WORLD CRUISE: 60 DAYS STARTS NOW Auckland Embarkation ️ P&O Cruises Arcadia Mini-Suite Cabin Tour

WORLD CRUISE: 60 DAYS STARTS NOW  Auckland Embarkation ️ P&O Cruises Arcadia Mini-Suite Cabin Tour

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[Music] hello hello everyone welcome to embarcation day we are getting on board Arcadia Pino Cruisers ship where we're going to be spending the next 60 days on board it's so exciting I'm buzzing I'm absolutely buzzing me too and if you're new here hi I'm Broan I'm Benji and we make home travel and lifestyle Vlogs and we are sharing our full two-month Cruise where we're getting married on board next weekend which is so exci literally seven days away yeah yeah can't wait so so far we flew with Emirates business class from London and we shared that experience and we've also shared a full hourong Vlog from our week in ockland so if you want to go and check that out then I'll leave a link below but today we are obviously still in ockland getting on board and then we're moving on tomorrow to the Bay of islands so no to to tomorrow ah and then the be violence right now we're in the grand by SK by City the hotel we've been in for the last week we just repacked up all of our stuff yeah we're done and we're going to go check out house and breakfast our new favorite breakfast place called Federal basically killing a bit of time here because our embarcation time is 1:15 and it's only 11:00 a.m. right now so we're just waiting and then when we get on board we'll show you our room and do room tour yeah we have a mini suite for the next two months which is very excited so does that mean that we've got to get our popping back to our suite no we always say cabin don't we we still say C okay let's go get on board Arcadia but first let's have some breakfast breakfast first hungry food first always the federal menu has just switched over to lunch but we're still going to have exactly what we had yesterday if you watched the last Vlog which is the salmon potato with egg and Crum fresh it's amazing but we're also going to try the poutine today so every time we've been here we've tried something different as well so this is the breakfast and we have the poutine as well and it smells amazing very excited breakfast was very nice we're now are going to ask the hotel to get us a big taxi so we can fit all our cases in and then we'll be going down to the terminal building to check in for the cruise I can't believe this is the first day of the trip well the trip really started last week but the first day of the cruise we're in the van we had to hire a bigger car to get the stuff I mean too fa even if we would have had more than two suitcases we wouldn't have fit in a in a Prius no we're going to Queens Warf terminal to check in oh my goodness first our first time seeing her yeah the first glimpse of Arcadia right we've arrived into the cruise terminal and they took our suitcases immediately as we walked in so we didn't have to try and push them all yeah really helpful which is so great and it just looks like this it's like a little mini terminal it's really nice everyone's already said oh my gosh you're getting married everyone noticed the white the wedding dress so we're just waiting to check in here and then once we finished we go through security in there and then and we should be straight on board okie dokie this is it this is a feeling that I really can't explain the excitement of knowing you're about to get on board is something else oh my goodness and then we were on we're on board oh my gosh are we ready oh oh my goodness it smells amazing wow look at our r oh wow hey honey we're home that's so exciting one door front door the one to your right that's the toilet we'll go in there in a minute yeah and then we have three double wardrobes shelves down there hanging and a shelf oh wow they're giving us some suits and a wedding dress life jackets are up there oh two robes o cuz we're in a mini suite and then third one more shelves and some hangers life jackets a save plenty of hangers which is great and laundry bag as well for if we need but we'll do our own laundry won't we nice leather chair coffee and tea nice big mirror lots of drawers down the side oh it's got a haird dryer in that's very helpful to know but I did bring my own your glasses playing if we have any rough Seas okay and then we pan round we've got a sofa which turns into a bed and then as we come around we've got another desk over in the corner which show you in a bit more detail in a second and the bed which is huge we sleep so well on a piano cruises holiday because the beds are such nice quality we've also got drawers down each side of the bed too and again a nice big mirror at the back which makes it just feel really big we have this desk which has got some chocolates for us that's so sweet and we have lots of space to be able to put our laptops and you know this is very different kind of trip in comparison to our other Cruise holidays ooh there's champagne in the fridge we have more drawers under there which is very helpful and around the corner this is what it looks like from this angle just so you get the full effect we have another little cupbo down here which is also more storage which is very helpful two shelves or a shelf there two spaces I can't believe this is where we're spending 60 days it's going to be incredible isn't it yeah so and also it feels like there's like separate rooms within one room a living area we've got if you're doing your makeup I can be on my laptop over there or whatever there's so much space that we can and also that's before we even get onto the balcony the balcony yeah there's also a table and chair here too but I have no idea what's in the basket we'll open that in a minute let's go outside then have a little look at the view look at the balcony oh yes this is perfect look how much space we have out here it's so good so spacious so we can actually sunbathe or we can play games we can have breakfast out here and look at this view of ockland now officially feels real real feel like I'm having an out Body Experience like it just feels so bizarre that we're getting on a cruise ship we love cruising so much you just think the first time that we push away from Paul and starting like that gentle Bob we think we're going to go for a little explore we're going to We Can't unpack our stuff yet cuz we don't have our cases and we also have a suitcase that we sent on board in Southampton so when we meet our cabin Steward and say hello we'll ask them if they can find out where our suitcase is and then start unpacking this afternoon so exciting I've honestly never been so excited to unpack ever no we're going to organize it well though I'm about to show you the bathroom next but this is the reality of what we actually do when we film room tours for you and if I'm not in them then I'm either sat on the toilet like with a lid down like waiting or out in the cabin out on the balcony yeah all right let's take a look at the bathroom so this is so big for a cruise ship I don't think you can fully appreciate it but there's loads of space when you walk in loads of shelving space underneath double his and hers sinks huge mirrors which is greatly appreciated for me to do my hair and makeup in here these little cabinets here open up so you got space to store all your toiletries which I'm going to love guys this is like a really exciting day for me that I get to fill this cabin with all my things and make it homey and get comfortable obviously the toilet towel space and then we have the bath this shower curtain feels very new it's one of those like jet Jacuzzi bath as well which is absolutely incredible so I'm very excited about that but the greatest thing is that there's actually a separate shower as well the lovely white Company products which I did not bring any shower gel on purpose cuz I knew they had this on board and I absolutely love it but as well as the products in the shower they also give you a gift box there is a body lotion and a hand wash which is so lovely such a nice gift and we'll be using those over the next 2 months oh I've just noticed there's another one that's the soap there there we go hand wash perfect what I didn't film is when we came on we had someone take us to our mustard station where they showed us where to go in the event of a drill or fire or an evacuation and then we also have to go to a briefing at 400 p.m. what did they say about the suitcase it would be dropped off with v of stuff oh okay I walked up and down oh silly that was silly the lifts are working I just thought I walk won't doing that again I was also going to say that benj and I have been so lucky to go on lots of cruises with piano cruises we've created lots of amazing content so I'll leave below my other Cruise Vlogs but this trip is our own and it's our honeymoon it's my 30th birthday so we don't have to make any content we're under no obligation to but of course we want to so we won't be filming every single Cay and we might not film every single stop but we'll always show you sort of what we've been up to give you an update and all the main places we're going to we're going to be vlogging so you're going to get individual Vlogs as we go along but I think the next next thing we want to do is maybe open that hamper bench while waiting and I want a drink and we need to go this sounds crazy but we want to go back outside and take a selfie with the ship our bags are already here for as long as it took to do a room tour literally we're about literally just about to leave and two of our bags already stand up yeah we've just met our cabin Stewart prash he's so lovely swe looking at our Horizon magazine we get one every day which has the schedule let me show 7:00 a.m. till

midnight it has all the entertainment then we have a quiz this is the fil I was talking about cocktail pianist Rising Sun Challenge and another quiz kind of thing guess the Gin guess the gin and so many things T to cycle like a cycling class table tenis competition bril really exciting oh they producing oh there a picture of Bonny oh no that's going to make me c that's so sweet oh I miss her so much that's so so sweet oh that's so beautiful oh look these put juice oh my gosh there's so many home Comforts C know have read it in case you were curious what was in the basket is basically loads of Home Comforts and goodies and this is from some lovely friends that have been very sneaky and helpful and managed to get this our room to us so they know who they are and we're very very grateful they're very sweet and thoughtful and know us extremely well cuz we love everything in here there's some of our favorite things they've even gone as far as putting a picture of our dog in a frame which made me cry change it out there's that there's another one literally yesterday we're scrolling for our Instagram so that's one of our favorite photos that one is yeah yeah that's so sweet and kind so thank you so so so much we're really really really grateful I can't believe there's juice there as well we're fully stocked now that's the most important thing is juice the squash we got the juice do you want to give Bonnie a pride a place somewhere yeah where do you want to put her going to want her on your side AR can you put on my side of the bed yes I can look at her every day perfect perfect perfect perfect let us know do you and your partner have a side of the bed because benj and I do and always have I'm always on the left no matter where we go what hotel whether it's bu a door or not it's always me on the left and B on the right we're waiting for one more suitcase the one with sent on to Southampton but the others are all here already they're getting it out of a storage unit aren't they they said we met the deck manager he was so lovely Beno so Benoy had worked here for 15 years of piano cruises and prash has worked here for 20 years which is so amazing must mean that they really love their jobs right I assume say yeah that's very loyal I'm really impressed so we're just deciding do we want to wait for that final case or do we want to go downstairs we want to take some selfies with the sh ship wowe look at Arcadia so nice so beautiful wow flag on the front is just stunning isn't it they're actually just cleaning it so they're doing a very good job maintaining keeping her beautiful but very exciting yay I've tied my hair up in a pony selfie has been secured outside and we're now going to go and grab some food cuz it's 10 3 it's our first little glimpse of the buffet I have got no idea what I want to have o potato salad oh yeah I'm going to make a little salad up this looks so yummy I've got a prawn cocktail Brios roll chicken and bacon tortilla wraps this is wonderful what a nice little first lunch on board lovely they do also have loads of hot options and this is just lunch by the way guys I've got to admit something to you I left my phone in the room and we got off the ship took a selfie and came back and I was like I won't Panic cuz it'll be in the room obviously was but we forgot to bring ID which we didn't realize we needed so they had to call security to check we are who we are which obviously makes sense that was fine we got on board we obviously apologize and now we know so then we went for lunch and I put my hair up and I forgot I took the key card the net the lanyard off I'm smiling because I can't explain to you I don't lose things I don't leave things places I'm not that kind of person and I'm the most organized person you know and now I've misplaced the room keys they are inside I'm assuming so because can't lose a lard can you so Ben has gone to find our cabin Steward or go to reception in my defense it's been a really really busy few weeks and the last week being in Orland has been so busy and I think coming on board I just suddenly relaxed like I suddenly felt really at home and at peace and like ah I could breathe and I think that's what's happened is that I've just relaxed and then left my stuff everywhere so I need to do better so this is how we're going to unpack we're doing the First suitcase we packed back in the UK let we just jump straight in and just kind of go for it we'll show you it when we're all unpacked basically we are taking a quick break from packing so that we can go to the globe oh which is here I win this is the bridge for exercise for exercise for exercise the general emergency alarm is about to be sounded for guest familiarization purposes only on behalf of all of us at Pino cruises may we wish you a warm welcome on board we've done our safety drill now we're back to pack unpacking just come back to a little bowl of chocolates don't mind if I do just sort out our laundry wow going take it and go do our first load of the trip he's got his wash basket it has been many hours and we are finally finished unpacking so are you ready for our world Cruise room tour with everything in it showing you around where I've put everything how we've organized the cabin basically what we've got so sorry there's another ship leaving I'm just getting used to all the noises I love it though I love being at Sea so much I'm really happy with how the rooms turned out I feel really like pleased with everything we have I know that to some it might look excessive but for us we wanted to have all our luxuries this is our honeymoon and my 30th birthday and we we just wanted to make sure that we had a lot of options and choice and we didn't make the room feel too cluttered but I feel like it's looking pretty good so let's show you around I think we'll start in the bathroom and we'll come through in case you're wondering where B is he's just popped to the gym to do a workout he said he was already really sweaty he may as well go and do a workout and give me some space to do this tour and then I'm going to have a shower and then we'll get ready for dinner so let's do the bathroom first and also I'm very red and sweaty just not sunburn just sweaty right so bathroom wasn't too difficult to organize I mostly have used Ikea storage boxes to put everything along the bottom shelf I've put my makeup under here because I want to do my makeup in the bathroom as the lighting is just really good and the mirror is nice so I'll see how I get on with that some miscellaneous Beauty bits perfume some other miscellaneous Essentials towels and face cloths all of our suntown lotion and then both of us have a side each so obviously I've got my skin care and Hair Care in there and then my contact lenses I've got in a little pot that I packed my teeth stuff and then Benji's got his on the other side in the cupboard he's got his own little stuff going on I have got my own robe as well as the piano cruises ones cuz this one says wifey we've used a magnetic hook to hang the cruise cards right by the front door so that I don't forget them again I've also popped a little umbrella there this one is great because it's one of those like UV ones let's do these wardrobes next we'll start with the first one which is Benji's so he's got all his t-shirts and shirts hung and we did bring a lot of our own extra hangers as you can see these thin plastic ones are perfect and then he has his shoes on that shelf and mine are below I've actually divided it up and put my high heels and evening shoes in the bottom of that part my clothes in the middle section again it looks a lot but I've broken it down into Day dresses and then I have evening dresses when I don't want to really get dressed up if we go to the buffet or whatever and then these are my sort of nicer evening dresses and then Black Tie as well in these shelves Benji has the top two and I have these two and again I've used Ikea cubby storage hole things so that's got my pajamas and my underwear in he's got some stuff organized at the back there too which is perfect and we've got our pop-up laundry bags which we've already filled with our stuff from Oakland but Benji's already done a dark wash which is amazing so I'll show you that outside in a minute whoever's doing the washing can grab it and then grab whatever we need from there I know that this is meant to be for ties but we are using it for that so that's perfect nothing on the desk at the moment but this is where I'm going to be doing a lot of my editing so you'll see probably charging cameras and stuff these drawers contain a lot of my hair stuff so we have hair bands and scrunchies and bows and products the second one has clips and hair brushes and the bottom one has hair straightener curler hair dryer this one has miscellaneous bits and Bobs you can basically see loads of random things the second one has got my swimwear and then the bottom one has got the first aid kit plugs sewing kit jewelry spare sunglasses plugs spare makeup I've popped our bigger bulky day bags down the side there but before I forget I've got the rest of my bags in this storage box under here which I brought with me too all of my bags tote bags evening bags everything is in there this is annoying though this is this keeps doing this so I need to be careful you get the gist oh I've also got a rock sack under there as well this is what the cabin's looking like from this angle so in my side table I've got stuff for our wedding day in there and then this one I'm going to use for my Kindle or like whatever I want by my bed but for now it just has my glasses and of course Bonny girl in the frame such an amazing gift I actually have no idea what Benji's got going on over here he's got a book and his switch and his headphones and other bits oh bless him he's using a little basket for some other things we have had to run an extension lead along the back because there's no plug for me to charge my phone by my bed and I do like to have my phone next to me so we've got it in the middle sort of just placed there I honestly thought that it'd be long enough but it's not so that's fine we can make do on the wall we have some paperwork the magnetic calendar that I filled out before we left so I know exactly where we are and what we're doing and Benji's hats are in those little bags so that's handy in here I've got all of my tech and gadgets so that's in there and in the bottom one too and I've also organized our games some stationer and thank you cards and in here I've also got some like Disney ears for when we get to Hong Kong and some of the souvenirs I've been buying this shelf above the TV is currently got our stock so it looks a little bit bit wild but we bought some bottles and then our friends kindly gave us some as well because they know that we love squash so we have plenty of squash right now we've already gone through little bit of this bottle as you can see it was so nice to have some of that and then some other sort of drinks stuff on that shelf right now there is nothing on the sofa and as you might have noticed I moved the chairs and benj and I have agreed that we don't feel we need them and we asked the deck manager when he came and introduced himself and he said that he might be able to find an area that they can put those in storage for us I just think that it's extra furniture that we just don't need because if we do want chairs we've got the two that are by the desk and it just frees out more space to come around the room if that makes sense so I just don't think we need them they are beautiful chairs and I'm sure they're very comfy but knowing me and B we'll just dump stuff on them and make them messy and I just don't think we'll need them this cup in here now homes all of our snacks which is absolutely wild so these were things we bought in ockland and then this is our food basket we can slide in and out it fits perfectly and we also bought our own little alarm clock so we can change that with the time zones and out here we have hung our washing we only want to do this when we're not sailing and already I think this has been out for like an hour and because the sun is so intense this is already completely dry V's literally hung the washing line and then we brought our own pegs as well and this one is so good too honestly some of these little hacks we have have been genius the final little thing to show you on the wall here was this that we have just for storing some miscellaneous bits so when we come in if we have bits of paperwork or cards or things we want to hang I don't know it's just such a handy little place and I've also got a spare lanyard just hanging down there too I am so sweaty as you can see and I'm desperate for a shower so I think that's what I'm going to prioritize next and then we'll go for some dinner but but I'm so excited to be here I feel so unbelievably grateful and this is really truly a special special trip for us I just love cruising so much I feel so comfortable and just so relaxed already we had a lovely little lunch and I'm sure we'll have a great dinner as well and I just love the fact that benj has been out to pop to the gym and we can go swimming and I can read my book on the balcony I'm really looking forward to the lifestyle of cruising it's going to be a completely different level to what we're used to the longest cruise we've done is 14 days so 2 weeks on a med cruise and this is going to be two months so yeah I'm absolutely loving our cabin loving how we've organized it all I'm going to take some pictures and show our moms and then I will get in the shower and we'll get ready for some dinner the sun has been amazing setting over the skyline all the cruise ships have left I think we're the last ones and look at this this I don't think I'm ever going to get used to just seeing the different ports and harbors I'm so happy I could actually cry all the logistics planning packing preparations just the weight of it of like thinking about every little detail has just been so much and now I can just like both of us just have absolutely no regrets for choosing this over a big wedding day it just feels like the perfect way to Kickstart our marriage and did you get married next week like it's crazy it feels like it's very very fast but also perfect at the same time all right so we've come up to the top deck this is well deck nine lier deck which is where the swimming pool is or one of them there's another one at the after I think oh this is the gym and the spa I don't know if we're going to be able to give you a full tour today as it is 8:00 we want some dinner but this is the hair salon wow so I'm going to get my nails done next week we were wrong that's not the top day there's two more why do I think nine was the top how lovely we can go up again if you'd like oh no it's okay up here oh okay look at the ship we walked to the front but these windows are black so you can't fully see but we are sailing away now which is exciting it's happening oh my goodness this crazy I just like fully hit me I think suddenly now we're on B I don't think I could fully relax till we were all unpacked but it's all happening bye ockland it's been wonderful we've absolutely loved you we're not quite leaving New Zealand yet though finished now yeah it's been amazing it's that was so last week so nice seeing it all at night we saw it from the sky tower but this is really cool being this close and seeing it from the ship we're going to have to get used to it cuz this is the kind of views we're going to get everywhere we're coming in now although some ports won't be the same not like this no this is really nice incredible I want to set an alarm I want to find out the rough time that we start going through Sydney Harbor we'll get up and we'll watch it of course this is genuinely spectacular what an amazing way to start our trip we've come back down to deck three which is where dinner is and they have some lovely shops in here but they don't open for another 5 minutes we'll have to show you those in another Vlog but just to give you a little overview there have some really good brands in there as well Haven they yeah there's loads of stuff in here it's really nice I love it as we were passing I thought we'd walk through the library this is what it looks like and then over here they have DVDs if we want to put anything in our DVD player the screening room is by ticket only you can get your tickets and reception oh okay oh the Pio cruises shop we like that there's also a little Costa area so you can get proper Costa Coffee over there which is nice this is the Palladium the theater should try and show them a little bit there might be a show on actually they're playing Bohemian raps CID and that means for the first time this trip and first time many we've gone the wrong way we need to go that way oh no well we gave a little tour so Arcadia can take just under 2,000 guests and about 8 to 900 crew so it's definitely one of the smaller ships we've been on which suits us really well because it means that we don't have to walk too far for anything feels very homey even already we've noticed loads of people just chatting to each other it's very like like a really Village feel very friendly yeah oh we're walking into a bar area or is this the atrium here we go this is the atrium so obviously down there is the reception just tucked underneath and then on all the different floors there are different bars and spaces but you can't appreciate it but this is beautiful we'll have to show you from the ground floor but it's a really lovely piece in the Middle with the lights so with the piano cruises dining you can have two sea Chings so you can have 6:30 when 8:30 if you're on the specific dining times or you can be on freedom dining which means you can dine at any time between I think it's 6:00 to 8:30 this is our first dinner menu in the main dining restaurant what's it called Meridian Meridian there are loads of different Mains I actually like the sound of and some of the desserts as well there's loads of good things on this menu I could easily have three full courses in the three different things you like yeah for our starter we both have the mushroom and blue cheese canalone which looks amazing look at that beni's got a chicken Kev with is it like a curry sauce or something sagalo with like a mango chutney I think yeah like a c s I think it's sagalo like a curry kind of thing looks amazing really excited and I have got the fet steak with King porns look how amazing this looks Ste always so good on board always so good always so good I love it so I'm very happy to have this we've just seen our cabin host and he's done a turn down service for us so he's moved the pillows and put Benji's pajamas out for him and he's put the pillows on the thing here and moved this that was on there you know the decorative stuff and he's cleaned the bathroom replaced the towels that we used when we had showers earlier and just tided up in there and he took all our rubbish away from when we unpacked he also asked us when we want ice each day so I told him after 6:00 tomorrow cuz our short experience is 9:30 till 6:30 tomorrow but he said that they only do a turn down service for mini sweets and sweets only on this ship in the fleet currently Ben's gone downstairs to try and get to the reception and events manager because he has requested a meeting tomorrow at 5: to talk about our wedding day but we are on a short experience as I said until half 6 so we can't make that so he's gone to amend the time of our meeting we're just putting away our washing that was great that you m managed to smash that out earlier easy as well we're allowed to hang it when we're in Port to dry but then when we're sailing you have to bring it all in obviously cuz the wind will pick it up and it'll take it on so yeah just in case you're wondering what the rules were with washing we're allowed to do that the food was nice in the restaurant really enjoy my food yeah it was really nice yeah it's been a long day so we didn't we didn't bother with desserts but no no I'm sure we'll probably show lots and lotss of desserts throughout the trip thank you for watching this Vlog we hope you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe so you don't miss the next ones where are we going next we're going to Tanga when we're going to Rotorua and then we're doing the bear violence and we're going to get to Russell and maybe somewhere else as well yeah so we'll show you that soon so have a lovely rest of your day and we'll see you soon bye love you [Music] bye [Music] la

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