Trading market Oil semoga panen besar

Trading market Oil semoga panen besar

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Hello, back again on the original trader channel, to learn trading and digital, try to meat the oil market team, which went up quite high, finally he went down, the obstacle was like this, yes Four, there is an up signal, hi, one like this, yes, the market has just asked to be stuck in resistance area Well, if it goes up it can be in this area then it can be in this area b**** OK Google I want to try the lounge Kai limit priced at 104 pellets Hi followers Hanggini 1 Hi, that's really why Hi English Why did I put it there, bay limit and again with Mutiara Gas Why did I file a MIDI for this price, I'll explain later, I'll open fire again, the limit is at 102, kyky Arga 126. Well, yeah, that's right. Why do I want to go there because I see the market will be correcting down in this area ? It's small again and if you go down you can come here, yes, but I think in this area he will go up to the TNI, which is why I like this pair of rabbits and I will also put it up properly. Stop here, Karen a. when the river gets a position at a price of 102-107, bye stop at a price of 176 , so there are three pending orders, namely by limit, there is 2by stop, there is one. Just wait, because tracking doesn't have to be solo, so we can do other things or other activities Kayla Kayla, let's try to analyze it further Now, actually, there's a dahlena moment like this. It's

not like this. It's not like this. Let's wait, right, come down, then go up, like, we have to be patient, wait , hi , Hi , Want to have coffee, type, speak Indonesia, this is indeed Hi, this prison anyway, I'm kwik Hi KDI Kyuhyun the armarket is still slow huh Loyal breaking down the bar waiting for Indonesia Good morning Yes already excited wuih bald so lovers Scarlet Heart I'm not a producer more mommy so bald heels I'm sleeping Hey Musa crazy OK Google Market is still slow yes, but we have to be able to do other activities Rp. Hi, let me try Lasso by the hi, hi

, sustenance, because it's 0.1, so the protein is a bit big right away sped Why am I good because I'm in this area Hey, sex, go down at least, just prepare by limit. Hey, let's monitor. Hey, there's a bye position one by step 1 and there's a bye position, hi hello , hopefully it will go up later because it's not a leg position- feet like this usually means the signal will go up, we'll just have to watch. Hi m15 we're opening Indonesia the lounge Indonesia MP3 juice indoxx1 Indonesia Indonesia hi hi the lounge hi the Sheep Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia speaking IDM KYT Indonesia the lounge the lounge the lounge at in a dream log in hi hi Indonesia badges0 Hai song MP3 Hi too Pa ndang Taeyeon is thinking about Gresik kab giving sustenance in Kyuhyun 's recipe the lounge hotel is speeding badges0 the lounge Hi everyone MP3 Indonesia Indonesia on yo yo hai hi he appeals hi hi hi hi Mimi hai hi hi hi Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia Hi want him to appeal to Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia hi hi hi hi hi hi hi the lounge the lounge the lounge Indonesia sia Indonesia hi hi in Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia badges0 Indonesia a text like Indonesia the lounge the lounge kyj hai hai hi hi the lounge Indonesia can't accept the show iyo hi hi Hai Tamara is starting to show signs, so hopefully Surabaya will be high, which will be analyzed right even if it goes down first Hopefully in that area it won't turn into pellets then go up immediately Hey let's wait for the movement say kyj Indonesia Indonesia cce hi hi Indonesia Indonesia hi hi the lounge qmax tweet Indonesia badges0 no the lounge Hi disappointed KYT e-learning Unpam hi hi hi hi free download Hey it feels like declaring the lounge the blog he regrets e-learning Hey also handsome for coffee Hey all Paul admits he doesn't care if he sings Hey watching it understand Come on, we Indonesian middle class talk like this, write with the lounge Let's watch It's still slow but there are signs to board Hai Regita pantotrichum the lounge the lounge the lounge Kyuhyu n Paulina the lounge does n't want Indonesia in badges0 the Mekong Indonesia qwerty Hi sustenance Hi Ho t-shirt BlackBerry Curve the lounge Indonesia indoxx1 Indonesia in Indonesia Indonesia badges0 the lounge Hi by not typing hi hai Indonesia hi hi the Sheep hai hai hai hi hi hi hi Indonesia hi hi the lounge Indonesia hi hi hi Indonesia Hi Ih you it's hi hi the lounge hi hi Indonesia Gresik kab hi hi Indonesia the Sheep hi hi badges0 Indonesia the lounge hi it's still down again so let's just wait for it to move what do 28 Indonesian tracks look like Hi, I'm Thai chocolate again at the price of 104 Hi kidney 10460 , recently it's appropriate, have you been monitoring it Hi It could be that there is currently a direct execution or direct open position V1 by limit 3 and b stop1 pregnant Please let's see first Yes, keep watching, hopefully later the results can be profitable, this akb48friends g-string is more hahaha hi hi Indonesia hi Indonesia Indonesia hi mp3dj Hi atr decoration active definition of ngaji yo yo hi hi

this is indeed a matter of Playstore sustenance suren can talk like the lounge Indonesia hi hi Indonesia hi hi in Indonesia the following AD Indonesia on Hai want to play hi hi hi getapan Toya the movement is very slow but it's okay -should you just watch it first, kkmjm the other one is like this , where is the cockroach Don't realize it's going up soon but watch it first want to get married b**** porn accept it so it's delicious Thailand Eliminate sustenance by Indonesia Indonesia by the way tactilite Titanic let's go looks like Naya got a pretty good move Now, let's just monitor JKT48 Indonesia OK Google Show it until your enemies as that's a more honest infographic thank you the lounge Indonesia Indonesia the lounge Hi to be the lounge the lounge OK ready Indonesia to excel in Sports e- learning Indonesia Indonesia Hi Happy pentol like that Lollipop the lounge qwerty I don't know the lounge Indonesia is really raining hihihi or not Indonesia, it's still slow, the movement is slow. It's ok if you want to learn analysis, you can always monitor the channel house.we Trader, Ms. Hi, so that there is knowledge that can be learned to enter it. Hi and I will share my knowledge later on this channel, you can subscribe . Hi and if there is any those who are asked can comment below Hey mombasa said right, please, Hey, the oil market, this oil market could be even higher in the future Yes, with world conditions like this, you know yourself in Europe there, Indonesia, Hi Duo, once touched the price of 125 Hi and This will most likely also be Nay again after the correction goes down, yes, white. Let's monitor it and we will hi oh can Open this position too, it's good it's still high, still rising high, so there's still a chance for the chair to go down, just waiting for the moment to get diarrhea, buddy. Is it on blogspot or rejected and go up Now that could be the moment to open your position to

Indonesia the lounge Indonesia the lounge Hi in the meantime thanks mas Hey, it's just slow Hi, there is no aggressive movement, alaikum Hi, after going up there, yes, after this assessment, there is a possibility that men will go up to this area. Hi in this Resistance area, yes, there are many Open targets. Hi Meanwhile, the stop loss can be set at this area is quiet near this then he will match Roro even deeper but if not then it will rise again hi hi Tweets Let's just monitor the development of the Market first hi tujhko songgokerto badges0 Hello send able to handle

Indonesia Come on don't you think e -learning Indonesia Indonesia is still showing a decline Hi but slowly the movement is only possible sideway badges0 Hi Looks like I want another pending order, yes, the lounge Hi, above this price, yes, a small concoction, I want to fix the price, hi 106.3 Day stop , hi stop Hi price 106.3 Junub Daihatsu no Let's go ^ arya-one, i.e. I have a direct execution, namely by one seed pending order by stop two and air li mit three, let's just cut it hi granny badges0 the lounge Indonesia kyanite Indonesia Hi it's still very slow Hi, but it's okay, you can leave the trading name Maudy to make it safe or see you later, yes we can do other activities Hi that's important monae management always guarded hi hi

the lounge the lounge the lounge the lounge Indonesia the lounge hai hai the lounge hai hai beside that Neng njobo the lounge Hi it looks like the market is still pressing each other's clock Indonesia is still in the situational area to 3D the day is still calm there is a downward movement in the afterlife Looks like my bymhd will be hit yes Launcher feeling I will be hit by this only after it is hit I will go up to Hai I the lounge Hi beautiful Indonesia ndableg the lounge kep the lounge Indonesia PT Twitter hi hi the lounge the lounge the lounge Hi dogs the lounge Indonesia ndang I make up Ndut the lounge launching the lounge the lounge Hey beautiful isn't it e-books I walked still only moving in this area, hi, the group is on an aggressive movement. Hi the movement is still slow so you have to be patient Indonesia the lounge Hai Cantik khai Bahar hai hai the lounge the lounge the lounge the lounge the lounge the lounge Indonesia e-books the lounge Indonesia the lounge the lounge the lounge ndang the lounge the lounge Indonesia the lounge no hi friends hwaiting hi hi MP3 by the way now the ranling channel is bullish, it's pasted on the m15 65 like this huh, the only thing like this, this one thing, just waiting for this later If the thickness is bullish, it will most likely go up from here, yes, and 5 Hi, my atmosphere is Manto from H1. Yes, it's better. Hi dear, 15 all Indonesians, with Susanti's movements like this, even though Mi Hai is already in size in London and will soon enter the session USA, hi, but unfortunately the range from the oil market is still small. Hi compared to the previous days, yes, in Hai, the range is still small Hi, so you have to be patient, wait , Hey, the movement is still smiling and the slogan Hi cup in forex trading, sometimes the market is slow, sometimes it's aggressive . The club is so calm, we have to know the market conditions . Hi, when eating aggressively or when they have news, we have to be very careful If you want to open a Lasso position, prepare a stopwatch and check profit because of this aggressive movement, usually the eyes can go back and forth or go the wrong way. If you change the stop loss, you can get away with it. Oh, so it's the same when you make profit . But it's all important that the status and profit in the room are aggressive, if the market is still a student like this, you want to set take profit or stop loss directly, you can also or while being monitored, it could be just what your name is, Hey sparito, stay Hi, How about that, Kwangmin dm5 is still like this Let's stay Hi sustenance small support area Dr near t including friends, yes, only a small area sofa, not a large area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndonesia Hi if it's bullish then the market is most likely Hi guys to continue today I like the link like this Hey ears like this look at the mi5 again the magnet is still in that area-that's all the lounge hi oh yeah My advice is better tracking it don't use a robot unless the robot has been around for a long time we know the system makes it what the risks are like Now Don't understand Smart then you can use a robot but if you join in it's better Don't because it's very dangerous for us Just look at the cases and about Forex Robots, there are lots of them, yes, all of them Hi and not wow a little, all of them Wow big.

Come on, we have to be careful when playing weddings using robots . if you don't understand, you just follow along, even the record, I don't understand as long as you participate in trading ea ea ea Hey, mostly Young, the results are have to be careful, it feels like the market is another mosque, yes, but something else is very, very true. Hi Or if anyone wants to request a market fair analysis, can you comment on the lounge Hi, I'll give you the input and not a signal, but put it all back in if you feel it is suitable or appropriate or in agreement with the analysis , then it is full according to my analysis, if not, then it can be used as input. Hi, I'm trying to consider who will be able to make a decision about the lounge position. Hi at this time, let's wait for the development of NATO , further movement of the oil market. oil market

Hi tips Indonesia the only money is like this Olan one movement swh this afternoon what time is it half past six lii you lead to 11.00 10-3-19 10.30 yes maybe half eleven hi this is finished literature 6 Western Indonesia time the lounge Indonesia Hi still slowly, it's still slow, yes, we can do other things. Jaka's marketing galsa is full of anticipation except when studying You have to go up often, so that you can understand, usually a market like this will be like this later because then the movement must be repeated Hi, this method will make you more flying hours Hi, if you have a lot of flying hours, you can leave Sorry, just learning from staying later the flight of people who have less experience ah Indonesia Hi for this forex trading Indonesia Look for a simple candidate or one that suits you, then usually don't study a lot of techniques, it's okay to have lots of girlfriends Search for origin is only limited to finding a match if it doesn't match then the others leave and focus, hi, then keep on sharpening the technique so that the results are better than many techniques which will end up confusing yourself . At least there is a signal because there are signals because yes, it's confusing, so if it's clear that it matches one or two techniques, you can focus and then keep on sharpening until you know the weaknesses and the advantages of this technique so that all you have to do is tie it together with just playing with management because it's very important Hi, as good as technique is if it is supported by monai management later it will finally prove to be true God why is that because as good as technique there must be mistakes in the analysis Now if mono management is not maintained it can even open culottes once wrong analysis later voting Finally, Maudy Carlos has become a material consideration for big losses. Carlos is afraid of going too far. Now that has an effect on psychology and in the future it could be even worse for our conditions to come, if our management is awake when things are floating, there are still many things we can do, either near Los Angeles. whether the motion portion is again according to Hi or in a different oven, like the setting, if you want the name is temporary to prevent keloids from being maintained, as long as it's full load, i.e. once floating, want to open

a position or what to do, it's difficult Hi and that can be bad for trading as soon as possible because it's very mental or psychologically untouched it's hard to hide m heal the heart from the beginning we have to study well, don't like sound culottes because in the future it can be fatal because trading isn't like that, so there must be consideration Hi unless we have a lot of accounts Hi beautiful xmiso 10 middle title that can also be Star Master there are many kinds of management models, Dede , management. There are many kinds of management, yes, it's not only big capital that keeps the brain in mind, there's also a split, the account is also the management that limits, for example, 23 accounts lose. The important management model is not capital. 10 items enter the cloud between fc or profit if I finish because the capital runs out. Well, Honda's management is reckless if you have

$100 in capital. Let's say it's split into Japan, ten clean accounts, 10 titles. Even then, if it's default , Papa, because it's included. Calculations, please Amore, friends, it's definitely measured , sorry 81 lo sopacua Los 8339 ha Be careful and once your stomach can restore the accounts that passed in Jakut 1 and 2 Gadingan Hi If you speed it up, this is a typo , an explanation about management because Hi that is also an art in Hai, continue to be good at managing Saito also have to be patient waiting for the moment It's patient waiting for take profit or stop loss Hey, I like being patient. If I can't be patient, it can be dangerous

, you don't have to be alone. This also has a lot of open wheels, the trachea is quite large . later if the file limit is hit, it's bestop later I'll wipe both of them, if the next day it hits it's baleng I'll delete it Yes no, I'll let it be, so who knows which one I will believe We've been deleted yes like that it's more invisible purwap quiet Hi, in Japan, create it like this. Don't let it go, you have to know when it appears in the MP3 close, it's unfortunately, Marquez is very Wulan, his movements are very good for me I'm patient, waiting for the numbers Hey Caca, forget those who want to ask questions, can you comment, Hi Betoi, read it first, or want to request, Bang, I'm for this video Now, I'll make a video of technical photos, actually underneath, candidates for support assist Tantra online Want to compare orders we can't finish everything, we can do it just look at the traffic jams Like anything Hey hi if the market plan is like this Yes Can while Hi m15c discs like this Hi bro Indonesia Indonesia KYT is hilarious Oh I mean it's still slow Hi but I'm still lying down watching TV or doing other activities or can be with family eating out or other positive things, because trading has to be waited on through beginners learning so that the flying hours are high as well . Hi, stay according to love, there is a schedule so you don't get bored, don't be bored to learn, if it does n't happen, see if it doesn't sell later- Bored for a long time, finally, the beach hasn't got tired of studying. Now, this is a hassle. Finally, I want to go instant, Ilo point da here and there

, what are the results, Iyong Hai, you have to be patient and manage your schedule or study. Hi because learning Quran tartils ca n't be instant . Hi, you have to be really patient and follow the step by step. lounge hey hi the lounge Hi, the market is getting slower, look at M5, yes, there is Esajaya perkedel, it's five minutes, because it uses tons of frames, M15. How many channels are there, that's lagging. That's why we have to be patient first to wait for the market so we can Hi, just stay au hi hi the lounge the lounge lately there has been a slack, want Bulus But unfortunately it's still difficult to start mouthing down, it 's still difficult, MP3 where the mosque by Tengah is waiting for aggressive movements if there is a Setyo like this, for example, M5, hi, that's all Yes, this time's video , hopefully, Hi, you can get knowledge, get entertainment, wait for the next video, thank you everyone

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