Trading a Smaller Account | Barbara Armstrong | 5-7-21| Trades - Entries and Exits

Trading a Smaller Account | Barbara Armstrong | 5-7-21| Trades - Entries and Exits

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all right everyone it is friday and this is trading a smaller account my name is barbara armstrong i am a coach with td ameritrade and do we ever have an exciting 45 minutes lined up for you today so buckle up uh flex your fingers i hope you were playing some rocking music before this started and that you are ready to rumble this is an intermediate level account we tend to place a lot of trades in this account manage a lot of example trades in this account and that's exactly what we're doing here today so stick around lots of great stuff about to come your way [Music] all righty i want to start by greeting and thanking all of you for like showing up at three o'clock eastern on a friday afternoon i wasn't sure how many people would actually attend live and and tons of you do and thank you thank you for doing that so uh hello to john and ed vijay who were the first three into the chat and really got things rolling before we even started the class um and to alex and zan and annette and emmy and michael and giles and chesapeake bay and dan and larry and tanya and many others thank you all for making this class the exciting class that it is love how robust our chat is we also have mike fairborne with us contributing to the chat and if you've got questions as we go if they don't directly relate to what we're talking about mike will do his best to handle those i also um look at the comments on youtube on a daily basis so if you're saying like hey i can't be around to watch this live on a friday afternoon you know how come i don't get to ask questions you do you you can just ask them on youtube or if you want to say hey love this class you can you know put that in there also but um i do look at those every day the other way to get in touch with mike fairborne and i is through uh the land of twitter and you can see over my head at the armstrong underscore tda is my handle at am fairborn underscore tda is mike's handle and if you're not following mike you're doing yourself a disservice he posts a lot of really fascinating fundamental information and i'm looking at it and going ah snap i didn't know that and so you know i learn a lot by following the other coaches myself so i'm not going to belabor that but you want to be there okay so let's get to our important information so we can get right down to business i hope you're buckled up if you're saying oh this is trading a smaller account i thought it would be a beginner class my friends it is not but that doesn't mean that you should just hang up and go away feel free to stay but know that we move quickly in this class and if there's a strategy we're about to talk about that you don't understand let me know i'll give you like a 15 second overview of the strategy and then i can point you to you know chances are it'll be getting started with options which is friday mornings at 11 for a more leisurely place based walkthrough of what the strategy is already about okay so let's roll right along through our important information options trade lots of them in this class i'm not suitable for all investors as there are special risks inherent to options trading which we discuss at length here also know if you're new to td ameritrade that you have to apply for option trading privileges you can do whatever you want in paper money brilliant place to start when you go to your live account you have to apply for option trading privileges also in order to demonstrate the functionality of the platform we need to use actual symbols and today you know i was thinking oh i need to make sure i have enough stocks to talk about i think we have nine we want to review and six new positions we want to add so we talk about lots of different types of trades lots of different ticker symbols but all of that is a recommendation it is not sorry but let me back that up is not to be construed as a recommendation on the part of td ameritrade or myself why is that i have no idea what your trading style is i have no idea what your risk management tolerance is and i have no clue as to what's in your account and these are just so that you understand kind of the some of the trading strategies some of in this class we often discuss some suggested guidelines or recipes or or suggested rules around different trading strategies it's to help you develop all of that okay slap my hand for that misspeak okay so um and know that all investing involves risk including the risk of loss okay what are we talking about today it's so this like it kind of cracks me up when this comes up like we're going to do a market overview i know that many of you would attend many classes in an average day and so i'm not going to go over this ad nauseam we're going to spend about one minute on that and then we're going to look at the current example positions because one of the things i hear in the surveys over and over again is once i enter a position i need to know how to manage it how to think about managing it and so we're going to spend a bit of time on that probably about half the class now if you're new to this class and you're saying oh i don't already have those positions in my paper money account that's okay the one you're going to learn by understanding the thought process of how we're managing what we have in this example portfolio but then at the end we're looking at adding six new positions and yes this is a small account so we have twenty thousand dollars to invest in this account so that's what's up for today okay let's get over to our platform and we're going to start with the spx so here's our one minute on what's going on with the market so one year daily what's happening with the spx well it's hitting a new all-time high say no more uptrend intact check let's go to the nasdaq and dx so this is as most of you know a tech heavy index no financials and so when we kind of come and look at this is it hitting a new all-time high no it did that last thursday pulled back to the 30-day moving average and today it's kissed the 10-day back above the 30 so it looks like the uptrend might be continuing no guarantees but you know my spidey sense you know or just you're looking at the technicals but it took a lot of juice to get up here you know we've traded up and down over the course of the day um and so we have a bit of a spinning top kind of pattern setting up there and then when we look at our 2000 small caps obviously a pretty significant uptrend here too but when we zone in we see a bit of a pennant pattern setting up it's bouncing off that support level which way will it break well you know some would say well if you have a significant uptrend like we've had on the iw and iwm and given the other indices are so strong one might anticipate that this when it breaks out might break out to the upside but do we trade what we think in this class or do we trade what we see go ahead and type that into the chat um yeah and here's our dow jones hitting a new all-time high so you know i think we can say we're pretty bullish and the vix well 16 9 we we haven't seen that very often in the last year have we so vixx is falling okay so there's our market overview now let's move on to item number two on our list you guys are right abu and vijay and maurice we're trading what we see not what we think is going to happen and this is where that i don't know how many letters are in patients i think eight you know we've got two four-letter words smashed together and this these are actually good a good word patients it's just hard for us to sometimes be patient when we're you know waiting for an entry and we talked a bit of that about that in our getting started with options class so if we start at the top we have a position in abr we are up 10 percent on that what is abr well if we come over here we can see that abr is a financial it's in the financial sector it's actually a reit or real estate investment trust and it specializes in mortgages it is just within a stone's throw of an all-time high um just came with earnings beat on earnings and so it's just trucking along doing its thing nothing to do there mosaic we had a target of 37. and i actually exited this position because it had hit a high of 36.99 and i thought you know what i'm just going to go in and close this out so if you come to our monitor tab we can see here's mosaic quantity zero we had a hundred shares of mosaic it was up a hundred and fifty two dollars today we did that as a swing trade so our intention was to just be in that trade for a short period of time when we come over to the account statement and type in mosaic you can see we bought in at 33.55 we i could have waited and we would have got out at 37 that was our exit um or exited a market order and we might have got out you know at the same price at 36.98 or maybe a penny or two more but we ended up you know if you do the math up 343 dollars or 343 a share times our 100 shares right so 343 dollars and you may say like well that's not that big a whop well you know what uh we bought the stock for 33.55 we made 343 on it so we were up over 10 percent and how long were we in it well we got in april 16th and out may 2nd may 7th so we were in it for about three weeks and so you know i call this like ring in the register and it's taking an unrealized gain and turning it into a realized gain and you know if you think of it in terms of baseball base hit you know and that's a nice base hit and we started with twenty thousand dollars in this account so if i take um three hundred and forty three dollars divided by twenty 000 that's a 1.7

return on my entire portfolio with one trade that we were in for three weeks so don't um mock the base hits my friends is kind of the message i'm trying to hit home with this i was going to call this like base hit day um so that was mosaic there was one in between when we come back to our monitor tab and that's ori so we placed this trade last week we bought a hundred shares of this stock um what is o-r-i o-r-i old republic so if you want more detail on this and i can't begin to do this within the context of our class but i will put a link into the growth and value strategy class i taught last week so a week ago yesterday and we went through how to find stocks that are on sale or value stocks that had a strong intrinsic value and when we looked at ori it was trading at that time for 24.65 cents a share but had an intrinsic value of 73 dollars which means that you know the assets and and the revenue that this company is j uh generating give it an intrinsic value that's higher than what it's currently trading at and so if you're interested in that you can go back and watch that but so we're in this one it's in the financial sector which has been strong over the last month over the last three months really over the last six months so that one we added to our portfolio it also makes no difference in a paper money account but in reality this also pays a dividend of 3.38 and dividends make up about a third i think of all the profits taken out of the market in general so even if you're 25 years old and you're thinking i could give a hoot about dividends yeah you might want to give a whoop because all those little bits can turn into a lot over time but we have nothing that we have to do with that one we just we have a five percent return on that investment overall and we've been in it now for an entire week okay so the next one that we it is in our list is a buy right covered call position on nielsen now we did a position on nielsen before um and it you know we had sold a call and we sold it for i think let me just i wrote notes i we i think we sold it for 75 cents bought it back for 10. so

we were up 65 on this position and then we sold another call for 75 cents the 27 call it's now trading 50 cents above that so let's go out and look at the chart on nielsen and this is in the industrial sector which again strong sector over the last month over the last three months over the last six months and when we look at this you know we bought this right here and then where did it go it's got a whole lot of nowhere and today it's breaking out and so we could do one of three things one we can say you know we've made sixty dollars on this position already we're you know a hundred dollars ahead of the game on the second call that we've sold if we were to exit um so we could buy you know we could just say we're going to buy back the call and sell the stock and exit we're up almost in total on this position and and call it a day just ring the register move on or we could say hey this is breaking out and it might continue to move to the upside this is where you might want to go do some homework run it through the intrinsic value calculator because it would now be a stock position we'd intend to hold a little longer so you know if we decide to ring the bell on this or ring the register if we look at it and say what's the most we can make on this well we bought the stock for 26.29 so we could make 71 cents let me get my i hate talking about numbers without writing them down so we could make 71 cents there plus we can make 75 cents on the call that we sold so the most we can make on this is a dollar 46. if we do nothing and it continues to stay above our 27th strike we're at 112. so if i take

112 and divide it by 146 we've got 76 percent of our max gain plus we made 70 on this earlier so when we look at it as a total return on our investment at 2 16. that's you know almost it's getting close 216 divided by 26.29 it's getting close to ten percent it's probably around eight it's eight percent so what's your vote uh there's a question can we roll it i'm just going to give us three options so i've got a one ring the register you know one question um so what would you like to do so i'm going to come back to that so door number one is just let it ride door number two is buy the callback and move this into our trend trading growth stock and then um or we could roll it into an another expiration or we can just ring it okay okay i'm getting ring ring ring okay so the the ring the bells have it so we already have an exit in case this trade went against us so i'm going to come up here to working orders and i find it easiest this is maybe it's just me i just find it easiest just to cancel it so i've canceled that order i'm going to come back down here highlight this position whoops highlight the entire position right click we're going to create a closing order to exit this position altogether we can wait for us to get called out so that's the do nothing strategy we'd be in this for another two weeks but we've already got the majority of our gain and what the market giveth the market can taketh away so sometimes we can roll okay so it you know if we look at this okay so let's just give it one sec so if we decided to roll this we could come out to june so let me come in here back here if we created a rolling order it would be buying back the current call and selling the june we'd get an additional 50 credit but could we maybe roll it up to 28 and still get a credit well it wouldn't cost us anything but we could be in for another dollar fifty more so does that look interesting maybe we could try that let's see if that will fill for us otherwise we'd have to do it as two separate trades so we can try the let's see if that will fill okay so that's nielsen and then we have a synthetic if we had a synthetic on caught on cisco but we decided to buy back the call because we were doing trade management on long calls and we said you know when we looked at the chart on cisco it was lollygagging what i called lollygagging as in consolidating or going sideways and so we said you know the value of the call was really getting eroded quickly and so we decided that we were going to buy back the call because it was losing money but something going sideways when we have a short put works out just tickity boo like it works out fine as long as it stays above our 50 strikes so today it's you know practically gapping to the upside up two percent big up day yesterday so when we come back to the monitor tab and we look at our short put we've got 75 percent of our max gain and so we are going to you know go with the example of let's just close this out we sold it for a dollar 27. it's now worth 31 cents

and so we're just going to ring the register so we have a buy on this at 15 cents it's at 31. so 15 cents would have been closer to a 90 percent gain we're just going to cancel and replace that and say hey it's currently trading for 32 cents we're good with that and we're going to exit that one now might we have waited till monday if this was in an actual account we might why might we have done that well because um time decay continues you know to work its charms even on saturday and sunday when we're the markets are closed but after two really big up days often we'll get a candle of indecision on that third day and maybe a bit of a pullback so it's the yin and the yang right and and someone mentioned in the chat we do have earnings coming up may 19th on that so about 10 days from now so that can influence our things as well our position expired prior to that okay so that's cisco so we're done with that um now we've got some short put verticals so when we look at apple we have the 126 128 and and this shows we're up 12 percent amat shows a whopping you know one percent almost microsoft were up 40 but let's go out and look at these three and then we'll look at crm loss because crm is the one that is going against us so with apple and i'm going to come to a three month chart well let's do a six month chart that seems a little in our face but when we look at this we bought it here or or sold our short put vertical i think here actually no we did that one last week um so we've only been in this no actually we we did three trades so i think we entered this one back here so it kind of has come up and then come back down again because we also have this long call vertical so we did we were comparing different trading strategies a yes we do have i didn't didn't mention that but we do have a had a short put vertical on cat and it hit its target so i'll show us that in paper in the paper money um sorry in the on the other side of the monitor tab so when we look at this it's come back down to our 128 126 but it's bouncing and you know when we look at this we had like a double bottom here right broke out has come back to retest old resistance new support so if we look at that and say let's just let this percolate know that with this dividend we can expect maybe a little pullback that often happens just on around that ex dividend date okay so that was apple so we're going to let that one percolate then we have a matt and amat i guess this is one of the ones maybe we came in last week so you know this one has bounced off this support level we thought it was going to continue to go up it's come back to retest this support level and here's our strike and it's bouncing today it'll be interesting what will be the teller of the tape is if it actually manages not just to kiss but break through both the 10 and the 30. so we're going to let that one continue to percolate and then we have microsoft now these three are all tech stocks and tech hasn't been moving you know quite as robustly as some of the others again old resistance oops dang it i didn't mean to do that um so we have old resistance here oh dang it okay just let me go in and shut this down completely because i don't want these to keep popping up on the screen okay i'll get it in a sec so we have old resistance you know then it breaks through new support you know old resistance often becomes new support it's come back retested that we had a bullish engulfing pattern yesterday and it's moving you know above the 10 above the 30 kissing the 10 so if we say okay well you know our confidence that this might hold is there i believe we do have um we we do have um uh okay find my words i'm trying to read the chat and think and talk at the same time it's not working for me obviously um yeah so it's coming bouncing off a support level now somebody said we should uh you know make sure that it's a diagonal breakout as well and this is where you know technicals can be a bit of a rorschach test so if we look at that and we're saying you know here um it is breaking that diagonal line so that's these three so apple we're up nine percent we're going to let that roll um a mat we're just basically at par but it looks technically like it's in a good spot and we have i think 14 days on all of these they're all this may 21 expiration so we're going to let that roll and microsoft the same we're up 34 but we're going to give that a few more days we have exits at 80 or 90 on all of these now what about the red-headed step child nothing against red-headed stepchildren it worked out pretty well for cinderella as i recall but we've got crm here and it has not been playing nicely with others and so we were feeling a little optimistic here we had kind of a basing double bottom-ish kind of pattern it broke out hit the support level and and when we entered the trade it looked like it was breaking above and then it's come back down and our strikes are here at 225 and 222.50 and it came back down excuse me so when we look at this and we say okay you know what does the technician in us see well what some technicians may see is we had this kind of basing pattern resistance it broke out we were hoping this would become a new resistance or a new support and it did not it we had this big down day and it blew right through that and then blew right through our strikes and came back down to this resistance level and is this going to hold so i think the question is and this is one where i know that we don't get together monday but if this were in an actual account one might say hey if monday this doesn't continue to move to the upside if i'm not at my max loss it's time to exit because you know or you could just say i'm so close to my max loss i may as well let time play out i've position sized appropriately so that if i take the max loss i'm not thrilled but i'm not devastated because i know as an investor that there are times when we will have a trade that won't go in our direction okay so that's that one and we're at a loss of 256. what's the most we can lose on this uh close to 400 which is our would be our max loss so we're just over halfway to our max loss so why hang out to take a max loss if we can exit it's painful it just wiped out the better part of our trade on mosaic but you know we're still net between those two trades ahead of the game now there's one other thing that i want to talk about and as i was having lunch with my son and we were talking about trades i said you know back you know in in in a certain period of history you know pirates if caught were hung as you came into port and left there for the crows to eat and you know this is kind of neo is a little bit of our pirate hanging in the port and that we're down thirteen hundred dollars on this position and you might say well how on earth can you be down thirteen hundred dollars on a position when you said your rule was you weren't going to take more than a 400 hit on any one trade and the reason that we did that is we started well first of all you know we make a decision based on what we had on a friday um and then say we would wait another week but we started trading on hope or doing what i call smoking the hopium so we had sold a put and i think we got paid around four dollars for that put so call this an 800 loss net rather than a 1200 loss it's still double what our rule is around losing but if you take a look at this 1300 and we went through in a previous class if we had employed a different set of rules around short puts and enforced that on this trade we would have had a loss of about eighty dollars now we're obviously a lot a long way from an 80 loss and so the reason that we've kept this and we do now have an exit on this position but we are up about 1400 on this account year-to-date we'd be up double that if we had not started smoking the hopium and so the reason that i i'm leaving this in here and the reason that i continue to bring it up is i don't just want to talk about the good things i want to talk about how hurtful it can be even if on one trade you take a huge hit it's cut our profits year to date in half okay so this is you know this is our our warning now can you have a bad trade on a good stock yes you know could this end up making us money i sure hope it does but did we mismanage this trade regardless absolutely we did okay so you know what we've only got like 10 minutes or so left so i really want to put some new trades in are you guys with me so i don't want to belabor that but i don't want to ignore it either because if you're new just know how much not having a set of rules that you adhere to can hurt you and and you know we're all human beings none of us are machines at least last time i checked and so if we put an exit in place before we get in then we can prevent this type of of unfortunate occurrence from happening okay so the first two positions i want to add are long stocks and again we talked about these in yesterday's growth and value class and in the building blocks for a self-directed portfolio so i'm not going to go through all of you know the details on why we want to add these sorry i didn't bring up the chart on neo but the first one that we want to add is jeff jeffrey it's jeffrey financial so here's our stock here's where we bought or we sold the covered call here had we employed a set of rules we would have exited here and we now still own it here and you know do we still believe that this is a strong company yes um you know do could we sell calls on this here's our break even is at 46 20. you know so it's ten dollars away

from where we are now okay so but we're not we're done with that one so here is jeff so this is jeffrey financial um this is another stock it's in our snack bracket and that it's under fifty dollars a share so you know if we wanted to buy a hundred shares so that we had the right of turning it into a buy right covered call or using a protective put we could use those strategies it's breaking out of a pennant pattern today when we look at the last year on this um you know it's come up from eleven dollars a share um you know and i encourage you to go and watch those two webcasts that we did yesterday which talks at length on this this is can a stock that falls into the value category the intrinsic value calculator um what had came up with a very positive report and i don't know if i have it right you know handy but um but it was strong and so we're going to add 100 shares we're going to put a stop in um let's come and look at this so when we kind of if we said okay if we see this diagonal resistance line here as a support level we're going to go about 3 below that 32 13. so and i went ahead and calculated that ahead of time so we're going to right click buy custom with a stop why are we putting a stop in well if we don't then we're risking 3 300 and yeah we don't wanna you know risk more than our 400 more than once in this account so our stop is going to be at 31.25 and how much are we risking you know about 270 dollars is that within our parameter of acceptability it is so we want to buy a hundred shares of jeff which is this financial company 33.96 we want to exit if it hits 31.25 which

would be a recognized loss of 2.71 cents this also pays a dividend of 2. 2.36 so again it's not going to show up in our results and paper money but in an actual account it would so we're going to send that in second one that we want to add is sienno and this was another one that came up in our search yesterday that again is in our snack bracket at 26.89 a share this is another company in the financial space and of course financials we've already talked about have been crushing it over the last six months they've been one of the leading sectors and this is another one that shows up as a value stock price earnings ratio of eight um dividend yield of almost two so we're going to buy a hundred shares of that and when we look at the chart on this you know again from 11 to 26 dollars and you know broke out yesterday and today i mean it basically you know doing the same thing opened close to this old resistance level showing as new support and is moving up it's it's currently down two cents compared to yesterday so we're going to come in here right click um buy custom with a stop we're going to put our stop at 24.70

so how much are we risking about two dollars um we could do a buy write on these so there's a question in the chat saying could we do a buy write on these now i don't know you know these options aren't very heavily traded so you've got you know a bid ask spread you could drive a truck through so this might not be you know the most impressive stock to do a buy write on um but it's possible so we're putting that in our dividend stock bucket 100 shares of cno okay now we're going to and i know that we already have um a position on apple but if apple is is showing us an entry today you know some people will do this with indexes or with etfs now we don't talk about etfs in this class for that you would go to pat malali's class on monday and i highly recommend that but what you could do is layer your trades so say okay i now have a trade on apple that expires in two weeks could i come in and add another trade at the same strikes so you know at this 128 and 126 and come out to may 28th so trade there's our trade for the 21st how about coming out to the 28th now this apple's already traded 64 million shares today so this one you know is more likely to have tradable weeklies in that the bid ask spreads are going to be tight and we've got lots of volume so if we look at this 128 126 it's always going to default to the smallest number so 128 126 a 57 cent credit you know that's over a 30 return on our risk so because we're risking two dollars so you know 50 divided by 150 that's a 33 return for a 21 day trade so that meets our parameters we're going to go in and say hey when this is worth six cents we want to exit so when we've got 90 of our max gain we'll take that thank you and fire in the hole so there's the first one second one well if we did it with apple is it really fair not to you know go back and look at microsoft and could we do the same thing say we've got a diagonal resistance breakout we have old resistance new support could we do this 245 242 and go out to the 28. so you know are we going to have enough volume so we've got uh a little wider spread than on apple but we still have lots of contracts here we've got a delta of 27 which means we've got a 73 chance that this will expire worthless which is what we want sell vertical so this is a 49 credit so if we say you know what i'm okay with you know well now it's 52. um oh and you know what with apple we shouldn't have done two contracts because we were willing to risk um up to 400. so we're going to do two contracts

right click first triggers sequence opposite order we're saying you have you know that idea of the 90 so when it's worth 6 percent we're going to exit good till canceled i'll go in and add another contract on apple after the class we do have to wrap up in just a couple of minutes so there's microsoft now number three mcdonald's so when we look at mcdonald's you know it kind of had a bit of a pullback here through the beginning of march and then it broke out of this diagonal resistance line and has been on on an uptrend and really has been on a terror tracking on the 10-day moving average and it looks like it's kind of catching its breath a bit just came through earnings beat on earnings as the majority of companies have that have reported thus far but could we come out and do something around that 230 mark you know we've got the 30-day moving average here around the 231 so that would be below today's candle the 10-day moving average which has been acting as support and the 30. so if we came out 21 days and said you know have we got enough contracts 156 191 well you know and this is one where we're going to put in the notes if we can get an attractive fill we might say you know that's wider than we normally like to trade let's see what kind of return so if we can get that kind of return maybe we go ahead and take that and then come up first trigger sequence we're going to do two contracts right click opposite order sixth sense now if next week we've got 75 percent of our max gain might we just choose to close it out absolutely so and again short put verticals fire in the hall how much can we make 100 how much can we lose 400 is that within our realm of acceptability it is okay and the last one i don't believe it we're actually we don't usually get all of these in that i want to trade last one is netflix i want to come to the charts and flx you might say why netflix that that's been kind of tanking hasn't it well on the last earnings it came down and it's sitting now at the support level within a support level you know the the longer term support levels around 460 but we've seen it of late come down and you know around this 490 mark and it's not just hit it once it's kind of you know once twice three times came down again a fourth time and then yesterday we had is that a harami you know an inside day and today it's moving to the upside you know up five dollars a share so it doesn't have to go all the way back up to 560 for us to feel good about this trade we just want it to stay above 490. so could we get enough premium at 490 for it to be worth our while so we're going to come to the trade tab we're on netflix could we come out to this 490-ish yep cell vertical 250 spread we're going to get 65 cents for that so if that's okay i'm going to make that two contracts and again like if you do things the same way every time then you tend not to forget things like i did on that first order and i didn't you know read over our oh this one we want to get out when it's worth seven cents confirm and send shaw to put a vertical so your mission should you exci decide to accept it is to just continue to practice these strategies i will post links but you can just go back and look up the archives on the growth and value classes i filled in for the last two weeks we now have three stocks in our portfolio that we discussed in those two classes ori and now jeff and sienno jeffrey financial and then i went into detail also in the building blocks for a self-directed portfolio on those so let's come back and wrap things up i will add one more before the market closes short put vertical on apple we did a quick and dirty overview markets hitting an all-time high we managed our current positions which is guys so so important um and then we added like not one not two not three we did four five a six of new positions for us to manage coming up so you guys have been totally awesome mr fairborne thank you so much he does such an awesome job in the chat um so your paper money portfolio will be you know blowing up i hope that you have found this helpful know that all the examples that we do in this class are to demonstrate how to use the thinkorswim platform how to think about the types of trades that we're doing how to think about how we manage those trades not to be construed as a recommendation on the part of td ameritrader myself all investing involves risk including the risk of loss so thank you thank you everyone for all the mothers out there have an absolutely amazing mother's day weekend for all of you who have mothers make sure you give them a call you know and if they're no longer with us know that they're still looking down and and cheering you on in everything that you do because being a mother never stops so um have a great weekend take care and i will look forward to seeing you in a webcast coming up soon take care everyone bye for now oh i forgot hit the like hit subscribe follow us on twitter

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