Transfer Business Tier List. Starring: Cathal McKernan.

Transfer Business Tier List.  Starring: Cathal McKernan.

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hello good afternoon good morning good  evening good night whichever time of   day is wherever you are in the world even  places like hawaii do you like my shirt guys   i got it from cornwall didn't get it from  hawaii i was in perrin paul my daughter said   that i needed to get it so anyway i've gone off  on a tangent welcome welcome to fools from iron   welcome to our transfer business tier list as  usual please do make sure you drop a like on   the stream as we as the little intro said at the  beginning um it really does help the algorithms as   far as the channel is concerned um make sure you  subscribe to the channel and touch that bell icon   to be notified of any new content as and when  we upload it to the channel such as this so we   did our premiere it was a as i recalled this  half past one this afternoon saturday um   west ham online joined me for our transfer  business tier list so just to give you   the viewer a synopsis of basically the premise of  this um series is that the transfer window that   closed on tuesday just gone um all year the club's  in goings all the um outcome outgoings incomings   um and star players that maybe clubs  thought they might lose and didn't   all of these things are factored in and we  go on a tier list just to show you at home   here is the tier list and it goes from top to  bottom excellent very good bang average and poor   all 20 teams will be ranked by the person  that is in the hot seat which is mr carol   mckernan how are you sir i'm good good yeah how  are you i'm i'm good mate i'm surprisingly chipper   um i went to the gym early this morning um very  quickly discovered that um i'm not as young as i   used to be i can't lift the weights that i used  to i haven't got the endurance that i used to   um it's the sounds of time my friend if it's  like that your age i'm feeling as stiff as the   board now today i was at the i was at the gym  last night as well so don't get into your mid   40's mate don't do it don't do it honestly  i'll see if i can the time will only tell   okay mate right so are you up to the challenge  i am indeed good to hear it good to hear it   okay so we're going to do it alphabetically just  to keep it real simple so arsenal is the first one   on the list so out of those four tiers where do  you put them and what's your reasoning behind it   we'll start them where they are in the  premier league right down at the bottom oh   wow wow that's exactly where west ham online put  them if i remember correctly so what's your room   because they one of the sort of like in terms of  the business that they've done i mean you know   just looking here on the premier league website  incomings were tavares laconger uh ben white was   the big one 50 million quid ramsdale um fantastic  goalkeeper he's um you know two relegations on   his cv in two consecutive seasons yeah um takahiro  tomi ashu from from bologna the japanese japanese   international that we were tentatively linked  with um alongside outgoings such as david luiz   matteo guendouzi to be honest when you look  on the oh willian on a free reese nelson   on loan most of the names that are on this  list to be honest with you probably not even   most arsenal fans have really heard of  them if i'm being brutally honest but um   yeah so they they all they all  suit arsenal they're just mediocre   yeah i mean the people coming in really so so  as far as you're concerned just the players that   are coming in are just not it's they they spent  80 million on a duo of ben white and iron ramsdale   that's you'd be like that's probably double what  they're worth that's probably a 40 40 million duo   if even ben weiss good defender yeah and will  will only get better his value is only going to   go up but he's not he shouldn't have been valued  at 50 million it's his first season in the premier   league fully uh i know prices have just gone to  madness over the last few years but 50 million for   one season worth of premier league football  isn't good enough is is is is way too much really   do you think his price has been exacerbated by  the fact that he's english oh 100 percent hundred   everything everything there's an inc there is  an english text like that's going to happen with   everyone if if if aaron ramsdale was was bloody  spanish or something he wasn't no one was going   to bite no one's gonna buy a spanish goalkeeper  who's been relegated two years in a row and   was performing like him the english roberto  yeah like yeah i wouldn't i well like i can't   really put i can't say that to him no he's  not no no he's not at that level but uh   he's certainly nothing special uh tommy yasu  will probably turn out to be a decent sign   and 20 millions like it isn't a lot of money  in today's market but it's a decent amount   but uh we were linked with him for a while but i  seen something that said moyes just wasn't fully   convinced by him and i trust moyes a lot more than  i trust someone like arteta the whole the whole um   just the club itself of arsenal is just in  in tatters right now the the the team itself   doesn't seem to have any leadership in it it's not  performing great and there's not it doesn't have   that amazing abundance of talent that they used to  always have they used to always have some amazing   players uh management is just a shambles then i do  on transfers is i don't know what he's at the way   he's running the club i don't know how they have  the money to pay for everything to do and then   the fan the fans will probably give out about  their ownership but their ownership's put   just put in 150 odd million there like he's not  the one choosing the signings that's the manager   and and and director of football and they're  the ones who are making the balls of it fair   enough okay so arsenal are in the poor category  ladies and gentlemen okay so next on the list   is aston villa now just looking on the premier  league website before you give your opinion on   where they should go just to give you a little bit  of um do i said do i am i allowed to say meat on   the bones i've been i've been picked up that i  say that a lot so whatever that's just one of my   little sayings um emiliano buendia ashley young  leon baini bailey danny ings axel ii and zaby   some of the names that have come in against a raft  of players that have left the club just looking   at some of the ones that were in around the  first team you had um neil taylor tom heaton um   some bloke called jack greely you  might be familiar with him in ireland i'm sorry cow i do apologize tell me your your thoughts on the aston  villa transfer window what do you think   i think they've had uh i put it in sort  of very good i think that i know grealish   leaving is going to be huge for them and it's  going to be like uh he was there he was a leader   he was a i think their captain as well he  was a leader he was there he was the main   man but a hundred million for him is a lot of  money yeah like i i i don't think he's worth a   hundred million and that's not me saying anything  with the bias against him i just don't think he's   worth it his goal contributions themselves he's  a lovely footballer to watch and he's elegant but   in contributions to goals it's not been the most  spectacular players he has blips of greatness   but he's not fully consistent throughout a  season again do you think he's the amazing   yeah i'd say of course there's going to be an  english tax if like if we're to eventually sell   declan rice there'll be an english tax for  everything it's just it's just the way it is   yeah yeah they've they've signed some sign some  good players leon bailey's a good sign and now   i know they spent a good bit of money on him and  he's not premier league proven but he's young and   he'll he'll get a chance especially with someone  like relish going he's going to get a lot of time   uh buen dia i thought was a great  signing as well but it's it's near   enough 40 million for him i'm pretty sure  35 to 40 for him i think it was 40 yeah   remember a lot of money for a championship player  coming up i know he had one season in the premier   league but he wasn't set in the world of light  there he was he was consistent and good but uh   it's it's it's a lot of money but uh they had  the money to spend and i suppose if that's who   they wanted and if that's who they're eyeing up  to replace them they're going to spend it danny   ings is as we all know he's a he's a proven  premier league goal scorer was he was he worth   getting like was he the signing that villain  needed they already had a good forward line   but maybe they're thinking of giving watkins a  go out on the out on the wide and he is a he's   just a good footballer in general he's not just  knocking out striker so they can give him a go   but uh with the loss of relish it will be huge but  i think they have put in some solid replacements   and uh i'd say it's a very good window overall  i know that they haven't let go too many players   they've kind of gone away but uh got gotten rid  of a bit of dead wood and sent some young lads out   alone so we'll have to see by the by the end of  the season but i think it was decent enough yeah   fair enough so aston villa have gone into the  very good category on the tier list so the next   one on the list premier league new boys from  west london brentford football club talk to me um who was it was ire that they signed ire from   i think he's he's he's going to end up being  a class signer for them he's one we've been   yeah a few times there's a lot of names that i'm  looking at here carol where uh i to be to be and   i don't mean to be disrespectful to brentford  football club and i'm sure they're they're   scouting as is exemplary um have i ever heard  of people like daniel or gokay from arsenal no   have i heard of val adadokan from dundalk no  have i heard of matthew cox from afc wimbledon   no have i heard of frank onyeka from meechland  no um and i'm not saying it with any disrespect   to brentford i'm sure that somewhere amongst that  there's there's a diamond in the rough somewhere   but i i couldn't say that there's any names  other than aya that's jumping off the page if i'm   being brutally honest and then when i look at the  players that have gone um names that are familiar   to me are players like henrik dalsgaard uh for  them as well yeah that's a big loss i thought   other than that an awful lot of the players i'm  looking at to be brutally honest again are players   that are unfamiliar to me um as a non-brentford  um supporter and someone that you know you know is   not a massive um brentford sort of that has a has  an awful lot of brentford knowledge if you will   so yeah it's probably probably a difficult one to  gauge in some respects if you're not a brentford   fan but i'm going to ask you to do that yeah first  for safety i'll put them in bang average i can't   say it was poor because i know even the signing  of ire alone is going to transform their backline   and he's going to be a great sign and i know  they're i think they're playing them alongside   uh ethan pinnock who i thought was always a  solid championship center back and give him a   bit of time and he could be a very good premier  league centre-back uh but uh with brentford you   kind of it's one of those trust the process kind  of teams they they have really good recruitment   and they don't seem to have a lot of bad  signings they seem to know what they're asked   for the last good few years they make great  profit when they do sell as well so uh it's   kind of you just have to trust the process and  they say if their fans are happy enough with it   you could say it's a decent enough window for  them hopefully get them some a good run out in   the premier league fair enough no problem so  they're in the bang average category we then   come to brighton and hove alv hove albion  football club um some of their incomings   uh the only one that i be honest with you that  i look at and go oh yeah him i've heard of   um abdullah sima from slavia prague the rest of  them uh enoch muepou from salzburg kyo sherpen   from iax mark cucarella from getsafe i mean  they're names that are vaguely familiar to   me but i've never seen them play to any great  degree against their outgoings players that again   i've recognized jose escuierdo davey proper  bernardo matt ryan um ali raza johan batch   ben white's the the big one though but there's  there's an absolute raft of players that   have moved on again most of them are probably  squad players and youth team players but again   over to you on where you think they rank and yeah  well they've definitely got it gotten rid of a   lot of people they might that the fans and the  club might count them as a bit of deadwood gone   they've done amazing to get 50 million for ben  white i don't know if it was negotiations or   bloody arsenal came in with a straight up  bid of 50 million for him it wouldn't have   shocked me if they did that either just to make  sure they get him but uh they've they've made   a few decent signings uh i know uh seema i know  there's been rumors that he has bad attitude and   all that sort of stuff but uh for seven million  you can't really go that wrong with them i know   they've loaned him out but uh he he seemed to  have a bit of pedigree to him when he was playing   as has has definitely a lot of talent i know  he's he he looks a bit rough at times he's uh   certainly not too elegant but uh if if he can  get a good run out of the championship and that   for seven million it's not it's not the worst risk  to take uh cucaraya is a is a very good sign and   i think 15 million they've really been looking at  him a while so he's someone that uh graham potter   must have been iron up and uh they've they've  just had a decent enough window but they still   need a striker they've they've they've been crying  out for a striker for years they thought they had   uh they had solved it when they went for a mopey  and he's ended up with but i don't know he's just   a bit of a disaster himself no he's certainly  he's like he's more like a comedy actor you're   not a fan i sense oh he's an absolute joke on  out there at times madness how he he was scoring   25 goals a season in the championship i don't know  but uh that's that's that's brentford's uh selling   selling for you they they they can sell them well  and uh they got rid of him and now they're in   the premier league but uh yeah i'd say it's bang  average if they were to go out and and use that 50 and white and spend 25 30 of it on a striker get  the lights the likes i know daca might not want   wanted to go to them but go for them like your  premier league team there's a lot of money there   go for the likes of daca and go for someone who  will improve your team overall and not just sort   of bulk out your midfield they're they're a lovely  team to watch and they play some nice football   but uh they're too midfield heavy they've no they  don't have that sort of final product to just   finish the goals they're xg merchants really  that's that's all they are they get them into   the places they just can't finish them and  you won't finish them with neil morpay up top   so brighton and hove albion bang average next on  the list burnley so looking at their incomings and   outgoings um wayne hennessey aaron lennon maxwell  cornay connor roberts are probably the main ones   of their incomings as far as the releases you're  looking at robbie brady um ben gibson bailey   peacock farrell and the rest i'll be brutally  honest of names that are unfamiliar to me um   again your thoughts on their incoming outgoings  and general business in the transfer window   um with the context that it's burnley we're  talking about i'd say it's a very good window   okay i'd say for for with for out of that i  think they've they've kept some of their best   players they've kept the likes of uh mcneil pope  uh tarkowski uh ben me i know he's getting old but   he's still very good for them and they've they've  finally freshened things up and they've signed uh   maxwell corner who's i can't say i know too much  about him i've seen bits watching bits of uh leon   now and then and for for burnley it's exciting to  get someone like that i know he he's he's floating   between defense and attack a lot of the time he'd  be good if they were going for a five at the back   system anyway and it's just exci because i've  always liked bernie i think you have to admire   burnley the way they can still survive the premier  league with barely any money and finally they've   got a bit of money put into them so uh i'd say  it's very good for them and uh they haven't really   let go of anyone too important which is huge for  them because they like if they're to lose their   best players would they have the pull to replace  them because they need them players there to buy   more the only person they really lost that's big  for their they wouldn't even say big for the team   that robbie brady who was a consistent player  for them is gone but uh there's no one else   it's very good for them fair enough they're in  a very good category along with aston villa so   next on the list chelsea now you know i was  thinking about this after i did the recording   with west ham online which went out this lunch  time and you think about the last three different   clubs to have been premier league champions um  and obviously we'll come on to it as we go along   um we're obviously manchester city who've won  three out of the last four premier leagues if   my math is correct um liverpool and chelsea  and as you'll see in a minute as we go along   between those three clubs they've signed  six players i found that quite astonishing   um anyway we'll get we'll we'll cover that  off shortly um their incomings were only   three players and they were marcus bettinelli  goalkeeper um he actually had a loan spell um   at my local non-league football club dartford  um he's coming on a free from fulham uh   sao niguez who went on deadline day loan deal  from atletico madrid and obviously the big one was   what was it 95 or 100 million or whatever it was  in that sort of vicinity for their former striker   romelu lukaku um against their outgoings willie  caballero picayo tomori billy gilmore victor moses   um connor gallagher tammy abraham amazon  palmieri bubba rachman kurt zuma timoi bakayoko   danny drinkwalter ethan ampadu there's there's  a lot of them and there's there's players there   that i could mention that you probably have  never heard of like levi cole will nathan   baxter charlie wiggit yeah i know i know real  superstar names i mean they're probably kids   chelsea probably still found a way to get  five million for them and you never even yeah   crazy crazy crazy but you know that to be fair  i gotta tip me hat to chelsea as a business   they're absolutely brilliant but um what  do you think about them in this window   i think it was a i'd say it's i don't know  if it's very good or bang average it's one   like lukaku is huge for them i'll have to put  it to very good because they managed to win the   champions league without an amazing striker and  now they've got a world-class striker in there   which is going to be huge for them so uh they've  got uh looking at it here myself they've got 25   million for tomorrow that's good money like i i  always thought he he deserved a chance there and   he was a good player but chelsea don't wait too  long and they'll get ready for good money if they   don't think you're up to the task tammy abraham  for 35 millions class uh i think it was 20 odd   million for mark wahey who's never played premier  league football and they sell it they sell them   yeah they get that much money for him so uh in in  the terms of them getting a world-class striker up   there and selling a lot of players that obviously  aren't going to be good enough for them right now   which they might have been saying that  about someone like lukaku a few years ago   but they might go back and buy these lads back  for 100 million in a few years time but uh   they've got good money for them now  and uh i'd say it was a good window   they already have a good squad good manager  and uh they'll be pushing for the title now   fair enough so they're in a very good category i  just on that i i said on the stream of west ham   online i actually think chelsea are my tips for  winning the premier league this season i don't   i'm not saying i want it to happen you know i want  west ham to win the premier league of course i do   but um should that not come to pass who do i think  we'll win it beyond that i think it's probably   chelsea to be honest but we'll see certainly  good enough yeah yeah next on the hit list   is crystal palace who are obviously now no longer  under the stewardship of former england manager   roy i mean roy hodgson i do apologize um yeah  uh now patrick vieira is at the helm now they   did a bit of business to be fair i mean michael  alisa from reading who was a player that was um   championed by russ of formerly my hammers 11 now  of west ham network um mark gwehe jockey anderson   connor gallagher nathaniel klein will hughes and  odson eduard from celtic um against the outgoings   players like wayne hennessey andros townsend  mamadou sacko patrick van aarnholt gary cahill   james mccarthy scott dan and then a few other  players sprinkled around the periphery of that   um again your thoughts on was it a good bad  or indifferent transfer window and the reasons   i think for for palace i think it was very good  they got they got rid of about half their squad   though they got rid of an awful lot of people some  of them some of them were old and weren't going to   play and they just got a lot of the wages off the  books but uh they've got a few good signings there   uh is it the right manager to take them to sort  of be proven in premier league level to build a   squad with them they might not fit together  very well and start because there's so many   new signings coming in that are a starting level  for them new new centre-back pairing both never   played with each other starting uh they have  a new striker up there like it's it's it's   it's going to be one to see but i think they've  signed a bit of youth and a bit a bit of talent   they've a bit of flair to them arts and edwards  i think it's a great sign and i know he wasn't   always prolific with celtic but uh he's uh i i  wouldn't have been too uh upset if we were to go   and get someone like edward for 15 odd million  and uh conor gallagher as we unfortunately seen   yeah his loan his earn back his loan within one  game yeah crazy honestly could only happen to   us he'll probably probably won't score  another goal until he plays against us   unbelievable unbelievable so okay so  they've gone in a very good category   following on from that we have a now managed  by former liverpool champions league winner   um rafa benitez is now the manager of everton  football club um looking at some of their business   um incomings we've got andros townsend asmr  berkovic damari gray salomon rondon as the main   standouts their release list however theo  walcott josh king yannick balasi mohammed bezich   and then the rest of them oh moise 18 years  the only other one really of of the list that   you look at and go yeah i've heard of them  um your thoughts on their transfer window   where do you put them and why  i'll put them beside arsenal oh yeah i just i just don't think there  was really anything amazing to us   they signed like demary gray is the only one  you can look at there and say you might have   got a bit of a bargain there because he's had  a good start but he's been notorious for just   being inconsistent and not being fully up up to  the premier league standard and he's he has a bit   of an attitude issue at times but uh they really  haven't signed anything too too good to push on   if they want to push on for european football  they're not none of them signings are going to   make them any better i don't think they've they've  got rid of a good amount of players but then they   still have uh the likes of uh james rodriguez on  the books i'm pretty sure that he's still there   yeah not knowing who they're playing at the  weekend and oh he wasn't signing for the club   he was signing franciati which is never  a good thing you don't want to be there   and things like that uh moist keen leaving  them is a right out disaster of a transfer   uh that he's israeli just didn't go well for  them i don't know it's his fault for the clubs   it could be a bit of both yeah he'll go on  to do good things but uh yeah i just don't   think there was any anything special about  us fair enough well they're they're at the   bottom of the pile alongside the north london  super power that is arsenal football club so   next on the hit list yorkshire's very own leeds  united so just looking at their incomings and   names that jump off the page jack harrison made  his move to uh ellen road from manchester city   permanent junior ferpo from barcelona and dan  james from manchester united are probably the   standout ones amongst them against their outgoings  of names that you probably would have heard of uh   erjan alioski um pablo hernandez uh ian pavada  hilda costa and as i say there's a whole load of   players that have been released moved on whatever  most of whom i mean have you ever heard of alfie   mccalmont who's been loaned out to malcolm i  haven't sorry alfie i've never heard of you but uh yeah so your thoughts on no i  think there's probably a lot of leads   fans that have probably not heard of  him quite honestly but your thoughts um i don't know if if it's poor or bang average  it's i'll say poor for the amount they overspent   on bloody ryan fredericks jr himself that's an  awful lot of money for it's just just pace itself   that's literally it a winger that's played back  yeah he's he's he's fast i suppose that's it like   he seems like a nice lad he runs a lot he works  hard but uh i don't think he's proven he's premier   league quality even at man united yeah uh he  signed you from he hasn't proved it consistently   that he's really up to the task well usain  bolt's fast but i've you know he he had a   trial as a footballer didn't he in some club in  australia and they didn't they didn't pursue it yeah the thing is just because you're quick  doesn't mean you're a good footballer that's   that's the thing you might be able to  run fast but can you trap a ball can you   bend into the top corner from sort of like  18 yards out not necessarily i just like i   don't think he's a dreadful footballer i think he  might be able to make a premier league it's just   is he worth 30 million or is that just  how inflated the market is that he is   because i don't think he's he's worth that at  all probably the price tag is probably more from   the fact he was coming from a club like barcelona  i'm not being funny but if he was at a club like   um ray laviedo for example um he wouldn't have  gone for that money no chance simply because   i think a lot of the reason why he went for  30 mils because he was coming from barcelona   and you know they need to get as  much money in so they've probably   you know inflated the price as much as they  justifiably could before they sort of said   yeah we'll take 30 million for him there's a  club there that mug enough to pay the money but   he listen he might go on the sort of like to as  you say he might go on to make it in the premier   league personally i think he's a winger and he's  being deployed as a fallback but like you say i   as soon as you said ryan fredericks i was like  ah yeah yeah i know what you're talking about with the with the rest of their business  jack harrison i wouldn't really count   count him as a signing i think it's it's good  to get him officially in the door i think that's   kind of like if you count to craig dawson as  a signing yes summer sue check is one last   like i think he was already there and uh he's  been good for them uh and i think he'll continue   to be good for them yeah uh and then junior ferpa  going on at left back i know we've wanted him for   a while and well we were linked with them i don't  i just i couldn't have seen moyes really going in   for someone like firpo i think he's too attacking  based and i think leads already have so much   attack and flair to them they need their defense  to be a bit more solid than what ferpa will be   i think he could bring some goals to them but the  way leads it could be of they could win they could   lose the match 4-3 or something with the likes  of players like that on because they're just very   possessiony attacking based yeah football and  uh i don't know if he's exactly what they needed   but we'll only see what time time will tell time  will tell we then move on to leicester city now   looking at their business uh i think it's probably  more quality over quantity because they've only   made five signings but let's look pats and dakar  bubakari samaray ryan bertrand yannick vestergaard   and ademola lookman have walked through the door  and walking out of the door christian fuchs matty   james wes morgan and the rest of them oh yeah  dennis pratt but the rest of them to be honest   with you you look and go who um callum right he's  gone on loan to cheltenham town uh yeah i don't   know who that is sorry but um yeah your thoughts  on their overall transfer dealings there carol   uh yeah i'd say it was very good i think they've  improved their squad i think they haven't let go   of anyone that's gonna um sort of be in their  first team they haven't let go of anyone that's   too amazing for them and they've got some good  uh squad depth in they've got patzen dhaka who's   a long could be a long-term replacement for  the likes of vardy at his age he must be near   enough 35 now yeah and he he's a like for like  replacement over the like he can just knock a   ball in front of him and he'll run towards it and  put it in the back of the net that's exactly what   vardy's been doing and he's been one of the best  in the premier league sumare's good good signing   17 million odds uh he's just he's just gonna  bulk out the squad he he'll he'll probably be   getting game time for them uh ryan bertrand on  a free i think wasn't wasn't bad business at all   um it's it's he'll he'll probably be there to  play ahead of the likes of james justin while   he's still out injured for however long he's  going to be out for and i don't know how long   the contract they gave him was but on a free deal  he's premier league proven player it's not too bad   uh ademola lookman as well is i don't know if  he's up to their standard of football yet and   it's only a loan so it's one of those if it was a  cheap enough signing you could give him some time   and he'll develop into it but i'm alone will he  will he be up to it we'll have to see i think   i think i would i would like west ham to go for  him for a permanent deal if he was cheap enough   and then vestergaard's just kind of a 15  million is cheap as a cheap sign and the   way the window's gone now uh so  a cheap enough primarily proven   quality center back to replace furfana while he's  out with the injury he's he's unfortunately got   so uh yeah i think it was a good window they  just need to keep keep the way that they've   been doing things the last few years going and  uh keep pushing for europe really fair enough   so they're in the very good category we then move  to liverpool football club now as i said earlier   um the last three different teams that have  been etched on the premier league trophy   between the three of them they've signed six  players um liverpool signed one of those six and   that was ibrahimo kanate from rb leipzig against  their outgoings um most of these names you're not   gonna know uh however i will read out some of the  ones you might georginio wineldon for instance um   harry wilson yeah jordan shaqiri and that's  pretty much it really rest of them um have   you ever heard of a player called jacob or  zhinsky who has gone to canal from town on loan   i i can't say i've heard of him anyway no no i  mean for the future maybe maybe but you know he's   he's gone on loan to a to a welsh team you know  not too sure about that um if he'd gone the card   if i might say fair enough but there you go um but  your thoughts you know tell me what you think of   their transfer business business what them four  categories are they going into in your opinion   it's one of those i don't know if it's it is  bang average but is it poor because they could   like they're they're really trying to rely on on  that team that sort of a three-year-old team now   they're really relying on the spine yeah  they're putting a lot of pressure on lads   who need to play probably 50 games a year  for them they don't have a lot of squad   to swap out so i'll put it in poor just  for the sake that yeah they're not they   haven't bulked up their squad since caps really  come there he made his base signings got his   that team that won the champions league got to the  champions league final won the champions league   the next year and then won the league was one of  the best scariest teams i've i've seen yeah they   were terrifying to play against but they got tired  because he didn't have the bulk to to swap it   around and the the the um people to put on so he's  relying on the same players to play for three or   four years in a row yeah 90 of the games so i'll  put it as poor because they really need to bulk it   out or that same lads are going to continue to  get injured and fall down fall down the league   yeah okay so they're in the poor category and then  we come to manchester city now again like i say   the last three different names etched on the  premier league trophy between the three of them   they signed six players liverpool with one of them  uh we've covered chelsea they signed three so if   your maths is any good manchester city signed two  um one of them you'll probably know because it was   jack greelish the other one you might remember  this name scott carson former england goalkeeper   also was on the books at aston villa and liverpool  at various points in his career um he's gone   there on a free from derby yes yes um they're  outgoing sergio aguero and eric garcia from   have gone to barcelona jack harrison's obviously  gone to leeds but as you said did that really   happen in this transfer window properly or did  that happen previously um um the rest of them   to be honest with you um you know probably  the only one of the rest that i've gavin never heard of him no i know saved the penalty against ronaldo there the  other night for ireland's national team he's   our starting goalkeeper ahead of uh okay he's  from he's a man city lad okay fair enough fair   enough he's only 19 years of age i think he'll be  a very good goalkeeper in the future and that's   not just a bias i think he is very solid uh i've  a friend who used to play for shamrock rovers with   him and he said he was he was class and uh he he  looks like he's going to be one for the future   19 is very young for a goalkeeper yeah definitely  national level as well definitely um one of   the other names that i'd sort of recognize just  briefly lucas the metro who's gone to wolfsburg so   but the rest of them pretty much of a muchness of  of players that are probably you're not familiar   with um you know i'm not so but there you go your  thoughts um i think it's bang average i think   grealish is a decent signing as a quality of  player but 100 million from is i think it's   overpaid and why would you spend 100 million on  jack relish when all you needed was a striker   that's really what what they really needed  was a striker and harry kane was out there you   could have spent a bit more money and got harry  kane but they gone and threw it all at greelish   how much do you think lee just sort of getting  on to that whilst we're here how much do you   think levy would have cracked at with 20 to 130  million maybe okay the likes of that and i think   you're better off spending 130 on harry kane  and then you are spending 100 and jack reelish   i would be inclined to agree with that statement  yeah that's pretty much it i just i just i think   it's just bang average in general scott carson  legend take him on in training ground keeper   but uh yeah that's that's so they're they're in  the in the bang average category they go now we   go to their cross city neighbors manchester  united now their business well i think it's   fair to say it was quality over quantity they  only signed four players but when you consider   you've got jaden sancho rafael varan and  cristiano ronaldo as 75 percent of those   signings with the other one being tom eaton um  that's not bad i think it's fair to say then   you look at their outgoings the names that you'd  probably recognize were players like sergio romero um obviously dan james and andreas  pereira brandon williams axel ii and zaby   the rest again people probably outside of  manchester united support the base we've   probably never heard of players like johann  guadango who's gone to copenhagen for instance   i haven't got a clue don't know um but yeah  your thoughts on their transfer business they're it's as i'm i'm definitely not a man  united fan but it's frustrating to see them not be   able to make it into the excellent tier it's very  good because they've they've done some some great   business they've signed uh varane who's going to  transform their backline they've really needed   something else in their backline  yeah uh obviously ronaldo it's just   even at 30 years so wow yeah some people  are expecting them to tear things up   he probably won't be as good as people are  expecting but he's going to be he's still   going to be class he's still going to score 15  to 20 goals probably uh maybe half there might be   penalties but he's still going to score your goals  and he's just he's going to bring the atmosphere   up he's going to bring in more money for them he's  he's going to do a lot for the club in general   that's just a great time that way just  just apropos absolutely nothing and it's   completely hypothetical pie in the sky will  never happen um but let's just suppose in a   parallel universe cristiano ronaldo left  juventus and rocked up at london stadium   who does he replace from the current starting  eleven yeah my mice doesn't work like that   yesterday he has to work his way into the  team no i know but let's let's just i think he if it was going to happen it would probably  be it would probably be the like of   uh antonio going out to jared bowen's position  on the right and uh ronaldo going up top and then   bow and dropping out yeah i think i think  just that's just the way things go at   west ham right now i think bowen's kind of  just the the the person that drops out when   you need him to really that taking one for  the team there you go so manchester united   yeah manchester united in the very good category  borderline excellent you say it's it's it's like   sancho for 73 million is good but i can't say  i've ever seen much i don't watch an awful lot   of bundesliga football now i've seen them playing  in europe and all but i've never seen jaden sancho   be too amazing and he's never really toured up for  england and he hasn't got a lot of chance to do it   but he's never been amazing but from what you hear  about him 73 he's good it's just will only get   the player out of him will he play him  enough and is there not too much attacking   options there then getting 25 million  for dan james is that's probably the move   that move with the bloody window that's  that's just amazing business from them   it's just they haven't if they had assigned one  solid center mid that's excellent because they   really don't have have it's the midfield they've  a really good attack a solid defense good good   choice of goalkeepers and they have a mid table  to like low premier league quality midfield   it just doesn't work like that there's too much  pressure put on them and i and i feel bad for   them lads playing in midfield because there's so  much fans of man united who throw it all on them   and there's too much pressure on them because  they're not good enough for it yeah that's   that's pretty much what west ham online said that  you know that i think if i remember correctly   he said that the problem with manchester united  is that their midfield is championship standard they're nothing to be scared of in the midfield  it's just it's it they could have been excellent   if they if they were to go out and sign a top  top class midfielder that they'll be up for   winning the league like yeah yeah no that's a fair  assessment i believe okay so we move on next on   the list oh wow what are you going to say about  this lot newcastle united well looking at the   premier league website their incomings ladies and  gentlemen santiago munoz joe willock charlie wiggy remy savage and cameron ferguson outgoings outgoings um of the names that i  recognize there's a lot of names that they've   got out of the door um and i'm trying to look for  one that i'm gonna say i recognize but other than   florin lejeune and matty longstaff  the rest i am struggling with your thoughts um i'm just going to say i i don't  have much to say about newcastle i think overall   it was poor but uh i'm just going to say put them  in excellent for the signing of santiago munoz   oh go on talk talk to me no no no  that that's that's all i have to say   that's awesome you can't leave you can't leave  it on an eastenders duff duff cliff hanger manchester united couldn't get in  there with sancho ronaldo and varane i'm going to be watching this fella  closely and i'll tell you what if   he's a pub player i'm going to remind you of this norwich city is next on the hit list mate  right so incomings the names that i recognize   yeah honestly it's it's it's quite a lot i mean  you look at it angus gunn who was actually a   norwich player before um and he's gone back there  he's the son of their former guild goalkeeper and   scotland goalkeeper brian gunn ben gibson uh  billy gilmore uh brandon williams aussan quebec   amongst a lot of players um demetrius jenna  giannolos yeah don't ask me um but west ham   online said that's the player to keep an eye  out for um outgoings you've got alex tetty mario yes yes jordan who girls moved on yes how  will they walk out with all the bubbles how   will norwich cope without the legend that is  jordan bluegill i'll tell you what if charlie   charlie from hammer's chat was here  he'd he'd be crying at this point he would indeed he loves the who meister he does okay so  where do you put them i in all honesty from   the signings they've made i don't know an awful  lot about them i've heard of angus go like i know   i know who he is i know he hasn't got an awful lot  of game time at the clubs he's been at uh rashika   from murder bremen uh i've heard of him i know he  seems like a decent signing for cheap enough uh   billy gilmore is a great signing on loan brandon  williams could work out to be a good loan signing   cabac i didn't think was too good uh last year but  it's alone so it's not too dangerous josh sargent   uh i think he's american is he and he has he's  been i think he's one one that's meant to be   a good player but i i can't say i've seen  too much of them so i'll just really say   it's probably bang average and norwich will do  an arch and probably end up getting relegated   it's just what they do impossible quite  possible okay so yeah as well as huge   yeah massively um southampton football club um so  looking at their incomings uh theo walcott but you   know he was there on loan from everton so whether  you count him is up to you uh tino liveramento   west ham online was was quite complimentary  about him the other day when we did this   adam armstrong and yeah the rest of him i'm not  terribly familiar with i'm not gonna lie um i'm   not familiar with lianco who's coming from torino  you know whatever um outgoings ryan bertrand wesley hoot angus gun uh mario lamina  the big two though obviously being danny   and yannick festergaard and michael of oberfemi  so quite a few outgoings not as many incomings   your thoughts i think it was poor really okay  southampton have been fallen for a good while   and they had a decent and like a few decent  players always keeping them together the likes   of ings as goals fester guard i know he's never  been amazing but he's a solid centre-back and he's   he's been playing a lot for them and now they've  lost that and i can't say i know too much about   the replacements uh wall cut he was there so i  wouldn't really count him as much they signed   looks like three young lads from chelsea  that uh i don't know too much about and i   they're from a team that they had they always seem  to just sell their best talents but usually they   replace them with a good talent and they they  could have done that it's just i i can't really   say much about because i don't know too much  about the players they have replaced them with   so i i would say it's poor from the the  loss of danny ings and uh westergard and   even ryan bertrand and all them and even  like michael obafemi hasn't been great but   he's young and given a bit of time they  don't really have too much striking options   yeah he's a young irish lad isn't he he is yeah  yeah yeah i thought the name sounded familiar okay   so they are in the poor category we move to  our close friends and neighbors along the north   circular road with their billion pound stadium  tottenham hotspur ladies and gentlemen so just   looking at their incomings you've got pierre  luigi gellini brian heal christian romero pape   matassar emerson royale and then we move on  to their outgoings danny rose paolo gazzaniga   uh juan foyth eric lamela toby alda virald joe  hart remember him people um unfortunately i say   i said pape matassa according to this he's gone  straight out on loan to mets quite incredible um   moussa sissoko serge aurier cameron carter  vickers of the out amongst the outgoings   your thoughts on the business of our friends  in norfolk 17 um uh but probably bang average   it was uh they won't like that no but  that's what they're used to isn't it i didn't say that people and my my wife's in the  kitchen and she's probably got a very sharp knife she has she just told me so i've got  to be careful what i say about spurs she's a long house swim to get over with  that knife to me mate she could do it   i think she i'd put money on  her doing it in some way somehow   she'll find a way ryanair flights are cheap  enough anyway yeah you're not you think bang   average what what's your what's your reasoning  i think it's decent i think they're just i suppose keeping keeping them harry kane was  the biggest thing for them but is there any point   keeping up if he doesn't want to be there which  i think they were better off to i know i know   uh no official bids came in but to get  sort of a hundred odd million for him   then have an unhappy player who's only going to go  for less money because he'll be a year older and   a year less in his contract yeah so uh i think uh  romero and galini from atlanta is a decent enough   duo to get in yeah atlanta have been really good  the last few years and so take two players to them   uh is a decent sign and you can show them uh what  the conference league's like so they can get out   the break from the tiring champs league football  they've been going through the last few years   uh i don't know too much about brian  gill i know he's he's young enough and uh   20 20 odd million i think they gave lamela  as well uh i think i think it could uh   end up being a very good window for them it's  just uh it's one of those you'll have to see   have to see uh they they got emerson royale  from barcelona i think he's a right back   um but they had they they have they have half  a team of right backs right now i think they've   got five of them and they had to let one  of them go by mutual consent or something   yeah probably had to chuck him a few  bobbers well i'm guessing yeah exactly   don't see either left of the goodness of his heart  i don't think i don't i don't think he's done a um   maurizio to rico i don't know if  you know the story about that um   because you're obviously a little bit younger than  i um but there was an argentinian fallback i think   trying to if he was a right back or a left  back but his name was maurizio torico he   made his name in this country at ipswich before  he moved on to spurs and he had a loan i think it   was a loan spell or it might have been a permanent  signing i can't remember my my memory says that he   played his debut at the den against mill wall but  someone in the live chat will probably or not live   chat because we're recording this but someone will  probably put it in the comment section below um he   got injured and was going to be out for a  period of time and he actually said just   tear my contract up quite incredible i don't  i don't think that many players would do that   um you know we was in the championship at that  point if i remember right now not on the money   there are now anyway no no it was it was one  of those things that you know it was like   he didn't have to do that he could have just  said no i've signed a contract in good faith   i didn't know i was going to get  injured i didn't ask to get injured   i expect you to on your side of the bargain but  he didn't he just turned around said just tear   me contract up guys and it was like wow quite  incredible so maurizio to rico west ham hero   but there you go okay so we move on from soon  yeah we move on watford football club um so their   incomings of the names that i recognize instantly  we've got danny rose we've got joshua king   we've got moosa sisoko and we've got um a certain  ashley fletcher who you might remember yes did it   bring the shiver down your spine as i said the  night could have been worse i could have turned   around and said jonathan cleary or at least he  at least he got a goal well there is no didn't   ashley fletcher score i'm sure he scored a goal at  one point didn't he he i'm sure he got a goal he   wasn't he wasn't he didn't have the most memorable  spell it wasn't no days they were they were but um   but the rest of them i'll be brutally honest to me  i'm not familiar with players like um dapo mabuday   who's coming from rangers um from players like  juraj kukka from palmer sorry i've never heard of   never heard of them they might be good  players but i'm not i'm not familiar with them   we look at their outgoings and again i'm trying  to look for names that jump off the page at me   in fact that player that i've just mentioned  again dapo mabuday has gone out on loan to   wimbledon so there's there's a few players  that will come in and go straight out on loan   i don't really see the point of it but there  you go um isaac success there you go there's a   name that's jumped off the page of me i remember  his his name i don't remember so much about his   performances so it wasn't probably a success hence  why he's moved on um will hughes yeah troy deeney   nathaniel chaliba andre gray domingo kina formerly  of our parish um are the names that i recognize   um of the outgoings there's an  awful lot of them an awful lot so   your thoughts on the outgoings and incoming's  overall business at watford football club   i i don't know how they will ever survive  without carlos sanchez who has also left the club   oh yes yes yes yeah there you go  will we ever see his like again   hopefully nice uh it couldn't be two that  will walk the place face of the earth   and play premier league football because  there listen i really hope not my god um they've they've made a good they've made a decent  amount of signings i i think it was more uh   quantity over quality yeah uh now like there's  not a lot of them that are jumping out of me   that i know obviously danny rose has had a lot  of football in the last few years i think it's   good that he gets a chance because he was  very badly treated at tottenham i think yeah   uh ashley fletcher i really don't think he's up  to premier league standards unless he's changed   a lot since i've last seen him uh kuka i think  you'd like to think that if he was any good he'd   you know probably wouldn't have gone from  middlesbrough to watford with all due respect   you've probably got a man united  yeah that's that's that's the thing   um and a free transfer at that as well yeah yeah  um kuka i know he was uh i think he might be like   serbian or something like that he's from syria  he's been at a few clubs in syria he's one of   those small little stocky lads who likes to crunch  crunch people in his tackles uh josh king didn't   set the world light at everton that's for sure  and they've they've let go of a lot of players   an awful lot and troy deeney leaving them  is huge even just for the dressing room   uh he's he's their captain he was their leader i  know he wasn't playing a lot recently but uh he's   just a huge loss for them and will hughes was uh  was always a decent player for them i think he's   he he'll get a chance to show if he's  fully up to premier league standard   so uh i put them just back average really  i don't know if it's poorer bang average   okay well they're there alongside tottenham yeah  tottenham tottenham and watford side by side   there's not that three there that's the the  three in the bank average that might be the   relegation candidates there one can only hope not  nourish one can only hope what are the chances   okay so we move on we've got two left and one  of them as a team that might be familiar to you   um it's our very own our beloved west ham united  now just looking on the premier league website   so the incomings just to go through it in  its entirety because it's our team so why not   thierry nevers pierre ekwa olimbi armstrong ocho  flex alphonse areola kurt zuma nicola vlasic and   alex crowl walked through the door walking out  the door i'll give it in its entirety because   it's our team so i'm gonna i'm gonna go through  it olodapo affilian fabian balbuena shawna darkwa   olatunji akinola samuel cager alfie lewis joshua  okocha joseph anang felipe anderson nathan trott   frederick alves meekpo odobeko and connor coventry  all either sold released or sent out on loan   there you go so as far as you are concerned  in your opinion and i should also factor in   i'm going to throw this one in we  kept declan rice after a pandemic   um so that all being taken into account  where do we sit on that particular   list it's like i was thinking about it with with  the keeping of declan rice and all of our our   important squad i think it's up to very i think  it will be very good i think i can put it there   i think if if you weren't to take that  into account and it was just the signings   i think the signings themselves were very good but  i think just positionally it would probably have   been bang average because we did need a striker  and a left back okay and if if we had got all that   and thinking of the thing keeping declan rice  and all this it would have been excellent   but uh yeah i think i think we've we've made some  good moves i really do trust what moyes is uh   what moyes has in his plans i think alex crowl  on loan is is is going to be a good one i think   is what 13 million after to get them on on the  permanent which i think it was nearly 25 about 30   million when we wanted them earlier in the summer  was yeah yeah and i think it's just take your time   i think it's smart yeah yeah because obviously if  if god forbid we drop out of europe at the first   hurdle and if if there's a clause that says he's  got to play x amount of games so that you're   you're then obligated to sign him i suppose if you  look at him and you think yeah this is a player we   want to keep then you play him and you invoke that  clause if he's a player that actually you think   he's stinking the place out he's actually not  what we need then you just say okay well you're   sitting on the bench this week mate or you're not  in the squad and you haven't really lost too much yeah i think it's it's just a good move  in general i think areola on loan is a   class deal i think yeah sort of sorting out the  the goalkeeper position for years to come he's   class quality he's played for some  great teams and he's he's really good   great signing uh vlasic is one we're going to  have to just wait and see really he didn't he   wasn't amazing and his first spell in the premier  league i think everton fans did like him and it   was a coleman that brought him in and left yes  he didn't get much opportunities after that   so it's one of those replays it was it was big  sam michael silva oh was it i i thought it was   big sam after um i could be wrong it could have  been i i it could have been one of those yeah um   if it was big sound it's not he's not sounds like  the player is he no he's nuts yeah but it might   have been i don't know i've only seen clips of him  but he looks real he looks like he's going to be   a really good footballer he's he's low center of  gravity he seems strong he's a he's he's he's a   pace he's a lot of skill to him i think he'd be a  great sign but kurt zuma is probably the biggest   one for us yeah having someone like that at  centre-back yeah we have a really good attacking   side it's just we needed to sort out the defense  yeah and usually it's the opposite way with moyes   but uh it's it's the defense so far this season  that we've need to sort out and someone like   him and then with areola behind them it's going to  give a lot of confidence for everyone so uh yeah i   think it's just been a it's been very good window  when you think of everything fair enough so we are   in a very good category so we come to the 20th  and final team on this tier list wolverhampton   wanderers football club so premier league website  again the names that jump off the page well ryan   ate nori i mean he was there i believe on loan  last season huanki chan harvey griffith the rest   of the players i'll be brutally honest i'm not too  sure um who they are if i'm being brutally honest   then you look at the outgoings um of the names  that i recognize ruben venagre ruby's patricio um to sowie the rest of them to be honest i i  don't even know who they are um yeah i'm not   being disrespectful to wolves there's probably  not their fans don't even know who they are   um your thoughts on their overall business um yeah i'd say it's sort of  bang average they've they've uh   is it great signing on loan cheap enough  option to buy if if he does end up being   a good uh player for them uh i know yeah nori  i'm pretty sure was on loan with them and yeah   they wouldn't have they wouldn't have taken  them if he obviously wasn't good enough for them   uh trinikow from barcelona on loan i suppose  could be a good deal for them uh i think letting   patricio go to roma was a bit of a loss because  i think he's i think he's a very good goalkeeper   but uh with the rest the rest of the  people they've lost uh there's not much   i can say about most of them i think it's just  overall i just have to give it a bang average   yeah i mean looking at their incomings i  don't know have they have they bought is   there a goalkeeper amongst their incomings  i mean who's who the hell's replacing i was   thinking well who do they have uh your money  they had john ruddy yeah john ruddy yeah   yeah i mean he was their first choice goalkeeper  when they got promoted from the championship but   then he's been there number tw

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