Trading Akan Hancur Tanpa Hal Ini || Trading Will Be Ruined Without This Thing

Trading Akan Hancur Tanpa Hal Ini || Trading Will Be Ruined Without This Thing

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If we move fast, we can get around 300 At least when we order, we have high probability The profit potential must be higher than the loss That's what we all must know The way to read is easy. If we learn it, it's not complicated It's not that much The main thing to learn is risk and money management Risk management and lot management. Don't use random lot If we use random lot, even with great analysis, certainly we'll fall Even though we're experienced and mastered it if the risk is high, it can't be helped except injecting more budget Always used measured lot. What is it? Get used to use at least 20000 durability It's if our skills aren't that capable It means our budget is divided by 20000 Don't use 0.5, 0.7, or 0.8 lot with 500 dollars budget

It's not forbidden but it's like an acrobat, the risk is falling This doesn't mean that we don't want you to get big profit But, we must measure our skills Second, we must measure the budget power If the budget is small, then the profit potential is small, realize it Don't aim for big profit. If like that, then you don't realize your power Then, if we want to use, say, 5000 dollars for the budget use 5000 dollars in the demo account too Not using 5000 dollars in demo, while in real account is only 500 By theory, it can be compared But, in the training, the mindset is different The training we do everyday would be different Please understand it so you're not wrong in controlling the loss Usually people are panicked because of unmeasured lot Use at least 20000 durability For common people, they should use 50000 50000 pips. So, if the budget is 5000 at least we must use 20000 durability We get small profit Don't just watch the screenshots of big profit we must realize our class and skills then we must know his profit consistency We're the ones who measured ourselves For example, the budget is 5000. Use at least 20000 durability

So, the maximum lot is 0.25 0.25 in a period of transaction Not using five 0.25 0.25 is maximum. We can divide it to 0.1, 0.01, and 0.05 Or we can use smaller ones, like five 0.05

In a session, 0.25 is the maximum If we use 0.25 then we're wrong, we can cut loss or add If we use 20000 durability, it's still possible even though it's risky My advice is use smaller than the maximum If the maximum is 0.25, divide it into some lots and master them Yesterday, I used small budget and did recovery with big lot I'm not giving an example of high risk but it depends on the skills, training, and experience The class is different. We've been here for dozens of years

We already suffered the losses before I even got in debt on a bank and couldn't pay it Even money for food was hard to get, I experienced that That's why you better learn from experience from what we did before, it'd be better I already tested it for a long time I use same lots, 0.25, 0.55, 0.75, 1.25, and 2.01 And I always used those We don't just use it in 100 transactions We already used those in thousands of transactions So, we already mastered them We know what to use and what to do when we're wrong We always use those numbers If you want to build your intuition, use the same numbers If we compound it, it'll keep adding. Say, from 2000 to 2500 usually people teach you to compound it then use bigger lot, from 0.1 to 0.15 since the budget increases

I tried that and failed It doesn't mean you can't do that. You can try that My character doesn't suit it I like the fixed budget, which is 3000 When the profit reaches 1000 and becomes 4000, I withdraw it I withdraw 1000. So, it's back to the first budget If the loss is not much, say, 200 maybe still at 2900, it's still stabile and I still can use the same lots What matters is managing well both lot and risk I don't teach the high risk, because it needs maximum knowledge If we give this as an early example, you'd be ruined See examples that fit your skills At least we teach the methods, not numbers Learn to solve and exit the red zone Quickly. If it's a loss and unable to finish, do it When it all clear, our mind would be calm Our psychology would be calmer So, we can read again clearer Usually people don't follow risk and money management well Risk and money management can't be learned by reading books It can't be learned by listened, must be practiced because it's related to skills and how to move how to decide quickly and how to tweak how to move and exit from the zone without much loss Our logic must run Logic games. Can't be just learned, like add when it's down 500 pips When the market moves ups and downs fast, it can't be explained Market can't be counted by numbers So, learning from experience is determining When it goes down long and has no rejection, there'll be correction When it's at the edge, we order buy It goes up to here, then close it When it's here and it's moving down, we order sell again When it's down, close it That's a technique. We can't measure by pips or percentage if we move on the running Except if we use the standard The market goes up. There's rejection above, then there's red and confirmation

then we order sell. It's a standard way Standard way can't get profit quickly. Sometimes we must wait Sometimes the profit still hasn't come in 1 hour, it could still be a correction then it goes down again in the next candle If we're being impatient we'd assume this small up as a reversal We'd cut loss, stop loss, or change to buy After we buy, the market goes down and we'd be ruined We must watch it Which way do we choose? Don't mix it. If you want to use the standard, then use it When there's high volatility, we can use the running the correction in the running When we use running, don't ask for confirmation There are so many triggers Use the ones that suit you and practice it so our skills are honed and we can master it Remember, I used demo for a long time, longer than all of you After I fell down, I used demo account for more than 2 years But the main thing to learn isn't candlestick, but money and risk management Then, how to control the psychology Ruined money management made me fall Second, my psychology was exploding I couldn't get enough of the profit There's a time when our weak spot appears So, what we collected from the last few days run out in a transaction We experienced that back in the day The condition was really long and our budget ran out directly We thought about it, then we learn much If you only learn for 1 or 2 months then you use real account, I'm a bit afraid I'm afraid that you haven't mastered it yet We'd be chasing profit Trading is for long-term. If we mastered it, it becomes an unlimited gold mine The profit wouldn't run out. We can keep withdrawing it We won't go bankrupt, because it's a cycle Trading is not just a trend. We already did trading since 2005

If you're too ambitious, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed Watch the money and risk management, and psychology Money management and risk management can't be learned It must be applied If theory related to candlestick, we can learn it This is the first. Second is technical Technical is after money and risk management, and psychology Even technical is not for reading it in a valid way We only read for probability the highest chance the highest chance of the direction with high profit chance Profit chance that's bigger than the risk We look for this because basically we won't find it No technical is valid Or indicator, or robot. It's nonsense, don't trust it There's no market condition that we can read by static Psychology must be trained So, when we find the highest probability, we order So, the profit chance is bigger than the risk But, don't forget that there's always risk So, the function of risk limit is risk management In trading, loss is certain. If we enter, we already get a loss Loss because of the spread So, we need to limit the risk Choose the technical that suits you Maybe you don't like price action it's fine, don't force to use it If you like indicator, it's fine. We don't force you. You have your own way If you use indicator and it's profitable, use it What is the technical we must learn? It's easy actually That's why we always say to make simple trading Wijaya Trading's slogan is "Trading is Simple, Profit is Easy" We make it simple so our mindset wouldn't be complicated Simple makes it easy First, watch the structure Or we can say it as a trend Second is watch the last candle Read the last candle character Third is watch the support and resistance After we read the support and resistance and the last candle watch the rejection the existing rejection, including low and high Watch the rejection, low, and high Which one? On the last candle If we mastered those, we'll be able to see the bigger potential Structure, last candle, rejection, lowest and highest price, then support and resistance If there's no support and resistance watch the retracement or retrace These are the 5 points to read The last one is determining the order spot From all of these, we can determine the order spot First, always watch the candle structure The structure is aiming up Only blind person who says that this market is flat Visually, it's aiming up Then, watch the last candle Let's use this candle as the last candle example this one Watch the character of that candle What do we read? First is the body length, then the axis The body is long. There's axis below and longer than the body

So, volume is still the priority It'll have a strong pressure What about the axis? It went down to here It means we watch the lowest price. It went down to here, but rejected If we compare it with the previous green, it's still nothing Then, we can also watch the retracement. From this green to the formed green So, we click the middle. The retracement is here

So, the farthest form is above When it's still in the correction. Then if it breakouts, there's chance to continue That's the way. Practice and train it This is the lesson, please practice it Then, if we want to do pending order Usually common people don't know about pending order Sometimes also placing stop loss or limiting the risk So, I try to give a clue To be continued....

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