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hey what's going on folks how you doing I'm here  with my buddy Károly Eötvös Eötvös Károly we're   in front of the Károly Eötvös county library which county? veszprém county   I've heard a little rumor that this  city is known as the city of Queens   but I'm not sure why I'd  certainly like to find out   how are you my fairly Fantastical little friend  Swiggity Swooty look at that booty how you doing all right it's cold as ice out here folks  it's gray it's blustery it's December   but you know that doesn't mean we can't  have a good time and already wow. already the architecture of veszprém is proving  to be delightful. this is going to be a fun little   walk I think. theater garden. oh you could just  imagine in the summertime some Outdoor Theater is that him There's the Man himself that's a nice Petőfi Sándor statue looking good my friend so and that must be the Veszprém sigil it's like a guy, on top of a horse, a little  bit of other stuff going on Interesting, interesting. McDonald's Hello, how are you all, lovely day to you. I'm well. It's cold, It's as cold as a witch's tit out here.

First Impressions architecture architecture  architecture this is quite unique   a very skinny little church I'm not sure  exactly what era this would be but if I   had to guess it was probably built towards the  end of the 19th century in The Eclectic Style   let's skip across the street here and see if we  can find any info okay they say romantic style, 1860.    I wasn't that far off wow Ady endre is that  what that is? Ady, music, it looks to be fairly abandoned a quite  interesting mural though. Ady Endre, Music, guitar I wonder why they closed up shop  this looks like a pretty cool place   maybe it will reopen into something new.  hopefully. okay it appears that the downtown  

is that way so let's have a little Shake Rattle  and Roll and swing our way down the street on a   freezing day in veszprém. oh ye old dilapidated  Habsburg yellow pastels pastels pastels Why is it the city of Queens? I must find out I don't want  to look at my phone and look up the answer   I feel like that's cheating so we'll use  our imagination we'll take a look at the   street signs we'll pick up some context  clues and perhaps even run into a few   friendly locals that can point us in the right  direction this appears to be the downtown district   so let's have a little amble ah the delicious  smell of Hungarian winter okay here's an overview   of the town we got the castle. oh, Zoo veszprém. I don't know if we'll have time for that today   anyway Let's uh let's keep going let's keep going  let's keep going some really nice buildings here   I mean an architectural Feast veszprém. dad  I want to go to the party. now, now, dear you must  

stay home and do your studies. yes listen  to your father. no I want to go to the party now. No, no party. listen to your father. Party, party, party. this  building really tickles my fancy can we get   through in this little Gap why I believe  we can I believe we can own yes oh yes wow this structure is very intact I mean  at least I hope so I would not like to fall   through a building in veszprém. but uh seems  that they're doing some sort of renovation   everything is quite purposely placed. who knows? let's go a little bit further okay you can get a whole lot of asbestos poisoning  up here okay more dangerous than the ball pit   at McDonald's. now you wonder as you walk  through these decaying edifices what this  

building would have been used for. was  it some sort of Conservatory? perhaps a family residence? it's really hard to say  it's really hard to say but at one point   it would have been seen as quite sumptuous. whereas now it has passed its former glory   anyway I feel uh quite privileged to have the  chance to walk through here but I think more   adventurous options await us outside. and I'm not  gonna lie it was also nice to warm up a little bit awesome oh statue of the century love this  statue I do not know what it depicts   but it is wonderful. some man  with wings and an m on his chest   spearing I think that's a raven on the top  and he's spearing this poor sap to death look at that tower there. nice Tower, city hall another beautiful building and I think yes   is that what I hear the wee little  tingle of a Christmas Market look at these guys. hello. oh lovely cheese. very good. sausage?

Oh, beautiful sausage here. would you like a taste? pork rinds? just a little for me. here have a taste. Thank you. very good. spicy? Can I have some? Goose. Yummy. Thank you. Very lovely, very lovely, very lovely wooden spoon. Congratulations.

Is this bégli? A Christmas speciality no? excuse me? It's for christmas, no? yes, yes it's for christmas. I couldn't understand you. Excuse me I don't speak the best Hungarian. No, no you speak very well. I try. If you can speak just a little Hungarian, that's teriffic. It's a hard language. Yes.

Thank you. Ooh, a little plum jam pastry. delicious.

honey and syrup syrup and jam. syrup and jam. yes. very friendly people at this market.

christmas atmosphere. And this square is ringed by gorgeous gorgeous  buildings Art Nouveau here. I mean now   it's Medicover. the kiniszi house. I  heard about this one very art nouveau

Vesprém fest. don't know what that is but it looks sick oh  we gotta go to Veszprém Fest one year.  1902. What do you think? I think it's very good. I adore, I adore, I adore. This appears to be  what we call an English a dead end  

I feel a little bit bad about  not buying anything but you know   gotta make money these days can't be spending  on frivolous fancies veszprém is just a gorgeous   little city there's a lot of attention to detail  here they really care for the Arts. King Stephen. who is Marcia? is this a clue as to why it's called  the City of Queens? I'm still quite curious. Why? Why is the name the city of queens? oh in the summertime this must be a  fountain and with the balaton So   Close by ah yes I do fear that  we've come at the wrong season   although no season is really wrong it's just the  season that's going on. all right so this is pretty   cool here it says that mondalat which was integral  to the Reformation of the Hungarian language was   printed here had a printing press on premises  in 1813. yes that's right my dear friend 1813.

and of course that was the era or the beginning  right before the era of reform Kazinczy ferenc. a lot of repression the Habsburg austrians  were censorious and limiting the ability   of the Hungarian language to be promulgated  and so things like that institutions where   the language could be rejuvenated and restored and  codified and made more efficient for its use in   every day bureaucracy and official correspondence  it was it was quite vital quite vital only to see   21st century Americans come in and butcher  the [ __ ] out of it. but what is one to do   all right we appear to be entering the castle. Never heard of this guy before very intrigued Faustus oh my God he was a bishop, uh uh  politician no political historian   and a humanist and it looks like he loved to  do flying experiments you could just imagine   him going over Lake balaton, everyone's like  oh no there goes Faustus again just running   his flying machines. oh goodness gracious 1896  that's the year of the millennial exhibition  

that's my year of Interest veszprém, oh  if only this still had water coming out   of its spout I would take a mighty mighty sip  right now. gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous and just   around the corner look at this View look at  this magnificent, magnificent View. Ooh la la la Ok, I finally understand what's going on here. I've  seen these signs all over the place that say veszprém,

frame or veb 2023 and it's because next year  uh veszprém, is going to be the main city of   European culture so that is why there's so  much construction going on they're trying   to get the place looking prim and proper for the  alleged influx of tourists that will be coming in . and who knows maybe this video will be a good  guide for those individuals. yes yes yes yes yes   they've really blanketed everything oh well  gives you a reason to come back doesn't it oh well oh well. Closed. I would have loved to take  a little Wander through there but you know   you got to make your own fun you can't rely   always on the tried and trusted sometimes  you gotta go off the beaten path He's a writer. Oh, a writer, ok.

and this city it is the city of queens no? Yes, it is the city of queens. Why is it the city of queens? Because of Gisella. Oh, she was King Stephen's wife? Yes. There's a very beautiful statue of her in there, but it's closed for now. Stephen and Gisella together. And Gisella was crowned here. Oh, thank you very much. I am a new yorker.

But my wife is Hungarian. You speak really, really well! We live in Leányfalu. It's gorgeous there, gorgeous. For me the Danube bend is the best place. It's actually my first time in Veszprém.

It's the most beautiful city. It's fantastic. But now many things are closed.

But I would like to come back next year. It is the European capital of culture next year. foreign From January, what is it January 20th? From the 20th of January to the 30th there will be a big opening ceremony. Wow that sounds awesome. Are you ladies from Veszprém? She's half, and I'm now totally! You are the true Queens of the city! you are too cute.

are you really a new yorker? yeah, absolute. My family lives over there. I am William.

I'm very happy to meet you both. I am as well. Welcome to our magic city.

Thank you so much, have a lovely day. all right I've got my answer I've got my  answer that was what I was looking for   what's going on Florian why the long face? what's going on here just pouring water on the  house he's sad he's got a massive mustache. well what   are you gonna do? hey I could use a little I could  use a little uh winter warmer. kunszt let's do it hello Hi, I would like an espresso, just a single please.

cool what's this our art workshop? yeah, yeah you  can join us. Gorgeous. a nice artisanal craft coffee. one gulp, hits the spot. Thank you, it's a gorgeous coffee shop. Have a lovely day. oh winter gotta love it. wow, that's an old pharmacy. very old. Interesting. Very, very very old things. well this is a gorgeous statue it's some  sort of Viking longship, an ancestral flotilla   and all of these motifs on the side, horses  centaurs huh not quite sure what it is for   but I like the looks okay here we have some  information very faded out, very faded out   someone's gonna have to help me here. Veszprém experts in the audience, what is this?  

here is the message of the day 2023 veszprém, you gotta come back capital of culture 2023 2023 so close and yet so far. got a lot of fountains  in this city. I guess in the summer these are   all running. you can see it's still  a bit wet around the mouth so maybe   is that wet or just shiny? just shiny. I think  they'll be running in the summer though. alright we've made it to the more commercial  quadrant of the lovely city of veszprém.

and why was it called the city of Queens?  well as we heard from those ladies before   this was where Queen gizella the  wife of King Stephen, a German woman,   this is where her seat. This was her queenly  seat. and I also did some reading of my own   as it turns out ishvan's mother Queen  Charlotte, she who was married to king géza,   also had her queenly seat here. and it was the  bishop of veszprém Who provided the coronation   for Hungarian Queens, for over 900 years. and  that is why they call veszprém the city of Queens. the city of queens and what a place for a queenly   seat right next to the shores  of Lake Balaton. The city of queens.

Hey, hey, how are you, how are you? Minimal money? Maybe, maybe. Here, 200. That's great.Thank you very much. Merry christmas. Thank you. You as well. Have a lovely day. and happy birthday see ya a little bit of communist era social realism on  the agenda. those Communists they were kind of uh   a little bit perverted actually nice statue though. okay so this is the real Christmas Market that one  

before, was just the warm-up and here we have  all of the christmas stands. very nice very nice Paradi salt. very good. Oh, lovely, candy very good. Watermelon. Gorgeous. hello okay palinka. Good. Cheers. nice little christmas market here. I see they're setting up for  some sort of concert there   as we get closer to Christmas. hello, lovely puppy. friendly City. Azerbaijan something about  Azerbaijan oh it's to commemorate the uh

Armenian Genocide yeah Armenian Genocide Memorial   very sad The Armenian Genocide. the plight of  the Armenians. what's up? do you know everything   about our country? I think I recognize  you from YouTube oh Willie, Willie. yeah all right so I'm here with Kitty  and balazs, and we've got the steg   skateboarding shop this is the best skateboarding  shop in all of veszprém, maybe even all of Hungary. I don't know. but uh I myself am not a skateboarder  but if you are come check them out all   right we're getting an inside look at a local  veszprém business. the stég, nice ringtone oh dope wow look at this place this is really  nice we got Vans it doesn't have anything to do   with the forint, does it? no just a coincidence  because it's called HUF, you cannot advertise   it because you cannot advertise anything  that that's called like forint. really? that's because we can't sell it so we have to  get out of this business that's really funny Nice Shop. Gorgeous. and now we're going for  a coffee where number 11 it's called yeah  

yeah, eleven. eleven. they say  it's the best coffee in town let's take   a look. yeah your English is very good  all right so here it is eleven. thank you for some here's ahead and  D for some porcelain oh yeah yeah it's really it's an amazing mural I love it   oh this this skateboard coming  in yeah the base of the cup oh yeah yeah thank you very good all right well that was [ __ ]  awesome those people were so friendly   Balazs and kitty locals took me in gave me coffee  showed me around the skate shop wonderful little   experience there the hospitality of veszprém, it's  terrific, the weather however is turning out to   be not so terrific. it went from bad to worse. so I guess we'll check out one place to go eat   and then head out of town, but don't worry veszprém, we shall be back, I promise you that nice foreign Ok, so here we are beneath the castle walls. We're going to head over. to this fricska resturaunt. everyone's been talking about it  you gotta go to frichka so we're   gonna go check out fricska, think that's the benedek hill  um yeah so we'll take the long way around  I think Fricska is somewhere down there   you can see the castle under construction 2023,   next year it's going to be shiny and glorious   they say. now we're at the top of what they  call the benedek hill, the houses down below we'll get a little View and then we'll go down  and get something to eat. it is cold if I haven't  

mentioned it yet the weather is [ __ ] the weather  is [ __ ] [ __ ] oh yeah all righty here we go a nice view down below precipitous drop wow   quite precipitous. I imagine there's a few  deaths every year no railings or anything oh scary. very. Benedek hill, running  off the side of the world, Benedek hill.   holy [ __ ] it was all the way out there you know  veszprém is one of the oldest cities in Hungary   and you can see all the different Hills that  surround the city. they say that there were   seven when the hungarians first settled  here and as with a lot of old cities   Rome Lisbon also cities of Seven Hills the  hills provided a great natural fortification   I've also read that the name veszprém, comes from  an old Slavic word "besprem", which meant uneven   and you can certainly see how uneven the land  is. this is why I get paid the small bucks  

because I'm willing to go where others won't  where the hell are we? okay nice secret path   and here we can see nestled beside  the Roaring brook. we have fricska see ya. hello, I would like to eat alone please. Just myself. would you like to eat or drink? eat.

Alright, so what we've got here is a classic Jokai bean soup. Look at that bean soup. Jokai mor, one of the most famous writers in Hungary. and this is the comfort food that he basically   invented so to make it a true jokai bean soup, we gotta dump in a whole lot of sour cream oh   yeah that's the good stuff. oh my God we got some  pork in there we've got some uh paprika salami   some carrots, pinto bean. and of course we gotta  add some spice. oh this is gonna be nice this   is gonna be nice and we've also got in a very  special treat here this is the official beer   from The zirc Abbey for the 2023 European capital of culture. This is a Belgian Style Beer citrusy Hoppy  

and supposedly delicious the uh zirc Brewery  it's brewed out of an Abbey since the 18th century they know their stuff and  here for the bean soup. warms the soul you can just imagine Jokai mor sitting beside the fire on a cold   winter night in the balaton, just like  this one, tucking into his favorite soup fresh bread this is hungary in a bowl  right here and I am hungry finomgazából, finomgazából, new word. have a lovely day pumpkin good pumpkin good  that's all I gotta say about veszprém. it's pumpkin good. okay let's hustle back  uh to Budapest, fricska, finomgazából. not Budapest, leányfalu. thanks for tuning in folks that's  all we have time for from the city of Queens now if you want to help out support  my program support my message help me   bring knowledge education and learning  to the world you can on patreon and now   also YouTube member if you become a YouTube  member or you subscribe to my patreon at any   of the price points there are several  I will mail you a with Willie original   Edition sticker by take a piece design The  Walking With Willie old school style. old school.  

so, sign up now send me your address. autographed sticker in the mail. Thank you very, very, very much. Thank you very much indeed.

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