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Trading Recap:

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Hey, what's going on everybody this is flu gil trader jeff author. Of the book trading, part-time today, is, I. Think. Today's Wednesday. I know, it's August the 1st and, welcome. The faggio show. All. Right everybody welcome, to the show wasn't here last night had some stuff to do today, we're. Gonna do things a little bit differently I'm gonna take you through my, process. Okay, I know, this show we analyze setups where Lots trades but today we're gonna hit the grind I'm, actually gonna take you through my process, I'm, gonna start doing this show just like the routine, that. I do right, and so. We're, just, what. I've got going on you're. Gonna get going, on okay and so that's. We're gonna analyze we're gonna test it out it might go long on the timeframe today, we're gonna check it out but anyway without further ado let's go look at the account really quick hopefully, everything's work on but having some technology, issues but today. Today. We were down a hundred, and forty dollars. Yep. August. The 1st. 2018. Wednesday. -. One, hundred and forty. Dollars. You, know what that ain't nothing the market was down today, well not all, the indexes, were down but the market, was down we. Were down one hundred and forty bucks that's basically, flat, okay, no, big deal. And. You know I'm cool with that right I'm, ready to rock and roll this is August so set your goals how much money you want to make in this month because it is game, on I'm gonna introduce you guys to several. Things you know, in the show okay so we're gonna look at option, trading we're, gonna look at foreign, exchange I mean we're gonna place, trades and we're gonna get it on okay, so, without, further ado, I'm, gonna let this portion, go, you want to watch the rest of the show visit. My blog trading, part-time calm, it's, also in the link for, the full show and trust me we're. Gonna start, going, through, like. Exactly. What I do okay. Not, just the set ups prior to that we were just analyzing the set ups not, we're. Gonna start hitting. It hard, so, we'll, see you on the blog for those of you who don't want to come to the blog then, I guess we'll see you on the intro. Tomorrow, but go to the blog right now to. Watch the full show all right everybody this, is fluke Gil trader Jeff author of the book trading. Part-time and we're gonna see you excitingly.

In The, show. Hopefully. Now. All. Right, we. Are back all, right without further ado we are wasting no time okay, no, time at all no time so let's go ahead and pull, up the chart really, quick. Okay. So we, got it pull it up boom, boom boom all right everybody, this. Is what we got going on today so, today. Really, quickly, the. Strongest. Index, was the Nasdaq, okay so this is what I'm gonna do I'm, gonna take you through my routine so, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna switch to the ETFs. Right the ETFs, are the exchange-traded, funds, that track this, sector so what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna take you through my. Process. So the. QQ, cube was the strongest, index, right so, this is what I do right, I'm gonna look at the major indexes, and. Today. The. QQ, was the strongest and all I want to know is other, than the ad was up today I get it guys okay we got a little messages, popping okay. That's just kind of the way it is hang on a second. We, might be having messages pop up I don't want to close it out so all, I care, about is what is the trend right so the QQQ which is the Nasdaq 100 the trend is up I can, see that because of my blue. Line which, is the 20, moving average and the, 40 moving average this, is going up right so trend, is up. You. Know what let's do this really quick. That's. I'm gonna use that study set when we break it down into the short-term trade okay so. Let's go out here to a six-month sharp really quick now. We're. Gonna look at a different, posture tool the one we just looked at was for whatever we break it down when we start analyzing trades. To actually. Place it and make money so you see how this is flattened, out, flattened. Out right here means it's starting, to go sideways but, if you really look at the direction the, six-month, trend, is, up. Right. So. The Nasdaq, 100 the, six-month. Trend, is up. But, if you break it down into the. Month. Tran, right I mean the last month it's going on but it's starting to flatten out sideways. So. One. Of the mentors, taught me a long time ago is we're gonna look at the direction, of this line or, whatever the direction of that line is going, that.

Is Our intermediate term posture, on that one okay but. If you want to just take a picture from here to, here that is clearly, up, so. The nasdaq-100, is, up. The. Next one is a Russell 2000. Okay so. If we look at the Russell 2000. The longer-term trend, is up but look it's flattened. Out and it's flattened, out so. Right now it's lines even starting to go down so when I analyze, this trend, this. One and my, view, is sideways. Okay, okay. And one of the things about trading, is trading as a decision-making process, which, means you, get to decide what you do the, sp500. Was, down today, but, this trend is clearly, up look at that line that's going up so. The S&P, 500. The, trend. Is up, this, is what I do every day okay. I want to look for the strength. The. Dow Jones so. I got a lot of lines happening, everywhere so if I look at the Dow Jones today the Dow was, down over, a hundred, points now that says one point zero six, cuz that's the ETF, the, Dow Jones, was. Down. One, hundred, actually, eighty one, thirty. Seven, so, it was down 81. Points I told, you we were down a hundred and forty dollars the. Dow was down over. Eighty so we didn't do too bad right, not at all so, if we look at the Dow we. Look at this line it's it's, going up now, I might appear, to be flat but look it's curved, and going up so, the. Diamonds. Is in. An uptrend right, that's what we got so, the sector, today I'm. Just gonna break it down into sectors. Of. What I do okay. I want, to know is look at the sector's and I want to see if they are up down. Or sideways based, on my analysis, okay can, the Dow was down today, so let's go to the sectors here. Sectors. Today. The strongest, sector was technology. Believe it or not technology. You. Know technology it's flattened, out right, here, okay but, that's very recent, the overall, trend, is up it's. Still, going, up we've, got a higher high so. Technology. Is. Up. So. What I'm gonna do is, and. I do this on Sundays, right, normally. On Sundays, is when I do this but we're gonna do it here today right so, what we got is you. Know. What I'm gonna do something right now okay I got so many watchlists going on we're gonna change. Then we're gonna create a new watchlist right now we're gonna put. Bullish. Sectors. Okay. So. Bullish. Sectors, now one. Of the things I'm also gonna do is if I do bullish, sectors, yeah it's right there I like, to see it up at the top so. I'm gonna take that and I'm gonna rename, it really quick and I'm. Gonna go I'm gonna add that a in, front of it because. When I do that it's. Gonna make it go up here, bullish, sectors. This, sector, is going up so I'm gonna right click and, I'm gonna add it to my bullish. Sector. So technology, up. Or. Bullish, real. Estate real, estate is. Up. Right, so I'm in an uptrend and real estate very, strong day-to-day, 0.62. So I'm gonna right click and, I, add real estate to my bullish, sectors. So. X-l. Rel8. Up. Today. XLV. XLV. Was up a little bit but look at this beautiful trend. Right this. Is the direction of the 30 day moving, average sentence going up the intermediate. Term trend is up, right. SP, five hundreds up the Nasdaq's going sideways but, three, of the four indexes, are going up so, now I'm finding, the strain so XLV.

Is Up so, I'm gonna right click and. I'm gonna put that on my bullish, sectors. X. L F was, the next one today 2 x LM, you see how this is going now it's going up here, but, look how it's been flat. Okay. Okay. It went down and, it's flattened. Out now again trading. Like I said is a decision-making, process you might see this differently, what, I see, is X L, F, has. Shifted from it down, to. A sideways. Or. Neutral. So, what I'm gonna do really quick is I'm gonna go and, I'm gonna create another watch, list right. Here visually and I'm going to put the other one with bullish sectors this, one is going to be, neutral. Sector. And. I'm gonna add this one to my. Neutral. We, have bullish, neutral. Sectors, okay, so, XLF, is sideways. And. I'm gonna draw my resistance, line up here no big deal alright. XL. Y XL. Y is discretionary. It was down okay, but yes. It is shifted. To. Sideways. But, the. Overall, trend, is up, okay. So. X ly. Is. Up. Okay. Once it starts shifting, down. Then, I might turn it to neutral but right now the discretionary. Sector, is up, okay. And, again I'm going through my watch list and I'm categorizing. The sector's up down, or sideways because, we want to focus on if we're, trading bullish, ly we want to focus on the strong stocks and the strong sectors. Right and. I placed a couple trades today too and. I'll tell you about that up. X-l. You in the. Utilities. Up. So. I'm gonna add that to my watch list and I'm. Gonna put that one in the bullish. Sectors, okay. X. LP. X. LP clearly. Up when you do this you can just eyeball it really fast so I'm just gonna right-click it at, this point it's up it was down on the day but. The intermediate, term trend is up okay. Intermediate. Term trend is like of a water the flow. Of, this. Stock has shifted, from down. To. Up it, is a strong, sector. In the intermediate. Timeframe. Basic. Material, see how this is going sideways. Clearly. Sideways. Oops I guess I'm not even really looking at the price I'm, just focusing, right, here, it's a sideway so xlb. Is. Gonna go in my, neutral. Sectors. Okay. Excel. Be. Neutral. Alright so. Now we got, xl5. Industrials. The. Industrial. Since again what I'm doing guys I'm gonna give you stuff, I'm gonna have you follow exactly my routine, okay which. Means if I'm placing a trade you're. Gonna know about it this, is sideways yes it's up in the short-term but look at this sideways. Excel, I. Sideways. Or. Neutral. I mean either way sours in neutral you want to call it so I want to put it into the neutral. Camp and then. Energy. Energy's. Clearly. Sideways. Clearly. Sideways, so what do I have any down sectors, we have up there we have neutral. Okay. So that's sideways, now, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add that to my. Sideways. Okay, so. We got up the indexes. Yeah one index was up today the VIX was up - so y'all know if you've watched this show the, VIX was up that means that's the correlation the stock market is down the. VIX up but we had three.

Indexes. That are up as. Far as their intermediate term trend the, Russell 2000. Is sideways so if somebody tells you they're in a downtrend, they might be talking about the short-term trend of the. Ten sectors, we have one two three four five six up and. Then we have. Four. Sideways, okay that's. What it is really quick I'm in gold. So I wanna take a look at go go today, was down I. Don't. Like that I meant gold we weren't going to go up but it's right at support. Ok. Gold was down today, so. It's right here at support, so tomorrow we'll see if gold bounces, really. Quick before we dive into it I do want to take a look at oil oil. Is one of the sectors, that I look at oils. Going up I was. Down on the day energy. Was down on the day that's what we would expect and, then, bond stock, market, was up coming. Down and the bonds, were down bonds is right here at support, ok so. Again I like, to look at the ETF, a USO, I like. To look at the TLT, what's right here my. Watch. List is called the, money, flow, right, I look, at well, certain things right here but I also look at the euro United States dollar because. I want to see if money. Was flowing into the euro today, with, a dollar and today. It, was flat, right, well as down, a little bit because, remember we're into the next part of the day but again it's in a sideways, channel I like, to trade the foreign exchange market. Again. If it's going up I'm gonna trade up if it's going sideways I'm, gonna trade sideways if it's down I'm. Gonna trade down. Now, what we're gonna do is we're gonna get into the nitty-gritty we're, gonna drop to a three-month, chart and I'm gonna go to my study, set called ATR. This stands for the Average True Range this. Is where we're gonna break it down and we're gonna look for some trades. Okay. Bottom line but foreign. Exchange if you're if, you're in my, master. Class Forex. I'll, dive, deep, into the Forex but here I'm taking you now do. My routine I look at the indexes, see. Which direction that. Sets my bias, sectors. Sets. My bias and now I'm going to my bullish, watchlist. Right so. My bullish, sectors. Are XL, k. XL. R e. Let's. Make it sure exhaling, I don't think I've had a one in there exhale. Why got. In that xly so xly I got. Too excited writing, stuff down I didn't at it cuz there should be six. In there so. Excel, why, are. My bullish, sectors. Okay. Then. We've got, six. Okay we've got six now so you notice technology, so, I look at technology. Don't, worry about this ATR, for a minute that stands from well stands for an average true range that's. How much this stock moves on a daily basis, so, today the ATR, if you look right here is 96. Cents, so this stock moves on average. 96. Cents. A day now, also I do want to mention, my. Facebook, group I have, a fan, page and. I, also have a group, training. Part-time group. It's, a closed group so, you have to go search for it if you. And, on my group during, the day I go, through this stuff and I'm gonna place trades I'm gonna place option, trades I'm gonna basically take you through my, during.

The Day what. I'm looking at just, like I'm showing you now what, I do at. Night, okay. Xlk. So. Now I'm gonna go to my watch list and xlk. Okay. I'm gonna go to excel okay and. I'm gonna see if I see any setups, and I'm looking for specific. Bull. Flag setups. That I can place either a, option. Trade, or. Stock, trade okay, and I'm gonna do what's called an ATR. But. Let's, go through it we're gonna point it out that's what I'm doing looking at here okay I. Just. Want to see something I'm, gonna erase a bunch, of stuff over here, because. We're starting this sucker over guys we're. Gonna do this right now today is August. The 1st and. We're gonna make some money this. Month, no. See. Here, good. Good. Hat. Let me erase this. Good. Ok so here we go Excel. K so now I'm gonna go do my watch, list stocks, in the technology. Sector. So, here we go and I'm looking for specific. Stuff. So strap. Your seatbelt on, okay. That. Is a nice, looking trade, it's, an up but we looking, for that we're looking for specific, stuff nothing, there nothing. There and I got to go fast because this, is my routine, and again join my master, class if you want to know exactly what. I'm doing but watch because we're gonna play some trades if we find them we're, gonna place them but, this is how fast I go through my watchlist, and I'm looking for specific, setups I will, tell you it is what I'm looking for first and one of the reasons why I can go so fast is I'm, looking at the direction of these two lines is the blue line underneath it is the blue line over, and is, it going up so like right here you can clearly see this. Blue line is, going up this, red line is going, up that's. What I want that when I see that. I'll. I put them in a certain watch list I'll explain I see like this is going up now. I entered. This trade today today. In the. Xlk. I, entered. A position, into, Microsoft. Okay. And. As a matter, of fact, I. Entered. What. Time is it a recording. 20. About. 1930. Okay. 1930. I actually entered, into this, trade today. Microsoft. I took a bull put, spread, so.

If You want to see and again, this was an option trade, I traded, this today, and, so. Hang on if you go to here, right, now each other's writing something down right. Before. Microsoft. Okay. I, took. A trade in this and I did it live in the Facebook group and it's recorded, so I put on this trade it's an option, trade so if you want to see what. I did in, that trade. Or how I did, it then. Go. To the group Facebook. Trading. Part-time. Ask. To join I'll approve, you and you can watch it I did, a bull. Put, spread. Today. On. Microsoft. Okay. Option, trade and, it. Was a beauty, okay I'm not saying it's gonna work out but, you know what we take trades because. We try to make some money so. Let me drop it down so I'm in that position already Microsoft. This is a bull flag I got in that trade today with a vertical, spread okay. And again go to my facebook, group as I talk about exactly, how I did it sideways don't like to look at I'm just flying through this. Internet. Slope is slow okay, this is up so. This, is a bull flag setup, so what I'm gonna do right now says, right now I'm going through stuff this, is in an uptrend I like it I like it so I'm gonna right click and. I'm, going to, at, the. Gates, bull. Flag I'm. Gonna add it to my at the gates bull, flag cuz. Then I'm gonna take all my bull flags and I'm gonna decide which, one of those trades, that, I'm gonna trade but it's in my at the gates boo. Flag, so I'm writing that down okay so that's the technology sector, right so. Now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back over here and, I want to see bullish sector x LP, X. Opie's in an uptrend so I want to go find my strong, stocks, in, that, sector that's, going up okay. That's. Going, up but I don't like this mess on a pass it okay. Now. Here's another trade, coming up that I enter, today and here is exactly, what I did I entered. Right here, today with a credit. Spread or a bull put vertical it. Was down today. But. I'll. Actually I entered yesterday into this credit, spread out, yeah. I don't know if I forget here today but I go, to the Facebook group cuz I got this trade in there okay I absolutely. Love. This picture but. I'm in it today but, I'm, not afraid to take another trade into, this okay again I trade a lot of option, strategies, one, of them is a credit vertical, spread of which I explain I'm in it I'm gonna right-click and, I'm, gonna add that to my at the gates bull, flag B, F stands for bull flag because this is a bull flag and this could be setting up for a trade that I want to maybe, take a call trade on or a, bull. Call, vertical. Right we have one trade going on it right now, and I explained that trade, in the Facebook group so we're, in the. Xlp. Costco. Going down nope. Okay, it's up but. There's no setup there but it is uptrend. We like that it's an. Uptrend, don't, like that setup. We're. Looking for bull flag setups, that could be a breakout, setup coming up but again we're looking for a bull flag, this, is sideways this is what we want though it's going up so, I'm looking for the up trim but now I'm looking for specific. Setups, you. Know I already hit my target on this one you see I entered, here hit. My target so this is a trend I took in one of my classes that I made a lot of profit on now, it's going up earning, this just, passed but. I'm still not ready for it yet okay now, this. Right here is. Going up it's starting, to, pull back as a bull flag okay. Starting. To so I'm gonna right click cuz, it's already, in, the process at the gates bull flag okay. Higher. High just. Starting. To go up right, now I mean it is crossing it is going up but, it's. Not enough yet so no Walmart, just going up but. This is sideways so done, with that xlp.

So. Now I'm gonna go over here, xlr8. The. Real estate sector, okay. So, let me kind of pull up my real estate sector, real quick. Okay. Let's. Go take a look at, Amazon. It's. Going up but I don't like that. Netflix. Again. I'm flying through these because we're. Here to make some money so. We're just trying to find a strong stocks and the strong sectors, going down don't like Netflix. BBY. Sideways. KR. Get. It pull it up like I said I this show now is we're getting to it if. You look at it it's still going up it's, flattened, out recently, but this line is still above it it's going kind of sideways but again it's in a sideways, mess, so don't like. That let's go to C, V naught, c bx c vs. C. Be. Actually. We're in the XR, t yeah, look, at that going sideways okay so. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go look at the next one. Bullish. X lu. So. I'm gonna drop it down to my excel, you and. Nothing. Sideways. Up. That's. Nothing, silent, boom no. Okay. Going. Up pulling. Back, right. Click at the gates bull. Flag so we added another one this is e IX, okay. Sideways. Sides. Going, up and this is a mess. Sideways. Sideways. Up. Hasn't. Got there yet. Getting. Worse we're done. Now. I'm just as I'm doing them I do, this always at night no one I've been doing the show just analyzing, certain things but now and then I go back later and I, go through my analysis, so I'm going through my analysis, now I'm just taking you right through it nothing there okay. So. Then what I'm gonna do here, is we've got x lv. X. Lv what's, going to the watchlist okay. We're. Gonna go longer today because again i'm taking you through the prodding. About it no my even go faster, but. It's. Talking about and again i'm just looking for my, cific setup that I've trained, my eye to. See and that's, why I'm going superfast got, Thompson, tonight, on swim, lessons. Okay. And I'm seeing stuff but I ain't seeing what I want well, I see here I hit my target mind, seeing nothing yet. Okay. Up, nothing. Could, be in a couple days nothing. Nothing. X. Lv. You. We gotta excel, why. Let's. Go to it. Okay. So it's got an uptrend, not, yet. Disney, some y'all might like disney so, we're gonna go look at disney today you. Know. But. Again overall, market, was down today 80 something points, as in people's down Nasdaq, was up nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Up. That. Nothing, I just want to do I'm, so used to these patterns and I teach these patterns if you can get through your stocks. Quick. And. Then you can go categorize. And place your trades and see what we got to do. Nothing. Nike. Sideways. Hasn't. Crossed yet, nothing. Last. Sector, then we're gonna dive down even deeper I wanna look at ease this. Is the financial I told you I want to look at these though because somebody's could or, potentially, setting up, nothing. For some stuff here in the future. Pulling. Up nothing, they're getting. Going through the watchlist right cuz I'm now, I'm not messing around we. Are look with nothing. Sideways. I can analyze that this is a I mean look here's, the deal I. Can. Look at this right now and tell you I could, right.

But You gotta join my other classes and I'll get I'll teach you these patterns that, right there is a symmetrical. Triangle there's things that we do when it breaks a symmetrical, triangle now. I'm taking to do my routine because. This is a live like, trading, room type of format okay you. Want to learn specific. Pattern, join my classes, because now this, is all about business up nothing, because. We're going to make some money and. That's. Just the way it goes my friend. Pulling. Back nothing yet. Nothing. Close. Yet. Maybe. It's a bearish. Engulfing, in. A couple of days we could have what we're looking for okay I like this one Wells. Fargo, beautiful, up up, curved. Over bull, flag right. Click at the, gates bull, flag okay, so, now I've went through my watch list and I've, got five, trades. That. Uh now I'm gonna look at in depth, a little bit more sort. Of because again I broke it down so the first one is I think. We're already at Costco, okay so, I already in Costco, but this, one is. A potential, setup for something else not, yet so I'm gonna skip that one EEI X, okay. Hi-hi. Pullback. So the first thing I want to do is I'm gonna write down e IX. I want, to see what the average true, range is, that's, this number right here so, today the average true range is, one point two four. That's. The 8t, are okay. So. That's kind of the first thing I want to look at so, I'm gonna go through p.m., now this is not ready yet still. Gonna needs a couple more days I put it in that list because it will be setting up enough this one's ready for. Isin. Verizon. Pull back its up the average true range is. 0.8. E5. Okay. I, want. To get those stocks at move stock, sticking to give me profit. W's. FC. Wells. Fargo. Okay so right now I've got two stocks, Wells. Fargo, loved this Average True Range one. Dollar and five cents. So Wells. Fargo. One, dollar five cents okay so, these three stock gix. Verizon. Wells Fargo. They're an uptrend. They're my, they're. My daddy's so, what I'm gonna do really quick is I'm gonna go pull up the option, chain, okay. Two. Million shares I'm. Gonna look at the option, chain I'm. Gonna look over here, that's, a big spread, okay that's 20 cents, I don't, like that between the bin - bread that's 20, cents I don't. Like that I can look over here at the call I wanted. To buy a call, I'm. Not gonna buy a call, okay. Nope. Two. Big options spread, right now may not be tomorrow so. Let's go to Verizon. Verizon. Okay. Because. I'm trading options, here guys I mean you can trade it with stocks I like this volume, 12, million. Okay, so. If I go right here to the thirty seven, days to expiration look, for the 30 Delta, hmm. 50. Let's, see what that 50 puts us, well. No. We need it. Well. We need to look at the Verizon, chart, 50. Delta puts us right here. So. The 50 Delta's, right here, that's. Below, one, layer of support. 250, let's see what kind of juice we got on 250, 25. We we don't have enough juice I don't think just look at this really quick for a vertical spread. $2.00. Wide spread on the vertical. 25. Cent that's not enough credit, we, could go to the 51, strike what, I'm doing is I'm looking, at option, trader. Now. 51, strike so this is what I'm gonna do the ATR, is 85, cents, on, Verizon. We, got good, volume so, I'm gonna place a trade right now this is called an ATR, Average True, Range trade. Okay, this. Is what I'm gonna do right now and after this that's. All the guys I'm really looking, at it beautiful, so I'm gonna look at Verizon. And. This is an ATR, Trade Average True Range the, ATR. 0.85. Five, entry. I'm. Gonna do my entry, calculation. I'm. Going to get the specifics. Join. One, of my master, classes, or go. To my training, part-time, Facebook, page and message, me and, I'll tell you how you can really get involved in this okay because. I'm here too I'm making money and I'm just going through my stuff and, I'll tell you my Zach, rules so. 52-31. Is the entry. Okay. So, right now the stock, is at 51. 73. That's. 58. Cents. I'll. Show you what I'm doing in a minute and so if my entry, is 50, - 31. -. The ATR, point, 85 that's. 51-46. Okay. So. The stop. Could. Be. 51:46. That's. The ATR, and then, my targets gonna be two ATR okay. This. Is just one way to trade it okay but. I like this there's multiple. Ways to trade this but. We're gonna do the. Two ATR, trade today so if my entry, is fifty two thirty one plus. Point 85 plus. Point eighty five my. Target, is. $54. And. One. Cents. Okay. That's. My, target, and this is an ATR trade, so what I like to do is I like to put that on that and. Put, horizon. ATR. Point. 85. Entry. 52-31. Stop-loss. 51:46. Target. Fifty. 401. Alright, let me just double check to make sure we're good for you two fifty.

Two Point three one plus. Point eighty five. Entry. Fifty. Two point three one minus. Point eighty five. 51:46. Yep. 52. 31 plus point 85 plus, point 85 50. 401. Yep. Okay. And, then. Risk on this trade if the ATR. Is point 85. Then. What we're gonna do is we're, going to risk. So. If it's point 85 and. We're, risking. You. Know this. Is basically. $85. Per, move okay. And if, I'm willing to risk. $500. That's, how much money I'm gonna risk so in this case if, I'm risking, $500. And the. ATR, is 0.8. E5. That. Means I'm gonna do I. Can. Do four. So. That's, what I'm gonna do, forty's. So you don't want to do this here I'm going to actually do, number, of contracts, and. I, say contracts, because. It's an option. Trade. I'm risking. $500. The, ATR. 0.85. I'm, doing four. Contracts. Right there, so. Let's go to the, tab the. 37. Good. Option, sprint I'm gonna do what's called the first strike out of the money so, that's this little area right here I need an over 40 Delta, I got over 40 Delta so, I'm gonna right click buy custom, with Osio bracket, okay and I'm gonna buy 1 2 3 4 4, OA 5 4 just like we said for contracts. Okay. For. Contracts. So at 85. Delta. Terms. Pour, all. Right 40. We're, good so, then what I'm gonna do here is one thing I do is I want to look at this Theo price, okay, this, would be a theoretical. Price move because I want to see what the options gonna, be in the morning if you. Know it gaps up so tomorrow is a 2 I told, you we were 58, cents so if the stock goes up, 58. Cents. Between, now and tomorrow. Which. Is a to, this. Option, will be worth $1. And 21. Cents, I'm gonna round it up and I'm gonna say. 125. So. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get in this trade but, if it's more than 125. I. Will. Not get into it okay so. I'm gonna do a limit, order right here I'm gonna buy four, contracts. Of the September. 52. Call, I'm doing it call an option. Trade call. So. Here when. The stock goes at or above, my. Entry, was 52 31 okay. 52-31. I got a lemon order of 125, I am. Going to set my stop. If, it goes at or below. 51:46. Okay. And. Then I'm going, to set my target. My. Target, is 50. 401. Now, I'm gonna confirm. And I'm gonna read that order just to make sure I didn't mess up bye for Verizon. Weekly, options. September. 1850. To call and one dollar and 25 cents. When. Mark at or above 50 231, that's my entry, 52:31. Cell. For, Verizon. Weeklies September, 52, call when the mark at or below 50, 146. That's my stop and then sell for, triggered. By the other order, at or above 50 401. I've got my target, I've, got my stop and I've, got my entry. To ATR, so I'm gonna confirm, it if, momentum. Goes in our favor tomorrow, we'll, get in this trade, for. Risk and roughly. $500, so. You'll. See you tomorrow this, is where I'm gonna start pulling out my trading journal and. I'm gonna start pulling out my trading journal and if we get into this trade we're gonna log this trade tomorrow cuz we're gonna start keeping track or. It's not making money but, this right. Here is a buying. The, call, it's. An option, trade okay, and there's no. When. You buy an option there's, no, limit. To the amount of money you can gain now I have a target, so I want, this sucker to move.

Get. To my target make, me some money we're, gonna keep tracking these trades entry. Stop. Target. Risking. $500. For. Contracts. That's what we're killing man all right everybody got. That trade I got in today Costco. Microsoft. Check out the Facebook, group cuz I walk you through the trade and these, are. These. Are real money is they ain't no paper money guys this, is real money and, we're risking $500. If we get into this tree all right everybody go, back review this this is a beautiful trade, I don't, have any more work to do tonight which is great cuz, normally I do the show and then I go back but now I'm going through my routine right, there 20 minutes in the morning 40. To 45 minutes at night in one, hour a day you, can trade and make millions of dollars one. Hour a day you don't need to stand you, don't need to stare at the market all day I only did that during the day because. I'm doing the classes for you guys okay that's, it all right everybody until next time this. Is flu gil trader Jeff if you want to join us at any of our classes, do, so get, in there make some money with us we offer Forex stock options. Everything until next time author. Of the book trading part-time we'll see you in the next show.

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