Trading Emini Futures Before the Big Short! +57.75 After a Recovery! Upping My Contracts and My Game

Trading Emini Futures Before the Big Short! +57.75 After a Recovery! Upping My Contracts and My Game

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What is up Responsible Day Traders, today is Wednesday, December 1st, 2021,  I'm Lindsay Duff, and this  is Responsible Day Trading  I'm actually leaving for a wedding  in the morning in New Orleans,  so I'm not here long I mean I'm boom, boom, I've been trying to catch up on things  so that I can enjoy the next few   days off and not think much about it now,  today started out great I was up 20 points   and then I was down 11 after that, so let  me talk a little bit about what's going on,   I am putting in more contracts at a time,  so I'm trying to every time I enter, instead of just the four contracts to  get in again with another four contracts   so be in with eight contracts right around  the same price each time um, so it's caused   my thinking to change a little bit, so I'm  working on that right, because I'm working my way up to 10 contracts and what it's done  to my thinking is sometimes I'm managing   my stop a little tighter than usual,  because it is a little bit you know,   to go from 20 points up to 11 points down and  four trades was a tough thing to swallow, so that means that I technically  went beyond my four trade limit   um I had four losing trades and I started trading  again now, let's talk a little bit about that my   last one I knew my tip my stop needed to be  at least one tick bigger, had it been I would not have been stopped out. it is what  it is. One of the things though is   I have to get used to those big losses  because if I'm gonna be trading eight   contracts or 10 contracts over the four the losses  are going to be more significant but so are the rewards, so I traded for about 40 minutes  and I'm walking away with 57.75 points,   so that's coming back from negative 11 to 57.75  so, I brought up 68.75. That's great. Um, it is   it's a growth process right and we all  have to go through it I know a lot of you watched me from the beginning  where I started with one contract   and then two contracts, I moved up to three  before actually jumped from two to four,   now I'm looking to jump from four to eight and  then possibly bring it around to ten, I don't know if I'll go higher than that, I said I would  never go up to 10 contracts before but obviously,   I lied to myself because here I am working on  getting to that point, that's just part of the nature of the game that's part  of the growth process. Okay  

um if you're in the Day Trading for RCesponsible  beginners group on Facebook or you're in the   Responsible Day Trading with Lindsey Duff on  Facebook or the growth and development group which you should be already if you're a student,  you're going to start seeing where a lot of   other students are doing exactly what  I'm doing, anybody can do it as long   as you go through the work you understand  and you give up control of trying to be in charge of what the market is  doing, none of us are in charge,   that's one of those four losses that I took I  was trying to be in charge instead of paying   attention to what it was telling me it was telling  me, it was gonna pull back I could have saved myself a little bit of those losses but I said Nah  let's just go full steam and that's what happened,   but that's okay feelings not hurt I'm feeling  great about it uh speaking of feeling great guys I hope you're feeling great about the new year  so for UProfit Trader, we are actually doing   25% off of all the accounts, plus 25% off resets,  so you can use the code Xmas25, you'll see it up there for all your programs or you can use  the code reset25, so you can get 25% off all   of your resets this month guys we paid out over  $200,000 to our Traders this month and our top Trader took out $13,000, Go on Yose. Okay,  because we are proud of you remember the New   Year is coming on December 10th we are going  to do another Tax Webinar, so if you want to learn more about your day trading taxes  it's a great place to come and join,   if you want to go ahead and get started  creating your trading as a business,   then you're going to want to go to and talk to my friend Jay over there, he is  going to talk to you about what your goals are,   how you can save money on your trades, how  you can save money on your education, or even your Funding program and that is by  building your trading as a business,   whenever you do that you get taxed  as a business, not as an individual   and you will be able to keep more of your money  in your pocket. So check it out guys uh if

you haven't downloaded the beginner guide check  out the beginner guide   we'd love to help you out through any  concerns or questions that you're having,   set up some time to talk with  one of our team members and get some information about what we do here  and how we can possibly help you to grow to   making something around 58 points a day as  well. All right guys we're going to go ahead   and wrap that up I hope that everybody has a  wonderful week and as always enjoy the show. What is up Responsible Day Traders oh  I was just a little late on this one   now definitely had chances back here and  back here I was just busy doing something,   I just got started and uh we're going to fix this.

I made it made touch this nope here we go And after this, we'll do a rundown  of the daily chart and all that but. Okay first one out. Love to see it go all the way up  here, just kind of move along as   it's not following through completely. Kind of weak going up here at the moment   get a tiny little bar there, I feel like this  needs to come back just a few more ticks. This is a nice little snapback so it's probably   not the best idea to add  more right at this moment.

oh yeah there we go. Honestly, it gave me reasons to get out,   I don't know why I haven't been getting  out lately when it tells me to um Okay, I'm gonna give this another shot right in  here, this may pull back right at this point this   tiny little bar I just would like to see if this  is gonna roll up a little bit more it may not. The thing is this did not snap in the  way we'd like to see if it's going to   uh, I'm going to give it another shot too. So I'll try this one more time  I pulled it in a little tight I remember I'm working on  having extra contracts out So it does make it a little harder Because I'm thinking of moving up  to somewhere around the range of 10. This has started to break the bottom Bollinger  Band but we're just still sitting here   so it's a week break of it so far Not anymore.

All right. okay one. Needs to be two ticks below there, one. This has got some um about to go back up. Watching right in here it's a little  bit of a struggle but we're still okay   we haven't broken that top Bollinger  Band, we still got a little bit to go   and this is not a strong push down it's  actually a very weak push down right now. It's a great place to add more but I think I  need to just take a break from that for a moment.

Oh yeah daily chart it's probably going  to go down a little bit more but it's   trying to work its way back up daily  chart does have an area for more up. oh this is a lovely look for more up, on the  28657 rolling outside, continuing up yeah I just tried to force it a little early so  I was up a thousand dollars and then I lost   that thousand dollars pretty quickly  and that's okay I'm trying to get myself   really, really used to taking these trades in  multiples, so I want to work my way up to 10 pum 10 to 12 right now I've got  eight so it means I'm going to have   bigger losses and bigger wins right  they're all going to come together. Okay there we go, just got in a little early  that's okay I mean this told me pull back yeah   hey one thing you can't beat yourself  up about it, I just gotta move on. That great when it like pulls right up to it  and doesn't go through it it's always fun.

Definitely moving the risk up a little bit  early, we want to get past here before we move   the risk but I am comfortable with where it's at  I think I'm going to go ahead take this one out. Starting to get the white BB's trying to roll down I'm going to hold my one way back here  actually a few ticks back behind there   so if it pulls back to this area that  it doesn't uh stop me out immediately I almost want to add four more but I'm just gonna  stay with what I've got right now kind of went out   of my bounds with how many losses, I took in a  row because I'm doubling up on these contracts   so it's something that I'm kind of working  with and playing within my off time. On how to stay in these trades longer how  to be okay with a little bit bigger losses. We're going to keep this one  going and play for a while Okay I need to do their   tail bar pulling back do have divergence  here we do a little bit through these pivots   it does look like it's going  to attempt to go up more. So I'm just going to put in four more  I'm going to hover over the close button.

Just get ready to hit close if you need ones. Looking at the top Bollinger band here we  need to see this roll out and continue up   yeah just like that oh silky silken now. Okay just be aware don't get cocky. Remind myself. Yet being right behind here. I'm gonna hit close and it  came like one tick from it   I should probably hit close a little  bit further back here and I do see   this may just continue up but you know I'm cool  with it what are we at 57.75 points for today  

and y'all uh, just so we know I took  one two three four losses in a row   which is normally my limit but I'm  allowing myself a little more because   I was doubling up at these areas right so  just in case, I think that's gonna be it for today I was up a thousand   and then I was down I lost that thousand  plus some okay so I was up 20 points down 31   and then brought it back up to 57.75, so I  had to gain that 31 back. so you know um, feeling pretty good about it I  think we're done for the day,   all right so let's get this party started, so  what happened here um when I took these two trades   it was right at the high here but it  gave us very clear indications that   it was going to break through by seeing  the strength of the MACD's here so I am working on taking two contracts or two entries at  a time because I'm working on upping my stamina   to being okay with bigger losses bigger wins   and being able to eventually work  my way towards 10 contracts which   has never felt like a comfortable situation  for me and where I actually told people i would never take 10 contracts  at a time but here we are.   So um took the long here the pullback  took it again as it pulled back in here   just moved the risk up um knew it had an  opportunity to come back to here but I mean   you know who's gonna cry about eight points  um well it's different when the eight points is to the opposite side so I did have four losses  in a row which goes against my quote-unquote   uh standards but I'm also working  on doubling up whenever I enter   so that means it's in my mind I'm trying to  think of it like two losses in a row and 2 those two losses in a row were not only enough to  knock out what I did here but take me down minus   11 points so we can see I was up 20. I could  have stopped there for the day and been fine   um but I tried to force it a  little bit early this last one I knew I needed to be two ticks behind here   but because I'd already taken a couple  of losses I think that my mindset was like oh crap be careful right so I didn't move  it that one extra tick and it hit me I mean I   knew it had the opportunity to do but I also got  right back in with two more trades and those were the winner, winner chicken dinner so uh, nine and  a half points here I think I pulled it down a tick   to get in or to take it me out 14 points here  two contracts there as well that got taken out then we moved to one contract at a time right   so 7.75 10.25 I saw it pullback here  and still had one contract holding on i said man this is still going up took another  entry that first contract 9.25 pulled back um

where are we hold on that   hold on so 9.5 7.75 10.25 there we go i'm sorry  9.25 right there this is why i have to go back and   write these in before i even go with y'all um 11  points here and then i hit close on this final one   taking seven points here back behind here is where  my risk needed to be i wasn't willing to wait   i almost got in here again but did not so that was  a total of nine trades four losses five wins fifty   seven point seven five points two thousand eight  hundred and eighty seven dollars and fifty cents   before commissions so no complaints all right  folks this is a wonderful way to wrap up my week   i am heading to a wedding in new orleans  tomorrow so um it should be a lot of fun   i'm going to be actually through monday  so i'm only going for a little bit i may   not do my monday morning post this week so  we'll see what happens we may have jason do it   uh jason also has been putting out his trades so  if you are in the growth and development group or   the Day Trading for Responsible Beginners  or Responsible Day Trading with Lindsey Duff   you should be able to see some of the trades that  some of our students are doing and the trades that   Jason's doing so, it's not just me doing this guys  there's other people doing it and it's fantastic   so uh, yes guys that's gonna wrap it up i  hope that everybody has a wonderful week   and as always you know that I look forward  to Catching You on the Profitable Side.

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