Trading Mengikuti Struktur Pasar || Trading Following the Market Structure

Trading Mengikuti Struktur Pasar || Trading Following the Market Structure

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or the dynamic So, we can do recovery in the running condition *Opening Music* "In the running condition, do we know that it will be correction?" "It also make us feel doubt" We see the correction from the movement We take it when it's thick. If we... "for example, we order Sell" When it's thick and rises like this, see the movement or intensity If the movement is quite fast, see the top end There is no tail at the top end It's a lil bit longer then it goes down again Let it a lil bit stable "When it goes down a lil bit, there is short tail" Don't order there When it rise and there is tail, wait for it until it's stable It's stable when it goes down a lil bit, then rise. Then it's formed as square We can utilize that square to order the correction But, you must do it quickly If you don't practice and try it, you'll be dragged Sometimes, when we order Sell, doesn't mean it will be correction directly, it can rise again "I tried it yesterday" "I tried it at Gold" "When I entered, it was at the end. It rose again. I shocked" "It means that I got loss, right?" "My plan was taking order in the Sell correction, turned out, it rose again" "From there, I tried it again. It was twice" "It also rose!!" "How was the recovery?!!" "I put Buy, turned out, It went down!" "There were two positions, 1 Buy and 1 Sell, it was in the middle. So, both of them weren't minus"

"That's the risk when we practice it, right?" That's why, learn to utilize it. That's ok So, we must use the maximum For example, we take Sell position there There is time that it will rise. we must be ready for all of them Even sometimes it's long Sometimes, I still can take Sell position again. Don't forget about the Lot management there Even I can do it up to 3x transactions. In my video yesterday, I can do it up to... "I want to follow your technique. I learn it.." "My knowledge doesn't reach it" If it's still strong to rise, the first thing to do is limit the loss We do cut loss for the transaction that is far from running "Which is at the bottom, isn't it?" The bottom transaction must be saved first. Finish it first.

"It's hard" That's why we must see our loss level Don't let it loss continuously If the Lot is large, usually, I save the transaction that's far It's saved It's saved Then, it's also saved Then, when it still rise, we use larger Lot for the above Usually, for the top end, I use the Lot that is... If it can't be solved anymore, we do cut loss "So, it's triple loss?" Yes. Yesterday, when we got loss around 700, actually, it decreased our power So, our durability decreased You can imagine that I get loss 700 "I use Demo which is 10.000" "Now, it's 9.400 left" It's still strong "It's 9.400 left, But I count the Lot again"

It's still enough with the same Lot "Is it enough, right? I make it lower" That's ok. It's enough When the condition is too far, we can inject the budget If it's still enough. Just let it Including how we control and cover the loss Try to do recover and it must be practiced All of them must be practiced maximum Because we can blooding using Demo account without being injured "I'm afraid using the Real account. I can't be brave" You practice it first until you really master it. That's ok. If not, your budget can run out quickly "Is it because of lucky or...what?"

If it's lucky factor, we feel it. We'll know it. We can't lie They who are sturdy, they've faced any kinds of reversal market and they can solved it well That's the most important thing. The firs brave is to do recovery Do it in any kinds of way Don't only learn about order and get profit That's common. What amazing is when we order then, it's wrong "Yes, reversal market" We must learn it a lot Don't only learn how to get profit. It doesn't have impact

It could be lucky too It's lucky factor If it's just lucky, when reversal shows up, we can't solve it "Is it ok although I'm blooding?" That's no problem It's better to be ups and downs using Demo account rather than using Real account Sometimes, I often chatty, looks like limiting their moving space Actually, it's not Because I have long experience there. I can give them suggestion so that their budget won't run out earlier But, most of them are naughty. They use Real account stealthy "If we want to be naughty, it's better to use Demo account" Yes, it should be like that "We do it whatever we want there" But, sometimes, they want to get profit as soon as possible It can make us fall without having well skill "My knowledge is still far from you. It's so far" That's ok. It's normal. I also did long process If someone said "It's easy. I can see it at glance". Don't be arrogant! Because trading can't be learnt quickly Please remember that Trading needs long process If they learn 1-5 months and can get consistent profit, be careful! Don't be proud early! It could be this year's market is in the same direction with our analysis It doesn't mean we can survive on the next year's market I have much experience. I've ever got Brexit impact. I got it a lot but it went back quickly

Because it's outside of habit When it rise, it isn't habit anymore Even it's not 6.000 - 7.000. It can be more than 12.000 That's beyond of expectation If we don't play it with logic or the available structure, we just against it continuously 'This is the Support or Resistance point, it means that it will go back' it's continuously like that It's against without pay attention to the structure and intensity When Brexit happened, most of them area messy "What do you mean by structure?" The structure is the combination of some candles which direct to the dominant If it's like this, the structure is Sell, but it's still same. This condition is still balance with the previous This one isn't structure anymore. This is consolidation range Structure is the dominant and the closest to running For example, this one. We know that the dominant direction are green candles

"The red candle is only 1" This red candle runs out, sir If there is red candle, and it's closed by green candle like this, the red candle runs out This is the structure which directed to Buyer. Including this one This is the structure which direct to Buyer. We focus on Buy but if we want to order, we see the Trigger first "which one?" Ok. Here's the first example This one. For example, the structure is can be seen. It starts to rise Then, there is Resistance line that's passed So, we focus on Buy Of course there must be trigger which we use as reference We can't take Buy position, because it's red candle We may take Buy position when it goes down long, there is tail and the body is thick or green candle formed close the red candle For example, it's here. This is red candle formed. We may take it here

We take the position after green candle formed. The green candle which close it "Which one?" This green candle close the red candle This green candle closed the red candle these two green candles haven't closed the red yet, but they're green It means that Buyer is strong, but it's little left. It must be finished first To make sure that Buyer is still strong Another example It rises but it's bordered with the rejected ending To make sure, there must be stronger green candle It wants to rise, but there area still many rejections Including there are many rejections from this left side How if we want to take Sell? We take Sell when green candle is eaten It means that red candle must be longer than the previous green candle Then, we can take Sell position "where the green candle stop to be eaten?" All of them The closest structure is daily. This is the daily If it's eaten, we take Sell position. We take Sell after this or we may take it here We also may take it here This is down structure If the structure goes down, we focus on Sell, we just wait for the trigger Whether it rise then it goes down, red volume formed and we order or it's eaten This one is eaten, then we can take Sell position here If there is green candle again, wait for the green candle is eaten again. Then, we can take Sell position again So, the Sell order is here Don't take too much profit target. See it. When you got profit, we close it first. Moreover if it's in the EURO

If you're in EURO, the target must be lower Maybe it's around 30-60 Pips for the standard in EURO. Then, we can close it. Because the movement is low The important thing is we see which one that's the closest and become dominant If it rises again, the dominant rises, we focus on Buy. But be careful with the important areas If there is down correction, we can order Buy. If there is no correction, don't order there

It's very dangerous if we take Buy position and close to the Resistance area "Do you mean that it bounce, right?" yes the distance is so short Like that. You may practice it again later "It's still far. Sooo far. It needs practice a lot" The process is still long "I'm still wrong in reading the market" Because it's new. You don't get used to use this method. Just guessing. We don't have reference "Yes, it's just feeling. Hahaha" Feeling that is not practiced is gambling Turns out, it's still long...

"Yes, turns out it's still long. It just opens" This morning, I also analyzed the market. You can watch it. Maybe, I try to do analysis every morning Try to watch the video. Observe it. Prove it. Where's the probability How's the opportunity? So that there is learning process "which is the group, right?" You may pay attention to it and prove it Because we don't analyze the history. We analyze the future This morning at 6 o'clock, I analyzed it Maybe it will go down up to this If you watched my video, the Sell market will go down up to here. Turns out, it goes down

It was at 6.00 o'clock. The candle still doesn't change It was still in the second candle Turns out, it's up to here. It goes back again "Like this condition. the last running candle is green, but it hasn't eaten all of them, yet" It hasn't finished yet "It hasn't eaten the next candle, right?" "this Buyer candle is high. It's green" Wait for it finish "Is there any third reason to order Buy?" Nothing. Don't. It hasn't finished yet "Nothing?" This movement is less It's slow but sure The ATR is less, right? This ATR is less. You may check it

It's dangerous. It can moves up continuously and can go back It can go back when it close to up "But, If I read.." "Without you, I read it" "At the bottom, there is Support. Rejection" "There are 2" "Buyer starts to show up here" "It ate 2 red candles" "But, there are 2 red candle at above. They're still strong" "the resistance is still far" "If I order Buy, I feel doubt" Yes, if it's now, don't. because it's thick at above We can take Buy position when the correction space is enough for our profit If it's not enough, don't order Yes, it still rises strong But, when we order, we'll be far at above But if there is longer correction, there is big possibility to get profit, we can order there "But, I feel doubt to order is because of these 2 red candles" That's ok Our target is at this end. Don't take it too far. The important thing is we have target

Then, don't order if the position is thick and no correction "But, may we order in these 2 red candles?" It's ok. Now, the time starts to be old. Old time Old time means above 40 minutes. The time which shows that the candle want to change If this thick green candle in the old time, it's less possible that it will change to red candle So, Buyer power will continue to push it. Although it will be tested again in this area

"Our target is in the Resistance, isn't it?" If we order, don't at the square" We order when there is correction "Wait for its correction" Measure the correction. Make sure that there is space for our profit. Don't take it too short "But, if it's too long when going down," Also don't take it too long. If it's too long, it can go down again "Yes" Just measure it. Maybe it's around 140 or 140 Pips. That's ok. Then, order Buy "Although all of the up candle hasn't eaten yet" No problem. Because this is old time It's not early minutes "Ok" Ok. Thankyou for the time. I'm sorry, I think it's enough because it's the time to pray

"I'm sorry, it's out of the time" We'll continue on the next meeting. I'll share the information later Thank you. Good afternoon! See you "Yes, good afternoon! I hope you're healthy"

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