Zengin Brunei'nin Fakir Mahallesi Su Üstünde İlginç Bir Köy /379

Zengin Brunei'nin Fakir Mahallesi Su Üstünde İlginç Bir Köy /379

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Hello friends, Welcome to the most diverse channel of the world and your family, as you can see , there is a village where the people of the old nose of old burney live, in this village people lived in time . Let's get something, then let's go see how the old people of the nose lived , there are still about 10,000 people living there . people, there is a huge mosque, there is a school, I didn't recognize them all, the drinks do not avoid better materials in burney . Let's bury it somewhere , then Tourism gal I started to travel from the sea Come come black girl Come don't go the name of the village bannur tuning bandur tuning camp Home compon means on the water in bandur tuning means above the water bandura If compa means village on the water, much more people lived in its shipyard, but this is finally where they lived later. By making the state policy So this was in the early 1900's Maybe it could be a click earlier They offered to build houses for people to go to land They not only offered to build houses, but also encouraged them to be used for agricultural lands on the land , some of them used to be that this village was built entirely of wood.

When it was a village , it was caused by a fire . from y Also, at least a lot of cables pass through the houses here in Asia . How is the theft ? In the meantime, there were situations that caused fires, unfortunately, the museum is closed, why is it closed I don't understand, I don't know if the color of the water is quite dark and dirty, I do n't know, after all, this river is a swampy area with tidal water, but garbage in the water There are military people, but the state has made attempts on the sewerage and garbage system here, but of course, there are many people who are insensitive and thrown on the ground, let me show you the neighborhood that burned down, so this neighborhood was burned at the time, so it's renovated and looks very nice , I couldn't see a hearty applause, everyone. like if he saw a place by now k 2 Hi , we couldn't even see a local on his nose and talk . I

felt like I was in Singapore. At least there is a world of people in Singapore, I could chat on the street everywhere, the height is low here, for example, this place rises during the rainy season . time is coming back like this, let's not say the tide now, I don't know if this river will be right at the tide, but from time to time, there are plus extra things with rain water, the nation does not have a car Everyone has a boat in their garage Now we go down to the old part, if we go left to the old quarters, let's go slightly left After that, we turn back and right We'll go there because I saw a mosque on the water Let's see how it is, old God My son, how crippled this person goes . sure here there was a crocodile , there was a crocodile, there was a snake, there was also a snake. If I see a sign of life, I will show you inside the house, we have gone, we have fallen , we have already come to the last house of this street . There is gold in the mosque, O Sultan Efendi, instead of going to a ceiling, there are 30 people here and there , after this video, Turkey is what political relations are ending, I'm your ass [ __ ] Elif's friends who made a video, I will continue the video by phone Sorry, there will be vibration a little too The sound will be low because GoPro keeps shutting down and it's already shattered. You see the screen, the place is gone, the place got hot, it's broken, look here, there are scratches here, but I couldn't show you why you don't appear or there are scratches on the screen, but it's not visible shark bit me how many people in my life have been bitten by sharks like this Now we have come to the mosque above the water, of course , if its door is open I swear by God it is dirty I don't understand either I am a traveler I can hardly visit all of them we can visit all of them comfortably brother we cannot visit the mosques either they do not buy it or they are closed there GoPro was closed in 1500 Magellan's team is 1.500 now in the 20s 30 In the 's, his team comes about his adventures. What he discovers or prepares a report, he takes him on his adventures, he says, there is such an island in the island, what is this, what is such a region in the island, and there are 50,000 people living there, but 30,000 of these 50,000 people were living above the water, they reported that 1.500

I think this is the water pipe , yes , this is drinking water, water for use in the kitchen at home, I think these are the blue pipes. By the way, I think they increased the speed of my internet in Ümraniye to 16, from 8 years old. 16 upload's 0501, that is, between 05 and 1 The guys here laid 100 MB of internet on the water , this is the school I think it was the biggest school above the water in the world, now we can go to that side , we can't go to the mosque, so we go to school Maybe these are also cats, I think, what should the animals do, no land, they always pissed in the same spot like this . I loved you too. Let's travel together. He landed like a bird, brother, we came here now School but at school, mass secondary school Of course, a child has both religious education, this is religious education, but also religious education from the hereafter, that is, there are places that provide only religious education for children in the 8th grade age group. Somewhere around here, there are generator lines, police stations, mosques, schools.

It is said that there is everything for people to continue their social life. There is also one fish here. It is very interesting, you know, there is a culture that your grandfather lived here. You got used to it, etc. He doesn't prefer it, I was very curious about his feelings, I fully understand him. heirloom

. _ _ _ _ _ watch dancerouse Hüseyin look my list wow Let me take a photo with Time Fire Ömer Ali My Name Mehmet Salah Yes I hope brother Şeyde Sultan's father had a mosque or we visited and he worked there in the previous episodes You know, there was a story called 30 thousand 30 thousand kilos, I asked him. I said do you know how much is the gold of this mosque, so we don't know how many kilograms there is, he said, maybe 30 thousand kilos, I don't know, my brother works and he doesn't know. I'm 34 years old, he says I'm single, he can't sell cigarettes here. He probably says something.

He says I can't sell this cigarette, they'll throw me in jail, he says, or here's Miri or on the way to and fro in the morning. People could bring cigarettes with them, but for example, let's say cigarettes are 1 dollar tax, 3 dollars 5 dollars, there was a hospital here, the hospital burned down, now the hospital is on land, we were the houses above the water, as you know, these may not be laying hens, but chickens for dinner Manchester United bro There is a love of England in Malaysia, people are British and He loves English teams, there is Manchester United, he was an artist for me, he was snatching cats, crocodiles , firemen playing ball There is even a firefighter on the sea We came to the mosque Brother, we couldn't enter this mosque, they only came to prayer time and then they locked it up. That's why we couldn't even go to the toilet in this mosque Yes, there are stops above the sea. this is the stop you know. They have divided them into zones 3 zones 5 zones 7 zones 10 zones . You tell them which zone you will go to, taxis will go and take you to that zone. Electric poles. Here again, get the first one here. They are losing , I'm coming back now Can now we are starting to see the same things I tried the mosques it was closed twice I tried the school he was a journeyman I was going to pierce the police station but just in case I didn't try I gave up Now here I will show you how to reach a place we came out, no matter how far you come from behind, they took the same money, they get videos how they are equal to one Brunei dollar and one Singapore dollar Now here he had his old nose Now he shows you a little new nose. After that, we'll

finish the video for 3-4 more minutes. After that, people go out after the day comes back, they start running, they start to get on a set , I wondered what's going on there Aha look here I've just taken my name, they're just standing there now I'll wait, it just stopped there seriously pedestrian Best of respect country with more I've come to one of those, good luck, look what's wrong with this car, there are a lot of suzukis here, there are a lot of red behind it, there is gray behind it, one day if I have money in Turkey and this car comes to Turkey, I would like to buy this car. It probably burns a little. Yes, I have been traveling for days first . I've seen a community of people for the first time, even if it was traveling , the situation here would be very interesting to you because it's very hot and very hot and people don't hang out much in the evening hours I would show this mosque and the pleasure you visit from the top of the country for the first time it looks like such a closed area in a country, the drone did not take off, so I saw a different warning, you know, it's not a legal warning or anything. It was just directly locked, so you may have noticed that the stopper did n't move anyway . juice That's a drama Turkish it looks like something ha Hi how much was the kasi, the main drink and this meal cost three and a half free Yes we brought the dinner cheap today Normally I don't like this Asian tomato and watermelon Normally I don't know if there are such tasteless tomatoes in Asia I don't know if there are any other places though I haven't visited, but next to our tomato, it is zero, as if you are eating something empty, so is the watermelon, which is perfect until it is in the water . If it wasn't closed to the music on the other side , I would show you the history of this place. Friends, they are a bit like pagan at the time. Yes , there are beheadings, as well . Do you understand that this is a sign of power? u head Look at this man's head I slew him to give messages like if you touch me it will happen to you Yes Old what is it now We came to Burun again we are in a place like this we already visited a shopping mall there were a lot of people This place is lively . wait , he's coming here in the countryside, there are 3-5 tourists besides me right now . I knew it here it says 300 dollars In some places 100 dollars In some places there are nice rooms like this go to the Singapore wall or there are some rooms for 30-35 dollars But if you want a room without glass, that is, without glass, if you want a room without glass for 25 dollars, but there is a room where you can stay alone. Here again, smoking is prohibited

, so it is clean, so in expensive places like this , we need to reduce our search for comfort, let's turn on our air conditioner, I'm sorry. There is no hot water in such a messy place, but you 're already burning in cold water . we will go to the morning in the video, we will go to the borders of Malaysia from now on, we will go to the ballet from there. There are different adventures and ceremonies there. There are 2-3 different ceremonies that locals lived and performed for ten days a week .

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