Trump blasts Biden's record, touts economic success in 'Hannity' exclusive

Trump blasts Biden's record, touts economic success in 'Hannity' exclusive

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I understand, the president is now on the line President of the United States 45th. President Donald J Trump mr. president thank you for being with us sir. Hello. Sean I want. To tell you Gorsuch, I want to tell you Cavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, you will pay, the price you. Won't know what hit you if you, go forward with these awful, decisions. You, heard from the Chief Justice today that sounds like a threat to me your reaction. Well. First of all let me start by saying dr.. Siegel I thought it was terrific tonight, and I really appreciate, the words I have a lot of respect for him he's a real professional, and. As far as humor. Is concerned, it was a terrible, thing he said I was, I was. Amazed, by it and if, that were a Republican. You, would see really bad things happening, it's very very. Unequal, justice and. It's a disgrace that he was able to say something like that and he, wasn't shielded, by the halls, of Congress, like Schiff, was when he lied. About my phone call where he made up a phone call and gave it in Congress. And you immediately say good we'll take it to court but he's got immunity because he's talking in Congress, and so, he totally made up a there. Was a fake phone call, he. Just totally made it up his speech and it, was disgraceful well, his. Humor did it outside on the streets in. Front of a rough crowd so, it was it was a disgrace to the Supreme Court and to the, US, Senate, mr.. President my analysis. Of last night in, the lead up it seemed the media has ignored, this Bernie, Sanders, was again doubling, down on supporting. One murderous. Dictatorship. Regime after another. It. Seems like there's not a whole lot of policy, differences, between, the. Candidates, maybe, Mike Bloomberg was an exception, on issues. But supporting. Murdering, dictatorships, I would argue as a tipping, point your. Reaction, to that and do you think that impacted, last night in your reaction overall to last night, well. I don't know what impacted. Last night I think Elizabeth Warren, who was did terribly, last night but she got enough votes that if Bernie, Sanders would, have had those votes that I assume he would have gotten vast. He, would have won to all of those places or certainly, most of me would have won Texas he would have wouldn't Minnesota he would have won, Massachusetts. So. Elizabeth. Warren really what she did and you know others left, they dropped out and they supported, Joe Biden and that.

Really Helped now Joe didn't work that out but somebody within that group worked it out that was smart but. Joe would never be able to do that and but. I will say this Bernie, Sanders had he was if he were able to, convince. Elizabeth Warren. To endorse. Him or even to just drop out because she's doing terribly, he. Would have won a, large, number of the states that he lost last night there. Are a lot of issues that I see. I I know that people are acting perhaps as though it doesn't exist I, there. Joe. Biden is beyond a gaffe machine, I would, argue that the toughest job in the world is your job to be the president of the United States of America, leading the world you, need strength you need stamina you need focus, you. Need the, ability, to, react. In real time what. Do you make of these, numerous. Gaffes, of Joe Biden. Well. Look I don't want to be too critical I just you know I've never seen anything like it to be honest and I'm. Sure that the Democrats, are saying the same thing, but. They'd rather have, them then birdie. And Bernie. Doesn't make too many gaps but Bernie's got his own difficulties. But. The, way they push and you know look the media is. All. Over their side when, I say all all but a little bit including, yourselves, and some, of the folks on Fox some, of the folks around. You. Have some great people you have Rush, who's doing I hear really well he's. Doing much better and. Mark. Levin and you know I mean we have a lot of support you'd be amazed we have a lot of support. The. Great Lou Dobbs so. Many people we have as supporters. Outside of just you know our. Our, Fox. News which. You. Know I have my own little I have, my own little difficulties. With if you want to know the truth they put people on that I think, inappropriate, and say. Very, very false things and people don't challenge him I think, they tried to be very politically. Correct or fair and balanced, right is the term fair and balanced, but, I think they hurt themselves if you want to know the truth, mr., president, I have not seen this reported, much the turn out for you is spin record-breaking, and, that goes starting, back with Iowa New Hampshire last. Night you received, more votes in Vermont Minnesota, in Massachusetts. Than any incumbent, in the last four decades in Colorado, Republican. Turnout, for, you last night this is an uncontested, primary. Greater, than the past three Republican, primaries, combined, in Texas. You, received more votes last, night than, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren combined, and we're, seeing similar results, in every state how. Do you interpret that. Well. I appreciate you saying that I've heard, those numbers I have not read them in any media. I don't read those numbers because they don't tell us those numbers but the people get it John the people are genius the. People are brilliant, in so many ways they get it but you don't read those numbers those numbers aren't broadcast, for. The most part I've never seen him I've heard, of my guy had heard that and I heard, that we broke records all over the place and, never, once ever seen it and I'm, pretty good with the media I see a lot of the media what's going on I haven't read it I haven't seen it well. I. Like to pride ourselves on this program giving, news and information that they ignore, let. Me ask you because we now know that. There. Is a corruption issue and there's an investigation officially. In the in the country of Ukraine as it relates to Joe Biden who.

Said. You got six hours you're not getting the billion unless you fire the prosecutor, investigating my zero experience on hunter being paid millions after. All you went through and. Now. That you see Ron Johnson in the Senate and you see Ukraine investigating. This issue, and. Then the other countries, such as China, the Peter Schweitzer, writes, about in great detail that. Hunter again no experience, making tons of money do. It. Has to be a campaign, issue how, do you plan to use it or do you plan to use it well. To show you how crazy it is it's. Not a campaign, issue for the Democrats they don't want to bring it up they were obviously told, you can't bring that up so. Even people that are against, if, you look at Joe. They're, against, Joe they don't want to bring that up that was off bounds, I watch. Certain, reporters, say that this is totally unsubstantiated. It, was started to even ask you a question. Anderson. Cooper said he asks a question at what are the debates that was so mild and a ridiculous. Answer is given because there is no answer to it of course it's corrupt, and. So. He gives a really bad, answer, and they go into the next question nobody says anything the, other the, other people that are running trying to beat him don't bring it up that. Wouldn't happen with the Republicans, I can tell you I'm not saying good better and different but that certainly wouldn't happen with, the Republicans, and you. Know it's incredible that will be a major issue in the campaign I will bring that up all the time because I don't. See any way out I don't see any way out for them, I don't see how they could answer those questions, and maybe they can I hope they can, I've, actually preferred that they can but I don't believe they'll be able to answer those questions that was purely. Corrupt, any. Thoughts, in your mind why you think, Barack Obama, has, not endorsed. His vice. President, of eight years. Well. I would say because he didn't think he could make it he didn't think he had a shot at it you know he's dealing with people that I. Didn't. Rate the highest on the political scale I know everybody, and I look at even a party I know I know. People that are Democrats, that are far. Above that, with what you're watching I watched one.

Night And I looked at the cast. Of characters I said this is a 350. Million people and this is the best we can do I don't think so I will tell you I know some Democrats, that. Would blow. All of those Democrats away, but they. Didn't run maybe they just didn't want to run against me I've, heard that maybe it's true and maybe it's not makes me feel good but. They, didn't want they gonna wait they gotta wait, for. Another. Four years but, you have some Democrats, that are very impressive, this. Is not a group that I think was very impressive, at all mr.. President. Joe. Biden has, record he served as vice president for eight years, that, record would include the Iranian, deal that record would include how they reacted. And responded, with the h1n1 virus, he'd get, to that in more detail in a minute that, record would include 13, million more Americans, after eight years on food stamps eight million more in poverty, the, lowest labor participation rate, since the 70s, the, worst recovery, since the 40s the lowest homeownership rate in 51, years and that would also include the. Accumulation. Of more debt than all, 43. Presidents, before, Obama, Biden combined. Your. Record, how. Do you compare. Well. I think what we've done is unprecedented. The largest tax cuts in history, trade. Deals all over the place I mean they're they're. Gonna start kicking in fairly soon unfortunately by, the time we get to the election they'll just be partially, kicked in but to deal with China 250. Billion dollars a year the. Deal with, Japan. And it's a partial deal I'll go back and we're gonna make it much, bigger even. But, it's 40 billion a year there's. A deal with South Korea, the, the. Us/mexico. A, deal. The US Canada, deal the USMC a combined. One. Of the biggest trade deals ever made to deal with China is actually you. Know right in that same category it's, an incredible thing what what. We've done we've rebuilt the military, we've, taken care of our vets, we. Got choices, nobody. Thought we're gonna get choice they've been trying to get choice for over, 40 years, that's, veterans choice with a veteran if they can't see a doctor quickly they go out to a private doctor we pay the bill and it's. A great thing for our country it's a great thing for our veterans, we got accountability. So that if, our veterans, are treated badly if they're treated horribly. We, have say. We had sadists, and the VA we had all sorts of problems thieves. You couldn't do a thing you couldn't fire anybody, I got, accountability. Pass which was not easy because of unions and because of civil service and you know all of the reasons that everybody. Would understand, very easily and. We got that pass they've been trying to get that for many many decades. You. Know what we've done is very unprecedented nobody's. Done more in three years the first three years than we have now. Environmentally. We're we. Have the cleanest air we have the cleanest water our air, is as, clean, or cleaner than, it's ever been and yet. We're not spending trillions, of dollars giving, it to foreign countries under the Paris Accord, where you. See what's happening with France and you see the problems, they have because of it and you, know they're just trying to take our wealth that. Whole group so a lot, of things are happening our economy, is doing fantastically. We got hit with. The, coronavirus. And, that. Was out of surprise I started, hearing about it they. Looked very quietly. A couple of months ago from China and, I, said well that doesn't happen over here they get a little bit more a little bit more a little bit bigger and, against.

The Advice of a lot of great professionals, frankly, and they work they worked for the administration, and outside I closed. The borders to China and. That's why we have a very, small number of people that. We have to really, worry. About and. You. Know a lot of things that have happened that have been very, fortunate but I close, the borders against the advice of a lot of people and and. It turned out to be a very wise decision otherwise. We would have had you, know a lot of people coming in during that course of course of a number of weeks so. I give you you know we're, doing a great job we have a great group but Mike Pence is doing a fantastic job, I put him in charge of of. The group then, we have the greatest doctors, in, the world we're also helping other countries we help a lot of other countries we would even help Iran if they wanted you know their it very, hard. But. We're helping a lot of other countries, mr.. President, I have, the timeline and you, know unfortunately, these pandemics, pop up unfortunately, people die from the flu every year one, of the great things I love about this country is the innovation. That our, great scientists. And medical professionals. They rise, to the occasion all the time and. I'll get to h1n1 and but, Biden Obama how they reacted, the. W-h-o. Identified. On December 30th of last year, that there was a virus. With pneumonia like symptoms it was January. And when, they, labeled, it the coronavirus. I want, to go to your decision, of January, 31st and, that was a travel, ban that. Joe Biden said was xenophobic, on your part and might CNN, said my stigmatized. People from countries but, you took an added step that hadn't been done in decades and that was quarantine, Americans, coming back from the region. This, is about three weeks after we just first identified. The, virus you're saying that people. Recommended, you'd not do this and. Why. And, why did you go with that so quickly him and what was the what was your ration all the time well. I would say everybody, said, it's too early it's too soon and, good. People you know brilliant, people in many ways. Doctors. And lawyers. And frankly. A lot of people that work on this stuff almost exclusively. And they said don't do it and, my theory was that you know we take a lot of people in and China was being hit hard at that time by that time. We. Started reading a little bit more about it it wasn't something that, were was, going to affect us you know you don't think of it in terms when you first heard it in China you don't think our country is going to be affected, and I.

Thought, It was a wise thing to do and again, we stopped, tremendous. Numbers of people coming in from China and, then, we worked on a whole quarantine, system which worked out very well you know one of the things we did the numbers are. Small, when you're talking around a hundred people but we brought in approximately. 40 people from a, ship they're Americans, but they were on. A ship you know all about that we brought them in and I. Knew that when I bring them in immediately our numbers get higher now, again. Compared, to some countries we're talking about very small numbers, in this in our country very very small because of what, we did with the borders but. I brought in actually, approximately. 40 a little bit more than that from outside, because. They're Americans, we had to take care of them they were left in sort, of a balance they were in. The middle of nowhere and I. Felt, we had to do it and in one way I hated to do it statistically I hated to do it from the standpoint of having. People, coming. In that's gonna you know is it gonna look bad I was worried about. The. The, other people catching it very much because their people are so good and we had quarantine, setup, but. We brought in a lot of people now a lot of those people now getting better very, much so and we'll be releasing them and I think we should probably when, we release them when people are better we release. Them and we reduce our numbers so we've been doing really well it. Does have a big impact on older, people and people that aren't well and, it. Has very little impact on young people especially very young people which is interesting. Much, much, less so than a lot of other, infections. Or viruses, so, we've learned a lot we're learning a lot right now but older. People like the nursing, home in Washington. The, state of Washington, has been, very very. Heavily affected, the people are much. Older and many of them are not very well. You. Know and when it's, funny you say that because the h1n1, virus, that was a pandemic, in 2009. And 10 interestingly, in. Obama-biden. Years we, lost around. 17,000. Americans the. CDC, estimates are, we lost 200, to 500 thousand. Lives worldwide, in, that, case children. Were, more, at risk with, the h1n1 pandemic. Dr.. Anthony Falchi who I've watched for years he is a great scientist. He's, been. Very cautious and you know has said that this could become another pandemic like, we experienced, two no.9 and 2010, he said it might be as long as a year before we ultimately, get. A vaccine, or there are 20 specific. Vaccines. Presently, in development, you, have said that you. Are evaluating, on a daily basis, for those Americans that might be fearful tonight, that those that might be talking about well potential, down the road will close down schools and, maybe, there'll be more telecommuting. Kind of working situations, what do you say to them based on as this. Develops, what do we prepared, as a country to do to keep our citizens safe. Well, I just, say that it's you, know a very very small number in this country and, we're going to try and keep it that way as much as possible I will say though the h1n1.

That Was swine flu commonly referred to as swine flu and, that, went from around April, of o.9 to a pretend. Where there were. Sixty. Million cases of swine flu and, you. Know over, actually, it's over thirteen thousand, I think you might have said 79, hurt it was 13 but a lot, of a lot of deaths and they. Didn't do anything about it interestingly, with, the swine flu children. Were in, particular. They were vulnerable sort. Of the opposite, in that respect, but children were very vulnerable to, the swine flu but. They never did close the borders I don't think they ever did have the travel, band and we. Did and again. They lost at. Least 13,000. It could be as high as 17,000. People, and, have, reacted, much differently, and then you know I watched Biden try and criticize us but I'm not sure he knows what he's criticizing, to be honest with you but, I watched him the other day try or a watch humor every time they put a mic in his face he, has no idea the. Incredible. Job these people are doing here say oh they're doing a horrible job horrible, job well he, says that because that's like the order, you know he'll say it about anything if you say how. Great is the deal with China oh I don't like it I don't like it he said he took away tariffs so I didn't take away the tariffs they're paying 25 percent of two hundred and fifty billion dollars, they. Pay us a tariff of 25, percent on. Two hundred and fifty billion but he was screaming he took away the tariffs, you know he didn't want the tariffs and then all of a sudden when. He thinks they would take it away but we didn't take em away just the opposite. It. Was rather incredible that we didn't take them away but that's the way it is we're, getting along very well with China we're dealing with China, President. Xi who, I speak with President. Xi is working. Very very hard and Shatter they have a big. Problem but their numbers have gotten much better with. Respect with, respect to the corona virus, very much better yeah. Well there are a couple economic. Indicators, and I know markets. Tend to be skittish although really wasn't during the h1n1 swine flu, period, which is interesting to me but, they. Seem to be adjusting. And, accepting, that that. All, that I guess can be done is being done we, do have some economic numbers, just out u.s. economy. Service sector grew, in February. At the. Fastest, pace in a year, of. CNBC. Report. On ADP, their job report, that, the economy, adding. Jobs in February, despite, the coronavirus. Scare as private, payrolls expanded. Their. They are saying employment, excluding. Government jobs, rose, by 183. Thousand, for the month, do, you expect maybe a short-term, slowdown, and at all in the economy. As. A, result of, the virus, and maybe of. Course it's a global economy China's. The. Impact on China's economy in particular. Well. I think we're just doing very well it's, a very interesting. You know four years you've known me and I'm sort of saying keep it within the borders a little bit more let's. Make our own medicines, here and you know we've already started that long, before I heard about this. Before we knew about the corona, virus. But. I've started, it but I've been a big person, for let's. Keep it a little bit inside I'm not a I'm. Not a globalist, I like, our country to do well and, I'm certainly interested in this love where we're working with them to help, them in a lot of different ways including, including. The virus that we're talking about right now but, you. Know I've been saying stay here well now people are actually staying here and that's okay let let some time go by and they're staying here but, if they want they can travel and they're going to save countries you I met with the top, airline, executives, at top people and virtually. Every major airline, today, in this country and. They're. Very aware of it and and their ending flights to certain areas certain. Areas of Italy which has been hit hard not. The whole country but certain areas and. Other places and, China very, big in, terms of China so. A, lot, of things are happening and frankly, if. People want to spend their money in the United States instead of traveling abroad I'm very fine with that I think that's great. Numbers. Are coming out very, well the consumer, in the United States is unbelievably. Strong stronger, than ever before, I believe, and, that's why we're doing so well in other countries, they're not doing well the European. Union. Is not doing well the as, you know parts. Of Asia China is not doing well beyond. Beyond. The virus is not doing well and and. We're, doing great so you, know I think we're going to be in, great shape and this, will go and this will pass and, working. On vaccines, right now we're working on therapeutic. Measures. And. We're working at a lot of things I was I, was, with some of the greatest doctors, in the world over, the last two days and they're saying.

What They can do today is it's incredible, what they're doing and what they've been able to do and and they're. Able to do it much faster so. We're getting some very good. Very. Good ideas. That I think you're gonna have things happening, pretty quickly you. Extended. Your travel, ban you met with the pharmaceutical, companies, in the country I understand, you're meeting with you're going down to Atlanta, to meet with the CDC, leadership, I know. You have vice president pence at the helm of running. This task force and people like dr.. Anthony found cheese is, warning, it could be a pandemic, it could get worse and at, times we might have to take more more. Severe. Safety, measures we. Have a report, today the global death rate at three point four percent and, a. Report. That the Olympics, could, be delayed your reaction, to that well. I think the three point four percent is really false, number now this. Is just my hunch, and. But. Based on a lot of conversations. With a lot of people that do this because a lot of people will have this and it's very mild, they'll. Get better very rapidly, they don't even see a doctor, they don't even call it doctor you, never hear about those people so you can't put them down in the in. The category, of the overall population in. Terms of this. Korona, flu and. Or, virus, so you just can't do that so. If you, know we have thousands. Or hundreds, of thousands, of people that get. Better there, just by you. Know sitting around and even going to work some of them go to work but, they get better and then. When you do have a death like, you've had in the. State of Washington, like you had one in California. I believe you had one in New York. You know all of a sudden it seems like three. Or four percent which is a very high number as opposed to as. Opposed to a fraction, of one percent but. Again they don't they don't know about, the easy cases because the easy cases don't go to the hospital they don't report to doctors, or the hospital, in many cases, so, I think that that number is very high I think the number personally. I would say the number is way under 1%, now, with. The regular flu you know we average from, 27,000. To 77. Thousand, deaths, a year who would think that I'd never do that until six. Or eight weeks ago I asked a question I said how many people died of the. Flu you know you keep hearing about flu shots Lucia take your flu shot but. I said how many people died of the flu and they, said sir we lose between. 27,000. And you, know somewhere in the 70s, I think, we went as high as a hundred, thousand. People died in. 1990. If you can believe that but. A lot, of people regardless. I think it averages about 36,000. People a year so. I said, wow and that's now that's on a percentage. That's under, 1% very, substantially. So. It'd be interesting to, see what that difference is difference is but again, a lot of people don't report because they they, get the, corona, virus. And they. Get better relatively. Quickly got. That severe, what. Do you say about the politics, that if you, kill a terrorist named. Soleimani number one state-sponsored terrorism, Iran the guy leading those terrorist, efforts is Soleimani a, miracle. With our intelligence, the 99%. Of good intelligence, officials, that tracked him down to, a Baghdad, Airport knowing, he was in a commercial air flight which is amazing, they could have shot that on the plane but they we care about human life and they, wait until he was on the ground. You, don't get a lot of support, even, on something like that if something I would think we would all agree on a virus is another example where it, is, it. Is non-discriminating. They don't it'll attack, Republicans. Democrats. Conservatives. And liberals and. Even. As quickly as you acted, I you, were attacked for it. Xenophobe. You're. Stigmatizing, cunt. When, I assume. That your interest, for the, best interest the American people what does it say about the state of our politics we can't even agree to work together on solving a virus. That will attack all of us. Well. Shun the Democrats, weaponized, the virus against, the. Trump administration they. Weaponized, anything, we do and yet if they did it they'd be you, know hailing, it, but. They do weaponize, this you know when they know what a great job we're doing would they know we have the best in the world we have and we're really shown it even when you look at the small numbers that we're talking about within this country they're, very very small I mean we have a you.

Know Very large country, to put it mildly and, then, a great country by the way and it's getting greater all the time but they weaponize the virus against, us. And you know they'll just say even though they have no facts so just say oh we don't like the job they're doing you know it's just off the cuff is like a natural, reflex and, it's. Not good especially it's not good with something like this you know they can say it about certain things but this, one everybody has to pull together and, not all Democrats, have done that I must say lately I noticed, that it's gotten really. A lot, less I would say 50%. Less but you know the same the, bad ones the Schumer's and. Others, they, will always, say no matter how good you do if you found a cure and everything. Disappeared, within 24, hours you'd say you did a terrible job terrible, terrible and that's. Unfortunate. For the country but you, know we live with it and Here. I am in the White House I'm president, and they're not it's sort of an amazing factor isn't it, 244. Days the American people are the ultimate jury as I say let me go back to that election for a second it, was very early on when Mike Bloomberg got in a race you said you're, wasting your money but almost 600 million dollars estimates. Anywhere between 5 and 12 million. Per, delegate, he's now out of the race, what. Did you see a lot of people thought he might do better why did his campaign not catch, on well, once he debated, I said he's going to be in trouble because it's not his thing and he's, a smart guy he's a you, know smart, guy in a certain way at a different kind of way but not in a political, way he's got a very, bad political, instinct, he's, surrounded by, people. That I know in some cases, no pretty well they're losers he's really surrounded by losers but they become winners because.

They Ripped him off for a lot of money they really took him to the cleaners but. Some of these guys are really third-rate, people and they wanted him to keep going and you know the longer he goes the more money they make that's why they did it because they knew that that. It's not for him and I will tell you I thought. The strategy, was incredible, when the DNC wouldn't let him in the debates he. Should have kept it that way if, he would have kept it that way he. Would have done I don't think he could have won but. He would have done much better he did really badly but he would have done much better and. Then today as you notice he said all I'm going to support I'm going to support Joe. Biden and that's okay I mean that's fine but I don't know how you can do it I mean how can you how, does campaign finance, laws how do they let you do that but. He. Wants to he couldn't get out fast enough I guarantee he was on that debate, when. A very mean she, is a very mean person, you. Could ask Bernie Sanders, because what she's done to him is terrible, but. When, Elizabeth, Warren went after him he was saying get me off this stage get me off here fast. He, he. Got beat up very, badly by. Elizabeth. Warren that was not a pretty sight to watch and that was the end of him I mean it's incredible, but it, was so bad that was the end of him it ended right there and, he, was unable to recover from the debate performance, especially the first one are, you convinced, now it's biden's to lose I. Think. So I just don't know you know how he gets there I don't know how he gets across the line maybe he will maybe it's so, knows he was always very gaffe, prone he was always. He. Was always in trouble in that way but never, like this you know this is going, what's going on now is crazy but. I think they'll do anything to, assume, power and. If they think he can do better than, Bernie. And I guess they have less control over Bernie, you know Bernie is more. For himself but I was surprised when Bernie got. Beaten. Up last time that, he went, out and endorsed, Hillary and went. Around and did like. A good puppy like he's supposed to do I was. A little surprised at that and even, this time he was, how, wonderful, you, know Joe Biden is a wonderful guy wonderful man, and um, you, know I'm a little bit surprised by it's almost like he's I don't, know if he's admitting, defeat he might be but I watched him yesterday saying or, just a little while ago saying very good things about sleepy. Joe Biden and I was a little bit surprised let. Me ask you in. Nineteen twenty sixteen you had about 8% of the african-american. Vote but. We've, carried a lot of your rallies, as. You point out in every, appearance that they you have record low unemployment, now for african-americans. Hispanic, Americans, Asian Americans women in the workplace youth, unemployment african-american, youth unemployment I can, cite you polls. With. African-american, support for Donald Trump anywhere from sixteen. To thirty four, point five percent one. Case 33%. Another, case thirty two percent. Do. You think, that these are why do you think these are approval, ratings, demographically. Have shifted one. And two, will that translate in, your view and votes in two hundred forty four days. Well. It should translate, but, I think one of the reasons, is criminal. Justice reform. I did it nobody else could have done it we, got some great Republican. Senators. That maybe weren't so inclined, and I. Explained. It to him and they were really. Great really, great I saw Alice Johnson today she was in jail for twenty two years and she had done it twenty to go and there. Was a crime that you, know she, admitted she did, a mistake, but she was in there for it was like a life sentence, for something, that, somebody. Else would have been given six months to a year for or a very small number, she's. A great woman and she I said you have other people just like you Alice just like your they she said oh yes there are other, people and I actually that three out they all came to the office today was great to see them three, great people but I think that criminal justice reform we, got that I got that the Democrats, did not get it I got it they. They, will probably, at some point try and take credit but they couldn't do it and again this was a Biden, Obama, law.

That Was you know this was and and obviously. It was it. Was really a Hillary if, this, was a Bill Clinton and, a Hillary and it was I, guess. Biden, was a senator, then and pushing it hard obama. Was, somebody. Said he was talking about it but he had to be pretty young if that was the case but. This was a horrible. Thing and so criminal justice reforms, one Opportunity. Zones that's, the. Great Tim Scott he's a great guy he's a senator and a, great, senator from South. Carolina then, he came to my office talked about Opportunity, Zones and, massive. Amounts of money is being poured into areas that haven't seen money in decades, and jobs. And people are really doing well and the, african-american, population is, doing phenomenally. Well the Hispanic, population is, doing incredibly. Well Opportunity. Zones is, is, another thing and you. Know the unemployment, rate we have the lowest. Black. Unemployment rate, if you look the black, community. Right now has the lowest unemployment, rate, in the history of our country, Hispanic. American, unemployment rate the lowest in the history of our country. Asian. The lowest in the history of our country women the lowest in 71, years, and. You. Know so many things are happening and it. Is true I mean we're. Having rallies. Now with. Black. Young, leaders, that are unbelievable. People and, they'll, come to the White House they'll have six seven hundred people they'll. Have rallies, outside in, different cities for Trump because it's, the first time they've really been helped, nobody's, the, Democrats, a cater. To them months, before an election and then they leave, and they don't do a damn thing for them and we've. Worked hard so between I think criminal justice reform, and the. Opportunity, zones it's incredible. What what, Tim Scott did with Opportunity, Zones is really, incredible, and how well it's worked so, there, but, the end result is the lowest unemployment rate, and I think people see that I think they see it strongly showing there's. Also been a lot of support for historically. Black colleges. In, the country as well I mean let me ask you this, might. The, the historically. Black colleges, I got to know a lot of the deans and the people, and they come you know now I'm here more than three years they come every year trying to get money then. After two three years I said why do you guys have to come back every year they said well nobody's, ever given we've always have to come back and one of them said we feel like beggars coming. Into the White House begging, for money I said. We shouldn't have to do that you shouldn't have to do that and I got them long-term, financing. For the, historically. Black. Colleges. And universities and, they're, great people I got to know them very well they serve such an incredible, you, know such, an incredible, group of people and such, an incredible, and important, function, and. It's a very large. You know you're talking about millions, of people are, educated and, taken care of and it's, really something good but they don't have to do that they don't have to come back in fact I said to them I'll miss you people, not, coming up to see me I'll miss you guys, I'll miss you gals not coming up to see me every year but. They, I don't think they could be any more thankful they don't have to bother now they don't have to do that when. You instituted. Your travel ban on January, 31st we, identified. Corona on January, 7th, and the quarantine it. Was in the middle of your impeachment. James, Comey, you, know at all of your rallies you say this should never happen to any future, president you fired James Comey we. Know all, about the. Dirty. Russian dossier, that was never verifiable. The top of a FISA warrant says verified. We. Now know it's been debunked Hillary, paid for it and. That it became the basis. The bulk of information, for FISA applications. To take away Carter pages civil liberties and constitutional rights. But more importantly it was, used and the Attorney General has confirmed this to. Spy on you as a candidate, your, transition, team and his words deep into, your presidency. I, know, that we've had the. Inspector. General weigh in now we have the dorm bar. Investigation. Going forward. What. What, without. Crossing. At the territory, that I assume, is different. How. Does this how, do we prevent, something like this from ever happening again I I'm a big believer we, need FISA, we need to be able to, and trust Americans with these powerful tools because we've got a lot of enemies in this world but, it raises questions if it's going to be turned on the American people or on a presidential candidate. Or president. Well. They weaponized, FISA and they used it horribly, and.

Comey. Is a very bad guy and you have other very bad people at. The top the FBI the, people in the FBI are incredible, I'll bet if they did a study. If you took a vote I'd have a vast, vast vast majority they're incredible people but the top the. Top people the people that headed it between Comey and McCabe and and struck. And. His. Lover lisa page and, all group it, was a bad group that's. My opinion and it's a very strong opinion we'll see how bad it was. Nobody. Was willing to vet Barack, Obama at the time we did that job I'm proud of the ensemble cast we, built was we we tore apart the, Espionage, Act and. Classified. Top-secret information, on Hillary server and deleted, subpoenaed, emails and the dirty dossier, and premeditated. Fraud on a FISA Court we've been vindicated with, the Inspector General report and. I, I, guess, I never thought that this could happen. In America. But the media, got it wrong Russia Russia Ukraine, Ukraine. And that's. Been a lot to go through. Well. It has but they knew it was wrong and they knew they were wrong and, the whole thing that's why call it the fake news for that and many other reasons but, it. Is fake news so much of it is fake and. Knowingly. Fake, and they, knew that was wrong they knew the first day it should have never happened but. I went through it I did it and you, think of it after millions, they spend millions and millions of dollars and, at the end unlimited. Resources, no, collusion somebody. Said you're the cleanest, person in the country but, it was a disgrace, that a lot of people were hurt and hurt badly let's see what happens let's. See what happens going forward all. Right mr. president you've been very generous with your time, I know, you're doing a town hall on Fox, here tomorrow with Brett and Martha. With I get to take questions, from the. American people we'll look forward to watching that you're, always generous with your time we like to get the stated not only the campaign, the country obviously a lot going on thank you for your time thank you, very much John thank you thank you.

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