When Parents ALLOW for GOA Trip!

When Parents ALLOW for GOA Trip!

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A shirt with flora and fauna. A shirt with LOTS of flora and fauna. This one didn't have any greenery so I stuck some on it myself. Selected. How will I look cute without this- Dude I can't find my swimming costume. Oh we'll go in our regular briefs what swimming costume.

So what beaches do people visit in Goa? Lover's beach. (no single people were harmed in the making of this) Won't go here at all- Dude even Google is toying with me. Dad I'm going to Goa.

ITS AN EVENT- EVENT. Event. Event- You know right? Why will an ultra virtuous boy like me ever go to Goa by himself? I'm going for work. They have even sent the tickets.

Le dad: But you must've sent the details for them to book. Without asking. (there's no winning against parents) I-it's time for the flight. As we approach Goa this chain will undo further. I forgor to bring my sunglasses for Goa. What will I do in the sun? Yeah man, this is an absolute deathly situation. (Yesn't)

~upbeat travel music~ WE IN GOA- ~uplifting motivational achievement sense-inducing music~ (AoT fans on their way to imitate Eren when they see a body of water) *screeches to a halt* Bro hold my bag. Wallet. I'll even have to remove shoes. That too are you gonna make me hold? Dude you're ruining the cinematic feel- SOCKS TOO??? This too. I don't wanna see your legs YO DUDE- This is how I'm enjoying beach. Now give a good pose.

(Of course) A wave will come from behind and your derriere will get cleansed. OH YOU GOT DRENCHED! The moment you enter a room in Goa they give you an assortment of drinks. What is the need to hide them in the fridge when people want to down them upon arrival.

Let's separate the cashews and almonds from them. We poor virtuous people... *sobbing intensifies* Why aren't the lights switching on? Ohh! Sis hung all the tubelights on herself. (no that's not how you become Light Yagami) When you're done let us know. Readyy brooo.

Goa feelzzz. *glass and moment shatters* This is how Goa feels are? See my foot is completely trapped. (use the spell lumos solem) Dude nothing is going correctly. (Murphy's law intensifies)

Now I'm enjoying. But how do you get down from this? (YT tutorials: write that down!) How do you SWING YOURSELF??? "Female brains, in comparison to male brains" "is smaller by 10% on average." I'll teach you. ~Move [Female Dog]~ (won the battle lost the war) He has lost both his balance and the swing's balance. Heyyyy! You'll fall down Should I lift you? *laughs in schadenfreude* YOU ONLY SAID TO HELP OUT.

I haven't ever seen anyone do an abs workout while swinging on this. We'll pull this back and then let it go- (went from holiday destination to final destination real quick) Let's swing him with the foot. I just ate paneer rolls. And then you swung me on this. No swim zone.

But no one gives a damn. Even the lifeguard is like: "fine d!e b@astards". We...are somewhere and only foreigners are here. Just we are feeling out of place. And everyone is roaming about naked.

We are the ones wearing the most clothes on this beach. We came to beach early in the morning and its completely empty. If you were to look at Juhu beach this early in the morning you can see at least 4 people taking a dump. And that same water that grazes their butts comes around to our feet. (aight beach is off the list now) And this beach doesn't even have a speck of trash. Did you forget about yourself? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (walked right into that one) HEY HEY PICK THESE UP WE'LL SELL IT.

PICK IT UP. - SO MANY ARE THERE. This looks like a better business than YouTube. You won't be able to touch me YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO TOUCH ME. "mission failed" Yeah whoever is making this absurd af heart their love isn't lasting much.

Dude people write whatever in the sands here which gets erased later. People come here and ruin it. But I have written such a thing which no one will erase. Whoever erases this has an ugly face. ~Somebody that I used to know ft. galaxy brain~

(NOOOOO ITS A TRAP) Heyyyyy!! EYYYYY. You only crossed over it, the one with the ugly mug. EYYY. EYYY. "Eyyy if not me then who huh?" Yo there are are crabs over there. You are a crab.

Huh? ~sed music~ This depressed woman has given up on life. Now we'll go on jet skiiiiiiii- *screams* What is happening. ~mission impossible sh!tty flute version~ Farewell. Farewell. Now the channel is mine. *a mellifluous symphony of wimdy noise and screams* *BONK* *CAMERA BONK #2* ~Teri Shakal Gandi~ (=your face is ugly) (Dhoom in 144p) *MEGA CAMERA BONK* ~wedding clarinets play~ (when you get camera-bonked so hard you lose memory of yourself) *MEGA CAMERA BONK #2* (gotta feel for their skulls) Im gonna fall imgonnafaLL IMGONNAFALL *screams in lowercase* How much sour and salty do you feel right now? Now I'm roaming about with red eyes in Goa. Everyone definitely thinks I am doing some cheap thrills.

Oh my god. Look at the state of this parachute. This parachute isn't alive anymore. Even the trial ball hasn't gone in it yet.

~anticipatory music~ (user parachute has disconnected) (give it time, must be shy) Don't be scared. All is chill. Seeing him chill doesn't make me feel chilled at all. Will he save me? ~very sed music~ *snore* This is safe right? (the famous head wobble) Go fly away like a balloon. Don't ever be visible again. AAhh That's it. That's it brother (Abhyudaya be like: take 100-200 more lemme land) oi oi oi I'm having lotsa fun guyz.

Wasn't scared at all. Very fun- It's very fun My legs MY LEGS LEGS He's floundering about like a fish out of water. (Achievement unlocked) But truly guys, it was really fun. (of course it was) And all the booking for this trip were made easy and cool thanks to a classy metal credit card. One card. Which is free for lifetime and gives never-expiring rewards on every spend.

The swipe-to-pay feature made bookings super easy coz no more OTPs. And through their app, you can convert huge expenses such as hotels and flights into EMIs anytime. This is a virtual card as well so it activates instantly. So link is in the description. Go check it out.

And let us enjoy for now. After getting tired we got a face massage. Very lovely services are available on the beach. (Ayyyy BB sir)

We are here for the event only. "-the award goes to..." "Techno Ruhez" *applause* "-next is..." "Kritika Khurana" *applause* "-creator of the year" "Gaurav Kapoor" *applause* We finally did get an award in Entertainment category. Thank you guys. - Thank you thank you. Now the one-hour event is over.

Now we'll roam about for 4 days on that permission. ~upbeat travel music~ And for the first time I thought I'll include my girlfriend in the vlog as well. (story of my life) They made me sit in the boot dude. And Goa's tourism is quite booming guys.

All the cows also come here to roam. Wanted to try some Goan food but this... couldn't speak this out to the waiter. Teena love Ashish.

(some people just want to watch world burn) YOOO YOOO We didn't get any (love) so no one will get it. "Keep going brother break it." That's some mad frusttration going on bro.

"It was at this moment he knew, he firetrucked up" "That uncle is laughing." What he did just now, with the thing made by them they saw his shenanigans from there and they are giving real dirty looks. Dude I thought this was some 2-3 hours old. They made this new one just a while ago. And you ruined their monument of love just in a second.

One more of their arts is getting ruined behind you! - Oh damn... One is here, one of yours is here. *everyone chuckles* That uncle gave such a look I'm leaving this here. Now since I have already done parasailing so I'm just going to scare GamerFleet. Bro what if the rope tears? "Bro you"- - What if the parachute doesn't open? Brother can't you say something nice? "But doesn't the parachute remain open?" Oh we thought we just had to sit here. "Come here a bit."

*laughter at the turntables* Duuude... Oh he slipped he slipped No no I'm going. "Abhyudaya bro thought that he would be taken back." Chuck him to that side. Bro look at its quality the seams are coming apart.

"Bro don't scare me like that bro don't do this to me." Test it once on him, in case there's a problem. You've seen that video right where the rope undoes and the person flies away? (new fear unlocked) "Bro why you telling me all this why are you trying to scare me?" Wanna say goodbye to your fans? OH DAMN. This brother is looking more aesthetic than me. Take a pic where it seems I'm eating the sun. You aren't eating it, you're getting famished.

Nice view. So guys I just returned to the room and... this...happy anniversary... What that mean? Dude who's anniversary?? Who am I celebrating it with?? Bro even these people are roasting me now? People eat sweet things on a happy occasion here I'll have the cake with a side of tears. I think the Ashish-Teena heart I broke earlier today the day is not in their favor because even their anniversary cake is in my room. Sorry Ashish bro.

And Teena sis. Sister. Ma'am.

Had to cut the cake, but cut this out first. And happy also I'm not really feeling now. *scraping noise* ~seductive music plays~ ~contrasted by sed lonely music~ (there there) It is tasty tho.

So Anshu bro had come into the room to wash his feet. And bro turned on the shower overhead. (totally the tap design fault) And look at the view from here guys. Tsk take it upwards not this view.

Ah this view. Beach view. So unique. So I ordered a Goan dessert.

Serradura. Dude this is not Goan there's an Oreo in it. Eat some fish dessert Some fish gulab jamun or lobster- Yes brother one octopus rabdi for me. (=a sweet dish. not the octopus part.) Even in Goa she is eating foreign desserts.

She finished it all off. I didn't eat it at all. (lips can lie but here they aren't) I eat local.

You didn't eat? Then how come both these spoons are used- Here there are lines of casinos in the water. But we'll go somewhere virtuous. So now we are at Fort Aguada. This is so interesting right? Very. Here it says RO drinking water and this guy is calling it ro drinking water. He says they'll make him drink tears here. (= 'ro' in hindi means 'to cry'. so cry water. tears. *sighs*)

This is why we tell you to study guys. Oh we'll have to climb stairs? Nope we'll take the lazier way out. So basically people used to store water here. Such a huge bottle they had.

Look there, that's the tank. Oh it is completely dried up. There's some trash at the bottom. Did they have Godrej locks back in the day? (everyday, we stray further from intelligence) Look at it. This guy is a donkey.

Hello. Hello? Is there someone in there? Some old soul will come out and get latched onto you. Yo spirit come here. (you'll get spirited away) This is a Portuguese fort right? Yeah.

Ronaldo. Christiano Ronaldo. (big brain time) They used to feed good food to the prisoners bro look at this.

Frooti this is a Lays packet. That's a Sprite can. Dude did they keep them in a jail or did they used to party here? What you talking about... Their jail clothes were of Adidas? "In old age, women often face these problems."

Tell me some pose. This is your pose? *intense paparazzi camera clicks* Wow dude. Where you going? What nook have you brought us to? Dude see at that time they didn't have OYO rooms so the rulers at that time used to bring their lovers to this place. This information won't be told to you by any guide. (coz it doesn't exist sir) Isolated corner, full privacy, wimdy An Emraan Hashmi song- no no it wasn't there then. And when you're with the lover and see your mom approaching from there Quickly, shut your guy inside this. (the design is very human)

No other guide will tell you this. Okay tell me what king was here? King... Christiano de Ronaldo Do you see these holes in the walls? A chewing tobacco packet has been carefully wrapped and nicely tucked inside. "Well done. There should be a round of applause for us." Wouldn't you have found a dustbin in this much time? Whatever king got this made did he ever know that one day, his walls will house chewing tobacco wrappers? A shirt with flora and fauna means GOAAAAA And looking at him it seems like he was heading to Delhi but arrived in Goa by accident.

This is what you had to wear THIS. Dude even you aren't wearing this. Look behind.

If mom sees this then? Oh dude let's go from here I can't be seen here, I can't be seen here. Everywhere people display their customer satisfaction. Here they have put up photos of customer depression. Literally that man feels rotten inside.

When the cameraman has camera in one hand and a gun in the other. (shooting in both sense) When the tattoo doesn't look like your given design at all but you can't erase it now. I thought since I am in Goa I'll go to the beach. With foreigners. Here I've been standing at this cashew shop for ONE HOUR. Which one is the smallest pack for garlic gimme that.

Should we go now? I'm trying all flavors in the name of tasting. Dude is this what people come to Goa for?? You and me don't drink, don't smoke, don't take magic meds so we'll stick to cashews right? Make it 2k I don't have change of 50. *cow moos* Some chamu- chomu (=dumbass) is written that's exactly what he's looking like. (man versus wild: Goa edition) It was nothing dude. (shore) And now when she finally brought me to a beach then when? Can you even see anything?? (looks like they can't 'sea' hehe) Can't even sea a wave. Here four different songs are playing around us and all we can hear is their mashup.

Here they're playing "Jeene ke hain chaar din" (= 4 days to live) Here its "Tattad Tattad" Here English songs are being played. This side you can start the wedding procession dance And by the time you reach here you'll have to do a salsa. Ohhh Chikni Chameli! *sings the song* Its something like this do it do it. We shouldn't have come to this beach. Even YouTube's copyright system will get confused.

~some very very loud music~ *people just vibing* So we returned just now and this was kept here. For goofy ah people here's a goofy picture of us. A big thanks to the staff of Taj. Now I'm about to eat this I'll cut out my own face to eat.

*scraping scratching noises* YAYYYYYYYYYY. So we are going to the Chapora fort. Issa one hour drive. And I hope there's something to do there. Please.

(me when the invigilator roams around in the exam hall) So rude they are. I thought that since we drove for an hour we'll reach there. Bro even after reaching here they're making us trek more. We kept walking and walking and my feet are already tired. You take a breath first you look like you're about to pass out. Already we've climbed so far. (prior vlog trek training coming in handy)

We have sweated out more water than is there in the sea. Did the king even survive such a long trek? Half your soldiers would kick the bucket enroute. Finally we've reached the fort. This is the kingly entrance and there's nothing inside. It's all empty dude. Did the fort go on a vacation? Is this the lunch time for the fort? Do we need to walk more? This is a fort? I was saying something good should be there.

Let alone good-bad, there isn't anything here only. (what will you even judge lol) As if someone just gave an apple peel and its completely empty from inside. This is empty barren land, it's just a ground. Dude if I were to sleep there through the night no one would notice. I don't think even the security guard comes up here it's so boring. Who tf put it up in the top sights in Goa? Whatever was left of the fort has been autographed by people.

The name of the king here was Bhei?? BHEI. BHÆ. BHÆ. BHEE. BHEI. BHEL. (=issa food)

At least the fort yesterday had some information. There was some history. This place has no board. (the fort itself became history) Even the caretakers here don't know what was here.

So little is left how will even they know. Sharma. And this is...MI. Rohit Sharma was here? (=cricketer) Ew man I thought you're a virtuous person what is all this??? 2 bottles, one can.

They've been here since before- - You teetotaller. YUCK. "You're the king of acting ngl" Diaper? Is this yours as well? People come here just to see one thing. Once upon a time, the movie Dil Chahta Hai was filmed here. On a wall.

And which wall is that, no one knows. Have you even seen the movie? Nope I haven't. Don't say that out loud they'll chuck you from the wall. I'll go jump myself.

And here we got to see Goa's most unique view. Water view! For the Dil Chahta Hai movie scene we needed 3 frens. We still are falling short of one. Where do people find so many friends? (lemme know when you know) "May the world be submerged in fun-" (=Dil Chahta Hai song lyrics) What fun? Dil Chahta Hai: Sed and Single edition. Was it a bug? This is so boring even insects don't come here. Let's go.

Was it a bug... And down there they were saying: Brother! Bro its free! Won't even charge Rs. 20 you can go for free. I thought wow.

Now I know. Even they were ashamed of asking for money for this. Yooo did they close the gate for the exit itself??? Looks like they heard whatever nonsense we were saying. So this is the Parra- what? Parra coconut road.

What is the speciality of this place? Dear Zindagi was filmed here. What else is here? Else.... And more...idk...road is there. (WHAT A DISCOVERY) And idk.

*vibing to driver bro's playlist* (people in movies pretending to enjoy when taken to classical music concert) Dress code: Decent. That's why it's empty. Since everyone roams about naked here.

People here don't use normal glasses but taps to drink beer. By litres!! Now we have arrived at Baga beach. *screaming* And the water has come here. (its come to sea you guys) All vloggers go to the beach during the day to show y'all the proper view. We are coming to the beach everyday at night. During the day we get duped at the forts then at night we miss the sunsets and get duped at the beach.

Her throat has given up after drinking so much l!quor guys. Now we have come to a restaurant which everyone recommended us stronkly to visit but we don't know why. Issa Greek restaurant so let's see how the Greek food is like. Yeah the food here must be special what else. (Watching movie for the plot. The plot: )

Uhhm okay I guess we'll get the food after the entertainment. Oh she definitely got them flames for kebabs. The food isn't here but why is Gautami's mouth watering so fast? (we must stay focused. we must stay focused.) Uncle thought his daughter would do a better dance on stage.

But they disqualified her promptly. (the kid's villain arc begins) They're saying there aren't any tables for food so watch the dance. Uh, um- this part was recorded by Gautami I was in the bathroom.

Now he doesn't feel hungry. And finally when they brought the plates then... *smash* M-madam Ma'am why are you breaking them no one has eaten yet! NOOOOO. NO NO NO NO. YOOOOO. - IS THIS SOME PRANK GOING ON WITH US?

Ma'am this way! Oh dude! This way! This way! HEYYYY. No don't give it to them they field worse than RCB. (RCB fans: break plates why break us?) Ma'am this way- Look how the starving are made to suffer. A lucky draw is going on to serve the food. "And smash those plates" "One! Two! Three!" BUT WHY DO WE HAVE TO BREAK THEM??? NOOO DON'T DO IT GUYS WE HARDLY HAD ANY PLATES. Who tf broke one on my head? Then they told that breaking plates is a Greek tradition.

And finally they gave the menu. Kolo...kithoke...fefde (for those interested: kolo-kitho-keft-tedes) Mili...nano...sannata (melit-zano-salata)

Yo this is roasted, mashed eggplant! Let it be dude we'll go buy Maggi on the way let it be. 'Tis the last day. So we thought we'll go to a place which is completely new and unexplored. So we came to the beach. Whatta unique view we're showing you guys. You definitely haven't seen this the entire trip! I'll do a pushup.

It looks less like a pushup and more like a dance from Besharam Rang song. ~Besharam Rang~ ~Besharam Rang~ (Orochimaru intensifies) Deepika has been obliterated dude. This is a sand castle right? Doesn't this look like a castle? They'll walk up this path They'll come here. And then they'll realise there isn't anything special inside. (that fort really left a mark huh)

And then they'll go back. This is my leaf. My flag. Which is collapsing. Even the flag knows we've lost. We'll solidify this with water one second.

We'll solidify this? I'll solidify this. Absurd thing. (Avenged Ashish and Teena) I'll sit on this as well. Hah.

(the imposter vented right in front of the crewmate) Where did it go? What went where? Where did my castle go??? When did you make a castle?? I mean- whatever. H-hill. I'll drench you with this.

NO NO. When you come to Goa the sand reaches places where even hands don't. Don't even know how to get it out.

Gautami hadn't done parasailing. So I brought her here. This one is so good that you only do it. You don't have the budget it seems. Yeah dude.

There are so many good things I want you to enjoy as well. I'll be happy seeing you. (very sus) Enjoy.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. THEY ARE TAKING IT UP! YAYYYYYY. It's done. They're pulling down. It's become slower. Now she'll get a surprise! Was good. Bro wait a second- HEY The boat is there WHY ARE THEY PULLING ME DOWN NOW?? *camera gurgles* IN WATER- She's terrfied. *screams* (that escalated quickly) Yeah brother that's it that's it.

(key takeaway: don't mess with Abhyudaya's castle) Yeah you almost drowned right? Idk what happened. They were trying to pull me back but they timed it a bit early. And I got dunked in water. Yeah you might've not made it it was an accident no? *sharing genuine fears* I was really scared dude. That was actually planned. (top 10 anime betrayals) WHAT. - It's called a dip.

I had paid 500 extra to get that added as well. YOU PAID 500 JUST TO MESS WITH ME?!?! You go too now. - Nope. I won't spare any money and tell them if they don't dunk you 10 times, then I'm not paying at all. SHE'S FORCING ME TO DO THIS NOW.

WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO ALL THIS??? (how the turntables have turned) There is a shark below. (beware of Hordy Jones) THERE'S A SHARK BELOW DON'T dip me bRO HOW MUCH ABOVE ARE YOU TAKING ME???? *Text: last kiss to my future wife* YO I don't want to see this much view OI BROTHER. I'm sitting so stiffly right now. Take it even deeper. Yeah yeah take me where all the sharks, whale, everyone is there. Everyone will have a bite out of me. They'll split me in half.

Nononono waterwaterwaterwater nononono *water gurgling noises* Oi- why are they- why are they doing this??? This dude is playing with me. He's playing with me. *more sounds of struggle* They are dunking him like a teabag. Brother, dunk him more. Dunk him more. (retaliation came faster than karma) Haaah. What was that??? HÆH. HÆH.

Bro I felt it. A shark definitely grazed my butt I'm sure of it. I'm telling you. You don't talk to me.

"A man's life is dreary." "Which doesn't even let him cry openly" "It's bitter but it's the truth." GO FAST DUDE GO FAST. - NO. NO. No. No. He's pulling us. He's taking us away. He'll chuck us in the water.

HOLD IT STRONKLY. HOLD IT. *screams rising* I'm falling. I'm falling. Bye. Bye goodbye guys. What am I even saying the camera will also go down with me.

They'll also show you what's there under the water- (fishmen arc begins) -EYYY SHUT UP DUDE BROTHER STOP. BROTHER THAT'S IT. We didn't fall. We didn't fall. "So, y'all were shooketh, weren't you?" I'm about to say goodbye to Goa by peeing on the beach. (DISCLAIMER: PLEASE DON'T) *laughs like an anime villain* I'm not coming with you. You go.

Already the water is salty enough there is no need for your addition. Why should we only drink the fishy salt, they should have some of ours too. The water is cold dude.

You'll feel something warm right about now. EWWWW. - When I sit down. (the sea did not like that plan) Goa is literally kicking us out. Let's go. So we left. Don't forget to like the video. And please do subscribe as well.

Subscribe, then y'all also will get permission for Goa. Subscribe for permission! (Toodles!) Also don't forget to activate your virtual card now. Check out One card credit card. Link is in the description.

The cashews for which I had to miss the beach got infested with bugs on returning. Great. Money wasted and now instead of cashews she's getting an earful from mummy.

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