World's largest Markhor forest in Pakistan | Chitral Gol National Park | Chitral - Pakistan Tourism

World's largest Markhor forest in Pakistan | Chitral Gol National Park | Chitral - Pakistan Tourism

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[Music] To be honest, your Hassan did not know that today my eyes would see a point where the domestic animals of Pakistan like deer and deer are found the most. This area was rich in natural beauty Is Called Wadi Chitral was old named Chitrar and now this lower From Chitral city, I will go to show you Gol National Park which is also called Birmogh Lasht. Birmogh is called walnut in the Chitrali language and Lat means pasture i.e. open ground. Now let's be face to face, after that

you will enjoy this memorable journey. Complete travel guide is also given [Music] Bismillah Rahman Rahim Assalam Welcome friends my name is Hassan Sargana and you are watching Pakistan Tourism as you know our Chitral is there and now the scene is that we are leaving from here now Which is Chiral Ka Gol National Park, it is being told that it is about an hour's ride from here, you will have to go to the very top , you will have to go to the peak of the mountain you are seeing behind me, so it is about an hour's ride and According to an estimate, its distance is 10 kilometers because navigation is not working here so I am not able to tell you accurately but the feedback I have got is of 10 kilometers so at present, the scene is that we go Gol National Park. Regarding the park, because I have heard that there are hunters there and it is very cold and also there are many dry fruit trees in it, I have heard that now we will know which ones are there, so let's go there. Music] After reading Hain All Right Ji Bism, I started my journey on my Charlie 110 Suzuki bike. One question which was repeatedly

roaming in my heart and mind was that why is it called Gol National Park now ? I was not able to understand this goal, the answer to which I would get in the future, we were going towards Bulandi through narrow streets because we had to go to the peak of the mountain, rather I would say brother, I would go very near Tirchmir Peak. There is only one confusion that was troubling me again and again the deer comes down even in hot weather but the markhor lives in the cold area, which means in the snow, I don't know whether I will find him in Birmogh or not, the weather is cold above. It will definitely happen but there is no snow yet. Oh wow, what a beauty, what a sight, this is the whole city of Chitral this is the Hindu Kash mountain range, and along with it is the river of Chitral and along with the river, I will show you this in the airport. This is the runway of Chiral, you see, it is right along the river and is completely open. From the airport, I remembered that this is the same airport from where Junaid Jamshed's uncle took off from here and crashed in Havelia. This is also the view of the airport. Let me show you and at the same time

you will find the peak of Tirchmir which is situated on the Chitralaya mountains which is number 33 in the world and is the biggest peak of the Hindu Kash range of Hindu Kash range whose height is 25289 feet and this is Brother, our track is on this, we are going, like this, we have zig zag to go over this peak, it is fine for the National Park, and this is our Charlie standing here, we are going on this, two [music] people, this is a small track, mud and The mix is ​​made of stone but you can easily come here on any vehicle but keep your attention only on the track because the views from your side are so beautiful that they will divert your attention but keep your eyes more on the track [Music] ] Let me tell the bike rider, brother if you come to Chitral, then do not miss this route. If you miss this, then there is no benefit in coming to Chiral, just take care of one or two things that I did not keep in mind. If you come to Birmogh i.e. Gol Gol National Park. If you come, then start your ride early in the morning, that means you should reach by 9 o'clock, and if you cannot come early in the morning, then leave from here in the evening, i.e. by 4 o'clock, so that you can get the best environment by 5-5:30. You will get it there and it is necessary to bring some food and drinks with you. I was repeatedly asked for water and I did not bring it.

Now I am very thirsty but here I cannot see any trace of water anywhere. Started this ride at 11:00 am, as I am going up, the heat of the sun is playing, my band is playing and on top of that, I am thirsty, there is something to eat and drink [music] [music] No, oh brother, there is no construction here to preserve the nature. It should happen but no one stopped you from making the road [Music] I have many friends who watch my channel but brother don't subscribe, so make friends and subscribe to the channel because a little friendship would have been formed [ music] but Alhamdulillah we will reach here in half an hour bhaiya and I at this time I have reached the entrance gate of Gol National Park Chitral, so here we find out what is its timing, what is there inside it for you to see and along with this, how much is its ticket, so let 's take some information from it and then go inside. If we take a view then let's go. Sir Fazl ur Rehman is here in the National Park of Wildlife. If you give this information then Assalam Salaam ji from the side of Pakistan Tourism.

Well sir please tell me that the tourists here. What is the time for this or till what time can we come and there is no off day? No Sir, it remains open 24 hours, tourists can go there, they can go and do their work and come back. And how much are the tickets 100 Rs? Sir, this is the Sir Gol National Park of Chitral, what is its special thing, why should the tourists come here, sir, the tourist should come here, sir, it is a very good place for Tehri also and the national animal, the hunter, the national tree. Deer and community birds are found in Chakor and there are a lot of them inside this park. There are a lot of them in this park. This is their home. From here, they

roam here and there in the buffer zone and also go to the Rumbur and Bumoburet sides. Let's also go to the side . Well, you have done one more thing for us. There are Chilghoza trees in it. I have heard that it is quite a lot. Yes, it is quite a lot. But you did not tell this thing. We are telling you that this is the National Park of Chitral. How big is this one,

in terms of area, in terms of area, the boat in front, which has written on it, 7700 27 kina, that hectare, sir, it is fine, sir, we are moving ahead, we will find a guide who can give us all the information, if he goes with us, then the small size of the royal fort. The branch is above, if we go beyond that, our Wildlife Rest House is over there too, our companions will be Majeed, they will give you information, they will also show you the road. Thank you very much for giving time to Pakistan Tourism, thank you so much, so let's move ahead. Friends, I have been given a small bag by Fazal Rehman and its objective is that if you look above, brother, keep your country clean, which I say in every log, if wrappers throw free throw here and there, then take care of its cleanliness as much as possible. You can use it like a dust bean, so this bag was given to me which I will take with me.

Yes friend, we have entered the national park of Chitral. Now how big is it further, till now I have not seen its far and wide. There are no signs of anything. I think that if the peak has not come yet then there will be some scene after reaching the peak. Right now it is the peak. You can see that it is so far away from me, so in half an hour I have already entered. How far ahead? I can't believe my

eyes , where have I come from, man, it is very beautiful here and there is a very special atmosphere, it seems as if I have gone back 100 years, where there is only a trace of population here. But track means only by the marks of a vehicle it can be known that there is a settlement ahead [music] Really friends, I like mountains very much but the mountains here are so Subhan Allah, what can I say that the color of every mountain is almost different from the other. Which is very attracting but on the other hand there is also a fear, man, till now no one has crossed me nor has any person been seen, which means I am going alone on this track, it seems that I am lost in some forest. And thirst is also troubling me a lot. On top of that, my

body is suddenly feeling lethargic and there is a strange feeling as if the sun's rays are affecting me very strongly and I am feeling severe shortage of water . Brother, I will tell you again and again, don't go out in the afternoon, I have taken this very wrong decision, I don't know what will happen next [Music] My oh wow, don't believe this, what is this nature, man, it seems like the trees are making round trees. Someone has stuck it on the mountain Subhan Allah Allah Teri [Music] Kudrat le ji friends, there is a wonderful surprise for you, guess what these trees are from, then I will tell you brother, these are the trees of moving trees. It seems that someone has painted the inside of this tree in white color. If seen from a distance, it seems that it

is a tree of Bihar, but brother, this white color inside it makes it different and here it is as far as the eye can see. Pine trees are visible everywhere. Wow, the view is amazing. Friends, they have also built a PTDC hotel on the top, which means you will get rush and food, whereas in Chiral Gol National Park, oh thank God, it seems I have reached somewhere close to the population. I will not call you mado but here in Chitrali language I will call you lust because it means I have reached the open ground there and some scenery has been given here which tells that here there are pictures of Markhor Snow Leopards and some Chakors and their history and a beautiful view but still there is no Here I can't see any man nor any Markhor's point, I don't know how much further I have to go [music] You can see that you have come very close to my peak, brother, the season is a little short but it is bearable, the cold wind is this one. It is good that the heat was intense and has reduced [music] Okay, finally we have reached the view point of Markhor which is right in front of me, here the office of World Life is also built and we can also make some formations from it. Let's take it [music] Yes brother, it was a big challenge, now the scene is that we go up, we see a small building, let's find out if we can find someone here, we are also longing for someone who can help us . Guide, I finally rode for about one and a half hour, after that I have reached the peak of the National Park and its distance is not 10 kilometers, it is 24 kilometers. Now the scene is that

we have reached here. These guys are amazing, some wooden tables and chairs have been made here, where one can sit and watch from here to see where the markhor and deer are. Now these friends are finding for me where the markhor is. Where will he be at this time, he comes to this side now, who is a hunter below, but he has come in the shadows, he has come in the shadows because he likes to stay in the cold under the trees just to escape from the sun. They like to remain still very much, about I can show you in very large numbers after the effect, Inshallah, right, or early in the morning or early in the morning, about after 6 o'clock at that time, or they come out for the dose and these which About 28800 Markhors, you guys tell the number, about 2800 male, female, female, children of Mila, these are also children of Mila, about 2800, Mashallah, this is a very large number, Inshallah, absolutely Taj, Inshallah, we are getting better, this is the proof of this. It means that you people

take great care of them, we respect them a lot, we protect them with our lives, of course, after coming to this place and coming to such a top, it seems that there is no population anywhere near and it is about 9700 feet. This is a good one and you were telling about it, what is the name of this hill and what is the special thing about it, this hill in front is called Dhoni, it is called Dhoni Shah Dhoni, this is the name of a place, hence it is called Doni. Let's speak, Chitra, yes, from here, the ice melts and becomes water, it takes the shape of a round, the water goes down, it falls back into the river. Okay, and tell me on this, has any animal ever attacked you guys? Has there been any attack on any tourist or has there been no attack on any tourist? Has there been any attack on any tourist? Then it happens that at night these animals come near the populated areas or you or where you live here. But you people come, animals keep coming, it is true which animal comes, they come, but the one that comes in winter comes covered with snow, okay if it is in winter, then friend here is Saad Rehman Saheb who is from this park. If I have met them at the peak , they would gossip with them and if I would have given you information about it, then Aalam alaikum alaikum salaam. This is a mark-eater. What is his favorite food? He

eats mar and wild almonds, leaves of Shah Balad and these herbs are here. Okay, this is What is the maximum age of Markhor ? It is approximately 14-15 years. So friends , with this we Majid will also continue our gossip and let's explore this park a little.

Friend, this is a special telescope through which Markhor can be seen. So this is I got binoculars and I can see through it, the markhor is visible everywhere. [Music] [Music] And all of them have come near you, the trees are moving, isn't this white in the middle visible to you? It is visible that this is a natural process, this is a natural process and all these are chloe trees and they are not taken out, meaning when their fruit is ready, they themselves fall off the bud, it becomes a tree and becomes a natural plantation. They just fall below, then they come above it. This is approximately after December, it becomes edible. It is the core zone, it is here to take it out.

It is exactly your choice, isn't it? Rehman Sahib is telling us something about Chalag. Please tell me sir, what is this, this is the latest from the judge, who is the latest, who is the latest, who is the latest? It gets ripe around 20th September. It is time to take it out. By 20th September it gets ripe. Well, if you open this cone, there will be nothing inside it. Now I will try, there is nothing right now. It's almost time for it to ripen, look at this, yes, it is inside, it is in the middle, ok sir, tell me what is your objective for the development of this tourism and what should happen for its betterment, in your opinion, in my opinion. So the first thing should be that this road should be cleaned properly and reach here and the second thing should be such that some arrangements should be made to clean some places and the third thing should be such that someone should be made for this. There should be arrangements for Sahul here, Sahul is not like this that tourists come here from there but food is not available here and in a month, approximately according to the estimate, how many tourists come here, according to my estimate, about 10 to 20 thousand.

Yes, friend, our unsuccessful attempt to see Markhor through binoculars continues. The scene is that it is now 11 o'clock and Markhor likes to live in a shady, cool place, so we are a little late. Have you come here early in the morning at 6-7:00 am, there is a whole bunch of them and after that at the time of Asar, they start seeing these trees, there is very easy access now . Because of this, it is not visible right now, so till now we have not seen Markhor, I think we will have to go back without seeing it. Alright ji, let me share another interesting thing with you in this park. I have already searched for why it is called Gol, so brother, Gol is a word in Chitrali language which means spectacles and countless spectacles erupt from its surrounding, this is the reason why it is called Gol and the reason for Qaumi Park is here in our country. Quami Chakor

Markhor Deer Wall Trees This is the region behind its name due to which it is called Gol National Park which is what it deserves. Finally friends, I have not seen Markhor but I have told you how you can see it. Also, friends , I end this log and we will explore the rest of the Chatral and visitor points that you have to visit. You stay with me in this episode because this is the Chill to Gilgit series which is still going on and if there is any suggestion. If you want to give, don't forget to comment, I would like to thank Pakistan Tourism and the staff here, so thanks for watching this video Pakistan Pada Bad.

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