We Got Scammed on Our Holiday | Aiken Chia

We Got Scammed on Our Holiday  | Aiken Chia

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Welcome to episode two of our new travel series Carry On With just one carry-on bag and no matter what happens, we'll carry on to show you the lesser seen destinations all around the world. Behind the camera is Char and Gaius And of course, we had to bring back our Sengkang bouldering expert, Nina Tan! We've got 48 hours here in Sigiriya We are going to be visiting the 8th Wonder of the World Ascend its neighbouring peak Pidurangala Go on an amazing safari and show you some awesome accommodations that you can consider. Are you ready? This is our 48 hours in Sri Lanka! Welcome to Sigiriya! So after a three hour flight as well, it's about a two and a half hour plus journey by car.

We have finally got here. We came at night, so we had no idea what we're in for. My first impression was like, “wah the roads are super wide, super clean. Feels like a modern city already. Until! We reach... Huh, what? No, particularly the hotel room that you are staying in, right? Particularly the road to the hotel that we are staying in.

Yeah So we are staying at Wewa Addara, it’s like a... Lakeside Lakeside And literally Beside the lake It’s so literal that the lake sometimes overlapped into the path. Exactly And that's how we got caught in a mini flood. Yeah. So, do you remember?

I just said like guys, just reverse and stay in my hotel, just cancel! But we are not quitters! And we decided to move forward in the car. Literally. Yes. We are just so glad that the car was not like flooded.

Yeah, the Yaris from Pai would not have... Totally wouldn’t have Would have been in the... Would have stayed at the airport, honestly How is your accommodation? So this place that we are staying at is very interesting. There’s like two levels. We are staying at the second level. We were first greeted by a very nice lounging area , the reception and the staff were really, really nice.

Because we came pretty late. And they were still there helping us with our luggage and stuff. The room is really clean. I like the style of it. It’s very cosy, very homely. The bed is big enough for about three adults if I’m not wrong. Oh, wow.

Yeah. I'm not sure why would you Share room with three adults But hey, some people might. I am at Sigiriya King's resort and I really feel like a king. I'm so happy that I got this option, this trip round. So I'm using the King Deluxe suite.

And the moment I woke up, I got a shock because you get immediate views of the two main giant rock formations that people come to Sigiriya for. So we are actually going to be attempting to climb both. By the way, there's also this very unique bird’s nest. Bird’s nest tree house that is always booked out. So you get that once in a lifetime experience of being a bird.

Yeah I know this place is already very, very private right, but the bird house is actually located more towards another corner. Yeah. Can I just share right, I feel that this resort that Aiken is staying at right, It's really meant for like honeymoon more than anything. Yeah, that’s why I’m so glad that you’re here. It is... Because I would...

We have only 48 hours here We’re gonna go do our first thing, which is to climb the lion rock and reach the top Are you ready? Yes, let’s do it! It’s 2000 plus steps eh. I thought you want to say 2000 plus dollars Again! I don’t want! Alright, this is my first time in a Tuk Tuk! Are you serious? That's driven by my friend, engine stall. Just when Damn anti climax eh! All right, it's starting again. Why you become Australian? I don’t know First time in a Tuk Tuk. I'm truly convinced that Char can do anything.

Char is catching our dinner also I'm a bit scared! Haha! She go hunting later She’s gonna catch a lion, we’re gonna eat a lion. Oh my god. Also, just a update on the space at the back I think it’s perfect eh, actually Is it ah? Ya, it is perfect! I also think like it’s equivalent to a...

Toyota Noah! So we are here with Chandigardh and he actually comes from a heritage of tour guides. He actually helped us by parking the Tuk Tuk And then started to tell us all about this wonderful place And we found out that he's a guide, and he's gonna bring us around So before Covid, how many? There are many tourists? Before Corona, like a one day, 3000, 4000 tourists We have enough, but today, not that much. We have a very few tourists. In one day, like 60, 70 tourists.

Oh! So he said that he's going to show us every part of this And explain a lot of the history, which I think, you know, unless you've done extensive research, It’ll be just good to just have somebody tell you on site, you know, what's going on. We are at Lion's Rock and this is one of the main reasons why we are here. It's been declared as one of the UNESCO's World Heritage sites and also declared as the eighth wonder of the world. This was an old palace. Now it's about 1600 years old.

And we are going to attempt to ascend this, which is about 365 metres above sea level 1200 steps and 500 concubines by the King previously. Apparently he has 500 concubines. And suddenly we are here with our first Tomb Raider challenge.

So what is this? We have to open... This is ancient technique. Ancient technique? To test your IQ? Yeah. Ancient times. Same one made by the granite rock.

Opening it. Very big one. King Kashyapa put there *gasps* Gummy! How did you do it? Beautiful box Only Sigiriya, my family make only. No any other place Valentine's Day.

You can hiding, hiding valuable things Nobody can open. Oh, wow Nina! Handmade, not machines. I’ll propose like this to my girlfriend. How much is this you sell? Twenty five thousand rupees. Oh. How much is that? $25USD How much? Wait, wait Go up first. We come back later. How many dollars for 2? I think we go up and come down No, no you will not come down the same way sir, I promise you He’s forcing us! I tell you, there’s no choice here.

I like to think we're halfway. How, are you okay? The steps are really a bit challenging. Cause they are very steep And they are very tight together. Yeah. So it feels like...

I cannot... She cannot breathe She cannot breathe. But you're... You're doing well For now.

Let's see how you think you can... Let’s take a step at a time Wow So this is called the mirror wall Because the sun used to hit the naturally formed granite. It will reflect. And the light will actually stain this wall. So basically the wall never wear SPF 50, that's why this colour now.

So remember to wear your sunscreen. So behind me is the lion's paws And you thought you’re fit right then you see these like Ajummas literally in their church outfit just descending like a normal sunday She's like just another day of climbing up 350 metres. This is really, really high.

And surrounding us are monkeys. Gaius’ tip is that, treat them as humans. if you fear they will scent.

Okay, so another tip when you're here is hold onto your bags because Ya the monkey took her bag. Her sunglasses and outercoat. But our lovely guide went across the railing to pick it up for her. So this used to be a water tank.

What's really amazing is how they actually pumped water up from the ground level all the way up here. Really remarkable. Through like wind turbine technology Come everyone, cheer Char on! Jia you! Lucky never gym. This is your gym This is a mind over body! Yes. Correct mindset. Come on.

LFG All the gym talk people uh! I forgot to mention on that note. Nina checked out. Nina made it 3/4 of the way and she's like, I'm tapping out. She just is unable.

So it's fine. But we finally made it! Oh my god! Okay. So right at the top, right was where the king's bedroom used to be. Yeah. So you thought you were rich? Staying at Ion Sky.

Look at this penthouse when you're there, then let's talk Near his bedroom, is actually a swimming pool. And how they build this swimming pool They actually got workers to carve out two metres deep of stone or whatever earth there was, remove it and let the rain fill it up. So I mean, that is absolutely insane. This is really like spectacular. And it’s just standing alone here.

There's nothing like it elsewhere. Also but i’ll be bored lah. I'll be bored I need to admit.

I will be bored up here, i’ll be like anyone... That’s why he had 500 concubines Your bougie ass can’t He has 500 concubines because he knows he was bored. Okay, so we are done. No shame in tapping out.

I'm not ashamed. I'm a quitter. Yeah. I own it! Okay but what really happened? You seem like quite ticked off. I think what ticked me off was that our guide.

Who, maybe in my own expectation? Is supposedly here to like guide us and protect us He end up ganging up with a hustler to hustle us for some of the... Items, yeah And that is fine. Totally understand that they need the support and the help But what ticked me off the most was when they try to reach for your pouch And take your money and just push the goods to you I think that was really quite upsetting So the lesson here is that knowing that this is going to happen, right? You can choose to walk away lor Yeah. So I think we came with the mindset that we really want to support the tourism, the guide and all that.

But I will say after doing the tour, you really don't need a guide. All the information right, the sporadic bit of information you can actually read online so I wanna encourage you to do that overall would I book a guide again I would say I wouldn’t. And also if you are being sold the souvenirs at the entrance I think the way to not be hustled just walk through and say, “no thanks!” No eye contact, disengage. Unless you are really keen on the artwork. Even if you want to support it’s okay to just give them a tip and walk away without the goods. Also okay lah! But I thank you for being so protective.

I can feel her big sister side came out to like Do not hustle, my friend. I'm done with your tour. I'm done with that. I'm out. I'm out. I walked away. But now, it’s done, it’s over. Let's go for dinner Okay, don’t angry already okay? We are not gonna lose you again like we did in Pai! Yeah. Why? Because here got no power cables Yes. And because if we lose you here, we really cannot find you.

There’s no way of us finding you. We are in the middle of nowhere. Yay! She one time! She one time get it (biting point of clutch) We are at a place called, Wew Thawulla WEW! WeW! We wanted to find a place that serves traditional Sri Lankan dinner. We've got devilled chicken with rice. This garlic pork and then this special dish though.

It's called Kottu. So it's basically like Shredded Roti Prata Yeah, like roti, they chopped it into small pieces. They fry it with the curry sauce and it is so delicious. It’s almost like noodles. Like Char Kway Teow right?

Yeah, and it is like some zichar style kind of taste! Yeah! And then when you eat it, its like, eh its a familiar roti prata sort of taste. With curry but fried. Which is like, how come we didn’t think of this? This is very up our alley, actually. So we also order a rice and fish curry and chicken curry.

And what's interesting is that it comes with a ton of sides It’s like a Korean meal where you have a lot of side dishes. Yeah. Okay, let's end this well! Ready? Yeah, I know! 3 2 We just completed our dinner and dance at this little street that serves Sri Lankan food. We had about six dishes and it cost about $50sgd. So we're going to call it a night here because tomorrow we're going to Pidurangala at sunrise.

That’s what Gaius, our producer told us. Are you ready? I'm ready to sleep first. Yeah. Goodnight! Also that dance though, wow. It was so good. The sun rises really early, so we got up at like 5 thinking we'll catch the sunrise.

But we didn’t make it. The sun is already up. Yeah, but we still are going to trek up now because the weather is so much cooler. So let's go to Pidurangala! it's truly moments like this where I'm glad I brought with me the Sengkang bouldering expert, Bina Tan! As a professional... Boulderer from Sengkang right. This is absolutely no feat! Commentary! Her father, her father. Oh! Lara Croft!

My father said the ancient ruins are that way! I must avenge my father! With no equipment, whatsoever! This is a very thrilling part of the climb where we really have to go up. So Nina’s there. She got up being pulled by somebody else. Design eh, but then Gaius found another way.

So we are going now. I must avenge my father! Left leg on the left rock. Got it! Just land! Ya nice! Wah lau eh! This is very poorly designed ya. Designed eh! Don’t know who did this. Argh! Okay! Char, is at the top of the world! Wave! Wave your hands up like you just don't care! Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Okay. And then you all just leave me the camera.

I'm the last person that should be holding the camera. And they have officially forgotten about my presence We made it to the top! Woo! Oh, wow. How long do you think we took? Actually, we were pretty fast. Yeah, this one Probably like half an hour.

Yeah, right. Yeah. Actually what’s amazing about these two places that we've been to, right? Is that you can get to the summit relatively quickly. Like to get to this view in somewhere like Australia, right? Last time we did like a four hour trek. Yeah. So this is quite. It's quite value lah Value for time.

And look at this insane view. It's incredible. This site is also open 24 hours. If by some reason you want to come here at 2.32am Yes 2.32am, specifically.

Yeah. Yeah. Just bring lights. I think that's very important if you want to come at night lah Yeah and this one at the top right You also need to use your hands a little bit. It's not like it's not just steps all the way . But It makes it more fun.

So yesterday was more like ancient civilisation. This one is more like nature, full on. Yeah, very nice! We are at a really nice cafe called, Cuppuccino Bistro. And they've got avocado toast, breakfast bowls And very good coffee! Really good coffee. Yes! There's a ton of vegan options also. So if you are a vegetarian and vegan come get it.

Also, while we were waiting for the food to come, there was like a Little Tuk Tuk bakery. Yeah, mobile bakery that came And so we bought all these bread and more for like $2sgd. Okay, say real though, like 5am wake right and climb right My face is about to be planted into the... His hair is going into... His hair touching the avocado already Just eat, just eat, yeah.

You’re good okay, just eat already, come. Three months ago he was bragging he's a morning person. Oh, that's true. And I said people change.

People also change back. Like... oh my god we are in the same colour scheme! And then I’m always the odd one out! Look at this! Guys, I'm telling you, the feel is like a Tuk Tuk. Just that it’s a giant Tuk Tuk. We drove 20 minutes away from our hotel to a place called Habarana and we are going for our first safari. Eh it’s my first, is it your first? It is my first! I haven't even been to Night Safari in Singapore before Okay, so this area is primarily an elephant safari.

You know how to say “elephant” in Thai? *shouts 'Elephant' in Chinese* Oh. In Thai, I guess. Yeah. It’s correct! He taught me yesterday. Yeah. It's called ‘Chang’. Correct? Yes correct! Let's go.!

Welcome, welcome! Everybody! Hi! Hey, can y’all have some respect for ‘Nina’s Cam’? Eh, where’s the toilet? No! Where are you, Elephant? Where are you, Elephant? We are...We are not in Thailand! We are going to see some elephants, but more like the elephants are going to see us! That’s true! I brought you here specifically because you are A Professional Sengkang Safarian! Exactly! Oh, we have a situation right here right now is actually quite deep eh I think we need to... We might have to go down and push.

I really think he's gonna bash through Look at this Eh it went under He made it! With such ease Look how big it is Oh, my God Where are you, elephant? Eh! There! Don't disturb the elephant ah! You see, you scared the elephant! Say sorry! Hello baby~ Oh got 2 It's a mum and a kid Okay, guys, I'm going to make a reporting right now. Yes? Okay, listen up! Listen up ah! Yup I'm glad to inform y'all that we've spotted our first one and a calf elephant. Haha~ Thank you.

Thank you, you! Right! Amazing. Eh, you good you know? Thank you, you, you know? Great information Yeah. I'll continue to report later on when we have spotted more elephants! Okay, Bear Grylls Alright, Bear Grylls, relax! [casual clip of Nina being flung around] Oh, we see some friends! Hello! Did y'all see elephants? Elephants? 2? 1 elephant! From where? Singapore! Singapore~ Y'all see elephants? Wah why y'all lined up like Y'all queuing up for food in canteen? Haha! You see the view So as a Elephant Spotter This is the closest we will get to an elephant over here And I'm very interested to find out Mr Elephant, what do you think about the recent forest fire and how it has impacted you and your family members? *slience* Yeah, they do not like it! Stop forest fire! Stop forest fire! Go vegan like elephants! Go vegan like elephants! The Safari was really one of the best things that we did here on this trip.

Yeah. I like how the entire tour is like a very quiet, respectful tour Oh, yeah. Because whenever there's an elephant that's near, They will give way so that we don't disrupt the nature of what the elephants are doing. Yeah. So one of the coolest moments was what Nina said We actually stopped everyone was quiet, and then the whole family of elephants crossed, and then they were like little elephants as well that I've never seen before. They were like, struggling to walk but they all still crossed.

Yeah, Yeah. And this is the first time I'm so up close and personal with like... Yeah. Elephants. And it was awesome. Yeah, me aside

No, you are the best elephant I have met my life! Oh, thank you. Thank you. But seriously $7 USD per person And then you can find your own rental jeep. We got our jeep from our hotel and paid about $50 USD I think is super worth it for 4 of us. This is my favourite activity Oh nice! My favourite! I'm so inspired to be like like a guide for the Elephant Sanctuary. Yeah.

Find some in Sengkang lah then... You have a lot inspiration I do. I'm so inspired every time. Sengkang safari, who will go? Comment below Comment! We are celebrating the end of our 48 hours with Pizza! Yes! And Kottu again! I think this is one of the favourite Must have eh Yeah, Okay What was your favourite activity? Undeniably it will be The Safari! I've never done it before and it's something very new! Like very, very close to nature. If, by the way, you just happened to be driving alone, please keep your eyes opened.

Because today we just saw a family of them drinking at the roadside. Ya, correct! But I think the main part is also to enjoy the jeep ride Oh, yeah. Embrace the flings As in... No, no, no. Embrace the being flung around. Train your core, do you cardio Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That was really fun.

My favourite activity has to be pretending I am avenging my father, Mr. Croft. I absolutely love visiting the ancient civilisation thing. And like, even today's activity, which is, Pidurangala. It was super fun. And I must say that to me, all these treks right Was actually not that long and not that difficult. So if you, for example, exercise a few times a week, I think you'll make it without any problems at all.

I really did not know what to expect when they told me we're coming to Sri Lanka. By now I feel like I need to come back again because 48 hours is not enough It's definitely not enough Yeah, I want to go to like the the beach side because, we wanted to do the.. Surfing The surfing thing, ya So maybe the next few videos Big thank you to my crazy team who brought us here and to everybody who was watching and we'll catch you in the next one. Let's eat.

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