Trading Sederhana Dengan SNR || Simple Trading Using SNR

Trading Sederhana Dengan SNR || Simple Trading Using SNR

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It's getting longer Generally, Doji is reversal but it's not applicable in some conditions Maybe it close to... or the trend is very strong.. or there is News.. and so on. *Opening Music* The point is, if we understood and apply SNR point, it will be easier. Or the psychology level. Psychology level is an area where it's rejected.

Actually, this is the limitation Then, there is retracement We must really understand this there is Retrace area. It means that it opposes but it's up to 50% If there is president election but the result is still 50 : 50, no both of them win So, the rules is, it must be 50 + 1 to win. 50 is still correction It will be stronger if there is additional It will tend to be strong to go down. It's same like the candle

So, we learn to see the psychology level The market psychology level We can see it based on the rejections The formed corner there After we found this, we look for the structure I try to take it randomly, but, logically, it will be easier. We found SNR Then, we see the structure The closest structure from running. Although the trend rises strong, but if the closest running structure goes down, we follow the closest.

Then, we can apply the trigger that we choose After we take order, don't forget about the risk management If we have no limitation, when the market reverse, we'll feel hard to solve it. Moreover, we don't have enough skill After we see the structure, we see the last 3 candles How were they formed? If we found these 3 components, it's very easy. Whatever the movement is, we don't care. Because what we see is these last 3 candles We also see the last candle before running candle But, the supporter is the last 3 candles Where is the direction? How's the impact? We try to read and apply it.

If we make it easy, it will be easy. If we make it hard, it will be hard. For example, the power is balance. This is balance. It rises - down - normal. Moreover, it's rejected to up again. This one is balance again.

With this balance power, both of them could happen So, what we use as the reference is the candle which is the closest from running. This one. The direction still rises, we focus on Buy first Before Sell clue shows up, we focus on Buy Then, there is psychology level on top If we take Buy position, that's our first limitation If it rises again, our next limitation is on the next level Not here We try to prove it For example, we don't know what's next, we take Buy position there The basic is this green closest direction We slide it.. Turns out, we get floating first. Is it normal? It's still around... how many is this?

If we entered here, we could get around 140 Pips If we didn't take it, we got loss 385 Pips It means that it's still in reasonable limit (our tolerance is 400 - 500 Pips) At the end, we get profit around 400 - 490 Pips At least, we see the closest structure even though there is red candle Then, here's the target. If it's not passed, please be careful. It has potency to go down. Be careful if it doesn't touch it and there is Doji, it has down potential If it's red candle like this, we focus on Sell because the closest structure is dominated by Seller 1, 2, 3, they are dominated by Sell. It has potency to go down again We can put Sell order here Because the last 3 candles were still red. No strong Buyer rejection at the bottom. We take Sell position and we can get around 300 Pips Pay attention when there is psychology level at the bottom although the direction goes down. there is strong psychology level at the bottom. Then, pay attention that there is rejection here There is rejection and there is psychology level here In the changing candle, it goes down directly until it reaches the psychology level. Then, it's not breakout. It rises back

If this candle starts to be thick, we can utilize it It went down but it was unable in the psychology level area. Then, it rises again It's tested again at this top Turns out, it always bounce. It goes back down When it rises and breakout, we take Buy position here Because the breakout is very valid.

It's full without rejection Although it's rejected to go down at the end, but at least, we get more than 300 Pips If we don't take it, we'll get floating around 90 Pips and it rises again. We get profit again. That's how to do it. Actually, it's easy. If it rises again, this is psychology level again. We drag it by see the left market condition Then, it really goes back in the SNR area There is also psychology level at this bottom. If it can't be breakout, it rises back It's not breakout again. Be careful! It can bounce again

How if it's breakout very strong? Here's the example It's breakout long. Pay attention to the left side. Is there any bump? It can be barrier Turns out, there are many rejections here And we must be careful there even though it's breakout long. So, although it's breakout, but if it's in the strong psychology level, you must be careful. Don't follow it. Like that. You must be more careful Many aspects which must be paid attention to Many aspects which is used as the basic to see the market clearly Including now "How about current condition? It looks like want to rise" Although it's strong, if it's unable to pass the psychology level area, it will be rejected up later If it's like this, this is strong Buyer rejection Will it rise? It will rise. But, don't forget that these are red candles and it reached this price. It means that there is Sell power left.

So, we must let it go down first We let it go down until it's unable to continue. Where is the lowest price? We wait for it until it finished. Until it changes to be green candle If it changed to be green, we utilize it to order Buy. We can take profit there quickly Don't be in a hurry in taking Buy order there.

It will be Buy candle, but when there is correction, you'll be nervous. If the correction is 300 Pips, you'll cut loss earlier or you lock it. While we're more patient in waiting for the down movement, it will be more potential. We can get profit there It's better like that. We don't get pressure and not feeling afraid.

Rather than taking position directly but at the end, it goes back down Because the Sell candles are lined up Meanwhile Buyer just rejected it once. It's not in form of candle. But, we still consider it. So, let it go down as strong as possible, then it rises back When the candle starts to be thicker, we order Buy there Although we order Buy, we still limit the risk up to 500 Pips or under it So, if the market reverse, no problem. We've prepared the 500 Pips numbers If we use 0.1 Lot, our loss is $50 It won't run out.

So, learn to maintain your anxiety feeling by waiting for the right moment by still pay attention to the risk. We've prepared it if the market reverse. Our analysis isn't always correct. But, if we really pay attention all aspects, our SL won't always be touched. Even we'll get more profit without wait for it in a long time.

Usually, people wait for the floating not the moment. They wait for the minus floating Any more question? "I practiced it, I took it from the rejection. Then the candle changes red - green - red - green" "Did I take wrong position?" "I must wait for the thick green candle, right?" It must be thick candle. If it's red - green - red - green, the power are balance So, we must see the dominant For example, the candles are green - red - green - red. Just see it. Here is the example; this is green candle, then red candle shows up. The red candle is still on top

Then, it's green candle again. The red candle is eaten by green candle. So, we take order here. We order Buy here How if we haven't got profit yet? That's your fault. Because you take it too much It will be like that if you take the profit too much You must be ready with long floating Market is always be like that. When we order, doesn't mean we always get much profit I personally, use large Lot. I can't stand in the market for a long time

I must exit as soon as possible. Even in the wrong condition, I do recovery and exit as soon as possible. If the Lot is large and I don't solve it directly, my budget will run out High risk. I don't forbid you to do high risk method, but it's for skilled person. We must be ready for the risk. High risk is just knowing the risk. The risk is, if we can't control it, it will run out For me, high risk is good as long as the risk is controlled (even though the Lot is 2.00) For example, we use $3.000 budget with 2.00 Lot doesn't mean we can't exit from it. We can, because we limit the risk.

The risk is just little, then we close it first We must be fast in using large Lot If we close it earlier, it's safe If we're wrong, that's our risk. We must be ready for the risk. If not, don't do business. Just work. Work in the company. The risk is only scolded

The salary is also fix If we do business, we must be ready in getting loss That's the point. All businesses have risk. Moreover if we do trading. Trading is high risk and high reward If I don't understand this well, maybe I couldn't break my bankrupt.

But, it also takes long process. Because my focus isn't get my money back If I focus on it, I'll be disappointed We learn a lot from the experiences Always fix the quality If the quality is good, the profit will follow us. "Yes, sir" The point is we must practice it more. For now, don't use real account.. You use demo account first.

Don't you worry about what other people say "The group members are smart. I'm envy" It's because of process and they are brave in trying it. If they aren't brave, they won't find their best way. They also did trials and errors until my chats were full They asked me almost everyday. I just guide them to at least can get consistent profit. It needs process, takes time, and must be patient. Sometimes, it also make us dizzy.

If some of you don't follow the rules, you may use your own way. You don't want to be fixed. But now, they can follow the rules and most of them told me that they can get consistent profit even though it's not much. The most important thing isn't the number, but the consistency. If the numbers are large but it runs out, that's useless.

Like that. Maybe you need to practice more and more Trading is not only about doing right analysis But, we must learn about recovery Do you understand recovery? Have I sent the example to you? "Yes, I got it" That's the example. Recovery isn't always be like that. The level is different At least, we must have quick reaction. We must move fast, see the latest market condition, and take action quick Sometimes, what we do isn't always correct. Sometimes, we don't get profit. I also often limit the loss. Even the loss can't be covered in 1 day (since morning to afternoon) It can be covered at night.

Why don't I do trading continuously? Sometimes, market is unpredictable. If the market is unpredictable, I leave it. I take a break. Calming my self. After that, I can enter the market again. Recovery is easier to be done in calm condition If we stress, we can't solve the problem It's like playing chess. How to exit from hard zone. "Yesterday, I tried to order Buy. Then, the market went down" "I closed the Buy, then I ordered Sell. Turned out, the market rose"

"So, I closed both of them" "I don't know how to do recovery" "But, it didn't take long time" "The movement was just a while, but I wasn't patient" "I felt confused" It means that you still don't understand about the technical. You must understand it too. After you understood technical... It's also same if you can't see the potential. You'll feel hard in doing it The point is you must understand it. Here's the example Understanding candle character isn't enough just by seeing the body and axis. We also pay attention to the time. Don't you enter it in the early minute! See the beats and the running time. Now, pay attention to the running condition. It rises but it's slow.

It means that buyer rejection is strong Pay attention when Buyer rejection is strong and slow like this Then, it's 5 minutes left It's low possibility that this candle will go back down as thick candle in 5 minutes So, the conclusion is.. It will be formed like this If it's up and down, that's no problem if there is a lil bit thick candle. The point is we see that it's formed like this. It's above the psychology level Then, there is strong buyer rejection So, like what I said, the potential wants to rise but we let it move first Consume the rest of Sell power After it's unable to go down, then, green candle formed, we order Buy May we take Buy position in this condition? We may. But, we must be ready in facing floating because the rest of power will show up although it's not too much It's 4 minutes left. It's low possibility to go back down until the end

We see it from the speed movement It's slow. Maybe it will be closed around this Pay attention to the volume. The volume is getting decreases, it will has rise potential If it's still thick like this, there will be seller pressure But, we focus more on Buyer We don't only read the pattern, but we see the movement, rejection, and time too It's 5 minutes left. It's low possibility to go back down It still has potency to up and down a lil bit But, to go down until the bottom, it's low possibility. So, the early conclusion is it will be formed like this So, there is simulation inside our head.

By reading this characteristic Of course this is strong Buyer rejection Can't it go down? It can. But, it's in the psychology level How to utilize this condition? We can utilize both of them For me, I tend to let it go down first until it's stable. Then, it starts to rise, we order Buy there It's much better It means that Seller is unable to go down again later. If it becomes tail, it's unable to go down, because it's rejected by Buyer It's 1 minute left It means that it's also impossible that it will reach this bottom in 1 minute "If it's in the last minutes, it will stay there, right?" Just see the movement. If the movement is like this (slow), it will stuck there "Which market that is good for learning trading? Is it in the morning? If it's in the morning, the market is slow" It adjusts on our condition. It's better to try all of them.

In learning it, you try the morning, afternoon and night market Which one that suits on you Sometimes, some members doesn't like too fast movement Some of them like slow movement. Because it can be controlled It's not too extreme. Night market is extreme. But, some people like night market. They think that morning market is too slow. "They think that it's too slow" Now, the candle changed. Pay attention to this I've told you that there will be the rest of Sell power We wait for it. We let it move as strong as possible.

If it's getting down, it's better. Then, it's rejected to up, becomes green candle. It indicates that Buyer is really strong there Try to learn and practice this kind of models At least, we won't get stuck in a long time in the minus floating condition Usually, we take position in a hurry. 'The market reverses, we order Buy.' Turns out, it's correction.

When there is down correction, we feel nervous. Moreover if the down movement is around 300 Pips. Then, using the large Lot. That's unsafe Lot. For me, low durability is unsafe. It's very dangerous. You prove and practice it later. You can communicate it to me.

Like another members. If you ask, don't only tell the condition. I won't understand. It's better to do screenshot and circle the transaction Don't screenshot it too small. There were some members who only did screenshot like this then, they asked me about the analysis It's hard for me to analyze it. It looks small in smartphone It can be seen if the market is like this. At least, I can see the market condition. Then, you may also screenshot the numbers So, I can see the price At least, I can see the potentials and give you recommendation and suggestion.

At least, I give you suggestion. Whether it will be used or no, it depends on you. Thank you so much for the time. We'll meet you on the other time. with different material If you face difficulty, you may ask me Thank you. Good morning!

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