Tracking New Hires and Setting Appropriate Access Within Three Business Days

Tracking New Hires and Setting Appropriate Access Within Three Business Days

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Don't let yourself oh. Okay. So we can start that off just say hundred okay. Good. Now I. Was. Like keep restarting, it. Does yeah, that's. Good. We. Are gonna win all this. You. Ready yeah hello. Good. Morning we're, gonna get started with this first. Session of the day this. Is John a birdie enjoys, cheque from, Washburn University. They're. Gonna talk about tracking, new hires and setting, appropriate of access within three business days thank. You thanks good, morning. As I said my name is John Hardy I've been with Washburn for about 20 years then, this is Joyce check hi I've been with Washburn University for, 14 years and system. Administrator, and John. And I have worked together for a number of projects and this one is gonna, in, a rock. We're. Gonna cover today just. How it all began kind of the background of how we got to this point why we did it. Accountability. Benefits. We. Went through paper got. Walked through the process, we went through and. Kind, of the pains that we had across the campus. That. Got us to this point and then the collection of data and then finally summary. So. How it all began really, we were actually, working on building a new server and we, got to identify, that. We had. A paper trail of trying to gather all the information so, what we did with we, realized, we didn't have additional funding to move forward, with anything so we actually started looking at options and we, actually are Boehner school so we looked at our banner workflow, and we, actually have office 365, so that meant we were looking at sharepoint and we also have our ticketing tracking, system, which, we were looking at all of those options. We. Were looking options that were free, namely. We did look at some some. That we could purchase but primarily, we're looking at for free options. So, again. We're looking at our ticket tracking option, and we, use footprints, BMC, so. We looked at that we looked at SharePoint. Looked. At can't. Remember what the workflow. Yeah. Brand our workflow so, we just looked at all of our options see how we could collect the data, what. Would work best for us i. I, did reach out to it's. Easy when you're looking, at other institutions, I did reach out to other institutions. University, and say hey what are you guys doing and believe, it or not a lot of people were still using paper-based, and we, knew we really didn't want to be paper-based. Anymore we had a lot of forms coming in across, the campus, so then when, we started looking at other schools we. Thought well maybe we can do something to improve and what we want to do for. Something, going online. So. That kind of leaves us in to what the how the issue was the process that happened, before, we. Put this into place and basically a new person would start it. Might take them six, seven tickets sending, in to support to get the access that they need access to their drives access, to the, banner access, to whatever it is they need to be able to do to listservs calendar so forth so, it'd take a while to get that set up and it was frustrating for the new, hire it's frustrating for the department, because they have to send in tickets they don't know exactly who to communicate.

With It. Was also confusing. Because they had to do it was all paper a good majority of it are being our account request form was, paper they'd, send that in and sometimes getting this routed to the, wrong person. Sit on someone's desk or they'd be out and sit there so again those were more days for them that they'd have to wait to get. Their banner access, so a. Lot, of confusion. Frustrations. Led. Us to this point. We. Have a lot of good, staff at Washington University, and we thought why don't we try to make a decision and go online base. So. We actually worked with a PHP programmer, and we. Were looking at our options with their ticketing system so that's how our decision. Came around. Is we didn't have any additional funding to go purchase any kind, of software so. We thought okay. We got programmers, in-house can we write it in Oracle but. We decided to go with pea HP guess we wanted to be more web-based so that's how the decision, came about of, using our ticketing, system that we have in place because, we didn't really have to do too much but, we'll get into that a little bit later and it. Was easy, based on all the data that we had that's, on the forums actually, was in our banner database. Main. Thing like that last bullet there we, wanted the desire to have access, that first day that the person started. Remove. All the frustrations. We'll, get into a little bit later but we want to do this have access granted within three days of the person starting or actually not, starting, but from, them putting in the request we, wanted to have that access in place and basically, be. Done with the process. So. Believe, it or not this was the funny part of all of us not really funny but we were finding out just anybody. Was sitting in a paper-based. Form, it could have been a student worker signing off saying hey Joyce. Check is arrived I'm, gonna sign this and we're gonna give her this this is this and this and we're like really, and a. Lot of it was and I went to talk to supervisors, during, our pilot phase they, were asking, what's. What's this I'm signing off on they didn't even know they were just checking the boxes, so. That's how we found out that security really, wasn't being accountable, by the supervisors. That six student. Workers and. Administrative. Assistants, were just sitting in the forum. We. Had a lot of that a lot of confusion, we.

Have We some, discussions, we also had was are, we going to if a administrative, assistant normally sends these type of requests, in are, we gonna take those we have we. Still have some conversation, on that yes the general feeling is yes if we appoint someone that they can do this and put through that the request fill out the form and send, it in online we'll, take those we don't have to go to the VP or something. In other cases if it's a student that's sending it through we, do need someone. To sign off on that to say that they're gonna have access to it so that's, educating. The campus educating, those areas that we're used to just sending an email multiple, email messages in for the access that they need and. Kind. Of making them aware of the process and what needs to happen for it we. What, we're also going, through at Washington University because. The Department, of Education new, security. Request our security, regulations. It's, actually trickling down to our campus, based on a security, audit so that kind of also got. Us into, thinking, if. We're gonna get audited, within, the Department of Education because they're really limited, who seen what so, that's where we also got to thinking we really need to be accountable, what people are requesting, and do. They know what they're requesting so that also was another piece of the puzzle to this. The. Removal of the access, we also when, we were meeting about the new hires we were a lot of it you probably have on your campuses, people. Transfer, from here to there or Department. Department so guys the thinking if you, move, to another department, and we want a fresh start so this is we're also on, the new hire and we'll do a, snapshot. Of this as well is. We. Want to remove the current access that they currently have and start fresh, which. Is kind of another side project, that we're doing at the same similar, time that we're doing this was, our termination process or transfer process, which. Was a lot, of conversations, and discussions. With, NIT how to handle that type of thing again this is all home-built stuff we don't have an automated our. Program that automates this for us it's, we, get determination, notices, and we get the new hire notices. But we rely on the departments, to let us know what type of access that they need. So. The benefits, worry well, I think what we said this earlier is, there was a lot of frustration there, was confusion people. Were finger-pointing, and ideas that this was just taking, a long time why was. It taking so long to get access when I came on campus so. We really our, goal was to reduce the turnaround, time we. Wanted to figure. Out what. Could I TS do, turnaround. In an appropriate, timeline first of all we thought could it be a week we. Weren't sure so we kind of did a pilot phase and we got it down to three days and that's a I think we're doing pretty good we have we, have questions, and we're going to get into what. We've learned along the process is, that we, have, people sending, in things that they shouldn't be sending in things and we can actually turn around and get a for appropriate. Approvals, based, on this is all through our ticketing system. Going. We did we started this process a year ago a year ago this summer we. Did a pilot phase, probably.

December. November December timeframe and then it went live in January that's when it went live to the campus our, CIO Jim tackle Arena sent out a message with campus and said basically, told everyone this is the way we're gonna do things we're gonna use this forum put three requests, I don't. Think you got any feedback necessarily, on that but we definitely started seeing people using. The forum we started. Those. People that were used to sending in email. Messages to our sports system to request access, we were directing, them over to the forum saying there's a new process again, just that educational, piece of it, the. Department. Heads really became, more engaged and, also, the supervisors, I think they really found out that, with the data that we have especially. With. HIPAA. And FERPA they. Need to be accountable so they actually became more involved and believe it or not they actually kind of indicated, themselves, that, oh well. Maybe they, only needs them to have certain screens in banner maybe. They only need to have more just view of or, we have the imaging for a, digital. Instead. Of paper to. Only view instead of maybe delete so we actually educated, they mean further and the, data requests, also became, more in, one location instead of what John said earlier we, had them all over the place we have at, least three or four forms, going. To different people then. We had another ticket. Or they're in different locations, so we had actually seven, or eight places we had to go look for the information right, the, other thing this process helped us with is making. Our department, IDs, more efficient knowing, what each other we're doing for firewall, access for. Banner. Access. Making. Us work together and it, was kind of we had to pull some people in that direction discussions. To how to figure this out but I think ultimately made us more efficient, because. We do know what each other are doing we know the process we know what needs to happen and it's all in one place we don't have to jump around through three or four different tickets, or track, down those forms to find out access, we. Were doing firewall requests we may be prior. To this we're making people a lot of paper sheet, for that put down there MAC address send, it through campus mail and that. Was the long delay, plus. I didn't know what a MAC address, yes that, was another big I mean I don't. Know if your, IT or, in assist admin world but to, get someone, from a customer, it's not their fault it's not their job they're saying what's your IP address and what's jamak and they were going what are you talking about so, that came it was amazing what we got in on a piece of paper for the Mac and IP address, it's kind of interesting and student, workers were signing that I mean, we're allowing. Firewall. Access, into, our servers, and we have a student worker or administrative, assistant citing that so we kind of improved upon that right but, believe it or not it we thought what was funny through the whole process, you know how change is hard and we're always pushing change out to our campus, and a lot of us do that because of software change system. Updates and so forth within, our own department, we were laughing that nobody, willing to change the current process of paper it's. Like this, is how we've done it forever yeah. I mean you always know I never want to hear that this is that way we always done it so we had to get out of that mindset within, our own department, and, we also like that, to. Improve the workflow like. John said earlier we. Really, we set in these meetings nobody, can really say well what do you do with this one I don't. Know I'd send it to so-and-so or so-and-so puts, it on my desk it. Was just kind of interesting, within our own building, most averse in one building we, were trying to figure out well, what do you do with this while I walk it back and laying on somebody's desk so. We we. Really improved. Our workflow, and that's how we've got it down from weeks to, three days and I, think we've done very well on our campus to get that so reduced down to three days the, other thing that helped with can't, go in along that line is that before it would sit on someone's desk as maybe they were the only person that could set up writes, or banner access or something now we have course backups, so that's kind of fine-tune that we documented our procedures, we have a number.

10, Page document, that lists, everything out so it's clear what people, are doing we have the backups listed in there so if someone is out we, know who to go to. So that's all documented, out and we all know what the process is we've shared that out to the campus so that they know what that is, just. Making it clear on, what the steps are what the process is yes. So. Now we come in this is what our form looks like, again we linked it from our campus portal we call it my Washburn, Lucien, project product. Requires. The, person to authenticate, so we have it linked within my Washburn but then they actually have to authenticate again to. Fill out the form when. They do that it. Automatically, pulls in the supervisor information, so I'd go I have a new employee starting, I type. This in as all PHP, form type, in my my credentials, it automatically pulls in from, banner my, name title, extension. When our identification. Number in department. So. What we're what, we really liked about this is all the data that used to be on these forms like I said earlier it's in our banner database or our. MySQL. Database so we knew the data was there somewhere so we worked with different staff which. Was good we didn't have to go, out to get any consulting, we, did all of this in-house and we came together as a team and we early put this together for our campus, and what, was like John the same like John Hobart II and his, title. All, of that is coming in once you type all that in it's in our banner database, and so we're using, materialized. Views or, some, other type of data that's coming in to, actually if you're typing it it's going to confirm, who you are so this is where we're catching, and we've actually caught this a couple of times student workers are saying I want. To have access from my buddy sitting across the way we've, actually now caught that and now we're sending that back to the supervisor right. The. Other thing that of course that it collects is the employee information so, when they they fill out this request they have to type in that new, employee or that employees, identification. Number if they're, not in the system yet because they're, trying to get them added they're you know they start next Monday and they're trying to do it today but their HR, hasn't added them yet they won't filled this, form until that. Person is active in our employee, system, so they actually get an error pop-up, occurs, and said contact. HR contact BPA and. Find. Out what the status of this an employee is, that's. Because we, worked with HR that, was work we were getting hung up at because, the access wouldn't getting started for weeks is because of, this one piece of information called, the i-9 you have to have the i9 to. Have that before you get ID.

Number In the system so, we actually worked with our Department said hey now this is what our frustration, has been a lot of confusion and so they actually worked with us understanding. That people really, need to have their access so. When they come in this is also funny in a way they, were coming. In their first day of campus they, were signing in with somebody else's credentials, that's. Not good right so, we're trying to figure out how can we get that improved, and that's, where we are a charged department, now realize within I TS as well that we really need to have these people have their access ready to go so we actually made an improvement and got that changed some, of the things like to. Verify you had to sign on this piece of paper that I Joyce. Shack will not share my information blah, blah blah we. Actually set that off this online form, and when they're now coming on campus, they're gonna be signing, like an oath card so we kind of improved upon that as well. So. If we look at the access request that comes in mentioned that you fill out the the wind' number it automatically, pulls in their name their contact, information if, it's there if not then they have to wait we, also want to do this that it is a primarily. For new hires but it's also for that transfer, so that we can catch, those people that are transferring from this department over to another hopefully, our termination process which is another project. We worked on is, catching that and disabling. Their access in that other department, and of. Course we also want to try and track student workers as well when there we, have lots of those they're constantly changing from this area over to this other so. We're trying to track that the, other thing we did was a start date we. Won't allow them to do today, has. To be at least some day in the future at, least to give us a little a little bit of a head start on it so we tried, to put that in there just can give us an idea or them so they can let us know either, when them access is desired or when, that person's going to be starting. To. Continue. On what's on the form so everything, that we have that's listed here actually, goes on a piece of paper so, we actually evaluated. And we went out and piloted, this with our customers, they, actually helped us the most we didn't dictate that IDs is going to do all of this we went out to our campus community and, said. What is it that's helpful that would if you're on a farm online, how, easy can we make it for you and this is where we came in to in regard to the access questions, they actually helped us as well, is when. We have shared your eyes and what I'm talking about that is you're, on some kind of letter that's on your campus, that you're gonna have particular folder, for your department specialty. Software, so like I may be working if you've heard about degree works or banner. Imaging. Stuff like that that is allowing access through our firewall and then for, the computer.

Information I'll, let John take a handle. On that one so the computer information again we used to on that form they we - them for the MAC address we. No longer do that because, they didn't know how to find it they can didn't. Know where to look for that information it's all we asked for them to put in as a five digit code that's we have printed right on our computers on the top of laptops or on the front of desktop. Computers so, they just type in that code comes, in to us when, the form when we get this into our ticket tracking system we're able to press. A button it, goes out pulls in the MAC address wireless, MAC address basically. Everything about that computers, automatically, pulled in form. So the cat took off took, away some of that confusion that we had from our customers, we, do to try and help them out because maybe they don't know what the labels, look like we did do some horse and help screens in there they can what's that label look like well they can click it and it doesn't pop up and it shows we have two or three different versions of our label, that comes up so they can hopefully get an idea of what they're looking forward to type that in there what's. What we also found out is within, our email calendar, and reports access we're. In this room and people go well yeah, I had them email. That to me and we all went you do to. One person so if that person was on say a two weeks vacation that, was sitting in their email. Bucket until they go back so we had to resolve that and in regard to the calendar because we. Set up calendars, what's. That so, we didn't realize if you're in financial aid that, they, wanted, like a listserv, or a special, calendar to have access to so it was a learning process for us that like one person, was only doing this and that's, why we're getting tagged for weeks because if you did go on vacation, it was sitting in your email right, website. Content, was another one again, these are new people starting we have content, developers, across the campus we, want to be able to have them but this request they have that new person starting so they can put that request in immediately and not have to do it you know a few weeks after they start just, in the request through so. We put that schnapps, as an option on the form as well and, we've. Said this many times banner, recruit, and imaging we actually have specialty. Access. For these type of forms, or for like banner in banner forms and pages and recruit, in imaging, so, actually, we have a drop-down box we didn't show it here but when you expand, on the online form it's asking, very specific.

Questions, What you're going to have access to which we didn't do that before and, actually we've been kind, of like help buttons or icons a long way so, if you need recruit, imaging, banner you. Click on this like you know go okay, so and so I won't need to access payroll, information or to approve timesheets because. That was what's funny is we, were having people have, access to approve timesheets, right. The. Other helpful thing that we did we actually had this on the paper form that used to come through was. The same as access, so someone else in the department already, have that access maybe it's a student worker administrative. Assistant you need to have that that's been very helpful that makes it easy for us when that request comes through because. We're able to just copy those permissions, to, the new person so, we didn't include that and that's been very helpful only. Additional, comments, on request is just anything that we have we, have missed as ideas, in regard to we can't track everything in regard to software and you you all know this your. Departments, might go well and they might purchase some piece of software that eventually, you might need access so that is why, we putted that feel we've had a few comments in there and actually some people I filled out like. It's some of our departments to print transcripts. They might need a special, tea tray. To, actually print the hardcopy transcript, so we've actually kind of denoted that right, one. Piece that we still have a little bit of confusion on that we need to go back and correct, is if, you financed access. It's when they fill this form out that is actually a still a paper form that, they have to click on it's, a link inside the form that they have to click on it goes to our finance department and they they fill that out or. Complete, that process I think we're gonna probably circle, back around with, our finance department see if we can just build that all into. This. Online form, so they get a notification, they're added to the ticket they can do it all online as well not it's, been we've had a couple departments, have been very confused with that process that that.

Need, To fill out that form there why don't we have access we did we got the banner access, but we still can't approve. Time she approved, Finance forms that type of thing right. The. Collection, of data has really, helped us within, IES, we. Actually, we won't get into the technical specifics, but we actually have a database that's capturing, all this data so when we wrote the PHP, program, there, was a collaboration. Effort between the PHP programmer, and actually. John Haverty, of how. We were going to get certain. Like. Bullet points or, the, variable. Or the parameter, that was on that online form to dump into the database so we really didn't have to do any typing. Per se or. Changing, any of that so, it was all of the data was coming in was collecting, into one place the. Other thing that helped in this process, is obviously we have a lot of people in our IT department when. These requests come in we don't need to add the. Entire department, to the ticket so we have escalations, that are part of our ticket tracking system of course so, if it comes in they're asking for banner access well that might only be two or three people are added, to the ticket if that's all the person is needing that's being, hired so it automatically added those two people everyone, else is left off if it's firewall or sad goes to another group of people if they select all those then everyone, in the department is added to it so that, helped a lot when we did first roll this out when we were testing it in November in December we. Are adding everyone and we were getting lots of questions I'm. On this ticket what am I supposed to be doing with this what what's the point of this this is very confusing I'm getting so many messages that type thing because we do have it it's sending out email messages so, are our agents, can actually, reply to the ticket and update it if they need to through. Email so but, now, that we fine-tuned it and we just have those people that are assigned that need to be assigned I think it's helped out a great deal oh yes. Pushback, you know we've made that change within our own department and it's like a lot of pushback like. I think. It worked fine just the way it was and. What. We're trying to go with is, holding, supervisors. Accountable, getting, all the data collected, in one place so, like we said in November or December that. First few weeks when we push this out it was like like I want to be on the ticket. And. We actually what we've also done to tweak it so there's an email that will go out to you and it lists like here's this dialogue up, now what, you have to do so say you're in the middle of a phone call and you're in the meeting you can just quickly look at your email escalation. Coming to you oh I. Only need banner I only need, imaging. So you don't have to go look at the ticketing system per se you're, actually getting the email escalation, to you, that. Has been very helpful for a lot of people okay. Going back to we said we try our goal, and what was sent out to the campuses, to process. A new hire these the new requests, within, three business days. We've. Evaluated, that a little bit we're trying to figure out if we've done everything that we think we can and it's, now waiting for the customer because they when we complete all of our processes, it automatically sends a message back to the customer and the new employee saying we think we're done please. Let us know if there any problems well sometimes those. Will sit out there for days and we don't hear back from them, once, they get to that point we when it kicks off that message we're done with the new hire process and that's. Kind of when our clock stops it's now back over to them of. Course we also have those instances, where we're, we need information from them maybe they requested, a student, worker put through the request we, had to change the sign here the contact to be their supervisor, and we need information from them well, again it might sit out there for a while sits out there for a few days we, get reports on that it comes out to the entire team we, all get that on it comes out every morning actually, so.

We Can see which ones are still lingering which ones are over three days old and, then pick up a phone and call that department say hey, did you see this message that we sent to you a week, ago and and we haven't heard from you so, we can can't keep a-movin that way as well it's, also in, regard to your security that we're going through is a firewall, request notification. Has become very important, to us right now is because. We're actually working on a security, audit so we're actually trying to track down where are we opening. Access. Through, our firewall on our campus we, went, through a lot of processes and we've got it down to maybe only three people should be approving it and actually. Nobody can have firewall access, until it's properly, approved, because, then we're also doing an evaluation is, why, are they really needing it so it's also helped us even though in the hashey may have requested. Firewall maybe. You really didn't know why you're accessing, or, requesting, firewall so we've actually made that change it became even better some people don't even know what the firewall access be before my use for that. Was another one where we had. A backup so when when firewall request comes through it automatically. Adds two people primary, and then a backup. Just. Because we're having the same thing that was a paper form as we said earlier it, would sit on someone's desk and they, were out it, wouldn't nothing would happen to us so having that backup as course, helped a great deal right, and what's the experience John and I have had throughout. The years and, being on campus throughout the years we've actually had, made. Phone calls and so instead, of just letting, the, piece of paper set on the desk or, the ticket just sitting in the queue waiting like, I'll, get to that later we're, now saying oh did anybody happen to call the supervisor I think they're confused, of why they requested, this it's, like really do you need access to psychology. And financial. Aid because really those are two different spectrums, you will never have that person have access, to those two so, when we see stuff like that we're getting that trigger to make that phone call and it, also allows us to follow up with other areas, within IT so, if we see that Tigger that's sitting out there and we know that it's.

Waiting On someone else to do maybe they didn't see it they were busy their backup didn't didn't, jump on it then I'll jump on the phone or drop them a message, say hey can you go out and take a look at this new, hire it's been sitting out there it's waiting for something for you to do again, going back to the accountability right, the, email has really been efficient, too because if the piece of paper came through to us then, you, know are you gonna send a piece of paper back so, now with updating. Notes that, are now email based those notes are going directly to the supervisor it's all right there they'll see the whole history within. The ticket that's been received, and they'll, then they'll see why. Did, choice, as a student worker request. Access, for, John. When, I should have been doing that so then we got the supervisor, now seeing those requests. So. In summary basically. Improved, the process I think a great deal we've, received, positive, comments back from the campus back, from directors, that we work with again I think like Joyce said earlier. There, was confusion they were approving things and they didn't know what they were approving I think this has opened, up their eyes a little bit so they know what, they're approving it's. Clear to them we know, the. Person that they're requesting access is also in, that communication so that's helped a great deal the, collection of data has tremendously. Improved we just didn't realize how much information, we were collecting with Web Content, emails. Calendars. Banner. Imaging. Recruit degreeworks. Access. To your shared folders, how deep into that if you need to payroll finance, maybe you need to be on another campus, I'm forgetting. Others I. Mean it was just a laundry list we were just kind of shocked at oh yeah I get that email requests yeah. I do, when I have time or, you. Know we get the piece of paper wasn't, filled out right so, the collection of data I mean. It just shocked us how much we recollect you for one person right and. As we mentioned earlier supervisors. Or their completing these forms or we're trying to get them to complete those forms we, are keeping track so if it's an administrative system that's doing, it for maybe a VP we, will let them do that and we'll accept those and process those it's, just kind of learning the process and communicating, working with the departments to make sure that.

We. Know that this person can put in a request we. Have one unique area our mass, media area, that does our student newspaper we'd. Let their their students but through the requests but we still need some type of approval we'll go in and see see their. Supervisor, and say is this okay to set this up type thing I think, we both can comment positive. Comments from the campus, is, we. Are no longer getting, the frustration, from our customers, or faculty. And staff we've made it easier for them they've, been very, proactive. Once. The message went out from our CIO, that, they understood, the importance, of why we were making this change all, right. Thank. You very much any, questions, there's contacting and please, hold your hand up and I'll get the mic to you so we can get our questions recorded. That. Will have to be correct because before, we can actually put, start, this process remember. The when John showed the his, name and title, there's, an ID number that is generated, at that time once HR puts that into the system that triggers, a notification. To, our system as well, that. Of course is all based off of i9 and having that process, which HR, BPA, takes care of right. Two. Questions, one. Is how, do you handle superly. Onboarding. Like you have an executive, presence. There July 1 and, they, want them to have an email March. 1 so. 9. 9 or anything here she, separate. A little bit different. On. Transfers. If, they want to if. The, person has agreed to help their, former. Department, and tell, such time as they recruit somebody and train them which could be any, unknown, amount of a few months how, do you make sure you go back and go and give them the lease privilege, okay, thank, you so, you, know handle, the personal so. We actually had that happen yeah we had a vice, president that, needed access and. Believe it or not we, had to go through their appropriate channels so. We just didn't let anyone. Just say hey for, the vice president, I actually had to come from the president to. To, make that request and. Then transfers, we do work with those departments so normally, would cut off access as soon as that transfer comes through but, we will work with them if they need them usually, we'll communicate that with, us ahead of time say, hey I need this person they're gonna still be working in this area but, they also need access over here so we definitely work with them and it's, all documented in the ticket to, track, that type of access it's. Actually been very well, received on, our campus now I think, everybody's, understanding the importance, of why we're doing the security so. Even though the executives, like Dean's or, vice. President they did truly understand, why we were doing this right. I think, it's really. Great you guys have been proved, your onboarding. We've. Been working on ours for quite, some time and I think I've made some great strides as, well but. I'm curious how you're doing on off-boarding. That seems, to be more of a struggle for us that. Is the other piece that we were working it was kind of going at the same time of this as this, process we're. Still kind of fine-tuning, our, termination, process. It. Is a completely, we have a whole manual it's we could probably do another presentation on that but we're. Doing something similar it's kind of like that when someone leaves and we're taking, access away immediately and. Just. Working through the process it's still a work in process in progress though well what we've actually then there's more collaboration. And communication now, within IPS, when we we've, actually got HR on board so, when they need to say an immediate, now and it's, gonna be done say at 2:30, there, is communication. In our building that everybody's like hey did you see this is coming up at 2:30 we're talking about the firewall to pcs, all. The access into the saw into the systems so that's really like this. Process here we've got another process, that's where it's got an email triggering, to everybody so like one person might say hey did you see this so that's what's really got us going with the offering as well we, did have an issue with with off when someone needed immediate termination for. A while we're getting those requests, from kind of all over the campus someone knows going to terminate someone well that director it's sending a message to us and we had some miscommunication. At times because things, are done earlier than they should have been and someone, lost their access and you know what's going on type thing we, removed, all that through our termination process and now those can only come in through our HR director or HR department, they have a certain address they send it to when they send it in it goes into our termination another, workspace automatically.

Sends Out to everyone that needs to be involved and we're. Not just taking it from just anyone, right, which helped a lot. Yeah. Yeah. We. Struggle with that as well we've actually addressed, that now because, we've written a report so, we have a lot of terminations, because it's coming the end of the contract with adjuncts, in faculty, so, now we got a report say like May 31st we're, gonna have a bulk or June 30th we're going to have a bulk so, now the report, is sent to the appropriate people, hey on June 30th we have this list of people and you get the report, I think, it's week weekly, every Monday so I mean it's right there it's a list here's your win number here's. What they have access to and then, it's. A report if you just follow a report then you're good to go and, again it's kind of like this project or this workspace where we, have a primary and a backup so, someone's out they. Know that they need to handle this and go in and remove windows. Access or whatever it is that needs to be done so, similar, type of process for it a, couple. Of questions first. Who's. Your ideal submitter. Of this form is it is it the the, supervisor, of the new employee or. Somebody. Else in the GS yeah. Supervisors, ideal, that's. What we want to be putting these through like. I said we'll take an administrative, because their supervisor. Might not have the time, to go and fill out the form but, that is our ideal submitter. Of the form the, second question is do you have any situations. Where, additional. Approval, is needed yeah. We're like a bandit form or whatever I'm how do you handle that right, we actually through the when. The data. Comes in and, we, see that we need additional approval, it. Can be myself John, or some one of my other colleagues saying hey we're going to need additional approval from this particular supervisor so, we type in the information in, the ticket and that is sent back as an email back to the supervisor, and the dialogue is happening, there within that once, they do their approval their approval is coming back in on.

The Ticket and the. Supervisor, believe it or not they're actually following them. Command, of. What they need to be doing. Yes. So. Do you in IDs. Have. Any veto, authority, went for a request for. Accesses. Can. You say no, a, request. Comes in and they want to I think. You mentioned well yeah we can just copy so, and so's right. Do you have the authority to say no. That's not appropriate yes. For, instance they want to give the a student, worker the same access, as the budget. Director right we, would a. Lot, of it is to if they if, they start, picking all the specialty, software, like my example would be psychology. Finance. Payroll. Financial. Aid not. One person on campus will have any of those if, you're in financial aid you're only going to get financial aid finance. If you're aware and financial get all the stuff that's in the finance department but. If some person which somebody, did do this very hard I'll run they, picked everything. We wait, no. Yeah. You, don't need this access, so we got. On the phone called them and said they, just didn't understand what the for it was new and this was back in January they had a new person starting didn't. Quite understand, it and so we just walked him through and then we, went and removed those accesses, and just granted what they needed. Would. You have a recommendation for, managing, email, access in. Case where, people might not have an active contract. Over summer or, in a particular semester and, so after 30 days they would you, know we wouldn't be able to recover their mailbox. Um. So. Kind. Of going back to the question earlier our. Staff, a lot of them faculty, I should say they have those contracts, so there, might not be active, during the summer but they still have access to the email unless our VP a department went in and basically, removed their access so there are 30 mail accounts stay active, yeah. It's. For a certain period of time, it'd, be whenever their termination data is going nation projects, of if they have no termination, date listed in banner their, accounts gonna remain active so, we, have people that will be adjuncts, and maybe they're not teaching BPA. Just has them still out there there's no termination, date they'll come back in the fall they. Can go right back into their account and no, issues with it we're. Trying to fine-tune some of that. It's. All. Right. It's, depend we have to rely on BPA because, they're the ones putting those in and dealing with the bad junks, so, we rely on that a lot I have the flip side of that and the fall sometimes we'll have adjuncts, that are have, been here and maybe that their termination was put through they'll. Come in and teach in the fall well they don't have a start date until what, they do like September, after. The semester starts which can sometimes be confusing then we go back to again. An earlier question how do we get that access back, so they can get into their account but I think most of the time they're they, don't usually remove, those effects by the person to come back it's just those that maybe are gone for, a semester - those will win and actually put a termination data in their, access is removed and then, we have to they have to wait for the the new hire process to go through again does.

That Answer your question. We. Have five minutes left so if I have time for a couple more questions. We've. Been with footprints for geez, over ten years I have, a really good price for it. Yes. Very flexible down. Here. So. Do you have supervisors. Fill out the form if somebody is switching, from one department to another they, have one set of access. Here and now they're gonna have a whole new set right, that's, the ideal situation yes. That's. What we would prefer, that. Noise happen sometimes, like, we'll, have an administrator, assistant will do it but again we're we're, basically keeping a list of who those admin, assistants, that can put the request in for that area but, yeah ideally we want the supervisor to put it in also. On our campus, people we have actually a new department, heads as well, they're realizing with the new rules, from Department, of Education, if I'm leaving the Registrar's, Office I'm, leaving financial aid office I really want that access taken away so, they're really on board if they need to put in the requests themselves this they initiate that process they're actually doing that as well so. We've actually educated, our campus going through this process. Any. Other questions. All. Right all right thank you very much. Thank. You.

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