Trading Cepat Untuk Memanfaatkan Koreksi || Quick Trading To Utilize Correction

Trading Cepat Untuk Memanfaatkan Koreksi || Quick Trading To Utilize Correction

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What happened was like that. We feel hard in taking position Taking position when the market reverse *Opening Music* We go back to running, now Suddenly, the running candle reaches Retracement there. It's fast "*Unclear voice*, it starts to pass it" Yes Because, when red candle shows up, don't order Sell in a hurry although the up rejection is strong Please remember that there is quite strong area bacause there are many rejections So, it becomes hard rejection area which must really be paid attention by us If we're sure that the character is up long red rejection, we order Sell The basic isn't strong there So, there is speculation If it went down for a while at the beginning, In the first 5 minutes, it's getting stronger Then, we look for our order point, the Trigger based on the running price So, we order at the running price We tend to the movement direction If it's strong to go up, is there any correction? If there is enough down correction, we can take Buy position If there is no quite strong correction, we wait for it at the end to take Sell position quickly Please be careful! If the movement is slow like this, usually the correction is small Although it's thick like this, the correction is small "When I look at your computer, it looks like a lil bit faster. Is it slow?" It's slow. Slow but sure If it's fast, the up and down movement is also fast It rises for a while, then down (small correction), then it's getting rise It's getting thicker If we order in this correction condition, we still get much spread. We don't get profit

So, if we want to take Buy in the correction, at least we've counted the profit and spread there For example, from this Retrace area, there is correction This. It's ok if it's 160 If there is up potency, there will be opportunity to get profit. Although if it's until at the end of tail, there is potency But, if it's small like this, it's hard. When we order here, we get spread, it rises again That's why we must really pay attention to this running It's hard we learn running condition. But when we understood, we don't have to face the screen full in a day

We just need some hours Can you imagine if we work in the office, we can't get maximum result by only working for 1-2 hours We need to work full in a day or more than 8 hours If we do Trading, we can get the profit faster First, the potential is much more, then the time is shorter But, learning trading sometimes make us bored Because we always want it to be faster We want to order directly, we want to get profit directly, we want to go out from the market condition But, if we can follow the process well, Process means practicing the knowledge, applying the technique Then, every transaction, there is knowledge that we take there What can we get when we order? What can we get when we do analysis? How's the result? You must get that knowledge If we see that there is Buy opportunity then we order Buy. after that, we don't evaluate it, our knowledge won't increase It's just glance. When we meet that kinds of position again, we'll forget it So, make a small note! I used to be like that Write the reason of your order or at least you save it first. after you took position, you can write what happened there, the result too For example, 'I order at 20 minutes when the running candle feels hard to go down. I can't take Buy position' 'I wait for it when it's enough for the correction area' or when the up movement is much stronger, please be careful when we want to order Sell Because if we ordered Sell, and the correction is small, we'll be dragged to rise again We need to practice more, do test for our style and speed. The movement volatility starts to be high. But, it's slow but sure

Slow but sure means, the down movement is slow and it's sure that it rises. "So, how..? It's a lil bit cringe to open position here" Wait for the correction. I'm sure there will be correction. Pay attention to it

This condition is interesting Many people feel fever with this candle If it's thick, it's assumed that it's good Meanwhile they don't know the technique. They assume that it's good although they don't understand it well It will be correction later "How can you be sure?" "The up movement is so fast!" Because it's still far "The bump is left bump" Just wait for the correction first. Let it be correction If the movement is fast like this, it's good to take correction Take Sell for this position When it's at the top, it moves 'tutututuk' When the movement is fast, we can do it quickly. But we must be careful because the condition is against We can utilize both of them. when it goes down, we can utilize it at the bottom

How if we ordered Buy, but it rise again? We still measure and guide our minus If the minus is still low, we can order at this end So, when there is correction like this, we can close all of them It means, we can save the bottom Which it goes down, then there is profit This one is loss, we can close both of them earlier At least it decreases the loss or if the minus is still controlled, we can wait for it first The distance is still close Usually, I get quite lots of profit in this condition I close all of them in this condition We close both of them And I get profit But, we must do more practice when we enter it and it rise again I utilize the correction When it close again, there is enough correction, we can order Buy again So, we can get from the up and down We must close both of them first We get profit from this. Because it passed The top is much and the bottom is low. But we get profit from the top Do we must enter again? Don't. Just wait until there is enough correction It will be correction. Pay attention to this. It will go down longer than this If we order Buy, we still don't get anything. it's so small if we order Buy That's what must be practiced later. There is no certainty. The point is, always try it

It still has potency to go down When it qualify the rules, we can order it here Order Buy here If there will be correction again, that's no problem The point is we still can control and guide it well; including our loss, and lot that we always use Don't use large Lot when the market doubt Except if it's strong at the top, it's thick and quick, we can take it quickly We take Sell position quickly. We may use larger Lot Sometimes, the profit we get isn't much We get low profit but if it's hard, It rises but it's a lil bit hard Because the down movement is a lil bit hard The rise pips is more than the down Pips although the pressure starts to show up You must try it a lot. It will make us easier to know the character After we got profit, we close it first We don't have to wait for it until it reaches the top. Because the up and down can move quickly in running condition So, we play it with Lot That's the importance of doing Lot management and risk management We just feel tired if we do trading using small Lot It's better to increase the Lot a lil bit and decrease the Pips Like the example. There was a lil bit correction, we took it again

Then, after got profit, we close it There is down correction, we rise At the top, we order Sell. And so on Don't forget that it's at the top. We order Buy The Trend rises, but it's at the top. When it's correction like this, you'll feel confused Please remember, when it rise, there are many strong rejections at the left side We still pay attention to this although it's running condition There is very strong rejection here Many rejections. It means that the end of boy is closed here It's located at the top end So, stay safe. When it's at the top end, don't only focus on Buy Just see from the running candle "If this position is 25 minutes left," "The candle changes... For example, we want to do regular"

"For example, the candle closing is high because of Buyer correction" "It means, a lil correction left. Buyer power is very strong" "We see the regular after the candle changes" "What's the prediction? Will it go down?" Yes, because it's in the area..... "It's Resistance" Yes, that's correct But, it's more convincing when the red candle finish Red candle finish, there is rejection If the rejection is small like this, we need 1 more red candle as the confirmation candle So, we need 2 hours to wait for it "It's 2 candle.. 2 hours, isn't it?" Yes, 2 hours "But, except.. If it close this one" "There is long rejection. It means that it's rejected by Seller, right?" "Does it mean, every the candle change, will it return to up first?" Usually, it rises first "It rebels first, then it..."

Its history noted that it reached the highest price here. It still has remaining energy It's normal if it rises first What we do is we let it rise as strong as possible Although there are many rejection before, but because it reached at the top, it means that it ever had amazing power So, let it rise as strong as possible, then it goes down, becomes thick red candle. Then order there That's opportunity which we sure that we get profit Because it rises strong and unable to rise again Previously, it's unable. Then it goes back. It's unable again It changes to red candle "When it goes down with red body like that, when we order?" Above 5 minutes or even it's 7-10 minutes. That's ok. The point is it rises at first then, it's unable. It becomes red candle We can order Sell here Whether it's in 15 minutes, 20 minutes, the important thing is it's unable to rise again then, it starts to be strong red candle "sometimes, although it's like this, it can rise again" Yes, but..

We also see the time too If the time is at the early minutes, it could rise If it's above 20 minutes, and the rejection is stronger, We see the strong rejection from that movement It's not shaking. Shaking is the red candle moves fast and run out fast But, if it's pressure, it's slowly like what it was It was pressure continuously. It was slow but sure "If it's shaking, Does it mean fast? Does it changes?" Shaking is.. red candle is fast, then it goes back to green candle quickly Be careful if there is shaking If it's slow like this, it's better for us to follow it But, sometimes, the correction is small For example, it rises, sometimes the correction is small So, we feel confused to order.

If we see that the pressure is getting upper, that's no problem if we take correction It's ok if the correction is not a hundreds of Pips. The point is it doesn't close to the Resistance area "Do you mean that when it pass the Retracement, can we order Buy?" It passed, then the pressure still goes up It still goes up. Then the down movement is slow.. Then it rises stronger It's ok if there is a lil bit correction We can see the pressure from the volume. The movement of pressure is slow but it's almost fix Slow but sure. It's fix to be thick We know it by our eyes that the volume is getting thicker "It's still far" Do more practice. Try this at night Try this condition at 20.00 WIB

"But, is it ok if the result is black-and-blue?" That's ok. Try it using Demo account first I'm happy if you're not afraid in trying it "Although the result is black-and-blue?" The first important thing isn't the result, but we test it Test the knowledge, guts, and our logic Don't think how to get profit first Run the system and we evaluate the result Don't think like you must get profit. No. Run your trading system and reference first If you've done it, that's ok if you get loss at the beginning No one gets profit instantly. If yes, it must be asked "I'm afraid that it's speculation factor" If the market is always same like our analysis, be careful! It could be lucky factor, friendly market Sometimes, most of my friends feel that they master it in 1 month They're sure with their analysis. But it's still far

So, they do trading using real account, the budget is hundreds of million When it's done, they feel hard They tell me about their loss I've explained that explore your skill first. Test all of the materials Until we really find the enjoy style Not an ambition to get profit directly I'm sure, it's because they see the profit of their friends or social media Many people share their transactions screenshot We must master the principle and basic "Will this pass?" Yes, but it will go back around there "If the condition is like this, can we order in the running correction?" It's ok. It's very good. We can take Sell position when it's at the top You may try to take Sell position when it's at this top. That's ok

Try it step by step. Try it continuously. Break your limit Don't test the small Lot only Most of my friends test it using small Lot, high durability, But, when they do real trading, they increase the Lot "I mean, I try it use the yesterday's Lot. 0.5 Lot" That's ok It depends on the Lot calculation That's ok, just try it later Moreover if the area is like this. This is good area

I think it's enough. You may practice it again later If you face difficulty, we'll discuss it again later The most important thing is you must explore your skill more. Don't be afraid in making fault Don't be afraid in getting loss "Don't be afraid to get black-and-blue" If you try this, it's quite good Thankyou, sir. Good afternoon! See you next time!

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