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Trading Q&A with beginners || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

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Hello sir Yes I am from Lucknow sir Ok I have one question sir And before asking questions Let me tell you one thing That am following you since 8 months And I am MBA pass out Ok Now recently before 2 years In this journey I haven't received a Teacher like you Means my age is 29 Ok And whatever I have studied and done PG Haven't got a Teacher like you Your style is admired by me And for this reason I was doing in Crypto Had a huge loss But from this market I have trust that Means from that in trading I can recover that loss Sir Now I am coming to stock market question In stock market I haven't placed any order Ok And in ZERODHA I have made a Demat And before this had a huge loss in crypto So sir In crypto did you have loss in investment or trading Sir by buying in spot which stuck on top Like I took your 3 class now We won't say that trading Will call that investing Trading means is different, 5 minutes, 15 minutes timeframe forming strategy and entering there and making out from there This is called Trading Stuck somewhere is not trading Just like that because of FOMO sir Just like that because of FOMO sir Friend is buying and going very well Bought coins And got stuck there That also should stay in standard coins It's ok, no problem Now I am stuck But sir your videos sir Means by observing your videos on YouTube Till now the 3 class is done Have earned that much confidence that I can do it That loss cover Very easily it can be covered Definitely it can be covered My question which was main Means can I make it in stocks? Means I haven't placed a single order So can I do it? Means whatever it is After your class Definitely definitely you can perform I will send you a video In which you It will have all the basics of ZERODHA Ok Ok Thank you so much Mudassir Ahmed Thank you for the feedback Sir my question was If market is moving in downtrend And I have to in bottom that Receiving a bullish engulfing and that previous red candle by breaking its high should take entry sir? Or the bullish candle is fully formed Then should I take an entry? Ok So the answer for this is This isn't in this condition that In worlds all conditions Consider, I will teach you But consider if I trade on 15 minutes time frame On 15 minutes time frame Yes, sir So in 15 minutes time frame till the candle closes I will not enter Right sir Alright? So was down there was a red candle When it's high will break then only it will be called engulfing Right sir No matter may it have a big body but if it's smaller than red then can I say it is engulfing? No Sir Because it didn't engulf that So when it will engulf that And look am telling you a 20 seconds rule Many time it might happen Shishupal that you are entering with a concept of trading We wait for that candles to close We waited it, candle closed and Boom Market fled and couldn't enter Did this happen? Yes, sir it happened it shootes many times candle Right sir That's why we will use 20 secs rule 20 sec rule I teach in class Now am telling you what is 20 seconds rule 14 minutes 40 seconds when will be left 14 minutes 40 secs Consider 5 minute timeframe is there 4mins 40 secs gone Yes, sir Now look If any stocks wanted to go from bottom to top So did I have 14 minutes 40 seconds? Does the stock had 14 minutes 40 seconds to go up? But it didn't go Right sir So do you think will it go in left 20 seconds That much high No No sir That's why we decided in 14 minutes 40 seconds that it's done We require 10 secs to type, move the hand or mouse and to press enter Yes sir 12-15 So when 5 secs will be left to close Then you would have entered So this is how you enter a trade Ok sir Thank you very much Okay Shishupal thank you so much Yeah Sir I watch your other videos in that where to make entry and add Stop loss Sir I do both of these thing with perfection From my point of view But sir the target hit take place Due to fear it I come out before the target point Look if you decided your entry point That would be a genuine entry I would consider Stoploss would also be genuine will place it under some candle Target actually anything genuine? No Exactly Some has the ability to hold 1:1some can hold 1:1.5 some take 1:3 some take it till EMA and some till Pivots So target for all will be different So first of all this is not a personal problem of yours This happens to all So the solution for that problem is Trading with a system Trading with a system means Means will make rules And work on rules Now what is that rule Will teach you in Risk Management class Will tell you 3 cases Will follow that as rules Do you consider the stock market as your brother or friend or a professional environment? What do you consider? Sir Professional Environment No, we say that but consider as our friends and brother and do anything according to our choice We do that, right? Exactly sir We don't take that Professionally Bro, look if you go to office Then like this will you put on half pants and like this clothes and go to office By wearing Gym clothes will you go to office Can't go So this is the mistake undertaken We have to make a rule this our target and this is our stoploss So till target arrives I won't exit This I have to take Professionally decision And have to create a psychology that I won't be scared I will take target Ok sir Second question Sometimes I also do churning simultaneously Hello Hello Yes, say I sometimes churning What do you do? Chasing I chase, ok Its reaching to my target but it shouldn't come down so I keep shifting my stoploss So sir my most of the time it cuts there You do wrong, That is not the way In every short while you fill Stoploss Every time means every 1-2 candles after so wrong, This is not the way First of all, till you reach 50 % target isn't received till then we shouldn't trail We don't do Below 50% it says that it will consume all the stop loss I want to eat it I want to take stoploss After it crosses 50% then we take it to breakeven And when it breaks out from there Then we don't perform 1,2 candles trail We give it a genuine space Because the market is volatile? Do you know that the market is volatile? Sometimes yes Do you know the meaning of volatility? Volatility means to move like this Stability means to move smoothly up And Volatility means to move up and down Moving up and moving down Market turns volatile? Yes, it turns volatile What do you trade stocks or index? Sir in Nifty Nifty/Bank Nifty is extremely volatile You have to respect volatility and don't have to trail like a miser So there's a method for trailing That we will use and tell you in your trailing class ok Thank you thank you Okay thank you Hello sir Actually I have this insecurity that people are on keep telling me that Nifty Fifty and all this market are very much exploited manipulated It's very hard to make money However, hard you study charts and all you are not going to make monkey Ok ok Listen Shelja Listen Shelja they are right in some sense and they are wrong in some sense Wrong in the sense that it isn't manipulated Manipulated if you say RAJA BATTERY named company can be manipulated whose total net worth was 500 crores But Nifty/Bank Nifty manipulation if I over here NSE derivatives turnover type and ask how it's there Do you see So I here read one also then you can see index this year How much turnover is there in Index options? Yes, yes So what's written 5327934 crore Yes Crore No one has this much money to manipulate So am not saying sweet things that no no Shelja this doesn't take place Look at these number does it this much money or even have half to manipulate? Millions of dollars are there Yes, Raja Battery But sir, they keep saying operators game and all Operators game is in small cap Not in large cap No operator is big enough to manipulate HDFC BANK or ICICI BANK Absolutely no operator has that audacity to mess with mid cap So the story you hear is of the small cap And it's true That in small cap market is moving up and up and up and then lower circuit takes over and can't exit from there Okay so whatever is happening in the market. happening based on the companies which are there in the index. No, I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you in one minute, give me one minute. I will explain to you.

So, I also had the fear and I also was irritated by this so I decided. I haven’t done trade up till now in the small cap or midcap. I never do that. There is a group called NIFTY 50. T here is a group called NIFTY 100,

ok? We don’t go outside NIFTY 100. We never go outside NIFTY 100. We mostly don’t go beyond NIFTY 50. But, if at all we go then we are up till 100 only. We don’t go. There are 2000 companies in NIFTY. We don’t go to 2000+ companies. So now you will not do this trading. No matter how many charts you guys read, it is all bullshit.

If I don't know all these things, then what? If I don't know all these things, then can I? If I don't know these things, there are 3-4 things in it. It is head and shoulder pattern, double top pattern, it is getting a breakdown. So, today I won’t be able to do trading right? So, it is all bullshit. True

You see, people always talk big, there are too many people who talk rubbish. I am sir, actually I am a girl right? So, when I am entering in trade then they are trading as gambling, why are you entering trading? I am an MBA graduate. After MBA why this so kind of comments. I’ll ask it in the chat box, like these questions are asked to most of the people right? I’ll ask in the chat box, let me know. Tell me guys, a lot of people would be saying right? Yes.

No, no it's sir like. One minute Shelja, I want to ask one more question. Do you guys come by asking at your house that you want the property papers and you want to sell it and do gambling-trading with it? No, no.

No my friend. Brother, trading from 10-15-25,000. If we try it at 50,000 or 1 lakh, then what will happen in life? What bad would happen? Have you ever given a Rs 5000 loan to someone and that friend ate it? Has it ever happened in your life? Happened with anybody? Shelja has it happened to you? You have given some friend a loan and he ate it. Yes, yes. And the money's gone. Has it happened? Brother, many of the times the money in our life goes like that, Shouldn't we learn it.

So, everyone says at your house that you don’t want property, I don’t want property. Brother, let me just learn it with a small amount of money and in that smaller amount I would see if I am able to do it or not. If I am able to do it then gradually I will make 25,000 to 1 lakh. If it was 1 lakh, then 2 lakhs. If it was 2 lakhs then 5 lakhs, if 5 lakhs then 10 lakhs.

I will increase gradually. I’ll go with a system. Ok? So, I have given you a practical answer, it is not a technical answer. Ok So, have a learning attitude. Have a learner attitude like a kid in yourself, not like that I do sir, I do but because of the comments like these I get a little bit demotivated and feel insecure. I am telling you, you are saying you are a girl.

So, girls have won Olympic medals. Girls have won so many things in this world nowadays. Girls are CEOs of big big companies. So, its not about being a girl, even boys get demotivated because of this. Here, you have to make your own decision. So, by listening, just say yes-yes. Move forward by saying yes-yes. You will get to know that you have already moved forward in your life. Not in this field but in any of the fields in your life. You should not pay attention and you should make your own attitude that you should be clear to yourself. Tell me in the chat box.

Are you guys clear that you don’t want to do gambling? Yes You don’t want to do gambling right? No. If you want to do it then it is the wrong thing. If you are making a mindset, that give me a strategy. There are 5 lakhs of the FD. After I joined the class, I started to feel like it's a very great skill to master actually.

It needs talent and intelligence. I will not be the person who will sugarcoat my words. It will take time, minimum 6 months for you to understand it fully. When you will do revisions again and again. So, take your time and learn slowly. Sir, yesterday you said one thing. You mentioned that for swing trading you need more money and for Intra day trading you need less money. How is that?

Because, on Intraday you get 5 times leverage. You are getting 5 times, meaning if you are coming with 1 lakh rupees then the broker gives you 4 lakh as loan, let’s say. Ok, ok because of that. And in the swing trading we get lesser loans, that leverage. You must have known that there was a fight going on for SEBI. They are removing margins, removing margins. Everyone is fighting with SEBI. Some of them are putting it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter that remove SEBI ban-SEBI ban. So, it was only happening. Earlier we used to get more margin in India, now we get small leverage. Long trading means buying? Is it right? Long trading means buying and short trading means selling.

Ok, thank you so much sir. And you take your time, and you just keep your ears open, do learning. Eyes open, mind open and give yourself an opportunity. You have done so many things in life, why not try to learn trading? Why not? Yes yes, I have that attitude sir Sure-sure. Thank you so much.

Brother, I am actually in the Indian army. Ok. I am continuously struggling for the past 3 months to do something or the other in life. Ok. I am set but the guideline is very weak. Ok. I have gone just as the brother told me. Profit comes but I am not able to book it.

Ok. It is the same condition. So now, I am continuously finding and trying to learn. Ok But, the main problem faced by me is that in online classes I, myself, am a little bit fearful In which city do you live? I am currently in Lucknow. Actually, I am from Gurgaon only. Ok ok So I want to. Are you in Lucknow right now? If you want to take an offline course then in Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune we have centers in these 3 places. Rest will be open sometime.

In Lucknow, there will be a centre opening in a few days. But you can go there and do it. Otherwise I will tell you 2 things. See Dinesh, you are in the army right? If you are in the army then you have extra benefits which others don't have. You are a disciplined person. Do you think you are disciplined? You're, right? So, you don't have guidelines for real. If you had a guideline then you would have followed.

So, if you get that guidelines That I am saying, I will deliver it properly online. Second thing I want to say is that I have a lot of students who are in the Indian army and it makes me happy when someone speaks for themselves. So, theta are also doing nice. Why? Because you have the discipline factor already within you.

A person will do laziness by force. Let’s drop it, I will not do it. You will be attentive. So, just keep, you can do it with this online course as well if it is not possible for you to go to the centre. And, if it is possible then you should go to the centre and do it. Ok

Yes, tell me. Sir, my question is that the engulfing which you said sir, so in that how many candles we have to see of the previous? Minimum 1, 1 is also enough. 1 is also enough.

And sir, wick should also come whole? No, it is the body. When you compare with the body then you see the body. When you compare with wick then we see wick. So now, what does the body say? It shows closing price, opening and closing. It shows where it was open and closed.

That's it. So that is more important or high/low? Opening and closing is important. Why is it more important everytime? Because, opening and closing shows the agreement of buyer and seller. Yes. Right?

That we will open here or we will close here. And, what does high or low show extreme? Somebody put in the efforts, lost it. It did not sustain there. It didn’t last. So, what is opening and closing? What does it say? Agreement between buyer and seller. And what does Wick show?

It is extreme. Somebody did try but lost. Correct? That is why we will compare our bodies every time with boys and will compare wick with wick. Body is more important than the wick. We will work with bodies. Ok

and sir you have said a lot of times that the market is consolidating, what is its meaning sir? It is going sideways, meaning it is not moving anywhere. Like, you want to run. Like, you want to jump so a person always jumps by taking a step back and waits or does he jump by walking? or they jump while walking No, it stops. That’s it. That one step backward is taken by the market and consolidates. When the market has to move big then it stops, it doesn’t go up or down. It moves slowly-slowly, it will go up-up-up and sideways.

See, check this BANK NIFTY, this is called Consolidation. See here, see, can you see the consolidation? It is a beautiful consolidation. It is called, the moment came and consolidated. We took the entry, and the body came out and up Yeah, it got shoot up. It is to be done like this. This is called consolidation. I will tell you more about this, okay. Thank you, sir.

Thank you Baburaj. Ok Ajay. Sir, hello. Hello Yes, Ajay tell me the option that expire on Thursday, we do hedge and definitely earn money.

That you were going to teach, I wanted to ask you? No, see, you are talking wrong. It is not like that, you hedge and earn the money on Thursday only. We can earn it every day, ok? We can earn it every day by hedging. After doing hedge you don't have to earn. Always remember, the hedge is done not to earn,

a person does the hedge for insurance. Let me tell you the meaning of hedge. A lot of people in their minds have a question: What hedge actually is? Hedge is insurance. Do you know the meaning of insurance? What insurance is, we, by force put 40,000 money and give the expenses of those 40,000. Assume, if we don’t have bad health

then is it beneficial? No, right. But we gave its expenses right? So, what hedge is, when you decide something and it happens the hedge is helpful? No. Because of the hedge, was there extra money that was put in? Yes.

And the profit was also very low because we gave the money to hedge. Now assume it went wrong, your trade, it went opposite. Then, will hedge help you out? Yes. It will not save you wholly. If your loss was supposed to happen of 1 lakh, there your loss will be 40,000-50,000 or 30,000.

It is like this. So, firstly people don't know the meaning of hedge. Your question is only wrong. Hedge is never done for profits. Hedge is always done to cover your loss. So firstly, your question was only wrong. Ok sir. Now, the real question of yours was, will you teach us the hedge that you do? Yes, I will tell you. What is a Short Strangle? What are Short straddle? What is puts-spreads? I will tell you everything.

But sir, the money that we earn in option sell trade at the expiry day, what about that? Brother, remove this garbage from your mind that you will earn definite money on the expiry day. It is not at all like this. You can get a loss as well on expiry day. Nothing is definite in this world. The thing which you have listened and come up with is that of crores of rupees. If I take crores of rupees, a lot of capital and I come here. And in NIFTY I know that my range is very big. If I know this is my range of NIFTY, then by applying very heavy money I should sell this call and this put.

Assume that NIFTY will not go this much up then I can earn. How much? 1 lakh in 1 crore or 70,000 rupees. 1%, 0.7%, do you understand? So it is this. It is a very limited amount that you get. 0.5%, 0.7% which is without any tension. Actually, it is not a definite money but it is a tension free money. Meaning, loss might happen but the chances are less, okay?

So, I understand you are knowing it by hearing things from here and there but yes, I will cover that. I cover everything, do not worry. Ok This is not a pro, this is a complete course. Don’t think that I will teach only that. A lot of people have in mind that when will you teach that? That, I will teach after completion of your course, ok? Ok sir.

Ok friend, ok. Okay Ajay. Sir, after completion of this course, if I start with 2 lakhs capital then in 2-3 months how much profits can I gain? That depends on you, right? This is a simple question that a student comes to his teacher and asks, if I do a lot of study and good study then until which package can I get a job? Or, if I work in a company and do good work then how much promotion will I get? That depends on you.

That depends, see what it is said is, humans always think ahead of time. You should not think of that far, you should think that I should follow the process and little by little in months. Brother, let me learn earning 5% monthly first. 5% to 7% I will say. After that I will try to grow it more. Keep a goal of 5 to 10% as a beginner. Sir, I will come directly to my questions. First question of mine is just as you taught 3 patterns yesterday of candlestick,

in which engulfing, hammer and doji. After that you showed patterns, I understood it and felt it was very nice. Secondly sir, the thinking that you said today. In that, the pattern, just as you made us understand everything. So sir, I just want to ask that you said we should keep our trading setup as simple as possible. So sir, yesterdays were very simple.

Today you said, in that you also said it is like this. Meaning it has been built for confusion, right? So, I wanted to ask whether we should waste our time on this or not? Because, I just want to like it. Now, when I see the videos, in that you always say that you don't need garbage, simple should be always like you know. Yes, exactly, right, this is its answer. Yes. We should only wait for the morning star, evening star, shooting star, hammer, engulfing, that’s it.

Yeah, sir, just now you have shown the chart regarding NIFTY 50. In that, what I have seen is so many charts also. There is more gap between the horizontal bars. Can you show me that chart sir? So that I can understand it better. What do you want to see? Yeah, there is a gap between, there is a white space between the upper graph and.

This right? This? Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Ok, so you are a beginner in this field? Yeah, yeah I am a beginner. So what happens, whenever the market closes, it never opens in the same place. Because, our market is closed but the world market is not closed. The earth is still revolving-rotating. It's still moving, the business is still running. So, if there is a very positive news that this was the news that Ukraine said that we will not join NATO. Then, the market got bullish, that Ok, the war may stop. Like that,

this is called a gap, ok. This is called a gap. This happens in the stock market because each day they close at 3:30 and open at 9. But, this never happens in FOREX.

Because, they never close. They only close on Fridays. So, this is a gap that happens because of the Bullish or Bearish sentiment across the world. Ok, right sir. Thank you very much. Ok, ok Vijay. Sir, I also had one doubt. You taught us a topic today of placement, a small concept.

So, can you, can you repeat it once the meaning of the placement? Sure, sure, I will do it. See, see, have I come very high from the market, from the bottom? This is the bottom because it is at the lowest. Yes, yes. So, according to you, am I in upper range or lower range? I am in the upper range, right? So I market here opened Gapup So today I sat down And I didn’t have that courage to buy Because I don't follow that Market always moves zig zag-Zig Zag-Zig Zag I follow this theory So market is in structure top So in this top a bearish pattern is fetched These all are bearish candle all So I did short and gained money today this one Alright So this is market structure placement If it's bottom which see a bullish pattern and bearish pattern here This is the placement thing Ok sir, ok Yeah It was a very nice video sir and also have one more thing to do I am a MBA student and am from Pune Till now I haven't enrolled in any course Because I feel Unless and until, I've any knowledge about certain things I can't trade I don't want to take that risk So am very interested in this course and I feel that with proper knowledge and you know under your guidance I can succeed Thank you so much sir Thank you so much for having that confidence in me and yourself and will do it Ok Hello sir Hello Sir the question I have But before that question I want to say one thing And I wanted to say that not from now but from 6-7 months ago when started by observing you Actually sir, 12th even graduated, I cheated and passed Ok Because I didn't consider anyone as my mentor or my teacher You're the only one in my life and that you are in the very beginning and end Whom I consider my mentor and moved forward in to start this Sir I did cheat and pass but now it seems that have to learn Sir want to ask one question that sir when we take trade and after taking the trade how will we get to know that our stop loss will be genuine or tight or? Yes, Obviously Good question What happens to that is that has a good question There are some percentage like if it's stock the then it should be 0.5 or 0.7 If it's Nifty then it should be of 80 or 120 That's how you know, 1 Second one should be on one support resistance level So this is a technical question which is very nicely will cover in Stoploss class Alright sir But sir you say to perform Risk Management Along with risk you also say What do you say Sir Like that said in 2-3% of capital 1:2 So Sir how's that 1:2 No sir This becomes risk/reward ratio But when you say 1. 2, 3% of capital shouldn't be loss Oh.. that, Yes

So now consider if you are doing this under some support if that is above 3% so how will it work? No will leave it That trade, we will leave that trade I want to disqualify that trade And if I want to trade 1500 and Stoploss observed is 2000 so should we take 2000 and take that trade or 1500 There on quantity game is played There can less some quantity This is like this Ok sir, But can't do that on Bank Nifty sir Can't do That's why in Bank Nifty there's a criteria of capital that minimum 1 lakh rupees is there? So bro then you will trade with two lots If 50000 is there trade with 1 lot trade If 2 lakhs is there then can have 4-5 lots can trade We have to trade by set our lot numbers Can do that We make the lot fall No one lot we have taken alright And we want a stoploss of 1500 Gave us a loss So there also two So it isn't possible 1500 stoploss Rs 1500 stoploss should come Are you saying that? Yes Yes, it is possible No but 2000 is there sir Where am wanting to take 1500 there 2000 is been shown No it's not possible there because there arrives the lot system And where there is a lot system there you cannot manage like so There by increasing capital you have to manage Means to trade over there Means you have to Increase your capital That's why I said if you keep 50000 then RPT won't be more Your RPT will be managed Ok sir Thank you so much sir Don't want to fail further in this That's it sir Definitely you cheated and passed because you didn't have any interest, Is'n it? Yes, sir I also didn't have any interest in life I also got in 9th 43% or 47% In 10th-58% 11th-62% But in 12th, I topped in school Why? Because had fun while studying in class 12th I got 88% Sir one question Sir want to say one thing Sir feedback may be anything but speaking frankly because the person who did pass by cheating in graduation He according to me may face problem even in reading book No doesn't happen so No doesn't happen so Because interest wasn't there and today having interest in this thing Then will separately buy books and study Sir that's only am trying to say That I had this problem that time because I cheated and passed Now what is there Think and Grow Rich Psychology Of Money The Intelligent Investor The ----- and other lots of similar books which i have read That's good Just by watching you sir Ok sir Thank you so much Thank you so much Sahid I wish you all the best Alright Thank you so much Ok sir Ok

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