to do with it right a lot of states your state does pretty well with water right. So they have plenty of water. So i passed a regulation, i signed a regulation, that give the dishwashers. Much, more. Water and i was asking today and that by the way includes your washers. You don't need too much water in your dryers. But it includes your washers. And i was just saying to your brilliant, uh. People that are, doing such a good job running your company. I said how much impact has that had, they said unbelievable. It's been unbelievable. Because i had people saying they'd wash their dishes and they pressed the button five times, so in the end they're probably wasting more water than if they did it once. So do you notice the people that make the machines you know what i'm talking about, we now have. The water that you need instead of stupid, where you have much less water than you need and you just keep going over and over again i had people say that press the button five times. They didn't have enough water. And the same thing with. Sinks, toilets, and showers. You go into a new home, you turn on the faucet no water comes out, you turn on the shower. If you're like me you can't wash your beautiful hair properly. You waste. 20 minutes, longer. Please. Come out the water, it drips right you know what i'm talking they put restrictors, on, i got rid of that i signed it out.

That's Common, sense. So now when you actually go into a new home and pay a lot of money you turn on a faucet and water actually comes out isn't that nice, that was a regulation, that was put in by. A lot of people that don't understand, life. Because you end up, using the same amount of water you just let it run three times longer. It's crazy. And one other thing i did remember the old light bulb. The old light bulb was so great. And they put it out of business, it was much cheaper, and it had much better light. And you're all good-looking, people but you look better under the old light bulb than that horrible, no light bulb right. Of course your fraction, of the cost didn't last as long but that's okay but it cost you a fraction. I reinstituted. And opened it up so they can sell both they can sell the new one if you want it and they can sell the old one the old one's doing unbe, amazing. Business. Amazing, business. And you know the new one is considered. Hazardous, waste. When you lose it you're supposed to take it down to a. A dump a specified, dump how many people are going to do that with a light bulb hey you know we lost this light bulb let's travel, 28, miles outside of the city to get rid of it. It's hazardous, waste. So i put the old bulb back in and you can use the new one you can use anything, i guess it's. Competition. But i particularly. Like it because i don't look so orange. So it's very nice. Very nice. I don't want to look i don't like that look, never liked it. But it's a tremendous, thing and it's having tremendous, success, so, they'll you know scoff, and say oh who cares about that very big stuff you know these are big things a lot of people have come up thank you sir. They had sinks that didn't. Give water they had showers that didn't give water the whole thing and, and uh. It's been a great thing it's been very popular. And we might as well tell you about it because people don't talk about it but these are things that no other president would be doing no other president, frankly would be even thinking about. During eight years of the last administration. America, lost, ten thousand, factories, and nearly two hundred thousand, manufacturing. Jobs think of that. In contrast, my administration. Added over a half a million manufacturing. Jobs it was up to actually seven hundred and one thousand, jobs. Before the plague came in. And. If you remember. President, obama. You need a magic wand, no you don't. We need manufacturing. Jobs he said you won't have any more manufacturing. Jobs, you need a magic wand he was wrong about that also. My fifth promise to american, workers, is to bring back american, jobs and factories, using every tool. At my disposal, including, tariffs, i love, properly. Put on tariffs, because they. Bring, unfair, competitors. From foreign, countries. To do whatever you want them to do. Countervailing. Duties, and new trade deals based on the principle, of fairness, and reciprocity. And i'll be signing something very important, watch over the next week i think you'll be very proud of your president, i'm going to be signing something that's very important. Over the next probably, week. And it'll have a tremendous. Impact on fairness, and trade as part of this commitment, earlier today i signed a proclamation. That defends, american, industry. By reimposing. Aluminum, tariffs, on canada, canada was taking advantage of us, as usual. And, i signed it and it imposes. Because the aluminum, business was being decimated. By. Canada, very unfair. To our jobs and our great. Aluminum, workers, several, months ago. My administration. Agreed to lift those tariffs in return, for a promise. From the canadian, government, that its aluminum, industry, would not flood our country with exports. And kill all our aluminum, jobs which is exactly, what they did. Canadian. Aluminum, producers, have broken that commitment, and the u.s, trade representative. Robert, lighthizer. Has advised, me that this step. To reimpose, tariffs, is absolutely, necessary. To defend, our aluminum, industry. To be a strong nation, america, must be a manufacturing. Nation. And not be led by a bunch of fools. That means protecting. Our national, industrial, base we have to protect, our great companies, and our great workers. My sixth, and final promise, today is to forever, uphold the commitment, i made from the beginning. I will always. Put, american. Workers, first always, they'll always be. Prepared. And i don't know if you're a union, or non-union, it doesn't matter to me. But i did one hell of a good job for the unions you know all the union heads are against me but all the workers, are for me so something's, right, the workers, are for me. But usually, the union heads are wined and dined in washington, pretty good by the democrats. As part of this commitment, on monday, assigned, an executive, order to prevent, government, agencies. Like the tennessee, valley authority.

From Replacing, american, workers with cheap foreign, labor. There's a very big. Utility. Run by a man that gets. Eight million dollars a year would anybody, in this room like that job eight million. Eight million a year right. Highest, paid. He's really, doesn't work for me i wouldn't date million, if you paid him. The president, gets 400, 450. 000, i give up my salary nobody ever says that i might as well every once in a while say it. I believe, i'm the only president, to do that. And i'm saying that's not too smart. But. The tennessee, valley, authority, pays, 8 million, dollars a year to the head. And after the, authority. Laid off 20, of its american, technology. Workforce, and forced them to train their foreign replacements. This week. I told the chairman of the board. You're fired. And the firings, will continue, unless the layoffs, are reversed, and the american, workers, are rehired. And by the way as i was leaving. For the great state. Of ohio did you ever watch biden. Where, he's always saying the wrong state. It's great to be in. Florida. Florida no it's ohio. I've never seen a guy haven't done that one yet that's a disaster. I always say. Jim jordan if you do that, it's over, right. You can be winston churchill, the speech is over just walk off the stage, but he does it all the time nobody calls him for. I love the state, of, iowa, sir sir, it's idaho. It's idaho. And the worst is what he's in like indiana. And he says it's great to be with the people of florida, and you have palm trees all over the place. But he does it all the time. There's something going on. But over the last four years we've made extraordinary. Strides, and over the next four years together, we will turn the united, states. Into the unrivaled. Manufacturing. Superpower. Of the world, we've been through. A lot together. They've done everything, possible. To get in my way they've treated, us very unfairly. Disgracefully. With what they've done to us. And despite, what they've done no administration. In the history of this country, has done more in the first three and a half years than we have, whether it's rebuilding, our military.

All Made in the usa. Whether it's the biggest tax cuts in history. Whether it's, the biggest regulation. Cuts in history. And war in alaska, the largest, field, perhaps, in the world that. Ronald reagan, going back even before ronald reagan no president could get it approved i got it approved, and now it's. Potentially, one of the greatest sites in the world should be the greatest site in the world so many different things we've done we've done so much. What we've done for our vets and you're a big vet state. Ohio, loves its vets, and what we've done for our vets. Choice. And accountability. We've got two things they've been trying for almost 50 years choice. Veterans, choice how about that we got that for you, so if you have to wait online for two days or two weeks or two months and they had to wait two months sometimes. If they had to wait online. They don't anymore, they go outside they get a private doctor we approve it we pay the bill. And we take care of our vets like they're supposed to be taken, care of just got a 91. Approval, rather. Va just got a 91. Approval rating highest. Ever the highest it's ever had. And accountability. We have people that are so. We're so, scornful. And hatred for our vets that we're treating our vets badly our vets have to be treated great. But you couldn't fire them. They could be sadistic, they could be thieves they could be you couldn't fire because of civil service unions etc, you know. Couldn't fire them. And i got the accountability. Va accountability. Now you look at them they don't do a good job for our vets you say jim you're fired, boom get out. That's the story we actually, terminated. Over 8 000 people that were not treating our vets. Well and they were there for a long time that sounds a little bit cold but the truth is they got to treat our vets well right so they have to do it, but we got accountability. And we got, va choice but to achieve, the vision. That we've been. Talking about for so long we must finish the job. And drain, the washington. Swamp, once and for all, and we're doing it. For years, left-wing, politicians. Smiled, and looked. At american, workers right in the eye and took advantage, of them and lied to them they took, your endorsements, they took your money and they took your votes and they did nothing. Then they turned around, and inflicted, one corrupt betrayal. Of the american, middle class, after another. Whether it was nafta, tpp. The horrible, korea, deal. The ridiculous. Paris. Climate, accord, how's it working out for paris not so good. And china's. Entry into the world trade organization, which is probably, the worst of all the deals if you want to know the truth. That was where china, signed that and they went up like a rocket ship. And they violated, the rules like nobody's, ever violated, them before. In fact they're considered, a developing. Nation. And because they're a developing, nation they have advantages. Well we didn't accept that. But for years they accepted, that. And by the way joe biden supported, every single one of those horrible, disastrous. Sellouts. Under this administration. Those days have been over. And we're not going back. We're respected, again as a country you know we're respected, again. You may not, feel it although i think you do, you may not see it you don't read about it from the fake news but this country's, respected, again we don't let people take advantage, of us, including, our allies, who took tremendous, advantage, of us, tremendous. Our allies, took tremendous. Advantage, of us both militarily. Where they don't pay their bills, we protect them they don't pay, like germany, we're reducing, the force they don't pay they delinquent, i say it all the time they're delinquent, they got to pay. You know we protect, germany from, russia. And yet. Germany's, paying. Billions, of dollars. A year billions, and billions, to russia, for energy. So i say what's that all about. So we protect, and they pay money, and we protect. So uh. We don't stand for things like that but we have many other things i could stand up here all day long and tell you things that you wouldn't even believe to fully restore american, prosperity. We must stop the radical, left-wing, movement that would destroy, our country. They want to impose, three trillion dollars, of new taxes, on american, families. They want to ban fracking. Which will demolish. Your state. It will demolish. Ohio, oil and gas jobs. They want to rejoin, the disastrous. Paris, climate, accord. Where you'll pay. Billions, and billions, of dollars, for the. Privilege, of getting ripped off by other countries.

And Inflict, a socialist, takeover, of the us economy. Known as the horrendous. Green new deal was conceived, by a. Young woman aoc. Aoc, plus three i say. Aoc. That's a real beauty isn't it. She knows as much about the environment. Do we have any young children, here, as that young child over there i think he knows more. And she certainly knows nothing about the economy, and if they ever had their chance you would find that out and it wouldn't take very long you know venezuela. Was a very wealthy country 20 years ago one of the wealthiest. Per capita, one of the wealthiest, tremendous, oil reserves, everything. Now they don't have food. They don't have water they don't have medicine they don't have anything. Same thing could happen, same. Or similar, ideology. They also want to throw open american, borders. Give free taxpayer, funded health care to illegal, aliens. Defund. Police. Abolish. Ice. Abolish, borders no more borders. And abolish, basically, the american, dream this is joe biden. And does anybody, really think he's strong enough. To stand up to these ruthless, vicious, people you look at. You look at portland, you look at what's going on in seattle. These are the people that you're dealing with if i didn't send in the troops if i didn't send in the great people from homeland, security, you'd have courthouses. And post offices, and everything else, burned down blown up. And we may send in something else because you know what they've been riding now for 70 days and the mayor thinks it's just wonderful, and the governor has no idea what she's doing, i've never seen people like, this. Remember, in seattle. Where they took over a big chunk of the city of seattle. And. The, mayor said, it's going to be a summer of love. And i said she's just kidding right isn't she she wasn't kidding, but we were all set to send in the troops send in the. People that, we were going to send in, and. What happened, is. Amazing we told them and all of a sudden the police went out and they cleaned it up. But that place would still be occupied, if we didn't get involved same thing with minneapolis. Minneapolis. Is it was a disaster, after five or six days they were going to lose that whole city. We sent in the national, guard they took care of things in about one hour remember the scene of them walking down the street. Firing the tear gas, now you're not even allowed if you're looking at the other side you're not allowed to use tear gas. Or pepper spray you can't use any of that stuff. They can use. Molotov. Cocktails. And horrible, things on you but you're not allowed to do anything, so. The police didn't want to have anything to do with the convention, in a great state. Wisconsin. Milwaukee. For the democrats. You couldn't use. Tear gas. You couldn't use pepper spray you couldn't use anything think of how ridiculous. This is, and you won't be able to use your guns because they're going to end your second amendment, as sure as you're sitting there. But the proud people of ohio. Will not let that happen together. We will preserve, protect, and defend. Our american, way of life. As long as i am president, thank. You. Thank you. As long as i am president, of the united, states, i will fight. For you with every ounce of energy and strength, that i have. I will be your voice i will defend your jobs. I will stand up to the foreign, trade, cheaters, and violators. That hate our country. I will never let you down. I will have your back one hundred percent. For more than a century, the workers of this, company. Have continued, the proud tradition, of american, greatness. Embodied, by your legendary. Founder. Lou upton. It's a heritage, grounded, in the values, of hard work and determination. Innovation. And excellence, faith. And family. Loyalty, and patriotism. Passed down from one generation. To the next you have an incredible, heritage. These are the values, that have, defined, this. Company. And defined, our country. From the very beginning. And they are the values, that will define, our future. That will ensure. Our success. And that will allow america, to thrive, and win for many generations. To come, there is nobody, that can defeat us nobody. Now i'd like to take just a moment to introduce. A few of the whirlpool, men and women's, jobs i had the honor of, taking, decisive, action, to protect, and to save. Kerry wallace, is an operations. Analyst, whose family has 100, years of history at this very plant. Kerry please come forward and say a few words.

Please. Thank you gary. Good afternoon. Manufacturing. Is the heartbeat, of this area. Ripple, has, an enormous, impact. On the state of ohio, economically. My family, has probably worked in these walls, for four generations. Like mr president, said, for combined, 100, over a hundred years. I had the opportunity, to get some, advice, from my mother. Advice that was passed down from my grandfather. Which i was actually just able to pass down to my nephew. There is not another company, that would provide financial, security. And career, opportunities. In this area like. Whirlpool. It's true the opportunities. Here are endless for us. Whirlpool has rewarded, me. With a completely, new family, also. I work. With 3 500. Proud, individuals. Together we build american-made. Quality products here in clyde. We bleed whirlpool, blue. I'm grateful for the support that we received, in 2018. From the president. That support. Gives us the ability to compete, and deliver. In the market. Place now. And for many generations, to come. Thank you. Thank. You. Great job. Marco. Antavarus. Is a first generation, american, who started, at this plant to support his family. 17, years ago. Marco, rose through, leadership, to become a production, lead. Marco, please come up and say a few words. Please. Thank you mr president. As the president, said i started here about 16, going on 17, years. I was fresh out of high school had no idea what i wanted to do with my life but i knew i had two young children. That i had to support and i had to support fast. I'm honored to say. That i found that here at whirlpool. Within these four walls. I have been able to not only provide, but continue to, develop, myself. Into. A career path that i never would have dreamed of when i was 18 years old coming out of there. As miss wallace, stated. I too am very grateful, for the tariffs that were put, against our foreign competitors. In 2018. To. Take that instability. Away from our everyday lives, and provide. A longevity. Of. Stability. And. Support, for these american jobs here in these four walls. As, our president said i am a first generation. Um. From an immigrant family my father who's an immigrant. He came here to chase the american dream and i could say, i'm fortunate enough to find my american dream, within these four laws here at whirlpool. Thank you very much. Well thank you both. And you know marco, had a beautiful. Speech written and he never looked down you never even looked down at that speech, up, i'm impressed, with both of you i'm impressed. To every worker here at whirlpool, thank you once again for welcoming. Us it's an honor to be here. And thank you for your commitment, to. American, manufacturing. You're a great, company, with great great people. Together, we will bring back our jobs, we will bring back our factories, and we will bring back our, american, dream. God bless you and god bless america, thank you very much, thank you. Young. Man. You can stay there. And i'm. Sure.

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