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Just like Nazareth is the main Arab city in the south. This is the main Jewish city here. And this Lake Tiberias on the left side. I haven't seen a more beautiful lake in the Middle East. The armies of Gog and Magog will march by this lake. Those who are at the forefront will drink all the water of this lake.

We are at the Syrian side of the lake; near the Golan Heights. But as you can see there is no check post here. Why would Israel return this area to Syria after conquering it. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Nazareth. I spent the last night here.

Also made a vlog which I hope you must have enjoyed. I'm gonna stay here for another night. But the area that we are gonna explore today is outside Nazareth.

It's a very important lake called Sea of ​​Galilee. Also known as Lake Tiberias. There is a prophecy about this lake that Gog and Magog will drink its water.

The exact words of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with more details to come. It's about 35 km from here. This lake used to be the border between Syria and Palestine. However, now the area on the other side of this lake, Golan Heights, is also under Israeli control. So, I'll try to explore Lake Tiberias and Golan Heights for you.

Besides, there's a city just next to Nazareth called Nof HaGalil. It's an important point in our route. More about that later. Let's get the motorcycle and get going.

Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this a trouble free and memorable day for us. I pray the same for all my viewers. Apparently our navigation is sort of lost in these narrow streets. Soon we are gonna be on the main road. I hope we can find the way to the main road.

That over there is a Greek Orthodox Church. I showed it to you in the previous video. The first place we will visit today is a shopping mall.

And purchase a SIM from there. After that we'll resume our trip to Lake Galilee. Without a SIM card, it's quite difficult for me to navigate. Other than that, we may also need that for internet research whenever needed.

So, it's better to get a SIM first. Overall this is a beautiful city. It's very well maintained. A lot of tourists visit this area.

This is a main destination for religious tourism of Christians. So they definitely visit this city. These days, apparently, no hotel or guest house has room. Even I wanted to move forward and spend the night in some other area. As much as I've researched, 100 dollars is the minimum rent per night here. And that amount can only get you a room with bare minimum facility.

Anything between 150 - 180 dollars is good enough. So I thought it's better to stay here. We can then move to some other place afterwards. We are on the right track. I think that's the mall over there.

That's the parking of the mall. We've got ourselves a SIM card. There were quite a few options to choose from. So I picked one of them.. But I don't even know what it's called. It's something like 019 Mobile. I paid almost 80 shekels for that.

That included 30 shekels SIM fee. 50 shekels for the data usage for 1 month. Incoming and outgoing calls are free. So we are good for one month now.

They didn't ask for any identification document... my ID card or passport or visa for instance. I just asked for a pre-paid SIM and they handed me over one. It's already registered. I mean it was working as soon as I inserted it in my phone.

80 shekels is around 23 dollars or so. Neither too expensive nor cheap. So I've got 50 GB of data for one month. The SIM has lifetime validity.

I can use this SIM whenever I visit Israel. Let's get back to our trip to Lake Galilee. Right now we are traveling through another city, north of Nazareth. Previously it was called Nazareth Illit. But it was changed to Nof HaGalil in 2019. It's more like a Hebrew name.

We need to turn right from here. I want to travel through the city. To show you people around.

Just like Nazareth is a main Arab city in the south... This is a main Jewish city. After the fall of Soviet Union in 1974... many of the people migrated from Russia to here. That constituted a community of Russian Jews in this city. Now with the passage of time, many Muslims and Arab Christians have moved to this city.

They are 29% of the population. Total population is 40 - 45 thousand. However, Muslims and Christians are not allowed to build any mosque or church. That's why most of the people travel to south.

There aren't any Arabic schools here as well; All are Hebrew schools. Arabs normally prefer to send their schools to Arabic schools. But the city council did not allow that. That's Nof HaGalil, guys... And the city is located directly north of Nazareth...

Probably to keep an eye on Nazareth. You will see a lot of new construction here. The city is quite spacious in general. Unlike the relatively older cities.

So, most of Arab children go to Nazareth city for schooling. It's not too far away either. Hardly takes 10-15 minutes to get to Nazareth old town from here.

However, both these cities have separate city councils. You can easily notice the difference between the two cities just by watching my videos. I mean the difference between Nazareth and Nof HaGalil. Nevertheless, it's a very green city. Everywhere you see, you find trees.

The name of this city is Mashhad... Wow... This city may have been established by Iranian Jews. I mean there is a possibility. The city in front, on the top of that mountain, also looks nice. Spread over that slope.

This looks like an Arab majority region. There's a mosque here on our left side. And there's a church down this road. We might be able to catch a glimpse of its dome.

There's the church. This suggests that this is mainly an Arab area. The lake is on our left side. Where's there's a city on this other side. The city is called Tiberia or Tiberias.

The houses up here must offer a great view of the lake. I don't think my GoPro will be showing you the lake at the moment. But we'll be seeing that in some time. So... here's the lake... on our left side...

It's really windy out here. So windy that I can't keep my GoPro at the correct angle. Whenever we are passing through a patch with no building around... The wind gets ever so stronger.

It's such a huge lake... We can see it now. It goes as far as my eyes can see. I thought it to be much smaller.

I think there's some old castle in that direction. We are now riding through the historical old town of Tiberias. It's quite a big city.

This looks like a tourist area. People here are riding their motorcycles, even on foot paths. This seems to me like a destination for summer holidays for local tourists. Most of the foreigners come here to visit the historical sites and cities like Tel Aviv. But for locals, this city has quite a favorable climate.

That's why it's a top destination. We'll be riding along the lake after we cross the city. Let's look for some place where we can park our motorcycle, to take a short break. Will also share some history of this lake. There aren't any empty spaces.

I've been riding for kilometers now. But I couldn't find any place for parking or even to stop by. There were some spots for water sports back there.

That's where people were going. We'll just cross this area as we don't need to stop here. I haven't seen a more beautiful like in Middle East. I don't think there is any other fresh water lake of this size. So, this is the largest fresh water lake of the region. There may be one in Iraq.

But I doubt that. However, there wasn't any for sure in Saudia Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. If you have been following my vlogs, you may already know this. I saw a lot of greenery in Syria and Lebanon though. Jordan as well.

But this is the greenest of them all. This is Sea of ​​Galilee ... or Lake Tiberias. This is the only fresh water lake of this region. Pretty much the only source of fresh water in the whole region. It's as big as 21 km in length. The entire area is 167 square kilometers.

That makes it quite a big lake. The lake mainly gets its water from Jordan river. Rain water also contributes to water in this lake. Besides, this area is surrounded by mountains on all directions. The water from those mountain streams also flows down to this lake.

Let me share a prophetic saying of our Holy Prophet (pbuh) about this lake. When Jesus Christ will kill the Antichrist.... God Almighty will direct him to go to Mount Sinai in Egypt along with all the believers. After that armies of Gog and Magog will march past this region.

Those of them at the forefront will drink all the water of this lake. Those marching behind them will only wonder about the lake that used to be here. But there won't be any left. Let's rest here for a while.

It's a very peaceful place. A lot of people are camping here. We'll try to do a full round of the lake in some time.

We'll capture the other side of the lake for you as well. Look at all those people here for camping in their campers. I have left my camping gear in Jordan. I wasn't sure if I could do camping in Israel. That depends if there are any facilities here or not.

Those look like washrooms to me. So... Right now, we are on the Syrian side of the lake, near Golan Heights.

There's a very interesting film on Netflix that shows how Israel captured this area. Some spies were sent to Syria and they played a vital role in capturing this area. Do watch it if you have time.

You'll get to understand the whole thing. Before the 1967 war, this lake was divided between the two countries. Between Israel and Syria. But after the war, Israel captured the entire lake and the area of ​​Golan Heights.

I just found out that the Syrian population in Golan Heights ... was about 100 - 125 thousand, before the war. Most of the people were expelled from this area after the war. You'll hardly see any Syrian village here. The mountains on our right side are Golan Heights. We'll see if we can find a road that can take us there.

And show you around in this area. There were many tourists on the other side of the lake. Not to forget the many restaurants and cafes there. There's not much on this side.

However, many settlers have moved into this Golan Heights area. There are many villages here of the settlers. So you can definitely do everything on this side as well. I have been wanting to visit this area for such a long time.

Just to visit and experience the environment here. We have now left the lake behind. Riding in the direction of Syrian border now. This whole area belonged to Syria. Currently controlled by Israel.

But this is a very beautiful area. You'll be amazed to see the extent of agriculture here. Because the Golan Heights area was among the most fertile parts of Syria.

That's why almost 100 thousand people lived in this small region. Agriculture was the main reason behind so many people living here. I was afraid I might not be allowed to visit this region. But as you can see... there's no check post here. You can roam freely in this area. Nobody will bother you here.

On the contrary, there were check posts everywhere in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Especially in Lebanon, they simply didn't let you go in the border region. Not even in Syria. Not in Jordan as well.

In all those countries, they simply don't allow you to go near the border. But I haven't seen a single check post here. Looks like there's a Nestle factory here. Don't know what exactly. We'll go all the way to the end of Golan Heights. That is if we are not stopped before that.

Otherwise, we'll just turn around and come back. Look at those oranges. This region is so beautiful that I can hardly believe it's the Middle East. I wasn't allowed to see the remaining Golan Heights area in Syria.

But this is just amazing. You can imagine now if Israel will return this area to Syria or not... Not at any cost. This is no less than a gold mine because of the agriculture. Syria is not getting this amazing region back. Now, there are proper towns and villages of Israelis here.

You can see a factory after every few kilometers. I've just seen cows here, for the first time. There is plenty of grass here to eat for the cows. So, it's quite possible that the Nestle factory we just saw was for milk. We are now riding very close to the border.

So, we might spot some check posts of Israeli army. There was one just back there. We are on our way back to Lake Tiberias from Golan Heights. I hope you must have enjoyed the brief tour of this region.

There's still a 25 minute ride left before we get back. If you enjoyed this vlog, just go ahead and like and subscribe right now. There was a sign board back there that showed that we are at sea level right now. Lake Tiberias is almost 230 meters below sea level. This could be the reason that the water from the surrounding areas gather in the lake.

Because of the low altitude of the lake. We just have to travel along these mountains and descend down to the lake. Just check out the view of the lake from here. Nothing short of awesome..!!

In fact, I had to travel on the other side of the lake... Just came here for the views. Our next stop will be in Nazareth. We have spent almost 7 to 8 hours here. Would be another hour before we get back. I think we have already spent enough time here.

I hope you must be enjoying this vlog. Just look and admire the views from these apartments. Such an amazingly ideal location.

2022-10-29 19:02

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