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Hey, what's going on everybody this, is flu kill training Jeff author. Up the book trading, part-time today, is Monday. July. The 30th, welcome. The. Faggio show. Alright, everybody, welcome. To the show. Hopefully. Everybody had a great, weekend, today pretty, crazy in the market today I don't know how much y'all know about the market or. What was going on hopefully you know something, about the market you're here every day watching this show, hopefully. You know something, by, now but. Anyway pretty. Volatile. Day right. New week. You. Know what really quick let's just jump let's, see how we did today we'll talk a little bit about it and then we'll get into the show alright so let's pull. Up really quick what we did today. Okay. Today. We were down, yep. We were down again guys, we. Were down. 687, dollars, exactly. Okay. So again today's, Monday we're. Starting off the week down now listen, that's. Nothing. Okay the market, got punished. Today. I think it got punished, on Friday, we, were down like seven actually we were down like five hundred and seven dollars I think on Friday. 687. Dollars today but again no. Big deal the market got punished but again we don't just trade the market we train them we trade the foreign exchange market. We trade the crypto currency, market so just because one markets down don't mean the other one but in the equity, because that's what this show is about again. As far as showing you the positions. 687. Dollars to. The downside, no. Big deal that's just the way the win so what we're gonna do today is we're like a big coin we're gonna look at a theorem, we're, gonna find out you, know what, the market did today if it broke key support, levels where it's at as far as setups, to see if we have any. Opportunities. Over, the next couple days but again, today's Monday. We're. Down, 687. But no big deal because the market was down with a lot more promise alright so, I'm gonna let y'all go if you want to watch this show go, to the blog that's. Where the show is post posted, just, go to the blog daily market analysis, section we're gonna analyze everything. We're gonna find out what happened all right so. Thanks, for watching this first part to catch the rest of the show go. To the blog now. That's. Where it's at alright everybody, until, next time this is flu game trader Jeff author, of the book trading, part-time, and we'll see, hopefully. We'll see you in just a couple minutes inside. The blog. Alright. Everybody welcome. Thanks, for coming to the blog I know you just got done watching the other part on Facebook, so we're glad that you're here alright so we're gonna do is we're gonna pull the paper money account. By TD Ameritrade, I'm not affiliated with TD Ameritrade our policies, are completely. Separate okay but, we are gonna look and analyze his, we might place trade so we're gonna do that from our paper money platform. Okay so, as you remember we were down six, hundred eighty seven dollars today, there's a lot of read going on over here read. Okay so let's take a look at the strongest. You. Know before we look at the in well look at the indexes, and then we'll look at you know the crypto currencies, in a Forex so.

Today. The. Strongest. And it was not strong. Was. The S&P, 500. And it was down. Sixteen. Point, two two points, I mean, the market got, crushed. Today it, was down man. Sixteen. Okay so look what happened today we broke that support. Level, okay, we talked about this on Friday we, had a huge. Down, day on Friday. Another. Big, down day today. Okay. But it broke the sport level now what, is the good in all, the good in all this is these. Two lines are moving up this is our 10 this is our 20, moving, average and our 40, moving average one those lines are going up that. Means our trend is up okay so, if we're trading bullish, ly that's, what we want okay now this. Right, here is, forming. What's called a bull flag, price. Pattern, this, is a bullish, continuation. Pattern. So, we're looking tomorrow to see if we get a, bullish. Harami, a hammer. And inverted. Hammer some bullish, candle, pattern that can give us potential, clues of when. The next move to the upside is, because, remember this game is all about buying, low, selling. High, so. I'm actually, glad. That, the, market, got beat, today because, it's forming, a bull flag that was the strongest and it, was not strong the. Next, strongest again. Down, was, the Dow Jones. The. Dow Jones was. Down. 144. Points. 144. Points we got that same, picture. Now. This line is from, a previous, resistance. So what I'm gonna do is this just look at the close. Same. Picture. Right let me get rid of that I was from one of my classes I do so many multiple classes, but look we, have the same. Beautiful. Bull, flag pattern, okay so, yes it was down a lot today and for people that don't know what they're doing they probably freaked out sold, their positions, but, not us not. You this. Pattern, we, love, so what I would like to see tomorrow is another, down, day yep. I would, like to see another, down day and, I would like to see it come. Around. This, area. Give. Us a bullish, candle pattern off, to the races but again the market was down 144. Points, the S&P was down sixteen. Point two two points and we were only down 680. Steps again that's. Nothing, go look at your 401k, accounts I bet you they were down a lot more than six hundred eighty seven dollars right after this show go, to the Internet pull, up your forum okay see, what it did today see if you didn't drop more, than, 687, because if you did drop more than that maybe. The wrong persons managing, your money maybe you should learn how to do it yourself now this, is the Russell 2000, it was down Tim. It. Was down 10 points, today, ouch. Okay it, broke the support, on Friday. Continue. To the downside. Okay now I have this next, line now, again I got, lines everywhere, but here what we're doing guys. Whatever. We're gonna do is right, down. Here. Okay hmm, so this. Is the next support level so price, based. On this pattern could. Drift, down to the next support level if bid does that then. We might be able to take a support bounce, trailer right now it's, below this 30 day moving average it's, below, the 20 moving average broke. Through support, not. Looking good okay down.

Big, Today and then the last index, which was down the worst was technology. All. Four indexes, were down today and it was down to Nasdaq. 103. Points. So. The Nasdaq, was down. 103. Points. Today ouch, look. It kind of looks similar, to. Both the S&P, and, the. Dow but, now we have this other big red candle, so, we have now fallen, below the support, so we. Felt below, the 40 day moving average as well, so this index. This. Along, with the, Russell, are the weakest, indexes. Right, now yes they were the weakest today but if you look at the picture, there, the weakest based on the chart okay so, again my next support lines right here so, we'll see what happens tomorrow oh man all four, indexes. Down, to so, what I'm gonna do is I'm, going to now switch, charts, because. I want to see how Bitcoin did today and, I would like to see how aetherium, did today so let's go to the trading view, charts okay, and. Bitcoin. Looked like it was down today and aetherium, again, I don't know what the chart looked like yet but have you said Bitcoin was down some. People my panic but let's go look at the chart and I see what's good ok. So this is my chart on, Bitcoin. Now. We had that reversal, pattern down here, we, went up to our next. Resistance, and we went up to our next, resistance, and so right now price. Is in what's called a, well. It's like a pennant, or you could call it a symmetrical. Triangle I'll, try to draw the lines on here. Yeah. Okay that worked out well this, line. Right. Here so it's in what's called if you look at this this is a symmetrical. Triangle which, means price is just calling, up inside that triangle if we really zoom, in to this level right here, you. See price, went up to resistance, bounced, down to support back. Up to resistance, it's. Inside, that channel now what do I see positive about this you see this long I don't know how much you can see but it has a long wick. Which, means that sellers, push the price down but didn't buyer stepped.

In And push it up so even. Though Bitcoin was down today there was a lot of buyers. Because. Buyers pushed, it from that bottom, level here, all the, way up to here okay so. Again to, me if I look at this chart it's just calling up inside. A pattern, ready. To break okay know one thing we don't know this is gonna break to the upside or, it's gonna break to the downside but. Since the pattern. Suggests. This. Is a bullish, trend we. Would expect, doesn't. Mean that it will price. To break through this ultimately, our final, price target is up there around. 9800, for Bitcoin, okay, now. Let's go take a look at aetherium, okay, again Bitcoin. And then, aetherium which is an altcoin, an altcoin is all the other coins. Besides. Bitcoin. So, if we pull up aetherium, today right, here. Let's. Back it out. We're. Zoomed in. If. We can get it bigger here. Let's. Try this year, to date okay, tried. To kind of play around in there for a minute pull this up. Okay. Knocking it down now let's zoom it in and see we're figuring out this charting package, okay. So, what we had was we had a downtrend. All. Right we had a downtrend, going on it broke through our resistance, we, pulled into that, W. Bottom, pattern, right here went up down. Up, down. Okay. Now, we're just floating around sideways. Okay so, again that's what happens usually trends, don't just go down and, then reverse straight, up they do sometimes, and they're called V bottoms, a V, bottom I explained what of the bottom padam is in my book but, usually they go down and, then they go sideways before. They go back up and that's what's happening, here we have this W bottom reversal, pattern but, again price it hasn't reversed, quite yet right now we're going sideways, so today was a down day both Bitcoin, and aetherium but, again, it's. An exhaustion. After, the downtrend, on this chart the other Bitcoin, is a symmetrical, triangle and an uptrend, so those are positive signs, not negative, signs, positive.

Signs A theorem is at 450, three of coin. Okay so. Now back to our market. We're gonna look at the euro United. States the dollar right now so. The euro United, States dollar we're comparing, the strength of the euro dollar, versus. The strength, of the United, States dollar okay because there's a lot of people and it's called the forex, market, or the currency, market, - well they'll trade, the pairs they'll trade euro strength or dollar strength today the. Euro was up 48. Pips, okay. As, you know going back to this chart let me go to my euro chart. I'm. Still, in this trade I've been in this trade I've, been in this trade for a while now price. Has just been kind of doing nothing, but today was a positive, sign and we're right, back at, the. Resistance. Right. There okay so, we might finally. Get, that breakthrough. Out. Of this area if we do we. Will target up here and then it'll either break or it'll. Start to channel, okay, so, if I'm looking at this chart and I'm trading this chart I'm. Not doing anything right now I'm looking at this level and I'm looking at this level either to, do. What's called a sell, a by, or buy, a limit, order down here, or a sell, limit order, up here, this, is going sideways okay so when it's in channels, we can just trade up and down okay but it was up today. 48. Picks right, so. Let's look at the United, States Canadian. Dollar okay, so. If we look at the US, Canadian. Dollar and I like to look at this pair because of our trade, relationship. With Canada okay, now this is from another class, okay. So in this particular case right, here, it was down to date 23, pips so if it was down that. Means the dollar was weak the, Canadian dollar was. Stronger. Right. Okay. Now, you'll see here in the class the other day we took some trades got stopped out today no. Big deal actually we didn't get stopped out today because we would have taken profit, up here just this, was one of my classes, that I was demoing but this is where we got out kissed, the, US dollar was weak today on a lot of fronts okay the US dollar was weak against the, Canadian. Dollar it was weak again to the euro it was weak against a Swiss franc today. The dollar took. A beatin so in the stock market even though the stock market went down quite, a bit you can you may be lost money in there if you would know how to trade this market, you could have traded weakness, in the dollar and, maybach. Your money right, there cuz I know looking. At this we've got the United, States dollar look. At this one the Aussie let, me just look at a couple pairs Canadian, dollar, okay. Hey, that's one pair that I'm looking for, right. Here. There. I'm. Just looking, okay. Okay. So now, we're looking at the Euro Japanese. Yen. Like. This pair this is what's called a bull flag. Forming. Up okay, so if I activate. This guys hang on, let me do this. Kind. Of removing, out hang out a second let me just remove that drawing real quick boom this, is a bull flag okay. Now, this, has fallen below this. Resistance, here but I love this pattern right here okay this, had a higher high pullback. We, got to bounce today okay so, this is our entry, into the bull flag so you could take, a trade, into, the Euro Japanese. Yen. Today that, means that we are looking for your strength, against. The Japanese, yen okay so, going through my foreign exchange you know let's get back to the let's, go back to the other and this is more of as thoughts kind of class but for my Forex class don't worry we're gonna be talking about this in our private group okay, so, the strongest, sector day was energy, sector so, there was actually, three sectors that were positive today energy. Sector, was, one of them okay, and so, the energy sector, again it still sideways. But it was, 0.63. Now it's right at, the resistance, okay so.

We. Might finally, break through this channel, guys we're in this trade right here we did a bounce, trade, we. Got in we've been going sideways so if they can break through that level. Tomorrow. We, might finally. Get. Some juice in the, energy sector so look at oil it was up today okay so again, if that, breaks through this, chart could finally break through this resistance, game we, enter, into bullish, trades either, with bounce trades, or. Breakout, trades okay this is our breakout, setups the two that I just told you or breakout, setups, breakout. Help. Financials. Okay same. Thing, financials. Went up to our resistance. Pulled. Back, okay. And so, that one is a tombstone. Doji. It's a bearish, candle, pattern but that's what we would expect at. Resistance, so tomorrow's. Gonna be a crucial day in the financials, we have not given the financials, any love for. A very long time but, if it breaks through that resistance, tomorrow we might finally, be, able, to start, paying attention to. The financial, sector because it was up today okay. Healthcare. Healthcare. Write. This down this. Is what, you want, healthcare. Is in a beautiful bull, flag if you, notice we got in a half a position, right. Here pull. Back into a bull flag, health. Care is now, a bull flag setup you can take your second. Entry, into, this trade well place, the condition order if you miss the breakout you, can place a full position, order, on, health, care that. If momentum, continues, tomorrow it'll, get you in the trade so I'm writing that down okay. I love. That picture that is a beautiful, beautiful picture, can't. Really describe it that is the textbook, perfect. Bull flag so. Now we got real estate real. Estate it's. Been going nasty, in this it was down today, we, did get a hammer candle pattern but, it's in between the 20 and the 40 that means momentum. It's stalled any, times it drops below, or, the 20 anytime it drops below that that. Means the momentum stalled it's not going sideways. When. It goes sideways we look for breakout setups, we're. Not looking for a breakout setup there that's not too good, staples. Staples, was. Down, today, point, zero six, but look at this see how these lines are going up I mean this upward trend we, had a pullback okay.

So It's a strong, it's. A strong sector. It's. Forming, a well this is a pennant, but, it's looking, like it wants to form a bull flag price, pattern so if we get price tomorrow on a down day we, could get a bull flag setup but I wrote that down xlp. For. Potential, I really like that health care though basic. Materials. Base, materials, came up to resistance. Broke, through it Celes, pushed it back down, today it fell back down so, now it's back inside, this channel, there's no setup there, well, if you are going to do a setup you'd have to get back in with a breakout so be, looking at this over the next day or two because you could get a breakout. Setup right, now, it, was another down day. Utility. Is down today, inside. Of our symmetrical. Triangle, again, price is coiling, up inside the triangle right cool one up so we don't trade inside the triangle with. The next setup will be a break out of this, area or, a break, out of this area it can break to the downside or. Can, break to the upside okay, so right now it's inside, this triangle, we're. Looking for a breakout okay so I still like that a healthcare. Sector, by far the best. Discretionary. Sector, that was the next, weakest. Now. By the way a health care was goes down with an aloof. Discretionary. Down point eight nine point. Eight zero percent. Broke. Do support, today broke. Below the 30 day moving average, no. Bullish, setup there guys so and, things break down like that we look for strength that, was down it's. Not strength there. Industrial. Sector, down, big. Point. Seven five point, nine nine percent down. Again. It hit, resistance, we talked about this Friday. And sure. Enough price. Rolled over maybe the breaks to resistance or, rolls over resistance, is where there are sellers, okay. And again, if the sellers are gonna step in they're going to step in at resistance. You know that's where the Bulls and the Bears, battle. And the Bears they. Won that one today, technology. Was the weakest, sector, on the day I. Do. Want to look at that health care you know space and we talked about though okay, oh down. Today, technology, down. One. Point one to one point five six percent, it was, down, huge. On Friday. Huge. Today. It, broke. Through support, it broke, through the moving average it bro do another support. Below. Not, good we don't like to trade bullish, ly when they're below, our moving. Averages okay so. Yes the two moving averages are going up but. What you can't see is this one is starting, to flatten, out. No. Not. For bullish okay so technology, move, I'm. Gonna get Facebook if technology was down what are Facebook, do this Facebook is a pretty, big player in technology, so, let's see how Facebook did today. Facebook. Oh man. Down. Two point one nine percent. Down. Man. That's too big red days and down on a row this. Line right here well. We should have got already this is where price was supposed to open up that one night so let me just delete that line real quick okay so. Right here, Facebook. Is down today, it's coming to a critical, level guys this. Support. Level right, here is big for, Facebook if it, breaks too it could fall all the way down to 151. That. Has 20 points more to the downside, so, if you're in Facebook watch.

It We're, gonna be looking for bullish, patterns like divergences. And things like that but I'll tell you what you should have already bought a protective, put on this trend I got told you a couple of days ago around. Earnings, but, anyway Facebook. Down technology. Down a lot of stuff down today except, the euro was up actually, almost every pair against the US dollar was. Strong so. You could have made your money in a currency market, today Bitcoin. Was down a theorem, was down spy, was down Dow. Jones was down a lot of stuff down only three, sectors up. Financials. Energy. Health. Care take. A look at bonds, because, if the stock market was down we would usually think, that bonds, would be up and some. Bonds were down okay so, again people weren't taking their money see. One name is people when they move their money out of the market they don't just sit on the side as they move it to another market, a lot of times when people pull out of the the, stock market they'll go to the bond market okay, they didn't do that today if you, notice the euro was up the. Dollar was weak so people, took their money in the margarita day and bought, here oh right. Again, they so took their money out of the stock market and they put it today in the currency market right yeah, you just gotta find out where the money's going and, then followed, that wasn't. In bonds today it, was down, interest. Rates I want to take a look at our interest, rates financials. Were up so. We would expect interest, rates to be up that, would be the correlation, we would expect this chart to be up plus, the bonds were down so it usually means interest, rates were up interest. Rates were up point, one five point five one percent so interest rates were up today this is the ten-year Treasury. Yield so bonds were down interest. Rates were up, financials. Were up huh, cool. Money, moved out of the stock market into, the currency market again all these correlations guys all. These correlations okay let's just take a look at gold you know we got into gold the other day the. Market was down right. So let's see how gold did gold was down a little bit all right Gold is down right now to the sideways, mess we're, in gold, we got in the other day right. Now it's just going sideways, no big deal so I'm gonna drop it to a three-month chart and I want to go look at some stocks, really quick in the healthcare space. Right. Okay, the healthcare, space. Because that was a strong sector take a look at the sector again this is the healthcare sector we have that nice bull, flag. So. I'm gonna look since, that's a strong sector, my, job is to find the strong sectors, and go trade the strong stocks in the strong sector so let's go through our watch list this is the healthcare watch. List right here so. This is what we do every day guys we look at the we, look at the market we. Look to see what happened we look for strengths and then we go find the strong stocks or no yeah. I know what I'm looking for right I'm looking for a strong, stock, came not. Yet but that is a potential, bull flag see how it went up and it. Pulled back to. Me it hasn't pulled back enough yet I like to see that move at least halfway in that channel okay. This sideways, mess okay yes those two lines are going up see how that's going up the price fell that's not what I'm looking for not, what I'm looking for, that's a higher high now. I'd like to see a pullback okay, right here this is what I'm looking for in.

D-t. Okay. MDT. Is, what I'm looking for so write, that down, oops. Write. That down that's the picture that I'm looking for up today. Was a bullish. Harami, this. Is ATR, this is called the average true, range I, like. This I. Like. This trade for. What's called an ATR, trade, okay but it's a wolf-like pattern, but, I like it so I'm writing that down because I like that one okay, right there, the. Breakout setup but. I'm not looking for a breakout setup right now I'm looking for a bull flag bounce, setup higher high. That's. It. See, this is a bull. Flag but not really because look what I it's not pulled back enough right now it's just went up and it's going roughly sideways, okay so. There's. Nothing in that trade yet you and H know. Was. The other sector I rode down today the strong sectors, were energy, financials, and health care so let's go look at the energy sector really quick we've got some time okay. I got MDT, though we do like that one MBT. I like. The ATR, if, I like the setup. Time. To start making some money we. Had a couple down days in a row, markets been damn it it's what happens when you're bullish, portfolio, the market goes down that's, what you would expect no no. Bear. Flag, okay. She's. Down, this is a Bear Flag. Halliburton, for a Bear Flag I. Don't. Know what a bear flag is my pin stop working just know that that's not a bull flag it's the opposite right so. Halliburton. Bear. Flag. Okay. Bear Flag this. Is a beautiful picture that, means we would expect it to go down because. The trends going down we would expect to go down up, nothing. Up. Nothing. Up. Nothing. Nothing. This. Could be forming up soon I'm just going through you look for some stocks we have a couple minutes I'm, gonna flying out there right now I'm gonna go through the financials, see this is what I do every day this, is a bull flag but see it fell below this level, don't. Like that it's. Got a Bank of America let's, just no okay. I'll do it for specifics, I got MDT as a bull flag, Halliburton. Is a bear flag right that. Broke through the symmetrical. Triangle, today so if you like that that would have been an entry, into Berkshire. Hathaway today entry. Symmetrical. Triangle, see, that's. Up up you. Know I like some of these charts you, know what I would like to see some pullback in these charts and this could be this. Could be where I'm going over this week okay, dad, we got a breakout set up Morgan. Stanley okay, didn't break out yet but I told y'all that Friday it's a breakout set up so ms. Breakout. Set up okay. USB. Up. Up. You know what I like this funny I mean, I like the sector, but I like some of these stocks in that sector over the next couple days right so. I'll tell you what guys I'm writing, the financial, sector down on my list because. The stocks. MDT. M. DT, I. Want. To go over here and I want to see how their options, are 4 million ok so, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to you, know not do that after the show or it does you in my paid class so, those are you in my paid class like, we're. Going I'm going to record this and I'm going to post it in that section so if you're not a member of the, training. Part time master, class or the stocks online coaching a live class then. You're. Not gonna have access to it but I'm gonna place what's called an ATR trade, after, I get off this recording, I'm gonna go do this, trade, bull. Flag. ATR. Trey. Blanket. All right everybody, hopefully. You enjoyed it I went over a lot of stuff today there's some cool things I wrote down some good, stuff we were down today's 687. The, market was down the sectors were down a couple sectors were up MDT. I'm. Gonna go back over it again sorry, cuz I really liked it. And. I'm gonna look at this, 40 Delta ok, telling. You right now like. What I see MDT. MDT. So. We're going alright, everybody until next time this is flu kill trader Jeff hopefully you enjoyed the show author. Of the book trading part-time if you're not in my classes, join. It go to my blog if you're kind, of curious about what we offer all right I'm ready until next time peace.

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