Trade School: high frequency trading explanations and high frequency trading examples HFT Part 6

Trade School: high frequency trading explanations and high frequency trading examples HFT Part 6

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Okay. High 20s, in, the video first of all the risk warning, the, invested capital may be a twist don't rate was money you can afford to lose and these videos to investor buys this, videos another training school, trade school high frequency. Trading. Explanation. And high, frequency. Trading. Example. Video, I. Have. Only the weekend to do those kind of video. So I will use this time to show you as much as possible and, to, explain. It's max as much, as possible how, and why and all those kind of stuff and what kind of. Difficulties. Could be when, trading, binary, option. And on, my trading set up on my trades to. Get an, insight, how to use the Bollinger Band how to use the email and how, to understand. Price. Action and, candlestick. Analysis. Yes, it's all together in. This kind of trade, school videos, yes and, so, let's, see if I, we can start immediately because, all those, things which I'm explaining are based, on those things which I have explained, in my ebook I say. Saying. This all the time and every kind of video but, mostly. Do not understand, the input importance. Of those stuff those concept, which I had explained, in this ebook so get, this ebook is for free or finds a link in the description, this ebook contains, the most important, candlestick pattern chart for the binary option to vote ready concept, manipulation, trend in education objection. Carry signals training. Set ups and all those kind of stuff which is important, and you will understand, this because I had to do another video, for. Another few, videos about momentum, I don't. Know if I'm able to do this today, because. It's, late here already, and I, don't know if I will do this but I will do this because it's, important, to understand, also those concepts, so get this evil it's for free you'll find the link in the description and in the description will find also the link to the Facebook group join the Facebook group don't, miss it so and this video, we'll be about this, kind of this. Kind of sings here yes. This one here where, I talk about the high probability training set up study those things which I have explained, about, those. Things which, I have explained, here about, the. About. Non, no rejection, training, set ups yes, let. Me show you this, where. Do I have this, okay. I said, you know you, can, what you can search them on your own the e-book on your own list so no rejection training, set up and in, particularly, it will be. One. Of those, one let me show you this. Maybe. It was this, one yes I will show you this film later this, one here yes this one and, then, oh. Yes. This one and. Or, also. This, kind of sinks, which I had explained, here about the chart patterns, because we know the, one of the most reliable chart, patterns, in binary option are the double top and the double Bakke they, will occur off me, yes and they will not occur often they will also happen, earth and. They will unfold, often, so here is this one here about the double top yet in combination, obviously, where's, the last case there pullback but mainly, the, double, top and you see he has a double, bottom yes and that what what what will be also in this kind of video so, okay gets his eBook study those things practice. Then watch, the videos the related videos because, the, images, are watching, the videos add something else and also. Watch my life training videos because, this. Is only the theory, I cannot reply, aliens often enough this is only the theory but, you have to see the life except this because there I'm gonna, tell you the limbs yes the, inside, said how to trade, those kind of set up so and you, see here this, kind of chemistry. Cotton. Is the chart pattern of the double bottom and you, will see that, this kind of double quadruple bottom, here is exactly.

The Same kind, of scenario which I have trade, yes a long time ago so, and so, let's see if I can show you those things and, then. I will show you, in. Detail what's. Happening, so okay we will switch now to the video. Where. I have done the trait we have to take so, and now, I will, before I gonna show you the tray I will explain, you a, few, things about. Mas. Pulling up eggs and so on so. First. Of all we have two announcements, this, is office, yes you see here wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet that, means we have a downtrend, yes it's a the dull trend is really dominant, yes you see only a few green candles, so we have a downtrend, the, 20ma. Is heating down to yes we got here high volume, high volatility, because, the distance, between the bottom up and yes the, upper bollinger Bank and the middle Bollinger Band is large that means we, have here large volume here the volume is less, yes, because the distance, is not so big but you. See here we, meet the sea here was a little break out here, was a break out yes and here was a. Consolidation. Area, ranging, market one absorption, yes that, is what you see immediately, on the chart when you look at this yes and also here you see a flat 100, EMA, so, and here is the crossing yes. Here's, a crossing officer, 20 SMA and the middle bottle is 28. And the middle bowling event what, does the there's, a crossing. Of some 20. Ema20. Or other the 20 SMA or middle ball in a bad meal that means all, your weight to get a full, tank yes all you'll, get a trend, change, what. Is the case here, the. Case is here we have a pullback head here pullback so there will be no trench edge we are split, into a downtrend, so and then, after, this pre long just extended, outward what will we get here we get here and the. Sign that there, will be happening. A double. Bottom on, the neckline, the neckline, in this case is not a horizontal line. Maybe yes maybe not, maybe it could be also the 1.18. - yes, but it's in confluence, there's, in confluence, with, the 100-year a which is running. Here through, the same level, yes so you see this so and we got here this, kind of double bottom, for those one who do not see them yes, what's looks like a double bottom and what this, is what is the point here the point is, if, you have a long, downtrend. Yes and then. You get a green candle back to this one here yes which, is showing that, buyers, are coming in, yes then, you wait before. You've got to do a trade till, price, came back to this level here. That. Is what you should do so. You wait till price tries to get back to this level so, let me show you this this. Level here this is the area to see where this, kind. Of even. The morning star is created yes this is the area, where you wait the tight price gonna touch this again or get.

Close To it if, price. Gonna, break this you, will stay away from a call in this situation, because that is what the input important. You have to see here that what. Is creating here is a higher, and. Higher second. Bottom. Yes this second bottom year this is the first bottom, that's the second one is higher, than the first one and then. That. Is not the only one then, you get here this, kind of Hema yes, this inverted, polish Hema and that is exactly the, same and you can get the e-book the, same scenario, like, this in the e-book only the e-book says also have a, goofin, carry the bullish engulfing candle. Before. This yes because this this. Double, bottom is much. Smaller, but this. Inverted. Bullish. Hema is a sign, that price. Will go up, further and not down yes that is what that, about yes that, is telling me that we have in this camera here told. Me before, yes the buyers are you in and Tobias will, suspend. His trade yes. Head to, get the grape the neck like yeah broken, yes that is what is saying so, that. Is what the emphasis the part before the trade yes and now we're gonna see what I'm gonna talk what I have that in the trade yes, no Nancy. So. I will do. To. Play, so. And then we see what's happening, so okay, I have done great so you see prices going up and I will to stop as it will stops, again. So, and then I enter into I, want. To enter see I actual readies the mouse, on the higher our higher batting yes so, head on and okay. Then, I enter, into this straight, after. The, this, candle, got, above, this, level I, want to enter exactly, on this level yes but. After. The, price didn't, go down yes, there, is only one way where. Price can go yes, because if says price would have gone below. This, level. Below. This. Level especially. This, close, this, level yes I would. Never have done a protocol. I have, done maybe input, yes on the rejection, maybe or something or, to get a higher entry point but, because the price didn't, touch this level, here yes it, was for me a clear sign that price, will, mostly. Break, the neckline yes because this is a continuation. Pattern this or you, can see a continuation, pattern for the uptrend or a reversal. Pattern for, this mirror down to attest and then is the reason why I enter, on this make position, into the straight also, after. We get through, this area we have here another area, yes this one here so this is a reason why I didn't. Expected that price will get down again yes because this will act as support level, so price would not to retrace to this level again yes, but. After. It broke through this area it was a clear sign for me to do a car so okay we're going to continue. So. And then. Choose. A pious, because. It. Tries to break, the neckline yes so. And it's down doing, some kind of penny to know market is doing some kind of panic and, then. Price. Will go up, I joined a little bit more in I was. Not what. You see the neck life is mostly, a dangerous, part but this kind of candlestick, here has, taught. Me that price will go up so and that was the reason why so. When, you see when. You see a trend, it just doesn't, matter if it's an uptrend, go down put if you have a downtrend, in this case yes and you, see that. Price get, here another time, down yes yes this down you, have to confirm, that, price, will not break this area if price, gonna break this area, stay, out of court, rate in the don't wreck yes if it, doesn't. Break this and you get a reversal chemistry, pattern like this one you, can do a call that is what I have, explained, in the video about the double. Bottom and the double top where, I have brought also, this kind of scenario, where, you get to see this, kind of emergent. Bullish Hema this inverted bull Shama can't be also a long, week pin. The. Pin by as the green pin bar a bullish pin bar, it can't be also an engulfing candle, a bullish engulfing candle. It's not only those kind of candlesticks, which I'm showing you now you have to adapt this you have to use your creativity, and. You, know already or chemistry, patterns yes you all you should know alternative pockets and so it can, reduce your in. Imagination. And your creativity to. Apply, this to all other kind of reversal, and continuation, pattern, yes that is what what, I try to explain during, this kind of video says you don't have to wait it now for all the permits, and pollution there, are so many other brokers, with packages we all continuation.

Patterns Which can't be used in this kind of situation. With okay, so I think it was clear so okay then what I have done those. One who have watched all my videos yes know, what, is after the, price is going to break through, the neckline yes, a strong trend will follow is that is, I'm telling you over and over and over again, yes after. Such. A shot putter in golden, candidates, and. The other reversal, pattern you get as strong the up thread or strong down to act as you, get the strong thread healed after, the double bottom you get a strong uptrend and. Then. Is probably this what's happening here now so, let's see what's happen yes I enter, immediately why, why, did I enter immediately. Into. This kind of trachea, okay. Then I immediately. Because, first of all we had feared is wrong Lama so that assurances. But. Much more important, than this wrong number, and this, 100m. A yes. Is. That, this, kind of candle, here this, is, a strong, bullish, candle, it's, a strong bullish candle, and in combination, with. This long downtrend, and I have expenses, also often that, if, you have done, and only if you had a long downtrend. Yes, it's, almost. So, that, reversal. If a reversal, is happening and this kind of pattern is a reversal. If. The reversal, is happening, yes that, reversal, will vote for, longer than only one candidate that it's the same what I'm telling you always for the 260. 1.81. At 11 so 160, 1.8, people not together so 200, DNA so 100, ma so, this, candle, here strong, bullish, candle. Crosses. The 100, EMA, after. There's so, long downtrend dude this is the 1-minute chart 2 4. 6 8 10 12, 14. 16, 18 20 minute, down 20th, after 20, 20, minute downtrend, you, get a reversal. Remains, in kind of a meaning. So it be in. Kind of a double. Bottom then. You can expect, at this cancer, this reversal, here hood for more than only one candle and that's a reason why I enter here immediately, into a cord without any, kind of rejection or anything because, I am expecting, that reversal, will now happen right yes it will happen like, it should, happen yes that is why I'm doing so I didn't, care about the market, and about, the panic. Making market yes because I know this, is only the tentative. Of the seller to, go down but this 100, EMA, in combination. Which the round, number, will protect, my bed yes and that would be do. Would. Start the strong. Uptrend that, is what to expect after, that double. Bottom, so okay let me see what's happened and. You. See it got a rejection from the 100 ma then. There was some kind of internal, grants which means a round number yes which is not we know it's a good round number it's a, 1.18. - yes I've attended 100. Ma when. Satisfied yes the buyers are in control and price, will, go up, further, so let's see what's happening here okay. -. In panic, but. Or at, least you know the double bottom has, unfortunate. And so, there. Is no. Panic making, action. Yes, and, you see it's going up yes. And maybe. Also crossing, the 20, ma let me see this maybe. Not I don't know, because. We are still into a downtrend. So. I do, also, horizontal, line of this kind, of and. You see it's water in the money stock now I'm, doing some kind of explanation I'm. Not entering in the trade now and why I'm not entering new trade because, this situation, was, not, so, easy to understand, the, thing is here I. Didn't. Enter into the straight yes because now we touched, here we are close to the 120, MA yes and because. And I have expenses. So often, as that, if you have not the signs that the trend will continue in. Form of an ice cream bar an ice hammer or, some. Other thing engulfing, candle what you know those candlesticks, which, I have shown you in the Devo cast and. Because. This kind of area is closed yes to, this level and we have also the neckline, which is close to this chemistry, which, is not telling me anything. This candle is a bullish, candlestick yes, but it doesn't mean anything because we are too close to this and I have seen already so, often, the pullback to, this level it can be also immediately. If the. Dull trend is strong because you don't have to forget we had almost up, the, major trend, against us that means in, such a situation you, stay away from a trade trade only, because. This candlestick, is not telling anything it's. Gone good here maybe like this can't be good because at the end it was to change the path but I have, seen this almost, often, that this candle, will be a red one yes so you cannot, trust and can be like this yes because, it's too close and it could be only a fake break out or it could be only a pullback yes and it would be all. Immediately, not so, you have to understand that if the price going to break through the neckline, of a double bottom double, top or through, some, other thing, good.

Thing Can a pin bar or whatever you. Have to understand, the dueling the candlestick, pattern which, is telling. You that the price will continue in, this direction and, this candlestick is not telling this yet and that's the reason why I didn't, have done any kind of trachea, almost. Also because the 50 ma is too flat yes, and we, are here in this range and range area between the one deviation. Upper bowling event and so one deviation, lower boy in the back and this. Critical, situation where. The middle bowling event is the, middle bowling event and, have towards, often, is in, zone where. Price. Starts. To consolidated. Means to get a red red, green, red green red green colors. Candle candle big pathologist, and, potential. Tenants. Only because. Not, because, the chemistry because, those, candlesticks, are not, telling anything if you get such, a pimple, or such. A Hema, yes such a hammer which is not really a hem is because it should, have smaller. Body, in the normal yes but, if you get something like this on the middle pony event you have to be carefully, that are mostly, tricky, that is a that so, since which gonna fool you and you get, after a. Bullish. Hammer you get the red candle, only, because it's at the middle burning event that is what you. Should know, so okay I will say I do, Leah pray again and let's see what's happening. So. That the. Chemistry. Is coming down a little bit and, as it seems going up there shows that, Christ wants to go up more but cut the rejection okay then I entered into it right so okay why I did entered mouth into which way I. Entered. Now into a trick because I saw some movements, of this, candle, yes going. Up you'll see also the 20ma. Is getting, away, from. The, 20s. Ma or the middle body depends that means and this, is the reason why I have time to call here after. This pre long downtrend. So. After, this freedom downtrend. Yes. We, got now a reversal. And now. This, kind of 20 m8 will, protect, my back because, that will, act as support. Level, why because, price is gone about, got. A rejection, but. This rejection was not strong enough to. Break through the 20, ma, and that, was the reason and that was a sign for me that price, will, go up, further, yes, because this, 50. Ma is almost. Fred, yes, and because, we are here now in this kind of area I tortoise but, if you if the strongest. Trends, are those one, yes which, are going from one balling event to, the other side of the ball in a bet that are the scrollers trends it means they, pass throughs a little, boiling a peg if the. Like a knife through butter and that is what's happening here yes now we, got here, uptrend. At Trent showing. Me here now here with this kind of reaction the price gun have, absent, 50 ma got, a rejection, from this. 50. 50 ma but doesn't, got, the rejection, was not so strong enough, to, push the price lower, yes, there's a 20 ma and then, tis the, design. That, the 20 ma will protect, your bed that xx a will support, your tractor will be act as support area, okay so an we see you also there are here some other weeks which we're before to, resistance, yes, and now, you can, believe that this will being out here some. Kind of support to its on the same high where, I entered, into the tray okay so let's see what's, happening here no, what's order all kind, of VMAs are changing, you see the 20 May the most fastest, and they are already changing.

In An uptrend okay so, okay let see what's happening maybe the market is doing some kind of panic yes, but it tries to go down but it's not image to do go down and you see it's going up versa. Only. Because the, first one so chose hold me then it was not able as to, get lower senses, so so, we have done already three, trades here yes. One. Two. Okay, two trades yes, said we're a to trade. Three. Trades, yes. Rest which way that was a cert one so, and then I didn't. Enter to him to a heavy track of trade because now we are the same situation. Like, this one year yes, that I don't know what is. What kind of area. This will react, yes, if, this will be some. Kind of. Resistance. Area or not yes, and I, will see is shooting up so I didn't enter into it right here because the, price can be also reject. At any point. But. Then also the focus time passed by it and now, we are getting close to, this. Kind of area where each, rate will be probably. Close in. Here we have here this to, say I'm showing this already in the video yes. Some, kind of support and resistance area, and. Price. Is rejecting. From it yes so. And now. This, will be here some kind of inverted. Bullish, Hema but. With the long upper. Shadow yes. So let's see what's happening if there will be a trade or not I do. Not a trade because. I do not understand, if price, will go up further because the trend is already almost long, I have explained, also that, mostly, you, have to understand, that the, distance. Between the, distance between. This. One's a base, or the low-low, of the double botanist, internet. Like this one yes, is mostly, the same yes. The, same high like, some profit target yes that. Is what I have, explained, also often, and here, we would be already, close. To this with the fake break artist of this, profit, target yes so, in this kind situation. You, will not do any kind of call if you are not sure ah yes, that price will go up, further that, is the reason why I didn't, enter because I love to quit those, kind of inverted, bullish they must like this one you see I will trade also this one if it would happen here or somewhere, but, in this kind of situation, after a rejection from the double boiling a bank is boiling, event I, do. Not trade anymore those kind of things, if I'm not sure that, price will go up, further so let's see what's happening and. Mostly, most, is the problem, is also here I would not enter not even into a put in this kind of situation, yet because, in this, kind of high yes, it's really probably because. We see we have here an uptrend, still yes because it wasn't uptrend this, kind of candle can be retraced, above. This level here yes, above this level may be here, something. Like this or maybe, in aware this coach it says price can reject to. A, stage this level, so it will be AB happen something like a doji or something, and you get out of the money money, because, you have seen the movement was fast now words, really fast so okay, see what's happening okay I could play so, I, entity. Okay I have done her I have, okay. I entered. Okay. This was this kind of caste wait so, they have done me right here so. Okay I have. Done play and didn't stop the video and because, I didn't stop the video I already have, it. Moved, forward here, so I have explained. Here also yes, you see it profit target I have, explained, this already in the video - yes I see this were it was not necessary, to do this so. And then it's. Got, the rejection, that was the situation to, end time twitch right here yes, on, the rejection, from this level here it was a but, I was maybe. I. Was, may be busy. With explaining, something and I didn't took, the trade yes but, that was a trade to, take after, the rejection from this, area, here yes from this area one deviation, and also, from the from.

The 50m a and the, movement, of the game a so this. Kind of movement you will see this often yes. If you see a 20, ma which. Looking like a powerful, terrible. It's, a parable I think. It's a parable in English, if, you and you see a. 20. Ma getting. Like this like a parable, yes it's going up so, in this kind of manner you, can be, pretty much who are that you have a strong uptrend or strong downtrend depending, what direction it closes, if it goes down yes. Something. Like this then, you have a downtrend, yes but. Like, here you see the 20 ma but if you see this kind of for. Me as this kind of form this is horrible form you can be pretty much was that you get in a strong uptrend and then you can mostly. Enter into it blankly yes, because that is a sign that uptrend. Is starting. As I have seen this kind of thing but you should enter here at this position yes, so, not. Too late because after. This price, will tend to retrace. All over. All if you have yet some kind of support. And resistance area, so you can expect. That price will reach waste but if you see this kind of 20ma. Getting, this distortion, yes, you can believe that price will go up further mostly. Also. More than one candle but you have to be careful easy to entirely, yes, because this is a lagging indicator that. Means it's moving after you, move but you can't see this kind of movement and if you had a practice. Of this candlestick chart, and the statistics, chart. Patterns and to know that there will be maybe, a uptrend. And you see this kind of the information, you can enter into its weight. Securely. Yes okay so that, was this one so, and then I. Okay. That is this what I called the. No, rejection the. No rejection cladistic, pattern. Those. One which I have explained, you see we have here and let, me explain, let me just explain this. So. You see here. This. Week this. Week in this, kind of area here is which so only is it where you see that this kind of senior, as a fake point out of this kind of area yes. This kind is a strong, resistance. Because, you see two weeks that is this one what I have shown you in. The e-book or maybe it's another one I have to look at this again yet but I had explained, this kind of tsunami also in the e-book and you see we have here a pin bar which, should, tell, somebody. Yes that the price will go up.this, pin, bar is only there to fake yes you get an inverted, bullish hammer then. You get the pin bar yes then you can expect, that the trend is almost over yes that, this kind of chemistry. Is not any more telling you anything and that's, a reason why I enter TM to a foot only, because I understood, the trend is over, because, we have here this kind of a resistive, area we have here much more resistance. Yes which, Chris, Kenneth looks like there would be brokenness, but they didn't process yes and that's, a reason, why I enter immediately into. A put-on this rabbit yes maybe, this is also some kind of people. Energy level, yes the 160. 1.8. Fibonacci, them all the to hundreds I think, more than 260. 1.8, Fibonacci, level here or here it's, one of those is a 260. 1.8, Fibonacci, level yes, because, from. The distance, here I would, think. That will be if you, put C as a swing high and here's a swing low, yes Andrew collides, and people naughty level here you will get here at this forever it's a two hundred sixty one point eight feet was actually never I it's.

What I suppose what I think what, ruins there yes, and, okay, so, let's see what's happening and. How this trade is. Going so I entered, neatly without, any kind of rejection because, I understood, that we have you know who resisted, any price. Total rejection from this support area yes which, was before and then price is turning around because what is after a strong. Uptrend for, for Mashhad patent yes, there should please a pullback to, this level here to the neck cracks and that is what, price. Is probably doing, yes and you have seen for trades only. On this, kind of night Chad Patton yes good. Double. Botanist, and you. See how. And. I missed also, one yes there would be foot, for five it, will be in five trades, in a row yes, only. I because. I was explaining, and I missed this kind of chemistry here what was also a nice, one after the rejection from, the one deviation. Ends as distortion. Of the twenty mhm. Okay so that, whereas this video yes and it explains, my traits I think, I have also, mention some things which. Would. Help you help you, so. I would, say that was a judge who could also continuous. Kind of signal earlier and doing, here for example and as opposed after this yes to. Those. Six, trades and so you're going to only on child one chart pattern till six in the wrong yes in. The money so ok that was it if you liked this video like if you didn't subscribe subscribe, to my channel and if you have something to say drop me a line in the comment section so I would say stay safe yes and bye bye.

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