Trade School: high frequency trading explanations and high frequency trading examples HFT Part 8

Trade School: high frequency trading explanations and high frequency trading examples HFT Part 8

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Okay. High-grade, ass it's a new video first. Of all the risk warning you're invested, capital may, be a twist don't rate was money you can't afford to lose and, this video is for investment, advice so. This video is Inasa. Trade. School, high-frequency, trading, a explanation, and example, video in. This kind of videos I explain exactly how I trade why I create, took the trade what, you have to be clear about in, this kind of situations. What, the email, the pointer parents are telling you exists in any kind of situation and, how, you can, distinct. A good trading set up from a bad trade setup all, those, things are based on those things and I think that is the basis, as, you meet those skin things which, I have explained, in my ebook to, understand, the, trading, opportunities. With which, I'm explaining, in this video so, get this ebook it's for free or find a link in the description this, evil contains the most important, you can sick but I'm shot pattern Binary Option Tomo 20 concepts, mother condition, to an identification objection, chemist ik mask and a lot of more concepts you should be it can be applied to any kind of time frame and any kind of connector instruments, so get this evil in Seoul Korea finds, a link in the description and, in the description you'll find also the link to the Facebook. Group so get this ebook. And join the Facebook group and I. Don't know but there are still people and, trade us who. Are asking, where to find the evil cast and how. To join the Facebook group you'll. Find the link in the description, ok so ok let's see what if. I can show you know those trades, and explain those place why, I took them and on what you have to care about if you trade the same style, so let's see. Yeah, it's the video we have this video you see we have here I will explain first, of all the condition, so. You see here we have here, a downtrend. Tennis you know count went this, downtrend, starts. With this evening, star has necess an evening star, as a fake, wake out of the 20-year, a and after. This evening star the dumpling started here we get again. Including. Camisole that, was a sign that the down trend will continue a, nice, strong. Borobudur, candlestick. Which, finished. Exist. Whether this round number, which is a nice wrong number because to see we had zero, yes and, then. After. This the doctrine completed a little bit more after a retracement, yes, and then, we get here this, kind of strong, support level where. Price, is not, able to cross and after. A few candles, one two three poorest, four, candles, which. Are not able to process where, the. Equation, again lower highs yes here this candle is creating, a lower high. I'm. Sorry a high alone yes I'm talking about a higher no this is a lahar low and maybe, also a, higher. High yes of the, previous candle I will experience, than one of the next videos I. Gonna. Do a transient. So let's see what I have done I, will. Do play here and then you see the situation we.

Have Another 15, seconds, yes, at what this here also I, have to mention is, the. EMH, the, in eighth soo see that who are 20 ma is not, steep, it's, almost spread, it was flat here and and it's still red that means that. The trend is not established the. EMAs, are in the right direction. As you see also that I'm and he above us are somewhere the. Two hardly made then, we have here the 100, M a which is, Fred - as it is not this. Is not steep. This is Fred this, is also almost. Flat, yes because it would look like a little bit, different, if Christ, would be. Then. Would be steep yes it is flat almost, played, this, is a merely. I will say 30 degree, is sitting degree of the angle so, it's not, it's. Not steep yes and that's a reason why you could expect, here on the next this. Price would reversed, after this kind of downtrend. And this, year is nothing else than a goof in Canada so they see what's happening yet. Here. Was again another continuation. Pattern yes you could do another put after. This replacement, so, okay. I'm. Looking. Now yes, and I prepare, to do accordions, and I, entered, on the movement, always to get a better entry point yes to. Get a margin, of safety below, this around, number, because. I was expecting that we get him out in a reversal, after this. Kind as. After, this kind of engulfed, in Kenya and like I have explained, in the e-book yes here, this area you, see we have here this week which is protecting. The fact yes we, have another week here which is protecting, the birthday two weeks are showing, me that. We have here a strong. Support, area as those two written I have explained, this also in one of the other videos which. If, the wings are short, and you see a lot of short weeks to as most. Be two because if you have more weeks short, weeks is much. More high up is a probability, that this support. Area or resistance ever will be broken yet so if, you have two weeks for example the, same is valid for. This one here this area areas this one those two weeks are really, small yes and you see this, area is also a nice. Resistance. Area now yes this will protect your bed also in this kind of area you could do here, they'll put easily.

Yes Because you see those two mixes are showing that, you have here a strong. Area you see also that here it was before support. Area and after, it it done here, resistance, area and the same is valid for, this one it was, first of all resistance and now, you can expect. That this will act ester for. Area and that's the reason why, I entered here into, the downward movement to, get a better entry point into, the, call okay. It was a reason why I had to understand, the distance between the one deviation, at the middle boiling up at over 20 inmate is, large enough to tender, came into it yes and also, this kind of scenario is looking, a little bit. Like. A double, bottom yes you see here we, have here a double, bottom here the real bodies here here's another new body at this one year is Oh higher than the first top the, first button the, first bottom is this one this is a second bottom yes and to see if I. Had, in the world and so you can expect also that this will be here something, like a double, bottom I don't, know if it will unfold, like they not important, because, mostly. There will be have, a large, movement upwards, yes but, it. Is also the effect, of setting goals and candle, yes endorphin Kendra, there was a long down, 24. I have expenses. Also. If you have a long downtrend, or up 24. You can expect that the reversal, will take more than only, one candidate. That is what you, should have all wars in mind ok so I will do play and see what's happening yet so, Martin is doing some kind of panic you see it's coming down to those kind of support. Level which I have made before, him and doing the turning. Around about, the waist, and about the, whole. Thing Kenda and you. See I'm talking about about, this downtrend, and after. This yes. Because we have here not a strong, downtrend, because. The eBay's are flat, almost legs, this is almost, plexus, it's not. There's, not so. That this kind of EMA's a steep steep is something, else ahead I will, show you this soon, and also, you see that those, two am a seer are getting, closer together that, means we have some peak I have, expenses to I will stop the video absences after. The straight you see it's going up yes. And. It's got up so and the last movement on the last second, was the sign that this double, bottom that this was also a double party but in. Is to understand, why, I took this trade I took this trade because. We got here in confluence. About. This angle, in general in combination. Pizza double. Bottom nest on this, on. This support, level here, and to see how price rejected. Here from this Ramage yes, and that, was a reason why this way. It worked out. Also. This kind of round. Number ideas, this kinda stick here the, wrong number egg to test also, as support, level so and important, here is you see that. Was the largest point, between the, 20s. And a and the. 20 year made the, middle born in event enter, 20 mas, it is a largest point after this, point you, can expect, that's adult and on track get, weekend. That the price is tall, in your senior, that, that's, a trend is taller you see here how they get together don't, get together that, means the trend is nearly, over this, downtrend, and when. Those two are crossing. That can happen almost two, things or, you.

Get A pullback yes that would mean the trend will continue all, you get the trend change as that means you, get an uptrend, here okay, that is what those two Ian, Paice as, the SMA in CMA is telling you yes okay, so let's, see what happens in. Okay. Then I, wait. And I'm preparing, to do another call after. I saw the last movement this strong momentum that I will talk about the momentum then so let's. See I entered, again you have seen I entered again everywhere. So on, the, down move again, yes I entered, into a call, again, and why because. I know that, price will, often, which race at, the, last few seconds, of the exploration. Time of the candle, that means I try, to get the best possible, entry. Point and in this case the best possible, entry point that I missed his best point at West Point because. They can move a little bit just was, in, this case after. This. Hema yes which is not the best camera to be honest is that the reason why I try to get is this a little bit lower, yes yeah at this level while it is the best point because, we have here this River, services, this. A retracement, in, traversal. Yes of, those. Two cameras, which are telling me that there, is support, level, and what I'm doing here the same what I have done here is here. Was, a call, option on, support. Level, into. An uptrend, yes I saw we got here and a good thing candle yes, we go to him and goofy cable and so I did a call option on, support. Into, an uptrend, and Here I am doing the same the movement was downwards, yes but I knew I knew, that we got a now into an uptrend, and nothing to adopt right again yes and so I did the call, option, into, an uptrend, on, support. Level and important. Here is that I, got, this kind of Hema it's not the best one yet I. Should have maybe, a, smaller, body and the higher along, after week but, it's still a Hema, yes into, an uptrend, and that is a confirmation, that the up trend will continue, also, if because, we brought to, 101. Deviation. Falling up and go up one in a bed with. Determination. Yes, and now, you see how those two DNA's, here are getting closer and closer together and. That is what I have explained, or we, get now that crossing. That we get a pullback then the price will go down all we get a throat change of the trend and then price would go up first, I said are the two options which, they available so, okay that wasn't you understood that I try to get you the best margin. Of safety, to. Get intuitive, I would, like to enter also. Below, this. To one that would be almost better, yet but this is also the last position, sometimes. You cannot, do better because. You have to decide when to an end time to the straight but. I use have seen on the movement, downwards, and mostly, most. Credits, will fail and will get out of the money only, because understand. This movement was, the first, initial, movement as, rejection. And believes. That the market, will go down, casa enter. Into the wrong direction yes. Mostly, the market, will do panic all the time and stay in the money and on the last few seconds, they. Get out of the money because the market has full jam so okay, that, we do, play, here so we see what would happen. You. See it's blue red candle, all the time and tries, to fool the trade is doing. Like, there would be a reversal. Or something, happening, and then. After, the. Purchase time, is expired, and it starts the exploration, time that, candle, will be green and. And. You. Cannot, do anymore anything, else because you are here knows, an exploration time, and that are the last few seconds, that you can only watch. And see how your trade is, going out of, the money yes is. That part, so. And. You see after them in the last two seconds it's doing as a huge, movement ok so that. Was this one and after. This, I do. Not any kind of trade that's the reason why I am not entering and why, because. I saw already this, kind of. Hema. Yes decide, to Hema unfold, with a strong, kind earnest let, also to see here if you draw his online you. Will see also that there, was a trend line yes, but. Important, is here that, this, chemists ik is risky. To trade because we are too close to. The, 20ma. And price. Could reject, from this 20ma. At any time that means if you and. If. You enter would end up for, example now yes. Probably. Able to be that, price would which ways below, the 20. May and you see how price is going down at sea is its, that, is a reason, why you cannot. Enter into any kind of trade and preparing. To do a cornea, yes. And then enter after that, can be into a called wire so. Again, you see I entered, into the straight below. Below. The. The. Lows all. Closing, price of the previous, kind of this candle, yeah is to, be honest, a weak candidate, and. You. See now here also that. The.

Scenario, Happens, yet which I was talking about the. 20ma, is crossing, now the, 20s, ma the middle born in effect s and that. Movement. Here, this kind of movement is slow and steady, upwards, movement is as time that there is an uptrend, and, you see price is doing here higher lows higher lows. Higher lows. Yes and not, only higher lows also, higher highs higher highs. Higher highs, death and also the last one here this kind, of. Last. Candle. Which is a weekend. It's still, creating. A higher high and higher. No yes that means we have still an uptrend, then, this candle, here broke so 20 am a list. Determination. As that is a nice broke through this area s and, then, I waited, for the first movement and that, is the, first movement already, short already, gained the wrong. Directions are, tried again, to foods, a trade access and price going down, against. The 28th, EA, I entered. Into the straight and after. This you got this kind of rejection you could also wait for. This kind of rejection and then enter but, I would, not, I, would say I'll wait for a rejection, and wait then again to get the best possible entry, point but if you have already understood, that, this is an uptrend, yes and, you see all those higher notes I alongside those handles, you can expect, s was a high probability that, the trend will continue overall. Because, this. Candle, has broken the, 20. Ema20. And also it is. It's. A high wave cannon it's not such such. It's, a, toast. Also a little bit of indecision, yes but it's a decision that's action will continue yes, and that, that, is only because, the last few cameras are showing that, the trend is in to an uptrend, and that, is it already I don't know how far away it going maybe not far because, we have here this kind of two weeks which, are doing a resistance, so, that would be maybe a small one or if, it's break through this yes it, will be a lighter one because then price starts, to, consolidate. In, a consultation area between, the 20, and 50. EMA, that can be happening also because we got here already the reversal. Adds that, 50. EMA, so it's, mostly, probable. If this will be not flat and mathias red, christ and you see also it could be also after this prague to get into a conservation. Area and going down yes. Okay. So let's see what's happened here and. This, will be a large candle, or not I do. Not expect a large came an important, was only that I showed you that you entered. Here into, the rejection. Downwards, yes to get a better entry point. Because. I was expecting that price will get higher because, it's creating, all the time higher highs and higher lows, yes, and he had now it's getting, a little, bit okay we are breaking through this area here yes and maybe, it with Jax tour. Which ways on the last two seconds, officer, exploration. Time below. This level again, if not, we have a strong, uptrend, still. Active. And so, it. Will be a huge camera, yes so, you could do maybe another. Call, on the next carrier, or it will be exhausting can it looks more like an exhausting candle because I should. Be coming up some kind of retracement. After. Such, kind of uptrend. Okay so that, was it already we closed a little bit the process yes. And you see it's a strong uptrend. Continues. To going up against. 200. 100. Ma okay, so that, was already I, hope, I enough explains, this kind of engine, see, we. Got here and how long, a case to, the 20 ma now was crossing, there, was no pullback, here and now, you can expect it the up trend will continue that. Would be in this case another chorus because now. You, see how they're giving wine up and there was a trend change yes, that is what, the leading indicator, is you, see here the upgrade, is nearly yes, sometimes, it's almost over. And then, the crossing will happen yes and then, the price which weighs at this point / / or there, will be a reversal, yes because the indicator are, making it that is what you have to have in mind that, they are lagging and that, you have to.

Anticipate. Often. The movement, only based on price action that is the year, this new. Position. This. Kind, of candle, here yes this kind of engulfing candle, or if you want this kind of double. Bottom yes ah the. Nth appreciation. Implication. Of the, trend, which is coming, and you, see what, kind of timing. Advantage. Price, action can, give you against. The, in ages, it. Tooks here 1 2 3 4 candles. To on to all three candles, to understand, that the uptrend is there and then you can only one candle, to, to. Use it yes or. Two candidates, to use it yes and here, you could and like I have done here trade one, two three trades in a row and maybe more if you. Would be much more risk risk. If. You would be hurt more risky, trader you could trade also more but you have to understand, that every, trend will, finish at endpoint okay so that was it if you like this video do like if you didn't subscribe subscribe, to my channel and if you have something to say drop, me a line in the comment section so I would say stay safe and bye bye. You.

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