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XO, Kitty's Anna Cathcart was Zendaya's Biggest Fan | Netflix

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Why would you do this to me? (Philip laughing) Literally, why? I did not prepare for this. - [Philip] Don't worry. Like we can - Okay. No, I got this. - [Philip] You got this. (glasses clinking) (bubbles popping) - Hey, everyone! My name is Philip Wang.

And welcome to another episode of "Spill the Boba Tea". Today's special guest is someone who we all fell in love with from Netflix's hit trilogy, "To All the Boys I've Loved Before", but you may have grown up with her as Agent Olympia on "The Odd Squad" or Dizzy Tremaine on "Descendants". But now she's the lead of her own series, "XO, Kitty", on Netflix. Please welcome Anna Cathcart! - Thank you. (Philip clapping) - Thank you so much for having me. This is so exciting.

- [Philip] Of course. Today we're making a drink based on your life and career. - That is so cool. - And we're just gonna jump right in. - Okay. let's do it. - All right. So the first ingredient is this right over here.

- [Anna] Ooh. - [Philip] It is maple syrup. - Ooh, okay. - It's a little on the nose, but- - [Anna] Yep.

- [Philip] You are from Canada. - Yes. - You are currently living in Vancouver or you grew up in Vancouver. - Yep. - A beautiful city and, of course, Canada maple syrup. I had to. - Home. I feel, yeah.

- [Philip] You're not the first Canadian though that we've had. - Oh, okay. - But you are the first Van- - Vancouverite. - [Philip] Vancouverite. - It's a cool name. - Tell us, like what's your favorite part about Vancouver? - Okay, I feel like, first of all, like if you, like people who know me know that I love Vancouver. I'm a very like home girl talking about it all the time. - You rep it, yeah.

- Yes, I rep it all the time. - It's in your Instagram bio. Like not a lot of people do that. - I am Canadian. I'm from Vancouver. I like am a little biased, but I tell people all the time, it's like, "Oh, I've never been to Canada." I'm like, "Well, Vancouver is like the best one if, like the best place in Canada if you wanna come visit."

- Are you basically like, you know, creating a rivalry right now against Torontonians? - Against Toronto. It's a classic- I've like spent a lot of time in Toronto 'cause I worked there for a long time. So I like, I love it as well, but like nothing will ever compare to home. Like I would like to do a brand deal with Vancouver. That is the thing. I would love to be the first.

- Canada tourism, like- - [Anna] Yes. - This is your girl right here. - I tell people to come all the time. Also like next time you're in Vancouver, let me know, 'cause I love being a tour guide. I know all the places. I love showing people around.

- Well, I mean, sticking with Vancouver, our next ingredient is still something inspired by where you grew up. - Okay. - It's egg pudding. I didn't know this, but Vancouver is also the home to the biggest Chinatown in Canada. In Chinatown, there's a lot of dim sum restaurants.

- Yes. The best. - So I'm taking some inspiration from dan ta or dan tat, right? - Yes, dan tat. - So did you go to Chinatown a lot, like growing up? - I grew up like in a suburb of Vancouver that it also has like a really big Asian community and is really big. - Is it Richmond? - It is. Really, really big Chinese community. - Yeah. Richmond's great.

- And we have a mall that I like grew up going to all the time, just like a Asian mall and the best dim sum like ever is there. And I love bringing people there too, like to introduce them to dim sum, or introduce them to like all the good Asian food. But that's like really good memories.

Especially like Chinese New Year, I love going there 'cause you have like little booths and you can buy lai sees and buy all the, it's great. - You are like living the Canada Chinese, like Canadian, like life right there. - Chinese-Canadian life. Like yeah. - Growing up there, you know, you've been acting for a very long time, you know, like since childhood, right? I mean, was that something that you always knew that you wanted to do? 'Cause it's not a very traditional thing for like, you know, Asian kids to like go down, right? - Yeah. I definitely like, never thought that it would actually happen.

Like in my mind it was like, being an astronaut is just as likely as be an actor. Like, I was like, that's like such a thing that like you dream about when you're little and have on a vision board, but like, you don't actually become an actor. I didn't even used to say that as like my dream job. Like weirdly my dream job was to be a party planner. Don't know how that happened. I was like six years old. - [Philip] Okay.

- Telling people, "I'm gonna be an event planner." And now I'm an actor. - I didn't know that job even existed as a kid. - I know. I don't know what, someone must have told me at some point.

- Yeah. - I loved like watching TV growing up and I loved Disney Channel and I loved, like I was so into it and like had posters on my walls of like all my favorite celebrities. - [Philip] Yeah. - So yeah, getting to be an actor now and like getting to have the career that I've been so lucky to have is like definitely “pinch me” moments consistently.

Like always. And I'm just like, "How did this happen?" Like little me is losing her mind right now. Like current day me is constantly also losing her mind. - Who are some of the posters that you had on the wall? - Zendaya. Zendaya. (Philip laughing)

- You can still have her poster. - Oh, definitely. But I like, like to say I liked Zendaya before she was like, Zendaya. - Okay. - Like she was always Zendaya in my heart, but when she was Rocky Blue from "Shake It Up".

- [Philip] Deep cuts. Deep cuts right here. - I was obsessed with her. And I also think, like that is what made me wanna be an actor. I remember thinking like, "Imagine like going to work and getting to do that." - Yeah. - Like getting to act and be like that your life, like it was just, yeah.

- So the fact that, you know, also you grew up in a city that's very diverse, had a lot of Asian-Canadians there. - [Anna] Totally. - Did it make you feel like more comfortable in your identity as well? - 100%. I feel like I was very lucky

that I grew up in a place where I felt very welcome and very accepted and there was such a large community of that that I could be a part of and people like me and like in my high school, there were so many people like me. And like, just everywhere that definitely, like I recognize is not a common experience for a lot of people and I'm very privileged to have experienced that. But for sure, I like grew up always seeing my Chinese heritage as like a, something to celebrate and something to talk about. And like my mom used to come to my classes in elementary school and like do presentations for Chinese New Year. - Aww. - And teach kids how to make dumplings and like all of that, which I like always was like so proud about.

And I would wear my cheongsam to school. - Oh my gosh. Your Chinese is very good too. - Thank you. - I mean, I don't speak Cantonese, I speak Mandarin.

But I'm like, "That's pretty good." - I can like count to 10 and random phrases. - As long as you can order the dim sum. - Exactly. (Philip laughing) It's very important. - Very important. All right, so our next ingredient actually we're gonna have to test you for, because you were part of a show called "The Odd Squad".

- [Anna] Yes. - Math was a very big part of it. - [Anna] It was. - Did your math improve significantly because of that show? - You know, I would like to say yes. I was 12 doing grade one level math, and it was very helpful because, at the time, I mean, you still use all the classics, like classic long division.

That's very helpful. - [Philip] Right. - All the things that, shapes. - Oh, you were 12 doing grade one math on the show? - Grade one math on the show. - For a second, I was like, "Wait, you were 12 in grade one?" - Let me make that clear. I know the difference between a hexagon and a pentagon.

- [Philip] Okay. - Very well. - That's good. That's good. Before I bring out this test, would you say that you actually are good at math in real life? - Hmm. I mean, I had good marks in high school with math,

but not without tears at times and struggle. Hopefully this one doesn't bring up tears, okay? We're on the episode of "The Odd Squad", okay? You have a mystery to solve. - I know. These were the hardest lines too. The math lines were always so hard because they were so complicated. - Here's your puzzle, okay? - Oh my god. Oh my god. - These are some of our Bopomofo, you know, menu.

- [Anna] I love this. Okay. - But we need to figure out what this bottom one is. - Guys, this is so stressful. Why would you do this to me? (Philip laughing) Literally, why? I did not prepare for this. - [Philip] Don't worry. Like we can - Okay. No, I got this. - [Philip] You got this.

I think you got this. - So like I have to figure out the value of each one? - You have to figure out the value of each one to get the answer, right? - [Anna] Right. - So let's just take it line by line - No, I think I got this. - You just already got it? - The drink is 10. - Okay. - The sandwich is five. - Okay.

- And then what? - It's a popcorn chicken. - Oh. - [Philip] Oh. - I want popcorn chicken. - Sorry,

this is just to make you hungry actually. - I know I'm like, "Can we bring all these out?" - [Philip] Yeah. - Popcorn chicken is two. - So? - Five plus two, seven times ten.

70? - That is incorrect. - Wait, wait. - You have all the values correct up to here. - BEDMAS, is that correct? - It is. It's also funny you say bed- - BEDMAS.

- See we say PEMDAS here in, I guess, the US. - Whoa! - Because it's parenthesis, not brackets. - Oh! - We say parenth... I had to look it up 'cause - [Anna] Fascinating. - I was looking it up too last night, like preparation for this. - You got to study? That's not fair.

Was that what I did wrong then? BEDMAS? Wow, my teachers are so disappointed. - Well, not just that. This is a trick question. I'm very sorry. There's two here. - Oh my God. - I know, I know. I'm sorry. I tricked you.

- No, that's what you're supposed to do on tests. - [Philip] So we have, so if this is two, right? You had that correct. - But why is this the equal? - Because two, two. - [Anna] Oh, okay, okay.

- So therefore this is one. - [Anna] One. - So one times ten, 'cause you do the multiplication first. - Okay, so ten plus five. We got 15. - 15. - Whoa! That was a process. We got there. That's mildly embarassing.

- No, this is meant to be like a brain teaser, so. - It's so good. - All right, one last question. This is not math though, but it is math related. - Okay. - What is a math teacher's favorite dessert? - Pie? - Correct.

So related to pie, what do we all love to put on top of pie? Whipped cream. So we're gonna be using some whipped cream in our drink coming up. Our next ingredient, no tests.

- Okay. I'm like sweating over here. - Our next ingredient is actually based off of one of your character's costumes. - Ooh. I love it. - So we have a matcha and a cherry and a blueberry coulis, which is like a fruit sauce that we're gonna be using on the drink. - I love it.

- And the reason why is because I was looking at one of your character's costumes and I'm like, "We gotta recreate our drink to look like this." And I'm talking about Dizzy. - Yes! All the splatter paint. - [Philip] Yeah, so like, creative and so like, fun. So I was like, "Visually, we gotta do that." - [Anna] That's so smart.

- You played an assistant at a salon or you worked at a salon. - Yes. - And I have to ask like, have you ever actually cut anyone's hair before? - God, no. And I think that's a good thing. I was gonna say I would try it, but that's too much commitment. Like there's no going back.

Once you cut, there's no like reversal. - There's no reversal, but it does grow out. - It does. - It just takes a little, like a little while. - I wouldn't trust myself.

- You should ask your sister. You should ask your sister. - I feel like that's a punishment. I feel like if she did something wrong, it'd be like, "Let Anna cut your hair." I feel like that would not be a nice thing to do. - All right, before we go into our next ingredient, I wanted to actually play a game with you.

- Okay. - And it's a segment that we have here called "Take 2". - Cool. - Now it's not like a test like we just took. - Okay. Thank you. - But what we do in "Take 2" is we have some scenes- - Okay.

- Of your past work. - Ooh! This is exciting. - And basically, we're gonna see how many of these lines you still remember. - Okay. Okay. Let's do it. I'm so down. - I'm gonna read with you. Is that okay? - Okay.

- All right, so I'm gonna be playing opposite you. - Gotcha. - All these characters, all right? Here we go. This is easy, okay? By the way, these are all scenes from "To All the Boys I've Loved Before", the trilogy. So they're from different parts. - Okay. - Interior. Peter's car. Morning.

Peter drives Lara Jean and Kitty to school. Kitty drinks a Korean yogurt. - I do. - Hey. (Anna laughing) I'm not Peter. Oh, okay. Hey, little LJ. What is that?

- A Korean yogurt smoothie. And my name, thanks for asking, is Katherine Song Covey. Kitty to my friends, but you can call me Katherine. (bell dinging) - Wow! Oh my gosh! - I started doubting myself.

I was like, I got this. Then I was like, wait. I started doubting myself. - That was exactly word for word. - Woo! - Congratulations.

All right. You have leveled up. - Guys, my heart is beating so fast. Like this is more stressful than an audition. Like wow. - Anna, you already got the part. You already did the part. No pressure, okay? All right, number two, okay? And I'll help you through this, all right? - Okay.

- Also from "To All the Boys I've Loved Before". Interior. Lara Jean's bedroom. Night. Lara Jean, Margot, and Kitty are all sitting around having a heart to heart. - Mm-hm.

- Margot. Okay, let's make a pact. No more secrets between the Covey girls. - I have a secret. I sent the letters.

- I'm gonna kill you! - Run, run, run, run, run. - No, Lara Jean! No! She's a kid! - You seem so, so lonely. And I could tell Peter liked you and I wanted to.

- I knew you wouldn't. - And I knew you wouldn't do anything about it. So I wanted to help. - So you sent all five of them? - Five chances at a boyfriend was better than one.

- I miss having him. - I miss having. - [Philip] Him.

- I miss having him over. - [Philip] For. - For dinner. And that's it. (bell dinging) Woo! (Philip clapping) - That was great. I'm very impressed. This was six years ago. - That was like, yeah, like five, five years ago. - Five years ago. This is really great.

- I love, that's such a fun segment. - All right. I mean, that leads to obviously talking about "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" an amazing trilogy that you're a part of. And of course, our next ingredients, you know we had to do it. - Yes. - We got the yakults. - [Anna] Yeah.

- [Philip] The yogurt drinks. - [Anna] We got to. - Before this movie happened, did you actually ever drink yakult or yogurt drinks? - No. I had not. - It was your first time? - It was the first time and now it's become such a thing. Like my friends send me pictures of them drinking anytime.

They're like, "I'm thinking of you." - And when you first tried it, were you like, "Oh, this is weird"? - It's interesting. It's definitely an interesting taste, but I didn't like, not like it.

- It's a nice little snack. I remember getting these, like in like a lunchbox or something as a kid, but no, I remember when the movie came out, everyone was like, "Oh my gosh, why'd you guys put this in the movie? Now the price is going up everywhere." 'Cause everyone was buying it out. It was amazing. - You're welcome, yakult, you're welcome.

- So yeah, of course, we had to bring this out and you know, talk about "To All the Boys" and that was just such a monumental like movement, you know, for, you know, Asian representation and obviously in your career. When you first heard about that project or that you got on, like you had no idea that it was gonna be what it became, right? - Oh my goodness. Not even close, like nothing. It was, we weren't even connected to like Netflix yet. It was just like a whole, it was just like a cute little amazing movie that I loved the script and I was really excited about the role, but I like didn't, I didn't know at all that like, now so many years later, literally six years later, I'm still part of the same universe, part of the same world. And getting to play the same character is like insane.

- Yeah. - And I like, I just finished grade eight when I was auditioning and now I'm in university and like, I'm still here. I've gone this journey with this character, this whole world that I got to grow up in was like so cool. - [Philip] Literally grow up. - And I would've never expected that, like not at all.

- Do you feel like Kitty was you as a sister also, like to your own sister, Sarah, like were you the Kitty? Would you ever do something that like audacious and bold? - I wouldn't like do something as... bold is a good one. - Well-intentioned, but misinformed or something, yeah. - Sure, something like that.

But I definitely love to get involved in her love life. I love to just get involved in her life, for sure. I definitely have aspects of Kitty in me and like sister-wise, there are literally moments where she will look at me and she's like, "That's like so Kitty of you." She's like, you just said that, like, you literally sound, like exactly like. - No, that's Anna of me, okay? - And like, yeah, like I was here first. - In terms of your TV sisters, like do you still keep up with your sisters now? - [Anna] Yes. - And like, you know,

I mean, obviously with the the new series, you know, how much of that sisterhood is still kind of like, you know, impacting you? - I miss them so much. I haven't seen them in person for quite a while, but definitely, yeah, still in contact, still text them. I was so lucky to have them, like as mentors and people to look up to. Like they honestly were like big sisters in real life. Like I learned so much from them and I had like so many unforgettable memories that like I, yeah, I really lucked out, for sure.

They're the best. - Yeah. I mean, Janel also had been, you know, been working for so long as well. - [Anna] Totally. We actually got to work

with her like years ago. - [Anna] No way. - That's like for another story. I mean, yes, as we're talking about this, of course, we have to talk about the new series, "XO, Kitty". - Yeah!

- [Philip] Congratulations. - Thank you. - I mean, when you heard that they were gonna turn your character into its own show, how did that conversation go? - I thought they were joking, first of all, because it, like started as like an idea that people were just, like mentioning. We were on set of the third movie and it was like, "Oh my God, how cool would it be to like see Kitty's spin-off or like see Kitty in her own world?" And I was like, "I mean, I'm down." But like, I was like, "That's not gonna happen. Like that's a cool idea." And then it, I have been attached to it for like quite a while and a lot of things happened that like it's been many years of this idea been like brewing in the back, that I was like still, truly like I'm not really believing it.

Like even though it has been so long, it's still, I'm like, "I can't believe this like actually happened." And we actually shot it and we went to Korea and we, like so many things that just like, I'm so lucky that like this has happened from like that little girl auditioning for Kitty from the first movie. It's like such a journey. - And you got to like literally live out what Kitty was living through. - A lot of parallels, for sure. - So "XO, Kitty" and your time shooting out in Korea is the inspiration for our next ingredient. - Ooh. - So a very popular drink in Korea.

I'm not sure if you know or you had, but is banana milk. - Oh! - Yes. So we have some banana milk here. Homemade banana milk. Do you have any banana milk while you're out there? - I don't know if I did.

- They have like a boxed drink too version of it. - Yes. I know what you're talking about. I definitely have seen that, but I don't think I ever tried it. - What other foods did you try out there that was your first time having? - I loved all the street food. The street food's so fun too, 'cause you just like, like, I don't know, it's the atmosphere is so great, you just like go up and the fish cake on the stick. - Yeah. - With the like soup. So good.

And tteokbokki's my favorite. Like the rice cakes, spicy rice cakes. - [Philip] Yep. - Love that. A lot of the corn dogs. So many corn dogs.

- Of course, corn dogs just walking around. - Yeah, it's the best, you can't beat it. But I tried a lot of food that I like, I wasn't super familiar with like a lot of the Korean food and like, it was so cool to get to be like within a culture for so long.

Like it wasn't just being like a tourist. Like I got to actually like live there and like experience what it'd be like, and like little things where like, I'm like, "Oh, like I feel like local." Like going to the grocery store and like knowing your way around. Like I felt like that was a really cool thing. - Yeah, 'cause you're out there for several months, right? - Yeah, it was quite a while.

So I got to, like be there also different seasons and like, - Oh my God. - Yeah, it was cool. It was definitely like I was going on my own like exchange. Like I felt like I was in my own like student life going abroad and being there with all my friends. Like the whole cast, we were all in the same building so we're like always together and like it was a different version of like.

- What was actually happening in the show. - Yeah. Like an actual school. Exactly. - It's like there's Kitty, the show of Kitty abroad. - [Anna] Totally. - And there's Anna,

you know, her real life show. - Yeah. - Of you being abroad shooting the show. What are you most excited for people to see of this show and of your character? Because yeah, we got a taste of it, you know, in the "To All the Boys" trilogy, but now, you know, we get to see you alone. - In the movies, we saw Kitty's dynamic with the family and Kitty's dynamic with the sisters. And now we kind of see her dynamic with the world. Like it's like her versus her friends and her school and her love life.

And it's not as easy to figure things out when it's yourself. And I think Kitty's learning that because she's like very quick to figure things out for other people. And it's definitely like a new environment that we've never seen her in, and new challenges that she's never faced before because we know her as a very confident like sure of herself person.

And now when it's like her life's on the line, when it's her stuff, I think it's definitely a different, different parts of her come out. - Is that weird to kind of see someone write out what you are going through in the same age range or group versus like what you're actually living out like, "Oh man, should I be learning these things too or should I be going through", like how much of a parallel is it? - The parallels, yeah. I think Kitty's just going through a time of like self-discovery and growing up and learning who she is and learning like what that means and what's important to her and how to handle things and independence and all those things.

And I think a lot of those themes definitely relate to my life right now 'cause like I'm, yeah, going university for the first time and figuring things out and meeting new people and discovering new things and discovering things about myself and all of that. And it's like, I have like a friend to go through it with. 'Cause Kitty went through it too and I got to like learn about myself through learning about Kitty and getting to exist with her is really like, I think a like unusual experience.

It is weird. There's definitely moments for sure that I'll like read the script and like, this is wild. This like just happened in a different way, like always, obviously, a little different, but like the main themes are so much of it with the parallels. - Hopefully a little less drama. - Yes, we can hope. - But it is like having a little guide, right? - Totally.

- Well, I'm so happy for you in this series that's out right now, but let's- - [Anna] Thank you. - Make the drink. - Yes. I'm so excited. - We've been talking about this for so long. So these are our cups. - Thank you. - This is our large cup.

- I've never made bubble tea before. - It's funny how you say bubble tea. - Yes. - We say boba here. It's all good. We don't actually have any boba balls today. It's just actually gonna be using the pudding. - It is weird though, the boba versus bubble tea thing.

I'll sometimes like catch myself saying boba and I'm like, "Damn, I'm spending too much time with Americans." - Oh, you've changed, girl. - I gotta remember where I came from.

Like bubble tea is just, it's just right. - Technically we're making pudding- - Right. - Today. There's technically no tea either.

So at this point, boba is just a lifestyle. - Right. - Right? It's not necessarily like the thing, right? - It is definitely a lifestyle. It's more than a drink. - It's a way of life, guys.

So we're gonna set this aside. We got these shaker cups now. - Okay. - And we are going to pour in 200 milliliters of the banana milk. So right up to the 200 line, okay. - Okay. - All right. Oh my gosh. This is fresh banana milk.

- Now I'm on a cooking show. I've been through so much. - Now what we're gonna do is two yogurt drinks just straight from the bottle. - Amazing. - Okay. We just want all the probiotics here. - Yes. Health is wealth. - So we're just gonna just go straight in, baby.

Let's do this. - [Anna] It's like I'm doing like a science experiment. - We are wild right there. All right.

Now next, we are going to pour in one and a half ounces of Vancouver, Canada. - Yes, of Canada. - I'm gonna do right here, one and a half ounces of this beautiful maple syrup. Real maple syrup from Canada. Look at that. - [Anna] Ooh, that was so satisfying.

- Ooh yeah. - [Anna] That was beautiful. - All right, your turn. All right. Ooh, yes, that's gonna taste so good. Maple syrup on everything. Now for the fun part, we are gonna do some arts and crafts now. - Yeah! - I mean, it's your costume, it's just whatever really you want.

- [Anna] Right. - Look at that, right? - I love it. I'm gonna be like a certified like boba maker. Ooh, that was a lot. Oh God.

- Go from the top, yeah. 'Cause then it kind of drips down. Use gravity to your advantage.

Nice. All right. - That's so fun. - And moment of truth. Here we go. Three, two, one. As far as you can go to the top.

- Woo! - Beautiful. Look at that. Oh my gosh. - Oh my God. Wow. - Got a lot going on here. - This is my greatest accomplishment. - All right, last but not least. So there's a reason for this, all right? We're gonna actually make a little cat face with this.

- Oh my God! - 'Cause, you know, Kitty. - How on brand. - So we got some whiskers and a nose. So what we're gonna do is, I'll show you, okay? (whipped cream spraying) I'm gonna go all the way to the top, okay? - That was beautiful. - And then we're gonna just put some whiskers in.

- I love this so much. - I wasn't sure if this was gonna work, but hey. - It's working. - It's working. - It's absolutely working.

I like am such a foodie and have, I've watched so many like food shows and stuff. This is like so many of my dreams are coming true right now. - A little pink nose there.

A little cat nose. - I love it. Okay. - All right. Your turn your turn. (whipped cream spraying)

You know what you're doing. Wow. - Okay. - One little pink nose. Oh my gosh. Can we hold this up to camera real quick? Look at our little cat face. - I love it. I love it.

- All right. Last step is to name this drink. I have some ideas. - [Anna] Yeah, what were you thinking? - I mean just, I was gonna say like, this is like a purrfect banana milk. - Love that. - Anna's Purrfect Banana Milk. We could do that.

- All the cat puns, yes. - All the cat puns. 'Cause there's banana in here, there's the yogurt.

- Okay. - We got one. You already heard it. - Yeah. - What is it? - Anna Banana. - [Philip] Anna Banana.

- Anna Banana. - I think that's it. - The Anna Banana. - The Anna Banana. - I love it! - Cheers to the Anna Banana. - [Anna] Cheers.

- Oh my gosh. We gotta give a meow. All right, let's try this. We've been posing with it. - The anticipation is like. - I know. Anna, congratulations on "XO, Kitty".

- Thank you. - This drink is your life and career thus far. Much more to go. But for now, this is the Anna Banana. Thanks for making this. Let's give it a try. - Thank you.

- Whoa. It's like a tart banana. - I like it. - Did you get some of the pudding? - Yeah. I love the pudding. I actually really like it. - Whoa. This is the Anna Banana and this is also Anna Cathcart starring in "XO, Kitty" right now on Netflix. - It's cute. - Thank you so much for being here, Anna.

- Thank you. This was like the funnest interview ever. Thank you so much. - Cheers. - Yay!

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