TRADING OPTIONS LIVE: Trade Fearlessly - Know the next market move

TRADING OPTIONS LIVE: Trade Fearlessly - Know the next market move

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Guys. A very simple question that could make a huge difference on, the size in the direction of your account, so the simple question of the day is this what, is the process that you have in place for selecting. Your next trade. Here's. The deal guys very, simple, I talk to tons of traders each and, every, day and here's the typical answers, answer, a I don't, have a process answer. B I listen. To the news and I just do what, sounds, the best and aunt. Sassy well. I look, at the our side when something is overbought, I short, and when something is oversold, I buy and that's. Pretty much typically. Refers to a situation where. A trader only, makes a decision by observing just one, indication. Now. Hold. On a second, can, you imagine for. Just a second, guys I want you to use your imagination, your. Doctor, are. You about to perform a surgery and you're. Just going, in there into, the surgery, room sing I'll. Just cut him up open and I'll. Just win, it I'll just do it I'll just figure, it out. Now. Or, I heard, it on the news that they, said look when you're doing heart surgery this. May work right there so yeah. May just try that today all. Right let. Me just take, this. One measurement, see, how it looks once we open him up and then just roll from there guys, now, that these options are really good options now. Here's the deal doctors, make a lot of money and there's. A good reasons for that because, they. Have a very precise, process. And they, know specifically. What, to do with certain conditions take, place they. Know what to do and when to do something, often, they're won multiple. Deaths, I mean can you imagine going, to the doctor and say how you know my stomach hurts doctor, says okay surgery, room let's do this let's. Take this trade I mean, come on it never happens right first they ask you hundreds, of questions like what's your history what's, this what's you know they want to know the context, of, what could be causing certain, thing then, the mean send, you somewhere, to run some tests notice, it's never one test right they'll tell you, to go do over here take, another test right here right here right here so then they combine the data and then then, they arrive if what, in training, would be a training decision. That, a pro trader would be making after, taking the, analysis, of multiple things never just want guys and so, all it boils down to is this it's the process good. Traders, make, more. Than doctors, and same. Principles, of life you. Have to have a process, on what, action to take and, when. To take this, action so if you understand, that then. You will, do substantially, better as a trader it's that simple guys so. If you, want to get paid as a pro start. Trading training. As a, pro, oftentimes. I'll talk to a trader and they're like wow you know I tried this and it didn't, work and I tried this and it, didn't, work and you know they just talking, so casually about, it like how much times you guys investigate. The train how, much time did you analyze, the, context, of the train what, have you done well, I heard the news and I just went. For it it sounded, good guys, that is not a reason, to be taking a trade so just, think about it if you're golfer, right and you're you're, an amateur and this is your hobby you, know this.

Golf And make your money no. It cost you a ton of money the. Equipment, travel. So, on guys it's if golfing. Is your hobby it's gonna cost you money now what if you're a professional golfer, do. You make good money absolutely. Guys there's no difference, with training, if you. Start treating it as a pro, you. Will make the, money of the pro so, the only question on your mind should be at this point is this. How. Do I trade as a pro and it all boils down to this. The process. So, I want. You to stop. Stop. Stop, trading, right, now, until. You, establish a, process, I encourage, you to get a process, today before. You take the next train, have. You taken some chart courses but, it's just not getting the best results, I'll, give you the secret why, have. You been wanting, to learn charts in a simple, way that could help you find the next great trait before. Everyone, actually talks about in the news I'll show you how you can do that no, problem handle, so I got a solution for everything, if you're looking to improve as the trader guys let's, focus on one thing I've enrolled to you the biggest secret right, now that, actually looking, at the charts, as crazy. As this may sound it's, not about the chart guys it's, about the. Divergences. It's, about the divergences. On the charge guys it's, not about the chart if you understand, this guy's I have just given you a million. Dollars sacred. It's not about the chart but the divergences. On the chart when something, is supposed to go this way as far. As price, but. Some, other things appointing that it completely, other thing is happening currently, in the market where, would you buy such thing well sometimes. We have days where the stock price, the, price action actually goes higher, but. In reality what's. Happening, I can already show you I can point it out on the chart down to a point I can say guys this, is where. Banks, are selling, but you would never think that institutional. Investors are actually selling, why because, the, price is going higher how could anyone be selling, are you kidding, me I look, at the thing, today and, everything. Is green you're, saying this salad, yes. Can you imagine how, insightful, that would be for you before. You take the next train so don't be deceived, by, the price, action study. The divergences. So you can get better. Results. Guys it's, just like currents you. Know here's the crazy thing about earnest I have so many traders reach out to me like oh well. The earnings were good and I. Bought calls and, I'm like okay and let, me guess you lost money oh yeah, how did you know well because, good, news and earnings does not guarantee the. Fact that you will make money on. The call side right, times banks institutional. Investors that will sell, they, will sell the hell out of their positions, when, the. News are good it's called, selling, to the strengths so you have to understand, what is the difference and you can see that only sharks guys it's actually, not that hard it's not a rocket science okay so in case of earnings, if you want to place a great short-term, trade you, have to focus on the, reaction. Do. The earnings, not. Been used themselves, so often, time I talked to train they study this earnings, report, like yeah but it beat the earnings estimate, by a penny, and all, we're all they're portable so good guys forget, it doesn't. Freaking matter when, your shirts aren't ready you're trying to trade options. Weekly. Options bi-weekly. Options you try to place day. Trades swing, trades where you may be keeping your position overnight, or just the course of a few, days maybe. Just if we could do it's. Not important, what's actually in the earnings report now if you're a long-term investor like Warren Buffett you're gonna buy and hold forever cool. Then, study the orange book if you a traitor then. It's not gonna use it you have to pay attention to, its, the reaction, to the news and if you understand, that my, god you're gonna open the hole now, the world of trade to yourself guys I promise you that now, the, reaction to the news is key when, it comes to trading earnings report now what's important, with the charts, is the trader has to focus not on the chart guys again. A sound sale but you have to focus on the divergences. On the, chart. But. We signal chart stuff does not produce great results because, the. Trader actually. When, you look at the chart okay. Look, guys it's that simple right if five, girl can do you, can pretty much see if something's going higher or lower by looking at the chart why why are you able to do so why is it so easy well. Because you, know if, the chart shows you what has happened so.

Far Well. If you just understand, what has happened so far that's not guarantee, you that when you place your drain all sudden you're gonna make a bunch of money if it was that simple everybody would be doing it right so here's, here's, the secret okay, instead of focusing. Okay. On what, has happened start. Asking yourself this, very simple, question. The results, will. Be profound, it okay, what. Will, happen next. I have, traitors call me every. Day guys I have free day of the week a gift calls and I like well then they're okay why, did this thing drop why did this thing go up like. Guys stop. It's not important. What is important, is what. Will. Happen tomorrow, what, will happen next, because, if you can get the answer to that question, then. You will make money as a trader so stop, asking yourself, the wrong questions, oh why, did this happen, why did that happen not, important. The only question, you should concern, yourself with as a trader is what. Will. Be next. And the, only way I know how to answer that question with high precision. Is. To understand, the divergences. On the. Charts not the charts of divergences, on the church that. Will actually point out to what will happen, tomorrow this. Week and next. Week that. Is what's going to help you determine the, future and look guys if you're brand new here and you're watching this for the very first time food ever reason on. The YouTube channel, trading. Options live I posted, numerous, videos saying look this, is what the chart looks like right now this. Is what will happen tomorrow. Don't. Take my word for it I dare you go watch this videos where I said look Priceline. Is going to drop. $220, in the next 72, hours and guess what happens, it, drops, tomorrow 50, bucks do. You know how much money, that is in terms of options guys. But. Do you know how, good, and valuable of a skill that is if you actually understand. The, pre. Sitting, conditions. Because. If you understand, that you, can apply that skill over and over, and over again to, get these results again, and I've shown you how the videos same. Things, shorting. To ask them was 370. Beat we drop to 250. Shown. You specifically, the chart and what was about to happen showing, you recently the chart of Apple saying, it's gonna give up higher, after everybody kept saying I was just gonna drop and keep dropping, like the rock I showed. You specific, huh look please. Understand, this I could. Not be making this stuff up because. I look at the same things each and every, day and this is a skill that can be learned this is a skill that you can learn this. Is a skill that you can learn and this is a skill that you can learn as well, and again you don't have to be a rocket scientist you can do this guy's it is not very, difficult at all we just have to know where. To look for when, to look for and when to take action, so I'm gonna show you some, more secrets right here right now are, you struggling with figuring, out the. Market conditions, with, consistency. The, market direction, that is to be specific, look, divergences. Learning. To read divergences, is your solution to the market direction. Before it actually takes place notice, the key word here is before. What. They're talking about in the news is. Generally, after, something. Has, taken place and they. Call it the news wouldn't that be cool if they like told you stuff well Google.

Was Gonna drop 30 bucks tomorrow. Wouldn't. That be the ultimate, news, channel well, you, can have this news channel on your, own by, understanding. Divergences. So it's divergences, will help you out to find the most profitable, training that produce what we call the trro. Trend. Reversal. Opportunities. Now, you may be what the hell is a trend reversal opportunities. Guys listen, here's the deal I started, trading 13. 14, 15 years ago pretty much by, now so, many courses that, I think, you know maybe maybe courses, that you have taken as a starting trader what. That will teach you is this they'll, say trend, is your friend I, mean. Seriously, I mean you've taken the charts course have, they told you trend was your friend and. What happened let's take a look what happened so they've, been telling you Tran is your friend okay and you've been trading the Tran for any while so, let me ask you where the hell is your camp neck. Well. I, guess. Maybe. Trend, is not the best friend after all, so. If you don't have substantial, breakthroughs, higher in your account then. Trend, is not your friend here's, what I've discovered the top traders, in the world our mana trader just makes and, all a million bucks are there I'm talking about the top worldwide. Traders, if you were to go and study the history of the most productive traders. Again the distinction here should be traders, not investors. Not, warren buffett okay, I'm talking about traders, that profited, substantially. From, short term market opportunities. If. You're examined, the top billion-dollar. Traders, in real life okay. They didn't make money on the trend no. No. Trent. Was not their friend, it was the trend, reversal. That. Was the best friend that's why they made billions now. Divergences. Will show you the. Trend reversals. Before. They, actually take place before these reversals. Actually, happen guys this is awesome stuff if you understand, this Wow. Congratulations. Okay. The good news we, focus only on six, cases, of divergences. Now there's three bullish and three bears guys can you imagine how simple, this actually, is I mean, we're not talking about dude. You have to study hundred, cases and divergences, Oh buddy, you have to go to school for eight years and, pay 200, grand for that education we're, talking about six. Guys, six. Cases. Of, divergences. That's it if, you get that, this. Will set you apart yeah. You would be better than 90% of the traders out there because. It's a divergences. That will show you things before, they actually take place now, to, make things even better. To. Increase your consistency, and probability, here's what we've discovered when, we observe these, cases, of divergences. They produce the, best results, when. They're combined, with. Highly, proven. Shark. Batters, I know. You guys out there like man I know I know some of this chart patterns, but, I'm. Not giving these 600,000. Percentage returns like you showing your trading a lot of options, videos right so. Guys because. It's. A few simple, things that you can change up about your trading today they will make a profound impact. And it's, combining the Emergencies with the top three chart patterns, it's, what's gonna give you what you've been searching for as a traitor, and, trust me it took me years to figure it out but.

Some. Traders never do, so. If. You've been on a search and you're, trying to figure this out and understand. Then. This is your answer guys it's the divergences. Six. Cases of divergences. And three, top shirt banners now the mark is that our all-time highs, right now and. They've been so over the last couple of years they've been some tremendous opportunities. But a lot, of traders have reached out to me throughout. The 2018. And some. Of the major comment zones like you. Know Leonardo, helped, me I've lost a ton of money okay. I don't know I was doing so good and all of sudden in February, 2018, out of nowhere the, markets just dropped and. I lost a ton of money and then. You know in October, 2018. Market. Just dropped, again and I wasn't prepared for it I was caught I've gotten and I lost a bunch of money and surely, you, know they taught me, but. They told me to buy the dip and so in October when things were falling guess what I did I bought the dip and then, I can't, believe it things just went even lower and. And just. I thought when I finally had a great opportunity to, buy some stuff and good prices, I mean things just dropped even lower so I lost even more money so guys, if you're a natural. Bull when. The markets are trading an all-time highs being. A bull is not the strategy that pays you the money it is understanding. How to short, the market in other words for those of you that may be brand new surely, the margins when you make money when things fall and the, coolest thing about it when you apply the concept. Off. Making. Money when, stocks fall, with. Short, term options, traded it produces. Incredible, results. Okay, so if you are here for extraordinary. Results. I've, got, the. Specific, roadmap, that I'm willing to share with you now here are a few examples. Of. How you will be able to use they burgesses to, your advantage, now here's a few little, clips out of, some predictions, I made in 2018. It, doesn't actually include my best one my best one was bit one right in, 2017. December. 2017. When, everybody was saying bitcoin, ghost, do the moon bit, gone five hundred thousand million bucks I said Bitcoin was gonna drop at the time it was eighteen thousand, bucks and I said that within 12 months Bitcoin, was gonna drop to three thousand, now, how did I know that guys, I'm, not a magician I'm, not pulling rabbits out of my pockets, here okay, all I know is, how to read divergences. And patterns, on the chart and that's what helped me nail the Bitcoin, trade so, here's. The Netflix here's the Beacon G that that's not the Apple, before, they actually, made their moves check this out, let's talk about Apple first after, ten consecutive gap, downs this, is what we're observing we're observing a pattern interrupt points, to a gap, up so. Look at this I've got these blue, dots all, over, the place here's, what these blue dots mean, in. This particular case Apple, gaps down from 220. Goes, lower another, gap down another gap so, basically if you look at these history. Of gaps. Lower. Or. Gaps down. On the, way down this, is absolutely. Insane, it. Doesn't happen very often, but, surely did in the case of Apple here what is important, to understand, is the, probability, of another gap down at this point is. Highly. Unlikely it, does not mean that Apple, after it reports earnings here in just a few hours it. Does not mean that it's, not going to get down, but. Ultimately, we think Apple. Is going to go much higher there's, multiple, things on this chart that actually, point that Apple, has a high probability of, gapping. High up from here so as you can see we've got the bullish, divergence right. Here in the RSI as you can see Apple drops to this level right here in the RSIs at this point then it goes lower but the outer side does not drop so that tells, it's moving higher from here and it certainly does, how weather's been trading in a sideway, pattern, wall, she got bullish, indicator, spun. Into a bullish. Move as far as the MACD and we've got a double button accumulation, distribution. Things, are looking good as far as the daily chart now let's take a closer look this, is what's really been going on okay so Apple, stock has dropped from, 2:30, to 141, now, so far it only moved, roughly. 9% off the, lows. From. 141. To about 150. For 156. Let's call it 155. Range that, actually makes it a huge bargain in relation, to stocks, like Netflix, which, is up, 50%. Of December. Lows look, at these situations from, their relative, perspective. Apple. Actually represents. An unbelievable. Deal, Apple, weekly, chart is showing that after a huge, drop generally, what we will see, is this, stock is not likely to continue. Moving. Lower. Short-term. In the same type of magnitude. So when you have something dropping, from 232. 138th. It's. Unlikely. To continue moving lower in, such a direction within, a short timeframe so what.

We Looking. At is a probability, of Apple bouncing, is significantly, higher than the probability of Apple actually falling, lower from here we got a situation developing. Here which. Is actually quite bullish on the MACD we've got black line, looking. Like it's ready to move higher and, histogram. Here of the blue bars shows us that this direction, is very close to change, accumulation. Distribution, confirms that so very bullish. Chart, and notice when, Apple, is falling, lately, in the last few days it's falling on a very tiny volume so, consider, this level of 155. 156. To. Be a buying, opportunity we're, actually observing, a lot of institutionalists. Coming in and buying the stock here so this is how Apple, chart looks from now guys so roughly 155. So it kept dropping from, here all the way to here lost, gapped down now. It's moving sideways, so, around 155. So. Take a look at this this is out Apple, chart Luc's now this is what we, think Apple, chart is gonna look like very soon so, expect, when. You. Analyze Apple, chart in the next couple of months it should look like this, after today you should be observing, this this green dot right here represents a, gap, up from. Today's, level, which is January 29th, and, we. Are saying tomorrow, Apple, is gonna go and open. Significantly. Higher now after market hours you know clearly it could just actually give back a little bit and then move higher to just make a straight move higher but, notice the. Importance, of this chart also pointing that after, to, move higher as you. Can see in this chart and I'm choosing. This short as an example right so look. At the gap down gap down gap down apples got 10 gaps down at this point. And we're. Looking for this reversal, to come in today. January. 29th so we're looking for a reversal, of this gap down, pattern. In Apple we think it's actually going to gap up higher between. Today and tomorrow. January. The 30th Apple, stock will open higher and we're looking at about a range of 165. To possibly, 175. Level, notice, this is not a huge, range. Of moving, higher, but. Ultimately what this chart is pointing, to is the, fact that after Apple. Gaps up higher is gonna keep moving, its way higher but not in a solid. Like one, or two day move higher it's, gonna kind of move. Higher give, up some of the gains and then slowly, grind. Grinding. Its way higher from here so. This is how the Apple charge is gonna look so what are we really saying Apple, from today's price roughly, 155. Near-term, it's gonna go to 165. 175. What, we're thinking is after. The announces earnings today look the iPhone, sales are they important, sure but, I think after, today's numbers, no matter how bad they're gonna be the.

Focus, Is going to start shifting to, what is coming, next and. The. Next two areas, for Apple, stock to grow is the, services, in the healthcare, and I think Apple is going to mention some things on the earnings call today, that. Will make some investors, incredibly. Bullish about the stock so therefore, we think Apple, will move higher on the. Possibilities. Of what could be coming. As a huge. Growth area in healthcare. And services. For the stock. Here's. Exactly, what happens, to Apple, guys within, the next two weeks, imagine. This look at this huge gap. Hired, exactly. To this 165. Level, and what does it do after that no guys it doesn't really do 190, it does exactly. What, would predicted, in the video it keep training between what, level, 175. And, 165. Look. It's going, sideways. How. Did we know this guys, I'm telling you charge. Divergences. They're not a miracle, but. The, work is a miracle, you just gotta understand, what. To look at so, take, action today give. Yourself, the gift of learning. The skill, that. Will feed you and your family, for a lifetime. Don't. Trade another day without, understanding. The. Charge. Divergences. And pattern. Recognition. Do. This so, you can train, fearless. This, dock is about to drop two hundred bucks guys in the next 72, hours yes. That's right another crazy, prediction. I'm actually, one, of my all-time favorites. For trading weekly, options here it is why such, a great stock like Priceline, about to drop 200 bucks well here's what we've got first we're gonna take a look at the daily chart then we're gonna take a look at weekly and then I'm going to give a couple other reasons why I think this. Water is gonna turn out the way I think it will so. Here's, what we've got some, time ago back in March Beacon. G had a really, bullish report and it gapped up higher I think that gap will be closed. After. It reports, earnings this. Evening after 4 p.m. multiple. Efforts for, the stock to actually break out of this range between 2000. And 2200. But, every time we're seeing there's just not enough strength. In the stock to actually get there initially. The relative strength was close. To 90 when, it made that move all the way from you know 1800s. All the way to 2200. But since then the relative strength every, time it tries to take this level, out is actually diminishing, so we got a reducing. Strength. In the stock as it tries to break out higher that is not a bullish, then that's actually a bearish, thing if you've taken my chart course a lot, of times I talk about the phenomena, that that I discovered and I call it the black candle, phenomena, on this particular, chart I can identify two. Black candles that is actually more but let's just talk about these two right here that, have a bearish, type of formation you see this tiny little black candle what happens after that 1 2 3 4 5 days consecutively, lowered. Another. Black candle right here you see what happens 1 2 3 days 4 days consecutively. Lowered, as you can see just made and that'll one of those black candle formations, and I'm expecting, this stock to consecutively, drop two or three days in a row now this, time I'm expecting, a much larger, drop because, I believe it's way or with you to close this gap right here, some of the other things besides, the black candles which are incredibly bearish to me we also had another bear. Situation here, where did get lowered, that is not that, is definitely a bearish thing as well now, what we have an accumulation distribution.

As. Stocke tries to keep going high right here and break, about 2100. What, really these black candles are telling us that institutional. Ambassadors are coming in and they're locking in gains they're locking in profits, at these, levels above, 2100. So that's what these actions, by black candles actually represents, that happens to coincide with, the accumulation, distribution. Line which is in the diminishing, trend in other words every time the, stock gets above 2,100, or close to it we've seen people are actually distributed, on the stock they're selling their shares okay, let's take a look at the weekly, chart and, we've. Seen the confirmation. If you watch some of my videos I think it's very useful not just to look at you know maybe your daily chart even if you are a day trader right it's important, to kind of go back take. A look at the five-day ten-day you, know and longer time frames and if all of them are sort of pointing out to the same outcome then it makes sense to take the trade right so here's what we've got here okay we've got diminishing, RSI, confirmed, right, as you can see right, here when the stock was trading at 2000, our side was all the way here and the, stock tries to go higher. The, RSI, is actually, lower than it was here so that's a downward trend it, is confirmed later multiple, times as the stock tries, to go higher. Now, we're. Also observant, even though these are not black candles on this weekly chart we're also observing, this this type formation, where, you have a tail sticking out and, then, sort, of like a failed, rocket, launches what I call it so it goes to the moon and then it comes back to earth the same day, we. Have a number of those candles which actually to me indicate a bearish, confirmation. Of the fact that every time the stock gets here that banks are coming in and the locking and their profits, we actually do have a confirmation, on the MACD that, is a bearish, crossover when, the black line crosses, the orange line right here now. Accumulation, distribution, does not show the signs that people are really taking. The profits, in any big sort, of way so I think in. My view this actually represents an, opportunity for, a huge sell-off and so I think the, accumulation, distribution. Is gonna do, this that's why I painted this little dots right here I think it's going to go lower and clearly. It's got plenty of room to actually go. Lower because not that many people have sold the stock and now the bearish sign I see is as the, stock goat tries to go higher above, the 2100, 2200, every time it goes there we're actually having a lesser. Volume. Which weren't able to see on the daily chart as clearly as here, so we have especially, on the day on the days or, on the runs where the stock has gone consecutively, higher we. Have a lower, buying, volume, in relation. To the, sell. Volume which is represented, by this red. Bar so the more people are selling rather than people are buying and they use in this level to sell the stock, so, where, could this thing fall let's go back to this chart and, I. Think it has, to. Fall all the way to 1910. Dollars possibly, all the way to 1875. And, so, that's where, the gap that's where the stock actually broke out of in. March and I think it's going to close that gap and end up right around that area somewhere, now, some of the other reasons that make me bearish.

On Such a good, stock is this. Financial. Price target 1875, 1910. And. This, is exactly, what happens, next guys check, this out in the next 72 hours pecan. G is down over. 250. Bucks look. At this magnificent. Drop guys. Look. Black, in those don't lie charge, don't lie if you're trying, to get better at predicting, what, is the next ox move that you're trying to train what, is the next market. Move, charge. Don't. Not. None. How to read the charge so, you can be the, ultimate trader, that you aspire to be and so, that, you can. Trade, fearless. There, is a very bearish pattern which is generally, known as head, and shoulders, that we're seeing right here in the shirt now head and shoulders does not necessarily mean that oh oh my god it's gonna drop tomorrow it's gonna drop this week but, combining, some of the other information, okay we're able to make this call when. Do we actually get on this trade combining. Some of the catalysts, we're observing after the earnings report today, so long. Term wise we're seeing a bearish pattern short. Term wise we're seeing a level out of which it's been having a really hard time breaking out of okay, and if. We look to date specifically. Why, do we want to take this trade this, morning opposed to any, other time well because, you. Know Netflix. Is up, but. It's up on very very low, volume last time I actually checked, it was only up on a volume of 80 thousand, shares pre market which financed leaks it is nothing. Guys for Netflix it's it's no, volume, and I mean this is a high volume stock now, if it was up on the volume or let's say you, know 300. 500 shares the 500,000, shares per market this. Move would be a lot more meaningful, so some of you gonna say dude. Come on I mean look at this it's green it's going, to the moon 405, okay, so it gave a little bit of gains back to 386. You're. Saying it's gonna drop it, doesn't look like it's gonna drop okay. But, we are saying look sometimes, you're gonna look at your screen you're gonna look at your trading screen and things are gonna look like they're going higher and, so. At times, when, they do that what we're trying to analyze is the. Divergences. And one of the divergences, we're seeing right now as Netflix. Shears are clearly traded, in much higher this morning okay they are traded on a much lower volume which, is a sign, that they. Have, a high probability of, reversal, now we won't just use that to place the trade right we're really building the case and so, far we've given some evidence, okay, and if we look at this point at the historic.

Levels. Of how Netflix, typically, trades this, is what we're gonna be able to observe is Netflix. And some. Other stocks like CMG, for example Chipotle Mexican Grill they, actually have a history. Of making, this moves higher and then the same day of the earnings report actually. Selling. Off and. If. You're new you might have not tried to Netflix long enough but I remember. Many times when, Netflix you, know in the earlier days when it was working its way to 700. Before they did the stock split where it got into a level of about, you, know 380. And it sold off to the 330s. On the low 300, I believe, that's exactly what we're gonna see materialized, here over the next 48 hours. So. Not, only we're, observing, that it's going higher on lower volume, but what we're really observing. Is also. That, it, has a high probability, historically. Of making. A bearish, reversal type. Move. Moving. Further I'm. Gonna take you specifically. Through. The type of trade we are considering, so basically. We're saying there's a high probability of a bearish, type of reversal, for Netflix October, 17th, after market, opens so now it currently trades at 386. Bucks as of 7:00 a.m. what. We're considering is a 70%. Probability right. That the stock is actually going to reverse. Bearish. Reversal candle, would be an indicator of a further sell if so let me just cover the the prices right so the first target price on Netflix. In the next 48 hours we're, thinking is 350, second, target price on Netflix in 72. Hours is 330 third, target price 290. Within 30 to 60 days. And. This, is exactly what happens, to Nathalie shares, shortly. After, we posted the video guys check, this out look at this black. Candle. Remember. We was just showing you the part of the chart that goes right, up till here but, before this black camera was even created we're. Ready knew that. The chart was, going to produce it, guys. It is, possible. To get this good you can, do this guys. Look at this it drops to the 350. Level it drops, to the 330. Level, it drops all the way to 290. Everything. That was sad. Became. A reality. No. The, next market. Move, guys no, the next stop that you're trading, what is it about to, do, learn. The charts divergences. And recognize. The patterns, so that you can trade. Fearlessly. Did. You miss some, of the most lucrative, and profitable, opportunities. Which. You could have done, by shorting, stocks in February, 2018. October. 2018, December. 2018, this, course will, help you develop this skill of a shirt seller so, you can profit like, a pro when. Markets, drop, so, generally, most of the people they're very hopeful, of the economy, they're very comfortable, being a bull so, if this is you guys, trust, me you're missing on some of the most, unbelievable. Opportunities. That the stock market provides and that is when stocks drop. And trust, me things, are moving higher right now I'm actually made the prediction literally. On the YouTube channel traded. Options live, that, the market, when everybody, at that point was getting completely, bearish, specifically. In December, 24th I said, that the market was about the reversion, go higher I didn't, say higher for just at a specifically, said go higher by like 10 plus days in a row that is, then what happened how did I know about it guys it's the chart, divergences. You, can do it too and that, is the real deal are you struggling with interpreting, charts patterns and falling markets or bear markets, this three, top chart patterns will, show you in this course, okay, this, civically, design for, shorten stocks and the reason we want you to focus on just three, chart, patterns, it's, because guys sometimes. Having too much information. Could. Make your trading too complex, okay. Learning, to identify pop, patterns, that are highest for mobility patterns, on shorting. Stocks and food options is your answer, to being profitable, in this, market, environment, you're gonna ask me again what market environment do you make what the market environment where, the stocks are climbing towards. Their all-time highs again again and at. Some point that will drop and I want you to be ready, for it if you missed all these insane, opportunities. On shorting. The stocks in 2018. The, opportunity, will repeat itself again the, only difference if. You take action now you, will be ready, and that's all I want guys I want to be a part of your success I want you to be ready when stocks drop once. Again now, in our trading strategies, we, discovered that combined, in the six cases of divergences, with top three chart patterns, for certain stocks will. Give you much, higher precision, accuracy, and consistency as. A day, trader swing. Trader so notice, when you understand this chart patterns as a day trader you can apply them on 1 day 1 minute 2 day 2 minute, chart 15.

Minute Chart and so on as a swing trader you could be looking at the daily chart you can apply, these things on multiple. Timeframes which, is why, this skill, is so valuable. Guys, once, you understand, what to look for you. Can do it on any timeframe so if your swing trader or a day trader this is super. Important, information, that could propel your success, to an entirely, new level as part, of this six hour course you. Will also learn some proprietor secrets such as oh, my. God black candles. It's. Not Halloween guys but I'm telling, you black handles, are a. Deadly, weapon, when. You know how to use them they're, so powerful there's, such a powerful tool in identifying. Institutional. Salad, which, allows you to do the most profitable, thing on how be, on the right side of the market, because again the way you make money as an. Individual, investor is an individual, trader short term trader, is buying. The staining where, the, big money, is going, if you, can just figure that out by, observing, a few simple, things of the chart like the black handles. Guys. Your probability, will, go through the roof it's that simple, so this. Is a powerful tool identify, institutional. Selling or institutional. Buying. Guys. This stuff is so Polland like, it will blow your mind it's absolutely. Freaking insane so other secrets, are available and of course will, even help you estimate. The. Magnitude. Of the, move now, why would that be important that if you're brand new may not understand if you've been trained for a while you, understand, that if. You get the direction right when you trade the directional, Hodgkin that's, just a little piece of the puzzle what. Really makes you the money is understanding. The magnitude, of the move and so. Understanding. Some things in this chart Spanish and divergences the, recognition, course will help you identify the, magnitude, which is crucial when, you're trying to select options. Strike, prices many. Times I get an answer why what do I buy out of money what do I buy in a month you really look all that crazy stuff that goes through your mind when you're trying to place the trade guys I've got some very simple answers, for that so, much. Much more in the six hour course but, the most important part about this course is that it comes with over, a hundred, examples. That. Would be at your fingertip. To. Compare patterns, divergences, at any moment to your future trades, you're considering. On placing, today, or tomorrow, so. Unbelievable. Resource so. That you can increase your accuracy. And consistency as. A trader, so. The ultimate question of the day is this, what. Process, are you. Currently using, in, selecting. Your trades. If, you don't have a process, it. Will be very. Very. Difficult to. Stay, consistent as, a drainer so. Get our winning, process, now so. That you can calculate your, next move in the stock that you can see rate to trade tomorrow, so. That you can. Trade. Fearlessly. Done.

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@Sara Quinonez After a lot of checking around, I found out the best way to make fast money is buy weekly options, on reversal, when the trend is about to reverse at the top or the bottom, I found out that Tricktrades chatroom teaches this, the guy was making 50 to 100% return, I am going to join them next week, but this is daytrading, no swing. I was trying to make fast money and ended up losing half my account, now I want to learn more before I make another trade. Hopefully you can continue to do well. You can open account with Tradezero, no PDT but they do not accept Americans. Does Leo have any chatroom or alert?

@Sara Quinonez Can you briefly describe how you made 2.5k, and what is your strategy? What is your account size?

@TradingOptions LIVE Next time I will take out my maximum risk first at a percentual profit threshold, if I bought 200€ worth, I will take 200€ out first when i reach that threshold (based on my risk) and keep the rest, which i will gradually decrease over time.

@TradingOptions LIVE Ofcourse! I have no idea why I sold all my contracts at the same time. That's stupid. Also what I did before was pulling out contracts to compensate for my losses I made last week when I bought Tesla puts too late, again probably lost out on quite a lot.

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@13 Market Moves Next time I will take out my maximum risk first at a percentual profit threshold, if I bought 200€ worth, I will take 200€ out first when i reach that threshold (based on my risk) and keep the rest, which i will gradually decrease over time.

@13 Market Moves Ofcourse! I have no idea why I sold all my contracts at the same time. That's stupid. Also what I did before was pulling out contracts to compensate for my losses I made last week when I bought Tesla puts too late, again probably lost out on quite a lot.

@13 Market Moves That's a good goal for the year! Thanks for the motivation. I'm going to look forward to hitting the mark so I can do an interview.

@13 Market Moves I am actually learning a lot by watching your videos. I want to thank you for teaching this stuff!

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