Trump delivers campaign remarks on 'Fighting for the American Worker' in Ohio

Trump delivers campaign remarks on 'Fighting for the American Worker' in Ohio

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Wow. Thank you very much ohio. Thank you very much. Thank you. You know this is really not a rally you know this this has to do with workers, programs. All the things we love but, this is really we call it a friendly protest. Okay. And you know what we're protesting. We're protesting. Stupidity. Okay. So many stupid, things you see here. But hello. I'll tell you what ohio, how. How good have you been, how good have you been. What did we win by, a lot. And your governor is here and he just said you're winning by a lot more this time than last time so that's good. Thank you, mike thank you very much mike. But hello. Ohio, and thank you very much i'm thrilled to be here in dayton the home of the wright brothers, wall. I wonder what they would think when they see some of these f-35s. And these crazy planes that we make nowadays, ago. Thousands, of miles an hour right they one, i wonder. But i want to just thank the, the very hard-working. Patriots. Who are the backbone, of america, you really are you're the backbone, of america, this is an amazing, group of people. This is an amazing, group you know i'm going to another very nice spot. In ohio where we do have a rally but i can't imagine you have many more people that we have here but they will about 10 times more. Now this is for us and our friends and workers. We want workers, 43, days from now. We are going to win this state we are going to win four more years in the white. House. That's true. Yeah it's true. Thank. You. Thank you. Thank you, you know you had your best year. In the history of your state in the history of our country last year. And we had it until the plague, came in, and now we're building it up again rapidly, but you had the best year or we're gonna have, next year will be the best year we've ever had i believe that. You'll see that in the third quarter. But we're here today to talk about jobs, we're talking about jobs a very favorite subject, of mine to. Know and to understand. That, the choice in november. Is going to be. Very simple, there's never been a time where there's such a difference. One is. Probably, communism. I don't know they keep saying socialism. I think they're gone they've gone over that one that one's passed already. Joe biden, spent the last 47. Years shipping your jobs to china. And foreign countries, you know that. And i've spent the last four years bringing the jobs back to our country and back to ohio. On november, 3rd americans. Will decide. Whether we. Lift our nation, to soaring new heights of prosperity. Or whether we will allow a joe biden, sleepy, joe. To shut down our economy. Impose, a 4, trillion. Whether that's with a t by the way. 4 trillion. Tax hike. Abolish. Ohio. Clean, coal. Oil. Natural, gas. And ship your jobs, and factories, and dreams. Overseas. To china, and countries, that you've never even heard of, put simply if biden, wins, china wins. If we win. Ohio. Wins, and most importantly. In all fairness. America, wins. Because you finally, have a president. Who puts america, first. And i do put america, first. I guess, that's why almost, four years ago that's why i did this right it's because of this probably more than any other reason i watched the jobs going out. I never saw anything so stupid, in my life i watched the worst trade deals. And we've reversed. Many of them almost, all of them now but, we've reversed, them. And. Again we're having the greatest year we've ever had and it's going to be back very soon you take a look at what's happening we're joined today. By a real good friend of mine somebody that's been with me from the beginning, and i've been with, him from the beginning. Ohio, governor, mike dewine, where's mike. What's that on. He's opening, up he's open. Where's mike. Thank you mike, thank you mike. He's a good man and lieutenant, governor, john houston. Good guys yeah thanks john. Good job. Congressman. Warren, davidson, you know warren. Whoa. Warren, that's very impressive. These are real warriors, i'll tell you another one mike, turner do we know mike, huh. Hell of a lawyer. Thank you mike thanks for all the help too both of you, really appreciate, it and a man you know i, i don't know i don't know if you know him he should become, legendary. Because when we didn't have a lot of support. I had a guy named bob, paduck, you know bob. And. He kept saying every time i said you know we're not getting the kind of support, from the top people. He said that's okay sir you went up another two points we won this state by a lot. Remember, the fake news well that's that's a lot of it back there too a lot of fakers. But they were going around mike okay mike they were going around, saying.

Well Trump, may, not be able to remember you have to, in order to win you have to win ohio all right. And then for, for a year i heard you cannot. Win unless you win the great state of ohio but they didn't say the great state i say the great state. And i heard it. I heard it for so long it would be impossible. And then we won that night by what nine points what was it bob nine points. We won by a lot. In fact it was the first indication, that that was going to be a tough night for the democrats, they say. Ladies and gentlemen, not only did trump win ohio, he won by a hell of a lot more than we anticipated. Right. And then we. Then we went on to these guys. That's why i love these guys. We're not gonna miss, nobody's, messing with these guys. You know they're great workers, but we use them also for security, if anyone gets a little bit. A little bit rough we'll take, you'll take care right fellas thank you very much. Thank you. But we wanted big and that was the beginning of one of the most exciting, nights, in history. Because we did something in 2016. That was amazing, and. I'll tell you honestly, there is more enthusiasm. Now. And this is fact. In fact they have a new thing. First of all. You know we're working very hard on getting, a third. Supreme, court. Justice. I'm going to announce. Who that is. The only thing i'll say for the women, it will be a woman. Uh-oh. There are a lot of angry people. Okay here's a question. Okay. It will be a woman. Does anybody. Here please raise your head if you have the carriage. Is there anybody, here that insists. That it will be. And should be a man, is there anybody. With the courage please put up your hand right now. A lot of women here. So okay ready. Supreme, court justice. Most powerful, most important, just the most important, you know when you become president, they say this is the single. Most important, thing. A president, does is pick supreme court and by the way. By the end of the first term we will have, 300. Federal, judges. So let's let's give me a free poll we do this i have such far with it we do it give me a free poll you know they go out they charge hundreds of thousands, of dollars he interviewed like 19, people. Which mean nothing here we got a lot of people, so give me a free poll who would like to see, a. Woman. Justice, of the supreme. Court. Who would like to see. A male. Justice. Of the supreme, court. The only one here there is women there were some women. What's that all about. All right now it will be. A, brilliant, person, it will be i i have five. That we're. Vetting right now, it'll be a brilliant person, it will be a woman, it will be a woman, and. We're looking forward to it we'll probably, announce it on saturday, maybe friday but saturday. And it's a big day for our country it's a big day for you it's a big day for ohio. And uh so i think it'll be great you know i always love why i just said that like big day for ohio and i do it somewhat routinely.

Do You ever notice where biden goes out and he always picks the wrong location, like if he's in ohio, it's great to be in the state of florida. Then he looks around and he doesn't see too many palm trees. He said are we in florida, no you know. He did that seven times how do you do that. When you do that you just walk off the stage it's over. There's nothing you can do you can make the greatest, remainder, of the speech. There's nothing you can do to save it. But the people of dayton know. Better than anyone, the, terrible damage, that biden. Has inflicted, over his. Nearly, 50 years 47. Years to be exact can you believe it for 47, years joe biden. Shook the hands of american, workers, and then stabbed them, in the back. He said. Washington. Vultures, i mean think of it. All over. And. They raked in cash they raked in big money, where's. Where's, the sun, where is he, where's the sun. I'll tell you, where is he. What did i say where, is. Where is he go ahead. You know we did that for fun where's hunter we did a t-shirt that thing's sold. We come up with these little gems where's hunter. You know where he is yeah he's in the basement with his father is this. Yeah where's hunter. Now hunter did very well he had no job he was. Thrown out of the military, and he was thrown out he had no job and then he goes to. He goes to ukraine, and he gets 183. 000 a month. Although he had no experience, whatsoever, do nothing about. The subject, of the company, which you know was energy. I think they got an upfront payment, of 3 million just to be able to get them and then. Think of that can you be 183. Thousand dollars a month. And three million dollar upfront, payment. How about that, i'd take that one myself. You know. And then they go to china he walks out with 1.5. Billion dollars to manage which is millions of dollars, a year. The whole thing is, crazy. And the fake news doesn't want to cover it. They don't want to cover it. Did you see the interview, the other day with anderson. Cooper, the other night. It was i was softball, that was like, here joe. So we'll see we have a debate coming up and who knows you know look he's been doing. This. You know what he's been doing it for 47. Years i've been doing it for three and a half years so he should be able to beat me i would like, he's much more experienced. He's great oh he's a beauty. But he betrayed, you. He lied to you he abused, you. Which is why it's time to retire, joe biden this is serious, stuff. Do we have any teamsters, here teamsters, any teamsters, here. That's all. One. All right well i did a big favor for the team series you know they had a trucking company i think 30 000 jobs going out. James hoffa, called up could you help could you help could you help, i helped i kept that company, going. They saved 30, 000, jobs. But then every year they always endorse the democrat, doesn't matter good or bad, and james huff i'm so disappointed. In that guy. So i called i said you know i'd love to get their support oh i'm sorry sir they've already endorsed sleepy joe biden, it's like automatic, but you know who doesn't, endorse him all the workers, underneath. And they'll either throw him out or he'll retire. He'll retire. You get tired of it it's like automatic, they, endorse, the democrat, because the democrats, do whatever the hell they want.

It's Uh it's really but the workers, the people underneath, the real people. They're with us all the way i've hired. Thousands. And thousands, of teamsters. All the concrete, worker buildings, in manhattan. But they just they're just like wedded. It's uh almost like a habit. I consider it a habit i think it's disgraceful. But i saved this company, a big company, good company. Great people, we saved it, and then you say, unrelated. Totally unrelated. Hey we'd love to have well i'm sorry it's already done. These people are terrible, but that's all right you always have to remember, things though remember, you got to remember, right workers. On november, 3rd we must. Turn the page forever, on the failed. Corrupt. Political, class that's what it is they get so much. Things that are so unfair, to the rest of our country and that's why they're always with that, top level of democrat, but the workers, are with us biden is a. Die-hard. Globalist, you know globalists. Are out you know that right. Globalists, destroyed, they helped destroy, this country i'll tell you if i didn't come along, i really mean it, this country was, it was going down and we stopped it, if you look at your second amendment, if you look at so many different, things no matter what it is. You look at our jobs, our jobs, prior to the. The plague, and now coming back you know the housing, is a record setting. Car manufacturing. Is record, setting. You take a look at car sales, our record, setting. Retailing. Who would think retail, is record, setting. It's amazing, because we had such a good foundation, we closed it up we saved millions of lives. We had no choice we had to do that and then we opened it. And now we're rocking, and it's going good it's really going good but. The democrats, really waged, war on the american, workers, for half a century look what they've done. Biden's, policies. Destroyed. Sixty, thousand, factories, and killed four point. Think of it four point five. Million. Manufacturing. Jobs we brought back, seven hundred, thousand. When they said right they said the, the magic, wand you can't do it manufacturing. Jobs are gone i said really i don't think so. Biden, championed, the nafta, disaster, and china's, entry into the world trade organization, which was.

A Total catastrophe. That's when china started going up like a rocket. You know they're considered, in the world trade they're considered, a developing. Nation. No they're not a developing, nation, by being a developing, nation they get all sorts of advantages. Over us so we've been protesting. It and we do things that you wouldn't believe you don't even want to hear about it because it's disgraceful. China, is a developing. Nation. And therefore, for years and years, they had big advantages, over the united states but no more. What followed, was the. Nothing, short and think of it nothing, short of a. Blue collar. Carnage. And it was in ohio, and pennsylvania. In north carolina, new hampshire, michigan. You know how many car plants we're bringing back to michigan. Nobody's, ever seen it for 40 years they didn't build a plan. And now they're building them all over and i tell countries. I told a great gentleman, he just retired. Prime minister, abi of japan, i said shinzo you got to build plants here you can't do this you're building your cars. In japan. And sending them we want our cars built here we want cars built here and there. He said well that's not up to me that's up to the company that's all right shinzo i know you can do it, the next day they announced five plans i mean you know what can i tell you. I know my people, it's up to shinzo, it wasn't up to. It wasn't up to anybody, else but he's great. The workers, of america, will never forget, biden's, economic, treachery. They will remember. In november, after biden betrayed. And think of it all the betrayals, on nafta. And china, 40. Of all of the manufacturing. Jobs, were shipped, out of dayton. Now the good thing is your roads you didn't have a lot of traffic so that's the good news everything else was bad right. It was everything else was bad 30, 000, dayton, families, saw their jobs. Disappear. Overnight. By, 2016. The per capita, income in dayton, had fallen 12 percent below the national, average. Of 50, 000. Remember, this. This whole tap and wait i mean these numbers are incredible, what's happened in three years. Ohio. Lost, one in three manufacturing. Jobs. Two out of three iron, and steel mill jobs. And half of its auto jobs. Courtesy, of. Joe biden, and that crew that group that whole, ideology. And now of course his ideology, has changed he's so far left he is just so you understand, he has no choice it's not him. He's being pulled left you see where, kamala. Kamala, she's another, great one that one. You see her poll numbers her poll numbers were going down and i can't, nobody, treated him worse than kamala, right. And she said the. Harris, administration. And working with joe biden did you see that. But he said worse. He said the harris. Right he said the harris, biden administration. And i heard that i actually heard that live although it's not real live i'll tell you sort of. Half gone it's shot. It's shot. But he said the harris, biden, administration. And that's where it is look, this guy, is shot. I mean if he makes it. It's it's going to be i'm going to come back to date and i'm going to say what the hell happened. I will have lost to the worst. Presidential. Candidate. In the history of politics, i really believe that. The guy can't speak without the teleprompter. Although. I'm telling you. I'm telling you. I think, she says. I hope you're right, i hope. You i hope you're right. I tell you the country can't afford it one thing i've learned. Is that president, xi, of china. President. Putin. Of russia. Kim jong-un. North korea every one of these leaders. They're not shot. And we can't have somebody, that's sleepy. We can't have a sleepy guy negotiating. For. Oh would they like to see him though did you see. Would they like to see, joe. It's their dream to see you how about iran do you think iran might like to see joe biden. They'd go back they'd say give me another 150. Billion dollars, you know we gave him 150. Billion. We gave him 1.8. Billion in cash you know that looks like 1.8, billion in cash.

And I'll tell you what. If and when we win. We will get a call with about nine seconds, after the victory. And it'll be iran's, going to want to make a deal we want them to make a deal we want them to be good we want them to be strong they just can't have a nuclear weapon that's always very simple. Can't have a nuclear, weapon. But i told people i said don't talk to him now look they want to wait this is like. This is, the gift. If they could do that if china could do it i mean think of it, if russia could do it by the way nobody's been tougher in russia than me. With the sanctions. With the. Uh i exposed. Right north stream two that's the pipeline, no you never heard of nordstrom, until i came along i said to germany let me get this straight, we defend, germany. Right, we defend, germany. And. That's it, they don't pay what they're supposed to pay they're delinquent. You know they delinquent. So i said to angela, and i like angela but i said but she's smart. You know why should she pay if she doesn't have to, so i said angela so we defend, you. Against russia. And you pay billions of dollars to russia, how does that work explain to me what's that all about, but you never heard about that stuff. We give tank busters, to ukraine, we sell them in theory i don't know we'll ever get the money you know. We, we sell them, but. You know he gave pillows, maybe he got him from. Mike lindell, the pillow man. Do you think. When, when obama. When obama, sent pillows, over to ukraine, i send tank busters, they send pillows and, the fake news goes oh. Let me tell you we have been very rough, but at the same time we get along i like putin he likes me you know we get along. It's bet is it wouldn't you say it's smart to get along, okay, smart. I get along i got along with, president xi but i had i don't know after what happened here. I'm having a hard time with china i really am you know they're buying a lot of tradio, has been incredible. Uh they have been living up to it in all fairness, the largest, order of corn in the history of our country largest, order of soybeans. Largest, cattle order, but. It means less now you understand, right. If we wouldn't have been hit with this pandemic, which they could have stopped. It would have meant a lot but it just means a lot less to me right now, so now after. Selling you out and bleeding you dry biden is back asking for your vote. The guy when he was in prime time which for him was about halftime. A long time ago i had a friend a senator. A democrat, believe it or not i used to get along with democrats. Very well, actually better than the republicans, but i won't say that. But i asked him who's your smartest. Senator. And he gave me a name. This is 25, years ago i said. Who's your dumbest senator. Joe, who's joe, joe biden, oh. I see he's he is really yeah he's the dumbest senator well now he's a lot dumber than he used to be i can tell you. It's true. It's true. It's true. And you can take the gloves off because you know they do all this disinformation.

They Make up phony, stuff. Like the military, with what he said i think it's a disgrace. And he should apologize. A source said, i have 27, people that said. No way, it didn't happen, they said it and their, the names are out there so when they do that you take the gloves off that's all, really dishonest, people. Dishonest. People. No it's a disgrace. And nobody's, done for the military, what i've done you know we've totally rebuilt, our military. We've made it stronger than ever we have the greatest weapons, in the world. We've gotten raises, for our great. Warriors. Our vet has got just got a 91. Approval, rating the highest, in the history of the, va. Our vets. They gave it a 91, the va gave it a 91. Approval rating. So nobody's, done more, nobody, and we do we have weapons, the likes of which nobody's, ever seen before. Hope to god we don't have to use them. But nobody has them not china, not russia nobody has the weaponry, that we have we have the greatest. Weapons, in the world. And hope we don't have to use them just remember, that. We have the uh i call it the super duper missiles, like at a level that nobody's, ever seen before you don't see them either they go through here they say boy, what happened what was that. It's gone. It's here there it is i hear a noise over there where is it it's gone it's over there. But it's uh. Hydrosonic. I call it super duper, because super duper is easier for people to understand that hydrosonic. But you know we have the greatest. We you know 2.5, trillion dollars we spent the greatest, weapons, in the world the greatest, weapons, that, this world has ever seen without a question. I don't have to say what they are, in fact the fake news said he just gave away classified. Information, i said no. I just said we have the greatest, weapons. I didn't tell you what they are i could because as president, i'm allowed to do it, i mean you know, hillary clinton is the one that gives away classified. Information. Yeah hillary, and how about the idiot john bolton i mean he comes in all he wants to do is go to war with everybody. If if i listen to that idiot. We'd be right now in world war five. Sir we saw some movement, in china, i think we should go to war with them and i think, russia let's do them both at the same time. Let's also go in right now to north korea, hey do you remember, north korea. We were supposed to be in war with north korea what happened. What happened. You know what the press said. They said it's amazing, first they said it was amazing and those people lost their job probably.

You Know it's amazing, what i've done they said. And uh. No we're supposed to be at war they have a lot of nuclear, stuff you know it wouldn't be easy. We'd win we're going to win although i tell you when i took over our military, was totally depleted. We had a depleted, mill we had old planes, we had old everything, it was a depleted. Military. And now it's a beautiful, brand new we have f-35s. That you can't see. Stealth, they're stealth. We have all new rockets, all new missiles. Brand new planes, the bombers. The, the tankers. The. Jet fighters, what we've done is incredible, and we had to do it somebody had to do it you know it's somebody said well we're, sort of doing some damage to our budget i said look. I want to have a strong military, if i see some people some soldiers, from foreign, lands, right. Walking, up we're running up the white house lawn the beautiful, south lawn of the white house. I'm not going to be saying you know we didn't do too well with the military, but, we kept it under control, in the budget, right. Now, now the military, supersedes. Everything, i don't know to me. I've always heard the supreme court but to me the most important, thing has always been the military, our defense. And our offense, if needed you know it's always been the most. Joe biden, should not be asking, for your support. He should be begging, for your forgiveness, and he should be, biden supported, the disastrous. Trans-pacific. Partnership, this building wouldn't be here if you ever did that one. Which would have been a death sentence, for the u.s auto, industry, and other industries. He supported, the horrendous, korea, deal okay how about the south korea deal. It's a uh, disaster. So that was a hillary clinton deal i must say not him although i guess he added you know his advice hey you know what's interesting, with biden. So, he always says, why didn't the president, do this. And why did the president, do that, and why didn't do this and that this and that. The guy's been there for 47, years but he just left like three and a half years ago you know i mean he was there, and i keep saying uh, why didn't you do it. Why didn't you do it. You know. Could have done it. It's not like he was 25, years ago he's. They were there three and a half years ago. Why didn't you do it sleepy, joe. But the career deal and i say it all the time. She said this will create. 250. 000, jobs and everybody got all excited, all those jobs. The problem was the jobs were all produced in south korea, so that didn't work out too.

250. 000 jobs for south korea anyway i renegotiated. The deal in its entirety, now it's a good deal that was a rip i'll tell you. And the pro-china. Paris. Climate, accord it's pro-everything. Is pro-everybody. But us, that would have cost us trillions, of dollars. And we would have had the privilege, of closing, down dayton's. Uh. Probably 25. Of your companies, you couldn't have never. You could have never done it's an anti-america. Deal, and you know when i did it i thought i'd be scorned. People, understood, that it was a total ripoff, they understood, it, with every decision, joe biden. Twisted, a knife. Into the hands, and heart. Of the american, worker. But these brutal betrayals. Ended, the day i took the oath of office that's true. I mean i saw so much stupidity, the endless wars. And we're almost out of afghanistan. As you know. Not easy to get out because we have. People. In this country. The military. Industrial, complex, eisenhower, called it the military, industrial. Complex, and it does exist. It's not easy to get out but we're very close to getting out. And getting out of the middle east we're down to. Very little in iraq. We're down to almost nothing in syria, but you know i will be honest with you we are keeping we kept the oil. Somebody said you still have some soldiers, in syria so that's right i kept the oil. We kept the oil, we should have done that in. Iraq. Remember i used to say a long time ago before i was. Don't go into the middle east but if you're going to go in keep the oil but we went in and we didn't keep anything. And all the death the blood and the sand i caught the blood and the sand. That worthless, sand. All of that death that's been caused for no reason it's the worst decision, in the history. Of our country going into the middle east, we're in there now eight trillion, dollars we're almost out. Eight, trillion, dollars, and nothing but death, and millions, of lives if you look at both sides i'll look at both sides, somebody would say oh we shouldn't be looking at the other side look at both sides, a lot of innocent people were killed. We lost incredible, soldiers, i see the. The coffins, the caskets, come in, in dover and i see it and i said oh boy, why why why. Why, why did they do this. My first week i withdrew, from the trans-pacific. Partnership. And saved. That whole, business, of of so much. I extended. The. And what i had to do is i extended, for a short time and then totally ended nafta, you know nafta is the worst trade deal ever made. Ever. Made. And we did the usmca. Mexico, canada, we have a great deal. And the reason i know it's a great deal because the other sides are unhappy. You always like to have an unhappy, person at the other side no they're okay. But they had a free rip at us for years and years and years nafta. How many how many buildings how many factories did you lose, right here. Where they moved over to mexico, moved up to canada moved all over the place. But that's not going to happen anymore, the new deal makes it very prohibitive. To do that. In 2017. I signed a historic, executive, order making it.

Really, Something you got to do a little a couple of little expressions, it's called buy american, and, hire. American. You know life is crazy in politics. Biden. Runs for president like two or three times right, and i used to call him one percent, joe. And that was prime time for him right. Now that prime time is long over he ends up winning the nomination, explaining. But had elizabeth, warren, left. And been loyal, to her. Communist. Ideology. They would say socialist. But it's common it's pretty close, it's maybe somewhere in between heading toward the sea work. But had she left before super tuesday. Biden would have lost every state. But she took the votes away from bernie and bernie's a nice guy you know crazy bernie he, he. Is the nicest, loser i've ever seen. You know when they talk about sportsmanship. He got screwed by hillary clinton badly, but not as badly as this time this was worse. Because, all. Pocahontas. Had to do is leave a day early, she didn't even have to induce, him and the votes that she got which weren't many but far more than he needed because he lost a couple of states by, literally, a, small amount of votes. He would have gotten most of those votes he would have won he would have been the one we, we fought i don't know, who would have been better who would have been, easier. Sleepy, joe, biden or crazy bernie tell me, sleepy, joe who says sleepy jail. Who says bernie. I don't know it's hard, bernie had more spirit you know joe's got no spirit it's dead as a rock, the only spirit he's got is spirit to beat me. And that's called a negative, spirit, and historically. That doesn't do that well. If you look at old, races. When somebody's, getting votes because they don't like somebody you know there's an ideology, that let's face it doesn't like me too much, somebody said we don't like his personality. I said i always thought i had a good personality. They don't like my personality. Who the hell cares about my personality. Right, right. Got to get the job done. See those rough guys over there i don't like their personality. Either but they get the job done right. Who the hell cares, who cares about that person.

But When sleepy, joe was vice president, of other countries, flooded, our market, thank you very much. Who is that, wow. Good voice. Have you ever tried opera. Good voice thank you donald. But other countries, flooded, our market, with subsidized. Washing machines you remember that disaster. Does anybody know about the whirlpool. Plant in clyde ohio, right. And the head of whirlpool, came to see me i was president-elect. And he called and i don't know if for some reason i've heard a whirlpool. I've heard of it, all my life i guess, i didn't know much about it, they made washing machines, and i never knew i knew they were dumping steel on us and dumping certain things but, i didn't know they were dumping, washing machines. And he was a good guy came up to my office. And he said he's, they're putting us out of business, south korea, china they're dumping, washington, they make washing machines, they dump them into our market they put everybody out of business, then they charge you a lot of money when everyone's, gone just like rockefeller, used to do right, just like other people do right now unfortunately. But we're trying to track them down. And i said that's really terrible i don't know somehow it hit me. So we put a 50. Tariff. On all washing, machines, coming into our country. And i visited. I visited, with, jim jordan you know jim jordan one of the. Best. You know he's a great wrestler, he was a great. One of the best he was a great great wrestler. Really. A phenomenal, wrestler a real champion, nca, champion, and all gym. And that's the way he is he's a tough guy no games right, no games that he works with our guys here, your guys. And uh. He was great but it's jim's. Area. And we went up and saw the plant, and they're making, thousands, a day, i mean they gave me a number it can't be i think they said like 20 000 a day i said how the hell can you make that many washing machines, but you know what i'm talking about congressman, right, they're making, thousands, of washing machines, a day. And it's a vibrant, company again it was dead it was going to close. But i evened up the score i put the tariffs, and now what they're doing is. Uh lg. And samsung. And these companies that made the washing machine they're now coming into the united, states, and in order to avoid the tariff they're building plants in the united states, and that's okay. And that's what we should do. We did it a lot, we're going to be doing it a lot more too. We're going to be doing it a lot more biden allowed other countries, to target our steel industries. And it was like a disaster, for our steel industry, but, we took historic, action to end these practices. And, placed strong tariffs, on. Foreign, aluminum. And steel, and it brought back, our, steel, now. Steel plants, are opening. Or being upgraded. In toledo. Marion. Cuyahoga. Heights. Mingo, junction. And all across, the midwest, they were gonzo. And you know certain industries, you need, you know some industries, you don't but said, steel, you. Your need for defense you needed. No you don't want to talk war you don't want to talk about that but, if we had a problem what are you going to do well we don't have any steel mills let's see if we can get some steel from china.

But Sir you're fighting them well it's not working out too well, now we had to save our steel we had to save our aluminum, industry, we've done it we've done a great job but you have a lot of steel mills going up right here in ohio. And a lot of them being expanded. And they're really state of the art as vice president. Biden did nothing. As china, stole our intellectual. Property. Flooded, our markets, with dumped goods. Unfairly, subsidized. As industries. Manipulated. Its currency, they're the greatest in the world at that i go to my guys they say what about doing a little movement, on the dollar. Sir we can't do that it has to float naturally. Well china, does it. China you talk about a manipulation. Man it's like a yo-yo. Let's see let's raise it let's lower it let's do this and that but we actually called upon it didn't we congressman. Turner by the way you did such a good job, he was, you are a hell of a lawyer. You could represent, me any day actually he did. He actually did represent. Right. Davidson. Turner what a group. They're tough. And then you add jordan into it they like him though don't they huh they liked. You. And they poisoned, our communities, with fentanyl, you know that. Instead. Biden allowed, china, to ravage, our towns, raid our factories. And rip apart our communities, that's what they did and. Then he goes in and he brings her son hey see if you can give me some money give him a billion and a half dollars i went to steve schwarzman. Steve schwartzman, is like, one of the biggest guys on wall street blackstone. I said steve. What are the chances he does a lot of business with china. Said steve what are the chances, of somebody, walking into. An office in china and in 10 minutes walking out with 1.5. Billion. To manage, he said. Zero. He said i couldn't do it and i have, this great company. It's, it's a disgrace. How about worry points and he says you're not getting your billion, dollars. Unless you get rid of that damn prosecutor. And then they says they got rid of the prosecutor, here's your billion dollars, does anything happen nothing happens. Uh. Republicans. Just have to get. So much i'm so i'm so angry at republicans. I, am i'm so. Angry. I am so angry but. A lot of things are happening, you're seeing you're reading the papers, also a lot of things are happening you know they spied on my campaign, we caught them. And by the way that's biden that's obama. They spied, on my campaign. It's never, happened, before. It's treason. Comey. And all the sleaze, bags. They spied, on my campaign. And we caught them let's now see what. Happened. I stay out of it i just say i'm trying like hell to stay out of it. You know i don't have to actually but it's better if i do i think. Barely, shaking who said sort of like that's the weakest, yes. But it's true, right. But it's true i'm trying to stay out of it, but it's a disgrace, that it's taken this long i tell you what, these people. Are bad people, they've done things what they've done to general flynn and to other people, is a. It's a disgrace. And many others. But joe biden's, agenda. Is made in china, my agenda, is made in the usa, it's very simple. And i took the toughest, ever. Action to stand up to china. And their decades, of pillaging. Plundering. Looting, including. These. Massive, tariffs, you know don't forget i charged tariffs took in. Tens of billions, of dollars. They targeted, our great farmers. Do we have any farmers here any farmers. Well am i correct. We gave the farmers, 28. Billion dollars, thank you very much china, right. Because they were targeted, for 28 over two year period 12 and 16. Right did you get your check. And you might not be in business if i didn't do that yeah. Good. Good thank you darling. Just give me the right answer it's always dangerous to do that no i never got the money no. She got the money yep. But once again joe biden, is sided with china over america look you think this guy's going to be tougher than china. His son no no think of it. And then he takes ads, he's going to be tough on china. This guy, they looted him and obama, and in all fairness. Not just the eight years this has gone on for 25, 30 years. Probably, the biggest reason i decided, to run. And give up one of the greatest lives anyone's, ever had for this. For this. But you know why i like it. Because we have done more. In the first three and a half years. Than any administration. In the history of the country.

And I say that and these fake news people. Don't even question it there's nobody, done what we've done between, our military. Between, our trade. Between, our energy, independence. But, all of the things we could go on forever. But biden. Vowed to remove, those tariffs, he wants to remove the tariffs you know when i made the deal with china i said i have to leave the tariffs so. They said you got to be kidding. They wanted one thing the removal, of the tariffs and i wouldn't do it we wouldn't do it i said no. But biden said the other day he wants to take he doesn't know what a tariff is first of all. Sleepy joe would like to uh, remove, the tariffs, off china they're paying billions of dollars a year could we take them off, absolutely, what are they exactly. But it wouldn't even happen that way the radical, left. Which likes china. The radical left would walk into his office. And here's your bill right. It's supposed to be a speech i haven't exactly used it too much today. And it's a, here, president, sign this oh okay. Do you have a pen. Okay what was that that's a deal with china don't worry about it. That's what would happen but. He gave china free reign. To continue. Ransacking. The american, heartland, and you know look they were targeting, you the reason nobody took on china. Was china said we're going to go after your heartland, and they said that to the. To the presidents. And i said go ahead do it and the farmers, were the most loyal the, they all said. We've got to do it sometime, they told me that i mean they told me that loud and clear, we didn't lose anything with the farmers. They said, somebody's, got to do it, and i said here's what we're going to do. We're going to let them target, you, they're going to stop buying, we're going to charge them tariffs, and i'm going to give you back, the money that you lost that you were targeted, for, and we're going to have tens of billions, left over for the treasury, that's exactly what happened, nobody, else ever thought of it. Joe biden, is weak, he's too scared to stand up to the radical left of his own party. And he's terrified, of standing up to china but i believe he's much more scared of the radical left than he is of china. That's why china, is. Desperate, you see the reports, and news reports, they want biden to win, they want biden to win they want him to win at any cost. If biden is elected. China will own, america. And if biden is elected, you will have a depression. The likes, of which, this country. Has never, seen, before it's very simple. It's very. Simple. Largest, tax increase, ever proposed, that's what you're going to have does anybody, mind paying more tax. You know they i, you know all my life i've studied i like politics, i just always liked it, it's lucky i liked it because you know never did it before. He said you can't run he's got no experience, and now i look around yesterday i was in the overlove i said oh excuse me is this the oval office. No but, but it's a lot of it's common sense it's all common, sense that's why we call it protest. And we're studying. Some of the things i'll tell you one quick story. So we're building, an aircraft carrier long before my term the gerald ford. And they decide, on the catapults, you know the catapult, that throws the plane into the air for years, it's been, 50 years whatever longer. It's been steam. Simple, beautiful, steam, poi. Throws it off wow, you ever see, those airplanes, they go off. The catapults. So i noticed that the ship is never getting done i came in and they said oh it's got tremendous, cost overruns, i said what's the problem. Well the catapult, system doesn't work that's strange because they've been building them for years i wonder why you know about this. And so i said i i you know strange, let me, check, so anyway i'm supposed to go over and take a tour i want to take a tour of the ship find out why it's so late. Why it's some i won't tell you how many billions, of dollars it's over.

Budget Billions, and billions of dollars. And but i heard the catapult, system and the elevators, are no good other than that it's wonderful, right, the elevators, that bring the planes up they don't work so if you have a problem you can't get your planes up they're down stuck in a garage down at the bottom. Not too good. So i go over and they want me to meet the ad but i said no no i don't want to meet the adwords yet i'll beat the admiral i can meet with the admirals a lot i got a lot of animals i like the admirals. I want to meet with the catapulters. Sir what will you want to meet with the catapulters. For, i want to find out why the hell the catapulters. Don't work. So, i went there and you know they did a new system it's electric, it's all electric. So instead of steam. Which is simple, and great, powerful, good. And they know how it works for years and years. They decide to go all electric. Now if you take a little glass of water take this glass of water you throw it on and that's the end of that you bring somebody in from mit, how the hell do you fix it sauce, and we're dealing with the ocean. And. Rockets, being shot at the ship and the rough stuff right. But it wasn't working. So i said no i want to meet with the catapulters. So there were five people, they came in one's been doing it for over 20 years i think he said. I said who's the boss i am sir. I said what do you think of our new. System, of electric, catapults. Sir, it's no good sir. I said that's not good. That's not what i, that's actually it is what i expected here to be on. I said so. It's no good right the system is no good no sir. I said what do you think of steam seriously, great instead of it breaks down i can fix it with a blowtorch, or this hab or i can fix it. And if the waves hit it sir. All it does is cool it down a little bit sir it's actually good for it good for the surrounding. Steel. I said so you think it's better. I said why did they do the, electric, because they're totally, inexperienced. Then i wanted to see the architect, and i saw a representative. The architect, of ship, now this is a ship that costs 15 billion, dollars. And i looked at the architect, i said, have you designed a ship before. And he said yeah i have, i said you know. They have a, 900. Million. Dollar, cost. Overrun. For electric. Catapults. And they're no good even if they were. I said to the guy why why is it that they did like sir we could do it much faster, the thing goes back and forth, i said all right well that makes sense but the catapulter, said but sir it doesn't matter. Because it takes, one minute. And 52, seconds. If you're mario. Andretti's. Team. To get a plane. Hooked in, so the steam generates, during that, minute and a half. And it's all set to go, it doesn't help that it keeps going back and forth. I said that makes sense. That makes sense so it's 900. Million dollars in cost of runs. And here's the story. They spent. Much more money. And it's no good. Then they have the elevators, now, tractors, use hydraulic, right you know they can do anything lift up they go it can rain it can snow. Lightning, hits the damn thing and nothing happens the lightning gets hurt. Nothing happens. So they have these big elevators, that lift the planes up you know the sirens, go off everything's, beautiful the problem is the elevators, don't work. So they're magnetized. They lick they're lifted by magnets. They said who the hell ever heard i know about that you know it's a new technology, that's about 200, years off. So. Instead of using, a powerful, hydraulic, that never breaks. They have magnetized. Elevators. So stupid, i mean honestly, so stupid, i tell you this because your workers, and you guys understand it's, it's what we do is so stupid. So they have hundreds. Of millions, of dollars, and cost overrun. For stuff, that's no good, and two years ago i told them it's no good, you might as well rip it out because it's never gonna work, you put hydraulic, in the elevators. And you go back to steam, and it's such a shame to see the kind of money that was squandered. By people that have no idea. What the hell they're doing it's a shame yeah, it's a shame and you would understand, that.

I'd Only tell that story, to. Really. Sort of a group like this because you guys understand, it's. Mechanical, engineering. At, a very easy level it's easy to understand, hundreds of millions of dollars wasted, for something not as good. For decades, our politicians. Spent trillions, and trillions, of dollars rebuilding, foreign nations. Fighting, foreign, wars. And defending, foreign, borders but now. We are finally, protecting. Our nation, rebuilding, our cities. We are bringing, our jobs, our factories, and our troops back home, to the usa. Where they. Belong. When the terrible, plague, arrived, from china. We mobilized. American, industry, like never before. We rapidly, developed, life-saving. Therapies, reducing. The fatality. Rate. By 85. We've done such a good job, except. In terms of public relations, because the press just will not accept it they just want us. Think of what we've done with the ventilators. Soon. Soon the vaccines. And the therapeutics, we've already redeserved. And other things. Europe has almost 30 percent greater. Excess, mortality. Than the united states and i want to say and now, as you know you heard today, europe had a tremendous, outbreak, okay you know they say well europe europe europe. You know we're doing great, we're doing great sadly, very sadly, i hate it, but they had a big outbreak that caused. A stir in the market today. We launched the most ambitious, vaccine, program, ever created. And we will deliver, a vaccine. Before the end of the year but it could be a lot sooner than that, a lot sooner. You know it's interesting, the democrats. They're all saying we want a vaccine, we wanted that's when they thought we couldn't get it right, because if they, if we relied on them. This vaccine, would have taken. Two or three years more, because of the fda. And i've mobilized, the fda, and it's incredible, but it would have taken two or three years more so when they heard. That we were getting the vaccine, they started knocking it. Think of it, so they like they put politics, over life and death i mean it's incredible. By the way, we're rounding the corner, in any event. But we're gonna have a vaccine, very soon is great vaccine. Great great vaccine. Looking really good. Really good. And it's going to be a lot sooner than anyone, thought, and it's pretty sad when the democrats, try and make that into a political, issue. Because they're unhappy, it's coming too soon they didn't think that would happen. We will end this pandemic. And the next. Year will be one of the greatest, years of the history of our country, that's what's happening, the third quarter. Will end, just before. November, 3rd, you will see numbers, the likes of which. No country has ever seen that's how well we'd do you'll see. I mean it's before, so they're not good i guess you're going to have to remember, that. And if they're good i hope you're going to remember it too but they're going to be great. Somebody predicted, 25. And then somebody said 35. Gdp, increase, nobody's, ever heard of a number like that but that's the kind of, thing we're doing. Under my leadership, we built the strongest, economy, in the history of the world and now we are doing it again. Right. They know. In the past four months. We've added a record smashing. 10.6. Million, jobs, never been close to that 4 months, 10.6.

Million, Jobs. Manufacturing. Production, is up, 61. Auto production, has surged. 500. Percent. And retail, sales, have soared. One hundred, and twelve, percent. But if sleepy, joe biden wins the economy, will collapse it's gonna collapse. It's gonna even psychologically. It'll collapse, and you know as good as the stock market's, doing. It's a headwind, knowing you have an election, things happen in elections, some, bad things some stupid, things. But that's a headwind. We'd be doing even better. If this election, were over, if we win and when we win the election you're going to see things roar, because that's what people want that's what the market won, and that's what the workers, want. Biden keeps talking about a nationwide. Shutdown there's no shutdown. My plan is to crush the virus. Biden, plan, and biden's, really plan is to, and it's not it's not that he. Wants to crush america. But he will just out of gross incompetence. Biden will surrender, to the virus. Just like he surrendered, to china. And just like he surrendered, to the radical, left, including, his own running mate who's running the show. And she's nothing special. She is nothing between her and, elizabeth, warren, what a couple of. Great ones they are. What a couple of what some people. Although i tell you something. Elizabeth. Warren, did do a great number on bloomberg, didn't she i tell you. One question and that was the end of him how you enjoying, politics, mike that didn't work out too well, 1.8. Billion wiped out in one question. That was the most expensive, question in history. To protect. Our workers, during the pandemic. I suspended, the entry of new foreign workers. Who threaten american, jobs i know you don't mind you don't mind that do you fellas. As the economy, reopens, i want to ensure, american, workers. That we're putting america, first. And our jobs, are put first, our country, is put first, our manufacturing. Is put first. Everything. Is now, put, first, for the. Usa. And by the way we're up to, we're up to mile. 330. On the wall. 340.. We're setting, records, on not allowing. All of these. I mean some really bad when you look at the traffickers. They traffic in women. And drugs, and other things but the traffic and women the drug dealers all we're setting records, now on the wall because we have 330. Miles, we're doing we're averaging, 10 miles a week, and we'll be finished with the wall very soon and it's had a huge impact. So one of the most radical. Things that will happen. And there's no way he can get away with this because he was, banning fracking, for a year he's running running he's banning fracking. I said he's gone. He's gone. And then all of a sudden. Now all of a sudden well i didn't really say that he did remember, it's always the first thing they say with a politician. It's the first thing. He wants to ban fracking. And outlaw. Ohio, energy, production. And you're a big energy producer, whether you know it or not. So he's going to ban fracking, there's no question about it and even if he didn't want to, the whole, radical, left their plan, is to ban fracking, they want to ban fracking, they don't want. Any fossil, fuels. Just a few days ago. Biden, reiterated. His plan to require, net zero, carbon, emissions so you do that, i think it's wonderful close up about 70.

Of Your plants. This requirement. Would end all investment, in fracking. And it would be, it would just shut down everything, our country. Look at the, do you see the rolling blackouts, they have in california. I don't think we want too many of them in ohio, do we, would anybody, like a few rolling, blackouts. Like. We'd like to watch president, trump tonight i'm sorry darling but we have no energy. We have no energy. We're going to get it from the wind the wind is blowing the wind the wind has got a wonderful, wonderful, energy the wind. When it's blowing it's just fine for about 20 percent of the time. By ending fracking, biden would destroy. Seven, hundred thousand, to a million, ohio. Jobs. And your energy prices would go through the roof. When biden was vice president, they deliberately, killed forty percent, of all coal mining jobs, and the rest were coming fast i saved it, i put our miners, back to work clean coal i call it clean coal to do a lot with coal today. While i'm president. America, will remain the number one producer, of oil and natural, gas anywhere in the world and ohio, workers, will continue, leading the way and that's what we're doing. And just in concluding, over the next four years. We will build america, into the manufacturing. Superpower, of the world. And we will end our reliance, on china, and all other. Far-away, lands that nobody, in this, beautiful, facility, whatever the hell you make here i don't know but it looks good to me. But nobody ever heard of it. You have lands that we go to that nobody ever even heard of where are you sending this money we're sending it to such and such a country, i never heard of it. We'll make our medical supplies, right here in the united. States. We'll cut your taxes. And taxes, for middle-class. Families, at a level never seen before, you know we gave you the biggest tax cut in the history of our country, we gave you the biggest regulation. Cut, in the history. Of our country, and we're going to give you additional. Regulation. Cuts, that's one of the reasons you had the jobs you know in many ways the regulation, cutting, was perhaps, as important to more important. You see the tax cutting easier but the regulation, cutting was, every bit as important. And we're going to expand opportunity. Zones to ensure that no community, is left behind. And they've been a tremendous, success. Especially, for. The african-american. Hispanic, community. We're uh we're doing incredibly, tim scott, great senator from. South carolina. We worked hard on it. Opportunity. Zones. It's a big success, will. Enforce, immigration, rules that defend american, families, raise american, wages and always put, the interests, of american, workers, first. We will enact, fair trade deals that ensure, more products, are, proudly, stamped. With that beautiful, phrase. Made in the usa. Right. And we will always live by the timeless, words of our national, motto. In god, we. Trust. And they took the word god out of the pledge of allegiance, you saw that i was listening, to this, pledge of allegiance. And i said that's strange. They must have made a mistake. It must have been a typo. Something, happened. But then it happened twice, and then it was getting ready to happen the third time. And somebody, heard that the public, was, enraged. Including, me by the way. And by the way we want the nfl, to stand and put their hand in their heart. Gotta do it. Right. I thought we i thought we taught them that lesson about two years ago they tried to commission, and tried it again it's not working too well. Not working the ratings are not good, people are angry about it, people love our country you love our country you love our flag you love our anthem. This november, if you want jobs. If you want opportunity. If you want safety. And if you want a president, who defends, the dreams, of workers, in dayton and akron, and all across, ohio, and america.

Then You need to get out and vote, for trump mike pence how good is mike pence. Trump. And i love mike but it's not pence trump okay, do you understand. It's not pens. Mike will be the first one to say, you know when he said that the other day he said the. Harris. Biden administration. I said that's strange. And mike called me up he said you never have to do that i said don't worry mike i want that bro. Mike pence has done a great job i'll tell you he's a great guy. Together, we will make america, safer, we will make america, stronger, and prouder, and greater than ever before we're going to make it greater than ever before. And again this really was this was not a rally this was a a. Group of people, workers. And this what it was told to mia's, and, we had a lot of fun and we have a lot of fun but it's very serious, business. November, 3rd and before, depending on whether or not you have those fake ballots or whatever, be careful with that. I mean that thing is going to be one of the great catastrophes. What i've messed, and they want it to be a mess they know it's no good. I think it's 11 different races, it's been they can't even. When they have small races, they can't account, people steal the ballots. People don't get the ballots. They don't send them to a republican. Area, or maybe a democrat, area whatever it's still wrong. But it happens to be republican. Unfortunately. But they don't send them out. Then they harvest, them which they're not allowed to do. They have in nevada, the governor said he signed an order that they don't have to sign we need no. No signature, verification. No that's great, because they couldn't get people to sign so they said we'll just send them in don't worry about it, this is a. Real affront. To our democracy. This is a horrible, thing that's going on, and the democrats. Know it. And that you know they they say well. He's not for our great. Heritage. He is fighting, our, vote, no i'm not fighting our vote. You have. Ballots, that you go out. And you can get you can request, as you know. You can request, them, and that's fine. But if you're not requesting, them when you get millions, of ballots 80 million they say, all over the united, states.

Where The hell are they going. Who's sending them who's getting them who's sending them back, what's happening with the transportation. Who's guarding, the lock boxes. They know it's a fraud, waiting to happen. But you know we're not talking about one percent which is no good because you could lose or win an election by one percent, we're talking about 20. 30. In one case over 40 percent. This is a disgrace, that they're allowed to get away with, and what they want to do. Is they want to have a mess. At the end of the evening on november, 3rd, and then fight it out in the courts. And the democrats. Should be ashamed, of themselves. Because they know what they're causing. We love, ohio. We love dayton. God bless you god bless ohio. And god bless america, thank. You. You.

2020-09-25 19:51

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